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It should be termed good fortune that this life of mine has got divine protection right from the beginning to the end of a divinely powerful Sidha Guru. All those commands given by my divine guide were such that to this life of such an ordinary lay person as myself along with success got conjoined the great goal of world welfare and well being.

Right from the tender age of 15 years the divine grace of this great saint poured down on me ceaselessly. At this end efforts were made by me to render myself such a disciple that would be in tandem with the great divine glory enjoyed by my Revered Gurudeva. Hence in a certain manner I surrendered my all and very being at his sacrosanct lotus feet. I surrendered all my bodily and sacred sentimental potential akin to a puppet doll at his divine feet. Whatever commands were given to me I reverently took them up and executed them. This very sequence is going on till today. If these actions of mine are called the ‘jumping’ up and down of a puppet doll it is but an apt description.

When after completing 15 years I entered my 16th year this divine meeting took place with my Revered Gurudeva. This can be called merging of our souls. Initially I was commanded by him to eat only Roti (Indian bread) made of barley flour and butter milk for 24 long years. Along with this seated near an Akhand Deep (ceaselessly lit flame lamp) I had to complete 24 Super Mantra Gayatri Mahapurashcharanas. This was completed satisfactorily. After this in order to manifest religious and righteous consciousness for 10 years a chain of preaching, organizing, congregating, writing, giving discourses and other creative tasks were executed. An All World Gayatri Family of 4000 branches was set up. In these years such an organization came into being that can be called an apt foundation for ushering in world neo creation. Thus in 10 years itself I utilized energy for this purpose amassed by me in 24 years by doing 24 Super Mantra Gayatri Mahapurashcharanas. In order to fulfill higher stature duties new energy was required. Hence for this end a command was given that this body of mine must dwell in divine spots of the lofty Himalaya Mountains for 1 year so as to execute special spiritual practices there. This is because in this region even today flows the energy stream of soul consciousness. Akin to other commands this one too had to be humbly followed by me.

In the year 1958 AD I left for my 1st trip to the Himalayas for austerities. These spiritual practices were performed by me for 1 year in the spot where Bhagiratha had done penance in Gangotri glacier region and also in Uttarkashi where Lord Parshuram had done penance. The austerities of Bhagiratha aided in bringing down River Ganga from heaven and Lord Parshuram’s austerities helped him attain the title of the greatest saint the world over. If a few drops of faith of my austerities can aid this great gigantic task of neo creation it too can be called success of my spiritual austerities.

For this 1 year spiritual austerities while journeying towards the Gangotri glacier so many thoughts erupted in my mind. Wherever I had to stay, there too as per natural leanings in my mind, sacred sentiment thought waves would dance forth. Since I am a habituated writer these endearing experiences would be jotted down on paper by me. Amongst these some were such that if others read them they too would definitely benefit. These were sent for publishing in Akhand Jyoti Magazine. Some other experiences were such that I felt it not apt to publicize them as long as I was alive and hence they remained unpublished.

In those days articles titled ‘Pages from a devotee’s diary’, ‘Companions of solitude’ etc published in the Akhand Jyoti Magazine were appreciated a lot by avid readers. Even though these articles became old yet even today people yearn to read them. Hence it was thought apt to publish these articles in book form. Hence we present this book for one and all. No doubt these incidences took place many years back yet those thought based experiences are eternal. Even though a lot of time has lapsed by yet as far as its utility value is concerned it has not diminished at all. Hence we must hope that these experiences shall positively influence those people oozing with sacred sensitive sentiments in their psyche as it has done me. Hence we pray that this published book shall prove its utility value and success.

In this very edition has been published a special article called ‘Himalaya ke hridaya ka vivechan-vishleshan’. There is a region between Badrinarayan to Gangotri glacier spanning about 400 sq miles which is believed to be the center of austerities of all demigods and great Rishis of yester eras. It can be called earth’s heaven. If we wish to correlate the history and geography of legends conjoined to individual biographies and incidences of heaven based stories it can be pin pointed on planet earth only. Further that fact holds a lot of weight age wherein reign of King Indra of heaven and the fount of civilization of Rishi culture is said to be the above spot of 400 sq miles. As of today a lot of snow falls here. Since seasonal and weather conditions are such that the real Uttarakhand or true heart center of Himalayas can no longer be made a place of residence by people whose bodies are weak and withered. Hence modern Uttarakhand went miles downwards and its periphery got limited from Haridwar City to Badrinarayan, Gangotri glacier and Gomukh.

In the true heart center of Himalaya Mountains where resides the specialties of ancient heaven there also exists a powerful spiritual region influenced by austerities taking place there. My Revered Gurudeva dwelling there attains incomparable divine energy from this region imbued with immense penance done by most ancient great Rishis of yore. For some time I too attained the great fortune of residing in this sacred region and I actually witnessed these divine areas. Hence however much was seen by me I described it in my articles published in Akhand Jyoti Magazine. This article in its own way is extraordinary. From it one gets to know about such a region of this world that can be called the Pole Region of soul and spiritual energy. On planet earth’s North and South Pole region special energies exist. I have come to understand one Pole Region of spiritual energy. In it very important attainments bloom both from the standpoint of subtle energies and that of embodied Sidha Purushas or Great Self-God Realized saints.

In order that people focus their attention to this Divine Center they must be first introduced to its existence. Hence its information can be called nothing short of priceless. The aim of setting up Brahmavarchas Research Institute, Shantikunj, Gayatri Nagar etc at the doorway of Uttarakhnad has been the above only. Those people who come here attain untold peace. In future its importance shall be that much more extraordinary. These possibilities are not being manifested here in detail. In future days to come people shall definitely get mind boggled.












In the editorial section of Akhand Jyoti Magazine (June, 1960 AD) HH Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji (holy consort of Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya) writes that by the time this magazine’s current volume shall reach the hands of beloved readers Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya would have already left for his journey to reside incognito in the secret mysterious region of the Himalaya Mountains. After celebrating the festival of Gayatri Jayanti on 4th June 1960 AD he shall leave for fulfilling his sacred resolve and for 1 year shall immerse himself in special Sadhana or spiritual practices.



By itself the entire life of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has been nothing but penance personified. That time devoted daily by ordinary people to eke out an income was used by him for performing intense spiritual practices. In front of every lay person Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has showcased his life as an experiment and supplication wherein despite remaining a householder, despite eking out a living man can execute world welfare tasks along with performing spiritual practices. Thus it is very much possible to attain desired progress in the materially and spiritually beneficial mode of living. Ordinarily people believe that if one is a householder world welfare tasks and spiritual practices are nothing but obstacles and hindrances. They infer that only celibates (Brahmacharis) or Sanyasis (ocher robed ascetics) can succeed in spiritual way of life and that those trapped in the forest of a mundane family life this path is extremely difficult to succeed in. Such despair on the part of householders no doubt can be warded off by quoting examples from great scriptures, proof and sound logic (Tarka) but Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya felt it best to exhibit his own householder cum spiritual life as an example for others to follow suit. He remained a householder throughout his life and proved that for spiritual uplifting and advancement in no way can a householder’s way of life pose an obstacle in attaining success but in fact on manifesting a superb situation family way of life can prove very helpful for attaining the spiritual goal.



The question arises that since Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s spiritual practices were sailing smoothly and that his householder lifestyle was not posing any problems for it, what need was there for him to renounce hearth and home so as to dwell incognito in some far off region of profound solitude? It is very natural that this curiosity arises in the mind of every beloved member of the ‘Akhand Jyoti Family’. When Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya informed me about this journey to live in solitude my (his revered wife) mind too asked this question: Is it that householder way of living is posing obstacles for him? Am I as his consort putting obstacles on his path either knowingly or unknowingly? By itself the day I entered this house after getting married to him I have felt this to be a live sacred pilgrim spot. I felt that images of gods placed here talk, eat, walk etc and as a result my inner psyche got molded into a pristine pure devotee like sentiments. As per his sacred aspirations only I made efforts to mold myself and act accordingly. I rendered my family circumstances too in this mold so that no obstacles cam in the way of fulfilling his sacred mission. Yet humans are but humans. It is natural that they err. It is possible that some family oriented cause was such that he had to leave hearth and home and live incognito in solitude in some far off region.

I placed my doubt in front of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya because lest our home proved to be a reason of discomfort and an obstacle I would say it was failure as far as my life’s goal was concerned. Along with this these efforts of his too would fail wherein he wanted to set an example to the world that a householder way of life can never pose obstacles when we pursue spiritual goals and execute selfless world service. In fact according to him family life can aid in such endeavors immensely. Thus Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s proclamation of going away to dwell in solitude shall prove efforts of both of us as utter failure only. Under such circumstances when even before successfully executing his duty towards his 2 small children he was thinking of renouncing hearth and home and live incognito definitely it proves household way of life as mediocre and vain.



Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya is highly capable and powerful. Innumerable miraculous success has been witnessed in his long life span. Lest his experiment of proving householder way of life as a good help in attaining the spiritual goal and executing selfless world service goes down the drain in vain then although this failure cannot harm him in any way because remaining successes are enough to render his life radiantly illumined but since my entire life revolved around one experiment only viz. to mold myself in accordance with his sacred aspirations and create our family environment too on this great foundation, if this effort fails on my part it shall be a very sad time for me and can be a cause of bowing my head down in shame. I had no zest to live such a failure reaping life. I had informed Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya at that time itself when he had placed before me his intention to live incognito and in solitude far away from our home.

I had also discussed with him that the reaction of his leaving home thus would affect thousands of his beloved devoted followers also. They too would ponder thus that if Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya could not fulfill his goal leading a householder life it shall be impossible for us all too to succeed. When he had to choose leaving hearth and home in order to carry out austerities and spiritual practices then this path shall be apt for us followers too. Thinking thus, thousands of householders following in his footsteps, in order to render a high stature family life as a beacon light for others shall all go in vain, despite the fact that they are tasting good measure of success in this glorious endeavor.

Today Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s life is not limited for him only but that innumerable people are getting light of wisdom from him. Hence if an erroneous step is taken it shall badly affect all those who were getting the getting light of wisdom from him. Hence with reference to the reaction of his decision to live incognito and in solitude far away from our home I very humbly tried to explain to him and requested him prayerfully to think over his decision again. Of course being a woman I did have inner weakness of attachment to him etc. Hence naturally along with faith and devotion towards him I was emotionally attached to him as any wife would be towards her husband. So again it was natural that physical proximity to him was heavenly and separation from him was hell like in nature. Despite this I promised him that all that I was discussing with him was not inspired by the above inner weaknesses of mine. In fact on many such occasions previously I did control my inner emotions. After reminding him of things like vowing to work hard daily, self sacrifice, remaining celibate for life etc I agreed that although I have many weaknesses yet they are not such that they would pose obstacles in the way of sacred ideals so dear to him and the glorious path of life chosen by him. Hence I prayed to him not to believe emotional attachment to him as the reason for my humbly opposing him leaving home for an incognito life of solitude. Apart from this whatever facts pertaining to it also must be taken into account.



So many devotees immersed in spiritual practices while regularly receiving guidance from Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya were walking ahead on the path of progress. Hence once he left for living in lone solitude will not this progress of theirs get obstructed? Shall not the sequence of attaining light of wisdom and peace from him by people afflicted with worldly strife and troubles break apart? A huge congregation of lay public had so far taken help of such a powerful personality as Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya for warding off their mundane and spiritual problems. Hence if he left them all will it not be a terrible shock for these devoted followers leading them to gloomy despair only? So many people feel him to be their very beloved soul being the head of such a gigantic world family. These devotees swarm around him like bees near sweet nectarine honey. Hence will not their innocent sacred emotions towards Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya experience unbearable pain of physical separation from him?

In order that programs conducted for Era Neo Creation and Transformation by Gayatri Tapobhumi and Akhand Jyoti offices run smoothly Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s holy presence too was most required. Both institutions are getting guidance today from him only. Hence if he dwells in solitude, far away from us these institutions’ smooth functioning shall go haywire. Without his active cooperation in the very gigantic endeavor of great character building after uprooting individual and world society based taints within the program of ethical and cultural uplifting the world over shall definitely falter. No doubt the 24,000 Kundi or pyre Gayatri Yajnas were conducted successfully yet the advancement of the Vedic tradition of living a Yajna oriented lifestyle in India yet remained to be executed. By leaving such great tasks half fulfilled by heading for an incognito lone living away from the hub of society a big requirement of our country India shall get harmed.



All these doubts of mine were heard by Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya very attentively. By itself, he is very subtle sighted he very cautiously thinks about various matters in a farsighted manner and only after deep cogitation does he draw any conclusion. For quite a few days regarding this decision of living incognito in solitude his subtle vision was fully at work and only after mulling over its good-bad repercussions that he had placed before us his intentions. Yet when I also placed before him my logic he again started rethinking over his decision for quite a bit of time. But he felt that his previous decision was correct and hence repeated his thinking again. He also answered and clarified doubts of mine. Many a times his arguments could not be properly understood by me and many a times those doubts persisted in my mind. Yet since I have lived by his side for such a long time period I know well that behind his thinking, decisions and conclusions some Extra Sensory Power (ESP) is at work and their results on an average are exactly as per his great thinking. At the time of commencing the establishment of Gayatri Tapobhumi, organizing the All World Gayatri Family, 1000 Kundi or pyre Gayatri Yajnas, 24,000 Yajnas conducted all over India, publishing the 4 voluminous Vedas, the worldwide program of Era Neo Creation and Transformation etc considering the minuscule means available forgetting succeeding in these tasks one could not hope even to progress a few steps forward. Yet all of were mind boggled to witness that these tasks appearing impossible to succeed in previously later became easy to taste success. All these are well known episodes that actually took place. Apart from these there are innumerable other facts that not everyone is aware of but that a few of them know well that Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s inner sacred inspirations were astounding and behind them definite precepts are at work.

When he again insisted that he planned to head for an incognito solitude living I had no difficulty in accepting its utility value and a dire need to do so. My prime duty was to render his thinking easy and facile. I am doing exactly this. Any task given to me by him I would devotedly take up with eyes closed without caring for the fact that my capability was not all that great and that my power to succeed in it too was weak. Even today I am executing these duties. In future too I shall continue to do so. All doubts in my mind were clarified at the personal level and that his decision was akin to Vedic Injunctions. But very much like me many readers of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ could harbor doubts like I did since very much akin to me they looked up to Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya with profound faith, respect and a sense of soul oneness. All of them had a loving right over him since they looked upon him as their divine father. All of them can place forth their mind’s anguish everyone could experience a lot of mental stress because of separation from him. Everyone would feel that if he left for a life of solitude only harm would come their way. Hence all these devoted followers would like to pose these questions to him directly in the manner I myself did. All the answers given by him regarding the above doubts discussed are worth deeply mulling over. Hence these are being penned in this particular article.



Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya opines that spiritual practice/Sadhana and austerities or Tapasya are 2 different aspects. The power and limits of both are different. Spiritual practices can be done in a congregational manner wherein the Food and Mental Sheaths dwelling in the devotee’s subtle body can get purified, nourished and become well advanced. Thus the qualities, actions, inner nature etc can undergo a sanctifying transformation (Sattvik). Due to inner purity resulting from this sanctifying transformation the divine light of Almighty God enters the inner realm of the devotee and thus it gets divinely illumined. He marches ahead on the path of soul uplifting and attains peace too. When the Food Sheath is nourished well via spiritual practice the body becomes disease free, attains a healthy long life span, imbibes immense power of endurance and can face untold hardships with calmness and serenity. Its radiance intensifies and while fighting difficulties steadfastly creates apt efforts to reap success. Via spiritual practices based on the Mental Sheath mental distortions, bad thoughts and tainted inner qualities get uprooted. One’s memory power and intellectual powers augment n fold. Mental restlessness is warded off and the psyche becomes focused in a one pointed manner. One’s enterprise, valor, patience, fearlessness, faith etc increase a lot in measure. Greed for amassing and enjoying sense titillating objects and selfish desires come under one’s apt control. By obstructing the mind from treading the tainted path veering it towards the path of truth and greatness vile psychic imprints (Kusanskars) gathered from innumerable previous lifetimes can be sanctified. The supreme director of the body and the chief creator of mental thoughts is the psyche. By undergoing spiritual practices for purifying the Mental Sheath when the mind comes under one’s optimal control the task of soul neo creation becomes straightforward and easy. After this, man can mold himself in tandem with desired apt situations. He can create within him desired specialties. In this manner man can become the author and creator of his destiny.



Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya also said that meditation, worship etc and spiritual practices that can be done even while living a life of congregation, via it by mastering our Food and Mental Sheaths, by creating many Sattvik (sacred) specialties in our personal lives in order to attain life’s true goal progress can definitely be attained. Thus by treading this path slowly but surely God or Self Realization also can be attained. For ordinary lay public and pious householders this very path of meditation, worship etc and spiritual practices are easy and apt. The 3 Yogas of Action, Wisdom and Devotion come under the aegis of Upsana or path of meditation, worship etc but in comparison to Upasana the path of Tapasya or austerities is higher in stature and more powerful. Within the jurisdiction of the subtle realm of the soul innumerable Energy Centers reside. Amongst these within the realm of Kundalini Yoga (Divine Serpent Power) the 6 Chakras (subtle plexus) are well known. But the matter is not limited to this only because subtler than these 6 Chakras (subtle plexus) dwell many ‘Energy Glands’ (knots, complexes or Granthis) in the gross and subtle bodies of human beings. In these lie hidden many specialties of their own types. By rendering these latent centers awakened and optimally active man creates such magnetic energy centers within his inner subtle nature that possess the capacity to attract nature’s and Almighty God’s innumerable divine glories (Vibhootis) spread out in the infinite cosmos, towards itself. The goal of Tapas or intense austerities is to attain these spiritual energies that not only aid in augmenting of one’s individual well being of great import but that of innumerous other people too.

Lest the environment of one’s home is sacred/Sattvik the program of Upsana or path of meditation, worship etc can go on joyously devoid of hindrances but Tapas or intense austerities is a special type of scientific process. For its success an environment of lone solitude is most required. In a congregative lifestyle varied types of thoughts, emotions, effects etc emerge. Via these the reaction noted in the mind may not pose obstacles in the way of Upsana or path of meditation, worship etc yet they create hurdles on the path of Tapas or intense austerities. For Tapas or intense austerities each one has to dwell in lone solitude. Demigods, humans and demons for various aims have executed Tapas or intense austerities many a times. As a result of it in exchange of those spiritual efforts attained desired boons from Mother Nature and beloved Almighty God who is our Divine Father. Yet all this took place far away from home in mountains, jungles etc oozing with lone solitude. Hence while staying at home Upsana or path of meditation, worship etc can go on joyously devoid of hindrances but Tapas or intense austerities cannot be done at home.



Tapas or intense austerities do not mean Sanyas. Sanyasis are known to leave their home, they wear ocher robes and travel everywhere in the world. They cannot re enter a householder way of life after taking Sanyas Deeksha or initiation. But as far as Tapas or intense austerities is concerned you can again take up a householder way of life. There are many examples of householders who after attaining required spiritual powers on executing Tapas or intense austerities away from home in solitude returned to worldly family way of living. In ancient eras so many Rishis would do difficult Tapas or intense austerities and a major number of them were householders. Maharshis like Vasishtha, Vishwamitra, Lomus, Jamadagni, Atri, Gautam, Yajnavalkya etc had sired many children and along with their pious wives although leading a sacred householder’s life made arrangements for executing difficult Tapas or intense austerities in dense lonely forest regions. Bhagiratha in order to bring down River Ganga from heaven executed terrific difficult Tapas or intense austerities. When the goal of these austerities was fulfilled Bhagiratha re entered the householder way of life. Demons like Ravan, Kumbhkarana, Meghnad, Bhasmasur, Sahasrarjun etc had performed terrific austerities. They too attained desired powers and then returned to their ordinary family way of living. Goddess Parvati in order to attain a husband, child Dhruva in order to attain grandeur and Swayambhu Manu and his Queen Shatrupa in order to sire a divine son performed difficult Tapas or intense austerities. After successfully attaining desired boons they returned to family life.

Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya also said that difficult Tapas or intense austerities and Sanyas are 2 different matters. He was neither taking Sanyas wherein the question of turning away from responsibility of children sired by him crops up and neither was he permanently ‘shying’ away from social living. Thus the question of obstacles coming in the way of getting guidance from him did not arise. Due to difficult Tapas or intense austerities the energies of the devotee becomes more intense, subtle and sanctified. Hence despite living far away in solitude Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya could give inner sacred inspirations to one and all when required (akin to telepathy). In mundane tasks speech and materials are required but in spiritual tasks no special need of these arises. On the basis of subtle consciousness this task can be executed despite staying far away physically. Despite living incognito in a lone manner the task of giving inner inspiration to people as and when required shall go on unabated.

Tantra based austerities cannot be done at home and hence are carried out in lonely spots like graveyards etc. that too at night. In it too is the aim of avoiding noisy crowded areas. In ancient eras too people leading quite busy lives on getting due facilities would travel to some lone pilgrim spot oozing with sanctity for a small time span. In close proximity to sages, saints etc carrying out difficult Tapas or intense austerities they too would do some penance. Today the atmosphere of pilgrim spots is no longer serene and pure because there urbanization has caught up in a big way. But in ancient times pilgrim spots were set up with the aim of creating an atmosphere of purity, serenity and sacredness. Today this tradition is heading towards extinction yet the importance of penance as was noted since primordial times is the same even today and in future also this shall go on unabated.



A need was felt to give up incomplete tasks in order to execute difficult Tapas or intense austerities in some far off lonely region because the problems faced at that time required untold measure of spiritual powers to solve them once and for all. All World Gayatri Family (HQ-Shantikunj-Haridwar-India) had commenced the program of neo awakening of ethics and culture the world over via Era Neo Creation and Transformation based tasks. These were required to be rendered gigantic and worldwide. Our country India after crossing many eras of dark gloom was now witnessing the dawn of political freedom from alien British Rule. On this very auspicious occasion in order to render India well governed many efforts in many directions were taking place. Yet for the development of our biggest wealth called spirituality not much effort was being made and thus it remained ignored. That spiritualism known to aid advancement of great glorious inner qualities that in turn rendered any community, sect etc truly great had entered the crater of total downfall. Hence only after rendering spirituality a leader, that the true greatness of humanity can be witnessed. Our land India is that of great divine saints. Its advancement can be said to be true only when Indian citizens by putting into action their great bright character and sacred ideals imbibed within not only establish true peace and joy in India but that they must guide and solve problems of the entire world harassed by unethical behavior and activities. In order to create such optimal positive circumstances All World Gayatri Family is making due efforts along with other mediums too. In these efforts a lot of zest, energy, honesty, self sacrifice and honest hard work are most required. The fulfillment of this need can take place only via inspiration given to workers in a subtle manner. In order that this inner inspiration is attained by all in a compact manner the only solution is terrific difficult austerities. In this solitude incognito life of mine efforts shall be made to attain this very energy in untold measure.

So many devotees in order to augment their will power and attain their life’s goal are making due efforts at the individual level yet these lone efforts of theirs are not sufficient and that mere vocal guidance cannot reap success. Hence the requirement is that apart from these individual spiritual practices an external energy and help must render their progress swifter in an active manner. Only then can their spiritual practices reap satisfactory success. Hence this type of external help and energy can be amassed only via terrific difficult austerities done in solitude.



Just as someone can ward off another’s financial lack by donating his own wealth, just as by donating one’s blood some wounded or sick person’s life can be saved similarly a person by subtly giving a portion of energy gathered from austerities can render that person’s difficulties easy to ward off. On the basis of blessings of a great saint of penance so many incidences are reported wherein big problems of people afflicted with strife and sorrow have been solved. These blessings are not mere uttering a few words via the tongue but that in order to render it successful a required measure of one’s austerities and Punya (good deeds) have to be handed over subtly. In this world the Law of Karma is irrevocable. As a result of his good-bad deeds man faces either joy or sorrow. Lest someone is to be given more joy than what his destiny ordains or that some pain and sorrow in his destiny has to be lessened in measure then for that very potent blessings have to be showered on them. This can only happen when the vault of power of penance in the one giving blessings has been amassed in great measure and that from it he gives a certain portion of it to the one whom he blesses. There are so many people immersed in tasks of righteousness that require such help in order that the path chosen by them becomes easier to tread on. In this penance of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya while dwelling in lone solitude, one of the goals is to gather a huge vault of spiritual help.

In the future in the year 1962 AD as per Indian Astrology 8 planets are going to dwell together in 1 single Zodiac Sign. At the time of the bloody Mahabharat War 7 planets had dwelled together in 1 single Zodiac Sign. The dire result of this was that 18 Akshauni Army, lay public etc died and both financial and social destruction was noted on a war footing. Hence when 8 planets dwell together in 1 single Zodiac Sign the results shall be much worse. Thus to calm down these horrific reactions so many high stature saints of penance are immersing themselves in difficult austerities. One aim of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya taking up difficult lone austerities is the above also.



Apart from this so many world problems confront Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya. At a personal level he has never aspired for heaven, salvation or Moksha and Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers. In fact his only aspiration in life was to lead a pure Brahmin way of life oozing with selfless service, righteousness and sacred ideals put into practice in day to day transactions. Hence whatever he thinks and acts drips with sentiments of selfless world service so as to usher in true well being of all and sundry. At this hour of doing difficult Tapas or intense austerities these very questions stare at him. India’s ancient spiritual sciences are becoming extinct one by one and hence it is required that due research and protection be given to it. Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has placed before us all the ordinary teachings of Vedas but what remained was to highlight the scientific and spiritual connotations of Vedic Mantras. This task is possible only if a subtle Yoga based vision is imbibed. And this vision can never be imbibed without Tapas or intense austerities. There is no other option apart from penance.

Regarding Gayatri Tapobhumi and Akhand Jyoti Magazine a worry exists that they may go haywire anytime in future yet Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya harbors no such tension. Those self sacrificing people had shouldered the duties of Gayatri Tapobhumi and Akhand Jyoti Magazine is very trustworthy and honest hard workers. They realize their responsibilities properly and shall continue to shoulder them diligently in future also. Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya also promised to contribute literature penned by him for the Akhand Jyoti Magazine while he lived an incognito life in solitude far away. In fact henceforth he resolved to egg on readers on the path of spirituality via guidance given by him in the Akhand Jyoti Magazine. Thus very much like Gayatri Tapobhumi the flame lamp of Akhand Jyoti Magazine shall continue to burn brightly.



Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya shall not be in our midst at least for 1 year due to this journey of his. This time frame may be increased in future. Where exactly was he going? This he did not declare publicly but definitely it shall be the lofty Himalaya Mountains. The ancient traditions of Tapas or intense austerities have attained fulfillment from Himalaya Mountains only. Hence for conducting penance this region is apt. After the decided time frame he shall start dwelling in known regions by leaving unknown places but these days on noting the thought flow going on in his mind it seems that instead of making writings, speeches etc as the foundation of selfless public service he shall rise much higher than that and perform Tapas or intense austerities. His future program shall focus mainly on difficult Tapas or intense austerities.

All those doubts harbored by me previously were also spoken about by many readers in their letters to Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya but after he discussed these doubts I became doubt free. Now I had full faith that not only is his future austerities not detrimental to our country, any community etc but instead shall reap nothing but benefits.

So far he has ceaselessly immersed himself in selfless service to society and lay public. After he completes these difficult austerities in lone solitude he shall be able to execute much more such services so as to immensely benefit one and all. It is apt that he gets as much solitude for this Tapas or intense austerities. As a result he shall become that much more powerfully capable than he already is today. Thus not only the members of Akhand Jyoti Family but that he shall be able to serve Indian Religion and Culture much more potently.

No doubt Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya shall have to undergo immense difficulties, he shall stay far away from us in a lone manner and hence self pity emerging in our soft natured bosom is quite natural. Just thinking about us bidding him adieu wells tears in our eyes yet we are satisfied that only when the plant of righteousness is watered with such sacred tears that it blooms forth in a lush green manner. Vedmurti Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has sacrificed every iota of his Prana Energy for keeping alit the Light of Divine Wisdom. All of us can attain contentment by offering our tears of faith and devotion at his hallowed feet. We hence humbly pray that Goddess Mother Gayatri fulfills the sacred mission of this super great saint.













Just before Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya left for solitude living in a far off region he handed over the entire responsibility of ‘Akhand Jyoti’ to his holy consort HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji Sharma. It was she who was managing and editing it so far.

HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji Sharma writes that respected readers may find it amazing to see her name as editor on the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’. A majority of members of our worldwide family are such who come to Mathura city on and off and are well versed with my working arena. For a fair length of time the task of arranging spiritual practice sessions for our members was handed over to me. Those harboring merely a superficial vision are upset with the heavy nature of my activities and really sympathize with me yet only I know how blissful I become along with attaining self fulfillment, when I execute these tasks. In fact these tasks have become a very part and parcel of my innermost nature. Not only do I not get harassed a wee bit when I have to make arrangements for serving meals to the ever increasing number of visitors, devotees, our mission members etc but instead my joy overflows all the more while serving them. For quite a few years this has been my style of working. Hence respected readers definitely shall be more amazed to see me working as the editor of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ which is a very different task compared to cooking meals for so many people on a daily basis.

All our mission members are well aware of the circumstances and tasks pertaining to our small family consisting of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya, my mother in law, our 2 children and me. For sometime Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had asked me to take up duties pertaining to ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ but due to my busy schedule, miniscule capability and lack of experience I was very hesitant and by drawing his attention to my weaknesses I kept informing him that it is not possible for me to shoulder such a big important task. Hesitancy, fear and diffidence regarding taking up such a mammoth task lurked in my mind and I would humbly discuss this mental state with him. Of course! He too was aware of the situation at hand yet that final decision made by him had to be accepted by me as his sacred command. I hence decided to shoulder this duty of managing the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ based tasks. Thus a very friendly argument taking place between me and him for many months ended on a positive note. As a result very similar to the wonder harbored by readers of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ on seeing my name as its editor, I too am feeling diffident.

Right from the time I entered Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s home (post our marriage) I felt he was a divine personality and hence I worshiped him as Almighty God. In every wish and command of his I have experienced my good fortune and well being in humbly trying to fulfill it. Time and again he would put me into the fire of various difficult tests. In the last Narmedha Yajna conducted by him, he declared all wealth owned by us as public property. This included our ancestral and personal wealth, my jewelry, our printing press and all else that we possessed. While deciding to donate all that we owned for social well being he did consult with me. When he felt that my mental arena was a bit half baked he explained to me the importance of such a decision with due seriousness and hence in a heartfelt manner I accepted his decision as supremely great. I accepted this declaration of his with that inner joy as was his inner sacred wish. Similarly 6 years previously when he thought of observing Brahmacharya (sexual continence) for the remaining time span of his life and asked my opinion regarding it I again experienced my total well being in this sacred aspiration of his. A few days back he was thinking on the lines of giving away his children for social well being tasks so that myself and him could travel the length breadth of India for religious propagation tasks. At that time too I very joyously accepted his thinking. Hence when today he was advising me to continue publication of the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ as its editor so that he could focus his attention on another very important endeavor why would I object even a wee bit? Since my incapability could pose an obstacle I was quite hesitant initially yet knowing well that since his blessings and commands are there in front of me there was no need for me to refuse such an onerous responsibility. In this small life of mine I have witnessed so many incidences certain people on attaining his powerful blessings have been able to execute enormous great tasks. It is on this very basis that my diffidence and hesitating nature calms down and somehow I have imbibed the enterprise to take up this leading duty of publication of the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ as its editor.

Why did Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya bring about this change in functioning of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ has a detailed foundation. His life has been full oriented around spiritual austerities called Sadhana. If in true terms his inner personality is analyzed he is first a spiritual aspirant and then anything else. This has been his most beloved task and in it his mind gets immersed blissfully. He had completed 24 Super Gayatri Mahapurashcharans of 2.4 million Mantras each. Hence as Purnahuti (final phase of completion) he decided to carry out some religious propaganda. In it he was to spend 7 years. These 7 years get completed the next year and hence he wants to return to his arena of spiritual austerities called Sadhana. Thus the change in editorship of ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ was very much a part of this plan.

After completing 24 Super Gayatri Mahapurashcharans of 2.4 million Mantras each he had made a 7 year plan of carrying out the Purnahuti (final phase of completion) program. Following are its aspects:

a)      Establishing Gayatri Tapobhumi via which worldwide propaganda of Super Power Gayatri practices can take place.

b)     Lighting the ceaseless burning flame lamp (Akhand Jyoti) wherein since Yajnas shall go on without pause the Power of Yajnas can get nourished.

c)      Establishing the All World Gayatri Parivar. In it within the 24,000 branches to be set up 0.125 million devotees resolving to perform Upasana or spiritual practices each day shall chant Super Mantra Gayatri at least 12,500,000 times daily.

d)     Performing 1000 Kundi-pyre Yajna wherein Gayatri devotees of entire India gathering at one spot can manifest potent congregational energy.

e)      For Era Neo Creation and Transformation commencing an ethical and cultural neo awakening campaign.

f)       By encouraging people to perform 24,000 Kundi-pyre Yajnas all over India executing widespread preaching of Super Science of Gayatri and Yajna and thus warding off future inauspicious times.

g)      By translating Vedas into Hindi language that is easy, full of wisdom and not expensive to buy propagating Vedic Divine Knowledge.

In 7 years Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya was to fulfill these 7 tasks successfully.

The tasks were very humungous. In those days when he successfully completed 24 Super Gayatri Mahapurashcharans of 2.4 million Mantras each and then spoke to me about this 7 point program of his I was astounded. To the extent means available were limited every part of the program was huge and thus on noting this forget all 7, even a small portion of it would not see completion. The reason being that for these tasks untold wealth, large number of volunteers, a lot of precious time and honest hard work were required. In that small house of ours in which we 5 small living beings resided, noting its limited means and periphery succeeding in this 7 point program seemed impossible. Very humbly I placed this doubt of mine to him but he smilingly said: Although both of us have lived together for so many years yet you wrongly infer that our success-failure was based on our mediocre individual capabilities? This resolve shall be fulfilled not by us but by that divine power in whose lap we both have surrendered our all. I became silent. I have seen so many attain success based on his subtle soul inspirations hence why would this resolve of his fail at all? Thinking thus I bowed down my head in self surrender.

Amongst the 7 point program taken up by Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya as Purnahuti (final phase of completion) of 24 Super Gayatri Mahapurashcharans of 2.4 million Mantras 5 got fully completed. Two of these remain and for them one year remains. They too may get completed in this time frame.

a)      Gayatri Tapobhumi was set up. This center of an ideal temple, hermitage to perform true penance and spread religious teachings is one of the most important areas of India’s religious places.

b)     Flame lamps were lit like those in hermitages of great Rishis that never got doused (Akhand Jyoti). It is worshiped daily in the form of a Yajna. In the entire country of India such Akhand Jyotis are barely found in 3-4 places. Such fire has extraordinary importance but this tradition is virtually becoming extinct. But such an Akhand Jyoti has been set up in Gayatri Tapobhumi and apt arrangements have been made so that it always remains alit and never gets doused.

c)      More than 2,400 branches of All World Gayatri Parivar have been established. 0.125 millions devotees have resolved to perform Upasana or spiritual practices each day shall chant Super Mantra Gayatri at least 12,500,000 times daily.

d)     The 1000 Kundi Super Yajna got successfully completed and with total peace. This is said to be this era’s greatest and incomparable Yajna ever performed by anyone.

e)      The Era Neo Creation based plan of neo awakening of ethics and culture has been propagated by branches of All World Gayatri Family. We hope that it shall reach every nook and corner of India and that in order to reinstate great traditions of ancient eras in India this program shall attain noteworthy success.

These 5 programs have seen successful completion. Arrangements have been made so that they continue to function smoothly in future too. As per the 6th resolve 24,000 Kundi-pyre Yajnas were to be performed. 1000 Kundi-pyre Yajna were to be performed in Gayatri Tapobhumi and the remaining 23,000 all over India. Till today more than half this number has been completed. The other half remaining definitely shall get fulfilled in the next year on noting the progress reaped so far. Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya is now immersed in translating Vedas in easy to understand language and selling it at very low cost for the benefit of lay public. The commentary of 3 Vedas has already been completed. Only 1 remains to be completed. Now they have to be published and propagated. He has thought of completing this task by this year end. By this time the time frame of 7 years in order to fulfill his resolve too shall end.

After completing this 7 point program Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya shall again immerse himself in his spiritual austerities. Of course he has not clarified this matter fully but it appears that he has made plans to dwell in some special place in close proximity to special soul personalities far away from Mathura City. In order to manifest special energy for our country he has made a special austerities based plan. Hence within the next year along with successfully completing the remaining part of the 7 point program he is liberating himself from all his present responsibilities and handing them over to capable hands. This change in editorship of Akhand Jyoti Magazine also is part of this plan.

Now what remains is his own and my future program. Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya shall immerse himself in his new spiritual austerities. His plans always have a spiritual foundation. In it rests some divine message. Hence I do not possess that bravery to request him to make changes in them. In the absence of his physical presence as far as my personal life is concerned inner mental and external hardships do sadden me. They may no doubt do so in future also yet I shall never do anything that veers him away from his glorious goal. Till today I have never obstructed the great path taken up by him and I would never want to do this in future too. Whatever he thinks is apt, definitely in it dwells wholesomeness.

He has handed over only one task to me: Never should this terrific fount of spiritual austerities dry up on the basis of which depends stupendous success of the activities of All World Gayatri Parivar. Since this family has become humungous its program too is gigantic. In order to complete it successfully self sacrificing residents of Gayatri Tapobhumi and people of powerful resolve spread out the world over accompanied by devotees are executing their appointed tasks zealously. But behind their bodily and mental process is a requirement of a spiritual inspiration imbued with subtle potent energy. It is on its basis that in the program of Era Neo Creation required steadfast faith and zeal does not dissipate in selfless volunteers even a wee bit. Next year Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya is to take up spiritual practices of an extraordinarily high stature. He has handed over to me the responsibility of seeing to it that the spiritual principle embedded in all tasks of All World Gayatri Family never diminishes and for that I (HH Bhagwati Deviji Sharma) too must take up special spiritual practices.

In a major way he has given me the following important duties:

1)      The Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp) lit here was meant for the 24 Super Gayatri Mahapurashcharans. When this task gets completed it should not be doused but ceaselessly remain alit. It must remain lit for at least next 10 years. Just as in 40 days 1 Gayatri Anushthan gets completed successfully similarly if this Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp) remains lit without pause for the next 40 years it shall become a Siddha flame lamp (imbued with sacred divine power). When this lamp remained lit for 30 years the entire family remained awake throughout the night to keep it lit ceaselessly. Hence why douse it when to complete total number of 40 years only 10 years remain to render it a Siddha flame lamp (imbued with sacred divine power). Hence by keeping this flame lamp lit for 10 more years ceaselessly it can be rendered a Siddha Jyoti or flame lamp.

2)      In front of this Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp) ceaseless Japa or Mantra chanting should be done and in 10 years I (HH Bhagwati Deviji Sharma) must execute 24 Anushthans of 2.4 million Japa.

He had placed before me this 10 year phase program that I had to execute. After completing this program in 10 years and after handing over these duties to other capable devotees I must head in a direction which I cannot divulge details about at this stage since it shall be out of place for me to do so.

I have reverently taken up his commands. Till today in a major way it was my duty to keep alit the Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp) placed in the office of the Akhand Jyoti Magazine. My respected mother in law too would help me out. Even so Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya too would spare a fair bit of time to look after it and protect it from getting doused. But henceforth I had to take up sole responsibility of keeping it brilliantly alit.

How was the Akhand Japa or ceaseless Mantra chanting to be commenced? For it many devotee volunteers would be required. How to fulfill it has to be deeply mulled over? Maybe 3-4 months shall be required to make optimal arrangements for it. After full arrangements are made I shall commence this Akhand Japa or ceaseless Mantra chanting. Hence for 10 years I shall immerse myself in completing 24 Anushthans of 2.4 million Japa in the sacred shade of this Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp).

3)      I have commenced editing responsibilities of the Akhand Jyoti Magazine publication. I shall make efforts that along with articles sent for publishing in the magazine that sacred inspiration too gets conjoined which positively influences the very inner soul of respected readers.

The aim of this publication is to augment soul development and peace-joy of members of All World Gayatri Family. On the basis of this Sankalpa or mental resolve this 3 pronged program has been initiated.

The 10 year program planned for me has been commenced by me as a divine command of Almighty God. I have always looked upon Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya and his orders in this sacred light yet because of my weaknesses my womanly heart dithers again and again.

I have only one request to make to each and every respected reader, member, soul friends, adopted sacred children etc that whenever my weak legs falter when I walk with such a heavy onerous responsibility on my shoulders please do express at least one word of encouragement, good wishes and sympathy. I yearn for these words of affection from you in the same way as I yearn for the sacred blessings of divinity personified Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya.



The holy consort of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya viz. HH Mata Bhagwati Deviji Sharma writes that in the previous volume of Akhand Jyoti Magazine discussions were made regarding Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s future program and arrangements for optimal management of Gayatri Tapobhumi and Akhand Jyoti Magazine’s publication. Whatever Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya thinks or plans drips with some subtle divine inspiration. Hence I never argue with commands he gives me to execute. Suddenly early in the morning he proclaimed regarding the last 1000 pyre Gayatri Super Yajna. Previous to this sudden declaration he did not ask anyone, did not make any plans for it, did not etch out a budget for it and did not ponder over the fact as to how such a gigantic program can be successfully executed. As soon as he declared this I placed before him my doubt of completing this program simply due to lack of various means required to execute it successfully. On hearing my doubt he smiled and said: The one who wishes to execute this task (ALMIGHTY GOD) and the one who shall actually enact this task shall make all due arrangements. All of us are mere instruments/mediums and hence instead of getting worried let us carry out our duties like cogs in the wheel without desiring any fruits from our actions. I had no other option but to keep quiet. Doubts yet lurked in my mind along with fear, worry and tension. Yet with these very eyes of mine I saw this super gigantic task getting fulfilled with total success I repented for vainly harboring doubts, worry etc that rendered my mind anguished. That divine power working behind Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s wishes and plans never ever misguides him.

The program he has designed at present he shall be leaving Mathura City to execute spiritual austerities and other research tasks. He has not told anyone as to after what time frame he shall return from this lone journey of his. This time span has not been decided as yet. By itself many responsibilities rest on his shoulders yet 2 programs of his are directly visible viz. Gayatri Tapobhumi and Akhand Jyoti Magazine office work. He has made arrangements for both these important tasks.

Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya wishes that his earnings (spiritual) of 30 years symbolized as the Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp) must be kept alit for the following 10 years and that the Anushthan of 40 years must be executed. Just as at the time of reinstating an Akhand Agni (ceaseless fire) the food of that fire must be done daily in the form of a Yajna so too in front of this Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp) at least 60 rounds of rosary (Japa) must be executed as its food. In the Gayatri Tapobhumi an Akhand Agni (ceaseless fire) is lit. Over here 1000 Ahuti based Havan or fire ritual is carried out. In the Akhand Jyoti Magazine office an Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp) is lit and in front of it both of us do at least 60 rounds of rosary (Japa). In this manner in 1 year we carry out at least 2.4 million Purashcharan even today. Till 6 years previously, Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya alone would complete 1 Mahapurashcharan in 1 year. When these Purashcharans were complete successfully and he got immersed in executing his 7 point spiritual program since then both of us together have been completing 1 Purashcharan in 1 year. From this whatever amount of soul power and austerity based divine energy is amassed is shared with members of our world family as Punya Prasad. Thus these members attain material and spiritual advancement and also their difficulties get warded off.

Hence the question arose that if Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya left us all for dwelling in solitude how was this Purashcharan etc to be completed? Hence to solve this problem he designed a program of doing Akhand Japa or ceaseless Mantra chanting in front of this Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp). Via his body, so much power of penance would manifest on daily doing 60 rounds of rosary (Japa). Hence this measure of power could only be generated, after he left for his journey, by keeping doing this Akhand Japa or ceaseless Mantra chanting. This Japa was to be done by unmarried young virgin girls. At the Purnahuti (closing ceremony) of Gayatri Anushthans scriptural injunctions are very clear that unmarried young virgin girls must be fed a sumptuous meal. In this mode of God devotion unmarried young virgin girls are given supreme importance and honor. In Hindu Religion too this sort of sacred sentiment is harbored towards such unmarried young virgin girls and that hence they are worshiped with devotion. Akin to cows unmarried young virgin girls too are offered worship. This is because they ooze with righteous thinking. If in the absence of great men of austerities and steadfast Brahmins anyone is given a seat of honor for offering worship it is unmarried young virgin girls. Since today true steadfast Brahmins are very difficult to find it was apt that in the Akhand Jyoti Magazine office in front of the Akhand Jyoti (ceaseless flame lamp) unmarried young virgin girls execute the sacred program of doing Akhand Japa or ceaseless Mantra chanting.

For the next 10 years Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had commanded me to continue with this Anushthan. In this manner if Akhand Japa or ceaseless Mantra chanting continued thus 24 Purashcharans of 2.4 million Japa could be completed. As of now the plan is this much only. When 12 unmarried young virgin girls execute each day do Japa for 2 hours each (total 24 hours) then the task of Akhand Japa or ceaseless Mantra chanting can succeed. As per this arrangement in 10 years 24 Purashcharans can easily be completed. This much has to be done but my wish is that in order to help the increasing number of members of our All World Gayatri Family much more and that religious volunteers get more sacred inspiration for this 24 Purashcharans is not enough. Hence its number should increase to 108 Purashcharans. Since this burden will become heavier and gigantic, as of now in order to complete 24 Purashcharans a program has been set up for 12 unmarried young virgin girls to execute each day Japa for 2 hours each (total 24 hours).

Regarding taking up editing of Akhand Jyoti Magazine I am well aware of my miniscule capability and no doubt am worried about it. Yet this task handed over to me shall be reverently shouldered by me as Almighty Lord’s divine command. An All World Gayatri Magazine is being published regularly for social service regarding Era Neo Creation, a Religious Revolution, for Life’s Yajna and organization of this Gayatri Family. This task is very zestfully being shouldered by selfless children of our family. The aim of Akhand Jyoti Magazine is spiritual in nature and highlights various spiritual practices or Sadhana. This responsibility rests on my shoulders and I have accepted it by imbuing total faith in Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s holy blessings and respected readers’ goodwill.

By itself today also, Akhand Jyoti is spiritual. Spirituality can many a times become dry. Not everyone is inclined to pursue it. As per future plans it shall become all the more spiritual. Under such situations those whose interest in it is miniscule or those who buy and read literature for entertainment it shall become all the more dry. Under such situations the number of subscribers to our magazine shall dwindle that much more. It shall be very good and conducive that in future subscribers to our magazine shall be only those who are true followers of spirituality. Thus people immersed in sense titillation must give up its membership. In fact because of them management over here does go awry. Every year piles of extra magazines get published and they become useless. Sometimes certain editions/volumes published are less in number than ones in demand and thus our subscribers complain to us.

Akhand Jyoti Magazine’s great mission has done immense work in the last 20 years. It can be called successful. There is nothing surprising that Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s tasks have succeeded. Now the epilogue of this mission due to my meager capability and lack of experience can go haywire. It may fail to succeed. In this hour of difficulty, I pray for affection goodwill and cooperation of our worldwide family. Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has always looked upon our mission members as his comrades, very souls and affectionate kin. Barring a few Gurus, others he looks upon as his revered father. Naturally I too shall harbor motherly affection for all our members. In this hour of change offering unlimited motherly affection to all our members I hope to attain love and affection from them too. The basis of my shouldering this heavy responsibility shall be Goddess Mother Gayatri’s blessings, Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya’s grace and goodwill of my very own beloved people. I have full faith that this foundation shall never weaken.


















In the December 1959 AD Akhand Jyoti Magazine HH Mother Bhagwati Deviji Sharma writes (holy consort of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya):

With this present volume Akhand Jyoti Magazine completes 20 years and the 21st year shall commence. In this long time span so many journeys have been accomplished and hence each member of our worldwide family on noting it shall raise his head high with glorious pride. The Akhand Jyoti Magazine had been commenced 20 years back. At that time Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya had only one aspiration in his sacred intellect that on this sacred land of India once again that nectarine river of divinity must start flowing akin to one that flowed in the Rishi Era previously. Thus by bathing in these nectarine waters of divinity in that ancient era every blooming plant of this garden and every human of this heavenly world would spread the fragrance of high stature thinking and beauty of great tasks executed. In this manner bliss and zest would spread out in every nook and corner of the world.

Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya poured every drop of his sweat in this dry arid barren garden akin to a steadfast selfless gardener and an unswerving focused man of intense penance. The result of this was that today lush greenery of positive thinking is being seen everywhere. There are so many authors in India. There is no dearth of writers and publishers of books. If we compare the intentions of such people to that of Akhand Jyoti Magazine and other publications over here then from all standpoints our pan proves to be light in weight. Yet the fact of the matter was totally different. Our magazine was published only so that it was easy to propagate our thoughts everywhere. In reality behind it was at work, a very important mission and a well sequenced program. This magazine was merely a helper part of it. Whatever was to be done, whatever was actually executed was done in such a manner, akin to Bhagiratha using every iota of his life, for fulfilling a great heroic task! In order to bring down River Ganga from heaven on earth, in order to satiate and help grow plant life in dry barren land the manner in which Bhagiratha stood on one leg for such a long time span and until his goal succeeded i.e. until River Ganga came down on earth from heaven he remained immersed without pause in his terrific penance. Our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya himself followed in the glorious footsteps of Bhagiratha. In this long time period of his intense austerities a lot of beneficial results have been witnessed. Of course! These austerities of his are not fully complete. In fact henceforth these austerities shall be more intense and with greater zeal. As a result so far that river of divine wisdom that has poured down merely in a small rivulet like manner shall ultimately flow down as a huge river in this sacred land of India. Hence until this actually happens our mission and movement shall go on tirelessly.

In the past 20 years it is not as though Akhand Jyoti Magazine has merely kept printing one volume after another or has been penned and published for superficial entertainment of readers. Instead it has imbued life force into innumerable people who had become forlorn and full of despair. It has also totally transformed the psyche and lives akin to Kayakalpa of so many people. There are thousands of people whose lives previously were very mediocre in stature, who burned in the fire of sins/envy/selfish desires/sense titillation etc but the day they commenced touching this Paras (touchstone that converts iron into gold) maybe their bodies remained as before yet from the soul and inner personality standpoint a total transformation took place akin to Kayakalpa. They can be called saints of dispassion and those donning simple garbs despite being householders. It is not as though this total transformation was limited to such people only but that even their family members, friends, relatives etc too got positively influenced. Thus the latter also started marching forward on the path of true greatness. It is individuals who create society. If goodwill based men and those walking the path of glory march ahead definitely our own, that of society, country and religion shall get raised high.

Efforts of social reformation are being done by other people akin to watering leaves of a plant. All around us we hear loud calls of give up such and such a bad habit, give up this vile tradition, carry out certain tasks, avoid certain tasks etc. By the time one bad quality is overcome another crops up in full throttle. By the time a crook gives up his activity of looting etc he gets involved in gambling in a big way. If our psyche is rotting, if our soul is tainted if dirt reeks in our inner personality to its very core then even if one bad habit is uprooted it takes not even a moment for another vile one to enter our lives. Hence in order to solve varied kinds of problems great Rishis of yore had explained to us that the solution for them is one only. The solution is imbibing a righteous attitude and harboring profound faith to Almighty God. This principle is termed in many ways: It is called righteousness, ethical living, humaneness, assiduously performing righteous duties, true socialism etc.  The fact is one but names are many. By posing trust in God’s cosmic nature, sense of justice, unbiased nature etc as long as man does not harbor due faith in the fact that harsh punishments have to be faced when we think and act tainted and reap boons and merits when we think and act in a sacred goodwill manner it shall be difficult for him to tread the path of greatness via other methods. For the past 20 years Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has made intense efforts to reinstate this great sacred philosophy in the psyche of lay public and its great results are there for all of us to witness today. For the past 20 years thousands of travelers on the path of human glory are executing practices of soul neo creation. When they were invited to execute world selfless service and propagate true religion everywhere they got up akin to sleeping lions and immersed their very life force in the stupendous great task of Era Neo Creation and Transformation. In the entire country of India an era creation task of re awakening of ethical and true cultural living is going on in full swing. Although its intellectual and spiritual form cannot be witnessed with these physical eyes of ours yet in the form of Super Power Gayatri Yajna based campaign those males-females seen zestfully conducting that program from it one can easily decipher that this Great Movement was not limited to some external set of means but that their roots dwell in the innermost core personality of the lay public. Very positive results are being noted as far as achieving the meritorious goal of rendering humans into true human beings and converting beastly leanings in man into true humane qualities. In future to taste much more success regarding this all of us after putting due efforts can hope more too.

Akin to an axe in the hand of a woodcutter our Akhand Jyoti Magazine is contributing on a war footing for fulfilling the great sacred wish of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya. He has not only lit fire of divine wisdom in one heart but that by transporting sparks emerging from this fire in all directions so many such fire of divine wisdom are shining brilliantly. This flame is not burning only in one place but that innumerable other lamps are burning brightly due to its generosity. Today its well aligned queue is shining brilliantly akin to so many flame lamps lit in the Festival of Lights called Deepavali celebrated in India. The 1 million members of the All World Gayatri Family can be called such a cosmic garland of lamps of divine wisdom shining brightly.

The past spanning 20 years has been radiant yet the destination to be reached in future is that much n fold more difficult to do so. In order to successfully reach it the contribution of Akhand Jyoti Magazine must be that much more in measure. Yet the sudden changes that have occurred here very much like me the zest of many readers is weakening. From the bodily standpoint Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya appears very weak yet from every pore of his being gush forth so many infinite founts of energy. Any task taken up by him definitely gets completed satisfactorily. This open secret is known to so many of us. Anyone can hope for a brighter future of Akhand Jyoti Magazine if the reins are in his hands yet when he is giving up this responsibility of his and is instead placing it on my weak shoulders, naturally many doubts arise in the mind and a fear lurks that will this bright history of past 20 years written so far become hazy in future? In this flurry of changes we hope this bright flame does not pale and then get doused totally.

In recent days so many readers have written letters of request that somehow I convince Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya (my revered consort) cancel his impending journey. Somehow he should not go to live in solitude. He must not give up his responsibility of publication of Akhand Jyoti Magazine. Representing the pious emotions of our world family members and respected readers I too had humbly made this request to him yet the answer given by him had a lot of weight age in it. And perceiving this strong power I became speechless.

Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya told me: Only a manager has been appointed for Akhand Jyoti Magazine. This is because the life force working subtly behind the scenes in its publication shall continue in full flow even after my departure for solitude austerities. In fact the stature of great thoughts served to respected readers so far shall increase n fold more in future. None should even harbor an imagination that the future of our magazine shall darken to gloom. Not only will this Akhand Jyoti (ceaselessly burning lamp) remain lit till our target is achieved but that it will burn more brightly with its flame rising higher up in height.

Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya has made a few changes in his program. In tandem with it all these movements are being witnessed. He had executed 24 Mahapurashcharanas and with its divine energy could this gigantic Era Neo Creation program come into being and get propagated thus. Lest this program was executed akin to methods adopted by other societies and institutions it would not have been possible to attain even 1000th of success seen today keeping in mind the miniscule weak means available at hand. The energy of austerities is terrifically potent. It is with its aid that all tasks of the subtle spiritual world are executed. Wherever dwells the vault of power of penance to that extent over there, success is attained. Without austerities even if many external mundane means are at our service yet not much great success can be tasted.

Today the world stares at so many strife and stress based incidences. In future these difficulties shall turn direr. The efforts made to solve and calm them down for it humungous measure of wealth of penance is required. It is for this very reason that Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya is heading for lone penance and thus amass untold measure of power of penance. Hence how can it be apt on our part to stop him from executing this great mission meant for world well being simply because of our fleeting attachment to him? Of course! It is very natural that members, volunteers and readers shall experience sadness when he leaves for this journey. Those who have received such affection from him shall no doubt feel very anguished. In comparison to members, volunteers and readers me as his consort has had a greater good fortune to reside in close proximity to him. In comparison to ordinary women I harbor much more faith and devotion to him. Hence I too shall feel pained due to separation from him. Yet I remind myself that our righteous duties are higher than our emotions however sacred they are. We must hence not obstruct this future Bhagiratha like intense efforts of his. To delay his life’s goal of bringing the River Ganga of divine wisdom in this world is not correct on our part at all.

For performing intense Tapas or austerities he shall be leaving for an unknown destination after Gayatri Jayanti (Jyestha Sudi 10). As of now it seems this task of his shall take 1 year yet this time span is not definite since it could take more time than 1 year. All world Gayatri Family is set to usher in true world peace via propagating sacred sentiments of righteousness all over India. The aim of  Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya is to imbue this effort with immense power of penance via this lone incognito intense Tapas or austerities in a far off place. Hence it is incorrect to think that even an iota of lack shall be felt in any of our personal, spiritual and congregational programs while he is absent. In fact by attaining his intense power of austerities all of us shall advance much more both materially and spiritually.

Henceforth Revered Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya shall immerse himself in much more terrific difficult austerities. Along with this he shall place before members of our world family that possess apt capability the deep import of the path of spiritual practices and profound spiritual experiences. Since the past 6 years a major portion of his energy was utilized for managing our institution. Hence it was not possible for him to place before us important experiences of Spiritual Sciences. Now henceforth since all his time shall be devoted to spiritual practices and intense Tapas or austerities he shall himself throw light on various facets of Yoga and Spirituality and Dakshin Path and Vaam Path along with that of Yoga and Tantra Science since so far in a major way they have remained unknown, secretive and mysterious.

In this sacred land of India required propagation of religious/righteous sentiments is to be executed. This shall definitely happen. In this meritorious task Akhand Jyoti Magazine shall contribute a lot in the years to come by. The past 20 years of it has been grand. In future times too no diminishing shall be seen in its grand form. After attaining this promise from him all my doubts dissolved to naught. It is possible that our members keeping in mind my individual weaknesses and incapability harbor worry regarding smooth functioning of Akhand Jyoti Magazine in future yet we have to remember that were are merely flutes of bamboo. It is someone else who play the flute and his skill is immortal. Hence in its soulful tune no lack can ever set in. Akhand Jyoti Magazine shall pursue its humble efforts exactly in the same way as it has done for the past 20 years. Till date it was a magazine of ordinary lay people but henceforth it shall start guiding spiritual seekers who tread the path of true spiritual practices and austerities. On the basis of this goal it is definite that the well being of both individuals and the world shall harbinger in.















The power of Tapas or spiritual austerities is boundless. Any principle in this world that is imbued with untold energy at its root is Tapas or spiritual austerities. Since the sun is hot hence he is the lord of that vault of life force that gives life to every being in this world. Due to heat of summer when the atmosphere becomes hot aptly auspicious rainfall occurs. When gold heats up it becomes precious, brilliant and priceless. All ores seen on coming of out of mines are tainted adulterated and weak in strength yet when again and again they are heated, melted and smelted in hot blazing furnaces they become pure and precious. Toys, pots etc made of half baked clay break apart even if a small push is given to it. Yet if these are heated and baked properly in furnaces they become strong and blood red in hue. Half baked bricks on being heated properly in furnaces become as firm as rocks. Ordinary weak pebbles on baking become lime and thus huge buildings made with its help stand upright for many years.

When ordinary talc or mica is heated 100 times in fire it becomes Chandrodaya Rasa or juice. It is only when metal ores are heated many times that precious medicinal ash (Bhasma Rasayan as per Ayurveda School of Medicine in India) gets formed and patients afflicted with deadly diseases get cured so as to get rejuvenated. Ordinary food grains, lentils, vegetables etc eaten unripe are not easy to digest and are not tasty too. When these are cooked properly it takes the form of tasty food items. When in the launderer’s furnace dirty smelly clothes are added they become clean and foul odor free. Food cooked in the digestive fire of our stomach becomes blood, bones etc and thus they become important organs of our body. Ere this process of getting heated in fire stops definitely the task of advancement and growth shall come to a grinding halt.

Nature or Prakriti heats up hence the entire world’s management functions optimally. A living being or Jiva heats up and via it the chain of nature’s jewels gush forth in the form of effort, enterprise, bravery, zest, wisdom, science etc. A pregnant mother by heating her egg and embryo in her womb’s warmth later gives birth to a full grown baby. Any living being who as aspired to rise above its unconscious state or desire to go beyond mundane acts of mere eating, sleeping etc have had to perform intense Tapas or austerities. Till date all those super great personalities whose names are etched in the annals of our world’s glorious history have had to perform intense Tapas or austerities in some form or the other. In all walks of life be it agriculturists, students, laborers, scientists, political leaders, scholars, industrialists, technicians etc of great repute have previously had to execute honest hard efforts, undergo proper training and austerities too. Lest such people had harbored lethargy, indolence, remained action less, listlessness and sense titillating tendencies they would never had reached that height of glory attained by them due to sheer dint of hard work and enduring immense difficulties coming their way in as serene a manner as possible.

Within the realm of efforts the value and importance of spiritual efforts is much more. Very similar to this, material wealth pales in front of spiritual wealth amassed. On the basis of wealth, intellectual skills, bodily strength etc many people become advanced, happy and respected. Yet those people in comparison to such materially wealthy people attain n fold more prominence and honor who have amassed potent spiritual energy. A lot of difference exists as far as brass and gold and glass and a jewel is concerned. Similarly spiritual wealth beats hollow all material wealth of the world put together. In this world many wealthy, rich, scholarly, high character, skillful artists etc are seen yet they cannot compare with those great soul personages who via their spiritual endeavor not only ushered in their own but helped the whole attain true well being. In ancient times wise people in order that their small children attain untold power of endurance and become mentally and physically strong via austerities would enlist their children in a Gurukul (akin to a boarding school at a Guru’s hermitage). This was done so that in future these children would be able to live a difficult life when circumstances so demanded and thus could attain heights of true human glory.

In this world whenever any great task has succeeded most definitely behind it was at work the power of penance. Our land India has belonged to demigods and human jewels. India is called more nectarine than heaven or ‘Swargadapi gariyasi’. This country from the standpoint of knowledge, enterprise and grandeur has always been the crest jewel of the entire world. The reason for attaining such super heights of advancement has been the terrific steadfast penance done by residents of this sacred land. In India those indulging in lethargy, vagabond like life, selfish greed etc have always been looked down upon and categorized as downfallen. Residents of this country deeply realized the importance of attaining power from penance. Hence they based their actions on this and ceaselessly amassed this great super power. Only then did it become possible for India to become a Jagadguru or world Guru, ruler of the entire world and the glory of being the lord of such untold material-spiritual prosperity.

If we glance at history of our past it becomes crystal clear that India had attained multi faceted progress on the basis of immense power from penance executed by its residents. Prajapati Brahma (creator of this world) before creating this world sat on the lotus flower blooming forth from the navel of Lord Vishnu. He carried out Tapas or terrific steadfast penance for 100 years based on Super Energy Gayatri Meditation and Worship. Only then did he amass required energy for creation of this world along with knowledge-science. The inventor of human righteous precepts Lord Manu after executing Tapas or terrific steadfast penance with his wife Queen Shatrupa could successfully execute his important duties. Lord Shankar is Tapas or terrific steadfast penance incarnate. His program always revolved around austerities. Lord Shesha on the basis of Tapas or terrific steadfast penance only could hold our earth on his scalp. Saptarshis or 7 great Rishis of yore treading this path for innumerable years attained that Sidhi or success which etched their names in the pages of history highlighting eternal great world personalities. Thus they attained true immortality. Demigods’ Guru Brihaspati and demons’ Guru Shukracharya carried out spiritual practices for the well being, guidance and success of their respective disciples on the basis of Tapas or terrific steadfast penance only.

The potential of Maharshi Vishwamitraji who created a new separate world and that of Maharshi Vashishtha who guided the Raghu clan for many generations in which Lord Rama had incarnated was also generated from Tapas or terrific steadfast penance. Once Maharshi Vishwamitraji reached the forest accompanied by his army and at that time despite Maharshi Vashishtha not possessing much material means had looked after them as his guests by feeding them etc. On seeing this Maharshi Vishwamitraji was quite dumbstruck. There was a time when Maharshi Vashishtha not possessing any weapons had to wage a battle with Maharshi Vishwamitraji accompanied by his well equipped army the latter had to face defeat since Maharshi Vashishtha had untold power of austerities. Thus Maharshi Vishwamitraji after lamenting by saying ‘Dhik balam kshatriya balam brahma tejo balam’ gave up his kingdom and for amassing the most important energy of the world surrendered his entire life for Tapas or terrific steadfast penance only.

In the ancient past it was necessary that River Ganga be brought down on earth from heaven for uplifting ancestors cursed to dwell in hell and also render thirsty earth full of water to appease the thirst of thousands of people. This super great task was not possible to fulfill merely by material methods because only power of Tapas or terrific steadfast penance could do the needful satisfactorily. Hence Bhagiratha headed for the solitude of a dense jungle in order to execute harsh Tapas or terrific steadfast penance. Thus by influencing River Ganga of heaven via this penance brought it down on our earth. But since the force of River Ganga was so cyclonic like in speed Lord Shiva was prayerfully requested to hold it in his matted locks called Jatas. This great task would never have succeeded by ordinary mundane efforts and hence the only solution was to undergo Tapas or terrific steadfast penance.

Rishi Chyavan was doing Tapas or terrific steadfast penance for so many decades that white ants made his body their home and thus his body appeared akin to a hill of mud. Princess Sukanya passing by that area saw some 2 shiny things in the holes of the hill and hence poked thorns in them. These 2 shiny things were nothing but the brilliant eyes of the great saint of penance- Rishi Chyavan. He had to undergo such difficult Tapas or terrific steadfast penance because by awakening energy centers dwelling in the deep cave of his soul could prove that he could become a credible partner of the imperishable storehouse of divine energy of Almighty Lord.

Shukdevji (saintly son of Veda Vyasji) right since birth was immersed in spiritual practices. He believed that the one and only great use of human life is using it for spiritual purposes and thus made great use of this rare to attain precious human life and body. By bowing from very far sense titillating enticements, he immersed himself in attaining Divine Wisdom and the Divine Principle (Brahmajnana or Brahmatattva).

The little child boy of immense penance accrued no loss at all. Lest like any prince he had immersed himself in sense pleasures etc he would never have attained the benefits of becoming the epicenter of the entire cosmos called the Dhruv Star and attaining eternal fame and glory. Due to this power of penance he got such a gigantic kingdom to rule for innumerable years which would not have been possible to attain via other avenues even if a lot of grace was availed. Rishi Kanad whose meals consisted of gathering food grains scattered on the ground, Rishi Valmiki who nourished his body from milk of the banyan tree did not get any material comforts yet in return whatever both attained was not an iota less than all the joys of the material world put together.

In their respective eras Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavir in order to delete the downfallen state of the world used immense power of penance as Brahmastra or Divine Weapon. They converted a widespread environment of demonic behavior and violence into compassion and non violence attitude. By itself to ward of vile wicked behavior it is believed that use of weapons and punishment is easier. Yet even this cannot be that successful even though huge armies and weapons are used when compared to the success attained via usage of Tapas or austerities based energy. In order to uproot kings the world over since they oppressed their subjects and inflicted unbearable atrocities on them, Lord Parshuram’s pick axe proved to be very effective. With this axe after soundly defeating wicked colonial rulers, power hungry kings etc he rendered earth devoid of kings 21 times. How could the pitiable ocean face the divine wrath of Rish Agasta? By merely drinking 2 handfuls of ocean water he rendered the entire ocean dry. When for some reason demigods could not defeat vile demons and they continuously tasted shameful defeat then by attaining a Vajra or thunderbolt made from the divinely energized bones of Maharshi Dadhichi who had performed untold spiritual austerities and only then could King Indra lead demigods towards victory over their enemy demons.

In ancient eras only he was thought fit to attain knowledge that oozed with immense power of endurance and indomitable patience. Thus knowledge entering the hands of such great people, would help usher in well being of the entire world. Today it is people full of greed and running after sense titillating pleasures that easily attain knowledge. Hence they are misusing it in a big way. I feel that in comparison to the illiterate class it is the educated class that has veered miles away from humaneness. They by creating so many types of dire world problems have become a big curse for the world’s joy and peace. In yester eras every parent would send his child to a Gurukul to render him a man of true austerities. In this Gurukul the revered teacher would awaken the power of endurance in children for many years together. Those who passed this preliminary test were termed as ones fit for handing over knowledge (Vidya). Innumerable disciple staying in Gurukuls like Uddalak, Aruni etc had to pass very fiery difficult tests. Everyone knows these incidences described in Vedas, Puranas etc.

Brahmacharya (undergoing celibacy for attaining Self-God Realization) was said to be the main leg of austerities undergone. We all are well versed with the lofty feats exhibited by Bajrangi Lord Hanuman, child Brahmachari Bhishma Pitamaha etc. On the basis of their vow of Brahmacharya (undergoing celibacy for attaining Self-God Realization) Adi Guru Shankaracharya, Prabhriti, Swami Dayananda Saraswati or Arya Samaj renown and many other great saints carried out very important humungous tasks. In ancient times there were so many householders that even after getting married would avoid sexual contact with their wives (Brahmacharya).

With soul power attained men of intense Tapas or austerities not only ushered in their own well being but by imbuing a bit of their soul power into their disciples would render them great saintly personalities. On staying in Maharshi Vishwamitra’s Ashram (hermitage) Lord Rama and Lord Krishna who resided in Rishi Sandipani’s Ashram (hermitage) were divinely transformed in such a way that they were termed Almighty God. A very ordinary Maratha boy sitting at the holy feet of Revered Samarth Guru Ramdas became the renowned King Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The atheist youth Narendra imbibing merely an iota of divine energy from his Revered Guru Ramkrishna Paramhans became renowned as Swami Vivekanand and he propagated great religious precepts the world over. Maharshi Dadhichi who compassionately handed over his divinely energized bones to king of heaven-Indra fleeing away from vile demon enemies, rendered him fearless. On attaining miniscule divine teachings from Naradaji the dacoit Valia became Maharshi Valmikiji. 

Childless married couples or parents yearning high character pious soul children too have got their desire fulfilled via the grace of great men of austerities. King Dashrath had married 3 queens yet he was childless. Hence Rishi Shringi guided him in performing the Putreshti Yajna and thus the king sired 4 sons. King Dilip along with his wife resided in Maharshi Vashishtha’s Ashram (hermitage) and served cows over there by feeding them fodder etc. Thus they attained the blessings of Mahrashi Vashishtha and their clan which could have become extinct since the king was childless could now sire a son due to these divine blessings. When King Pandu could not sire children then due to Veda Vyasji’s divine blessings 5 radiant sons were born to him called the Pandavas. It is said regarding India’s first Prime Minister Shri Jawaharlal Nehru that when his father Shri Motilal Nehru was childless for so many years (before Nehru’s birth) a resident of the sacred Himalaya Mountains performing Tapas or penance there gave up his mortal coil and thus Shri Motilal Nehru sired his son Shri Jawaharlal Nehru. So many Rishi sons are born with terrific power of Tapas or penance belonging to their parents and they in childhood itself, would enact such tasks that was difficult for adults also to succeed in. Lomush Rishi’s son Shringi Rishi on seeing a dead snake around the neck of his father (draped by King Parikshit) out of a fit of rage gave a curse that whosoever has executed this misdeed shall die in 7 days due to a poisonous snake bite. Even though a lot of security measures were adopted to protect King Parikshit’s life yet Shringi Rishi’s curse did fructify because in 7 days King Parikshit died due to poison of snake bite.

India’s ancient history oozes with incidences of mind boggling results emerging due to curses and boons given. When Shravan Kumar got killed due to an arrow of King Dashrath Shravan Kumar’s father cursed the king saying that he too would die a slow death in agony due to separation from his son especially in old age. Words coming out of the mouth of men possessing untold power of austerities never get falsified and hence King Dashrath did die in anguish on getting parted with his beloved son Lord Rama who had to go to the forest in exile for 14 long years. Due to a curse of Rishi Gautam both King Indra of heaven and deity Chandrama (moon) had to face untold strife. When Kapil Muni spewed wrath on the 10,000 sons of King Sagar they got burnt to ashes. Akin to demigods when Rishis of yore oozing with power of austerities were pleased they would shower boons and thus so many people afflicted with poverty and sorrow attained the golden opportunity of dwelling in true joy and peace.

Not only men but even women of India could not be left behind in the arena of Tapas or intense austerities. Goddess Parvati by doing untold Tapas or intense austerities forced Lord Shankar to marry her although he was generally immersed in Nirvikalpa Samadhi or thought free trance and one who had burnt to ashes Kamadeva of god of passion. Anasuya via her soul power could transform Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh (creator-propagator-destroyer of this cosmos) into the form of breast fed babies. Sukanya rendered her aged father into a handsome youth. Savitri by agitating in front of Yama or god of death helped bring back her dead husband Satyavan back to life. Kunti by performing solar deity based penance gave birth to a sun like radiant son called Karna although she was a virgin and unmarried. An angry Gandhari cursed Lord Krishna saying that the way in which he destroyed her lineage his lineage too would get destroyed due to bloody in fighting between them all. Thus Gandhari’s curse did bear fruits because all the Yadavas fought amongst themselves and killed each other. Due to Damayanti’s curse Vyadh had to die while getting burnt alive. Ida helped complete her father Manu’s Yajna and helped him fulfill his desired goal. Behind such stupendous tasks is tangibly perceived, the greatness of power of Tapas or intense austerities.

Akin to demigods and Rishis demons too knew very well that in Tapas or intense austerities immense energy is focused. Thus demons performed terrific Tapas or intense austerities and attained such boons not attained even by demigods who had done a lot of Tapas or intense austerities. Demon Ravan as mentioned in epic Ramayan did Tapas or intense austerities time and again wherein he was ready to sacrifice his life also. Thus in order to combat Lord Shankar, he attained an infinite vault of power. His demon brother Kumbhkaran too via Tapas or intense austerities attained the dumbfounding boon of remaining awake for 6 months and going to sleep for 6 months. Meghnad, Ahiravan and Marichi like ferocious demons did Tapas or intense austerities to attain Mayavi or deluding powers. Bhasmasur demon via Tapas or intense austerities attained the boon of burning to ashes anyone by merely placing his hand on that person’s head. Demons or Asuras like Hiranyakashipu, Hiranyaksha, Sahasrabahu, Vali etc performed so many stupendous feats since they had attained immense power of Tapas or intense austerities. There were many female demons also in ancient eras that had exhibited their prowess in the spiritual realm. Examples of these are Tadka who became a headache for Maharshi Vishwamitra and Lord Rama, Putana who had resolved to kill Lord Shri Krishna, Sursa ogress who aimed to devour Lord Hanuman, Trijata who could showcase some strange powers to Seetaji (consort of Lord Rama) etc.

In this manner not merely 10-20 but there are thousands of such incidences in India’s long history wherein so many ordinary human beings on amassing a lot of energy from Tapas or intense austerities manifested that eternal well being of theirs that mind boggled the entire world. In this present modern era very strong soul powered personages like Mahatma Gandhi, Saint Vinoba Bhave, Swami Dayanandji, Saint Meera, Saint Kabir, Saint Dadu, Saint Tulsidasji, Saint Surdas, Saint Raidas, Shri Aurobindo Ghosh, Maharshi Raman, Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans, Swami Ramtirthaji etc executed such tasks that were impossible to succeed in if merely ordinary mundane efforts had been made. I too at the very beginning of my life commenced Tapas or intense austerities. I used all energy accrued from difficult Tapas or intense austerities done via 24 Mahapurashcharans of chanting Super Mantra Gayatri for world welfare and well being tasks. As a result innumerable people attained high stature material progress and spiritual advancement due to my help using this power of penance. Innumerable people have been liberated from intense hardships, stress, deadly diseases etc. Along with this in the direction of righteous and true religious advancement and ethical uplifting of world society quite satisfactory success has been reaped. The Sankalpa or mental resolve of creating a set of 2.4 million Gayatri devotees and performing 24,000 Kundi Yajnas was so stupendously great that even if hundreds of people got together to work for it for innumerable future lifetimes, even then no success would have come their way. Yet amazingly this task got fulfilled in a few days itself in a very joyous manner. Founding Gayatri Tapobhumi and All World Gayatri Family and publishing of Veda Bhashyas (commentaries) were such tasks that behind its success were the sacred powerful light attained from difficult Tapas or intense austerities done via 24 Mahapurashcharans of chanting Super Mantra Gayatri.

In future a decision has been taken to execute much more terrific and potent Tapas or intense austerities. Hence if I have decided to immerse my entire life in this endeavor of austerities it is nothing amazing. I have understood the deep import of Tapas or intense austerities because its value is n fold more than all the gigantic feats, efforts and attainments of the material world put together. An adept jeweler will throw a jewel on the ground to find out whether it is glass or actually a precious stone. Hence even if I have decided to do Tapas or intense austerities after totally ignoring material comforts and joys maybe members of our world family out of deluded attachment will get agitated yet in reality behind this decision of mine dwells farsightedness and wisdom in every pore of it.

The so called creation done by politicians and modern scientists the world over is in effect but actions akin to lighting fire and thus destroying our world. They are designing such terrible weapons that can destroy enemy nations completely and thus can wave the flag of ‘victory’. Yet no one to date has made such ‘weapons’ that can douse this fire of world destruction, that can clamp the hands of those who are destroying this beautiful world and that they aid in the ushering a stream of peace and good fortune in the brains of those lit akin to a blazing furnace of cruelty and atrocities. Such weapons of peace and brotherhood can never be created in capitals of various countries or in laboratories of scientists. In ancient eras when such requirements were felt then in the laboratories of Tapovans (where spiritual austerities or Tapas were executed) via great efforts of spiritual practices only weapons of peace and brotherhood were created. In present times many great soul personalities have made such efforts in this direction.

In order to render this world and its human denizens happy and well advanced both materially and spiritually a lot of efforts are being made. A lot of creative tasks are going on like building factories, industries, businesses, railways, telecommunications, roads, bridges, dams, schools, hospitals etc Via this hope is harbored that poverty, sickness, illiteracy, uncivilized activities and behavior can be uprooted. Yet the fact remains that without helping man’s psyche to ooze with love, sense of soul oneness, affection, magnanimity, goodwill, generosity, faith in God, true religiosity and spirituality, selfless service to world society and apt self control no task can succeed in the direction of harbingering in true peace and brotherhood the world over. As long as we do not have great strong soul power personages in our midst like Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Dayanandji, Adi Guru Shankaracharya, Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavir, Naradji, Veda Vyasji etc who were known to sacredly inspire the lay public to march ahead on the path of true human greatness till then efforts to uplift world human psyche to lofty heights of glory shall fail miserably. Without uplifting world human psyche to lofty heights of glory, as long as human activities reek with the foul odor of envy, hatred, oppression, atrocities, lethargy, indolence, infidelity, sins etc man can never get liberated from the painful tight noose of agitation, fights, diseases, poverty, harassment etc.

In order to render world human psyche sacred, Sattvik, humane and ethical it is mandatory to usher in the stream of subtle spiritual waves. This task can be done only by great high stature souls via special austerities or Tapas. This in fact is true selfless service towards humanity, religion, righteousness and culture. Today an immediate effort is perceived regarding this because as days lapse by the pan of demonic qualities on the weighing scale is becoming heavier. Thus if any delay takes place in uprooting qualities only untold harm and pain shall have to be endured the world over.

Hence the demand of today’s contemporary times has forced me to take these present steps. Ever since I have undergone the Yajnopaveet or sacred thread ceremony I have daily executed 6 hours of Super Mantra Gayatri Japa or chanting, meditation and worship. But since for humungous goals intense spiritual practices and terrific power of penance is required hence keeping this in mind it became necessary that I reside for 1 year in the sacred region of the lofty Himalaya Mountains which is the Tapobhumi of great Rishis of yester eras. There I performed intense Tapas or penance in a successful manner. In this penance there was no personal desire to fulfill. Never have I aspired for a ‘seat’ in heaven or even salvation-Moksha. In future too this shall never be desired by me. Many a times, holding water in my palms (as per Hindu rites called Karmakanda) I have resolved or taken up the Sankalpa of reinstating human glory, the world over. Hence why would thoughts of escapism ever arise in my mind? I believe that my own well being lies in the well being of the entire world. Keeping this sacred goal in mind I have taken the present step of heating my inner being in the fire of more blazing terrific Tapas or austerities.




























Today I had to walk quite afar on a very tortuous path. Below the River Ganga was flowing by and above stood a huge mountain. Passing by the lower region of the mountain was a very narrow strip of land for walking. Its breadth must have barely been 3 feet wide. I had to walk on this narrow footpath. Just in case my feet faltered here and there, there was no option but to fall down in the gurgling waters of River Ganga was flowing way down below and thus it would be my Jal Samadhi or water cremation (death). If I walked alertly there was this mountain on the other side standing straight at hundreds of feet high in height. It was not ready to move aside even 1 inch. On this very narrow strip of track I had to take every step forward with untold caution because life and death were separated at a distance of merely 1.5 feet.

For the first time in my life I perceived what exactly fear of death is. I had heard a mythological tale (Puranas) wherein King Janak in order to practically explain to Shukdevji his inner state as a Karma Yogi or master of Yoga of Action asked Shukdevji to catch hold of a vessel containing oil to the brim. With this oil vessel in hand Shukdevji was asked by King Janak to walk around the entire city and return to his palace. Along with this Shukdevji was warned by King Janak that lest even a drop of water fell down on the ground his head would be chopped off on the spot. Hence Shukdevji out of fear that the oil would fall down any moment walked with utmost care and caution. While he walked in the entire city his focus was on the oil in the vessel only and saw nothing else as he passed by. At that time when Shukdevji returned King Janak said: Just as you focused all your attention on the oil fearing death if even one drop fell down, I too always focus on fear of death in my psyche. As a result I never harbor any lethargy or indolence to any task at hand and that due to this mental focus my mind does not stray away in sheer futility here and there.

I got personal experience of the above story very clearly while traversing this narrow tortuous strip of footpath. Quite a few of us were traveling together. By itself we were talking a lot to each other and laughing too but the moment we had to walk on this narrow tortuous strip of footpath that everyone became silent. All topics of conversation came to a full stop. No one remembered their home and no one gave attention to anything else. The psyche was totally focused and only one unswerving thought flashed in the mind hoping that the next step taken would be proper. In unison we were walking latching on to the mountain although there was nothing concrete to hold on to. Yet we kept catching the mountain wall with the hope that lest our body leaned even a wee bit in the direction of River Ganga flowing down below then in order to balance ourselves at least in some way catching the wall of the mountain may help us. We completed this journey of about 2 miles with untold difficulty. Every moment our heart beat loud and fast. Today I practically learnt the lesson of how much caution is required to protect and save one’s life from entering the jaws of death.

We completed this very dangerous journey but even now so many thoughts related to its memory are rising up. I am thinking on the lines that lest we mentally witness death very close to us each moment in our life we can save ourselves from madly running after vain pursuits akin to running towards mirages for appeasing our thirst or like the musk deer having smelt fragrance of musk running about everywhere for musk which actually is under its belly. The journey of the goal of my life is very much like today’s journey undertaken wherein every step forward taken has to be done so with focused caution. Lest even one step was erroneous or improper then while straying far away from the great goal of human life I could fall into a crater of life’s downfall that had no landing below. I love life and hence to manifest this love tangibly only one method exists. It encompasses walking in the correct manner on this narrow footpath so that our journey becomes peaceful. Man’s life too is full of righteous duties akin to those walking on that narrow footpath above River Ganga. If there we walk alertly we can breathe a sigh of relief and can then hope that we shall have Darshan (vision) of the pilgrim spot desired by us. The footpath of executing righteous duties is so narrow that if any error or indolence is harbored none can hope to attain the true goal of human life. Akin to catching the wall of the mountain of righteousness while walking ahead we can maintain our all round balance so that the fear of heading towards peril diminishes a fair bit. In trying times taking help of this wall only can be our be all and end all of life. Faith in true religion and righteous duties can aid us a lot in reaching the destination of human life.



Today we resided at a rest house’s top floor room in Sukki Chatti. In front of us was a mountain top, covered with thick snow. This snow melting slowly was taking the form of cold water and then in the form of a waterfall it was landing downwards. Some measure of ice before melting totally at first mixed with water and started flowing down in it. Hence from afar this waterfall appeared as though foamy boiling milk was dancing upwards. The scene was full of grand beauty and our eyes experienced cool serenity.

Just 2 rooms away from where I was staying resided other travelers amongst whom 2 were children. One was a girl and the other was a boy and their age was around 11 years. Both their parents were traveling on a pilgrimage. These children were made to sit on a ‘Kandri’ vehicle placed on the shoulders of coolies. These children were joyful in nature and would chatter a lot.

Both were arguing in a friendly manner as to from what material that white shiny mountain was made. They had heard from someone that mountains have mines of various metal ores. Hence the children correlated this information and said that this mountain is made of silver. The girl harbored some doubt regarding this. Although she could not decide as to if not silver of what other material this mountain was made of yet she felt that if silver remained open thus so many would definitely endeavor to carry at least a bit of it away. She hence refused to agree with the boy and an argument ensued between them.

I found this argument quite amusing and the children quite endearing. I called both of them to my side and explained to them that this mountain is made of stone only. But since it dwells at a great height water gets frozen as ice. On getting heated this ice melts and when cold winter sets in again it becomes snowy ice. It is this ice on becoming shiny that it appears to be silver. No doubt this riddle was solved yet both children started asking so many questions regarding this topic. From the standpoint of augmenting their knowledge I too kept giving them a lot of information related to mountains.

I thought to myself that in childhood human brain is so immature and undeveloped that an ordinary entity like ice appears precious silver to them. The wisdom of adults is not so immature because they can think and understand the bare reality with profundity. Lest at a very young age this understanding dawns in our psyche then children too can find it easy to identify reality and facts.

But my thinking thus also is erroneous because on becoming an adult also where does man attain true understanding? Just as these 2 children felt that ice was silver so too man even on maturing as an adult gives so much importance to pieces of silver/copper etc, itchy feeling on the doors of the 5 sense organs, the miniscule limited ego ‘I’, this very ordinary stature body etc. In fact man gets so much lured by all this that in the process on forgetting the true goal of human life pays no heed to the fact that his future shall become dark and gloomy.

In comparison to children getting immersed in playing with unbaked mud toys or boats made of paper we adults get much more immersed in transient vain attractions of this mundane material world. Leaving aside writing, reading, eating etc a child immersed in flying kites is scolded by their parents for the child’s lack of farsightedness yet say who shall scold adults like ourselves? We adults forgetting our true goal of soul advancement are dancing akin to puppet dolls directed by enticements of sense titillating pleasures knowing well that they are fleeting in nature. Ice is not silver was accepted by this children when explained properly but who shall convince mature adults like us that this delusion of insanely running after selfish desires cannot be the true goal of human life.



Today we were passing by a very dense jungle in a silent manner. At that time yellow flies humming around apple trees attacked us in huge swarms. These flies stuck to our bodies so badly that no amount of effort on our part could stop them from sticking to us. We tried to shove them away with our hands and cloth they would fly away yet they followed us to quite a far off distance. Somehow or the other falling down, getting up etc we did cover about ½ a mile. Only then were we liberated from their painful attack.

I thought to myself as to why these yellow flies attacked us all thus. Did it get any benefit from acting thus? What did it get by harassing us in this manner? It seems that these yellow flies thought amongst themselves that this dense jungle belongs to them. Hence they have a right to dwell there. They must have felt that this jungle must remain secure for their stay and none else must reside there. Hence when they saw us passing by against their wish they felt were tresspassing on their property and hence they wanted to showcase their right over their property. Possibly they felt it was sheer arrogance on our part to walk in their property and hence they attacked us to exhibit their power and also teach us a lesson for trespassing on their property.

Lest this was actually the case it was but foolishness on the part of these yellow flies. This jungle is Almighty God’s creation and hence it was not built by these yellow flies. Thus they should have quietly resided on the trees growing there. Their greed for lording over the entire jungle was but vain because at the end of the day what would they do with such a huge jungle area? Also they should have thought deeply that this world is that of cooperation and hence it is best that everyone resides in it with peace and brotherhood sentiments. So what that we were passing by that area and deeply inhaling the fragrance of lush greenery, flowers etc growing there. These flies should have allowed us all to execute give and take transactions with them. But instead by showcasing miserliness they bit us, harassed us etc and in the process some lost their pincers that poked us painfully, some got crushed in this havoc like situation, some got wounded and others died too. If they would not have exhibited their wrath and pride why would they vainly undergo such pain and loss? Also why would they prove to be foolish and selfish in our eyes? From every standpoint I found no intelligence in this attack and show of power.

But the question is, why curse only these yellow flies? Why call them only stupid? The reason is that today virtually all humans the world over are treading this dire path. Almighty God has created untold measure of material grandeur in this world and it is meant for all children of his and that they must share it with friendship and brotherhood. Yet each one of us wants to hurriedly grab it and lord over as much of it as possible. Not for a moment do we mull that since the needs of our body and family members is very less let us limit ourselves to using these materials in that measure only. By lording over materials more than what we require why should we inflict harm on others? Why uselessly carry this extra burden on one’s head when not for long can we lord over this when death engulfs us?

Akin to these yellow flies man has become blind in amassing and hoarding wealth, property etc selfishly in a measure that is much more than what he actually requires. Man refuses to understand that he must share things as much as possible with others. If he feels someone is an obstacle to this selfish greedy amassing of wealth he stares at them angrily. They showcase their muscle and money power and then akin to these yellow flies fall down supine. Who is bothered to explain to mankind that such a greedy selfish attitude inflicts harm and sorrow on him only?

These yellow flies after piercing our skins followed us for half a mile and then returned. Yet in comparison to this when I deeply ponder over the ghastly nature of attacks of unruly mankind out of sheer greed to lord over untold worldly wealth, selfishness and arrogance my tongue dithers when I have to shower curses on these pitiable yellow flies.



Since many days we were bathing in ice cold waters that would freeze and numb the body. Somehow bravely I would take a couple of dips in these icy waters. Even so it was not possible to rub the body and render it clean as it should have been. Further ahead we reached Jaganni Chatti and there we were told that at the top of the mountain are 3 hot water ponds. Thus we yearned to rub our bodies properly while bathing in it and thus devoid of dirt our body would become very clean. We walked on the bridge of River Ganga, then walked over a huge hillock sitting down at intervals and finally reached these 3 hot water springs panting for breath. There no doubt were 3 ponds there and one of the ponds’ water was so hot that forget bathing in it, it was difficult to even put our finger in it. We were informed that if we tied rice-lentils in a cloth bag and dipped it in these hot waters then in a short while it would get properly cooked as Khichdi. Of course we could not experiment this but in the nearby 2nd pond of hot water we bathed in it and rubbed off all dirt on our body. We thus fulfilled our incomplete desire spanning for a few weeks. We washed our clothes clean too here properly.

I was pondering that snow keeps falling on mountains and from them always springs and waterfalls pour down ice cold waters. Hence from where do these hot water ponds emerge in such icy cold conditions? It seems that within the mud layers of the mountain lie sulfur layers. Thus water streams flowing nearby this sulfur get heat from the latter. Similarly if a person possesses many qualities that are cool and serene as the moon his behavior too shall be calm and peaceful yet even if one small layer of a vile brain is hidden in it then its heat akin to the above hot water pond gushes outwards and thus cannot remain hidden for long.

Those mountains who wish to render their coolness imperishable they must throw away this layer of poisonous sulfur that emits a lot of heat. Another reason for the existence of such hot water ponds could be that such cold mountains are working hard to throw away such distortions like sulfur layers outside of it and instead of hiding their weakness they are manifesting it in front of everybody. Thus no one can call the mountain a fraud and a hypocrite. No doubt harboring tainted qualities is bad yet hiding them is much worse. This fact is known well to these cool mountains and hence lest man too gets convinced about it how great would it be.

I do understand that this mountain keeping in mind our requirement of the facility and need of bathing in hot water for the likes of us upset with bathing in freezing cold water every day, it has emitted its inner heat outside. Externally this mountain became cooler yet some heat remained inside. The mountain must be thinking that since I have become fully cold what shall I do with this little bit of heat? Why not give it away to those who need it most? Akin to this self sacrificing mountain some people can be such that they lack so many things and live a life of immense hardships. Even so whatever energy remains by handing it over for public welfare can exhibit this ideal example showcased by these hot water ponds. Thus I can never forget these hot ponds in icy cold mountains as these. Thousands of pilgrims akin to me shall keep eulogizing it because its sense of self sacrifice is incomparable. By remaining cold itself, giving warmth to others is like giving food to others despite oneself remaining hungry. I am pondering over the fact that when an inert mountain lacking brain power can do so much for others should man possessing so much intelligence live a lowly life of selfish greed only?



Today another group of pilgrims heading towards Gangotri glacier joined our group. In that group there were 7 members wherein 5 were males and 2 were females. Our luggage was on our shoulders but the luggage of all these 7 were being carried by a coolie of this mountain area. This coolie was a villager and we could not understand his language properly. By nature he was very arrogant and argumentative. When all of us were walking towards Jhala Chatti on the upper Pathar area then pointing with his finger in sign language exhibiting fear he showed us something and muttered something in his own language. We could not understand everything but one member of our group understood the words ‘bear-bear’. He kept staring in that direction focused. Since it was very foggy we could not see anything clearly. Yet the direction pointed at by the coolie we felt as though some black beast is roaming about.

The person in our group who heard the word bear from the coolie’s mouth and saw black beasts roaming in that direction became very fearful. With full trust he believed that below bears and apes are roaming around. Since he was walking a bit behind us he silently walked faster towards us so as to join our entourage. In a short while he did join us. His lips were dry and he was shivering with fear. He stopped us all and by pointing at black beasts below said that bears are roaming about. Hence our lives are at peril.

No doubt we all became scared but none of us knew what should be done. The jungle was thick and dark full of eerie fear. Hence it was quite possible that bears roamed about here. Just a few days back we had heard a co traveler, tell us about the terrible gory nature of these ferocious bears when he had traveled to Lake Manasarovar in Tibet 2 years previously. Our fear was rising alarmingly.  Black beasts were heading towards us. Due to the thick mist we could not see clearly yet in color they were black and in form they definitely looked like bears. And now this coolie in sign language spoke about these bears and hence we were sure they were bears. We thought of asking the coolie as to what action should be taken. But when we turned behind the coolie had disappeared from sight. The mad run by our imagination said that since he was getting scared of dying he has hidden somewhere. We all along with our fate found ourselves absolutely alone and helpless.

We all gathered at one spot very close to each other. We in set of 2 people each faced all 4 directions. We were traveling with sticks to which were hammered iron nails. This stick we aimed in these directions as we would do rifles. We had decided that when a bear attacks anyone of us we would shove this stick of iron into its mouth and all of us would together pounce on it. None of us would flee in fear and that right till the end we would stay together whether we remain alive or dead. As per our plan all of us slowly walked ahead and the bear that was previously coming towards us now started moving downwards. We started walking faster now i.e. we more than doubled our pace. All of us desired to go beyond danger as quickly as possible. All of us were devotedly chanting Almighty God’s name. Our minds were wailing with fear. In this manner we walked for about 1.5 miles.

This mist lessened a bit and it was now 8 am. We could see sunlight. Very thick trees too remained behind us and shepherds with their sheep, goat etc too were seen by us. Now all of heaved a sigh of relief. We felt we had gone beyond danger and hence sat down to rest our tired feet and breathe easily. By this time the coolie too came towards us from behind. Seeing all of us scared he asked us the reason for it. Our friends told him that God saved us from the attack of a bear mentioned by you. But you played games with us and without telling us the solution you went into hiding.

The coolie was dumbstruck and felt he was under an illusion. When we reminded him about his sign language telling us about the bear he understood why this error had occurred. He said: Potatoes of Jhela village are very famous since they grow in very huge sizes. And since in no other region can they be seen I pointed at them to you all. I said ‘Jhela ka alu’ and you heard ‘Bhalu’ which means bear. Those black beasts seen by you are black cows of this region that roam around the whole day. But because of the thick fog you felt it was a bear. Bears can only be found at much higher heights and not here. Hence you futilely got scared. I had gone to pass stools in the spring waters nearby. Lest I was with you all I would have warded off this illusory fear of yours.

We all laughed at our stupidity and felt a bit abashed too. That friend especially felt bad who mistook the coolie’s sign language as ‘bear’. Our fear transformed into hilarious laughter. The whole day we kept discussing this incident. By making the topic of our conversation as who had said what at the time we all had got scared and what all we had done the whole day passed in laughing and mocking at each other. All of us were trying to prove the other person was more scared and harassed. We then reached our destination easily. The topic of entertainment was quite good.

The incident regarding the bear that appeared absolutely true and a problem of life and death ultimately was proved to be mere illusion. I am mulling that in our lives so many deluded thoughts dwell in our mind and as a result we get scared all the while. Yet ultimately they prove to be mere mental weakness on our part. If in our lifestyle full of pomp, exotic fashion and lofty way of living emit even some lack people label us poor and ordinary. Hence so many people in order to avoid being called poor etc increase their expenditure so much that they incur heavy debts all their life. No doubt if we fall in character and that our inner personality becomes tainted it is good to ask ourselves what everyone in society shall say. Yet if we want certificates from people regarding how much material wealth, comforts etc we possess then it is mere fear on our part and leads to futile wasteful expenditure. They feel that if they live simple lives others shall call them poor and that then their dignity and self respect is at stake. Such illusory thinking emerges only in weak brained people akin to our present misunderstanding wherein thinking mountain black cows to be bears we became so scared.

In our lives so many worries, tension, hardships, harassments, problems, agitations, strife, vain desires and bad will towards others stare at us day in and day out. We hence feel this world is wicked and one that terrorizes us. Over here every material instills fear akin to that illusory bear. Yet, when the light of Self/God Realization dawns in our pious soul, the mist of spiritual ignorance disappears to naught. Our mental weaknesses get uprooted and we realize that what we deluded thought as bears were actually mountains’ black cows. Those whom we thought were our enemies were actually our very own soul. They are but portions of Almighty God’s cosmic divine form. Since we love Almighty God dearly his creation too is auspicious. Hence the more we paint his creation distorted the more fear spills out from our psyche. This erroneous painting on our part is our mental delusion, akin to hearing the coolie say: ‘Alu or potatoes’ and we thought ‘Bhalu or bears’.



Today we came across ‘crying’ mountains. Their stones were softer and above the water of some fount had gathered since its flow had stopped. Its water did not find place to flow out from. The soft stones started sucking this water and say where would this absorbed water go? In the region below it had wetted the mountain. Where there was space available there wetness by collecting together would drip down as drops. People expressing this scene in their own way said that these are drops of tears shed by the mountain. From here and there mud would fly to this wetness and stick there. Over there seeds of lush greenery too would appear. In this mud that sticks thus a green marshy area emerges. This is called quagmire in mountains. When it cries they eyes experience pain. We saw crying mountains today and we wiped their tears too. We examined this mire. They could do only this much. O mountain! Why are you crying thus? Who would ask them thus and why would it answer this question?

But imagination can very asininely firm and hence the mind started conversing with the mountain. O Mountain King! You are full of forest wealth and grandeur and you have no worry about running here and there, seated quietly your pass days in bliss and hence why are you worried? Why are you crying thus?

The mountain of stone stood in silence yet the mountain of imagination started talking about its agony. It said: What do you know about my pained and anguished bosom? I am very high in height I ooze with forest wealth and grandeur and sit worry free. On the face of it I possess so many things yet can such a life devoid of any activities be called true living? Anyone who has no mobility, no struggle, no hope, no zest, no efforts to make etc is but a living corpse. It is only in action that joy dwells. Just enjoying things and resting cannot give any satisfaction. Very unknowingly it can be called rest and bliss. From this standpoint whoever plays a lot of sports experiences refreshing zest and joy. All children of world creation, akin to soldiers, march ahead enthusiastically on the path of progress and that too in unison. At the other end is myself that by hiding within a lot of wealth am trying to find happiness. O daughter of imagination! You may call me ‘lord’ you can call me rich and fortunate too yet I am totally inactive. By showcasing one’s efforts in service to the world people are writing their names in the annals of history of world fame. They are attaining immortality and glory. Seeing others tasting the fruit of their efforts they are feeling proud. Yet here I am keeping this wealth and grandeur only to myself. Hence is it wrong at all that my eyes shed tears, shed mire because of feeling bad thus?

My small imagination conversed with the king of the mountain thus. Although the answer was got, yet it was very upset. For long it kept thinking how good it would have been lest such a huge mountain by becoming small pieces could have contributed in the construction of buildings, roads, bridges etc? Even if after this it would not have remained so humungous thus, possibly due to such efforts its existence was at stake, yet at least he would have attained true self fulfillment and glory. Thus its greatness would have benefitted so many. Lest by experiencing a lack of such situations the mountains feels itself ill fortuned and cries at this ill fate facing it, this crying of it definitely has an apt reason.



The tiny animal goat can be termed a wish fulfilling cow or Kamadhenu of this mountainous region. It gives wool, milk children and takes a lot of luggage on its back. Today we met a huge group of goats with very long hair. They must be around 125 in number and all of them were carrying heavy burden. It was carrying jiggery, rice, flour etc towards the Gangotri glacier at a huge height. As per each one’s capacity about 10-15 seers of weight of luggage was tied to their backs. Apart from asses to carry various materials only goats breed in huge numbers. In these tiny stretches of footpath, no other animal can carry such heavy luggage.

I am thinking that in order to solve life’s problems there is no need to give undue importance to large sized vehicles. This is because with ordinary stature paraphernalia and means one can live life comfortably and peacefully. Limited industrialization is another matter yet if they kept increasing then akin to these goat breeders thousands shall lose their means of eking out a living and in the process a handful of few capitalists shall amass untold wealth, property etc. At the root of so many wars noted the world over is at work this desire to find markets, consumers etc for management of these industries.

Seeing this long line of goats my mind manifested thoughts that lest man makes arrangements to advance life dwelling in a small periphery he can live peacefully very similar to innocent guileless goat breeders of this mountain region. Indian society’s ideal was as seen in ancient eras to decentralize wealth and power. In the form of very small units Rishi-Munis would lead lives in Ashrams and cottages. Villages were bigger units than these and all of them would fulfill their needs from hermitages and their respective areas. Thus in a cooperative manner they lived happy lives that had no place for corruption, crime etc. Today in the mad run towards large scale heavy industrialization villages are getting shattered, bigger cities are flourishing, the poor are getting pounded and the rich are leading sense titillating pleasure based lives. Akin to violent demons machines letting out high decibel level noise is pounding to pulp human health, loving relationships and goodwill emotions. Whatever is being set up on the foundation of machination, industry, capitalism etc although is called development yet in the final analysis it shall prove to be but destruction.

The thinking process is going a bit off track and a small matter is taking a huge form. Hence it is best that these lines end with a full stop. Yet I can never forget these goats. They refresh memories of creation of our ancient Indian society. In this era of civilized and cultured behavior who shall accept the great utility value of these poor goats? It shall only be mocked at by calling it a relic of past eras. Yet facts are facts. Whenever the human race reaches the goal of peace and true satiation know that wealth and power shall definitely get decentralized. And then people shall lead a lifestyle oozing with honest hard work and true contentment. It shall be akin to goat breeders here leading lives in the company of bleating goats.






Today we reached Bhojwasa Chatti. Tomorrow morning we shall set off for Gomukh. Over here there is no transportation. On the roads of Uttarkashi and Gangotri glacier you do find travelers. At Chattis you do find find crowds but there nothing of this is found there. Today totally we are 6 pilgrims. All of us have carried with us our own food. Although this is called Bhojwasa (Bhojan means food) Chatti and there is a guesthouse here yet, no facilities here are found given by Chattis we stayed in regions below.

When we glanced at the mountain ahead of us it appeared as though this snow capped mountain with its own hand was showering sacred waters on Lord Shankar as Abhishekh and thus worshiping Almighty God. The scene was very extraordinary. From very far above a small thin stream was flowing downwards. Below were Shivlingas in the form of nature or Prakriti and this stream was flowing on them only. At the time of pouring down the stream would turn into droplets. Sun rays on falling on these drops of water converted them akin to rainbow of 7 hues. It seemed as though it was Almighty Lord himself seated there in divine grandeur. It seemed that on his holy scalp River Ganga was flowing down from the skies high above. In addition to this demigods were showering 7 colored flowers on Almighty God out of reverent devotion. The scene was so ecstatic that the mind got immersed in a kind of trance or Samadhi. I kept staring at this divinely grand scene till darkness obstructed this stupendous vision.

Beauty is the thirst of the soul yet how can it be attained in the quagmire of artificiality. People make paintings of these mountainous jungles and hang them on the walls of their home. They rest content with this beauty. Yet the stream of exotic beauty flowing in the womb of nature or Prakriti is not looked at by anyone. Over here all along the way beauty had spread far and wide. The sacred lofty Himalaya Mountain range is called a sea of grand beauty. By bathing in it our soul and inner core being experiences divine ecstasy. I deeply yearn to immerse my psyche totally in its infinite storehouse of divine grandeur.

By itself today’s scene was but a miracle of nature or Prakriti yet my sacred sentiments imbibed bliss of this divine glimpse and it seemed as though I was visualizing Almighty Lord Shiva directly in front of me. In the experience of this bliss today the psyche is experience divine ecstasy. Alas! Only if I could describe this divine experience even a wee bit on paper then those not here with me too would have experienced untold joy and would have eulogized their great fortune.



Today that very difficulty came our way that had been faced by us on the first 2 days while walking forward from Uttarkashi region. Work was going on to render the road up to Bhatwadi Chatti wider and smoother to travel on. Hence no milestone was seen by us for 2 whole days at that time. Very tough climbing-walking down on slopes and difficult destinations would tire us all very quickly. There was natural beauty of thick dense jungles all around us. It was indeed great yet the attraction of staring at this beauty for 24 hours daily in the beginning days began to pall later on. Traveling alone in lonely areas can be very trying and harassing. For people living in midst of noisy areas lonely areas of solitude can become unbearable to endure. When this loneliness and hard labor would start tiring both the body and mind only one question would arise in my mind: What distance have we covered so far? How much more of such lone travel remains?

On walking at certain distances we would ask people coming from the opposite direction as to how far the next Chatti is or type of rest house? Only on getting the answer would we infer as to how much more we have to walk for that particular day? Some travelers are quite arrogant and despite knowing the distance would refuse to tell us the same. Of course there were some who did not know at all and some by inference would direct us. Hence we were never sure that the answer given to us regarding the distance remaining to be covered by us is totally correct or not. This was a big lack especially for those who walked all alone. When we traveled in a group of about 5 people we would cover these distances laughing and with relative ease. But to travel all alone is very difficult. Thus when you travel alone how helpful these milestones are could be perceived while traveling from Bhatwadi Chatti to Gangotri glacier. In this stretch of road no milestone was set up yet on the mountainous wall in reddish white letters 25/6 was written here and there in a stray manner. This meant that we have covered a distance of 25 miles and 7 furlongs from Dharasu. What miles were there on the last Chatti? What miles shall be written on the next Chatti to come by? This information was based on the map and then one could gauge the destination. In this region of lone solitude this sort of furlong based information was very helpful. It is with its help that small big distances could be covered. After completing 1 furlong distance there was hope of covering the next furlong. And when we arrived at the following one we felt satisfied that now only a little distance had to be covered.

Today yet again no milestone or furlong information can be found on the road from Gangotri glacier to Gomukh. Hence that same discomfort had to be faced akin to that endured when we commenced traveling from Uttarkashi. The 18 mile road distance from Gangotri glacier to Gomukh was covered with a lot of difficulty. The first problem was that the path was tortuous and inaccessible and that no milestone or co travelers aiding in giving information about the distance to be covered. Today while writing these lines (in his travel diary) this trouble is much more upsetting.

I think to myself that this milestone is so miniscule in stature. Its price, capability, potential, knowledge, wisdom etc can only be mocked at. Yet it is steadfast in carrying out its appointed duty without moving even a wee bit. It never even dreams of shifting from its place. It knows one small fact that Dharasu is at a distance of so many miles and furlongs. It is with this tiny information that it is selflessly serving the lay public day in and day out. In the final analysis this steadfast duty performed by this so called commonplace and tiny stature milestone proves to be of such great utility value. Innumerable travelers like me get proper guidance from it and thus our problems of the gauging the destination in miles get solved satisfactorily.

When this tiny stone can give us proper guidance of distances in miles etc, when a small flame lamp can protect our life from dangers of night time by giving us light even though its price is only a few cents, hence the question is should a selflessly serving human being remain silent simply because his knowledge is less, his brain skills are less and that his capability too is weak in stature? Everyone has some lack or the other yet all of us can contribute in some way or the other even though our capability and knowledge is relatively weak in stature. Instead of wild imaginative thinking like ‘If I had this skill I would do this and that’ is it not better and apt that with the help of whatever measure of skills and capability we possess we aid in the development and progress of those who have even lesser skills and capability than ourselves? The milestone merely knows the distance between Dharasu and Gangotri glacier. Yet say is this tiny selfless service of it of any less importance? In its absence so much difficulty had to be endured by travelers from Uttarkashi to Bhatwadi Chatti. Tomorrow we shall avail the great fortune of having Darshan (vision) of Gomukh and in its joyous imagination the absence of those milestones was really upsetting us.  

So many amongst us are such that can do much more public service than this milestone but this can happen only if our confidence, steadfastness etc is put to work in the realms of life we are conjoined to and only then can our utility value prove beneficial to one and all.



Due to ceaselessly walking in this journey of ours, the legs and feet have developed ulcers. Today I saw my feet minutely in both my feet there were totally 10 big-small ulcers. I had worn a new pair of shoes made of canvas so that it could aid my journey on tough terrain yet it got ripped at 2 places. Those wounds and ulcers that were in the initial stage were white in color and in those where water had entered there they became yellow in color. They give so much pain when I walk. It seems that my feet by showcasing its white and yellow teeth are exhibiting its helplessness of walking.

The destination is yet far away. At any cost I have to reach there by Guru Purnima (full moon day in the month of Ashadh as per Hindu almanac). Hence if my feet angrily showcase their teeth how shall I reach in time? Yesterday somehow or the other I walked in a semi limping manner but today this would be very difficult to repeat. About 2 ulcers erupted and wounds were manifesting. Lest these augment in measure it will be difficult to walk and if walking is impossible how shall it be possible to reach my destination in time? This worry harassed my mind the whole day.

It is difficult to walk without shoes. All along these mountainous roads such small pebbles stone are spread out that if we place our legs on them it gives thorn like agonizing pain. One solution had to be taken recourse to. I cut up my Dhoti (lower garment made of cotton cloth) into 2 parts and tied them to my feet. I removed my shoes and put them in my bag. Thus this did help me to walk. Slowly I started journeying forward.

On the one hand are these feet of mine that started angrily showing their teeth during my trying times and on the other hand is this stick of bamboo wood. One does not know where this poor stick was born and when it came in my hands. Yet it is helping me like a blood related brother would do so affectionately. Whenever I have to climb slope regions it gives work akin to a 3rd leg of mine. Just as an aged family member is given aid by a beloved kith and kin and helps the old person to walk ahead similarly when my body tires immensely this stick helps me like a beloved family member.

Ahead of Gangnani Chatti due to heavy rain downpour the roads had become marshy and hence there were great chances of slipping in this mire and falling down. On the one hand was this mountain and at the other end was the River Ganges’ very tortuous roadway. At that difficult hour it was this bamboo stick solved the riddle of life and death for me. Lest it too had left my side akin to these canvas shoes who knows this pen writing the diary and fingers aiding this jotting down on paper would have evaporated to naught.

With great hope these shoes had bit my legs. Those feet in whom I had harbored immense faith too angrily showcased their teeth yet this bamboo stick bought using only a few cents gave me so much help that I yearn to eulogize it and thus exhibit my gratefulness for helping me thus.

I had harbored hope from my own beloved kin yet they refused to help me. I was upset with this. But the next moment I remembered the faithful behavior this bamboo stick who was a mere stranger for me. Thus my face oozed with joy. Instead of those who had created obstacles why should I not think about those whose help, generosity and magnanimity had helped me reach my destination? Why should I vainly demarcate between those who belong to me and those who are aliens? In this world creation of Almighty God all are our own and all are aliens.



Today throughout my travel I took a close look at the difficult life of hardship lived by mountain folks and thus dived deeper into thought. Where in these mountains only a few meters of land were seen that could be beneficial have been converted into agricultural land for growing crop. How can buffalos be bred there? Land is hence tilled by digging soil with pick axes. When this crop matures these people take it to their homes at such great heights by loading this harvest on their shoulders. In their homes this crop is pounded and used as flour. Where there is no spring water available there water is carried on the head in pots that are filled from water areas at huge depth below. Males are seen very less and majority of women folk carry out farming and crop harvesting work in these small fields. From high mountain areas grass and wood is chopped by women mainly.

In comparison to how tired we become while journeying thus these women folk have do to much more of climbing and walking down these slopes. There are no means of entertainment here. They wear clothes of handmade cotton, wool etc that is tattered at a few places. Yet these mountain folks are very happy by nature. Women working in groups in these mountain regions sing beautifully. Since I could not understand the language spoken by them I could not understand the meaning of these songs yet the zest and contentment dripping from it was not difficult to understand and perceive at all.

I am pondering over the fact that in comparison to these simple hearted mountain indwellers people living in plains below have n fold more wealth, property, literacy skills, facilities, material comforts, food, accommodation etc. They have to work much less than these mountain indwellers yet these so called rich and affluent people remain unhappy and restless. Every moment they shed tears of sorrow and at the other end are these mountain folks who after working so hard throughout the day attain materials just enough to look after their minimal basic needs of food, clothing, shelter etc. Yet their lives ooze with peace, harmony and self contentment. Why does such disparity exist?

It seems that discontentment is a sort of activity that is related to our inner mental desire and not to material means. Our desires do not get satiated by material means but in fact its mouth widens and opens much more like that mythological ogress called Sursa. Lest this were not the case in comparison to mountain folks why are people living in plains below full of unrest and stress despite possessing such gigantic measure of material comforts, food, accommodation etc? And at this end mountain folks live life of zest and joy despite possessing minimal miniscule material means?

By itself, possessing more material means is not so problematic. No doubt they are required yet we must train ourselves mentally to remain happy with what is procured by us and that we must renounce our tendency to run after more wealth, material comforts etc than is our basic requirement. Hence the question is why insult gifts of Almighty God that come our way unasked and instead madly rush to hoard material wealth that in the process render us unhappy, stressed and restless?

We have erroneously imbibed the thinking of spending lavishly in the blind mad rush of becoming ‘cultured and civilized’. Thus it makes us only unhappy and discontented which is not correct at all. This fact is showcased by the life of simplicity and hard work imbibed by mountain folks that hence live life of zest and joy. It does not matter at all that these guileless folks are incapable of giving flowery lectures and discourses on this topic and that they are unable to write juicy articles on this ideal imbibed by them.



Today I went beyond Bhairon Ghati. In order to trade in Tibet this is the road towards Tailang Ghati. Traders of Harshil (Jada and Khamba) pass by this road to sell their products in Tibet and in return they buy wool from Tibetan traders. Since this climb is quite steep we go out of breath walking only a few meters and hence again and again a need is felt to sit down and ward off our tire.

I was sitting under a huge boulder of the mountain. Below River Ganges was emitting such thunderous gurgling sounds that so far at no place did I hear such deafening high decibel noise. Drops of water from this river were rising up at a height of about 30-40 feet. Why is it that this river water flow here is flowing so speedily and with such verve that it is manifesting such roaring deafening sound? My mind yearned to know the cause of this and hence when I attentively stared below my vision spread out quite afar.

I witnessed that in this area River Ganga is flowing by between two huge mountains in a very narrow strip of area. Its breadth must barely be 15-20 feet. Hence if such gigantic measure of river water has to flow by such a narrow region the water has to flow very swiftly. Further on that path many rocks and boulders are found and this river water would bang into them with speed. It is this banging that emitted such high decibel sounds deafening ones ears. These waters hence would jump to great heights above. Hence this scene of River Ganga waters was exhibiting rare nature’s beauty.

I am thinking to myself that in places like Soro etc River Ganga flows with a breadth of many miles where its speed of flow is slow and no terrific swiftness is noted. But since over here River Ganga waters have to flow by in a very narrow strip of area it hence perforce flows with terrific speed. Man’s life is categorized into many arenas and he remains happy. In it no specialty emerges yet with the aim of fulfilling a special goal if a person focuses all his energy in that limited periphery, then such mind boggling zest augmenting results is witnessed. If man instead of trying to render very widespread his work arena and instead of trying to fulfill so many incomplete tasks chooses a special great task say would he too not march ahead successfully like this River Ganga water flowing by in a very narrow strip of area?

Rocks and boulders on the way of this River Ganga water flowing by were creating obstacles and were forcing its waters to bang against them. It is due to this that so much thunder like sounds were emitted and akin to small balloon like mountains made of cotton these waters would jump up very high towards the sky. I am cogitating that lest no difficulties came in man’s life human special qualities would never get showcased and utilized in this world. The law of energy emerging due to ‘banging’ (human struggles) is a definite fact. Life of indolence, so called rest and that of running after sense gratification pleasures can be looked upon as but a small cut above the inanimate inert beings of this world. If our minds do not get upset while facing obstacles, if it can endure difficulties calmly, if it performs austerities etc and combats all these obstructions with as much equipoise as possible then his glory in comparison to what it is today can spread out everywhere in a thunderous roaring manner as is this flow of River Ganga over here. His special skill based great inner personality shall get exhibited like this balloon like waters rising high above towards the sky. The River Ganga does not get scared, it never complains, it flows by in such a narrow area, does not fear huge rocks trying to obstruct its flow but instead after banging against them bravely designs its own new path of smooth flow. Alas! Lest even our inner consciousness flowed with such terrific energetic speed such a golden chance would come our way to radiate this human personality towards heights of great glory.



On the road we passed by a dense forest full of trees of deodar and tall pine. These trees have grown so straight and towards huge heights and seeing them give so much joy. Some trees could be of 50 feet height. They have moved upwards so vertically it seems some huge bamboo stick has been planted on the ground. Its width and strength also are very great.

Apart from these there are other trees that grow at various slants and are spread out in all directions. Many branches of it emerge from all sides and grow quite high. With a few exceptions majority of these trees are used as fuel. Many people cut its wood, burn it and make coal from them. Although these trees use up a lot of land area yet its use is merely ordinary. Pine and deodar tree wood is used for building construction, furniture etc but the trees that grow wayward cannot be used for such construction tasks. Hence there is hardly ant demand for it and price is also very cheap.

I am noting that those trees that grow vertically straight to big heights do not have any branches growing sideways. They grow upwards straight in one direction only and have just not learnt how to bend here and there. If energy is put at work in one focused direction it is natural that the rising is in the upward direction towards gigantic heights. The pine and deodar trees have imbibed this principle and its success is showcased by them via its head lifted to great heights. At the other end are trees growing wayward and in bent states and their mind is imbalanced, psyche is restless, they do not stand firm at one single spot, they yearned to ‘taste’ various directions and tried to see which direction has more titillating joy and where can success be reaped quickly. As a result of this unrest it spread itself in so many directions and let out many branches and sub branches. Due to these small twigs its girth widened and did feel happy that it had so many branches and that they grow in such a widespread manner.

Many days passed by. The poor roots of these wide girth trees failed to find enough nutrition to feed and nourish so many branches etc. Thus the tree growth got obstructed and the branches and sub branches started withering away. The bark of the tree too started weakening and great heights could not be reached. All though it gets portioned into many parts yet how could it remain strong?  No one appreciated the value of these poor trees growing with so many branches and sub branches. They were termed weak and useless. In the mad haste to attain success in any direction by spreading out in all such directions in the final analysis it is but dim witted intelligence on our part.

It is least surprising if these pine, deodar etc trees growing straight and high above inwardly smile at this restless growth of other trees spreading out many branches and sub branches in all directions. Lest due to our restless state of mind we failed to march straight up towards height of human glory very much like these trees spreading out many branches and sub branches in so many directions, lest wise intelligent people uphold the reason of my remaining small in stature, how can it be called inapt?



Over here people are not inclined to eating green vegetables much. Apart from potatoes no other vegetable is available. Since transportation is not available to take such vegetables from plains below to huge heights above in the mountains even buying potatoes is expensive. The shop owners of various Chattis sell 1 seer of potatoes for 1 Rupee. By itself, many small waterfalls can be found here and here and there some irrigation too is carried out. Yet even here no tradition of growing green leafy vegetables exists. Hence I got tired eating potatoes day in and day out on this long strenuous journey of mine. I discussed about vegetables with mountain folks and shop keepers in this region. They informed me that amongst many types of plants growing straight in this mountain jungle region 3 are such that their leaves can be eaten as vegetables. These 3 are:

1)      Morcha

2)      Lingda

3)      Kola

I gave a mountain folk some cash for his services and sent him to get any one type of the above leaves. The plants were growing behind the Chatti where I had put up temporarily. In a jiffy he brought about 4 seers of leaves of Morcha and gave them to me. I asked him how to cook these leaves and thus I got my meal ready. It was indeed very tasty. Similarly on the next day I requested that he bring Lingda leaves and on the 3rd day he brought Kola leaves. I cooked these as vegetables and ate them. All 3 types of leaves were excellent in taste. My mind became very happy. For 1 entire month I had not eaten any green vegetable and hence today on eating these leaves I experienced such satisfaction.

I would meet many mountain folks on my journey and at Chattis where I would halt to rest. I asked them again and again that since such tasty green leafy vegetables are growing here in abundance why are they not being used as much as they should be? This is because from the standpoint of health too green leafy vegetables are so greatly beneficial. Amongst these mountain indwellers none accepted my humble advice and refused to believe that these green leafy vegetables are tasty and beneficial health wise. They would just ignore all that I said and thus the conversation would end there.

I am thinking that in this world any object shall be appreciated only when its utility value is successfully proved to be true. In my vision all these 3 green leafy vegetables were very useful and being tasty too they were very important for augmenting good health. These mountain indwellers had just not realized its great utility value and hence never accepted it too. The result was that this green vegetable available free of cost was standing there in tons of weight. Despite this they could not avail their benefits. Man never gets attracted to anything in this world without realizing its utility value and actually experiencing it firsthand. Thus he refuses to use such materials. Thus more than anything being important it is more imperative to understand its great utility value and thus get positively influenced by it.

Nearby us there are such facts that lest their great utility value is realized such positive benefits can come our way. There are many precepts of daily human living like Brahmacharya (celibacy for attaining Almighty God), exercising, work outs, getting up between 4 am to 6 am, doing Sandhya Vandan rites, time management so as to use time wholesomely, eating food that purifies our psyche (Sattvik), doing chores regularly at the appointed hours, staying away from bad habits like alcohol/drug etc addiction, speaking sweetly, observing both inward and outward discipline etc that prove very beneficial for us all. To put these precepts of life into daily life is not difficult at all yet there are so many amongst us who ignore them blindly. We feel they are useless and thus by refusing to imbibe them in day to day transactions we fail to accrue their immensely great benefits.

These mountain indwellers not understanding the utility value of these leaves could not accrue benefits from them despite these leaves growing in abundance in these areas. Thus to censure them is absolutely useless. Around us all too one finds many facts pertaining to soul uplifting but where do we imbibe them in daily living so as to accrue their superb benefits? Of course! Why should one lag behind in the race of stupidity?



From today early morning itself it was raining heavily. On its own we daily see clouds roaming about near mountain tops but today these clouds had come downwards a fair bit. The valley that we crossed over was 10,000 feet above sea level. The scene of these clouds attacking us and that these clouds after tearing into us so as to travel beyond us were very entertaining and curious too. These clouds akin to huge clouds woven from cotton made from steam would come towards us fearlessly. Akin to dense mist a type of ‘white’ darkness would surround us. Our clothes would become a bit wet and body too would get sprayed with water. When it rained nearby we could see how clouds on melting would get converted into rain drops.

In my village home area when we looked at clouds they appeared to be above at huge heights. My maternal grandmother would tell me wherever clouds roam there lies the world of demigods. These clouds are vehicles of demigods and after climbing on them they travel here and there. Thus wherever they so desire there they shower rainfall. In boyhood I would imagine that lest I got a chance to climb on to a cloud how great it would be. I would then be able to roam around wherever I desired. In those days clouds were of immense value to me. In fact it was more than an air plane too. If we wish to fly an air plane it has to be bought by paying an exorbitant price, it has to be flown by a pilot, fuel has to be bought by paying a heavy price etc and all this is quite difficult. Yet as far as clouds are concerned no such headache is involved and that after merely sitting on them we can journey anywhere we so wish.

Today akin to childhood imagination memories although I did not fly in the sky seated on dark clouds yet I was very happy to see them fly alongside us. We climbed to such gigantic heights that clouds started touching our feet. I am thinking that those goals that seem very difficult and that appear very far away can be attained if man tries to climb higher towards the goal akin to mountain climbing and hence finally walk by its side akin to these clouds. The lofty Himalaya Mountain of righteous duty too is as high as these clouds. Ere we start climbing upwards then in comparison to people living commonplace lives focused on merely satisfying passionate urges we can rise much higher very much like reaching this mountain height of about 10,000 feet by climbing upwards slowly but surely.

It is difficult to touch clouds yet they lie very close to peak regions of mountains. The high measure of zealous righteous duty can raise us up as high as these clouds up in the mountains and those clouds which seem very difficult to reach themselves come towards us in a magnetic manner. The activity of walking higher up helps us reach clouds and force them ultimately to fly towards us unasked. At the time of touching these clouds such sentiments gushed forth in my psyche yet what can these poor sacred emotions do in a lone manner? If it does not get the chance to wear the mold of mobility it remains merely as a mental thought wave.



Today I was accompanied by many other co travelers and a few amongst them were women. On our way we saw beautiful fruits hanging down from trees of Binna. The women asked each other as to which fruits are these. One woman replied that these are wild apples. I do not know from where she got this information of wild apples. Thus it was ultimately concluded that these indeed were wild apples. These fruits grew in abundance on the trees. On the face of it they were red-yellow in color and beautiful to look at. It appeared as though they were ripe.

That group of travelers stopped walking. A small girl climbed up the tree and it seemed that living a rural village life she had mastered the art of climbing huge trees. She shook the tree branch so that about 50 fruits fell down. Women standing below started grabbing these fruits. Some got more fruits and some got less in number. Those who had less started fighting with women who had more fruits. They continued fighting and alleged to each other that their way was obstructed so that the other woman would lunge forward and grab more fruits thus disallowing the other woman from grasping more fruits. Those who had more fruits said they had run faster and grabbed fruits with immense effort put in. Thus according to them those whose hands-feet are efficient shall definitely reap more profits. Hence if the other women had worked harder they would have grabbed more fruits.

We shall eat these fruits with our meal to be taken at the next Chatti since they are very sweet in taste and beautiful to look at. They shall taste yummy with Roti or Indian bread made of wheat flour. Thus they tied these fruits to their cloth draped around their body and walked ahead joyously. They got these very expensive fruits in big measure just like that. No doubt in fighting stopped amongst these women yet the argument regarding grabbing more-less number of fruits continued all along the journey. They would stare at each other with upsetting looks.

The next Chatti (rest house in mountain areas) arrived. All of us stopped over here. Food was cooked and ready to eat. The fruits were removed. All those who bit into them started spitting them out in distaste immediately. These fruits were very bitter in taste. These wild apples brought here after so much in fighting because they appeared so full of colorful beauty turned out to be bitter and tasteless. All of these women were very upset. The mountain coolie standing there started laughing loudly. He said: This is the fruit of Binni tree and no one eats it here. Only oil can be extracted from its seeds within. On hearing this all women folk felt ashamed since without any knowledge they stupidly gathered it after so much quarreling and then carrying them here all the way only to spit it out in disgust at the bitter taste of this fruit.

I too was with this group. I was witness to all that had happened thus far and all of them laughed while calling aloud the fruit’s name. They found a reason to laugh. Ordinarily people laugh mockingly at others’ errors and failure. The mistake of these women was that merely on seeing the yellow colorful and beautiful appearance of this Binni fruit they concluded it was ripe, sweet and tasty. Is it necessary that things appearing beautiful outwardly have to be sweet always? This should have been known to these women travelers. Lack of knowledge led to them hanging their heads in shame and also had to become harassed. Hence their infighting proved to be merely an exercise in futility.

I am thinking to myself that only these poor women are being mocked at but none are mocking the entire world society running after sense pleasures akin to moths deluded by the bright yellow flame in a lamp rushing into it and thus getting burnt to ashes. In this world of name and form the god of beauty is worshiped and glitter and external pomp attracts one and all towards it. Thus due to this allurement people latch on to such useless materials. They waste their time and finally have to repent at the futility of running after such superficial fleeting glitter of this world. Thus this exercise in futility is very much like women here with us getting attracted to these externally beautiful looking Binni fruit that ultimately proved to be very bitter within. Thus they perforce had to repent their hasty rush towards external superficial enticement. Lest those willing to even die for external beauty realize their mistake they must then learn to gauge an object’s inner quality. Yet this is possible only if they protect their farsighted discriminating (Viveka) intellect from getting destroyed by superficial attractive glitter of this mundane world.

No one hence ate these Binni fruits. They had to be thrown away. They were not fit to be eaten at all. There are such elements of this world like wealth, property, huge bank balances, youthful beauty, desire for sense merriment, titillating materials etc that on coming in contact with them the mind perforce rushes towards them greedily. Yet majority of things in this world that glitter brightly externally even though attained in fair measure ultimately lead to repentance only. Thus as was experienced by these women co travelers with us these bitter Binni fruits appearing beautiful externally had to be thrown away as garbage.



Apart from goats asses too aid a lot in carrying heavy luggage on their backs in this tough mountain terrain. For riding purposes too, only this ass is available high up in the steep mountain roads. This is like in urban areas we use cars, rickshaws, horse carriages etc. Similarly in these tortuous mountain paths where the climb and downward journey is very dangerously sloping only this ass is seen as an exception walking in such areas.

I saw that the way in which all of us were walking very cautiously on these slopes saving ourselves from banging into things and other such perils this ass too would walk with lots of alertness. Our brain has been designed in such a way that by noting the ground on which we walk we can walk easily while protecting ourselves from any fall yet this does not apply to the ass. Its eyes are placed in such an area and its neck is bent in such a way that although it can see what lies in front of it yet it is difficult for it to infer what lies below its feet. Despite this limitation the ass places its foot very cautiously and correctly on the ground while walking such sloping tough paths because even a minor flaw would send it rolling down into the deep ravine below. Yesterday in fact we had seen a calf dead on the road to Gangotri glacier with its body in bloody pieces. The poor calf’s leg took a small erroneous step forward due to a wee bit lack of caution and hence fell down with a thud on the ground from a massive height of 80 feet. Thus its bones were torn apart into shreds and died on the spot. Of course this happens only rarely. Yet regarding asses such incidents of accidental death have so far not been heard by us.

Those using asses as luggage carriers say that asses are very cautious and intelligent while walking on such sloping narrow tough paths. It does walk fast yet each step taken forward by it oozes with immense alertness. If there is danger lurking ahead or a chance of falling it immediately gathers its wits and retracts the steps it had taken forward. Then by looking out for a safe spot it places its foot on it alertly. While walking the focus of an ass is only on its feet and the balance of the ground it is walking on. Lest it was unable to do this then in this perilous tough mountain terrain its utility value would have been nil.

The intelligence of asses is worth praising and eulogizing. Human beings without glancing at the past, present and future keeps walking in life in wrong directions and despite falling time and again fails to collect his wits. But look at these asses wherein never for a moment fails to take each step forward in a balanced optimal manner. Lest akin to these asses walking in such tough mountain terrain world humanity also walking in life in this mundane world full of sloping ups and downs become capable of taking every step forward in life with utmost caution and mental balance our state too would become as praiseworthy as is the cautious walking style of these asses in such tough mountain terrain roadways.



Today my long time wish to visualize the root emerging source of the sacred mighty River Ganga got fulfilled on reaching Gomukh. In comparison to the tough tortuous walk we had to endure while traveling to Gangotri glacier, the climb to Gomukh was that much more inaccessible and tortuous and the distance we covered was about 18 miles. When on the road to Gangotri glacier any breakage on damage occurs, government appointed laborers and repairmen repair it time and again so as to render then fit for walking. Yet the path after that towards Gomukh (root emerging source of the sacred mighty River Ganga) is hardly ever repaired since very few travelers journey to Gomukh. Mountain paths get damaged day in and day out. Lest for about 2 years this repair work is not done properly they become very tortuous to travel on. At many places towards Gomukh the roads had been damaged so badly that to walk on them meant playing with the perilous game of life and death. Lest even one step take slipped know for sure that the jaws of death would engulf that person or creature.

A small stream of River Ganga emerges from the glacier here and it is bluish in color. The fount of Mother Ganga emerging from snowy mountain caps appears very beautiful. One can visualize this stream as a tiny spring like waterfall. Although it is very thin yet its speed of flow is terrific. It is said that this small stream emerges from Lord Shiva’s matlocks residing in Mount Kailash. The road from Kailash to Gangotri spanning hundreds of miles is crossed over by River Ganges from within and the pressure of that glacier weighing millions of tons has to be endured and shouldered. It is hence that this tiny stream flows with terrific speed. Whatever the case maybe yet for a sacred sensitive heart this stream appears such akin to milk flowing from the breast of an affectionate mother for its beloved baby child. By drinking it such yearnings emerge to get immersed in it akin to those emerging in the psyche of Jagannath Mishra who authored ‘Ganga Lahiri’. While chanting every verse of this self penned ‘Ganga Lahiri’ he would take each step forward and while chanting aloud the last verse in an onrush of sacred emotions he merged eternally in the lap of Mother River Ganga. It is said that the great saint Swami Ramtirth too in a similar onrush of sacred emotions (Bhavavesh) jumped into River Ganga and thus took Jal Samadhi (water cremation).

I calmed down my sacred yearnings with sipping and bathing in these sacred River Ganga waters. All along the road akin to these sacred River Ganga waters my zest and sacred sentiments frolicked up and down in my bosom. So many thoughts came and went away. At that point an important thought emerged in my mind. I could not stop myself from penning it down on paper. Hence I am writing it at this moment. 

I am pondering within that over here in Gomukh River Ganga waters flow in a very thin stream. On its way ahead so many springs, waterfalls, rivulets, rivers etc merge in it. Amongst these many are manifold huger than the thin stream of River Ganga emerging from Gomukh and it is this union with others that it has become so gigantic in size and width as seen in Haridwar, Kanpur, Prayag area etc. From it many streams branch out. The water emerging from Gomukh is not enough even to make one stream. Hence lest no spring, waterfall, rivulet, river etc merge into the thin stream of River Ganga emerging from Gomukh possibly merely mud of about 100 miles shall absorb it and hence River Ganga would get no opportunity to march ahead for hundreds of miles. No doubt River Ganga is very great because it binds other springs, waterfalls, rivulets, rivers etc to it with loving affection. It spread its lap of generosity for all of these and by embracing even tiny springs, rivulets etc in its arms hugged them tightly. Without paying any heed to others good/bad qualities gave a place in its huge lap out of sheer generosity. Those whose inner personalities drip with untold measure of soul oneness, love, affection and magnanimity how can it lack water content ever? When a flame itself burns brightly butterflies too aspire to burn themselves in it. Since River Ganga has set off to spread coolness and serenity the world over as a part of its agenda of selfless service to the world why would springs, waterfalls, rivulets, rivers etc stop themselves from surrendering their very being to it by merging into River Ganga? Till date so many souls have surrendered themselves into the cosmic divine soul of Mahatma Gandhi, Lord Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha etc and this has been clearly witnessed by us all the world over.

The floor of River Ganga is lowest amongst all and hence it is possible for springs, waterfalls, rivulets, rivers etc to fall into it and merge into it. Lest it would have not rendered its floor so deeply low and had instead flowed by jumping high up towards the sky, lest it had kept its height very high, then springs, waterfalls, rivulets, rivers etc despite being very tiny in stature would not have been able to endure the ego of the mighty River Ganga and instead these by harboring envy towards Ganga would have veered away from the latter. No doubt springs, waterfalls, rivulets, rivers etc are generous hearted and their self sacrifice no doubt is praiseworthy yet it is River Ganga that gives them the opportunity to showcase this generous self sacrificing nature of theirs. And River Ganga could do this by lying low and harboring a humble nature. There are many other great qualities of River Ganga yet the above importance detailed is so humungous that the more you eulogize it the less it is.

No doubt that springs, waterfalls, rivulets, rivers etc by controlling their yearning to establish their separate existence via fulfilling its individual aspirations and attaining personal glory have exhibited their farsighted vision and hence must be eulogized. They by giving up their separate existence increased River Ganga’s potential, importance and glory manifold in measure. They deeply understood the importance of cooperation, unification, congregation and working with a sense of brotherhood and hence any amount of praise showered on them proves to be miniscule. It is congregation that manifests immense energy and this they showcased not merely by lip service or by just mentally thinking thus but that they actually put these great thoughts into practice. It is this that can be called valiant action. In this rare ideal of self sacrifice not only greatness but a lot of farsightedness too. Lest they had asininely insisted on maintaining a separate existence of their own with the attitude that whatever talent I possess must give fame and name only to itself and thus refused to merge into River Ganga no doubt it would have succeeded in maintaining a separate existence of their own yet it would have remained so tiny that it would be called mediocre in stature and thus remained ignored. Under such conditions none would call their separate water content the mighty glorious River Ganga and thus no devotee would yearn to reverently spray a bit of its waters on their scalp.

Today I had Darshan or holy vision and sacred holy dip of that River Ganga in the form of a sacred thin stream of water which was but its root fount. But the gigantic River Ganga seen by all elsewhere is the result of so many springs, waterfalls, rivulets, rivers etc that merge into it in a cooperative and sense of oneness attitude. Ganga Sagar (at Kolkata City in India) welcomed this mighty River Ganga and the entire world worships it with devotion. In fact very few people like me succeed in reaching Gomukh the fount of River Ganga in order to have its Darshan and sacred vision.



I felt indeed self glorified to attain the holy Darshan and sacred vision of the fount of River Ganga called Bhagirathi too at Gomukh. Gomukh is nothing but a frolicking spring of clean milky white foamy water jammed in a crack in a huge boulder there. Since this water gushes forth with terrific speed it bangs into stones, rocks etc on the way and hence rises up so high that its droplets too fly to huge heights. When on these drops the golden sun rays fall they appear beautiful like the bright 7 hued rainbow.

Mother Ganga emerging from this sacred stream at Gomukh has been giving pious teaching to mankind since hundreds of years together. It is aiding in the flow of such a glorious culture and civilization that the soul oozes with sanctity. The mind yearns to etch this scene for ever on the mental screen.

I had to walk further ahead. Tapovan region is the very heart of the lofty Himalaya Mountains surrounded by Ganga, Vamak, Nandanvan, Bhagirathi, Shivling etc. In this heart or epicenter of the lofty Himalaya Mountains reside such high stature great soul personalities, immersed in amassing required measure of divine energy vaults for uplifting this world to heights of glory. Discussing this is not apt and also not required. It shall certainly be out of place hence it is best not to highlight its details here.

From here on my guide showed the road ahead. After climbing many miles of steep mountain terrain could I at last visualize Tapovan. All around a huge range of snow capped mountains was scattering its exotic beauty everywhere. The scene of the Shivling peak was such as though a gigantic embodied snake had spread out its hood. Those who possess the eye of sacred sentiments only can visualize with their physical eyes Lord Shiva around whose divine body is draped a coiled snake. On the right side is a reddish hue Sumeru snow capped mountain. Many other peaks with a bluish halo are called Brahmapuri and if we go a bit backward on the left is the Bhagirath Mountain. It is said that it was here that Bhagirath had sat down to do austerities. It was after succeeding in this difficult spiritual penance that it was possible to bring down River Ganga from heaven.

By itself in Gangotri near Gauri Kund (pond), rests a Bhagirath Shila or stone. Regarding it too Bhagirath’s difficult spiritual penance is spoken of. In reality this is but the region of snow capped Bhagirath Mountain. Leading engineers believe this Bhagirath Mountain to be the fount source of River Ganga.

Behind the Bhagirath Mountain stands the Nilgiri Mountain from where bluish water bearing river flows by. This heavenly scene of all colorful mountains can be witnessed from a higher place. When snow melts the widespread plateau region of Bhagirath Mountain becomes inaccessible. When ice breaks apart deep wide cracks in turn occur here. Lest anyone falls in this crater like crack, none can hope to return being engulfed by the jaws of death. In the monsoon months of Shravan and Bhadarva (as per Hindu calendar) when ice has properly melted it truly appears as Nandanvan (forest of joy). It’s not as though in name merely it is Nandanvan but that its environment too lives up to its name. In such seasons only grass akin to muslin cloth grows here and due to the fragrance of rare herbs growing here in abundance the entire region smells aromatic. This land becomes a huge sheet of beautiful fragrant flowers. Hence say is it any wonder that demigods dwell in such heavenly beautiful regions? It certainly does not appear to be an overstatement if it is said that the Pandavas in their human bodies ascended to heaven from this spot.

The heart center of the lofty Himalaya region called Tapovan is as inaccessible as it is full of grand beauty. When over here it so freezing cold it takes a rare person of guts to come here and enjoy its heavenly beauty. Pilgrim spots like Badrinath, Kedarnath etc come within the periphery of Tapovan. If we travel on this path taken as of now the distance between Gomukh and Badrinath is about 250 miles yet from Tapovan via Mana Ghati Badrinath lies only at 20 miles distance. Further Kedarnath from here is only 12 miles. Yet these roads piled up with thick layers of snow and freezing ice cannot be traveled by one and all.

This Tapovan region is called heaven and truly on reaching here I too experienced its heavenly beauty and joy. This is but the fruits of blessings of that Supreme Divine Power or Almighty God in the form of my Revered Gurudeva Sarveshwaranandji Maharaj on whose command this body by merely becoming a medium is walking ahead like a puppet doll.














As of today Gomukh lies 18 miles away from Gangotri glacier yet in ancient eras it dwelled in Gangotri only. The gigantic Bhagirath Shila or boulder is found there seated on which Bhagirath performed long term difficult spiritual penance. The region where Goddess Parvati did Tapas or difficult spiritual penance is called Gauri Kund. This area of Gangotri glacier in the lofty Himalaya Mountain region in India is very grand. It is believed that Lord Shiva held the terrific speedy River Ganga waters in his matted locks at this place when the river was flowing down from heaven. Over here the river water flows down from a great height emitting high decibel level noise. Naradji after witnessing the fount source of Bhagirathi or River Ganga Brahmaji the creator eulogized it a great deal:

Dhanyosi kritakrityosi dhanyo dhanyaha punaha punaha.

Yattavayasevitam tirtham punyam gangottaram muney.

MEANING: O Narad! You indeed are glorified. You have beheld the great Gangotri (glacier). You have attained self fulfillment and I honor you again and again.


A lot has been said while eulogizing this meritorious pilgrim spot:

Tapasanam tapaha sthanam muninam mananalayaha.

Bhaktanam cha viraktanamavaso hridayam priyaha.

MEANING: This is the spot of people who perform Tapas or difficult spiritual penance. It is the land where Munis execute deep meditative thinking and mental reflection on spiritual tenets. This region imbues the hearts of true devotees and sages of mental dispassion (Viraktas) with divine ecstatic bliss.


Brahmaiva paramam sakshat drava rupena dhavati.

Pumarth karanarth kau gangeti shubha sanjnaya.

MEANING: Over here it is Almighty God himself with the name of ‘Ganga’ that flows as water bestowing human beings with the blessings of attaining the 4 Purusharthas viz. Dharma (righteous living), Artha (material wealth), Kama (fulfillment of desires) and Moksha (salvation).


Kutra gangottari tirtha kutra kasha gayadayaha.

Prachand dyumaneragre khadyotaha kim prakashate.

MEANING: How much greater is Gangotri pilgrim spot when compared to the likes of Kashi, Bodha Gaya etc? In comparison to the sun of noon time say how much light can the glow worm emit?


Na papam na duracharam kautilyam kutakarma cha.

Na dharma dhwajita yatra nava dukham mahadbhutam.

MEANING: In this sacred region one can never hear of sins, vile activities, fraud etc and further no sorrow ever is experienced here.


Bhagirathtapaha sthanam trishulokeshu vishrutam.

Idam bhulok vaikunthamiti janahi narad.

MEANING: O Narad! This sacred meritorious pilgrim spot is where Bhagirath performed long term difficult spiritual penance. It is well known in all 3 worlds and can be called heaven of our world (Bhulok).


Weather and season science experts opine that this region is now slowly warming more and more. Today the snowfall is less than what it was in previous times. The Gangotri glacier is melting day by day and hence Gomukh region has receded back by 18 miles. About 1 mile of this has moved back in very few years of the recent past. Hence those who travel to the fount source spot of River Ganga have to travel 18 miles from Gangotri glacier to Gomukh. While describing this sacred spot where River Ganga first emerges it is written:

Tatra pralaye sanghat bhushite bhuvi bhushane.

Gomukhe gomukhakar mahatuhin gahvarat.

Nirgacchati mahavega ganga suratarangini.

Pavani pavanarthaya prithvilok nivasinam.

MEANING: In that region of Gomukh adorned with the jewelry of snow and ice and the glory of our earth akin to the face of a cow from the great cave of ice the auspicious and meritorious River Ganga of demigods of heaven in order to sanctify denizens of Bhulok or planet Earth gushes forth with terrific swiftness and speed.

Nine miles above the Gangotri glacier region lies a forest of pine trees and is called Chidwasa. Over here the term ‘Wasa’ means forest. Thus Chidwasa connotes a forest of pine trees. Over here a pious man of charitable disposition has built a rest house for travelers. In it although no manager has been appointed yet in order to cook food and store water some vessels have been kept. Anyone who reaches here becomes the manager of this rest house. From here commences Bhojwasa. It means a forest of Bhoja leaf trees. From these trees thick bark emerges and it works as sheets to sleep on, use as blankets, clothes and cover huts built there. In this very area 5 huts of sages can be noted and even in cold winter when it snows very heavily they do not budge from here. On the other shore of River Ganga is the hut of Swami Tattvabodhanandji. In summer season the roads to travel back and forth to this place open up and at that time these saints gather required materials for daily living spanning 9 months. With the help of fire lit with wood carry out their daily basic chores.  One saint residing here called HH Raghunathdas Maharaj does not eat food grains and instead in summer he makes a vegetable of potatoes with green leafy vegetables and in cold winter he makes a vegetable of potatoes with dry leafy vegetables and for years he has been eating this only without tarnishing his sound health. On the tree of Bhoja leaves here and there small round tuber like soft offshoots are seen and they are called ‘Bhujra’. When boiled in water very lovely tea can be made. Hence if compared to tea leaves bought from shops in cities etc this Bhujra tea is much tastier, colorful to look at and gives enough warmth in these cold icy mountain heights. For overcoming shivering cold the saints dwelling here drink this Bhujra tea daily. Over here no milk or sugar is available. Hence they boil water to make Bhujra tea, add salt to it and drink it as Kwath (Ayurveda terminology).

In this region of Bhojwasa a small river flows by called Bhojgadh. In Pahadi terminology (mountains) ‘Gadh’ means river. Bhojgadh hence means a river flowing in the forest of Bhoja leaf trees. After this region, commences Fulwasa or forest of flowers. Wherever no trees are found there small plants grow on the ground. These plants radiate with beautiful flowers in the months of Shravan and Bhadrapad (as per Hindu calendar). After crossing over this area we can reach Gomukh.

On this 18 mile stretch there is no proper road or dusty foot path also. Expert guides with the aid of known trees, stones, peaks and scenes walk ahead and take the traveler to Gomukh. On the way there are such places where if even a minor error occurs, one’s life ends. Such difficulties are faced while walking and climbing steep slopes that instead of describing it in detail here we can only say that on entering this tough mountainous terrain man by forgetting tiredness and hardships experiences an indescribable ecstatic bliss. When he compares this serene lovely lap of Mother Nature here with the noise and vile activity reeking urban life of cities he truly believes that he has come out from hell and has now got immersed in a heavenly joyous environment.

The source of Bhagwati Bhagirathi or River Ganga oozes spiritual bliss in the psyche of the one witnessing its grand exotic beauty. Lest Ganga is looked upon merely as a river even so the natural beauty here is so grand that one who has the art of appreciating beauty cannot stop himself from getting mesmerized by it. From the word Gomukh we can infer that over there must be an opening with an appearance of a cow’s mouth. From there a stream of water must be emerging yet no such thing is noted there. In the mountain of ice there is a huge opening akin to a hollow cave and from it a very speedy spray like tiny water stream gushes forth in a dancing manner. This beauty can be satisfactorily described only by an artistic mind. Lest Ganga is called a spiritual stream then from its place of source that spiritual principle too emerges with intense speed. Any person with deep faith can experience tangibly that some divine spiritual waves are wetting every iota of his psyche with ecstatic divine bliss. By itself the spiritual stream of River Ganga flows everywhere yet if its pristine purity is to be experienced it can be felt at Gomukh only.

From Bhojwasa to this area at a distance of 8 miles no rest house can be found. Here and there huge boulders stick out and under them some sort of rest can be taken. Each year, the number of pilgrims coming here has now touched about 500-600. These people have to return to Chidwasa rest house to pass the 1st night. Thus 8 miles to arrive here and 8 miles to return to Chidwasa rest house totals up to 16 miles. Hence this tortuous climb and inaccessible path becomes very difficult for the body to endure. Even if a person of faith wishing to rest here or do some spiritual practice here for sometime cannot do so because he is worried about returning immediately because the total 16 miles cannot be completed to and fro. If night sets in and heavy rainfall commences the road is difficult to find. Thus even though pilgrims like to wait here for some time they perforce return with a heavy heart. A few days back on the other shore of River Ganga lived a saint of austerities full of dispassion to the material world (Udaseen Baba). After he shed his mortal coil his hut too is getting tattered. I thought to myself lest a small rest house was built here then akin to Bhojwasa over here too people could rest and hence by staving off the fear of this mammoth walk of 16 miles in 1 day they could benefit from the sacred vibrations of this grand region that much more. The requirement of a place to rest pulled the mind towards it. The mental resolve said this is not impossible. No doubt that at this source region of River Ganga viz. Gomukh a small rest house can be built and very soon this shall come into being.

Till Gomukh it is possible for travelers to reach but after this the terribly tough rough terrain of Himalaya Mountains commences. Over there no path exists nor is there any reason for anyone to go to. It is from here that the heart center of Himalaya Mountains commences. On entering it I had to reach Tapovan region and nearby is Nandanvan. After reaching there, my goal got fulfilled. I stayed there as long as I was supposed to, I did what was to be done and I heard and spoke as much as I was supposed to. Ordinary folks have no reason to know its details. Over here it would be out of place to discuss these personal matters.

I was yearning intensely to see heaven on earth and it is only due to someone’s grace that this seemingly impossible desire to fulfill got actually fulfilled. The great grace of Almighty God and blessings of great God Realized saints can help fulfill very difficult tasks. My mind’s wish got easily fulfilled and all means required came my way unasked. There were travelers and a guide too with me. My feet that were tired and wounded now got rejuvenated and that weak body of mine unable to bear freezing cold could now stand straight. Feet that were shivering with cold started walking further ahead.

In descriptions of such journeys majority of authors pen their personal episodes much more. In it a lot of self praise gets showcased but since I wanted to abstain from this I just described the situation in these lofty terrain areas.

The inaccessible Himalayas beyond Gomukh have virtually no one coming and going there. People do not find any reason also to go there. Two miles above Gomukh from where Tapovan commences there, in the months of Shravan and Bhadrapad (Hindu calendar), very delicate and nutritious plant life grows. Lest sheep, goats etc graze on it they can become well nourished. They give birth to strong baby sheep, goats etc and their wool too are soft and of very high quality. Keeping in mind these benefits some very daring mountain folk owning goats bring them to this region for a few days. But even these goat breeders barely go 2 miles beyond Gomukh. Apart from these no other human being comes here. This is Tapovan or a place for doing penance and hence very rarely do you see humans and beasts here. Only rarely do you see here wild sheep called Barad, musk deer and brown bears roaming around. Not one tree grows here but grass and plants are seen that give off an endearing fragrance. Those who cannot endure this intense fragrance experience dizziness. If we walk a bit ahead from here a place called Nandanvan is reached. Over here the months of Shravan and Bhadrapad (Hindu calendar) are looked upon as Vasant Ritu or spring season. It is in these 2 months only that grass and plants are seen growing here wherein they sprout, mature, bloom with flowers and then wither away to naught. From the month of Ashwin it starts snowing and hence the previous lush green growth noted dies down. When this lush greenery blooms in it hundreds of varieties of beautiful, colorful and fragrant flowers grow. On noting its designing, curious forms and separate appearances it seems as though an adept painter has laid down on a smooth silky ground a sheet decorated with colorful beautiful flowers.

In Nandavan is found the Bhagirath Shikhar. It is said that the great man of penance Bhagirath dwells here eternally in the form of this mountain. This peak is as beautiful as the huge garden like flat plain below in the form of Nandavan.

Nandavan is said to be the garden forest of demigods. It is possible that in ancient eras some trees did grow here yet today only beautiful lush greenery in the form of plants is witnessed. On seeing it one gets mind boggled with the wondrous artistic skill of Mother Nature or Prakriti. A thought hence arises in the mind that if today this beautiful lush greenery in the form of plants appears so beautiful then in ancient eras when trees too were growing here they too must have been beautiful and those dwelling in its environment too must have been similarly beautiful akin to demigods depicted. When birds dwelling amongst the beautiful multicolored flowers become as radiant as them it goes beyond doubt that souls roaming in this Nandavan are as wonderfully radiant as them. A description is given regarding the beauty of Nandavan on planet earth thus:

Agahan gahanam vai lata vitapivarjitam.

Prashantamiti gambhiram vishalam grav sankulam.

Krishnaraktaiha shwetapitaiha pushpairdivyaiha manoharaiha.

Indrani kasha bhushabhiha samacchanam samatantaha.

MEANING: There is no dense forest here. There are no creepers, trees etc. It is a very serene and profound land. It is widespread and full of huge boulders. Over here bloom multicolored flowers that mesmerize the mind akin to jewelry entwined in the beautiful hair of the queen of heaven.


Aho tatratya sushmam k ova varnayitum prabhuhu.

Indropyakshi sahasrena yam vilokya na trupyati.

MEANING: Who can completely describe the natural beauty oozing forth there? Even if king of heaven Indra visualizes this beauty with a thousand eyes yet he shall remain in satiated.


In Tapovan region below a huge rock such a shady area has got created that under it about 10 people can rest. Its state is akin to a cave. Apart from this in this region there are no other shady areas that one can spend the night there for resting purposes. There are no trees at all. One cannot find wood too. One plant with a thick stem is such that by burning these stems some sort of fire can be lit. Very close to the Tapovan is the Shivling peak. Its scene is like that of Mount Kailash. On seeing it appears as though Mother Nature has rendered this peak a huge Shivling and that someone has methodically with worship rites reinstated it over here.

From Tapovan in the direction of Gomukh lies the Meru mountain peak. Below it is the Meru glacier that then heads towards the Kedarnath peak. By emerging from the Shivling peak a small river called Swarg Ganga flows by. From above its 2 streams flow in 2 directions and in the center of Tapovan they unite to become a confluence akin to Rivers Ganga and Yamuna merging into one another.

In Puranas or Indian Mythology it is detailed that River Ganga previously resided in heaven but later due to Bhagiratha’s Tapas or penance it came down on our earth in order to bless and usher in well being of world humans and other creatures. This scene can be directly witnessed here. In the heart of the Himalayas and in the heaven of earth this Swarga Ganga flows by. This very stream for some distance merges into Ganga glacier and later again manifests at Gomukh. Lord Shiva holds River Ganga in his matted locks and this scene too can be clearly witnessed at Shivling peak. On merging with Swarga Ganga it comes out from Meru peak then touches a part of Shivling peak and then flows in Tapovan region.

At the end of Tapovan is Gauri Kund touching Ganga glacier. Over here Goddess Uma dwells as this Gauri Kund very close to Lord Shiva. This divine couple of harsh strict discipline and compassion is worth prostrating to devotedly from all standpoints. Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma or Parvati dwell here in their manifest form of a mountain and pond. One is Tapas or penance and the other is sheer devotion. One is divine knowledge and the other is divine sentiments. Near Shivling peak, on seeing the duo of Gauri Kund, in peoples’ hearts oozing with sacred emotions a tangible ecstatic bliss of having direct vision of Lord Shiva and Goddess Uma or Parvati gushes forth.

On noting this heavenly scene we go ahead with the help of the Ganga glacier and thus we arrive at Manasarovar Lake at the corner of Kirti glacier. This is not equal in measure to the Manasarovar Lake in Tibet region as far as length and breadth is concerned yet from the standpoint of purity, sanctity and divine principles this heavenly lake in comparison to all water areas of the world put together bestows much more peace and sanctity.

Despite roaming in so many regions we have yet not seen Sumeru Mountain from the land below over here. It can be seen from a mountain peak but it is not possible to climb up. Since the ice is very slippery and the climb is steep without help of special means we cannot reach the top of any mountain over here simply on the basis of the strength of our feet. Hence for visualizing the Sumeru Mountain we shall yet have to go ahead in Ganga glacier area itself and from Gahan Himdhara we shall have to reach Varun Vana. From here we can see Sumeru Mountain very clearly. In Varun Vana there is a lot of mud and since it is slanted there is a lot of wetness there. Over here there are plants like those seen in Nandavan. The road further ahead is not worth walking on. From here you can see the Chaukhamba peak from where the Pandavas ascended to heaven (Swargarohan). But at this point now I shall have to give up my lure for having more such beautiful Darshans. The path ahead is obstructed. From here along with height the inaccessible roads cannot even be described fully. Hence those yearning to see heaven on earth must rest content with all those scenes witnessed so far and hence commence the return journey.

As per Agnipurana text (Indian Mythology) Lord Shiva had performed the Tandav Dance over here. When this world had got submerged so deeply in hordes of sins creatures could not dwell in peace at all. Hence Lord Shiva caught the Damru and Trishul in his hands started dancing. As a result of this Tandav Dance Pralaya or total world annihilation set in. In all directions terrific inferno like flames spread out and all that which led to sinful mankind strut about in demonic arrogance got destroyed in a flash. In that land of Tandav Dance at every step the mind asked: O Bhutabhavan-Lord Shiva! How much time remains for your Tandav Dance to commence in this present era? Is there yet some time left for the vessel of vile activities of sinful world humanity to fill up to the brim?

The region of primordial creation of humans, as per research data presented by archeologists is the Sumeru Mountain. It is here that Adam-Eve descended on earth from heaven. The incidences of Noah’s Ark at the time of Pralaya or total world annihilation and Rishi Markandeya getting Darshan or vision of God in a child’s form is said to be related to this Sumeru Mountain region. Due to these specialties for a sacredly emotional person harboring love for ancientness such a place in a certain way can become one that aids gushing forth of special pious sentiments. For me too from every unit of this sacred region so many important incidences of the ancient past was imbuing my psyche full of pious sentiments while manifesting its otherwise latent form.

I had read in Purana texts (Indian Mythology) that Sidha Yogi Sadguru exists even today yet due to the influence of Kaliyuga or Dark Era they dwell in a secret place in the lofty Himalaya Mountains incognito. In the Guru Gita text such a Sadguru has been described that by opening the eye of divine wisdom of a devotee dispels his spiritual ignorance. Such a Sadguru himself is Trimurti and Almighty God incarnate. These Sadgurus are none other than the immortal eternally embodied Rishis and Maharshis but due to undesirable influences of our modern present day era they cannot be seen by us. These Sadgurus are described in the 7th chapter of the Lingpurana text (Indian Mythology) and their residence is given as this Sumeru Mountain region. In the Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapurana text (12th Canto-2nd chapter-37th verse) the residence of these Sidha Sadgurus is said to be Kalap Gram region. Again in the Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapurana text (10th Canto-87th  chapter-5th, 6th, 7th  verses) a similar mention is made and even in the epic Mahabharat (Nausal Parva-7th chapter) a description of Sidha Sadgurus dwelling in Kalap Gram has been detailed.

That land of Sidhas is this one only. To have Darshan of such invisible souls with the gross eyes is possible for those rare few yet in this meritorious land such experiences definitely are felt that in ancient eras in that region where such high stature souls sported even today is not totally devoid of ancient era based divine influences. Even those who are atheists and lack trust can attain many experiences that can imbue their mind with faith. On their own faith, peace, dispassion and farsighted discrimination start gushing forth in the psyche and such an experience occurs as though over here some invisibly scattered divine powers in order to bestow these sacred emotions their compassion, kindness and faith of progress gives it as Prasad or blessings.

This small area called heaven on earth was seen. We only had Darshan of its central point of focus viz. Sumeru Mountain. It was not possible to reach there and whatever was seen keeping in mind my miniscule stature and lack of means was not any less in measure. It is difficult to say what experiences are perceived by those other people who come here yet I fully experienced it as a divine land. In ancient eras possibly demigods lived embodied but today they cannot be seen without gross eyes anywhere in these lone solitude areas. Yet that experience was felt properly wherein even today a very influential authority/existence of divine principles oozes here and with its presence again and again evoked ecstatic bliss in my psyche. Over here every object drips with divinity and divine waves in them that give the great message of the soul principle gushes forth with terrific speed. In ancient eras India was a Jagadguru or Guru of the world that gave the message of spirituality to the entire world. It seems that the fount of that divine message was attained via Tapas or spiritual austerities. The forest culture of India sprayed immortal nectar on creatures burning in the fire of sins. Who knows whether this heart of Himalaya region best amongst all forests was previously a land of heaven on earth?

In order to gauge the height and depth of peaks spread out in this region how high which place is, by knowing this it shall be easier to infer the situation that exists. Rishikesh in Uttarakhand-India is 2000 feet above sea level. Gangotri is 10,000, Gomukh 12,700, Nandanvan 14,230, Bhagirath Mountain 22,495, Meru Mountain 21,850, Satpath Mountain 23,213, Kedarnath Mountain 22,770, Sumeru Mountain 20,770, Swargarohan Mountain 23,880, Chandra Mountain 22,073 and Nilkanth Mountain is 21,640 feet above sea level.

To climb such high mountains is possible only by people possessing very high stature means and materials and those mountaineers who can spend thousands of dollars. Hence if you possess merely bodily strength and minimal means it is possible to reach only till Varun Vana. On reaching here generally all main spots that are like heaven on earth can be visualized.

On reaching this meritorious region possibly a material minded person may just see stones, ice, grass, water and a bit of nature’s beauty yet one imbued with deep faith there is a lot over here that can nourish and render more steadfast his sacred sentiments of deep faith. Due to pious principles in his psyche he feels as though all sacred principles of earth by gathering here are entering the innermost core of his soul. The mind becomes more focused and the intellect becomes serenely well balanced. In one’s bosom unasked a yearning for spiritual attainments emerges, one starts hating sinning, one’s faith in God intensifies, one gets immersed in soul bliss and devotional sentiments dance forth in the psyche. All around oneself a glimpse of Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram or Truth-Wellness-Divine Beauty is attained. The imperishable vault of natural beauty can be seen everywhere. This beauty can never be fully described via penning on paper or by verbal description because it is something that can only be experienced. A glimpse of this environment is as follows:

Dev sevyam cha tatsthanam devatanam cha durlabham.

Maha punya mahopunya purasheravalaukitam.

Naitat kevalamakshanam sadaivahladakam muney.

Sarva punyam mahatirthamurdha bhusheti viddhitat.

MEANING: This region is the home of demigods it is rare to attain it and bestows a lot of good merits. Only pious minded people can access this region and behold it. O Narad! This place not only gives joy to our sense organs but that know it to be the crest jewel of all great pilgrim spots put together.


Tathahni kaladhautabhaiha sayancha kanak prabhaiha.

Praharshayati ya chittam parvatagrailaukikaiha.

Kimayam tapaniyadriha kinva rajat parvataha.

Iti sandeha to tatra badha muhyanti manavaha.

MEANING: The psyche oozes with divine ecstasy on visualizing these divine mountains that appear to radiate moonshine like light in the day and golden light at dusk. Man ensnared by doubt thinks: Is this mountain made of gold? Is this mountain made of silver?


Both at dawn and dusk when the sun is yellow and red in hue then due to the reflection of its halo the snow capped peak due to colors of sun rays and state and specialties of itself appears as colored differently thus. One can glimpse rainbows at many places. On seeing this scene man feels as though he has lost himself in this ocean of exotic beauty.


Saundaryam brahmano rupam prakrutyamanuvartate.

Prakriternasti saundaryam swaswarupatmako gunaha.

Tadrishastadrishe sthaney brahma saudarya deepitey.

Brahmasampattimayanti bhavavishtadhiyobalat.

MEANING: Beauty is but Almighty God’s divine form. Prakriti or Mother Nature is not beautiful on its own but due to God’s divine aura oozing in it, it appears beautiful. In such meritorious regions brimming with God’s divine beauty men of God Realization immersed in divine bliss attain trance or Nirvikalpa Samadhi easily.

That soul state attained after doing a lot of spiritual practices is successfully attained more easily in quicker time on entering this sacred grand environment. Keeping in mind these specialties lest great Rishis and demigods in yester eras had chosen this divine region close to Nandanvan and Tapovan for spiritual penance definitely this decision of theirs was perfectly apt.

Today the bodily and mental state of mankind is not capable of residing in the above region. Akin to ancient times today trees and required means for sustaining life are unavailable. Even so by having Darshan/vision of this meritorious land man is capable of rendering himself glorified. Amongst us those who are brave, who enjoy good health can reach here with necessary paraphernalia.

From the scalp of Kailash residing Lord Shiva, flows the River Ganga. It yet cannot be correlated to Kailash Mountain standing in Tibet region. This is because it is impossible for River Ganga to come from Tibet to Gomukh due to its geographical condition. The journey from Gangotri glacier to Kailash Mountain in Tibet region via Jelukhaga Ghati is about 300 miles. Further many slanting mountains appear on the way no water or snowfall stream can reach there. The real Shivlok can only be seen in heaven on earth region. The Ganga glacier is close to Shivling. Swarga Ganga too is found nearby. Gauri Kund too can be seen there. Thus the Kailash Mountain of Lord Shiva holding River Ganga in his matted locks can only be this heart or epicenter of Himalaya Mountain region. Lest the ancient Kailash Mountain did not stand here say why would Bhagirathaji do Tapas or spiritual penance here? Why would he have not traveled to Kailash Mountain in Tibet region close to Lord Shiva? In this sacred land all 3 peaks viz. Shivling, Kedar and Nilkantha that are the abode of Lord Shiva are present. Hence it is natural that Manasarovar Lake dwells in this divine land. From names like Suralaya, Himdhara, Satpath Himdhara and Varun Vana also it is proved that this region is a land of gods and hence divinity. That Vasudhara where the Ashtavasus made this land their residence is near Alkapuri. By cogitating deeply over all these facts it is proved that the real Kailash Mountain and Manasarovar Lake dwells in this divine land only.

The Kailash Mountain in Tibet region of today’s modern times due to foreign restrictions from the standpoint of travel and pilgrimage is becoming more and more difficult day by day. Over there is fear of dacoit attacks too. The region is very far off too. In that land the environment is not Indian at all and our language is not spoken and our culture is not adhered to. If we go there we get a very alien feeling. At that time in the past as long as India’s culture ruled in that region also at that time this pilgrim spot could have been apt yet if we wish to have the true Darshan of the residence of Lord Shiva, the true fount region of River Ganga and true spiritual Manasarovar Lake we shall have to search for the true Kailash Mountain in heaven on earth region found in the heart or epicenter of Himalaya Mountain region. As an act of research a person must travel both to Kailash Mountain in Tibet region and Kailash Mountain in heaven on earth region found in the heart or epicenter of Himalaya Mountain region. He shall himself hence experience tangibly how peace bestowing and divine is the environment of Kailash Mountain in heaven on earth region found in the heart or epicenter of Himalaya Mountain region. Lest the Govt. of India or a rich philanthropic person repairs roads here and makes basic arrangements for staying overnight or a bit more at a few places on the way then lovers of spiritual journeys and ordinary people with a bent of mind for mountain climbing can easily reach this place and poor mountain folks staying here can work as laborers for these travelers and thus eke out a living.

From the north region of this land a road has been unearthed for traveling to Badrinath. On its own, the road used today from Gomukh to Badrinath is 250 miles yet the straight road from here is but 25 miles long. In the past 3 years many brave group of saints have already traveled from here to Badrinath. A coolie called Dalip Singh of Mukhwa village had accompanied a group of mountaineers from Switzerland. Dalip Singh had got information about this path and under his guidance 2 or 3 times this trip was made successfully. After leaving Gomukh one reaches Badarinath after making stopovers on the 1st day at Tapovan’s Shila Gufa or boulder cave, on the 2nd day at Sita glacier, on the 3rd  day at Chaturangi glacier, on the 4th day on the banks of Arba River and on the 5th day at Gastoti Mana village. By setting up a small tent in the open ground in the atmosphere of terrific biting cold all around to spend even one night is like fighting with death. Yet out of sheer tiredness one does sleep for a couple of hours by digging one’s knees in one’s tummy. Along with this people sleep sticking to each other so that some form of warmth is felt. Any bodily part that remains exposed appears such that it is melting and withering away. It is only faith and daring that renders man alert here else if travelers fear the terribly tough conditions here so as to lose their mental balance then akin to the Pandavas they shall get buried in ice here called ice burial.

On this road a height of 20,000 feet has to be crossed close to the Chandra Mountain. Since at greater heights air content is low the head feels dizzy and the mind feels depressed. Above cracks of frozen ice soft snow gathers and hence the cracks below are not seen. Thus by getting trapped in them a danger of losing one’s life looms large. Hence travelers tie ropes to their waist in an unbroken manner walk with big distances between each of them. Thus if even one person gets trapped in these icy cracks then because of the rope tied to each others’ waist one gets saved from falling fully down in those deep craters. At many places on this huge sheet of snow one has to purposely slide on the snow so as to gauge the road ahead. In early morning when ice is frozen one can walk a bit properly yet when sun rays fall on it snow becomes softer and since it melts one starts slipping much more. Then we have to stop walking. From 4 pm in the afternoon clouds cover the sky and it is not possible to see a person seated very close by also. Mist and darkness cover the sky. For eating we depend on salty Sattu flour and salted tea. A stove is a true friend over here. By making tea repeatedly on it one wards off a bit of tiredness by drinking it hot. In place of milk, butter is used and instead of sugar salt is used to make tea. At night snow becomes intense and harder and hence one can place a blanket on it for sleeping. It is very cold at that time and throughout the day and night one has to don woolen clothes, sweater, socks, shoes, muffler, cap etc. There is no question of removing upper garments and take a bath. The ice here shines like glass when sun rays fall on it but its reflection can harm our eyes. Hence during daytime dark tinted spectacles have to be worn. With the stove snow is melted for minimal cooking purposes. At great mountain heights no water is available. In the afternoon when ice melts at small holes here and there water is seen for a few hours. We can use this water also. Air content is very less at these heights. One feels very breathless, we breathe quickly and since no proper roads exist here via inference and compass directions we walk ahead. Even a little bit of weight carried can become unendurable for people not used to travel here and hence coolies living here help a lot in carrying basic luggage. In this manner so many difficulties are to be endured in these tortuous mountain heights yet on the basis of daring, faith and patience they can be overcome. Till date such traveling programs have not reported any loss of life.















Many days previously I had read an article in a magazine titled ‘Heaven dwells on our planet earth only’. The author had penned this article not from the religious or spiritual standpoint but from the standpoint of geography and history data available. Via many logical arguments he had proved that the central portion of Himalaya Mountains was called heaven in ancient eras. Aryans had entered India from Central Asia via Tibet region. In those eras Himalaya Mountains were not so cold but after the last ice based world annihilation it got covered with thick snow and hence became inaccessible for human beings. Previous to this the environment there was not only optimal but was very comfortable and grand from many angles for humans to dwell there. Hence the chief leaders of the Aryan race called demigods resided here. By staying here they guided followers and aides of theirs dwelling in Ganga and Yamuna’s Duawa, Aryavarta and Jambudwip areas. They would securely store wealth, weapons, books and other required materials over here so that based on contemporary times and needs their use could be made for residents of plain regions and further that they during war periods never got into the hands of vile demonic people like Dasyus, Asuras, Anaryas etc. The King of demigods was titled ‘Indra’. The throne of every Indra would exist in the heart center of Himalaya Mountains called heaven.

Although in this article there were many strong logical arguments but at that time it did not satisfy my mind because the heaven that was being praised, that heaven which in order to attain we renounce so much and perform intense austerities, can it be an ordinary area of planet earth? Further heaven as per our scriptures is a Loka or a separate world (plane of consciousness too). Loka also means a spot akin to a planet, star etc very far away from planet earth dwelling in interstellar space. Apart from this heaven also connotes joy, peace etc experienced by humans in the core of their soul. Hence, how can term a special portion of Himalaya Mountains as heaven?

Yet after reading this article I at least understood that from the spiritual standpoint heaven can be a special world, it can be special joy, peace etc experienced by humans in the core of their soul yet this very term viz. heaven could also connote a special portion on planet earth. When I deeply pondered over these facts I started thinking on the line that it could be as a possibility that heaven means special portion on planet earth.

King Dashrath accompanied by his queen rode on a chariot so as to enter heaven in order to lend a helping hand to its King Indra. When the chariot’s wheel started coming out of its axle his Queen Kaikeyi poking her finger in the hole of the axle of the wheel stopped the chariot from getting broken apart. Once, Arjun also in order to lend a helping hand to its King Indra had journeyed to heaven and at that time King Indra sent a heavenly damsel called Urvashi Apsara to Arjun so as to please him. Once, when King Indra’s throne was empty King Nahush from the world below was sent there and was made to sit on this empty throne. Trishanku demon too had reached heaven in an embodied manner. King Yayati had physically traveled to heaven but there when he started boasting about his Punya or meritorious deeds his Punyas ended and hence he was thrown out of heaven. Many a times Devarshi Narad would travel to and fro in heaven to attend the royal court meetings there. Hence there are many examples of entry into heaven in physical form. Demigods would time and again come down from heaven. There are so many examples in epic Ramayan and the Mahapurana text called Shrimad Bhagwat wherein demigods had come down to planet earth from heaven and that they had contacted human beings. Heavenly damsels called Apsaras were known to land at hermitages of great Rishis on earth and by enticing the minds of some of them in a deluded manner would reside with them and give birth to children. One Apsara had deluded Shringi Rishi by passionately alluring him. Menaka Apsara by living with Vishwamitra Maharshi had given birth to a daughter called Shakuntala. The examples we are giving here are not of those gods-goddesses possessing subtle powers, subtle forms etc. but that these gods-goddesses possessed gross visible forms very much like us human beings. Chandrama-moon and Surya-sun had an illicit relationship with Rishi-wives and hence they had to endure harsh curses.

While mulling over these incidences deeply it seems that lest there actually was an area on our earth called heaven it is not amazing at all. Lest this were not true how was it possible for demigods to come down to planet earth from heaven and for human beings to physically travel to heaven?

In Puranas or Indian Mythology texts a detailed description of the Sumeru Mountain has been given wherein it is said that gods-goddesses resided on this Sumeru Mountain. In the Maharshi Patanjali’s Yogapradip its description is given thus: In the center dwells the golden king of all mountains called Sumeru Mountain. All around this golden king of all mountains called Sumeru Mountain one can find 4 Shringas or mountain peaks. The one in the eastern direction is silvery. The one in the southern direction is Vaiduryamanimaya. The one in the western direction is Sphatikmaya (that can imbibe reflections). The one in the northern direction is Suvarnamaya or a garland of flowers of golden color. The Sumeru Mountain is the garden of sports of gods-goddesses wherein lie forests called Mishravan, Nandanvan, Chaitrarathvan and Sumanasvan. On top of Sumeru Mountain is a court of demigods called Sudharma. A Pura there is called Sudarshan and a royal palace built there is called Vaijayant. Above this is Swargaloka (heaven) and is called Mahendraloka. Over here 6 special types of species of demigods dwell here viz.:

1)      Tridash

2)      Agnipvat

3)      Yamya

4)      Tushit

5)      Aparinrmit Vashawarti

6)      Parinirmit Vashawarti

All these types of gods-goddesses are adepts Sidhis like Anima etc. They are Sankalpa Sidhas also wherein any mental resolve made by them bears successful results 100%. They possess a lot of divine grandeur and live a life span of Kalpas. They are worshiped by all, they drip with a lot of sexual passion and possess bodies of Aushap etc. Their women are Apsaras or high stature heavenly damsels. Sumeru or Himalaya Mountain in those times too was a place of spiritual penance executed by great high stature adept Yogis.

In the epic Mahabharat a detailed description of the Pandavas’ Swargarohan or ascendance to heaven has been given. In order to ascend heaven physically the 5 Pandava brothers accompanied by their common wife Draupadi had journeyed to the Himalaya Mountains. The others had to perforce shed their mortal coils midway one by one but Yudhishthira by reaching the highest mountain peak attained the capability to enter heaven while yet alive in his physical body (Sasharira). King Indra’s (of heaven) air plane took Yudhishthira to heaven. This spot of Swargarohan or ascendance to heaven is very close to the Sumeru or Himalaya Mountain. If we walk 13 miles ahead of Badrinath akin to steps of a ladder this mountain peak of Swargarohan or ascendance to heaven can be seen one after another. These are also called steps of the ladder to heaven. The Chaukhambha peaks there also are called ladder to heaven. In previous eras resided Yakshas, Gandharvas and Kinnaras and were responsible for kidnapping the common wife of the 5 Pandava brothers called Draupadi when they were trying to ascend heaven (Swargarohan). It was only after one of her Pandava husbands-the mighty Bhima fought a battle with the Yakshas, Gandharvas and Kinnaras (abductors) that Draupadi was freed from their clutches.

In the Puranas or Indian Mythology texts it is written that the Sumeru Mountain was made of gold. Great poets at many places have compared mountains made of gold to the Sumeru Mountain. Even today we can see a golden aura on the snow capped Sumeru Mountain. Alkapuri which is the city of treasurer of gods (Kubera) lies very close to it. The fount of River Alaknanda is said to be Alkapuri. From this also it can be proved that heaven did exist in this region.

In this area of the Himalaya Mountains all spots like Sumeru Mountain, Swargarohan, Alkapuri, Nandanvan etc can be found even today. It is called the heart of Himalaya Mountains. Lest it was called the heaven of ancient eras it cannot be called impossible. The fount of River Ganga too is this sacred region. In the Puranas or Indian Mythology texts it is mentioned that River Ganga flowed down from heaven on our earth. The Ganga glacier too is spread out in this region. Goddess Ganga first landed on the matted locks of the scalp of Lord Shiva. This legend can be proved true from the fact that the Shivling peak lies above Gomukh glacier. River Ganga passes this area. Very near to the Shivling peak dwells Nandanvan. Nandanvan was in heaven only and this is mentioned in Puranas or Indian Mythology texts. The River Nandini flows by here. The daughter of Kamadhenu cow (wish fulfilling) of heaven Nandini cow can be correlated to this River Nandini. The Chandra Mountain too dwells here. It is said that moon would reside on this mountain in ancient eras. Ponds in Badrinath like Surya Kund, Varun Kund and Ganesh Kund are seen even today. It is said that the respective deities and gods/goddesses were known to dwell here. King Indra’s elephant would land on earth from heaven via the Kedarnath Mountain as mentioned in various scriptures. Once King Indra seated on his Airavat elephant passing by Rishi Durvasa’s hermitage refused to offer respects the great Rishi. Thus Rishi Durvasa cursed the arrogant King Indra of heaven.

While walking from Gangotri glacier to Gomukh a thought crossed my mind that lest it was possible somehow I must have Darshan of this heaven on earth. My sacred yearning intensified further but I could not find a solution. Ahead of Gomukh commences this region called heaven on earth. From the standpoint of miles its length and breadth is not big in measure. It is about 30 miles wide and 30 miles long. Lest in some way it can be reached then Kedarnath and Badrinath peaks are quite close by. By itself from Badrinath to Gomukh the walking distance is 250 miles but via the above tough tortuous path the distance is merely 25 miles. But since the height is gigantic and mountain terrain is full of rocks and slopes it was not possible to find a path for walking safely. Further cold here is so freezing snow and ice hardly ever melts. There are so many other reasons like not finding enough water, food, fuel, shades to rest etc this area is believed to be beyond man’s reach. Lest this were not the case why would pilgrims travel the long path of 250 miles to reach Gangotri glacier and from there to Gomukh? Why would they not opt instead for this short distance of 25 miles to reach here?

Many decades back a mountaineering team from Switzerland had tried climbing this tough mountain terrain. They had to face many difficulties on the way up. It was said that a coolie from this group while climbing the Shivling peak had broken his leg and another mountaineer while trying to climb the Kedarnath peak got trapped in the huge crater like cracks of ice there and hence got engulfed by death. Even so this mountaineering team from Switzerland had managed to cross this tough mountain terrain. After this even a couple of groups of saints full of daring after crossing this inaccessible tough region had reached Badrinath peak for having Darshan.

My enterprise and bravery said: If others have successfully crossed this tough mountain terrain why can I too not succeed like them? But my intellect intervened: If we do not possess such strong bodily and mental toughness like them, if we are not used to walking in such dangerous areas, it is not wise to blindly follow in their footsteps. But my sacred sentiments said: At the most I shall die and this is not so important for me. And people say that you can see heaven only after dying. Hence if I have to face the peril of possible death while walking towards this heavenly region on our earth, it is not something to be very concerned about. Hence I must not dither while taking up this danger. But my practical mind said: Suppose we set off yet who shall show us the right path? How will our body endure so much cold? What arrangements for food-water shall be available? Where shall we rest and sleep? Till now we had climbed 11,000 feet above sea level height. In the 170 miles covered from Rishikesh to here we had climbed 9,000 feet and as a result the feet are tired and tattered. Henceforth within 12 miles distance 9,000 feet had to be climbed further. Hence was it not beyond my feet to climb such a steep height full of tough mountain terrain?

In this manner a mental war was being waged within. I could not take a firm decision since I had to think deeply that all this had to be done with limited energy possessed by me. The brain was trying to find a solution using all its power of skills yet no solution was at hand. My inner soul said: You have come bang on the edge of the heaven on earth region. Hence we must avail benefits of entering within its sacred grand precincts too. Is it wise to turn back thirsty even though one has reached the shores of River Ganges? Who knows whether on death heaven shall be mine or not? Over here very close by dwells the sacred grand precincts of heaven on earth. Hence why not avail its benefits?

My memory power of recalling things placed before my mind’s eye the following verse depicting the condition of this inaccessible road:

Tata urdhvantu bhumidadhra martyam sanchar duragaha.

Acchanaha santatasthapi ghanottung mahahimaiha.

Gomukhi tu vishala durnati durey virajate.

Tatrayam gamaney margaha siddhananachamritandhasama.

MEANING: The mountain range ahead of Gomukh (fount of River Ganga) is very dense, high and covered with heavy snowfall and ice. They are beyond human reach. From this region Badrinarayn Puri is not very far yet the road is impossible for humans to travel on. This road can be accessed only by demigods and Sidha Saints. Only they travel by this road.

Maybe it was not my good fortune to walk on that path journeyed on by demigods and Sidha Saints. In this manner I experienced despair time and again yet one ray of hope would definitely shine forth that said: ‘Jaki kripa pangu giri langhahi. Ranka chalahi sira chatra dharayi’. It means if God’s grace comes our way forget the most inaccessible tortuous path of this mundane world but that even more inaccessible and super high stature destinations can be attained by humans however frail otherwise.

The more these sacred emotions intensified my psyche oozed with newer hope and zest. The existence of the all powerful omnipotent Almighty God is so incomparable that this desire definitely got fulfilled. That day also dawned wherein after entering this sacred heaven on earth region my life and this physical body attained its true goal. Whenever I remember those moments that are unforgettable my hair stand on end, my soul tastes divine ecstasy and I think to myself: O Lord! Lest in those very moments of divine ecstasy I had attained eternal peace how supremely great would it have been? Yet I have to bear the fruits of those Karmas of mine and hence apart from me none can do it I would somehow cajole my mind.

Before describing the journey and state of heaven on earth and the heart of this meritorious land in Himalaya Mountains we shall dwell deeply over the importance of this stupendous area. Just as blood circulates in the entire body via blood vessels (arteries and veins), just as magnetic fields on the Polar Regions of earth have spread their force of attraction everywhere it seems that similarly this heart of Himalaya Mountains aids in the flow of its divine vibrations and waves of spirituality to very far off regions.

Just as on the heart we wear so many ornaments of gold, precious stones etc similarly all around the heart center of Himalaya Mountains and in the form of a widespread halo such a beautiful chain of important pilgrim spots has been adorned. After the bloody Mahabharat War those pilgrim spots that had gone haywire in this region were rejuvenated by Adi Guru Shankaracharya oozing with divine inspirations for the same. Hence after intense honest labor these pilgrim spots got reinstated anew. Just as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu after identifying certain regions full of sacredness via the Power of Yoga had recreated those regions similarly Adi Guru Shankaracharya also experienced divine inspirations within for rejuvenating forgotten regions oozing with divinity and power of penance in the Uttarakhand Region. He hence set off from Kerala in South India and walked to Uttarakhand in North India. There he built Badrinath and many other temples. Today the stupendous grandeur of Uttarakhand witnessed by us all is but due to the great tireless efforts put in by Adi Guru Shankaracharya.

On the edges of this heaven on earth and heart center of Himalaya Mountains exist many pilgrim spots and know that these exist only in India and nowhere else in the world. It is mentioned that gods-goddesses resided on the Sumeru Mountain in ancient eras. This mountain is inaccessible for most humans hence from the standpoint of public contact gods-goddesses created their residence a bit below from here in the land of penance in Uttarakhand. The personal time of kings are spent in royal palaces. Over there not everyone is given entry but that the royal court is kept secure by kings for carrying out royal tasks meant for public welfare. If the Sumeru Mountain is called the royal palace of gods-goddesses then very close divine regions just below it can be called the royal court of gods-goddesses. If we glance at the map of Uttarakhand it is definite that to call this portion below the heaven on earth and heart center of Himalaya Mountains as divine country is apt.

Take for example Haridwar in Uttarakhand. Over here Brahmaji had performed a Yajna. Daksha Prajapati had done a Yajna in Kankhal-Haridwar and his daughter Sati who could not endure the insult flung at her beloved husband Lord Shiva had jumped into this Yajna fire. This Mayapuri is one amongst the 7 or Saptapuris. In Devprayag region Lord Varah had resided. The Surya pilgrim spot is found here and Raghunathji and Kali Bhairava have been reinstated here. Further ahead in the Dhundhprayag pilgrim spot Lord Ganesha had performed spiritual penance. In Shrinagar is the Bhairavi Peetha, Chamunda, Bhairavi, Kansamardini, Gauri, Mahishmardini, Rajeshwari and that of other Devis or goddesses. These goddesses had killed ferocious demons like Chanda-Munda, Shumba-Nishumba, Mahishasura etc at this spot. Five miles above the Saudi Chatti is the temple of Swami Kartikeya. Before this opposite to Matha Chatti in Suryaprayag is the Surya Peetha and 2 miles further ahead in Bhanga Village is the place of Chinnamasta Devi and 2 miles further is the spot of Kumarsana Devi in Jaili Village. In Gupta Kashi area dwells Annapurna Devi. In Narayan Koti pilgrim spot is found the idols of Lord Narayan and his consort Goddess Lakshmi. One mile towards the west on a mountain a Mela or fair is organized. Two miles ahead of Rampur dwells Shakambhari Devi where by eating only vegetables for 1 month performing penance reaps great spiritual benefits. In Triyugi Narayan area apart from the Narayan Temple Goddesses Lakshmi, Annapurna and Saraswati too have been reinstated. Over here the divine marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati had taken place. The fire in the Kundi or pyre around which these marriage vows had been taken and rites had been performed is yet kept alit in the Chatushkona Kunda today. In the Narayan Temple is kept alit an imperishable flame lamp that never gets doused. In Sonprayag flow the River Mandakini and Vasuki Ganga. Vasuki Naag or serpent previously had dwelled on the shores of River Ganga there. Nearby is the spot of Kalika Devi. In Sonprayag about half a mile ahead is the spot where Lord Shiva had chopped off the head of his son Lord Ganesha and then placed an elephant’s head on his scalp. Over there is an image of Lord Ganesha without his head.

In Kedarnath pilgrim spot is the area where the Pandavas in order to ward off the taint of destruction of their clan had gone to have Darshan of Lord Shankar but on noting their sins Lord Shiva taking the form of a bull had run away from there. In Himalayas there are 5 Kedars viz. Kedarnath, Madhyameshwar, Tunganath, Rudranath and Kalpeshwar. Near Rudranath flows the River Vaitarni. In the Puranas or Indian Mythology texts it is written that while going to Yamalok (abode of god of death) a creature’s soul post death comes to this River Vaitarni. There are many ancient Kalpalatas or creepers twining around trees that give flowers in every season. The talk of these Kalpalatas or Kalpavrikshas (wish fulfilling trees) growing in heaven can be correlated to these Kalpalatas or creepers in heaven on earth region of Himalayas witnessed even today. Nearby is the Agnitirtha. Over here previously resided Kamadeva the lord of sexual passion. Since he erred by arrogantly challenging Lord Shankar he had to get burnt to ashes over here itself. Kamadeva the lord of sexual passion’s wife Rati had later performed Tapas over here hence there is a Rati Kunda or pond also over here.

Three and a half miles further ahead of Pippal Koti area is the Garuda Ganga. Over here it is said that Lord Vishnu’s vehicle Garuda or eagle had resided here in ancient eras. In Joshimath dwells Lord Nrisingha with a half man half lion torso. In Vishnuprayag dwells Lord Vishnu. Over here along with the names of their chief’s is well known viz. Brahmakund, Shivkund, Ganeshkund, Tingikund, Rishi Kund, Suryakund, Durgakund, Kuberkund and Prahladkund. One mile further ahead of Pandukeshwar dwells Sheshdhara where it is said that Lord Sheshanaga had resided in ancient eras. In the Badrinath peak’s temple are images of Nara, Narayan, Garud, Kubera, Uddhav and Lakshmi. At the confluence (Triveni Sangam) of Rivers Saraswati, Alaknanda and Ganga is Keshavprayag and close to it is the Samyapras Tirtha. Over here is seen the Ganesh Gufa or cave and Vyas Gufa. Over here in ancient eras Lord Ganesh had penned down the epic Mahabharat as dictated by Lord Vedavyasji.

In the Kedarkhand there is a description that since due to Mleccha or foreign rule ushering in and since sins had augmented manifold Lord Shankar left Kashi city and traveled to Uttarkashi. As of today this is the chief residence of Lord Shankar. Over here the Vishwanath Temple is very famous. At the time of the bloody battle between the gods and demons energy that had fallen from the skies got reinstated here and indeed it is a wonderful vision. Further ahead is the Dhodhi Talab or lake where Lord Ganesha was born.

Near Gangotri glacier is a place called Rudragairu and from here flows the River Rudraganga. Further the 11 Rudras reside here. Near Jagla Chatti on Gungum Nala is the dwelling of Virbhadra.

In this manner by standing on the heart center of Himalayas if we glance in any direction there we can see a forest of pilgrim spots. In days of freezing winter residents of Gangotri etc climb down to lesser cold regions like Rishikesh, Uttarkashi etc. Similarly it seems that gods-goddesses too climbing down from the super huge heights of Sumeru Mountain must be making local residences in Uttarakhand. Even today in these regions of gods-goddesses in comparison to noisy urban areas much more purity (Sattvikta) and spirituality can be felt. This tangible proof of great measure of divine principles ruling here can be witnessed by just about anybody even today.

Men of penance via spiritual austerities attain these divine principles. Wherever divinity is in majority there their goal gets fulfilled. Hence if we take note of ancient history, Puranas or Indian Mythology texts etc it seems that on an average every Rishi had arrived in Uttarakhand to execute spiritual austerities. Their hermitages and work arenas are seen in various regions of India yet time and again in order to perform penance they would land here. For various desires various people have done penance here. Many Asuras or demons have rendered this area their place of worship. A few demigods too have performed penance over here. And why would they not do this? This is because heaven on earth and heart center of Himalayas is so close by.

In Badrinath peak Lord Vishnu by taking the garb of an ascetic had executed harsh difficult austerities. Since this area was the main gateway to enter those pilgrim spots it was called Haridwar. King Vena had performed penance over here. On Kushavarta Mountain Lord Dattatreya had performed penance. At a place called Saptasarovar that is 3 miles ahead of Haridwar sitting in the middle of Ganga the 7 Rishis called Saptarshis had performed penance. River Ganga in order to avoid obstructing their penance veered away from that spot and instead started flowing as 7 separate streams. In the middle the land of penance carried out by the 7 Rishis called Saptarshis also separated. At this very spot Jahnu Muni also performed penance. When Bhagiratha brough down River Ganga from heaven and Bhagwati started flowing down thunderously with cyclonic speed Jahnu Muni was not pleased with this scene. He hence held this River Ganga waters in his cupped palm and drank it. Bhagiratha was walking in the front and when he saw that River Ganga had disappeared he was dumbstruck. When he learnt the reason he humbly prayed to Jahnu Muni who on getting appeased spat out River Ganga from his mouth. It is hence that after Saptasarovar Ganga is called Jahnvi or daughter of Jahnu Muni. The River Ganga above this region is called Bhagirathi. Since the river had resided in Jahnu Muni’s stomach it was called Jahnutanaya.

Since demons like Ravan, Kumbhkaran, Meghnad etc were killed by Lord Rama and Lakshman his brother they incurred the sin of Brahmahatya killing Brahmins). As a result of this sin Lakshman was attacked by tuberculosis disease and Lord Rama got afflicted with insomnia or lack of sleep. Vasishthaji in order to help them get liberated from this sin of Brahmahatya killing Brahmins) asked them to perform spiritual austerities. Hence Lakshman in Lakshmanjhula and Lord Rama in Devprayag had performed long term spiritual austerities. Seeing his brother execute such Tapas or spiritual austerities the other 2 brothers Bharat and Shatrughna too followed in their footsteps. Bharat in Rishikesh and Shatrughna in Muni ki Reti performed long term spiritual austerities. In this very area is a place called Swargashram built by Baba Kali Kamliwalla where even today so many saints, ascetics etc perform spiritual austerities. 30 miles ahead of Lakshmanjhula in Vyasghat Veda Vyasji by performing spiritual austerities attained God/Self Realization.

In Devprayag Brahmaji the creator also had done Tapas or spiritual austerities. The confluence of Rivers Alaknanda and Ganga is exotic and grand. The well known scholar Medhatithi by doing Tapas or spiritual austerities here had manifested solar energy. The Vashishtha Tirtha too is here where Maharshi Vashishtha had done Tapas or spiritual austerities. Just before the town is a huge cave called Vashishtha Gufa. King Dilip of Raghuvansh clan and his descendent Kings Raghu and Aja too had done Tapas or spiritual austerities here. Vaital and Pushpamal Kinnari in order to get liberated from a curse had done Tapas or spiritual austerities near Devprayag.

Further ahead at a place called Indrakeel Arjun by doing Tapas or spiritual austerities had attained the Pashupati Astra or weapon. A river flowing near the area where Rishi Khandav had done Tapas or spiritual austerities is called Khandav Ganga. Near Srinagar King Satyasangh by doing Tapas or spiritual austerities had attained the great prowess of killing the demon Kolasur. King Nahush too by doing Tapas or spiritual austerities here had attained the post of King Indra of heaven. The region between Vahni stream and Vahni Mountain is the place where Rishi Ashtavakra had done Tapas or spiritual austerities. Nearby King Deval too had performed harsh difficult Tapas or spiritual austerities.

In Rudraprayag Naradji by doing Tapas or spiritual austerities had attained mastery in the Art of Music Science. The place where Agastya Muni had executed his renowned Navgraha (9 planetary) Anushthan or rites is called Agastya Muni. Over here Shaunak Rishi had performed a Yajna. Near Bhimi Chatti and River Mandakini Bhim had performed Tapas or spiritual austerities. Further ahead in Shonitpur Banasur demon by doing Yajna offering his blood performed penance and thus by appeasing Lord Shiva had attained success in gaining victory over the world.

When Chandrama (moon) suffered from TB he at the spot of Rakeshwari Devi 5 miles further ahead of Matang Shila found before Kalimatha performed Tapas or spiritual austerities and thus got liberated from tuberculosis. Ahead of Fata Chatti is the hermitage of Jamadagni Rishi. 2.5 miles ahead of Somdwar exists Gauri Kund. Nearby is the hermitage of Guru Gorakhnath the Acharya of Nath Sampradaya. The place where King of heaven Indra had done Tapas or spiritual austerities in the Kedarnath pilgrim spot is called Indra Parvat or mountain. In Ukhimath, King Mandhata had done Tapas or spiritual austerities. At the other shore of East Mandakini River of Gupta Kashi King Bali had done Tapas or spiritual austerities and here exists the Bali Kunda. Near Tungnath is is the hermitage of Markandeyaji. Near Mandal Village Chatti flows the Balkhilya River. This river was rendered Abhimantrit by Balkhilya Rishis for their Tapas or spiritual austerities. It is here that King Sagar had done the Ashwamedha Yajna and over here itself performed a religious rite program spanning 100 years in order to sire children.

Ahead of Nandprayag on the banks of Virahi River Sati (consort of Lord Shiva) due to separation from her husband had done Tapas or spiritual austerities so as to calm her agonized mind. 6 miles ahead in the west from Kumhar Chatti is the Urgam Village and here King Aja had done Tapas or spiritual austerities. Near Kalpeshwar is the region of Rishi Durwasa. Nearby is the Kalpasthal where in byegone eras it is said grew a wish fulfilling tree or Kalpavriksha. Near Vridha Badri are found caves where in byegone eras men of immense austerities would do penance. In Joshimath, Adi Guru Shankaracharya had done Tapas or spiritual austerities. There he wrote Bhashyas or commentaries on the Upanishads and reinstated the sacred seat called Jyotish Peetha. Over here he renounced his mortal coil too. 6 miles ahead of Joshimath exists Tapovan. Over here was Vyasji’s Veda Vidyalaya or school. Nearby is Shukdevji’s hermitage too. In Pandukeshwar King Pandu, the father of the 5 Pandavas had done Tapas or spiritual austerities. 6 miles ahead is Hanuman Chatti where on becoming old in age Hanumanji had done Tapas or spiritual austerities. Once, Bhima passed by that area and he was very arrogantly proud about his physical might. Hanumanji said: O valiant one! I am a very old aged monkey. I am now not capable of even lifting my hands and legs. Hence if you at least raise my tail I shall be grateful to you. When Bhima tried to raise his tail he failed miserably in doing so. He then recognized this aged monkey to be Lord Hanumanji and hence begged forgiveness. Near Hanuman Chatti on the other shore of River Alaknanda is found the confluence of Rivers Kshir Ganga and Ghrit Ganga. In byegone times its water was as nourishing and nutritious as Ghee or clarified butter and milk. Over here Vaikhanas Muni used to do Tapas or spiritual austerities. Over here itself King Marut had executed a gigantic Yajna and even today one can procure its Yajna fire’s ash. In Karnaprayag Karna by doing solar based Tapas or spiritual austerities had attained a Kavach (armor) and Kundal (earrings).

On the way to Gangotri glacier dwells Uttarkashi that is the chief spot of man of Tapas or spiritual austerities. Overhere Lord Parshuram after doing Tapas or spiritual austerities had attained that divine power in order to render planet earth devoid of men inflicting atrocities on innocent earth denizens. Over here Jada Bharat on shedding his mortal coil had attained Moksha or salvation and even today his tombstone can be seen here. This place is also where Nachiketa had done Tapas or spiritual austerities. It is worth seeing the Nachiketa Sarovar or lake over here. Further ahead from here near Nakori village is the place of Kapil Muni. Near Purva village is the region of Tapas or spiritual austerities done by Rishis Markandeya and Matang. Nearby in a place called Kachori Goddess Parvati was born. On the way one finds pilgrim spots like Hariprayag (Harshil) and Guptprayag. Further ahead is the meritorious pilgrim spot of Gangotri glacier where Bhagiratha by doing difficult Tapas or spiritual austerities succeeded in bringing down River Ganga from heaven on planet earth. Over here even today so many saints, sages and ascetics are executing intense Tapas or spiritual austerities. In cold winter when sometimes snow falls measuring 13 feet even these saints, sages and ascetics absolutely naked and devoid of any clothese covering their torso perform Tapas or spiritual austerities in their huts. Gomukh that is the fount of River Ganga lies 18 miles further ahead from here. On that path so many ascetics are doing Tapas or spiritual austerities since many years at a stretch.

Guru Govind Singhji was the head of the Sikh community previously. He had done Tapas or spiritual austerities for 20 long years in Hemkund near Joshimatha for attaining that divine energy that rendered the Sikh community and religion progressive. This was the most beloved spot of Swami Ramtirth too. He was sacredly mesmerized by the divine beauty of the Himalaya Mountains and River Ganga flowing there. While bathing in the holy River Ganga near Tehri region he entered a state of such divine ecstasy that he merged himself eternally in its sacred waters.

While choosing Uttarakhand as their region of performing Tapas or spiritual austerities all the above saints, sages and ascetics had taken recourse to their subtle divine vision. They knew well that the divine power of the heart of Himalaya Mountains called heaven on earth spreads its divine warmth much more in areas nearby it. Hence it was best that they performed Tapas or spiritual austerities in this region only. In order to benefit from a blazing fire it is best to come close to it and thus ward off cold felt by the body. It is the Sumeru Center where rays of spiritual principles flow by with very intense speed. It is not as though only the water based River Ganga flows there but that the source of spiritual River Ganga flows too there. How was it possible to see that meritorious region called heaven on earth? What was witnessed there and what experiences were accrued? How was it possible to easily access such otherwise daunting inaccessible regions? This description shall be given in the following lines.






















For succeeding in any task an optimal apt place and opportunity are most essential. It is fine that men of strong will power create their path on rocks too and render possible that which is impossible for others. It is also correct that in front of mental focus, steadfastness, zeal and very strong mental resolve inapt situations are rendered conducive. Yet we also have to accept that optimal apt places and environment are no less important. Lest as per the task at hand arrangements are made for apt situations and optimal means the goal is reached with greater ease. Further to a great extent the fear of failure gets warded off. If bang opposite to this, means are lacking then even men of strong will power shall not only take a long time to achieve the goal but shall have to endure painful difficulties on the way. If we compare the amount of success attained in a certain time span of hard labor put in when conducive means are at hand to that when situations are very dire and obstructive the success is miniscule, labor put in is much more and time taken too is manifold more. Hence it is best that in order to perform any task apt situations and optimal means are searched for.

If we sow seeds in dry land full of pebbles and rocks very little growth is seen. If you wish to harvest a good quality crop search for fertile land and also make arrangements for adding fertilizers and watering the sown seeds. It is alright that lest a very strong will powered person with immense strength puts in efforts he may render dry land fertile yet know that he shall have to use up so much more precious energy of his when compared to much less energy used up while growing crops on fertile land that has proper arrangements for irrigation etc. Hence wise people for attaining success in their tasks focus their attention on gathering apt means/materials and optimal situations.

Spiritual practices can be done anywhere and that our home is also not a bad option to perform them. Since ‘all land belongs to Almighty God’ it follows that God dwells in every iota of the cosmos. Hence there is no objection if we remember God just about anywhere and everywhere the world over. Despite this an apt place has its own special importance. In the Chapter 10 of the Bhagwat Geeta called Vibhooti Yoga Lord Shri Krishna says: In each unit oozing with specialty, know that my manifestation is that much more intense. The same holds true for any place.

Just as amongst beasts cows, royal swan amongst birds, fig amongst trees, Tulsi or basil amongst plants and barley amongst grains Sattvikta (sacredness) is much more in a predominating manner if we dwell in close proximity to them and use them it ushers in auspiciousness for us. Similarly in certain places and rivers-lakes this subtle Sattvik sacred power is found in much greater measure and hence the psyche those staying closeby in such areas oozes with pious purity and thus the road of true spirituality opens. Rishis possessing subtle divine vision had searched for such places in that very manner just as today people insanely search for mines of silver, gold, diamonds etc. Those places found to be blooming with Sattva or sacred purity was proclaimed to be Tirthas (pilgrim spots). In such Tirthas (pilgrim spots) great Rishis of yore set up their humble residences and places of Tapas or spiritual austerities. Further they advised the lay public to visit these Tirthas (pilgrim spots) as much as possible for Darshan and bathing in those sacred rivers and by staying there at least for a few days and thus accrue both spiritual and bodily good health. In these Tirthas (pilgrim spots) the visiting devotees would attain holy association, sacred teachings and spiritual guidance from great Rishis permanently residing there so that the withering bud of their psyche would again bloom forth akin to lush greenery.

But due to ill fate and changing times today the environment of Tirthas (pilgrim spots) has become tainted and distorted. Residents there, proclaiming themselves to be descendents of Rishis of yore keep demanding Dakshina (preceptor gifts) yet since they lack good character, spiritual power of penance, self sacrifice and divine wisdom no good or well being is accrued by devotees associating with them. Not only this but that because of their mediocre mental stature and this sort of veiled ‘looting’ via demanding Dakshina (preceptor gifts) devotees going there have no faith in them. Despite this taking place there yet it is definite that subtle sacred vibrations in these Tirthas (pilgrim spots) even today can be felt as before. Many crocodiles, toads etc dwell in River Ganga and pass urine, feces etc there apart from carrying out vile activities the river does not get polluted. Thus River Ganga’s greatness does not diminish even a wee bit. Similarly those places oozing with Sattva or sacred purity unearthed by great Rishis of yore are the same in stature principally even today despite the fact that its external environment has gone haywire in a big way.

Every place has its own specialty. When Shravan Kumar set off for a pilgrimage by carrying his blind parents in a sling on his shoulders, a place came on the way where on reaching Shravan Kumar changed his mind. He placed the sling on the ground and told his aged blind parents: Even though your eyes cannot see at least you can walk. Hence I shall just show you the path and shall no longer carry you on my shoulders in a sling. His blind father did not get angry even though such a great son as his suddenly changed in character and instead he understood the situation at hand. Hence his blind father said: We shall no doubt commence walking yet please at least do one thing and that is, quickly leave this place. Please walk fast and quickly lead us to some other place. His son Shravan Kumar did exactly this. As soon as they left that place Shravan Kumar’s mind regained its previous pious selflessless service based attitude and thus repented what he had done. He cried and begged forgiveness from his aged blind parents and again carried his blind parents in a sling on his shoulders for the rest of the journey.

Shravan Kumar’s blind father while consoling him recounted an ancient episode of history. At the spot where the above had taken place there resided a demon previously and thus it became a center of vile activities and tainted thinking. Thus this land oozed with such tainted Sanskars (qualities) that even if a very great pious thinking person reached there he would imbibe those tainted thoughts. Hence my son! It is not your fault at all because this place reeks with taints. Hence it is best that we avoid such regions that induce sinning in a big way.

A similar kind of story is regarding that time when the bloody Mahabharat War was to be waged. Lord Shri Krishna feared that since it is a war between brothers it should not happen that out of deluded attachment this war would stop and thus the great task of wiping out demons would remain incomplete. Hence for this war such a place had to be chosen where atrocities and heartless behavior ruled like weeds in a garden. In order to search for such land Lord Shri Krishna sent his aides to very far off places and commanded them to give him news and details of all that was going on there. These aides left and after many days returned with news unfolded. One aide said: I saw such an incident in one place wherein the elder brother was telling his younger brother that due to heavy rains the bund around their agriculture field has broken. Hence he told the younger brother to repair it. But the younger brother insultingly lashed out at his elder brother: Do this repair work on your own! Hence the elder brother got so angry that he pressed the throat of the younger brother. The latter died immediately and thus the elder brother dragging the corpse of his brother all along the ground took it to that place in the field where the bund around their agriculture field had broken apart. In place of mud he placed his dead brother’s corpse there and repaired the bund. On hearing this incident Lord Shri Krishna understood that where such atrocities between brothers takes place leading to murder there this bloody Mahabharat War waged shall fulfill the great task of wiping out demons. Hence it is there that Lord Shri Krishna unfurled the flag of war. Later in this war both enemy camps waged such a war wherein they did not rest till they killed each other to drink blood.

In the 2 incidences mentioned above just as we discussed how land can reek with vile qualities so too there are places where great glorious qualities bloom in a lush green manner. If we stay there great conducive thoughts and sacred thinking ooze forth in our psyche. If those sacred inspirations are given even a wee bit of encouragement and nurturing doubtlessly we can benefit positively from pious qualities oozing in those sacred regions. For devotees treading the path of spirituality such pious regions prove to be very auspicious ushering in their overall well being. By choosing such great places half success is already accrued due to this right choice.

For spiritual practices augmenting sacredness the Uttarakhand of Himalaya Mountains is apt and optimal. In ancient times majority of Rishis had completed their penance in such regions. By journeying in such regions we can find out that on an average the hermitages of major leading Rishis can be found here. There were some Rishis that by traveling to various regions of India for some specific tasks would set up Ashrams or hermitages there. Yet if it was felt by them that intense Tapas or spiritual austerities must be done for manifesting more potent soul power they would again come to these regions of the lofty Himalaya Mountains called heaven on earth. River Ganga, by becoming Sahasradhara (1000 streams), flow in this region itself. On its own the very 1st Darshan or vision of River Ganga is availed at Gomukh that is 18 miles further than Gangotri glacier. Yet in Gomukh this River Ganga is but a thin stream of water. Water that collects in River Ganga is but the merging of thousands of streams and rivulets of Uttarakhand. All these also are a part of River Ganga and it is believed that River Ganga has flowed here as Sahasradhara (1000 streams). Finally at Haridwar they properly merge as one huge single River Ganga. In this manner the entire Himalaya Mountain region, Uttarakhand etc by becoming sanctified via River Ganga presents a rare great opportunity for devotees pursuing Tapas or spiritual austerities.

From the standpoint of water and air, this region that lies at gigantic heights, that is freezing cold and is mountainous is said to be very beneficial. Wealthy people in summer days in order to benefit healthwise attain mental peace and joy travel in such natural beauty regions regularly. There are so many regions like Kashmir, Shimla, Dehradun, Mussorie, Almora, Nainital, Darjeeling etc where do to availability of high stature air and water content in order to benefit healthwise and improve one’s mental state by gazing at these areas oozing with immense natural beauty thousands of people travel there and use up a lot of money too. In this manner the entire Himalaya Mountain region in Uttarakhand sacredly sanctified by River Ganga gives us that incomparable and rare opportunity to improve our both physical and mental health.

In this era reeking with overall downfall where only the flag of victory for crime and fraud is waved there even today Uttarakhand to a great extent has been protected from these taints. Thousands of pilgrims travel to Yamnotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath etc each year and all of them can be presented as witnesses to the fact that on an average mountain folks of these regions are honest. In these regions robbery, crime, adultery, fraud, envy etc are virtually absent. Those pilgrims who have to deal with these mountain folks can say in one voice that in comparison to people staying in plains, cities etc these mountain folks are a thousand fold more honest and innocent. Police records too can prove that in these areas crime rate is so low. The reason for this is that the subtle environment of the Uttarakhand mountain regions oozes with sacred purity and hence mountain folks influenced by this purity exhibit a lot of honesty in their dealings with others.

In devotees heat is known to increase in their psyche and hence in order to cool it the cool serene nature of the lofty Himalaya Mountain region in Uttarakhand works as a wonderful cure. While living in hot regions when we execute harsh difficult austerities if the increased heat in the psyche does not cool down it can prove to be harmful. But if you do these harsh difficult austerities in the cool serene surroundings of the lofty Himalaya Mountain region no such fear is harbored.

Just as man on advancing rises to a higher stature wherein great good qualities manifest in the mind, he too rises higher in life. As a result God gets pleased. In the supreme Lokas or worlds of Hindus where along with deities Almighty God dwells they are said to dwell up above. Even other religious followers like Muslims, Christians, Jews, Parsis etc believe that their God dwells high in the sky. Great heights and stature are said to be symbols of divinity. On earth too this rule applies because those places that are higher on earth are said to be oozing with that much more divinity. Even the great height of lofty Himalaya Mountains is a reason for it possessing such high stature spiritual specialties. Hence it is also called heaven.

The Pandavas in order to spend the rest of their lives in Himalaya Mountains had done so keeping in mind not only its great height but also the high stature sacredness of its atmosphere. There is a place called Swargarohan in Himalaya Mountains where on reaching the Pandavas had headed straight to heaven above. One opinion also says that in ancient times this was Swargloka or heaven of Uttarakhand. Over here resided men of penance, devotees, Rishis, Munis and saints oozing with a divine nature. Over here great glorious activities ruled in such untold measure that in its surroundings people did not get harassed by those sorrows, stress, anguish etc both at the physical and mental level that is generally perceived in our world everywhere. On noting that environment’s zest and bliss if we call this region Swargloka or heaven it is not surprising at all. It is possible that the Pandavas leaving the stressful atmosphere of Indraprastha (New Delhi of today) had headed for the Himalaya Mountains in order to spend the remaining life there in the company of divine saints dwelling there. Ahead of Gangotri glacier on the way from Gomukh straight to Badrinath which is a tough mountain terrain is a place called Nandan Kanan. It is well known that in heaven too there is Nandan Kanan.

Whatever the case maybe the fact is that for spiritual practices that Himalaya Mountain region especially along the shores of River Ganga is very apt and optimal. Those understanding the deep import of spiritual practices or Sadhana go there not merely as a pilgrimage or having Darshan of various temple deities but that if by sparing sometime for serious spiritual practices one goes there success is attained that much more easily. Just as to increase bodily health certain mountain areas are recommended similarly for spiritual and soul advancement the Himalaya Mountain region especially along the shores of River Ganga is very apt and optimal.










In the Bhagwad Geeta (10/31) Lord Shri Krishna says: “Srotasamasmi Jahnavi”. It means that among all rivers I am Bhagirathi River Ganga (also called Jahnvi).

In the Bhagwad Geeta (11/16) Lord Shri Krishna says: “Tirthanam srotasam ganga”. It means that amongst Tirthas or pilgrim spots River Ganga reigns supreme.

By itself the deep import of River Ganga from the mundane standpoint too is no less. Yet its root importance is heavenly and spiritual in nature. Via Ganga waters the thirst of so many humans and other creatures, so much land oozes with lush greenery, so many vegetables, flowers etc bloom forth due to its pure waters and this is known to all. Everyone believes that thousands and millions of humans and lives of birds-beasts depends on River Ganga waters. Lest River Ganga had not manifested on earth from heaven then that land seen to be lush green everywhere, where innumerable humans, birds, beasts etc dwelling joyfully would have appeared very differently today. In fact this land would have been akin to a graveyard reeking with eerie fear. In that land where flows by River Ganga not only has it given very important basis for sustaining life to people dwelling in its vicinity but that it has given a lot to even people dwelling far away from it. The grandeur over here by spreading out to far off places has increased the wealth, prosperity etc of entire India. If we fill a vessel with water and place it on a stive for heating then even though the fire touches only a small portion of the vessel yet the water getting heated inside helps spread the heat all over the vessel within. Similarly grandeur created from the presence of River Ganga not only renders prosperous our country India but that the entire world benefits from it. The wood from dense jungles present on River Ganga shores transported to every nook and corner of the country fulfills requirement of house construction, wooden carvings etc. Food growing in fertile soil here is so great in measure that after fulfilling local dietary needs excess measure of it remains behind. And thus when transported to regions far away it appeases the hunger of so many more people.  There are so many herbs (Jadi-Butis) like Brahmi etc that grow in River Ganga. It is well nigh difficult to gauge the amount of financial benefits accrued by humans via River Ganga.

From the health standpoint even modern scientists and doctors are wonderstruck at the benefits attainined from River Ganga waters. On chemical analysis done it is found that its water has copper, gold, mercury and other minerals in an aptly proportionate manner. Thus if it is used it works akin to a medicinal cure. It helps in increasing good health. It stops our health from deteriorating and works like a precious medicine in rendering diseased patients healthy. There are been many patients who have spent huge amounts of cash for curing their diseases yet have failed to get cured. And then when they regularly drank River Ganga waters their disease got cured. The only cure for leprosy is said to be River Ganga waters. Ancient era Ayurveda doctors would send leprosy patients to the shores of River Ganga waters and ask them to drink it regularly. Thus the results seen were great. But today since a lot of urine, feces etc enters these waters that specialty of River Ganga waters has diminished a lot. But although benefits are not so much as in previous eras yet today we see a fair number of leprosy patients dwelling on River Ganga banks.

River Ganga waters are known to cure diseases like chronic bowel disorders, edema, swelling, wind based diseases, breathing problems, epilepsy, heart ailments, blood pressure, urine problems, sperm and ovum disorders etc. Of course more or less ir benefits other disease cures too. If River Ganga water is kept in a bottle or vessel for a long time it never gets tainted. This quality is not present in waters of any other river the world over. The reason why River Ganga water does not get tainted is that it possesses the capacity to destroy germs, microbes etc that taint water. Once, leading doctors conducted research by placing some water containing microbes that cause dysentery in a vessel that contained River Ganga water. They were surprised to note that River Ganga water destroyed microbes that cause dysentery and that River Ganga water did not become toxic. Lest River Ganga water had not possessed this quality then since daily thousands of tons of feces/urine that enters it would have rendered its waters toxic. Thus if anyone drank this water they would start becoming sick. But so far this has not happened and that River Ganga water is as pure as ever. Yet these principles in River Ganga water that can destroy microbes can diminish since so much dirt and rubbish is thrown into it day in and day out. Thus its power to increase good health too depletes. Today only that River Ganga water is called useful that is available in those parts of the Himalaya Mountains where not much urine, feces, rubbish etc mixes in its waters. If only the Indian Govt. pays due attention to opening a health center in these Himalaya Mountain regions along the banks of River Ganga then patients shall benefit not only physically but that their spiritual health too shall become sound.

Every object of the world has 3 levels and they are:

1)      Gross

2)      Subtle

3)      Causal

Those qualities or benefits noted from the external standpoint are generally gross in nature. Those benefits proved via modern research and scientific applications are subtle and those benefits that are seen and understood by Yogis that are spiritual seers/Self Realized/subtle visionaries using their subtle divine eye are causal in nature. From the gross standpoint Tulsi or basil plant is green to look at. From the subtle standpoint it is known to possess the capacity to ward off fever and calm down other diseases. Yet if its causal nature is researched into one finds that it possesses such gigantic measure of Sattvik spiritual principles that if we grow it on our doorstep and make use of it our bodily activities very naturally bloom forth with sacred purity. Hence it is zestfully used in religious and spiritual applications. The same holds true for the cow. From the gross standpoint milk is so full of life force/Prana Energy that no other material the world over can compare with it. From the causal standpoint its particles drip with divinity and if one dwells in its proximity divine qualities, religious bent of mind, great behavior and activities augment n fold. Akin to Tulsi or basil plant and cow every material has its own gross and causal stature. In accordance with it its qualities are discerned. From the gross standpoint in onions and garlic apart from a bit of bad smell only qualities oozes. Yet from causal standpoint it is Tamas (inertia, indolence etc) in nature only. Those who use it reek with sexual passion and anger and hence it is advised to avoid these.

Even River Ganga from the gross standpoint is but a useful river from the financial benefit viewpoint. As far as the subtle standpoint is concerned it has a special quality of increasing our good health yet from the causal standpoint its deep import and great stature is infinite in measure. Its gurgling sound purifies our ears, by visualizing it the bad desires in our eyes are warded off, by bathing and drinking it the emotions in the psyche are rendered sacred and sanctified. In every pore of humans bad activities/thinking gathered from innumerable previous lifetimes reeks forth. When these become actively manifest man on getting even a small chance of executing tainted acts grabs it and despite not actually desiring deep within he perforce acts in a vile undesirable manner. Lest chains can be placed on these activities based on previous lifetimes’ Sanskars or psychic imprints man can save him from sinning in a big way.

In the Mahatmya or deep import of River Ganga at many places its quality of destroying sins has been detailed. Its connotation is but these psychic tainted activities that on getting a luscious chance like an allurement perforce get pushed to the path of vileness and tainted unethical activities. Hence living in close proximity to River Ganga is akin to placing a powerful control on sinning. In the Mahatmya or deep import of River Ganga the root principle of destroying sins is this powerful control.

Many people think that if we bathe in River Ganga we shall not have to face the dire results of past misdeeds but know that this is erroneous thinking on their part. Man perforce has to face results of past good deeds or misdeeds and that via bathing or other rites we cannot stop them from bearing good or bad results. Ordinarily one has to face results of every deeds executed whether good or bad. Yet if we wish to get liberated from them the only recourse is to undergo difficult austerities that aid in atoning for sins carried out by us. A criminal definitely goes to jail but if this criminal accepts fully his mistake and confesses his sinful act, if he returns all that he has amassed illegally and voluntarily gets ready to undergo punishment meted out by judges in a court of law, he may get released from jail. For example Gopal robbed Ghanshyam. A few days later Gopal repented truly and became wiser. He realized the terrible nature of robbery. Now Gopal yearns to get liberated from sinning thus. He sought guidance from his inner soul. He hence went to meet Ghanshyam. He admitted his crime to Ghanshyam. He returned the robbed materials to Ghanshyam. Further instead of undergoing 6 months imprisonment in jail as per the court’s verdict he was ready to work at Ghanshyam’s house akin to a prisoner without getting any payment for labor done. Also Gopal vowed never to rob anyone again in future. Definitely under such circumstances Ghanshyam feels pity for Gopal and shall respect Gopal’s pious attitude. Thus instead of wrath Ghanshyam shall shower affection on Gopal. Further Ghanshyam shall understand that it shall be very difficult for Gopal to make arrangements to return expensive materials robbed by him that he immediately made use of and got depleted. Seeing this possibly Ghanshyam shall not take much from Gopal. From the humane standpoint Ghanshyam shall definitely atleast stop Gopal from doing 6 month labor at his house without taking any payment and while lovingly embracing him Ghanshyam could say: O my friend Gopal! It is great on your part to bravely confess your misdeed and that you are returning the robbed materials to me. Say, in today’s world, who does all this? Your magnanimity is praiseworthy. Anyone can err yet it is only a great person who fully accepts his mistake and atones for it deeply. You indeed are great and the bravery shown by you makes my heart dance with joy. Hence I cannot keep you as a prisoner in my house for 6 months. Not only do I forgive you but that I accept you as my revered friend. Let us affectionately embrace each other and henceforth live as true lifelong friends.

In the above example, in true repentance for misdeeds done, curses and anger emerging in the mind of the victim calm down a great deal. Even a judge does not have to cogitate a lot as to what type of punishment to mete out. Scriptural seers have given atonements for all those sinful acts that have already been done and whose punishment has definitely to be endured. On the basis of these atonements man can reform himself and endure its punishment in the form of austerities. Atonement is the only solution for those sins that have already been executed that can be faced more easily on River Ganga shores. Yet while describing the deep import of River Ganga scriptural seers have detailed destruction of those sins that are bad psychic imprints or Kusanskars. These are counted amongst mental sins only and stopping their onrush in the psyche is akin to destroying potential sins of future times. Thus sins of many past lifetimes get destroyed. The gist of this is that those bad psychic imprints or Kusanskars of many past lifetimes get destroyed that are the real creators of sinful actions.

Due to close proximity to River Ganga there are many scriptural based proof of destruction of sins. In the Padma Puran (Srishti Khand; Chapters 60/29/43) there are many verses quoting such proof. Following are a few examples:



MEANING: By merely remembering the name Ganga sins, by singing hymns of River Ganga execessive sins and Darshan or vision of River Ganga extremely ghastly sins get destroyed.




MEANING: By bathing, drinking water and offering Tarpan rites to Pitrus or departed ancestors in River Ganga each day the measure of ghastly sins keep diminishing.




MEANING: Just as due to contacting fire cotton and dry grass burn to ashes in a flash, similarly when man touches River Ganga waters in one moment all his sins burn to naught.




MEANING: By using River Ganga waters man can attain this very benefits that are accrued via austerities, performing so many Yajnas, various types of Vratas or spiritual vows and giving a lot of material wealth in charity.




MEANING: A father his son, a wife her husband, a relative his kin and other people leave their beloveds yet River Ganga never leaves her beloved devotees in the lurch.




MEANING: O River Ganga! Since you are the sacred waters that have washed the feet of Lord Vishnu you are supremely pure and since you travel in all 3 Lokas or worlds you are called Tripath Gamini. Your water represents righteousness and true religion and hence you are well known as Dharmadevi. O Revered Jahnvi! Please destroy my sins.




MEANING: O River Ganga! You have manifested from the hallowed feet of Lord Vishnu. You are honored by Lord Vishnu and hence called Vaishnavi. Please do protect me from sins right from birth to death.




MEANING: O Goddess Bhagirathi overflowing with righteousness! Please render me sanctified by imbuing me with deep faith via your nectarine waters and beautiful dust of your sacred feet.




MEANING: If a person chants aloud ‘Ganga-Ganga’ even hundreds of yards away from River Ganga gets liberated from all sins and enters the abode of Lord Vishnu.




MEANING: Even if a creature does a lot of scriptural reading, Yajnas, Mantra chanting, Homa, worship of gods etc he does not get that material and spiritual benefit got on drinking, bathing etc in River Ganga waters.




MEANING: Especially in this Kaliyuga or Dark Era it is River Ganga (one that bestows salvation or Moksha) that aids man devoid of Sattvaguna (pious mind) from getting liberation from all difficulties. By using River Ganga devotedly innumerable pious merits (Punya) manifest in our life.


Punati kirtita papam drishta bhadram prayacchati.

Avgadha cha pita cha punatyasaptam.

MEANING: By merely chanting the name ‘Ganga’ it washes off our sins. If we have its holy Darshan 7 generations of ours get sanctified.


Na gangasadrisham tirtham na devaha keshavatparaha.

Brahmanebhyaha param nasty evamah pitamaha.

MEANING: Brahmaji the creator says that there is no greater Tirtha or pilgrim spot than River Ganga, no greater deity than Lord Vishnu and no one worth revering more than Brahmins.




MEANING: Ganga is supreme amongst all Tirthas or pilgrim spots, supreme amongst all rivers and amongst all methods to ward off sins it is the only one that bestows salvation or Moksha too.




MEANING: If one’s psyche is tainted with sins there is no other recourse but taking aid of River Ganga be it humans or other creatures.




MEANING: River Ganga traveling from the holy scalp of Lord Shankar wards off all our sins and bestows welfare too. It sanctifies anything that sanctifies other things and is very auspicious for materials that bestow good merits.


It has been said:

Aushadhi jagnvi toyam vaidyo narayanaha harihi.

MEANING: The medicine that heals spiritual diseases is River Ganga and the doctor of these patients is Lord Narayana i.e. Almighty God. It is due to his grace that inner taints and sins get destroyed. Sinful thinking and tendencies in a way is a type of spiritual disease and ailment. It cannot be cured via mundane methods but that while residing on River Ganga shores one must zealously pray to Lord Narayana i.e. Almighty God.


















Around my hut, rules profound silence. Mother Nature is standstill. The loneliness of solitude is in abundance. The day passed by and night has set in. since I am not used to this environment I could not sleep. Instead of violent beasts, robbers, poisonous snakes, ghosts etc it was my loneliness that was scaring me. There was no other work but to keep tossing in my bed waiting for sleep to arrive. My head felt empty and the age old habit of deep thinking got activated. I thought thus: Why do we get scared of loneliness?

An answer emerged from within: Man is a part of the macrocosm. He gets nourished and nurtured by it. The body of a fish oozing with water all around remains alive in it similarly a part of the macrocosm, a unit of society being a spark of cosmic consciousness he prefers living in company of others. In loneliness since contact with this cosmic consciousness gets cut off his inner nourishment gets stalled and in its absence he fears loneliness and solitude.

My imagination ran much farther. Nourished by established beliefs it searched out many memories of life. Many episodes of loneliness and traveling alone were remembered and in it there was no joy but that only some time was passed. I remembered those days in jail during India’s Freedom Struggle from alien British Rule. At that time I was locked up in a prison cell. Although there was not much hardship to be faced in this cell yet mentally I was stressed because of solitude. When after 1 month I got released from jail akin to a ripe mango I became yellowish orange.

Since loneliness felt very harsh and dire all my mental units started censuring it with full throttle. Our brain is but a servant at our beck and call. Depending on our inner emotions and beliefs the brain builds a pile of those types of thoughts, arguments, logic, proof, reasons and examples. Whether something is correct or wrong it is our Viveka or farsighted brain that takes a decision. The responsibility of our brain is merely limited to place before us required thoughts that prove the aptness of upholding our inner likes-dislikes and in whichever direction they go. My mind too was doing this at that time.

Now the brain started thinking in a philosophic manner. Selfish people think only about their own profit-loss and their loneliness also. They do not find anyone to be their own and hence they fail to attain the joy of companionship with others. Their psyche akin to a lonely eerie graveyard wails aloud in anguish. On my mental screen emerged the life sketch of so many people I knew who never lacked wealth, prosperity, material comforts etc. Yet due to selfishness they felt everyone to be alien. They keep complaining about others.

My thought flow was moving very fast in its direction and it felt as though it was hell bent on proving loneliness as inapt, harmful and full of difficulties. At that time our likes shall showcase itself and hence what does one gain in getting immersed in this foolishness? Instead of remaining alone those tasks executed while dwelling amongst people in society why not focus on them?

My Viveka or farsighted brain identified the wrong trend of my thinking and said: Lest loneliness was totally inapt why would Rishis-Munis, devotees, Sidha saints, thinkers and scientists hunt for it? Why do they dwell in solitude? Lest solitude had no importance at all why would it be hunted for attaining bliss of Samadhi or trance and Self-God Realization? Why is lonely solitude soughted avidly for self introspection, mental reflection, spiritual penance, meditation etc? If solitude had no value would farsighted great saints waste their time dwelling in solitude that supposedly elicits only unhappiness in our mind?

Just as when the rein is pulled a horse stops running, similarly that thought flow trying to prove solitude full of hardships only came to a grinding halt. My steadfast faith intervened by saying the soul inspiration to pursue spiritual practices in lone solitude cannot be false at all. Faith said that the power that pulled me towards this path cannot guide erroneously. My sacred emotions said that a creature comes into this world all alone. It lives in this room called the body all alone. Hence in this defined time span of dwelling in solitude does the creature feel only unhappiness? The sun moves all alone. The moon arises in the evening all alone. Wind flows all alone and hence we must ask whether all of them are unhappy?

Thought cuts thoughts. This theory of psychology executed its task fully. Half an hour previously those thoughts feeling self fulfilled now have fallen down like a chopped tree. Thoughts counter attacking them defeated them. Hence self realized masters and saints advise us to cut bad thoughts with a downpour of great glorious thoughts. Even the vilest thought with immense power can be uprooted with resilient good great thoughts. How can vile beliefs be rendered great wholesome beliefs? I saw all this in that lonely dark night while tossing in my bed due to lack of sleep.

The night was passing by slowly. Since I got fed up of sleeplessness I came out of my hut. There in front of me I saw River Ganga akin to a lover rushing speedily towards its beloved ocean. Stones on the way were trying to obstruct its path yet they failed miserably in doing so. Due to wounds inflicted by many huge rocky boulders no doubt its parts were getting wounded yet not one complain was uttered by it and never exhibited despair. It would not pay any attention to these obstacles. It never feared darkness or solitude. Its deep yearning to meet its beloved ocean would not allow River Ganga to pay any attention to these obstacles. Singing ‘Har-Har’ (associated with Lord Shiva) in a gurgling manner and immersed in thoughts of her beloved ocean it renounced sleep and rest of all forms. Instead it preferred to just rush ahead ceaselessly.

The moon had arrived up above. In the innumerable waves of her waves got reflected this beautiful moon. It appeared as though one Brahman (God) on entering so many bodies was explaining to us his Maya or power of illusion that makes one appear to be many. The scene was exotic and grand. I came out of hut to sit on a huge boulder on the shores of River Ganga and without batting my eye lids I kept visualizing this beautiful scene. In a short while I dozed off for sometime and on this cool boulder I went to sleep.

It seemed that this stream of water is getting transformed into a divine goddess full of beauty akin to the lotus flower. Mesmerized I started hearing this enchanting sound with total focus. She said: O human embodied soul! Do not think you are alone in this forest of lone solitude. Do glance in all directions and you will perceive your self everywhere. Do not limit your subtle vision to humans only. In this gigantic cosmos man also is a miniscule creature. No doubt he has his place in it yet he is not the be all and end all of all world creation. Why should we believe that where man is not present there only loneliness rules? Even other creatures called animate-inanimate are as dear to Almighty God or Cosmic Divine Soul as much as man is dear to him. Hence why not look upon other creatures as your friends? Why don’t you visualize your soul in all of them? Why don’t you look upon them as your beloved companions? In this place of solitude although man is absent yet so many other creatures dwell here in hordes. In this mountainous jungle area innumerable species of birds, beasts, plants, trees etc reside. All of these have a soul and some form of emotions. Lest you can merge your soul with the soul of the consciousness of those creatures believed to be inert then O traveler on the path of soul uplifting! You shall be able to see your cosmic soul in the soul of all these creatures dwelling here.

The wondrous image of divine beauty that has incarnated on planet earth in the form of this divine goddess kept saying without pause: Man has been given an intellect by Almighty God or Cosmic Divine Soul. Yet unfortunate mankind has failed to attain joy via its apt usage. Due to the onrush of selfish desires he misused this divine boon and hence failed to attain joy. Human beings worth eulogizing today have become targets of pity. No other world creature showcases such stupidity as do world humans. Maybe consciousness in world creature is less in measure yet if we merge our pious emotions with theirs will you then feel lonely even a wee bit? All of them are your companions and all of them are your brothers and sisters.

The moment I changed sides my sleep broke and thus I woke up. I restlessly got up on the boulder. When I glanced in all directions I could not see that divine goddess who was giving me such immortal sacred teachings. It seemed as though she had immersed herself in these sacred River Ganga waters. She gave up her human form and got converted into this stream of water. I could not hear those words in human language yet in every gurgling sound of its waters these sacred emotions could be perceived. That was this very immortal sacred teaching. These ears of mine made of bone and skin could not hear these teachings but the soul of my ears could hear it and understand it perfectly.

Was this my waking state or dream? Was it true or merely an illusion? Were these my own thoughts or were they divine teachings? I could not come to a proper conclusion. I opened my eyes and passed my palms over my scalp. I tried again to search for all that I had seen and heard yet I failed in finding it. I could not decide anything.

At that moment I saw so many moon reflections dancing on Ganga water waves as though rising up in joy, uniting as one and is laughingly trying to say something. I tried to hear their talk when they spoke like reflections akin to small children: We are so many moons and have come to laugh and play with you. Will you accept us as your companions? Are we not your good friends? O man! You have come here from your selfish world. In that world people like each other only if their selfish desires can be fulfilled by the other person. If selfish gains accrue that person becomes our beloved and those who cannot do this become aliens that are to be shunned. This then is the way of your world! So please stay away from it. Please learn the ways of our world. We harbor no narrow mindedness, we have no mental deluded attachments, we are beyond selfishness and hence anyone and everyone is our own beloved soul. We feel that our soul dwells in just about all and sundry. You too must think thus. Hence when we in the form of so many moon reflections are by your side you shall not feel lonely at all.

You have come here for Sadhana or spiritual austerities. Do you not see this River Ganga doing Sadhana or spiritual austerities? Merging herself in the love of her beloved ocean how swiftly she marches ahead to meet him? So many obstacles come her way but none can halt her run towards her beloved ocean. Does she ever pay heed to darkness and loneliness? Her mind does not veer away even for 1 second away from her destination. Lest you wish to walk on the path of Sadhana or spiritual austerities you too must imbibe such a steadfast unswerving attitude. When in order to attain your beloved Almighty Lord your soul too akin to this River Ganga waters becomes swift in speed you shall not find any attraction for huge crowds and no fear of solitude. If you wish to dwell on River Ganga shores learn the Sadhana of love from her.

Along with cool serene waves so many moon children were frolicking in joy. It seemed as though the Ras Lila enacted in Mathura by Lord Krishna in previous eras was being showcased here today. The waves were Gopis and the moon took the form of Lord Shri Krishna. Each Gopi danced with one Krishna. These eyes of mine were witnessing a mind boggling Ras Lila divine dance. My mind got merged into divine ecstatic bliss. My Ritambhara Prajna (divine intellect) was saying: See! Have a look at your beloved Almighty Lord. In each body of the world the soul dances exactly akin to innumerable moon reflections of one single moon dancing with River Ganga’s white foamy waves.

The entire night passed by thus. The first light of dawn could now be witnessed in the sky above. Whatever I saw was stupendous. My fear of dwelling in solitude evaporated to naught. My feet slowly returned to the hut nearby where I was staying. The light of loneliness even now was present in my brain.








Man possesses a wondrous specialty wherein on living in any particular situation he gets used to it. When I had entered this lonely hut in this forest of profound solitude I felt lonely from all directions. When inner loneliness would come out I would feel nothing but loneliness all around me. But today since the inner smallness was slowly evaporating away to naught, all around when I would see my own beloved souls laughing and dancing in joy how could I feel lonely anymore? How could I fear darkness at all?

By crossing over the dark moonless night, clouds that have gathered all around, small rain drops and the blanket of cool wind I try to enter my hut. This body resting on a mat of leaves placed in a tiny hut today again started experiencing hardship and dislike. Today sleep again eluded me. The thought flow started running amuck. I now started comparing my home full of material comforts and my kith-kin with this hut made of leaves in which rain drops leaked from the roof and the cold gust of winds trembling and rendering my body shivering. I started comparing the good-bad qualities of both.

The body was experiencing a lot of discomfort. Since the mind was its companion hence why would it also not feel unhappy? They were all hand in glove. Both these became one while fighting the soul. The brain is but a bribed advocate of it. The brain upholds all that the mind feels i.e. it likes and dislikes all that the mind feels. Just as courteers of a king are adepts at talking in the same manner as is the trend of the king’s thinking, they are masters at becoming ‘yes men’ of the king so as to please him similarly the brain thinks exactly as the mind thinks. On seeing the liking of the mind the brain sets rolling those very kind of thoughts. The brain deftly places forth proof, arguments and logic to assent to what the mind likes or dislikes. It was much more skilful than any mundane barrister while singing praises of my home and and the difficulties of living in this hut in such a lonely place. Akin to whistling winds the brain’s subtle speech was going on unabated.

In a short while, a wasp sitting in a small crack near my pillow started singing. Once the 1st wasp started singing the 2nd one got encouraged and thus a huge mob of them started singing shrilly. I had heard their singing previously in an unfocused manner previously and had found it crude, vain and full of stupidity. But today my mind was unoocupied. Hence it attentively started hearing the rise fall of its singing. It had already got tired blaming the lone solitude nature of my hut’s surroundings. This mind akin to a restless monkey needs newer task every few moments. When these wasps started singing in a band like fashion I started taking interest in it.

The wasps sang very sweetly. Their singing was not in human language yet its emotions were very much like them. They sang: Why should we not become unlimited? Why not enjoy the bliss of our limitless nature? Limitations are nothing but bondage and in boundlessness dwells salvation or Moksha. Those whose joy is limited to sense titillating pleasures only, those who feel only material objects and a few people to be their own, those who rush after selfish gains only say how can these people experience unlimited eteral bliss pervading the entire cosmos that is none other than Almighty God? O living being! You are unlimited in nature and that the bliss of your soul pervades every iota of this gigantic infinite cosmos. Hence do experience it and attain immortality.

In a certain way just as a group of Self Realized saints full of dispassion in unison sing songs of Nirvana or salvation, so too these wasps were singing without pausing. They were singing for their own joy and not to exhibit their singing talent to others. I too got zealously immersed in this sweet music of theirs. Due to rains I forgot the discomfort I experienced in the hut that got damaged. In this lone solitude my comrades singing songs of peace removed by sad nature and instead imbued the environment with sheer joy.

My old habits started dying down. I tried to go beyond my soul oneness with humans only so as to encompass other creatures in it too. Thus my world too started becoming gigantic. I learnt the method of experiencing that very joy attained in the company of humans by hobnobbing with other creatures of the world. Now in this lonely forest I failed to experience loneliness.

Today on coming out of my hut I started walking here and there I saw my companions everywhere. The huge trees appeared to be my father and grandfather. Trees of Bhoja leaves akin to wearing ocher robes appeared such as though ascetics wearing ocher colored garbs were doing austerities standing on one foot. The tall trees of deodar and pine akin to security guards were standing alertly. It seemed as though they had vowed to disallow vile intellect reeking in society from entering this area.

Small creepers akin to small children appeared to be standing in many rows. Their heads radiated amongst various flowers growing there. While swaying with winds flowing by, they appeared as though like children in primary school are memorizing poetry lines. Birds, beasts etc seated on tree branches were chattering away sweetly. This appeared akin to Yaksha-Gandharvas’s soul donning a beautiful form had come down from heaven to eulogize and oblate in front of this forest grandeur oozing with ethereal beauty. Akin to young boys-girls deer and their fawns were frolicking with joy. Wild female sheep were moving in such a carefree manner as though they were the ‘home ministers’ of this wild terrain. Akin to expensive toys run by keys small ants in order to imbue others with joy were marching in a single file on the ground. Their color, style of walking etc was really worth witnessing. Butterflies flying about appeared as though they were competing with the beauty of flowers growing there. They were competing to find out as to who amongst them was more beautiful and who was ugliest.

Akin to those who cannot shoulder the burden to tender youthfulness mountains rivers full of vanity were flowing nearby me. It was amazing to note their restless nature and arrogance. Other rivers can be seen merging into River Ganga. At their point of confluence it seemed as though 2 real sisters while leaving for their in laws home are meeting each other. It seemed as though they were affectionately embracing each other. It appeared as though the king of all mountain ranges viz. Himalaya Mountains are getting all their daughter rivers married at one go. While leaving for their in laws home sisters embrace each other with such sense of soul unity. My mind refused to get fully satiated seeing this scene standing a few meters away. I yearned to see all this each moment without pausing, even a wee bit.

Akin to aged royal people and leaders of society mountain tops were sitting so far away that it seemed as though they were silently cogitating deeply for finding a solution to some major problem. The snow top mountains seemed as though they were showcasing their white hair locks. Clouds running above them appeared as though akin to cotton hats they were savinging these mountains from attack of freezing cold. It seemed as though so many naked bodies were being wrapped in shawls and blankets to stave off icy cold winds.

Wherever my eyes went I saw as though a gigantic family had manifested all around me. They did not have a tongue and hence could not talk like us humans but consciousness residing in their soul, without uttering any word was saying many things. Whatever was being said was straight from their pure hearts and would act in tandem with it. Never had I previously heard such speech full of profound import despite no actual word or gross speech being uttered. These wordless words would straight enter my bosom and soul and would emit nectarine sounds there. Hence say, where was loneliness at all being felt here? What should I fear anymore? All around me were nothing but companions and comrades akin to long lost friends meeting.

Golden sunrays falling down on these mountain peaks rested there for sometime. This appeared as though in a heart full of spiritual ignorance and darkness these sunrays representing holy association with great God Realized saints were warding off this gloomy darkness. In the womb of high mountains the sun keeps hiding here and there and only at noon time do we get its Darshan or vision for a short while. Its rays while contracting sets rolling in consciousness in all creatures. All of them set about their daily chores in sheer zest and joy. The sun of self realization too generally hides behind the peaks of selfish desires and yearnings. Yet whenever it arises in any region its golden rays while eliciting a divine movement can definitely be witnessed.

In order that my body enjoys the bliss of these golden sun rays I came out of my hut and with the intention of walking on this soft sheet of lush green outside I set off in that direction. At a bit of a distance ahead grew varied hued flowers in a blooming manner. My eyes got attracted in that direction and my feet were led in that direction.

Children donning colorful caps on their heads seated close to each other make plans of a game for playing. Similarly these flowers too appeared to be making similar type of plans. I sat amidst them. I felt as though I too was a flower like them. Lest these flowers, plants etc make me their friend I too shall get the great opportunity to regain my lost childhood.

My sacred sentiments surged forth. When the inner soul and psyche dance with divine zest all dry logic and arguments of the mind die a supine death. Man’s sacred sentiments ooze with untold measure of the power of creativity. They create their own wondrous world. It is not mere imagination but that it translates into energy and activity. It has created God and demigods also with the power of its potent sacred sentiments and by imbuing them with its deep faith have rendered them as great as they themselves are. If our sentiments yearn deeply to become such radiant zestful flowers it shall not take long to succeed in this endeavor. It seemed as though these children-flowers akin to sitting in one row by looking upon me as their companion have included me in the game played by them.

I was seated near a huge plant of yellow flowers and it would laugh and chatter a lot. In its own language it said: Friend! You have vainly taken a human birth. We know what kind of life humans live! Not one moment passes by in their lives devoid of stress, restlessness and tension. Hence forth you must take birth as a flower, plant etc and live amongst us. Do you not see how happily we bloom forth and by looking upon life as child’s play so much peace and serenity drips forth in it? Our laughter manifests as our blooming flower form. Everyone adores us. We bestow joy on one and all. We ourselves live blissfully and those who come in our vicinity become blissful too. This then is true art of living life. Man sings songs of being highly intellectual yet he has failed to grasp the art of living life as a game oozing with nothing but sheer joy and peace.

The flowers said: I have not said this to taunt you I have not said this to show off my skills but what I have said is but mere facts. Say, if even without any wealth, scholarly skills, great qualities, valor and bodily might we can live so happily and spread sweet fragrance everywhere why can’t human beings also do this? Despite possessing so much material wealth and means if man remains stressed and discontented should we not say that the cause of this is the lowly nature of his brain capacity?

Beloved! You indeed are wise since by leaving all those brainless people at least for sometime you have joined us here to laugh and dance in a carefree manner. If you so wish you can learn from us the important fact related to true art of living.

My head bowed down to them in reverence. I said: O my flower friends! You are indeed glorified. Despite possessing only limited means you know exactly how to live life. At one end are we all humans who insanely run after hoarding wealth only to see it rotting away to naught. Friends! You are true teachers since you teach us not by superficial lip service but by living life aptly. I am your friend who is but a child and I wish to learn so much from you. Definitely I shall learn a lot from you. Akin to a true friend pls do not shy away from teaching me.

The joyous yellow flower laughed out loudly and while shaking his head he agreed to teach me and said: If anyone is an avid learner he shall find teachers at every step of life yet alas! Today who wishes to learn anything? In fact all of them despite being semi knowledgable yet they trot about like proud peacocks. If the doors of the heart are thrown wide open in order to learn then akin to flowing wind true education and wisdom shall enter our bosom unasked.





Very much like my daily habit I set off in the afternoon to visualize this exotic forest wealth based grandeur. On the one hand while traveling focus is placed on balanced health and exercising there on the other hand a sacred emotion too rests wherein I wished to inquire about the well being of these friends of mine dwelling in solitude in this forest and by meeting them, experience sheer joy. When the narrow minded attitude of mine of limiting myself to being called merely a human being started evaporating to naught I experienced a gush of soul oneness and affection for trees, birds, animals etc dwelling here. These forest members do not speak human language and their social activities do not match those of humans at all yet due to their specialties this world of creatures other than human beings is very important in its own way. Just as on the basis of religion, caste, skin color, region, country, language, communalism etc narrow separatism has spread widely amongst all humans so too one more type of narrow attitude encompasses the soul believes itself to be a member of only the human community. Humans believe other creatures to being members of a separate class and looks upon them as objects to be used merely in a selfish opportunistic manner. Amongst innumerable sons of Mother Nature man is of one category. Accepted that he has his own type of specialty yet other types of specialties do ooze in other creatures of the world too. These are so high in stature that man on noting it shall feel inferior to them.

Today while walking around these types of thoughts were gushing forth. Initially these birds, worms, plants etc dwelling in lone solitude here appeared low in stature and quite useless yet on noting them with attention they now appeared great. It now seemed that although nature had given man a more powerful brain yet it has given many other types of important boons to non human creatures called brainless by us. On attaining these boons they can take pride in themselves as being a cut above human beings with reference to these specialties possessed by them.

In this region there are so many types of sparrows that joyfully fly away to far off lands. They cross over so many mountain peaks. As per the current season it changes its place of residence by flying with its wings. Does man possess this great skill of flying in the sky? By designing aircrafts man did make a bit of effort in this direction yet how can we compare it with the wings of birds? In order to render himself good looking in appearance he invented many colorful materials for adornment yet where has he attained the art of designing birds akin to damsels of heaven, with their colorful wings and beautiful looks of butterflies?

In order to get protected from cold man wears so many woollen etc clothes yet till today not one person possesses such a natural blanket on his skin as is seen in wild sheep and huge bears living amongst nature’s beautiful areas. How can man compare himself with flowers etc that emit such sweet fragrance all the time since he can only emit bad smelling perspiration from his skin pores every now and then. Man at the most lives for 80-100 years in a body that withers away as each day passes by. Hence how can he compare himself with other creatures that can even live for more than 400 years with every moment passing by in zest and laughter. In fact the banyan and Asoka tree can live even up to 1000 years.

The musk deer that can jump to long distances beats man hollow as far as running swiftly is concerned. Can ever man win in a wrestling match with a lion, bear etc? Can man ever labor much more than ants who work hard day and night without pause? Akin to flies of honey which person can suck out honey from flowers? Say who has that sharp eyesight possessed by cats that can see clearly in the darkest of nights? On the basis of life force possessed akin to dogs that have the capacity to sniff out so much information? Who can ceaselessly dwell in water as fish do? Which one of us has the bodily strength possessed by huge elephants? On seeing these creatures oozing which such varied expertise man must refrain from priding himself to be the supremely great living being and creature of this world.

In today’s strolling of mine only these thoughts whirled about in my mind that mankind is certainly not the be all and end all of this world. He not only is not supremely great but that he is also not a leader of this world. No doubt it is true that based on many things he has augmented his material joyous comforts yet it is all the more correct to say that by doing so he has has inflicted a lot of atrocities on this world. There are so many other creatures in this world apart from humans and they too have a right to live in it, get nurtured since this earth is their mother too. Yet man rendered all dependent on him and at every step crushed their independence and facilities. By tying birds and beasts tightly with chains hard heartedly forced them to work much more than they already did. Man took away the right of the children of these animals to drink their mother’s milk and drank it himself. By chopping their heads inhumanly man started eating their flesh akin to violent carnivore beasts. He destroyed marine creatures like fish, crabs etc to appease his taste buds and live a vagabond like lifestyle. If we cogitate deeply over how he has behaved abominably akin to an unruly demon while killing them for eating their flesh, making medicines, for fashion, for sense titillation etc all so called ethics tom tommed by mankind can only be called hypocrisy on man’s part.

In the region where stands my lonely hut apart from trees, plants etc marine, terrestrial, airborne etc creatures too dwell in hordes. When I set off for my daily walks I easily get to meet all of them. In the initial stage they feared my presence but now they know me quite well. They feel I am now a part of their gigantic family. Now they do not fear me nor do I get scared of them. Day by day my soul oneness with them is deepening. It seems as though a great world of our planet earth is in my midst. In this world drip forth, heavenly signs of intense love, compassion, friendship, cooperation, magnanimity, beauty, peace and self satiation. But alas! Mankind is miles away from this world. He has made a small world of his own called the world of humans. This egoistic and vile creature called man has bombastically harped a lot about his modern day scientific achievements. He has vainly chattered a lot about his greatness, supremacy, literacy, ethics etc. Yet, the atrocities that he has inflicted on other creatures of the world powders to pulp his talk of all his so called achievement. All his talk about his supremacy, his advanced social status, his goodwill etc is nothing short of lip service and vain arrogant harping.

Today my thinking dived deep down in a profound manner and I forgot my way because I was so engrossed in seeing these beautiful creatures all around me. They stood up and upheld my thought process. Man cannot be called the supreme creature of the world simply because he possesses much more brain talent than other creatures the world over. Lest brain power only is the sign of supremacy we perforce have to bow down to the supremacy of demons and ghosts called Dasyus, Samants, Asuras, Pishachas, Betal, Brahmarakshas etc. Yet we must realize that the signs of true supreme greatness are truth, love, justice, magnanimity, self control, generosity, self sacrifice, gentlemanliness, farsighted thinking or Viveka and a sense of oneness of soul with the entire world of animate and inanimate beings. Lest all this is lacking then human beasts wielding the weapon of brain skills can become much more terrible in behavior than all violent beasts put together with their sharp canines, claws, nails etc. Violent beasts attack others only for appeasing their hunger but this so called intelligent human beast merely for egoistic selfish desires ceaselessly exhibits his vile hard hearted nature and behavior.

It was quite late now. While returning to my hut the night had become very dark. Till quite late in the night I kept thinking that when we think only on man’s welfare, we serve only humans, we live close only to humans, we think only of his advancement etc is it not bias and prejudice on our part? Is this not narrow minded selfish thinking on our part? On the basis of only good great qualities possessed by man that he can be called supremely great. Else in comparison to other forest creatures he is much more vile and violent. Why should human thinking be limited to solving human problems only? Why should not our farsighted thinking or Viveka work towards increasing our  sense of oneness of soul with the entire world of animate and inanimate beings and share their sorrow and joy like true well meaning friends? Instead of looking upon ourselves as members of merely society of humans why not instead think ourselves as members of a world family of all animate and inanimate beings and creatures?

My night passed by in these very thoughts. Due to pressure of such thinking my sleep broke again and again. I saw many dreams. In every dream I saw scenes of me playing and laughing joyously with all other world creatures. The gist of all these dreams was that my consciousness was experiencing deep oneness with all other creatures akin to my human kith and kin. Today’s dreams were very blissful. It seemed as though by marching from a small arena my soul was entering into a gigantic widespread area of loving sports. A few days back this lonely forest region agitated me a lot but today I perceived no loneliness or solitude at all. In all directions I saw my companions playing and dancing happily. Maybe akin to humans they could not speak words, their tradition was not like man at all yet the sacred emotions of these forest friends in comparison to those of humans is supremely great from all angles. While dwelling in such a region now there was no reason to get bored or restless.



Since my eating habits became lighter, my sleep too decreased a fair bit. Fruits are rare to get here yet green vegetables and leaves growing here give the same type of purity of mind and energy as do fruits. Hence if we can live on only vegetarian food of green vegetables and leaves for a Sadhak or devotee 4-5 hours of sleep is good enough.

Nights during winter season are long. I woke up quite early. Today my mind was a bit restless. When will my Sadhana or spiritual practices see completion? How long will it take for me to reach my goal? Till what date shall I reap success? Such thoughts were jumping about in my mind. The complexities of thinking are so strange that when they rush up in hordes the boat of peace starts swaying perilously. Due to these thoughts I could not do my Sadhana or spiritual practices and hence I could not meditate deeply. My psyche was becoming bored and agitated. In order to stave off this boredom I came out of my hut and started strolling outside it. I felt the urge to move ahead. My feet set off accordingly. Although it was freezing cold yet the allurement to sit in the womb of Mother River Ganga was so strong that I payed no heed to icy cold winds whistling about me. A boulder on the River Ganga shore was bending quite ahead in the river water. This was a very dear spot for me to sit on. I covered myself with a thick blanket and sat on this boulder. I glanced up in the sky and the glittering stars there told me that the time was 2 am.

When I sat there for long I dozed off a bit. The gurgling sounds of River Ganga water flow (Har-Har) was akin to the rocking of a cradle that aids in mental focus. If babies are placed in a cradle they immediately go to sleep. The environment of the place in which my body is present is so grandly beautiful that the gurgling sounds of River Ganga water flow appear to be a lullaby sung by an affectionate loving mother. This gurgling sound flow can help concentrate the mind in a one pointed manner exactly as is achieved via the Yoga technique of Naad or focusing on other sounds. My mind got enough rest. It became serene and peaceful. I started feeling sleepy. I felt like lying down. Hence I cuddled my knees to my stomach. My blanket served both the purpose of covering my body and a matress to lie down upon. Now light sleep started manifesting.

It felt as though the soul of boulder on which I was resting was saying something. Its speech rushing forth from the blanket entered my ears and then my bosom too. My mind started hearing it attentively even though I was in Tandra or half awake-half sleep state.

The soul of boulder said: O Sadhak or devotee! Are you not interested in soul upliftment? All you are thinking about are Ridhi-Sidhis or miraculous powers. Is there any less sweet nectar in devotion to God when compared to attaining his divine vision or Darshan? Is the path that leads to our destination any less blissful? Is the action that leads to its fruits or results any less sweet? Is there less blissful ecstasy in Viraha or God separation when compared to meeting God? You must try and realize this truth. God pervades every pore of his devotee’s body and mind. No delay exists in our meeting God. In order to help a devotee accrue bliss while doing Sadhana or spiritual practices, Almighty God hides behind the veil of Maya. He keeps glancing surreptiously to gauge whether his devotee is tasting bliss in the ocean of devotion or Bhakti or not? When Sadhak or devotee gets immersed in the nectarine bliss of devotion God too appearing in his midst starts dancing in divine ecstasy. I desire not only union with God but Viraha or God separation too. I enjoy bliss not in success but the actions that reap it. I yearn not for materials but Bhava or sacred sentimental joy.

The soul of boulder further said: O Sadhak or devotee! Do look in front of you. River Ganga is rushing ahead in such deep yearning to meet its beloved ocean. How blissful is its waters while running ahead thus. It has already met the ocean yet did it find nectarine bliss? How can union give you that very bliss accrued from efforts and Bhava or sacred sentimental joy that reaps it? River Ganga did not get satiated with this union and hence it has taken an eternal vow to keep making efforts ceaselessly for its union with the ocean. Hence O agitated devotee! Why are you so hasty to merge with Almighty God? Your goal no doubt is great, your path chosen is great, you too are great and that your task at hand is also great. For attaining great glorious goals super great patience and steadfast efforts are required. Childish haste on your part shall not give you anything. What benefits can be accrued by vainly thinking about when the destination shall arrive?

Without pausing, the soul of boulder continued speaking. With firm faith it said: Look at me! I am waiting here to merge my existence with this huge existence of River Ganga. By rendering this huge gross body of mine into subtle atoms I am doing the Sadhana or spiritual effort of merging into that huge ocean. While banging into every wave of the river water a few particles of my body break apart and by becoming dust particles flow away towards the ocean. In this manner, I taste the bliss of union with each drop. I am grinding myself ceaselessly. Thus like a lover in a self sacrificing manner I enjoy this bliss for many more days. Lest akin to hasty other stones if by falling in mid stream of the river I starting rolling possibly I would have reached my destination a lot faster. But I would not have attained the bliss of my self sacrifice wherein I pound myself each moment.

Do not be hasty because that will only give you heartburns, despair, wrath, imbalance, lack of steadfast faith and lowliness. With such bad qualities reeking in the mind say who can become truly great? The 1st quality of a Sadhak or devotee is steadfast patience. The test of Bhakti or devotion to Almighty God is how well you render secure your steadfast patience.  Anyone oozing with impatience only fails in any task taken up. A Sadhak or devotee has to face greed, fear, despair, onrush of anger etc many a times. In this God tests him whether he is patient enough or not in overcoming them. Hence what type of a devotee are you? You have not even mastered this very first lesson of spirituality.

The boulder’s soul now stopped talking. My sleep broke. This subtle speech of the boulder rattled my psyche: You have not even understood the very first lesson of spirituality and have set off to become a great devotee! My head bowed down in shame and repentance. I kept trying to teach myself and in between cursed myself too. When I raised my head I saw the red hue of dawn had painted the sky. I got up and started going about my morning ablutions.




















So many members of our All World Gayatri Family yearn to know more about my spiritual practices and attainments accrued from them. This is quite natural. In the eyes of people all those aspects of my gross visible life are stupendous. In it one gets visions of Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers, miracles and extraordinary feats enacted. It is natural hence that behind this curiosity of theirs lies hidden a yearning to know the mystery behind all this. Hence if people wish to know my life sketch and biography these days spent by me in lone solitude far away in mountains tough terrain are much more important for knowing their details. This cannot be without reason.

On its own I have never wished to veil anything and never have my habits strayed in the direction of fraud, wiliness, hypocrisy etc. But as far as these days are concerned I am helpless in not giving much details because if as long as I am yet alive in my physical mortal body I reveal the truth the attention of the devotees shall veer away in another direction and thus my mission of awakening a sense of righteous duty in the hearts of my followers shall remain undone and incomplete. People shall vainly get lost in the forest of mystery and my personality too shall become a matter of debate. Hence obstacles shall definitely come in the way of all that I was to do and make others do which is my Revered Gurudeva’s divine command. Without doubt my life’s trend is filled with extraordinary incidences. The veils of mystery are so great in number that if I open them when the time and place is not conducive to do so it shall inflict only harm on one and all. Hence I leave it to those remaining behind post my bidding adieu to this mortal world that they examine this reality with the test of integrity and authenticity and whatever comes true after being examined minutely from all angles make inferences from them as to how Soul Sciences or Science of Spirituality oozes with power and profound absolute truth. By touching this Paras or touchstone a very ordinary person like me attained the capacity of transforming his mediocre iron like body into priceless 24 carat gold. From this standpoint at the right hour research can be conducted on innumerable mysterious facts showcased in my life while I was in my mortal physical coil. At that time in future very close aides and followers of mine can help contribute in this task. But today while I am alive this endeavor cannot be taken up and hence shall remain veiled. Hence that very curtain shall be drawn on it as it has been done till today.

The request of people that I write my autobiography can be fulfilled only to this extent as to how I conducted my spiritual practices. In reality all my attainments have been based on a spiritual practice oriented lifestyle that has been surrendered fully at the hallowed divine feet of Almighty God. By knowing it every person interested in this subject can find that pathway which when walked on the nectarine bliss of soul advancement and divine glories attached to them can be fully attained. Respected readers shall get only this much information given so far with my pen and hence they must rest content with that much.

Till today in my life span of 60 years 16 years of my preliminary childhood days is not of much special importance. The remaining 5 years I have exhibited how to conjoin spirituality to daily mundane routine. In this application following of worship-meditation methods has been less. That much importance should not be given to 6 hours of daily Super Power Gayatri worship-meditation executed for 24 years at a stretch as should be given to sanctifying the psyche and attaining high stature sacred sentiments (Bhavasamvedana). This should be accepted that lest the thought process and mode of working had not been sanctified in a sacred manner then that Karmakanda or rites of worship would gone as vain as those people who remain hollow within and without despite chanting a few Mantras and using ritual materials on a regular basis. Ere my life’s endeavor is considered successful and lest the extraordinary nature in it is searched out its chief reason must be looked upon as both my inner and outer nature, life etc being rendered pure and sanctified. Worship and rituals must be looked upon as secondary in importance. While bravely trying to pen down one portion of my autobiography I shall place forth only one fact that my entire will and mental power and honest hard labor has been directed towards soul purification. Whatever I could do as far as worship and rituals are concerned I have fully conjoined it to efforts for sanctifying my inner sacred sentiments (Bhavasamvedana). Now a few comments that throw light on the spiritual practices leading to Self/God Realization are being penned here for information of my beloved readers:

Spiritual practices have 2 steps of a ladder:

1)      Matruvat pardareshu (all women are mother in form for me)

2)      Pardravyeshu loshthavat (others’ wealth is but useless stones for me)

By climbing this ladder a very long road had been traversed. The road of ‘others’ wealth is but stones for me’ was quite easy to imbibe because it was related to me at the individual level. I had to fight with myself. I had to gather my wits myself. The combination of good psychic imprints or Sanskars of past lifetimes and the help of my divinely powerful Gurudeva helped me achieve all this quite easily. No doubt that my mind was not so biased and wicked that it would dare drag me towards the path of vileness. In a few stray incidences it tried to veer me away from truth but only in its wild figment of imagination. But when the stick of self control fell on its head heavily it stopped this nonsensical imagination and very quietly started walking on the correct path of truth. Thus by fighting and lambasting my mind I saved myself from sins and a downfall. Now since major perilous situations have been warded off I can breathe easily with contentment. Saint Kabirdas had worn a shawl (representing his mind) woven with utmost caution and thus without even an iota of dirt or taint on it had returned it to Almighty God. I am eternall grateful to Almighty God that he led me on this very path of truth and while trying to find these very great illustrious footprints I caught hold of this truth based foundation very firmly. Thus I reached that destination where never again can one fall down in life.

The ritual based process of spirituality is never much difficult to follow. If one’s power of resolve (Sankalpa) is very strong and our faith and steadfastness for truth is unswerving our mind does not get agitated. Thus our mind peacefully goes about its spiritual practices and our rites/ritual practices without going haywire go on smoothly. An ordinary shopkeeper with great interest for his business sits in his shop daily for virtually his entire life. His mind never despairs and no dislike enters his mind. Shopkeepers that sell cigarettes, betel leaves etc for their entire life work daily at their shops for 14 hours at a stretch that too with zest and serenity. Hence there was no need for me to break my daily vow of doing Super Power Gayatri worship-meditation executed daily for 6 hours for 24 years ceaselessly. While doing spiritual practices only those people get bored who look upon spirituality as less important and less required than business of cigarettes, growing crops like farmers, shops of sweet meats etc. In tasks that are useless and not liked by the mind, no mental focus is achieved.

Only those people get bored in worship-meditation and experience restlessness if their inner desires run madly after material comforts since they think that it is the be all and end all of life. Those who feel that rites-rituals are but means to fulfill material selfish desires, due to lack of much effort and destiny not being conducive they get angery when their desire does not get fulfilled. In the preliminary stage itself they are not keen on making due efforts. Hence they complain that their mind is not interested and lacks focus. But my inner state was different. I believed the body to be an instrument wherein materials were but fuel like that helped run this engine called the physical body. My yearning never harbored any desire to make it big in life, earn name-fame and never did I run after hypocrisy based praise from others. Since I always told myself I am the soul why not live only for soul uplifting, soul peace, soul welfare and merging my micro soul with the divine cosmic soul of Almighty God? I separated myself and my body into 2 portions. My needs and those of the body were separated. Hence that heavy wall dissuading me from entering the sacrosanct portals of the unknown subtle world fell down and thus I entered brilliant light from dark gloom.

Those who think themselves to be the body, limit their joy to satiating their sense tillating pleasures, whose life’s goal is only to fulfill selfish desires and goals, for them the be all and end all of life is to attain a fat bank balance, richness, wealth, big status, eulogies and titles. They fail to even think about soul well being and get attracted to wearing the golden chains of greed and deluded inner attachment to wealth, family etc. For them, the excuse of not getting a proper opportunity for walking on the path of Shreya or soul well being could be true. It is the psyche’s aspirations that amass various material means if the goal of life is to only attain sense tillating pleasures. Hence their consciousness makes efforts only in this direction. Thus for them worship-meditation, rites etc are mere superficial games to play around with. Whether they are performed or not is not a concern at all for them. From a curiosity standpoint people do all this so that others may look at them in appreciation and awe. Their aim in doing these rituals etc in a wayward haphazard manner is to find out if some miracles manifest and if they do not manifest then faith disappears and these worship etc methods are given up once and for all. This had to be their lot. Due to lack of faith and trust, in the absence of deep yearning to attain life’s true goal none can progress on the spiritual path. All these facts were known to me well before hand. Hence I focused the bare minimum attention to my bodily needs and maintaining my family. This I did akin to paying rent for using this machine called the body. I always focused chiefly on sanctifying my psyche and hence never felt the need to veer away towards material enticements and allurements.

When I started experiencing that I am the soul and not this gross body made of flesh, blood etc. and that it appeared to be the supremely hallowed residence of Almighty God my psyche got introverted. My thinking process got limited as to what my soul being the prince of Almighty God should do and walk in which apt direction? The questions were easy and answers followed suit. We must live only a great high stature life and act with high sacred ideals as their foundation. Those who do not tread this path fear that is they imbibe high sacred ideals in life many dangers shall have to be endured and face a fair measure of poverty, lack, censure from others and difficulties. Friends shall become foes and family members shall oppose tooth and nail. Initially I too felt the same and got such experiences. Preliminarily I had to endure mockery and scoldings showered on me by others. In fact my own family members opposed me the most. Their thinking was that a lot of material benefits that could be accrued via me and those benefits to be got in future too shall diminish a lot. Hence whatever was a loss for them was labeled as my foolishness yet this situation did not last long. If our faith heads high with firmness then falsehood and opposition cannot last long. It is only insults and censure showered on those walking the path of vileness that lasts for very long. Honesty and integrity is a glory on its own and it not only benefits us but others too. Hence it always remains unswervingly steadfast. Those who oppose us and insult us realize their error quite fast and instead of placing more obstacles on the path of truth become our aides. The more our faith is high stature and strong opposition gets converted into conduciveness much faster. I did not face family opposition for much long and their doubts dissolved on understanding reality. In actuality a life of true spirituality never inflicts losses. A person appearing poor from a superficial external standpoint remains joyous because of inner soul peace and contentment. This contentment and joy positively influences so many others and proves very useful in converting opposing people into comrades on the path of truth. It was in this very manner that my problem got solved.

When the golden chain of greed for becoming wealthy and a big shot, yearning for others’ hypocrite praises etc got cut asunder I felt I got liberated from the noose of this material world reeking with pain and sorrow. Creatures noosed in these meshes rushes insanely into this material world reeking with pain and sorrow and wails aloud while enduring stress, restlessness and discontent. If the lowly nature of all these 3 is understood and greed for sense pleasures is converted to deep faith know that the bondage of Maya or power of illusion has been overcome. Thus the goal of attaining salvation, while yet alive (Jeevan Mukti) can be achieved. As per the quote of ‘Nazaren teri badly to nazara badal gaya’ our undesirable sentiments get warded off the moment Self Realization is attained. Thus the goal on being reached, wards off all lack and dissatisfaction in life. By teaching myself that just sustain the body with minimal needs and keep your family happy too with this very attitude the desire for wealth, sense pleasures etc dissipated to naught. The mind then stops veering in that direction and as a result so much energy becomes available that our life oozes with untold zest. This fact can be experienced by anyone by living as detailed above. But people are people and hence set about to douse fire by pouring oil in it. They want to satiate desires with wealth and sense titillating material pleasures. Who can teach them that this sort of an effort can only help blaze forth a forest fire? Anyone walking this path can only keep running after an illusory mirage in a dessert for appeasing their thirst for water. Akin to ghosts of a graveyard they can only remain agitated and stressed. They can carry out only vile deeds. Thus who can make understand whom? This is because the one explaining and the one listening both are but immersed in mockery. They have heard many spiritual discourses and associated with many saints yet they did not find a God Realized Guru who could dive deep into their psyche so as to inspire them to walk the path of spirituality in true earnestness. If on an average one opens the book of the life of religious preachers it is filled with much more dirt and taint than those listening to them. Hence one harbors aversion for religion and spirituality.

Big programs for religious discourses were no doubt arranged yet my mind did not do it to boast off my knowledge. In fact whatever knowledge I got was from within my soul only. It is only my soul that became valiant and bravely started cutting asunder the bondage all around me within. It is only then that I tasted success. If I had merely depended on others then maybe other so called wise people would have rendered me ignorant only. It seems that if anyone gets divine light of wisdom it shall manifest from deep within one’s soul only. At least as far as I was concerned this fact proved to be very true in my life. Huge mountains of obstacles are known to stand in the way of spiritual practices. These can only be shattered to naught if we have unswerving faith to our spiritual goal and valiantly taking up the path of Shreya or soul upliftment instead of Preya that gives only transient sense pleasures. Hence it is my brave hearted nature that helped me succeed. Now that I am totally on the spiritual path there is no dearth of people helping me. My Revered Gurudeva and Almighty God ceaselessly were by my side to see to it that I reached my spiritual goal with relative ease. Thus my steps on this path marched ahead slowly yet very surely. The destination till now was reached as per this method.

People keep saying that the path of true religion and spirituality is very tough to tread on yet my own experience has been bang opposite to this. It is only a life surrounded by selfish desires that becomes complex and tortuous. A person who imbibes such a lifestyle reeks with stress, tension, anguish, problems etc despite putting in so much hard work. Hence if you compare this with a life of true spirituality then the hardships faced in it are much less in measure than a life of selfish materialism. A materialist amassing so much wealth by putting in immense labor ultimately reaps only worries in life without breathing easy even for a few moments. If you harbor one selfish desire it multiplies into many more. And hence even if a lot of success accrues while pursuing selfish ends man remains dissatisfied and insatiated. For reaping even minor success so much effort had to be made resulting in tiredness only. Despite knowing this man tries to make n fold more efforts for amassing material wealth by hook or by crook. The more one’s efforts intensify the more problems crop up and become more and more complex to solve. In order to solve them the body, soul and mind get pounded to pulp. Ordinary stature bodily and mental labor is not capable of fulfilling desires of the gigantic size of that mythological ogress Sursa. Hence the only recourse is the path of illegal and unethical activities. Yet even if you carry out untold sins yet your selfish desires shall never get fulfilled. The amount of harm and loss faced while harboring an agitated mind and facing a dark gloomy future on noting it attainments of such type can be called lowly and tainted only.

On an average people bear the burden of life akin to a living corpse crying, complaining and in some wayward manner or the other. In reality they should be called ‘ascetics’. Lest instead of selfish material gains hardships are endured, self sacrifice is imbibed and restlessness to attain the goal enters the psyche while treading the path of soul progress man could have become a Yogi, Sidha saint, superman, deity and Almighty God himself. But material pursuits for selfish end, gives man nothing and instead takes away everything. Hence these are true Yogis, renunciates, philanthropists, self sacrificing people etc who made such daring efforts to shoulder the burden of untold sins. Hence whatever was earned was left behind posthumously for in laws, children, nieces, nephews etc and in this manner went away from this world empty handed. These are ‘saints’ and of ‘charitable’ disposition who endured such hardships of sinning for ‘benefitting’ others. If they call themselves deluded by Maya or downfallen it is their opinion.

When I witness first hand the reactions and results of the inner and external life of so many people in contact with me I feel I have lived a much more joyous life full of comforts. The only harm at the most I endured was less material facilities and less material wealth to boast of. I got very little honor and lived a poor life and hence seeing lack of material prosperity in my life people felt I was of low status. Hence they ignored me a lot. But not much more harm or loss than this can be faced by a spiritual person like me. This is because despite material lack I remained contented and all tasks taken up by me like public welfare and well being went on uninterrupted and smoothly. No doubt others ate tasty expensive food and I merely ate saltless barley grain bread, gram etc. Those who ate exotic sumptuous meals later faced diseases of various types and since my diet was very light it got digested well and thus no major illness was faced by me. Hence say! Did I face any harm or loss in the final analysis? Since I had given up the desire to eat food known to titillate taste buds only although in a temporary manner I remained satiated even with food that was tasteless. In fact there were times when I went hungry too when even this minimal food was unavailable. As far as the question of taste is concerned even though I ate only barley bread without salt it was much more tasty than those people immersed in eating exotic food items to titillate their taste buds. People amassing wealth by wearing gorgeous clothes, living in expensive houses and decorating their faces and bodies are actually immersed only to boss over others with their superficial ‘superority’ and thus just fanning their arrogant ego. No doubt with limted means I could not amass such material grandeur yet simplicity of living and high stature thinking gave me so much self contentment and joy that no doubt superficial vain people mocked my very simple lifestyle but those whose thinking was profound and high stature could easily perceive greatness behind this kind of simplicity. Hence not only did they eulogize it but that they bowed down their heads in reverence too. Now say! Who reaped profits and who became targets of mockery?

After testing myself very thoroughly I can only say this that from the standpoint of the body for which I used only minimum labor, risk and responsibility I remained very happy mentally. I received no lesser honor too from society. I have no issue if lunatic people do not praise me and I have no complaints towards my own self. Right from the soul to Almighty God and right from true gentlemanly and farsighted thinkers I reaceived only eulogies for my way of living and thinking. I had taken much lesser risk and more profits were accrued in comparison. A life based on untold expenditure, full of vain external glitter and pomp, hypocrisy etc can only be shouldered on wheels of sins and a huge downfall. But my life was very lightweight and by taking my mattress under my armpit I set off happily. I faced no tiredness, no worries and hence my experience is that a life based on high sacred ideals is easier to live and reap untold benefits in the ultimately analysis. In it oozes light of wisdom, self contentment, zest for life etc. No doubt wicked people after attacking others seen to live a simple life of truth can harm them a bit yet this sort of heinous attack is faced much more by those who sin a lot and lead despicable tainted lives. No doubt true great saints and honest people working for social well being are seen to get harassed yet know for sure that others who live a life of arch rivalry, hatred, envy and take revenge every now and then on innocent people face a life of much more peril and danger. Day in and day out we hear of incidences related to dacoity, frauds, scams, murders, terror etc. In such episodes it is those who lead greedy selfish material lives who get killed and harmed much more. Lest so many people voluntarily give up their lives for establishing truth and righteousness they would have been called gods and world history would have reached pinnacles of true glory.

Amongst the class of true great divine personalities like Lord Jesus Christ, Socrates, Mahatma Gandhi etc very few have died while treading the path of truth. Yet know that a 1000 fold more have died when their vile lives were veering towards a devastating downfall. The great philanthropist of India called Bhamashah became poor after donated all his riches and wealth. Yet such examples are very few in number. But hordes of people who led lives reeking with fraud, scams, addictions, adultery, attacking innocents etc faced so many court cases, illnesses etc that ultimately they lost all their ill earned tainted wealth and became roadside beggars. In the true spiritual arena loss, attacks, court cases are fewer in number but in selfish materialism these cases run in hordes. Lest this fact had been understood deeply people would not have foolishly given up a spiritual way of living and instead insanely rushed after material wealth in a greedy manner. My individual experience has been that while trying to satiate material greed profits are miniscule and loss faced is tremendous in the final run. What I had to give up was very little yet what I attained as a result was so much in measure that again and again I ponder deep within to encourage as many people as possible to lead lives of true spirituality and imbibe the tradition of glorious high stature ideals. Yet this indeed is a difficult task. For years together I have lived such a lifestyle of glorious high stature ideals, simplicity and great thinking in order to set an example to others. But alas! How many heard what I said and how many actually imbibed this great glorious thinking?

It would have been difficult for me to climb the ladder of “Matruvat pardareshu (all women are mother in form for me)” and “Pardravyeshu loshthavat (others’ wealth is but stones for me)” lest I had not harbored valor and bravery to walk on that path which ushers in true overall well being and had failed to truly realize the nature of life, its correct goal and optimal usage. Those who think themselves to be the physical body merely and aspired only to fulfill selfish greed and desires never attain the untold benefits of true spiritual living. If the boat of life merely uses the oars of superficial worship rites done daily it can never reach the other shore of safety. For 24 years continuously I carried out Gayatri Purashcharans so as to complete an important chapter of worship, meditation etc. In it total success in worship rites called Karmakand only accrued after I fully conjoined my sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) to it. Lest akin to innumerable other people in order to ‘boss’ over demigods or else cunningly fool them I had executed worship rites called Karmakand based on Tantra-Mentra etc for fulfilling selfish desires only I would have accrued nothing from that which is called eternal divine wealth. I know many people immersed in spiritual practices and executing worship rites called Karmakand for decades together. When I myself analyzed these worship rites called Karmakand minutely I found out that only superficial fleeting gains can be availed. No doubt false praise is got from it and a false promise is given to such people that although not in this birth at least post death they shall certainly enter heaven. Hence my conclusion and prophecy is this that not even one of such people shall enter heaven and that no Sidhi or miracle shall be witnessed by them.

Life force or Prana Energy enters worship rites called Karmakand only when when the daily routine of a devotee marches ahead with sureity towards true human glory and greatness. Such a one’s vision of life must reform day after day positively and in his activities, such methods get included that are availed by true spiritual aspirants. People who are wicked, selfish to the core, stingy and live only to aggrandize the lives of their children by hook or by crook fail to reform their actions and thinking process for the better they shall avail no benefits pertaining to pilgrimages, religious vows, fasting, listening to religious discourses, singing hymns, bathing in holy rivers, meditating etc. I strongly believe in this fact. No doubt all this is useful yet its utility value is as important as a pen required to write a great essay etc. How can you write anything on a paper if you do not have a pen? How can soul progress be attained without worship rites called Karmakand, meditation etc? Yet along with this you must also know that without fulfilling the requirement of maintaining good bodily mental health, deep study of spiritual tenets, imbibing true greatness in thinking and brain skills merely using a pen cannot reap great writing on paper. How can lovely soulful poems be written? Inner greatness is akin to intellectual development and worship rites called Karmakand, meditation etc are like a good pen to write with. Only when both combine can true benefits and success accrue. If one is removed the task remains incomplete. I paid due attention to the fact that the cart of spiritual practices cannot function on one wheel only. Hence arrangements must be made for both wheels that function smoothly. There is no hidden in secret as to how I carried out my worship, meditation etc. As per injunctions of Super Science of Gayatri I did Gayatri Mantra chanting in an ordinary manner. Yes! As long as I was doing my spiritual practices I definitely harbored sacred thoughts that the divine aura of the supreme divine authority i.e. Goddess Mother Gayatri is oozing in every pore of my being and akin to becoming red hot iron that falls into terrific fire my inner and outer existence became of that very high in stature as was that of my chosen deity (Ishtadevata). Since the divine light of Goddess Mother Gayatri entered every atom of my body and soul every iota of my body dripped forth with radiant divinity and the fire of this divine light burnt to ashes my desire for sense pleasures and other taints like lethargy, indolence etc got destroyed to naught. This divine fire also burnt to naught all my bodily and mental illnesses.

Although the body is mine yet deep within it terrific divine aura sways about and in my speech now resides only Goddess Saraswati. The demons of desire for eating exotic food in order to please the taste buds, leanings towards falsehood and behaving and acting fraudulently left that divine temple and ran away. Now I visualize only great qualities everywhere and beauty of Almighty God in all animate-inanimate beings of the world. Now my eyes are totally devoid of just finding falts of others in an egoistic fashion and no sexual lust dwells in my mind. My ears hear only that which is auspicious and full of good merits. The rest is mere noise which after banging into my eardrums returns empty handed.

I saw the supremely bright divine aura of Goddess Mother Gayatri enter my body, psyche, mind, intellect, ego called Antahkaran Chatushtaya and thus they got divinely illumined. I further experienced that Brahmavarchas or supremely bright divine aura is perforce taking me in that direction where beastly instincts and selfish desires turn into naught. It is that realm where divinity amplifies manifold. The brain decides that the precious human body must not get wasted in vain pursuits of fleeting pleasures and lowly allurements. In fact each moment of human life must imbibe sacred high stature ideals so that they get reinstated in our inner being forever. A zest must be harbored to reinstate steadfast faith in our psyche and march ahead towards Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram or Divine Truth-Wellbeing-Beauty. By inducing the entry of Savita deity (solar) in the inner being the ego can be fully sanctified. The aura of Savita deity (solar) leads us far away from the world of mortality and takes us instead to Almighty God who is omniscient-omnipotent-omnipresent. He is also Sat-Chit-Anand or Existence-Consciousness-Bliss.

At the time of my executing the Gayatri Purashcharans I did not merely chant Mantras or do Japa but that my mind also imbibed untold measure of sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana. In the form of an inner divine aura I experienced self knowledge in the sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana arena of the causal body, soul vision, soul experience and my individual soul merging into the cosmic divine soul called Almighty God by us. It seemed as though my soul akin to a moth yearning to surrender itself to a flame lamp merged into the divine light of Savita deity (solar). My individual ego existence ended and now I was that supreme divine cosmic light. ‘I’ ended and Sat or divine cosmic existence took over. In the experience of Advaita/non duality where the individual soul merges into the cosmic divine soul called Almighty God such a divinely ecstatic bliss was experienced each moment called Brahmanand that all the fleeting sense pleasures of the world put together pales miserably in its presence. Along with chanting Mantras or doing Japa reinstating divine light in the gross, subtle and causal body was commenced with due efforts. Later this became very natural to imbibe i.e. effortlessly and ultimately it became an inner tangible divine experience. To the extent I sat down for worship etc within my soul existence the ocean of the divine light of supremely radiant Savita deity (solar) bloomed forth. Apart from this divine light nothing else exists both within and without me. In every onrush of Prana Energy apart from the flame of divine light nothing else remains. This experience at least has rendered the divine vision during the daily time span of spiritual practice as it is. On an average, the entire time of Sadhana or spiritual practice passed by, in this divine experience.

The 6 hours of my daily worship-Puja etc routine would lend lots of sacred inspiration to the rest of my 18 hours. During hours of my work schedule it seemed as though it is the Tejas or divine aura of the deity is my spiritual guide. Every act of mine was based as per its directions and is going on even now. Never have I felt that any of my tasks have been done in tandem with my selfish desires, greed etc. Just as a mother catches hold of its small child while walking similarly that divine power or God catching hold of my intellect forced me to think in a high stature great manner and make my body act in a high stature fashion accordingly. Apart from daily worship-Puja etc routine all those hours remaining in my waking state in them right from executing ablution chores to eking out an income and making arrangements for self study, deep reflection over great scriptures and family upkeep ran with the experience within as though not me but Almighty God was subtly and behind the scenes doing all this. At night I slept deeply for 6 hours as though I was in Nirvikalpa Samadhi or thought free trance. It was a feeling like me sleeping in the affectionate lap of my divine mother and that I hence was supremely at peace. The feeling of merging into the divine soul existence gave me untold self contentment. When I would wake up from sleep it seemed that a new life, zest, light etc was standing before me much beforehand in order to guide me.

During my 24 years of doing 24 Gayatri Purashcharans I did not have any social of family duties to fulfill hence this spiritual penance of mine conjoined to Japa and meditation went on with more zeal and alertness. My steadfast faith towards the sacred tenets of “Matruvat pardareshu (all women are mother in form for me)” and “Pardravyeshu loshthavat (others’ wealth is but stones for me)” my body obstructed me to execute sinful acts, the fact that I ate healthy sacred food it stopped my mind from any kind of downfall. My daily meals of jowar Roti (Indian bread) and plain buttermilk made from cow’s milk not only pleased my taste buds but it was digested by my tummy very easily. There is a saying: What you eat your mind imbibes qualities accordingly. This was experienced by me in my entire life at every step. Lest I had not been strict in controlling my bodily and mental activities to the point of harshness I would have progressed on the spiritual path in only a miniscule measure.














The 2 goals of my spiritual practices were completed in 24 years. It is chiefly in youth that we fail to imbibe the sacred ideals of “Matruvat pardareshu (all women are mother in form for me)” and “Pardravyeshu loshthavat (others’ wealth is but stones for me)”. It is prime youth that we get allured towards sexual passion and greed for wealth etc. Hence right from the age of 15 years to 40 years i.e. for 24 years I labored hard to overcome sexual passion and greed for wealth. It is in youth that we get trapped in the mesh of desires, sexual passion, aspirations etc. But my youth got involved in self and scriptural studies, mental reflection on great truths, self instrospection, self control, Japa and meditation. In youth mental distortions raise their hood alarmingly hence on an average for spiritual goals people advancing in age go in for spirituality.

During youth people get immersed in amassing wealth, education, health management etc and no doubt all this must be done. For fulfilling material life aspirations many opportunities can be availed in these arenas. The youth class of the world can contribute a lot in world welfare tasks yet it is not in youth stage that leaders are found for this end. There are only a few exceptions like Adi Guru Shankaracharya, Swami Dayanandji, Swami Vivekanand, Swami Ramdas, Saint Mirabai, Sister Nivedita etc that in prime youth executed the role of leaders for world welfare tasks successfully. On an average it is in youth especially when it manifests immaturity that spreads unruliness and problems. Since there is lure for name-fame-status in society and sexual desire enticement those who enter the public arena produce only distortion and haywire situations there. Great institutions are known to get destroyed because of such immature unruly youths. Of course bad habits etc do not get limited to any particular age class yet the tradition of nature is such that youth is said to be the peak of aspirations manifesting for fulfillment. When man starts aging his inner nature becomes more docile and at that time his material desires and greed too diminish to a certain extent. In old age one is constantly fearing death much more and thus people start treading the path of spirituality, world well being tasks etc. Hence spiritual seers have opined that the latter half of life must be lived as a Vanaprastha (post retirement) and as a Sanyasi.

I do not know the hidden mystery as to why my Revered Gurudeva (preceptor) asked me to perform harsh austerities in prime youth itself and bye and bye I turned 40 years in age. It could be that my Revered Gurudeva was well versed with the fact that in youth I would get enmeshed by the ego of becoming a leader and other alluring desires. He must have felt that in order to carry out great tasks on a gigantic scale without becoming mature within and attaining potent soul power success in them would never be accrued. For great tasks it is mandatory that we possess a strong will power or Sankalpa, steadfast patience, valor and inner mental balance. Hence my youth was immersed in attaining these great qualities and I have already discussed all this quite in detail.

In that youth phase everything was ordinary and what only was extraordinary is that the flame lamp I lit using Ghee or clarified butter made from cow’s milk never got doused. In my worship room it remained ever lit. What was its scientific and spiritual meaning? One cannot answer this question very clearly. Since he was my Guru and he had commanded me I surrendered to him in a well disciplined manner. When after examining thoroughly and understood that sitting in the boat of my Revered Gurudeva was not perilous at all and never would I drown. Hence I sat in it eyes closed. A soldier of any army loves discipline much more than his life. Call it blind faith, love for discipline or that the direction of my life had been decided whatever method of task execution was explained to me I took it up with full faith and zeal. The fact that the imperishable flame lamp was lit in my worship room was a part of this procedure. I put full faith in my Revered Guru, I surrendered my entire being at his hallowed feet and hence there was no room for any doubt like facing a downfall and no arguments were placed before him. I just could not go against his holy wishes. Within the spiritual practice ordained for me in it this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp has immense importance. Since I was told all this I reinstated it in my worship room and for the entire time frame of my spiritual practice I kept it lit ceaselessly day and night. Later it became as dear to me as my life force. After 24 years lapsed by I could have doused it but even imagining doing so appeared as though my life shall get doused. Hence I resolved firmly to keep this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp lit for my entire lifetime. I had left for sometime to reside in lone solitude and again I am about to repeat this. Hence my respected wife (HH MATA BHAGWATI DEVI SHARMAJI) shall keep it lit ceaselessly. Lest I had not married, lest my wife was not by my side no spiritual practice could have been performed by me. It was a difficult task to render this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp lit ceaselessly day and night. Paid workers, disciples, other devotees or people weak within would not have been capable of keeping this divine Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp lit ceaselessly day and night. There are so many who resolve to maintain such an Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp yet it is seen to get doused many times and again it is re lit. Hence such Akhand Deepaks are in name only. Yet my Akhand Deepak remained lit ceaselessly day and night. The reason for this was not external alertness but it was a lot to do with inner steadfast faith and strong resolve or Sankalpa. In this task my respected wife (HH MATA BHAGWATI DEVI SHARMAJI) has contributed in an extraordinarily devoted manner.

It could be that this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp is an Akhand Yajna. It could be fulfilling the need of lighting incense, agar etc, burning Havan or fire ritual materials, doing Mantra Japa or putting Ghee or clarified butter in a Deepak or flame lamp. In this manner maybe a self executed process of doing Akhand Yajna or Havan gets ushered in. It could be that a Kalash (water pot) filled with water and its union with fire-water placed during reinstating of it fulfills the subtle task of steam energy akin to that of a rail engine. It could be that in lighting the inner aura this external Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp is a good helper. Whatever maybe the case I attained the light of sacred sentiments, untold ecstatic bliss and zest while maintaining this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp. The Akhand Deepak kept on a dais outside was seen there externally for a few days. Later this experience of mine changed and I felt that in my own inner core psyche this very light is burning brightly. Just as the temple room of mine gets illumined by a bulb placed there similarly similarly my entire inner personality is getting illumined by this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp placed in my worship room. In my body/mind/soul or gross/subtle/causal body that illumination on which I meditated regularly possibly was but the reactionary reflection of this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp. During the entire phase of my worship, meditation etc my arena of sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana spread hallowed light everywhere. Everything in me is light aura manifest since the veil of dark spiritual ignorance has been rent asunder. The deluded attachment represented by night of inertia got destroyed. My sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana and thinking process emitted untold hallowed light and it pours down in both my bodily and mental activities. Everywhere sways the ocean of divine light and I like a fish in a lake sporting in this lake of brilliant divine aura and roaming around blissfully. These sacred experiences helped so much in augmenting soul power infinitely, in attaining vision of divinity and advancement of zest that my pen fails miserably in describing it completely. It could be that this is but imagination yet I definitely think that lest I had not lit this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp then akin to the dark gloom of my worship room maybe my inner personality too would have remained dark. Today this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp akin to the festival of lights called Deepavali in India is illumining every nerve and pore of my body brightly. In the flow of my sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana when 33 years previously I had commenced publishing the Akhand Jyoti Magazine it was named thus because it was the name most dear to me in the entire world. It maybe that a small image of this Akhand Jyoti Magazine established by me in a fervor of sacred emotions has been successfully capable of spreading auspicious material-spiritual progress and rays of sacred aura everywhere.

In the 3rd leg of Sadhana or spiritual austerities the rays of the tenet “Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu” spread forth all around. The Sadhana or spiritual austerities of imbibing the sacred ideals of “Matruvat pardareshu (all women are mother in form for me)” and “Pardravyeshu loshthavat (others’ wealth is but stones for me)” was limited to my gross visible body. If sin entered both my eyes then on opening the 3rd eye of Viveka or farsighted discrimination it was terrorized and chased away from my psyche. I put strict disciplinary tabs on my bodily activities and cut off all roots that create dire situations. Hence it became impossible for me to enact demonic vile behavior. The Sadhana or spiritual austerities of “Matruvat pardareshu (all women are mother in form for me)” succeeded without hindrance. My mind harassed me regarding this only in the preliminary stage. My body always helped me. When my mind accepted defeat out of despair it stopped acting tainted. Later in fact my mind became my best friend and aide. I voluntarily led a poverty based lifestyle because I decreased all my needs to a bare minimum. I gave up the attitude of amassing and hoarding wealth, materials etc and hence mastered the spiritual tenet of “Pardravyeshu loshthavat (others’ wealth is but stones for me)”. When for filling my tummy and covering my body with clothes my own income was enough why would I dream of pocketing others’ wealth? Whatever I got was used for my basic bare needs and the remaining would be shared with society. Those who get ‘addicted’ to sharing and giving things away to others egolessly, those who taste its ecstatic joy never harbor any attraction to hoard or amass wealth. Hence for what reason should one sin by trying to fraudulently pocket others’ wealth? That lifestyle imbibed by me of poverty, simplicity and a true Brahmin who never hoards anything elicited extraordinary bliss, self fulfillment and zest within my inner being. Lest such experiences were tasted by others, very rarely would anyone sin by fraudulently pocketing others’ wealth. The attitude of non hoarding must not be a superficial one. It is only when after not hoarding you give away all excess wealth, food etc to others humbly that in turn elicits untold bliss in your soul that you have imbibed the right attitude of non hoarding. Yet alas! How many people are truly aware of this extraordinary joyful experience? Of course! I was very fortunate to attain the vault of this divine glory very naturally.

When the next step is taken the 3rd destination arrives. It is called the tenet “Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu” (all beings are a part of my very soul and hence I experience soul oneness with the entire cosmos). These words seem ordinary to hear and speak and generally this attitude is limited to carrying out duties of any citizen of a country, discipline, etiquette and good polite behavior. Yet the spiritual philosophy of experiencing soul oneness with the entire cosmos although includes all this yet it goes much deep beyond it. Its periphery reaches there where the state of union with the cosmic divine soul or God is attained. For spiritual practices one has to conjoin one’s inner personality with that of another’s. Thus that person’s sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana must be looked upon as one’s own too. The manifest form of the ideal of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (world united peacefully as one happy family) is that we look upon all animate-inanimate beings as our very own beloved soul and thus we must experience that at the soul level all of us have merged and united with each other without exception. The reaction of such an experience is that we look upon others joy as our own joy and feel others sorrow as our own. Thus such a person cannot remain limited in existence as ‘I’ the ego. Such a truly large hearted person finds it impossible to get caged in this limited periphery of the selfish ego called ‘I’ by us. The efforts to ward off others’ sorrow and augment others’ joy for such great personalities are such as though they are in effect warding off their own sorrow and augmenting their own joy.

In this world, there are innumerable people who are pious and hence are seen to remain happy. They walk on the path of truth and human glory and are immersed in not only attaining their own well being but usher in that of others too. Seeing all this elicits untold joy within and one gets the feeling that truly Almighty God has created this world with very sacred intentions in mind. Over here both good merits and sacred wisdom exist. With its help anyone can attain in great measure bliss, joy, peace, contentment and other divine attainments. Over here there is no dearth of meritorious men, true philanthropists and self dependent people. Maybe their numbers are less yet they keep spreading their pious aura everywhere and their existence definitely proves that divinity does exist in mankind. Hence even with little effort divinity can be awakened within and rendered active. Our planet earth does not lack valor at all because over here Nara-Narayan or human gods reside. How great, generous and divine is Almighty God? This answer can be tangibly got in such souls (that are his very image) that tread the path of spiritual well being and by crushing thorns on the way with the sole of their feet marched ahead towards the goal with total peace, faith and bravery. In rendering humanity highly glorified it is the very sacred existence of these super great men that has rendered our world so capable that lures Almighty God to incarnate as an Avatar in a human garb time and again. Those dwelling in the world of sacred ideals and those super glorious people who imbibe greatness in their daily activities externally appearing lacking as far as materialism is concerned yet inwardly they are so prosperous and blissful that on noting it the heart overflows with hair raising joy. Their inner peace touches the very core of our inner being. Again and again that legend of epic Mahabharat comes to mind when the great pious King Yudhishthira had to reside in hell for sometime creatures dwelling there became so happy when just prior to his arrival they were immersed in painful agony. It seemed that when mere remembrance of such great pious humans we get such contentment and light of wisdom how many more innumerous divine experiences they themselves must be getting.

In this ugly world whatever appears beautiful is but the boon showered on us by such great saintly personages. In this world made from atoms-molecules dancing the dance of agony akin to ghosts and evil spirits for such a long time whatever balance and energy is noted in this world is but the creation of these meritorious divine men. Everywhere in the inert 5 elements scattered the world over uniformity and decorative grandeur can be seen. Behind it is the effort of these great men treading the path of truth only. By cutting asunder the bondage of the mesh and net of vain enticements and attractions those who vowed to render this world well secure and beautiful it is their profound faith that has glorified planet earth. Those whose efforts have been for world well being, their wish has always been this only, Darshan or vision and remembrance of such human gods (Nara-Narayana) one attains good merits or Punya. I always yearned to raise the dust of their feet reverently to my head and thus attain glorious self fulfillment. Those who rendered their individual soul, cosmic divine soul or God by getting a sacred glimpse of them as Almighty God incarnate it seemed that even today in our modern era Almighty God takes a human form and moves about in it to bless one and all. I got a lot of satisfaction on noting such great meritorious deeds all around in these lofty Himalaya Mountains and thus my mind yearned to dwell here eternally. Due to close proximity with such glorious saints I found the greatest joy of heaven, Moksha or salvation etc. This fact was properly proved by the tangible blissful experiences I got here. Hence amidst this life full of difficulties I remained zestful simply by remembering this most beautiful place.

The joyous attainment of “Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu” (all beings are a part of my very soul and hence I experience soul oneness with the entire cosmos) did not remain one sided. Its other aspect appeared before me. This world is no lesser sorrowful. Innumerable people the world over attacked with strife hardships agony pain lack and poverty both external and internal are living hellish lives. Problems, worries and complexities of life are eating up everyone like termites. In the vicious cycle of injustice and atrocity based oppression people are being pounded to pulp. The vile human brain has rendered the world environment hellish to dwell in. The strife of people wailing aloud in anguish due to the forest fire of sins and criminal behavior is such that those seeing it are aghast. Hence if the state of the onlookers is this say how n fold more harassing is the plight of people actually enduring this agony? This world lacks nothing as far as material comforts and sense pleasures are concerned. Despite this everywhere one witnesses sorrow and strife only. Each one could have consoled the other and affectionately helped others to ward off this sorrow and they could have spoken about future possibilities of progress yet none of this has happened. Since the mental arena is distorted, people insist on thinking lopsided and act in a most unwholesome manner then if you sow seeds of the poisonous ivy plant how can you hope to attain the nectarine fruit of immortality?

Sorrow, poverty, anguish and stress spread out everywhere are giving such agony to all humans. With such ‘grandness’ and speed, people are entering and then dying in the deep crater of sins and a massive downfall. When I saw this demeaned painful situation my heart cried out in pain. Why did man forget his divinity hidden in the deep cave of his inner personality? Why has he rendered his inner human nature and existence so lowly and fallen? This question arose time and again in my mind. Yet no answer came forth. There is just no dearth of brain skills, shrewdness and time at hand. People showcase one great skill after another. They exhibit the miracle of their shrewdness too. Yet why do humans fail to realize that by latching on to wily wickedness what they aspire to attain via it is but akin to appeasing thirst by running after a mirage in a desert? They don’t understand that only a painful downfall in life and anguish shall come their way. Lest to human brain skills was conjoined firmly based on his correct understanding that he must showcase integrity and advance his magnanimity that is most required for human development in tandem with human glory. If mankind had done this sincerely the downfallen state of the world seen today would have been bang opposite to it. Everyone without exception would have lived life of joy and peace. None would distrust or doubt another and none would get harassed or cheated by anyone. At such times not a speck of sorrow, poverty etc would have been allowed to crop up like weeds. In fact all around the world would rule nothing but bliss and peace that is for keepsake.

Why is an otherwise truly understanding human, so foolish today? He is not even to accept such a gross fact that sins reap sorrow and that good meritorious deeds spread nothing but joy both within and without? Every chapter of world history and experience hides within it the fact that anyone following unethical thinking/activities and remaining bound like a slave to selfishness reaps nothing but a downfall and anguish. Without harboring magnanimity and purity of mind none has till date attained true peace. Without imbibing sacred ideals in both thinking and day to day living none has attained honor and soul uplifting. Wily fox like people carry out heinous demonic acts in a veiled manner. They must realize that even if they veil these criminal unethical acts using 7 veils yet at the appropriate hour these veils shall reveal their dastardly acts on their own. We all are witness to such incidences day after day yet one fails to understand why such people believe that they shall hoodwink others with their fraudulent activities in such a manner that none shall ever know about them? They foolishly think their veiled heinous acts shall remain hidden forever and that they shall play this wily cunning game of hide n seek for eternity. Why do such vile people forget that there exists an eternal cosmic divine soul (called Almighty God in layman’s parlance) and it possesses infinite subtle eyes to see both externally and internally, it has infinite subtle ears to hear both externally and internally and infinite hands to catch hold of such vile scheming people? God never allows the veil of wily fraud however well hidden to remain covered for long. Wiliness and fraud however veiled always has its way to come out in the open for all to see. Wickedness ultimately has to accept its foul nature. Lest people especially today had deeply understood this eternal divine truth and ancient fact and hence also is they had deeply understood that latching on to tainted thinking and actions reaps only a downfall from all front why would they give up the royal path of human glory and foolishly stray away towards the thorny road of wily wickedness? Why would they wail aloud in anguish while dragging this precious human life akin to a rotting corpse?

The complex net of a vile tainted intellect has spread out in such a way that so many creatures are trapped in it, while enduring hellish agony. When I noted this terribly demeaned state of all I experienced sharp pains in my sensitive heart. The Sadhana or spiritual practice of “Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu” (all beings are a part of my very soul and hence I experience soul oneness with the entire cosmos) rendered the pain and sorrow of all creatures of the world as my very own. I felt as though someone is chopping off my legs and pounded them to pulp. My soul dwells in all creatures. This verse of the Bhagwad Geeta is not difficult to understand merely at the level of reciting it and hearing it. Yet, when it becomes a tangible experience within the soul and psyche, the situation is stark different. Just as when our bodily organs like eyes, stomach etc on getting hurt or diseased gives us a lot of pain, just as the sorrow or pain of our beloved wife, children etc gives us also a lot of anguish very similarly when our soul starts experiencing oneness with the soul of all animate-inanimate creatures of the world then sorrow anywhere in the world along with its pain becomes our very own. We too start experiencing this intensely.

The pain and agony of strife facing world humanity, of the soul of the world and society’s anguish gushed forth in my psyche and made me restless. When a person is facing pain because of eye, ear, stomach etc illness he yearns to find a way to ward off this hardship. What exactly needs to be done? Where should one go? These questions bother such people a lot and they yearn not to waste even a moment so as to help ward off their pain swiftly. My mind too was experiencing this inner state. A mother forgets her own feverish state, headache etc when she takes her child quickly to a nearby hospital to take medical help for her child whose leg has got fractured in a car accident. She is restless to get her child cured at any cost. My mental state too has been quite like this for so many years. Where do I have anytime to amass joyous comforts and luxuries for myself? I find such sense pleasures very poisonous. If on those rare occasions a thought crossed my mind to procure means for entertainment and rest my conscience censured my lowly desire. It was like using a glass of water to wash someone’s feet for worship when the same could be used to save the life of a person thirsting for water for many days. How can a mother snatch a spoonful of food to eat it herself when it could save her child from dying if it was given to him? How can a father go away to play tennis with his friends when his sick child is wailing aloud in pain? This could be done only by a hard hearted person. The more the tenet of “Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu” (all beings are a part of my very soul and hence I experience soul oneness with the entire cosmos) became firmly steadfast, my hard hearted nature melted away to naught forever. Now only compassion brimmed forth in my entire being. It is as steadfast as it was previously even though I am in the final years of my journey into this mortal world. In it there is no diminishing at all but instead day by day it is intensifying more and more.

I have heard that Self-God Realized saints sleep with total peace and rest. But for me such Self-God Realization has been rare to attain. I am doubtful whether I shall ever attain such a serenely peaceful Self-God Realized state. As long as anguish, strife, stress etc continue to exist in this world, as long as creatures are forced to burn in fire of hardships and worries, till then I have no wish at all to live peacefully. Whenever it was my time to offer prayers to Almighty God I humbly prayed: O Lord! I do not want inner peace. Instead I want that compassion within that helps me experience the strife and pain of all creatures of the world. Instead of prosperity I want that spiritual power that can wipe away the tears of agony faced by all creatures of the world. I asked only this boon from God and I felt that by giving clothes to Draupadi who was being rendered naked God who was thus saving her dignity is also pouring infinite compassion on my by eliciting sensitive sacred emotions in me in every pore of my being. When I have ever paid attention to what means of material joy I require? In every pore of my being dripped forth agony and anguish for world humanity undergoing so many hardships both physical and mental in nature. I kept thinking this only as to what needs to be done to keep our worldwide family happy and contented forver? Whatever I possessed was used only for this goal. Thus I got an opportunity to ward off widespread pain and strife and created a situation where atleast one could breathe easy with self contentment.

So many nights have I passed by crying all alone, so many times I have wailed aloud like a little child in pain. Does anyone know about this? People call me a Self-God Realized saint, Sidha possessing Divine Powers, a great writer, scholar etc. Yet none has opened the deep recesses of my psyche to read this agony spelt there in bold letters. Lest anyone had actually done this they would have seen that within this body made of bones, flesh, blood etc dwells a soul wailing aloud incessantly on noting world humanity’s demeaned state and the dire sorrow faced by it. On the one hand it is said that a Self-God Realized saint overflows with peace, contentment, ecstatic bliss etc in a carefree manner yet here I am whose soul is crying out in agony while perceiving others’ painful hardships. Whenever I thought to myself it was this only that divine wisdom that bestows a carefree life, that is immersed in trance and ecstatic bliss etc is much beyond my reach as of now. Maybe I shall never ever attain it because in this pain we get a glimpse of Almighty God clearly when we wipe the tears of others’ painful sorrow we experience a lot of soul satisfaction. Hence I say that my mind may never go after that Moksha/salvation or Samadhi or trance that renders us inactive. Hence when I just do not wish for such Moksha/salvation or Samadhi or trance how shall I ever get it?

I do not remember if I have done something good from the standpoint of Punya or working for others’ welfare. I do not know whether I have done any spiritual practice to please Almighty God. My soul amplification in the form of “Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu” (all beings are a part of my very soul and hence I experience soul oneness with the entire cosmos) made me see my soul in all animate-inanimate creatures of the world and this was not just superficial but that it had entered the very deep core of my psyche and soul. When I saw others’ painful agony it induced such loud cries of pain within me that I could think nothing apart from helping them ward off their pain and anguish. Say who executes Punya or meritorious acts? I did not have time to spare for charity etc. I just do not know how to please God so as to attain bliss pertaining to heaven, Moksha/salvation or Samadhi or trance. The world’s anguish was now my own agony and hence I had to first combat that. Other matters were such that for them I had to wait till I could spare sometime. If anyone yearns to find out the reason why I have executed the type of actions seen by all on a day to day basis it is enough to know that I breathed easy only to the extent I remembered or actually visualized the great goodwill based emotions and glorious world well being tasks carried out by great saints, visionaries, seers and men of high grade pious character. Thus when I started perceiving others’ agony it gave me much more pain that hardships I myself had to face in life. If at all I have been able to carry out tasks of world well being, welfare, social reforms, selfless service to society etc I can only say it was my inner being perforce making me do it. Others’ pain and heart burns refused to allow me to sit silently and since I was quite restless what else could I do but try my best to ward off their pain? If the pain is intense we perforce try to do something about it. People may label all my efforts seen so far in any way, they may paint it in any color, yet the bare reality is that the world’s painful psyche perforce aided the gushing forth of compassion and sensitive sympathy within me. Thus looking upon the world’s pain and heart burns as my own, I akin to a wounded person tried my best to put balm on it and lessen it as much as possible. My inner sentiments were so terrific that I forgot myself totally. If from the viewpoint of renunciation, self control, simplicity, non hoarding etc someone gauges my activities he must at least realize that in the mold in which my psyche got cast, all this was mandatory to imbibe. I cannot definitely say that I shunned and was averse to prosperity, progress, material comforts eulogies from others etc and that I with effort renounced all this is just not correct. In actuality since the world’s pain and heart burns became my own they clouded my mind so badly that I had just no time to think about my personal needs and comforts. In fact all this was nothing but loss of memory. If someone calls this forgetful nature austerities or self control it is their wish but when I am making my near-dear ones read the most useful pages of the book of my life it is best and apt that I explain the bare reality.

My devotional practices and spiritual practices went on side by side. I called out to Almighty God so that in the form of divine light he would compassionately enter my soul. Thus my lowly nature would transform into greatness and glory. I surrendered at God’s holy feet so that in his infinite divine glory my lowliness gets merged for eternity. The only boon I asked him was that I experience oneness of heart with every atom of the world and thus my tiny soul becomes cosmic in nature. Thus I could experience my soul in others’ and their soul in me. The penance, meditation, self control and other spiritual practices mainly based on the 14 Gayatri Mahapurashcharanas revolved around imbibing this sense of soul oneness with the entire world.

I am discussing all this with reference to my spiritual experiences and all rise-fall situations faced therein so that lest anyone yearns to walk in the direction of soul progress how shall it be possible for those dwelling in the present type situations? If a visible example of this is to be searched for my life’s journey can become a good guide. In reality I have lived an experimental life. While trying to live my mundane material life in tandem with spiritual ideals how could one walk on the path of inner advancement? Without veering away from it how could success be tasted? I am trying to find such a precept and in its application I am focusing both my mental thought process and bodily activities. In this direction my Revered Gurudeva helped me immensely. Hence without getting entwined in undesirable complexities I attained the correct path to tread on. This has been discussed in these lines with the aim that those who feel the need for finding a tangible example of attaining definite success while walking on this path they shall find a well proven path to follow.

On the path of soul process while walking in a definite and well planned manner I have attained the goal to a great extent and have attained that basis on which one can experience that no effort has gone in vain and that my experimentation has not failed at all. I feel it does not suit me at all to talk of what Sidhis/Divine Powers or other spiritual attainments accrued by me. The chance to talk, hear and search them out must be got only after I depart from this mortal world. At that time such excess proof of it shall be found everywhere that even a very distrusting person perforce can be convinced that neither the Science of Spirituality/Soul is erroneous and that anyone walking this path in a proper and correct manner finds no difficulty in attaining success. Those who tread this path accrue soul peace, inner and divine experiences. How can they benefit from all this? In order to find tangible proof of this, future researchers shall find my life’s activities very helpful. As per contemporary times such deep researchers shall themselves unearth innumerable proof of divine glories and those specialties that shall be possible to attain by anyone who leads a life devoted to Almighty God.




















The 1st day was passed by in Nandanvan (Himalayas) gazing at the natural beauty oozing there. In it I visualized a glimpse of Almighty God. I just did not realize when the sun set and night took over. In a subtle way I got divine directions to head for a cave nearby and make arrangements for sleeping there. It seemed that the direction was not for sleeping but to reach a secure place and thus the icy cold winter there would not harm my physical body. There was a possibility that again at night I shall get Darshan of Revered Gurudeva. This actually happened too.

That night Revered Gurudeva suddenly appeared in my cave. It was Purnima or full moon night. The golden white luster of the moon had spread in the entire Himalayas. On that day it seemed that Himalaya Mountains were made from gold. Ice pieces could be seen right up to far off areas and drops of rain and ice too were pouring down. They gave us an experience as though pure gold is pouring down. Since my Revered Gurudeva had arrived an aura of warmth spread all around. Else at night time it is impossible to move about outside in this freezing cold and icy whistling winds. If one dares to do so one’s body can freeze into a statue.

Of course! This compassionate grace showered on me by Revered Gurudeva was for some special reason. I realized this immediately and hence did not feel any need to ask him anything. I just started walking behind him reverently. I felt that our feet were walking actually a few inches above the fround. Today I came to know as to why Sidhis or Divine Powers like flying in air and walking in space are required. Walking in this very uneven icy rocky terrain of Himalayas was much more difficult than walking on the surface of water. Maybe such Sidhis are not required in good conducive situations yet in those days in very tortuous rocky terrain of Himalayas for those realizing difficulties of traveling to and fro there these Sidhis or Divine Powers were most required.

After coming out of the cave trembling in this icy cold weather I walked reverently behind Revered Gurudeva like his tail, in this golden Himalaya region. The aim of today’s journey was to give me Darshan or vision of the region of austerities of great Rishis of yore. All of these Rishis had given up their gross bodies yet majority was using their subtle bodies. By piercing their subtle bodies with a razor sharp subtle eye some of the Rishis’ causal bodies could be perceived. Effortlessly my head bowed down to them in reverence and my hands folded in humble prayer at their sacrosanct feet. Today I was to have Darshan and get introduced to those Rishis in the Himalayas who resided there in their subtle and causal bodies. For me this night would be the most fortunate and auspicious one for my entire life span.

While travelling I had seen a few caves of Uttarakhand region here and there yet I saw only those that came my way. Today I realized that in comparison to all that seen by me what yet remains to be seen is much more. Those caves that were small sized were generally used by forest beasts etc yet those that were large sized, that were clean and well managed were meant for Rishis dwelling there in their subtle bodies. Due to previous times’ practice of dwelling here they do reside here sometimes even today as per requirement for doing so.

On that day when I saw subtly embodied great Rishis of yore in their caves they were immersed in deep meditation. My Revered Gurudeva explained to me that generally they meditated and got immersed in Nirvikalpa Samadhi or thought free trance. They never break this trance state without an important reason to do so. I was told the name of each one of these honorable Rishis and had the great opportunity to have the hallowed vision or Darshan of their subtle bodies. This then is the true wealth, specialty and glory of this divine region.

Much before my arrival these honorable Rishis knew of my future visit there with Revered Gurudeva. Hence in whichever area we went to meet them at that point in time they would be seated with eyes open. Their faces shined forth with a light smile and their heads tilted a wee bit as though they are compassionately accepting my humble obeisances at their sacred feet. I did not converse with anyone of them. If a subtle embodied Rishi is to be spoken to it is not via Vaikhari-gross speech or Madhyama but that it is via the subtler speeches called Para and Pashyanti. They hear not via the ear openings and but the subtle inspiration gushing forth in their psyche. But for today I was to have only their hallowed vision or Darshan in a silent manner. I did not have to speak or hear anything. Since I as a new disciple had arrived to join this honorable Rishi group they wanted to know me and whenever they felt the need to help me they would make necessary arrangements for the same. This then was my Revered Gurudeva’s aim for taking me to these respected subtly embodied Rishi. Possibly they were told much beforehand that in order to fulfill the incomplete tasks taken up by the Rishi group, in tandem with conducive situations of contemporary times this child (me) possessing a gross visible body shall carry out certain tasks in a certain way and a description also of his role in future days to come may have already been detailed to them.

Via the subtle body tasks like eliciting inner inspirations and bestowing potent energy stream flow is very much possible. Yet if the lay public is to be guided and advised and also incidences have to be set rolling in, the gross visible body is most required for this. Hence divine energies are known to make certain grossly embodied people as their vehicles to fulfill their mission. Till today I was a vehicle/medium of only one divine guide but now the other divine souls residing in the Himalayas could make use of me and in tandem with this they could bestow their inspirations, plans and potential too. Hence Revered Gurudeva via his divine subtle speech was introducing me to this glorious Rishi group. All of them without following protocol, etiquette and without wasting anytime were accepting this request by one mere sign of tilting their revered scalp a wee bit. This night full of divinity was passing by thus. Before dawn itself Revered Gurudeva taking my gross body to my appointed cave returned to his residence.

Today I had hallowed vision or Darshan of this Rishiloka (world) for the first time ever. Previously I did have Darshan of temples, rivers, lakes etc of this Himalaya region when I had journeyed there. This region which is the residence of subtly embodied Rishi group of yore is called the divine soul too. Yet previously I never knew as to which Rishi prefers which region. Today I saw it for the first time and also the very last time in my entire lifespan. While dropping me my Revered Gurudeva told me not to try and contact this glorious Rishi group on my own. Do not create obstacles in their activities. If anyone of them wishes to guide you they shall do it on their own. With reference to him too Revered Gurudeva told me not to try and contact him on my own. Whenever he felt the need for any reason he would come to me in any corner of the world. Regarding any tasks allotted to me Revered Gurudeva would subtly make arrangements for means required to fulfill them. Hence I was made to understand that not to contact this glorious Rishi group on my own and for certain special reason only I was taken to them for availing their hallowed vision or Darshan. I was told not to think this Darshan to be some strange curiosity but that I was to realize that I am getting subtle divine inspirations not only from Revered Gurudeva but that this glorious Rishi group too is divinely guiding me. This great fortune of yours of meeting them shall in future continue to fufill all those tasks of theirs that cannot be executed in the absence of a gross physical body that was in my possession. Generally pious souls like you are made a medium-vehicle for these glorious Rishis to contact lay public in the world. In future you must reverently act as per their subtle divine commands as you have done so commands given to you by me. Hence whatever is commanded must be acted upon by you to the last letter. What else could I do but humbly accept his divine command? And then Revered Gurudeva disappeared from my midst (since he was in his subtle astral body).



The next day of my journey to Nandanvan was much more dumbfounding. The scenes of my meeting with the divine glorious Rishis in the previous night in the company of my Revered Gurudeva whirled past my mental screen akin to a movie. Again I was waiting for Revered Gurudeva to appear in my midst so as to get his divine directions regarding future tasks to be executed by me. The more sunlight started spreading out in the green plains of Nandanvan it appeared as though heaven was manifesting on earth. Different hued flowers were blooming in hordes and were scattered on a square piece of land. If you saw this from afar it would appear akin to a soft flower mattress to sleep on. 

Suddenly Revered Gurudeva appeared in his gross form. The previous night his body was an astral one since our visit to those great Rishis required it. But today he was in his gross form oozing with divine light as was seen by me in my worship room in my village in Anvalkheda (UP-INDIA).

While commencing our conversation Revered Gurudeva said: I was aware of your faith and brave hearted nature of all your previous lifetimes. This time by calling you I have taken 3 tests of yours and in it I wanted to find out whether your mental arena is capable of shouldering the weight of humungous tasks or not. In this entire journey of yours I was with you. I witnessed all incidences and reactions regarding it emerging in your mind. Now I am not worried at all. Lest your mental state was not firm and steadfast, residents of this region viz. subtly embodied Rishis would not have appeared in your midst and would not have recounted their inner anguish. The aim of what they spoke was the task is not complete and hence it must be fulfilled properly. On noting your inner powerful capacity they spoke about their inner sacred thoughts else would such high stature divine beings open their hearts in front of a weak minded and incapable person?

If your self surrender is true I shall design the mode of action for the rest of your life. You must carry it out with total unswerving steadfastness. The 1st program is for you to complete 24 Gayatri Purashcharanas for 24 years at a stretch. On doing this any lack in your mental strength shall get fulfilled. Huge and heavy tasks require great humungous capacity. It is to attain this that this 1st program must be completed by you. Along with this 2 more activities shall go on side by side. One is this that you must continue your studies. You shall have to write a lot of literature. After making arrangements for translating and publishing Rishi literature you must see to it that it reaches the lay public. Due to this links of divine culture that have virtually become extinct shall get conjoined and it shall help in setting up the cast ofa divine world culture in future. Along with this as long as your gross body exists, literature pertaining to divinity dawning in human beings and heaven manifesting on earth must be penned in virtually all world languages. This literature must be rendered easily available to all earth denizens. This task is related the power of your 1st Sadhana or spiritual austerities. In it when the appointed hour arrives great character deep thinkers shall come in order to help you. They shall complete those tasks commenced by you but remain to be fully completed.

The 3rd task given to me was to fight for India’s political freedom like a soldier in a visible and also behind the scene manner. This shall go on till the year 1947 AD and by that time a major chunk of your 24 Gayatri Purashcharanas for 24 years at a stretch shall get completed. This shall be the 1st leg. Its Sidhis or divine energies shall manifest for the lay public to witness. The signs of these times are not such that foreign British Rulers shall easily hand over political freedom to India before leaving it. But know for sure that this success shall be attained before you complete this 24 Gayatri Purashcharana program. Till then your knowledge and wisdom shall increase so much akin to that possessed by a divine seer-saint for employing it in Era Transformation and neo creation tasks.

Total fulfillment of any Purashcharana takes place only after its Purnahuti Yajna is executed. The Gayatri Super Yajna of 2.4 million Purashcharanas must be so gigantic wherein it is possible to offer 2.4 million Super Mantra Gayatri Ahutis and via it your organization shall be set up. All this has to be done by you. For this tasks thousands of Rupees shall be required and thousands of volunteers to do the needful. You must never think that you are alone. Do not think you do not have much wealth. I am with you all the time. The result of your 24 year worship program also is with you. Hence no doubt should exist in your mind. At the appointed hour everything shall succeed aptly. The ordinary public shall realize the miraculous results accrued by anyone executing true devoted spiritual austerities. This shall be the 1st leg of your program. You must sincerely carry out your righteous duties. Do not think that my and your energy is less. When both of us shall unite it shall be like one and one becoming 11. Further this program is subtly being managed by a divine existence. Hence where is there any place for doubting all this? At the appointed hour all arrangements shall appear by and by. There is no need for you to start planning as of now and lose sleep over it. Keep executing your studies, worship etc. Keep doing this Purashcharana program regularly and sincerely. Carry out your role of a soldier in India’s political freedom struggle. If you start thinking more than this about your future your mind shall vainly get agitated. As of now stay in your motherland and from there start the 3 tasks of this 1st leg.

Further instructions were given to me by Revered Gurudeva in hint form. I was to execute the tasks of publication of literature, self and scriptural studies and holy association via a gigantic religious organization residing in Mathura City (UP-India). The Purnahuti of 2.4 million Purashcharanas too shall take place there. Your printing press, publishing tasks etc too shall take place there. From there the process of divinity dawning in human beings and heaven manifesting on earth shall commence. This effort shall become a historical movement because till date none of this type has been witnessed the world over.

The 3rd leg shall be to fulfill the wishes of these subtly embodied Rishis. You have to sow the seeds of ushering in Rishi tradition. Its worldwide campaign shall go on in its own way. This task shall have to be carried out while dwelling in Saptasarovar-Haridwar which is the land of austerities (Tapobhumi) of the great 7 chief Rishis of yore. All 3 tasks shall take place in these 3 places in an apt manner.

As of now this is but a hint. In future as per contemporary times I shall give you a detailed map of these tasks when I call you here to the Himalaya Mountains. When I call you here 3 times it shall be for completing 3 goals.

For the 4th time you shall have to enter the 4th state and the burden of my mission shall have to be carried by you on your shoulders in the final decades of the 20th century. You shall have to shoulder very widespread and difficult tasks pertaining to our world entangled in complex problems. There is no benefit in proclaiming this beforehand. As per contemporary times, whatever is required shall be understood and fulfilled too.

In this present trip to the Himalaya Mountains a doubt lurked in my mind regarding stories I had heard about Sidha Saints dwelling in caves here and that on getting their Darshan or hallowed vision one attained Divine Powers or Sidhis. I did not find any proof of this. I felt these were but illusory hearsays. It was definitely a doubt within but Revered Gurudeva understood it without by vocally asking him anything. He put his sacred hands on my shoulder and asked: Why do you need to go to Sidha Saints? Isn’t your mind satiated on meeting me and the subtly embodied Rishis?

I was aghast that my mind harbored distrust! I had never dreamt of searching for another Guru. It was but child like curiosity in my mind. Lest Revered Gurudeva thought it distrust on my part he would conclude that in the realm of faith I was not of a sacred sanctified character. This very thought rendered me still.

Revered Gurudeva who could read my thoughts easily laughingly said: No doubt such Sidha Saints do exist but 2 new matters have emerged. One is that due to better roads more vehicles are plying here and hence more pilgrims come here. Hence the penance of these Sidha Saints is getting disturbed a great deal. The 2nd point is that to go away to other regions means bodily sustenance adds to discomfort. Hence these Sidha Saints have given up their gross bodies and instead dwell in their subtle bodies. The latter is not seen by people and no material means are required to sustain it. Hence all of them have not only given up their gross bodies but have left these places too. Not only residences but they have changed their program too. Now since everything has changed drastically how can anyone meet them? Also since there is a lack of devotees with a sacred sanctified character these Sidha Saints refuse to waste their divine power of penance by giving Darshan to lowly tainted people or showering grace on them. Under such situations when other people keep searching they do not find them. Next time when you travel to this mountain region I shall help you get Darshan of Sidha Saints of Himalaya Mountains.

How do divine souls that are manifestations of Almighty God reside in their subtle bodies? Its first inkling was got by me in my village home in the form of my Revered Gurudeva giving me his hallowed Darshan donning his astral form. My boat of life in his divine hands was being run by him so deftly yet my childish brain was at work. I had heard about Sidha Saints dwelling in  Himalaya Mountains and my mind that was curious to see them had been satiated by the promise given by Revered Gurudeva and hallowed Darshan of great Rishis of yore. I was moving around with this desire hidden in a corner of my mind. Today this promise was fulfilled on having their hallowed Darshan and in future too I would be visiting them. My satiation was not any lesser previously but today it increased much more in the form of happiness and zest.

Revered Gurudeva further said: Whenever I call you here you must understand that it shall be for about 6 months or 1 year. Your body has been rendered such that it can sustain itself in these tough mountain surroundings. In order to mature this new practice in this planned time period one after another for 3 times you shall have to come here to reside in these Himalaya Mountains. Whatever shall be required for your gross body here shall be arranged for by me. It is also required because a lot of power of endurance is needed for entering the subtle body from the gross one and entering the causal body from the subtle one. This power of endurance shall become potent as time goes by. The body gets attacked by hunger, thirst, cold, heat, sleep, tiredness etc. It is quite difficult to gain victory over them while dwelling at home because there since so many facilities/comforts are accessible sense merriment gets fulfilled easily. But one gets no opportunity to undergo penance and develop one’s power of endurance. Similarly the 6 types of inner taints overshadowing the psyche appear alongside some incident or the other in life. In order to undergo a tough fight with 6 mental taints like sexual desire, anger, greed, delusion, arrogance and envy one has to dwell in thick forests to practice the art of overpowering them. You may get this opportunity while dwelling in your house. Hence for practicing by staying away from huge crowds it is easier to fight this inner war. By residing in the Himalaya Mountains you must increase the power of endurance of your physical body and execute mental austerities. In this manner you have to come here 3 times for about 3 years and remain in contact with the lay public for the remaining years. While doing this you shall be tested to find out whether what you practiced while residing in the Himalaya Mountains has reached maturity or not.

This program was made by my divinely embodied Revered Gurudeva but it was desired for by me. It can be called fulfillment of my mental desire. Via good health, holy association with great saints and deep mental reflection this fact was imbibed by me clearly that when the visible 10 senses and the 11th invisible mind on getting aptly controlled helps the psyche get focused in a one pointed manner. When the feat of self control is mastered all human weaknesses die down and Vibhootis or divine brilliance manifests. This is the only royal path that helps us become a Sidha Saint in this gross physical body.

There are 4 types of self control:





Those who master the above become super men and great saints and by removing sexual desire, anger, greed and delusion from the mind material powers and energies are attained.

I wished to carry out austerities/Tapas but how could I do it? One who surrenders to a great Guru cannot do anything without the Guru’s divine command. Hence when I heard Revered Gurudeva giving me the above command which coincided with my inmost desire I was in sheer joy. Now I was eagerly waiting for the appointed time to arrive for commencing glorious tasks given by him.

Revered Gurudeva said: Now I have nothing more to say. Hence you should leave for Gangotri glacier. There I have made arrangements for your lodging, boarding etc. Seated on the Bhagirath Shila and Gauri Kunda you must commence your spiritual austerities/Tapas. When your stay of 1 year is completed you must return to your village home. I shall look after you subtly each moment.

After saying thus Revered Gurudeva disappeared from sight. One of his divine aides guided me in my journey to Gomukh. Then I sat on the spot suggested by Revered Gurudeva and completed 1 year of my stay there.

Then I set off for my journey to my home. While coming all alone here I faced a lot of difficulties at every step but now while I was returning home none of these difficulties came my way. These were tests taken by Revered Gurudeva subtly hence since I had passed the test these difficulties disappesred during my return journey to my home.

In this manner after 1 year I returned home. My weight had increased by 18 pounds. My face became reddish in hue and round in shape. My bodily strength had increased a lot. Each moment of my life now passed in bliss. When I returned home my family people asked for Prasad of River Ganga. I gave everyone a pich of sand of Gangotri glacier area and also a bit of water from Gomukh. I had returned with only this much from there. This was the only Prasad in visible form that I could give them. In reality this was the most important juncture of my life. No doubt later too I journeyed to the Himalaya Mountains and my destination too was as above yet the 1st hallowed Darshan of subtly embodied divine Rishis that were directing all world movements along with Revered Gurudeva got permanently etched in the deep core of my heart. It was in this 1st journey that I got the sacred glimpse of the goal of my life, my future lief’s program and meeting awakened souls who were to become my divine guides for my future life span.






















In my very 1st journey to the sacred lofty Himalaya Mountains I understood the underlying real facts of Sidha Saints. My deluded concepts about them got dissolved to naught and later in life I helped others ward off such very types of deluded concepts harbored by them in their psyche. I kept repeating when required about my very 1st meeting with these Sidha Saints wherein I explained that if our inner credentials are not sacred and powerful it is impossible to meet them. This is because Sidha Saints are subtle divinely embodied beings and hence manifest themselves only to those who are pure and powerful from the inner personality standpoint. I told them that even I was unaware of these facts previously.

This present book is based on the one written in Hindi language by me called ‘Sunsan ke sahchar’. Its description is more but the gist is less. The gist is this as to how a powerful resolve and soul force aids a person in overcoming obstacles based on lack and inner doubts. This book details all this. If our mind becomes our true friend situations that appear dangerous can become a mere joke to laugh at. Such type of incidences that I faced in my journey has been given in it. A person treading the true path of spirituality perforce must render his psyche sacredly powerful.

The book is big and description too is given in detail. But the essence is little since literary analysis is much more. In it I have described why Himalaya Mountains and shores of River Ganga are much more apt for executing spiritual austerities/Tapas. One fears loneliness while dwelling in solitude and the cause of it is weakness in our process of deep thinking. If our psyche is powerful and pious why do we need any human or other companion? Why would we fear loneliness on not meeting anyone? Jungle beasts, birds etc all dwell alone there. Violent beasts are known to attack weaker ones. All of them fear human beings. Along with this they possess so much brain power that they can protect themselves. If our weak thinking leads us to fear know for sure that the entire world shall appear scary. If our hands, legs, brain, mind, valor and daring accompany us all the time why should we fear anything? Amongst jungle creature only a few are violent and ferocious. Hence when man becomes fearless and harbors love for all creatures within he shall face very few instances of danger in life. The great King Harshchandra worked as humble servant in cremation grounds where dead bodies of humans would burn on pyres. The Masai tribe of Kenya builds huts in areas where lions abound. Aborigines, tribal people etc reside amongst deadly snakes and tigers. Hence there is no reason why a man possessing a sharp brain, cannot reside in places of peril.

The soul of a creature enters God’s abode all alone. One eats, sleeps, walks etc all alone. One enters God’s divine home all alone (post death). Hence how can it be amazing that during other incidences of life a sacred sensitive mind bestows so much zest in you? If you are a true spiritual seeker its result must translate into a sacredly powerful psyche. We train our body as per our requirements. Eskimos dwelling in the North Pole region nourish their body eating merely fish only. Although people living in the inaccessible tough terrain of Himalaya Mountains and Alps too face lack of many things live a healthy long life. Animals, birds etc sustain by merely eating grass etc. Lest man by eating edible leaves tries to sustain his body shall face problems only if he has not trained himself properly. But later when gets used to eating leaves he can live a healthy long life. I got so many such experiences in my travel to the Himalaya Mountains for the first time. That mind of mine that previously would kick me like football here and there came under my control during my journey and instead of scaring me with fearful imaginary situations it started giving me untold bliss and joy. The gist of all this is given in my book ‘Sunsan ke sahchar’ (the present book is its English translation). In order to combat undesirable harsh weather conditions Almighty God has kept apt means in place. When it snows all around us caves give us enough warmth for sustenance. Certain green plants at Gomukh can be used to light fire. At night in order to avail light a forest herb growing keeps glowing. At Tapovan and Nandanvan area below the ground grows a tuber root called Devkand which has a very lovely sweet taste. Above the ground it appears to be grass but if we dig the ground its shape is of such a huge size that it can look after our daily meal for a week whether you eat it uncooked or boiled. The stem of Bhoja tree has many nodules. It can be pounded and made into tea. On drinking it even if it is freezing cold one perspires. You may add salt to it but even with it this tea is very tasty. The shreds of Bhojapatra are such that they can be used as a bed sheet or for covering our body. All these matters are written here so that we realize that Almighty God has kept apt means in place in order to combat undesirable harsh weather conditions. The reason why man gets harassed at such times is more to do his mental weakness and getting so used to material comforts and facilities. Lest man becomes self dependent about 3/4th of life’s problems get solved automatically. For the remaining 1/4th other solutions can be searched for and with its aid we can sustain life aptly. Man can hence render himself fit and fine under all circumstances. He gets harassed and stressed out only when he harbors a desire that other people act as per his whims and fancies. He desires that circumstances change instead of him changing his inner personality into a sacredly powerful one. Lest man changes for the better he can remain happy under any situation faced by him.

Although I had read and heard all this before I actually experienced it in my 1st trip to the Himalaya Mountains. This practice was a superb form of spiritual austerities/Tapas that helped me control my previously wayward psyche in an optimal manner. As a result I did not get tensed at all during situations that were not conducive at all. It then did not take much time for me to transform dire situations into those that were conducive.

A life lived alone and in solitude does not give sexual passion, anger, greed and deluded mental attachment a chance to manifest itself. Hence there is no annoyance of combating them. All those enticements and fear that appeared in order to test me were faced smilingly and serenely. Over here dignity did not work. I kept thinking: ‘I am the soul and not the visible body’. I am light manifest and very powerful. Enticements and fear that previously had the power to create my downfall in life today could do nothing of the sort because of mind control on my part. On seeing my mind’s steadfastness and disciplined nature all those occasions of defeat and downfall that approached me had to return licking their wounds while tasting defeat. I did not think it apt to detail all those occasions while dwelling in Himalaya Mountains for 1 year because since I am yet alive if I describe my steadfastness in maintaining a high stature sacred character definitely it could reek of boasting on my part. Over here I wish to say only this much that a true spiritual seeker has to face pressures of enticements and fear day in and day out. Every devotee hence must gird up his loins for combating them with a firm steadfast mind. Those who do not prepare their psyche thus shall have to repent akin to a ring master in a circus trying to carry out various feats without undergoing any training and practice as a result of which he either fractures his hands, legs etc or even enters the jaws of death.

Amongst 3 spiritual practices of Upasana, Sadhana and Aradhana, Sadhana predominates. The rituals of Upasana can be done by anyone akin to a clerk in an office. Aradhana means carrying out meritorious tasks called Punya. A person who has mastered his psyche and character in a disciplined manner has nothing more to do and attain in life. A mind imbued with great glorious qualities looks at only meritorious tasks called Punya since it is supremely beneficial. In it rests his avid interest and mastery. In the 1st year of my stay in the Himalaya Mountains I had to do the Sadhana of self control and disciplining the psyche in order to render it sacredly powerful. After that all miracles that occurred were but the result of this mind control. Today Upasana has been rendered merely a set of rituals that reap wealth akin to various business houses.

At home I would sleep totally for 4 hours. Over here I increased my sleep to 6 hours. This is because at home I had to carry out various types of activities but here in the mountains since sunlight filled hours are less apart from doing Mansik or mental Japa other tasks are difficult to execute in darkness. At such huge mountain heights daylight is seen very late in the morning and darkness sets in very fast. Hence in 12 hours of darkness 6 hours for sleeping and 6 hours for Japa, meditation etc is good enough. In mountains it is not necessary to take a bath daily. It was only at noon time that it was possible to bathe, wash clothes and dry them. Hence based on situations faced I had to demarcate my daily chores and routine. Never can situations manifest in tandem with our daily chores and routine.

How good was my 1st trip to Himalaya Mountains? As an answer I can say that I trained my mind to mold itself in tandem with various situations faced there. I can say that as a result of such mind control and disciplining half the destination was reached. In this way although in the 1st year I had to face immense pressure of sorts but iron ore became such tough iron burning in this blazing furnace that in future days it became very useful.

My previous life was molded in a very different cast. With the help of facilities and means it was moving about. Everything appeared straightforward and easy to handle but on reaching the Himalaya Mountains everything changed drastically. Situations there were such that only that person could dwell there who akin to one setting off to fight a war after getting trained only for a few days. In the process he showcases such valor and enterprise previously never shown by him.

The directly visible result of my 1st trip to Himalaya Mountains was that my unruly mind got defeated and I won in the final analysis. No doubt it dueled a lot with me while facing many newer types of discomforts yet at no place it was allowed to have its way. Although due to these discomforts it tried to protest and desired to return home yet since it had to deal with such a farmer who was hell bent on dying or killing. At last the mind had to tow the line and had to accept its fate of working in a disciplined well controlled manner. Lest my inner being was unripe the present mature state of the psyche could not have been achieved. For 1 whole year I had to endure one hardship after another. Again and again such situations manifested that while trying to pass such fiery tests my health would deteriorate a great deal. The door of future worldly progress may shut forever. Hence I must rethink about my state in an inclusive manner.

At one point in this journey a Tamas like unethical thought appeared in my mind which is not apt to hide from my respected readers. This thought was that akin to so many hypocrites in the name of being residents of Himalaya Mountains flew the flag of so called religion I too must do something of this sort and become a self styled ‘Sidha Saint’. On the basis of this bogus proclamation I could lead a sense titillating vagabond lifestyle till death. I am aware of the hypocrisy oriented ‘life sketch’ and ‘eat drink and be merry’ stories of so many people right from the start to its end. The moment this vile thought emerged I crushed it under my boot. I realized that my mind was being minutely tested. I pondered deeply that if I can create situations of an easy sense merriment life on the basis of my ordinary talent why is there any need at all to create such a lifestyle after defaming Himalaya Mountains,  true Sidha Saints, Divine Powers, Almighty God, true austerities etc?

In that very 1st year after meeting my Revered Gurudeva, a part of the great Rishi clan I changed from the very roots both within and without. My new sanctified mind kept fighting with the unruly wayward psyche and it can be said that the overall result was I returned home fully victorious.














About 10 years passed by since my 1st invitation to journey to the Himalaya Mountains in order to get tested for the first time. After this it was not thought required to call me there. I got Revered Gurudeva’s Darshan in that very Mudra as I had got for the 1st time. ‘Everything is fine’: Saying this much tangible contact kept continuing. He entered my inner being ceaselessly. I never felt I was all alone. I always felt that both of us resided together. In this manner 10 years passed by.

India’s freedom struggle was going on. In the meantime since weather conditions were good I again got a subtle divine command to reach Himalaya Mountains. The very next day I started my journey. It was just not possible for me to ignore this command or delay it in manner. After informing my relatives of my departure I was prepared to set off the next day at Brahmamuhurat (4 am to 6 am). Even after 10 years passed by there was a proper road for travel only upto Uttarkashi. For further journey roadways were under construction.

I was well versed with the roads there. The weather was not all that cold as it was the previous time. I met people coming and going. Chattis or rest houses there were not all that empty. My luggage too was much less than usual. Of course those facilities got at home were lacking but the conditions in which I was journeying were not intolerable. They were just those that I was not so used to. The schedule went on as desired.

Previously I had to pass 3 tests but this time not one came my way. There was no need to pass those tests that were already taken. The road to Gangotri glacier was such that I had no need to check with anybody. The 14 mile path from Gangotri glacier to Gomukh is such that it changes its form when snow melts post winter each year. Icy rocks break apart and fall just about anywhere. Small streams too change their flow’s direction because of their road getting obstructed due to rocks. I had to find the correct direction of the new path from someone well versed with them there or by taking recourse to my intuitive intellect I would walk further via inference. When any obstruction appeared I would return to the previous point and search for the correct direction again. In this manner I reached Gomukh.

For my further journey I had to travel with Revered Gurudeva’s messenger and he too was subtly embodied. This Chaya Purusha or shadow man was of the stature of a Virbhadra. Time and again Revered Gurudeva would make use of him for many tasks. Everytime I went to Himalaya Mountains it was this Virbhadra who would guide me at huge heights from Nandanvan area and in its return journey. Hence with the aid of this messenger I reached my destination in a relatively faster manner and with better ease.

The moment I reached Nandanvan area Revered Gurudeva’s subtle body was directly perceived by me. The moment he manifested this divine form my sacred devotional sentiments gushed forth from within. My lips quivered in joy. My nose became wet. I felt as though I had found a lost part of my own body and as though its lack was being fulfilled just now. When he placed his divine palm on my scalp all my untold sacred love for him overflowed. The protocol of humble obeisances on my part and his blessing me got over quickly in this manner. In hint form Revered Gurudeva conveyed to me about again visiting the subtly embodied divine Rishi clan. My hair stood on ends in sacred thrill.

Virtually all Rishis of Satyuga or Golden Era via their subtle divine body have been residing in this inaccessible tough Himalaya Mountain terrain. It was here that I first had their hallowed vision or Darshan. All of them had their own appointed cave to dwell in. From the standpoint of executing bodily activities there is no need for them to take up a particular place or make arrangements for various material means. Even so in order to keep meeting each other when required and complete their appointed tasks all of these divine Rishis dwell in appointed places.

In my 1st sacred meeting with the divine Rishis I could merely offer humble obeisances to them. But this time Revered Gurudeva took me to each one of these divine Rishis for an individual sacred Darshan. I had got their blessings subtly but this time I was to be given divine guidance by them. In appearance these divine Rishis appeared divinely illumined in form (astral body) but now when my subtle body took up its correct form I could clearly visualize the Satyuga or Golden Era type of body of these divine Rishis. The body of divine Rishis is imagined by devotees in a certain manner and I saw that this imaginary form was quite correct. I offered my humble obeisances at their lotus feet. I placed my head at their hallowed feet. As soon as they placed their divine hand on my head my hair stood on ends in a sacred thrill. Bliss and zest gushed forth in huge waves.

Now the actual task to be executed was discussed. Each one of these divine Rishis spoke to me in Paravani (subtle divine speech): We used to act previously using our gross body but now it has got destroyed totally. This gross body is but now tattered akin to archeological remains. When we Rishis via our divine 3rd eye visualize the present condition of those areas we get extremely pained. There was a time in ancient history wherein the entire region right from Haridwar City to Gangotri glacier was inhabited by Rishis of yore. In this region of solitude only spiritual austerities were executed.

Just as in Uttarkashi one finds the forest Gurukul of Sage Jamadgani so too here and there many Rishi hermitages were spread out. Each Rishi was immersed in spiritual research via intense austerities in various spiritual realms. Demigods and goddesses dwelt in those regions previously where today human beings are residing. After the Ice Age set in not only regions but activities came to a total halt. Now only their remnant symbols remain in a vague scattered manner.

In Uttarakhand although here and there many temples of demigods and goddesses have been built in order that a lot of wealth can be collected from innocent devotees visiting them but none asks and none answers the question of who exactly were great Rishis of yore? Where did they reside? What did they do? Not one sign of all this can be found today. In our eyes in a certain sense the Rishi tradition has virtually become extinct.

This was said by virtually all divine Rishis I visited with Revered Gurudeva. When I humbly bid them adieu the eyes of all divine Rishis were blurred with tear drops. It appeared that they were inwardly anguished. Their minds were heavy with sadness but what could I say? How could I even dream of shouldering the untold heavy burden shouldered by all these divine Rishis? On noting their sadness I too was pained. I mulled silently that ere Almighty God had made me capable enough I would not have returned quietly after witnessing this inner agony of these great divine Rishis. I felt as though my mind was stupefied and tears of sadness flowed from my eyes. These Rishis were so powerful and hence the pain that seemed unbearable for them bit my soul akin to a scorpion’s stinging bite.

Mine and Revered Gurudeva’s soul was walking side by side. Both were looking at each other. His face too was sad. O Lord! Such a dire state has appeared that no great descendent of these divine Rishis has yet manifested. Their lineage had got destroyed. Not one great Rishi activity remained. There are millions of Brahmins and thousands of ascetics but if even about 10-20 had remained alive they would have exhibited miraculous feats of world wellness as was done by Mahatma Gandhi, Lord Buddha etc. But since they are not there what can be done? Who shall execute such tasks? On what basis and power can they do it?

When one princess of yore had shed tears and had merely said ‘Ko vedan udharasmi?’ or ‘Who shall uplift the present dire conditions of the Vedas?’, Kumaril Bhatta replied: Do not worry! Kumaril Bhatta is yet alive in this world. Hence do not become sad and cry thus. At that time at least one Kumaril Bhatta was alive. What he had vowed he actually executed successfully. But if today nowhere can one find a true Brahmin, saint etc. how is it possible to find a great Rishi? Today fraudlent people like wily foxes garbed as saints etc externally are boasting about in forests their ‘great’ power of penance.

Next day after returning these types of thoughts flew about in my mind ceaselessly. I deeply thought thus in that cave where I was asked to dwell. But my Revered Gurudeva with his divine 3rd eye could read my all my thoughts correctly. My inner agony was making him sad too.

He said: You must do this much! Let us again go and visit these great divine Rishis. Tell them that if you great divine Rishis command me I can at least sow the seeds of your divine mission. If you compassionately water these seeds and give it proper fertilizers for apt growth a great harvest can come our way. Without your divine blessings my lone efforts shall go only down the drain.

Along with this you must ask as to how its auspicious commencement must be carried out? Request them humbly to give its outline. I shall humbly do something or the other. If your hallowed grace falls on me this dry graveyard called planet earth can become a lush green blooming world.

As per Revered Gurudeva’s divine wish I could also have said that I shall pour cool waters in a blazing forest fire. What is to happen shall happen. I can at least take a vow to carry out their divine mission even if it means giving up this mortal coil. These thoughts were cropping up in my psyche and Revered Gurudeva was silently reading them. This time I saw that his divine face bloomed forth akin to Brahmakamal or a divine lotus.

Both of us were stupefied and inwardly blissful too. It was decided that both of us would again go and visit these great divine Rishis. We had already met them the previous night. On seeing both of us visting them again each of this group of great divine Rishis expressed divine joy and amazement too.

I could just stand there benumbed with hands folded prayerfully and head bowed down in respect. Revered Gurudeva in Paravani (subtle divine speech) spoke to them about my sacred desire, wish and zest: My disciple’s wish is not lifeless because what he says he shall definitely execute to the last letter. Please let us know how to sow the seeds in a refreshingly new way of tasks remaining incomplete. Watering and rendering rich fertility in this tasks can be done by all of us from here albeit subtly. As a result his efforts shall not go in vain.

After this Revered Gurudeva invited these great divine Rishis to come to Mathura City in their subtle divine Chayapurusha form for the Purnahuti of a 1000 Kundi Super Power Gayatri Yajna to be executed there when I would 24 Gayatri Mahapurashcharanas in 24 years. Revered Gurudeva said: Although my disciple is a monkey but is of the high stature of Lord Hanuman. Although he is a bear he is as great as Jambavan. Although he is a vulture he is actually Jatayu of epic Ramayan fame. Please give him your divine commands and harbor hope that those tasks of yours that have remained incomplete, those that have broken apart shall again come into existence and that sprout will grow into a full grown tree. Why should we despair? Why not harbor hopes in him, because in his past 3 lifetimes he has steadfastly executed all tasks given to him, in a successful manner?

Our conversation was going on with only 1 Rishi but since the invitation took a moment to reach all other Rishis gathered near us. Their despair disappeared, hope got rekindled and the future program was that the seeds of all those tasks executed by these great divine Rishis must be sown in one field and in greenhouses their plants must be readied. These plants shall be planted everywhere and thus the garden of this world shall bloom forth with lush greenery.

This was the plan of building Shantikunj and it was to be executed after I completed my tasks in Mathura City. In great detail they spoke to me about how to set up the cast of Gayatri Nagar and Brahmavarchas Research Institute. With super focus of mind I etched every word of theirs in my bosom and it was decided that the moment my 24 Gayatri Mahapurashcharanas in 24 years completes fully this program shall be outlined in detail. This task can never fail since I had the subtle divine protection and guidance of Revered Gurudeva.

I stayed there for one more day. Revered Gurudeva in great detail explained to me the nature of Purnahuti of 24 Gayatri Mahapurashcharanas I was to execute in 24 years. He said: I am minutely noting the incidences and state of past many years and wherever I saw some error I corrected it. Now what should be done further? I have called you here to teach you its nature and form. Not much time is left for you to complete this 24 Gayatri Mahapurashcharana. You must go to Mathura City in order to complete it. Now the 2nd leg of your life shall commence from Mathura City.

After Prayag pilgrim spot Mathura City is India’s center. From the standpoint of journeying it is quite good. After India attains political freedom from alien British Rule your political duties shall end but a task related to it shall have to be completed. No doubt a political revolution shall usher in India, an economic revolution and tasks related to it too shall go on fine but 3 more revolutions have to be harbingered in. The latter can be done only via the religious institution. Without it completion cannot be attained. Our country India did not become dependent or weak because of lack of valiant people. It was not as though India could not defeat alien enemies. It was only our inner mental weakness that led us to our downfall and defeat. Others merely benefitted from our inner weaknesses and shoddy thinking.

An ethical, intellectual and social revolution has to be ushered in the world over. For this apt people have to be congregated and it is most required that great thoughts related to them be exhibited immediately. Hence you must leave your home and village and ready yourself to dwell in Mathura City. There you must find a small house and start publishing a monthly magazine. In it you must print required information for ethical, intellectual and social revolutions that are to be ushered in. As of now you shall be to fulfill only these tasks. After a few days you have to build a grand Gayatri Temple in Rishi Durvasa’s place of spiritual austerities near Mathura City. There visitors, co workers etc can be given lodging/boarding facilities. After this a gigantic Super Yajna of Gayatri has to be executed as Purnahuti of your completing 24 Gayatri Purashcharanas. The tradition of an Anushthan includes doing Japa along with a Yajna. Your 24 Anushthans of 2.4 million are going to get completed. For this in a Yajnashala of 1000 Kundis (Yajna pyre) a Yajna must be performed wherein 1000 Mantra chanters offer 2.4 million Ahutis to the Yajna fire. On that occasion such a gigantic organization shall come into being via which tha task of public awakening shall commence immediately via the religious institution. This is the 1st leg of this Anushthan. After about 25 years when you complete this responsibility of yours you must go to Saptasarovar in Haridwar City. By residing there that task must be completed wherein you took an oath in front of these great divine Rishis to reawaken the glorious Rishi tradition.

How must the mode of working in Mathura City be executed right from the start to its completion? This was explained to me by Revered Gurudeva in great detail. Further he gave me an outline of executing tasks pertaining to translation/publication/broadcasting of Rishi literature and the method of handing over tasks to members of our mission.

No error must creep in all the divine commands given. I promised Revered Gurudeva as I had done previously also to work selflessly and zealously. But one doubt did lurk in mind and that was from where to procure so much wealth and human resources to execute such a gigantic scale task? From where was I to gather these means that were required?

Revered Gurudeva who was closely reading my mind laughed aloud and said: Do not worry about wealth and other required materials/means. Start sowing the seeds of what you possess as of today. Its harvest shall grow 100 fold more and those tasks handed over to you shall get completed since good destiny awaits it. How much do I possess? How and where should I sow it? How shall its crop harvest grow and when shall it bloom fully? This information was also given to me by Revered Gurudeva.

Whatever he said was firmly etched by me in my psyche. There was no question at all of forgetting all this. We forget only when we ignore great divine commands. Does a true valiant soldier ever ignore his army general’s command? For me too there was no question at all of ignoring and paying no heed. Our conversation ended. This time I was divinely commanded to reside here in the Himalaya Mountains only for 6 months. The place at which I was to reside had proper arrangements for my stay.

Revered Gurudeva’s Virbhadara guided me in my travel to Gomukh. From there I reached the exact place directed for my residence and there I completed my 6 months stay. Then I returned to my home and I felt my health had become much better. Inner joy and profundity had increased a lot and it gushed forth around my face in the form of a glow and halo. After I returned, everyone who saw me said: It seems as though there are places in Himalaya Mountains full of facilities and comforts. Whenever you travel there your health becomes so great. Apart from laughing a bit I did not say anything.

Now I was preparing to head for Mathura City. From the standpoint of a pilgrimage I had been to Mathura City previously but I did not know anyone there. I decided to go there and get a rental house that could be useful for publishing the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’.

In those days too it was difficult to rent a house. Even after searching for long I could not find one that could fulfill my requirements. While searching thus I reached an area called Ghiyamandi. There I found an empty house. It was empty since many days. Its owner was an aged lady. I asked its rental charges and was told it was Rupees 15. She handed over the keys. After moving about in the house I saw there were totally 15 small-big rooms. Although it was quite old and dilapidated but from the standpoint of 1 Rupee per room as rental charges it was not expensive at all. It was a workable option for me. I liked the deal and hence gave my landlady Rupees 15 as rental charges for 1 month. The old landlady was quite happy.

I went home and returned with all my luggage, materials etc. I started living in this house in Mathura City with my wife and children. I heard whispers goind around in my lane as though my staying in this house was some wonder story. When I asked residents there they said: This house of yours is inhabited by ghosts. Whoever resided here so far has died. We have seen so many tenants coming here and losing untold wealth etc. You are a new person in this area and hence you got trapped. We have given you the bare facts. Lest this were not the case why would such a 3 storey house with 15 rooms remain unoccupied? Even though you realized this yet you have chosen to dwell here. You shall definitely reap losses.

Nowhere could I find such a cheap and useful building elsewhere. So I had to resolve to stay here only. It was true that this house was inhabited by ghosts. All night long there would be chaotic noise and activities on our ceiling. We could hear voices of crying, banging, fighting etc. In this house there was no electricity. After lighting a lantern I went upstairs I saw some vague forms of men-women running forward and backward. But I did not meet them visibly. Of course! They did not inflict harm on me even a wee bit. Such incidences took place for about 10 nights ceaselessly.

One day at about 1 am after midnight I went to the upper storey. I had a lit lantern in my hand. I requested the ghosts running here and there to stop doing so. They stopped in their tracks. I told them: You all have been living in this house for many days. So let us make a friendly compromise. You all can make use of the 7 floors on the upper storey. I and my family shall use 8 rooms on the floor below. In this manner we must make a truce. In this manner you all shall not get troubled and we too shall not get harassed. None of these ghost forms replied. Of course! They did stop running here and there. From the very next day the above chaotic incidences got transformed. From my end I stuck to my word and those ghosts became agreeable to my above suggestion. No doubt on our ceiling once in a while we could hear some walking like movements but no such noisy chaos was perceived that left us sleepless, that instilled fear psychosis in my children or that our work got hampered. Whatever breakage was there I got repaired with my own funds. Again the publication of the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ commenced from this house in Mathura City. It was from here that letters were exchanged with members of our mission. In the 1st year itself we got 2000 subscribers for this magazine. I would exchange letters with them or call them for a personal meeting here. My study routine would go on when I went daily for my morning walks that lasted for around 2 hours. My Anushtan too would go on in my small worship room. Now in place of working for the Congress Party I started my writing activities. The subjects I started penning were translation of Rishi literature, via the religious institute executing public education and also publishing the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’. We were publishing the magazine with our hand press and the remaining literature was printed in other presses. In this manner although the program went on yet that worry lurked in my mind wherein in future while residing in Mathura City for all those tasks given to me like large scale publishing, setting up a printing press, constructing a huge building for Gayatri Tapobhumi, conducting a large sized Yajna (not seen after the Ashwamedha Yajna written about in the epic Mahabharat) etc from where would I get humungous amounts of funds and human labor? As an aswer Revered Gurudeva’s clear message appeared in front of my mental screen: Sow the seeds and cut a huge harvest. Now I had to execute it in the field called human society. In the true sense of the term I had to become a Brahmin who never hoards anything (Aparigrahi). In this manner the outline of this future program kept emerging in my brain.












It was from Mathura (India) that the Thought Revolution Movement commenced via which my resolve to transform the very thinking of millions of people the world over in a positive manner is proving to come true. The Sahasra Kundi (1000 pyres) Yajnas were but mediums to come in contact with members of our world family who were my aides in past lifetimes too. These members were to play an important role in future times to come. In this Sahasra Kundi (1000 pyres) Yajna more than 0.1 million people took up a vow to throw away inner taints in their psyche. This Yajna was a Naramedha one. In these we requested service from volunteers who could dedicate their lives for social welfare and as per needs of contemporary times we did get such dedicated volunteers. I have always firmly believed that this entire sport was being enacted subtly by that divine puppeteer (God) and by making me a medium set up the cast of Era Transformation.

A widespread Yajna program had been designed in Mathura in order to usher in an ethical, intellectual and social revolution in every village and Yug Nirman Conferences were organized with simultaneous performance of Super Power Gayatri Yajnas in order that the light of divine wisdom gets lit radiantly in every home. On the occasion of Sahasra Kundi (1000 pyres) Yajna in Mathura City those people imbued with Prajna or divine wisdom that had arrived had resolved to set up a branch of our organization in their place of residence and perform such Yajnas there. They said that this divine environment inspired them to shoulder this great responsibility and thus each such person by finding at least 1000 other thinking individuals in their nearby areas render them their aides for this stupendous mission. These programs were to be conducted for 4 days at a stretch. In this for 3 days the details of the 3 thought revolution programs were to be given and music and discourses were arranged to explain the mode of working. On the final 4th day these people were asked to take up a vow/oath in front of the sacred Yajna fire wherein they had to renounce undesirable thinking and activities and in its place imbibe great wholesome traditions and glorious thinking. This thinking then must be reflected in their day to day activities.

Such programs did go on here and there with lots of success. Via it about 1million people heard about the trend of thinking of our mission and thousands of these people were such who resolved to uproot unethical trends, blind beliefs and vile traditions intheir lives. In these programs majority of marriages took place without accepting dowry and without vain glittering pomp and lavish expenses. In Mathura City during a 100 Kundi Gayatri Yajna 100 marriages based on high stature ideals were performed. This trend is going on quite well and each year via such campaigns so many people have benefitted.

It is not apt from the public well being standpoint to write about many mysterious incidences related to important events conjoined to this 1000 Kundi Gayatri Yajnas. Only after I shed my mortal coil can this mystery be allowed to unveil because this is the divine command of my Revered Gurudeva. Hence I have kept certain episodes of my life hidden from respected readers. Via this Super Yajna I have attained so much in a tangible manner. A huge organization was set up merely in a few days called “Gayatri Parivar”. The Thought Revolution of Yug Nirman Yojana (Era Transformation) and its future role of public education via the religious system got created. From many places people who had come volunteered to set up branches in their areas. About 2 decades later there itself, our Prajna Institutions and Swadhyaya Groups were set up. It is from this very Super Yajna that we found many permament working members of our organization who started shouldering duties of press-publishing, amplifying our organization membership etc after I returned from Mathura City. The foundation of innumerable active members dwelling permanently at Shanitikunj-Haridwar has been the above Super Yajna or so many other such programs executed all over India.

Due to the above my own prowess of organizing advanced well. In the limited group at Gayatri Tapobhumi I set up programs of 1 week, 9 days and 1 month camps. After completing the 1000 Kundi Gayatri Yajna as per my Revered Gurudeva’s divine advice I conducted Panchkoshi Sadhana Camps for soul advancement, Kayakalpa Camps for improving health, for giving guidance on widening and amplifying our organization membership camps were set up and programs for how to life live that helps us advance both materially and spiritually were conducted.

Members who arrived in Gayatri Tapobhumi showered so much sacred love on me and our sense of soul oneness increased day by day. It was this that helped create the humungous International Gayatri Family. It is one in which members look upon me as their father, a Guru who guides them catching hold of their finger and a psychological counselor that solves their family and inner personality problems.

It was because of this love and goodwill that I went to meet those who came here. At many places there were small Yajna programs, somewhere there were conferences and at some places there were one to one meetings wherein based on logic, facts, proof etc dialogues took place. When I decided to leave Mathura in order to reside in Haridwar City, I had to journey in entire India for about 2 years. At 5 places huge 1000 Kundi Gayatri Yajnas were executed akin to the one performed previously in Mathura City. These 5 were at Tatanagar, Mahasamund, Bahraich, Bhilwara and Porbunder. Before setting off for my journey for dwelling in lone solitude I travelled thousands of miles while making stopvers at 3 places every day. In this journey I found many selfless volunteers for our mission who desired to donate their precious time for it. So many people contacted me since they had lived life akin to great Rishis of yore in their previous births. On gauging their prowess I made them join our International Gayatri Family and tied them in such a way that they lived like affectionate family members.

Many years back I was divinely commanded by my Revered Gurudeva to travel again for 6 months to the Himalayas. After I returned from this 2nd trip I was strictly asked to renounce living in Mathura giving up all forms of mental attachment there for going to Haridwar permanently. There in Haridwar I was to set up a Rishi tradition in Saptasarovar where the 7 great chief Rishis of yore had performed intense spiritual austerities. Hence quite beforehand I had commenced handing over my responsibilities to my holy consort (HH Mata Bhagwati Devi Sharmaji). In 2 of my past 3 incarnations she was my life partner. In this birth too she was playing a great role of being my wedded companion and aide. In reality in all success accrued by me her self sacrifice, steadfast faith and sacred sentiments must be visualized. Whatever I wished for and whenever I told her to calmly bear all obstacles in life she molded herself in tandem with it quite happily. My family background was related to the profession of rural landlords. Although she was a lone daughter of very affluent parents dwelling in an urban area she merged into my lifestyle of ‘simple living-high thinking’ quite amiably. I gave away my village property to construct a school and cash got from bonds of landlord activities was used to by land for constructing a Gayatri Tapobhumi in Mathura City. Seeing this, my respected consort sold all her jewelry amounting to a lot of cash for building the premises of Gayatri Tapobhumi. It was this self sacrifice and sense of devotional surrender that played a major role in leading me to such great heights of success.

In my absence during my visit to Himalayas for the 2nd time she shouldered the duties of editing and managing our huge organization. After 10 years in the year 1971 AD I was leaving behind a huge family of mine for residing in Himalayas. In a visible manner our Gayatri Family required a benefactor for protecting its sanctity. It needed love, affection and goodwill. Only a mother can wipe the tears of sadness. My revered wife executed this role so well. Before I had left for Himalayas for 3 years I was constantly traveling everywhere. Under such situations she was shouldering the duty of meeting members arriving in Mathura and affectionately warding off their pain. In my social life she has continuously stood by me rock like in a helpful manner. Our family of 5 members had to sustain on Rupees 200 per month, it had to be nurtured and nourished and visitors-guests arriving daily had to be looked after. All this was done revered wife in a well managed way. No one left our place in despair.

The life we lived in Mathura was an important foundation stone. In it not only my future life of harbingering in revolutions got molded aptly but that I also found so many selfless workers who step by step took over heavy responsibilities from my hands.



It is best that before throwing light on this topic I give details of 3 important legs conjoined to my life’s penance and my own soul progress. This has been the focal point of my successful life’s journey. If the desire of respected readers reading this autobiography of mine awakens for walking on this path and get inspired for doing so they must imbibe that spiritual philosophy imbibed by me in my day to day living. Extraordinary mysterious episodes no doubt induces many to read and hear about avidly but they remain limited to those particular people only. If on getting ‘hypnotized’ on hearing about these miracles after repeating such a process they desire to head to the Himalaya Mountains, know for sure that they shall return empty handed. The 1st big lesson learnt by my soul existence while I lived in this gross body was to execute true meditation-worship, true life’s spiritual practice and worshiping entire world creation. This is that very royal path that renders a human being into a divine being/Rishi/Messsenger of Almighty God.

In order to sustain life there definitely is a need of food, clothes and shelter. For writing literature pen, ink and paper is required (computer too in today’s modern times). In order to grow crops seeds, fertilizers and water are required. All these are important in its’ own way. Not one amongst these can be ignored. For succeeding in soul progress Upasana, Sadhana and Aradhana are equally important. If you take recourse of only one of these the goal cannot be reached. Not one amongst these can be ignored.



The error that goes on all the time is that aspect thought not much important has been noted to be Upasana of ‘Puja-Paath’ and this itself is thought to be the be all and end all of life. Worship or Puja means via our hands and materials we carry out certain rituals for pleasing God. Paath means singing such eulogies to God wherein it is filled with overstatement. We believe that God or a demigod are of low stature and that they never get materials like Prasad, Naivedya, coconut, cardamom etc. If they get this from us they jump up with joy. Akin to landlords of yesteryears on getting praised by devotees they habitually shower one boon after another on them. These devotees who harbor such beliefs have no clue about the high stature and greatness of deities. They feel these gods are as innocent as kids. Hence they can be cajoled and fooled into submission. They feel demigods can be lured into fulfilling their selfish interests. Whether these desires are apt or not merely praising demigods forces them to shower boons. The lay public is a victim of such erroneous thinking. From amongst so called devotees some ask for wealth and success and some ask for heaven, salvation and Sidhis. Some of them madly yearn for God vision. Majority of those who chant Japa via rosary and light incense stick daily are of this type. In its gross meaning Upasana is believed to be only as above. The more one succeeds in this hypocrisy the greater he tom toms himself to be a ‘great’ devotee and ere God fails to fulfill his desire he lashes out and utters such foul language while lambasting God. There are some devotees who have an even cheaper way to lure God into their net. They feel that merely visualizing God’Savita or a bowing down to a great saint the latter out of sheer ‘gratitude’ fulfill all desires of these devotees.  

So many beliefs of the stature of blind stupidity rule in our society. People harbor faith in it and actually put them into practice. One amongst these is that for attaining benefits in the spiritual realm merely doing ‘Puja-Paath’ or having Darshan of saints they shall help them succeed. But the bare reality is that this certainly does not happen. Lest it did happen mobs and throngs of people rushing to temples and huge crowds singing hymns etc would have attained God Realization.

It must be clearly understood that if something is very important especially in the spiritual realm you have to pay a much bigger price for it. In order to become a member of the Prime Minister’Savita cabinet you must get elected as an MP in the Parliament. Upasana means to sit very close to God. This is not something like people traveling in jam packed trains sit on top of each other. Instead it is like 2 close friends although having 2 bodies are merged as one from the soul standpoint. True close proximity is of this profound variety. Know for sure that one has to surrender to the other totally. It could either be that Almighty God renouncing his general divine laws, principles, disciplinary limits etc runs after a devotee akin to a camel’Savita nostrils tied with a noose so as to fulfill any good-bad desire of this devotee or the other solution is that a true devotee in order to mold his life as per God’Savita divine wish surrenders his all to God 100%.

My Revered Gurudeva at first explained to me the philosophy and nature of Upasana in order that I put into practice the 3 fold program of soul uplifting in my day today transactions of life. He told me: Almighty God shall never dance to the the tune the whims and fancies of your mind and its desires. It is you that has to become a true devotee of God and walk as per his divine directions. If you succeed in doing this you shall get benefits of merging your very being in his cosmic divine soul.

While giving an example Revered Gurudeva explained: The existence of fuel is of tuppence value but when it conjoins to fire it imbibes all great qualities of fire. Fire does not become fuel because it is fuel that becomes fire. A small gutter pipe on merging into a river becomes sacred like the river water. Never does river water merge into a gutter pipe and becomes as dirty like the latter. Iron on touching Paras or touchstone becomes gold. But iron can never become Paras or touchstone. Lest a devotee hopes that God shall agree to dance to the the tune his whims and fancies of his mind and its desires is but self deceit on the devotee’Savita part. In fact it is the devotee akin to a puppet doll that has to dance about as per Almighty God’Savita divine commands. God never fulfills the desires of a true devotee but instead a devotee in order to execute Almighty God’Savita divine commands surrenders his entire being at God’Savita sacrosanct lotus feet. A drop must merge into the ocean because the ocean can never become a drop. This then is the lone philosophy of Upasana. Anyone wishing to sit close to Almighty God must fully accept every divine command and wish of Almighty God. The devotee must follow and execute all God’Savita divine commands to the last letter. In this manner he can become a selfless worker in God’Savita divine mission.

I have had to do exactly this all my life. I kept doing Upasana of Almighty God, Japa of Goddess Mother Gayatri and meditation on Divine Father-Lord Savita (sun deity). I always harbored this lone sentiment within that akin to Shravan Kumar I shall imbibe the sacred ideal of taking both these divine parents of mine for a pilgrimage. I shall not ask anything in return. I shall render my inner personality such that I can be called your true son. I shall not allow any taints that harm your divine greatness by being called a vile son of yours.

For facilitating optimal meditation although Gayatri was called mother and Savita was called father but along with this I also experienced that they are all pervasive and subtle. It is because of this belief that I was able to merge them in every pore of my being and vibratory existence. Anything less than this cannot give you the ecstatic bliss of union with Almighty God. Lest he was looked upon as a particular individual a sense of separation would always exist between them. This would definitely obstruct the divine experience of merging my soul with God’Savita cosmic divine soul.

For practice purposes at the preliminary stage the belief that I am a creeper plant entwined on a huge tree representing God is enough to reach that kind of a height. In the same way by looking upon me as a flute and God as a flute artist meditation on the fact that I am being disciplined and imbued with Prana Energy is quite beneficial. As per the directions of a thread in the hands of a boy meditating on a kite flying high in the kite increases our spiritual fervor. All these 3 types of meditation have been carried out by me time and again. It did increase my spiritual zest but the most joyous experience full of potent life force was when I experienced soul oneness with Almighty God. Meditating on a butterfly sacrificing its life for a wick flame lamp, a wife surrendering all her wealth and mind to her beloved husband etc are great experiences that aid a devotee becoming one with Almighty God. During my schedule of daily Upasana while imbibing the others I would complete my Japa and meditation process.

My mode of Upasana predominated with deep faith and not actions. Of course I was disciplined and strictly saw to it that the daily number of Japa I had vowed to execute was fulfilled properly. It was only on that rare blue moon night that maybe I did not get up at 1 am in the morning to fulfill my daily spiritual practice. If ever an error crept in the next day it was corrected. Never did I ignore it. Despite this I practiced studiously to render my psyche oozing with sacred sentiments during my daily morning spiritual practice and it did succeed. The practice of imbibing Advaita or sentiments of non duality in the form of self surrender, oneness of soul etc initially was done via imagination. Later it became a firm belief for me and finally I actually experienced this inward soul oneness with God.




After the activities in Mathura city were going on in a well managed way I got a call from the Himalayas for the 3rd time. In it was a direction to take up the 4th step of our sacred worldwide mission. A lot of time had passed by. This time work pressure was a lot more in measure and along with success accrued my tiredness too had increased in tandem with it. Hence under these circumstances this invitation to recharge my bodily and mental battery was highly zestful for me.

The day of departure arrived as decided previously. I did not find any difficulty in finding the way since previously I had traveled in this region. Again the weather was such that I did not have to combat freezing cold winds and also the agony of loneliness of my previous journey did not bother me much this time. On reaching Gomukh I met Revered Gurudeva’s Chhaya Purusha (shadow man) and exactly like my previous journey he helped me reach Nandanvan very easily. Only those who actually have experienced can understand the ecstatic bliss one feels on meeting those who are your true soul friends. All the way I was dreaming about the auspicious hour of meeting Revered Gurudeva and it at last arrived. I bowed down to him respectfully and he gave me his hallowed blessings. After this he gave me priceless guidance and advice regarding future tasks that I was to carry out.

This time I was commanded by Revered Gurudeva to leave Mathura city which was my present work place and residence and instead head for Haridwar city in Uttarakhand. I was told: You must stay in Haridwar city so as to commence the sacred task of rejuvenating the glorious Rishi tradition of yore. I hope you remember that when you had come for the 1st time here in Nandanvan I had helped you have hallowed vision or Darshan of this glorious Rishi group that are subtly embodied. Each one had manifested anguish due to the fact that their Rishi tradition had virtually become extinct on planet earth. At that time you had vowed that you would work towards its rejuvenation. This time too you have been called here for this end.

Almighty God has no body as human beings and other creatures possess. Whenever God wishes to execute very important tasks he does so via such glorious Rishis. He creates truly great saintly personalities for such divine tasks. They themselves perform spiritual penance and by handing over the divine power of penance to pious souls make them a medium to fulfill these glorious goals. Maharshi Vishwamitra making protection as an excuse took Lord Rama to his abode of penance and there by giving training to Lord Rama in the Art and Science of Bala-Atibala (it includes both Super Power Gayatri and Savitri) via him as the medium toppled the fort of demonic thinking and activities ruling in those times. In this manner it led to the reinstating of Ramrajya or Ram’s Rule that was nothing but re establishing righteousness both in thought and deed the world over. Lord Krishna too had gone to Rishi Sandipani’s Ashram/hermitage for studies and there on getting a divine command to sing the Bhagwad Geeta, wage the Mahabharat War for overcoming unrighteousness and imbibing the working methods of Sudama Rishi he returned to his dwelling. All Puranas or Indian Mythology ooze with descriptions of how glorious Rishis created great saintly people and with these saints as their medium great divine tasks of world well being were enacted by them. These glorious Rishis themselves would get immersed in spiritual research and austerities. Henceforth this task shall have to be fulfilled by you.

Super Mantra Gayatri’s Drishta (seer) was Maharshi Vishwamitra. He resided in a region called Saptasarovar and mastered the Super Science of Gayatri. This is that very place where you shall set up your workplace and residence. With ease you shall find a place useful for this endeavor. You must name this place “Shantikunj Gayatri Tirtha” and there sow seeds of all those tasks that were executed by the glorious Rishi class in ancient times via their gross physical bodies. These glorious Rishis of yore are now in their subtle bodies hence they require a medium with a gross physical body in order that they can execute their divine tasks. I too had this requirement and looking upon your gross body as a sacred one I contacted you and am using it as a medium for desired activities. This is the very wish of these glorious Rishis of yore too. You must sow the seeds of their tradition on a new footing. These tasks shall be heavier than expected and difficulties too shall be much more in measure. Yet along with this is a benefit wherein not only shall you get my subtle protection but that of these glorious Rishis also. We shall all be blessing you with boons in an unseen manner. Hence none of your tasks shall get obstructed.

Revered Gurudeva while describing the incomplete tasks of glorious Rishis of yore that I had to continue further with said: You must introduce all lay public to the tradition of Maharshi Vishwamitra’s involving the manifestation of divine energy via Super Mantra Gayatri chanting. Further you have to set up a Sidhapeetha i.e. a Gayatri Tirtha or pilgrim spot. In the Vyas tradition apart from Rishi literature you have to author other literature regarding various other aspects of it. You have to pen 18 volumes of Prajna Purana, Patanjali tradition, elaborate on Yoga practices, write about the creation of an environment of world public psyche sanctification for uprooting unruly unethical acts/thinking as per Lord Parshuram’s tradition and give details of Bhagiratha’s tradition of helping reach the River Ganga of divine wisdom to the lay public. I was also to write details of rejuvenation and modern scientific research regarding forest herbs used for curing diseases as per the Charak tradition, designing a medical therapy to ward off mental distortions via the Yajna tradition founded by Maharshi Yajnavalkya, creation of forest based area for spiritual penance and sowing seeds of Sanskars or good psychic imprints via the tradition founded by Maharshi Jamadagni, sacred advice as per Narad tradition, via traveling everywhere amplifying consciousness that is righteous in nature, via the religious institute based on Aryabhatta tradition guiding the political system, creating Prajna or divine intellect based institutions at many places as per Adiguru Shankaracharya’s tradition, augmenting good health via administering a healthy diet based on Pipplad tradition and based on Suta-Shaunak tradition educating the masses via programs of disseminating divine knowledge. In the Atharvaveda tradition of science based on the scientific research methods designed by Kanad Rishi the Brahmavarchas Shodh Sansthan had to be set up by me.

What exactly was I supposed to execute while residing in Haridwar city? How should I solve grave difficulties that shall come my way? As per directions given above, further details were highlighted. I memorized each and every instruction given to me.  Previously I had to execute only the divine wish of Revered Gurudeva but this time I had to shoulder the responsibility given to me by this entire subtly embodied Rishi group. Regarding this I called myself a donkey with a very precious burden on my back and hence I had to be that much more alert and more laborious while carrying out their sacred tasks.

Further after completing the above tasks I had to travel to the Himalayas for the 4th time so as to be given even much more important responsibilities to shoulder. I also would then have to head towards imbibing a subtle body. All this was not clarified at that time but that only a hint regarding this was given to me.

I was also told that the mode of working in Haridwar shall be much more gigantic than that executed in Mathura by me so far. Thus a lot of rise-fall situations shall have to be endured. I shall have to face demonic attacks. Many such matters were detailed to me. Keeping in mind dire times he did not feel it apt to for to remain much longer in that region and hence instead of 1 year I was to dwell in Himalayas only for 6 months. He ended our conversation after giving me details of how to live where and follow what type of a daily routine. Akin to my previous visits while disappearing from my midst he said: Look upon the task given to you as that from the entire Rishi clan. Do not ever think this is just my task that you shall be fulfilling. I too in return while bowing down to him devotedly said: For me you are the divine representative of all demigods, all glorious Rishis and Almighty God himself. As long as my body exists your divine command shall never be ignored by me.

Our conversation ended. After humbly bidding adieu I set off. The Chhaya Purusha or Virbhadra helped me reach Gomukh. Further ahead I reached my place on my own.

I have not mentioned the places where I had to stop in my travels because there were great saints living there in those inaccessible regions of Himalayan caves. Time and again they would change their residence. Now their bodies too have ended. Hence under such situations there is no need to describe all this in my writings.

While returning I stayed in Haridwar at that very spot that was previously the place of austerities of the Saptarishis and it was mentioned to me by Revered Gurudeva. Quite a big portion of it was lonely and was meant for sale. The ground was coughing up water. Previously River Ganga would flow by. I really liked this region. I had a talk with the owner of this land and very easily I bought the remaining piece of land too. There was just no delay in getting legal papers signed after this land was bought by me. After buying it I now had to decide on this land where I was to build what. This decision had to be taken by me in a lone manner. Although I seeked advice from others yet it was of no use because despite trying to explain to them they could not understand as to for what specific purpose what type of designs of constructing buildings had to be made. Hence this task too was executed by me. In this manner the Shantikunj Gayatri Tirtha got established.




















My life has complete 75 years (Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya). In this long life apan I yearned to execute only one task and hence have immersed myself in it. This goal was research and analysis on ‘Sadhana se Sidhi’ or attaining success via spiritual practices and austerities. For this end I felt it was apt for me to see and understand minutely whether the age old theory of ‘Sadhana se Sidhi’ or attaining success via spiritual practices is true or not by following great modern day scientists who are carrying out research for virtually their entire life span. It is only then that they could do some important selfless service towards world human welfare and well being. Instead of testing others I performed this scientific testing on myself. This thought had manifested when I was just 10 years old and till I turned 15 years old this thought ceaselessly flowed in my psyche. If I were to give details of incidences that took place in between I can merely say that my respected father took me to his co student Pandit Madan Mohan Malviyaji so that the latter could initiate me in the Yajnopaveet/Upanayan Sanskar (sacred thread ceremony). This is also called Gayatri Deeksha. In the village school I completed primary education only. My respected father taught me Sanskrit grammar on the basis of ‘Laghu Kaumudi Sidhant’. He regularly went to royal courts for giving discourses on ‘Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran’. He would take me with him. In this manner I memorized ‘Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran’ from the beginning to the end.

In the mean time I got married. My wife was disciplined, hard working, worked selflessly and partnered me in the activities I took up. Thus 15 years passed by. Sandhyavandan was my daily ritual. At the age of 10 Pandit Madan Mohan Malviyaji had systematically given me Gayatri Deeksha or initiation. He had advised me that it is a true Brahmin’s Kamadhenu or wish fulfilling cow. Without any interruption in the daily worship program Super Mantra Gayatri must be chanted daily. At least 5 rounds of Mala-roasry must be chanted and more must be chanted as much as was possible. I took this sacred command very seriously and thus regularly on a daily basis I started chanting Super Mantra Gayatri.

It can be only God’s divine grace that it poured on me at a young age of 15 and such good fortune manifested that was predestined in my life. I got the golden chance of actually putting into practice what I was thinking within since many years.

I was 15 years old and my early morning worship-meditation schedule was going on. It was the auspicious day of Vasant Parva or spring festival. In my worship room just before dawn I got vision of a brilliant ball of light. I rubbed my eyes to find out whether this was an illusion. The brilliant ball of light was directly visible. I wondered whether this was a form of some ghost, demigod or demon. On noting this light minutely I realized it was nothing of that kind. I was dumbstruck and harbored some fear too.

From the center of this brilliant ball of light emerged the subtle body of a great Yogi. It was definitely subtle because although I saw the form it was hanging in in the middle of this brilliant ball of light. Say! Who was this? The vision was mind boggling.

This image of light started speaking: I am joined to you since past 3 lifetimes. I have been guiding you for all of these lives. Now since your childhood has passed by I have appeared in order to give you guidance. It is possible that you do not know your past 3 lifetimes hence you are scared and wonderstruck. Do take a look at their details and ward off your doubts. The great Yogi blessed me and I entered a Yoganidra (half conscious-half trance) like state. I was seated but the situation was such as though I was entering Yogic sleep. It was for the very first time in my life that I understood what exactly Yoganidra was. This is called Sahaj Samadhi or trance in wakeful state. On entering this state one after the other I got visions of my past 3 lifetimes. These were not dream like but were seen very tangibly. The movie of my past 3 lives passed in front of me.

The 1st incarnation of mine was of Saint Kabir and he had resided in Kashi city with his wife. For his entire life he lambasted hypocrisy going on in the name of religion, rites etc. He always adhered to straightforward spiritual tenets and methods.

My 2nd incarnation was of Swami Samarth Ramdas who had united bits and pieces of souther regions into one state via his disciple Chatrapati Shivaji. He rendered the subtle atmosphere conducive for ending foreign rule and at many places he set up gymnasiums and buildings for religious discourses.

My 3rd incarnation was of Ramkrishna Paramhans he had resided in Kolkata City with his wife. In this birth by again leading a married householder’s life many great saints were molded like Swami Vivekananda and via them the task of cultural neo creation was completed.

Today I am revisiting past incidences wherein on having Darshan or hallowed vision of this great Sidha Saint in my worship room when I was just 15 years old my mind started asking many questions. On an average it is seen that it is disciples who run about here and there in search of a true great God Realized Sadguru. They keep asking everyone as to where they can find such a revered Guru. They feel it is their super great fortune to come in contact with such a God Realized Sadguru. If some desire erupts in the mind they ask for a boon for its fulfillment. But what was taking place in my life was bang opposite to the above. At the tender age of 8 years itself Pandit Madan Mohan Malviyaji as per my revered father’s humble request had initiated me in the Yajnopaveet/Upanayan Sanskar (sacred thread ceremony). This was called Prana or initiation imbued with life force. Further getting initiated by a great Guru had also been fulfilled and never hence did I think of searching for a Guru. Hence the question was as to how I got this great benefit today unasked? Because having learnt many such hearsay based incidences I was astounded on this day.

Disciples are known to go everywhere in search of a revered Guru. They take up religious vows for this. They would feel so glorified if ever they had blessings, contact and Darshan or hallowed vision of such great Sidha Saints. They harbor aspirations to attain something or the other from these saints. Hence what was the reason for me to get blessings of such a great Sidha Saint unasked? Is there some trap in this? We hear about invisible manifesting with reference to ghosts, evil spirits etc and contacting them is believed to be the cause of enduring some painful difficulty. When I got this Darshan or hallowed vision of such a great Sidha Saints in my worship room such thoughts took over my mind. Doubts emerged, as to this is some bad omen that shall force me to face some agonizing strife.

This doubt of mine although unspoken verbally was clearly understood by this great Sidha Saint. He did not get angry at all but after understanding the situation at hand he preferred to come to a decision and take necessary steps thereafter. This was clear after I gazed at his calm smiling face. Instead of wasting time by asking the cause it was felt best that he himself told me about who exactly he was, why he had arrived and by activating my past 3 births’ memory he gives me the reason for choosing me for a special mission. In our day to day social transactions when someone comes we ask his identity and reason for coming to our home. When a very important person comes home we try to find out his importance. Without reason if such a person goes to some mediocre hollow minded person the VIP’s importance lessens in weight age. Hence if a person imbued with logical thinking is told that there is no particular reason why such a VIP has come to a commonplace person’s house it elicits doubt and wonder too in his mind.

That person in the form of mass of brilliant light standing in my worship room said: Your trend of thinking is correct. When great divine personalities create a bond with someone that person is tested and examined thoroughly. Before using up one’s energy and time some testing definitely is executed. If you think that such great divine personalities start manifesting in front of just all and sundry and keep fulfilling their desires, this is totally false. Know for sure that great divine personalities full of divine powers and potent brain capacity never contact anyone and create a bond without testing properly whether that person is powerful and sacred within or not. Many people do think thus that it is beneficial to latch on to powerful divine personages but they conveniently forget that such great divine beings never allow their untold divine capacity to go down the drain for anyone who is weak and hollow at the psyche and soul level.

We with our subtle divine eye keep searching for such great character people that can be made visible instruments/vehicles for executing contemporary world well being tasks. This is my subtle body. It cannot execute gross visible tasks. For gross tasks we have to make use of a grossly embodied human as a medium and use him akin to wielding a weapon. These times today the world over are dire and hazardous. In it, humans undergoing pain, strife and tension are a major possibility. In order to solve this complex problem we have chosen you (Rvered Gurudeva Shriram Sharma Acharya) as a medium. Whatever lack exists has to be overcome. We shall give our guidance and cooperation. For this end I (great Sidha Saint) have come to you. Till date you were well versed with your ordinary life only. You saw yourself as an ordinary lay human being. This is one reason for doubts cropping up in your mind. Even if I detail your inner credentials your doubt may not dissolve to naught. These are not such times wherein anyone trusts someone just like that. Hence I gave you information regarding your past 3 lifetimes.

After thus showing me my past 3 lifetimes right from birth to death in great detail he explained as to how he resided with me in all 3 lives and helped me too.

The great Sidha Saint continued: This birth of yours is divine. In this present incarnation of yours too I shall be your helper and shall make you execute that task via your present gross body that is most required based on contemporary times. Subtly embodied beings like us cannot contact mundane lay people and no incidences can be created by us. Hence great subtly embodied Yogis have to make use of a gross body like yours as a vehicle or medium.

It is good that you got married. These times at present are such that remaining unmarried gives less benefits and shower more risks. In ancient eras too Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Surya, Ganesh, Indra etc (Hindu deities) were married. This is because for running hermitages of the stature of Gurukuls in Aranyakas (something like today’s boarding schools but in forests) both an affectionate mother and father are required. For cooking food, residency, clothes, showering loving affection etc a mother is required and a father hands out discipline, helps in education, teaching etc. The Guru is our father and his wife or Gurupatni is our mother. For living a life based on Rishi tradition this is both apt and required. Today so many indolent lazy people in the name of devotion and spiritual practices don the garb of an ascetic/Sanyasi and thus spread their net of delusion. Hence I am glad you got married. No doubt midway some obstacles can appear but again you shall marry one more wife who was your holy consort in your past lives. She shall dwell by your side all your life and play an important role in your sacred mission. In your past 2 lives you have had to get married. Do not doubt even a wee bit, that marriage shall create hurdles in your welfare activities. In fact keeping contemporary situations in mind, marriage shall help you a lot especially in the task of Era Transformation to be executed by you.  

That auspicious day was of Vasant Parva or spring festival. It was Brahmamuhurat or time between 4 am to 6 am. Like daily routine I was doing Sandhya Vandan Gayatri worship. The Darshan or hallowed vision of such a great Sidha Saint in the form of divine light, a question arising in my mind and I was being given satisfactory answers. I saw my past birth right from the beginning to the end. After this I saw my 2nd past birth. After this I saw my 3rd past birth. All 3 were divine in nature. They were full of spiritual austerities. In all these 3 I had to play a big role in neo creation of society. The great Sidha Saint standing in front of me had given me due guidance then. Hence my previous feeling towards him as someone unknown now was warded off. A new feeling emerged that of a close soul bonding with him. I realized his greatness, divine blessings and I was very grateful for all this. This inner attitude positively transformed my mind. Till date I felt my family to be my own but now it felt alien and this mass of divine light in the form of this great Sidha Saint appeared to be my very own soul. I felt that my past was closely tied to him and that my future life span too shall be closely related to him. From my end I had nothing to say and nothing to desire for but I would definitely follow to the last letter all commands given by this saint. This is true self surrender on the part of a disciple. On that very day I surrendered my all at the feet of this great Sidha Saint and I felt not only was he my Revered Gurudeva but was none other than Almighty God incarnate. This close bond with him has been continuing for the past 60 years. Without using vain logic of my limited brain capacity, without averring even a wee bit, just one hint induced me to walk on the path commanded by him. Was all this possible? Was it possible to execute all this alone? What shall be its result? Not one such question arose in my mind so far.

On that day I understood one new thing that the holy blessings of great Sidha Saints are meant only for world well being and augmenting activities of selfless world service. They have no kith, kins, friends or foes. They never give blessings for increasing someone’s fame, wealth or status in society. They only worship cosmic divine consciousness or Brahman in the form of world humanity and other creatures. They hence induce their dear ones to work for such great goals. With reference to this new belief of mine was the memory of the Guru-disciple relationship like that of Ramkrishna Paramhans-Vivekananda, Samarth Ramdas-Shivaji, Chankaya-Chandragupta, Gandhi-Vinoba, Buddha-Ashoka etc. If there is no soul oneness but only acts like so called Sidhis/miracles, superficial curiosity and mere showing off prevails know for sure that this is but lowly activities between so called Guru-disciples. It is but some childish play of miracle mongering. There was a Sidha saint called Gandh Baba and he could manifest fragrance of any flower under the sun. Bagh Baba was known to sit in his hut with a ferocious tiger. Samadhi Baba would remain buried underground for days together without dying. Sidha Baba fulfilled desires of devotees coming to him. Many such hearsays hummed in my mind and I realized that lest behind such acts was mesmerism at work how can it be ‘great’. To dwell in caves in cold regions are incidences of curiosity. If things not done by laymen are executed in a miracle like boastful manner it is but so called miracle. Miracle mongerers that do not speak for months together, eating food only as much as can be held by the fist, raising one’s hand for months together without lowering it, continuously sitting on a swing for days together etc maybe Sidhas who execute abnormal acts but if someone is a true Sidha and disciple he must walk on the royal path trodden by ancient Rishis who lived only for world welfare and wellness in a totally selfless manner. Even in modern times we must tread the path walked on by Vivekananda, Dayanand, Kabir, Chaitanya, Samarth etc God is not pleased merely if one chants his holy name. He does not need our worship and food offerings called Prasad. Those who along with chanting of God’s holy name labors honestly to render God’s garden called this world, beautiful and well developed definitely attain his grace. This thought manifested in my mind again and again on that great day of Vasant Parva or spring festival because my Revered Gurudeva had clearly said that whatever lack exists in my inner personality must be fulfilled by me while simultaneously working for world welfare and wellness tasks. It is not as though I was to finish one first and then execute the other. Both had to be done side by side. I was explained my program of worship-meditation for a 24 year time span. He taught me the sequence of Gayatri Purashcharanas. He gave me rules that I was supposed to adhere to implicitly and that in India’s fight for political freedom I was told to participate actively but akin to a humble volunteer.

On that day Revered Gurudeva told me how to execute my life’s mission and hence gave me details of its form and nature. Not only did he speak about it but actually took the reins in his hands albeit subtly and making me a vehicle executed it too. Not only did he execute but saw to it that success accrued was for keepsake.

On that day itself with a true, sincere and devoted mind I surrendered my all at his sacrosanct feet. Not my vocal cords but my soul spoke: Whatever I have shall be used for your tasks as per your divine commands.  I have never seen Almighty God but all well that he showers on us devotees is being done by your revered self. Hence you are my Almighty God! I shall not harbor lethargy or indolence even a wee bit while carrying out your divine commands throughout my life.

On that day he spoke to me about some aspects of my future life in detail:




Regarding the above he gave many more details. For respected readers this much information given above is enough. As per his hallowed orders I carried out prescribed tasks all my life and those attainments came my way that led to my present state witnessed by all and one.



























Ramkrishna Paramhans (a great God Realized saint of India) searching for Vivekananda reached the latter’s house. Samarth Guru Ramdas had searched for his disciple Shivaji Maharaj. Chankaya ‘caught’ hold of Chandragupta. Gandhiji found Vinoba Bhave. The same was the case with me. My Revered Guru in his subtle divine body came to my home when I was 15 years old and after awakening deep faith in my psyche gave it a great proper direction.

I mulled within that after roaming around in search for innumerable Sadgurus and getting trapped by so called lowly ‘Gurus’ people return empty handed in despair, was it was some specialty in me as a result of which a divine power came voluntarily to my home unasked and showered untold blessings on me? The answer is one only and that is that ceaseless and tireless efforts spanning innumerable lifetimes are required to create a powerful sacred inner personality and character (Paatrata). This generally takes a lot of time and cannot be achieved like making quick bucks by hook or by crook. With a powerful mental resolve one has to combat vile psychic imprints (Kusanskars) for so many births.

When we imbibe three great principles of a powerful mental resolve or Sankalpa, steadfast patience and profound faith our mental plane is rendered such that it can hold divine principles and powers pouring down in it. A lot of time is required to render highly advanced our sacred inner personality and character (Paatrata). There is no delay at all in finding a great God Realized Guru and saint. Eklavya devotedly worshiped a clay image of his Gurudeva Dronacharya. His profound faith in this clay image proved n fold more beneficial in mastering the art of archery than the actual physical living presence of his Gurudeva Dronacharya. Saint Kabir in his early phase of life was refused initiation by his Gurudeva Ramanandji since Kabir came from a low caste. Hence Kabir came out with a brilliant idea. He knew that Gurudeva Ramanandji daily went to River Ganga in Kashi City for a bath at 4 am in the morning for which he had to walk down a few steps on the stairs that led to the river water. Hence next day Kabir lay down flat on the steps beforehand and when Ramanandji arrived for his daily bath his feet fell on Kabir’s body at that hour full of darkness. Ramanandji was aghast and saying ‘Ram-Ram’ he stepped back. Kabir took this as Mantra initiation and henceforth called Ramanandji his Revered Gurudeva. This is a matter of deep faith. When an image of stone can become God then with the potent power of deep faith why cannot a great divine personality become one’s Guru? It is not necessary that for this methodical rites and initiation or Deeksha have to be undergone. There is no need in such cases for the Guru to whisper a Mantra in your ears for formal initiation or Deeksha.

For spiritual endeavors help from great God Realized Guru is most required because he plays the dual role of a divine father and teacher. A father gives a certain portion of his income to his child for gathering means to become literate and educated. The teacher helps the child in augmenting his knowledge and wisdom. It is help from both that a child gets nourished, nurtured and properly educated. Material requirements of life no doubt can be taken care of by the father but those principles required for advancing in the spiritual realm in it guidance based on one’s mental condition and required capability to execute tasks handed over to a person is given by a great God Realized Guru from the infinite vault of divine energy amassed by him via intense spiritual penance. Without this akin to an orphan child a disciple via efforts in a lone manner cannot execute that much as he is supposed to. It is hence that this quote is famous: “Guru bin hoi na jnana” or that without a Guru we cannot attain divine wisdom. This quote is used a lot in the spiritual arena.

Other people roam around in search of a Guru yet despite attaining this good fortune they enter a state of despair. It is natural that a great Guru who has eked out such divine ‘income’ after intense hard work and enduring untold measure of hardships shall never give away even an iota of this divine energy of his to anyone immersed in sense titillation, vagabond type living, low and tainted in character, egoistic and who wastes such precious energy for vain mundane pursuits. The one who gives definitely possesses that much brain power to check the integrity stature of the taker. The giver checks whether what he gives shall be properly used or not and as to what type of tasks shall this priceless gift be used. Those who fail in this test never attain such priceless boons from a great God Realized Guru. Such people devoid of a high stature inner character that lacks integrity, piousness etc is made a ‘disciple’ only by those so called ‘Gurus’ that possess nothing precious to give away. These so called ‘Gurus’ akin to wily foxes lure foolish people, trap them and in some way or the other keep taking ‘charity, donations etc’ from them. It is pleasing to note that I have never had to get trapped in this hypocrisy based vicious cycle. A great divine existence of the lofty Himalaya Mountains came to my house unasked and my life became gloriously selffulfilled.

How did I attain such a great God Realized Guru just like that? Only one answer comes to mind regarding this question and that is for many previous lifetimes I had to patiently and steadfastly build a strong inner personality oozing with honesty, sacredness and sanctified soul power (Paatrata). No haste was harbored while doing this. Via superficial flowery talk no wiliness was taken recourse to akin to pick pocketing a Guru’s wallet (containing spiritual powers). Instead I patiently waited to unite my inner self with another divine river so as to dissolve my inner separate existence on merging with it. Such good fate must not be used for fulfilling some fleeting material desire but instead repeatedly we must cogitate deep within that our life’s prosperity both material and spiritual must be offered as a flower of deep faith at the hallowed feet of a great God Realized Guru.

As per his great God Realized Guru Virjananda’s divine wish Swami Dayananda uplifted his life towards peaks of glory. Vivekananda after uprooting all desires from his psyche remained immersed in difficult tasks so as to satisfy his Revered Gurudeva Ramkrishna Paramhans. Within this lies true devotion to the Guru and is true Dakshina (gift offered to the Guru). Visibly Lord Hanuman lost everything after he offered his all at the feet of Almighty Lord Rama. Despite this at the subtle invisible level Lord Hanuman became a great God Realized saint. He hence could execute those tasks that were possible only by Almighty Lord Rama to succeed in. In a lone manner Lord Hanuman could never have executed feats like jumping across the sea at one shot, uprooting a huge mountsin, burning entire Lanka island etc In fact previous to meeting Almighty Lord Rama he could not even help his master King Sugriva to overcome his brother Vali’s powerful attacks. But when he surrendered everything to Almighty Lord Rama it helped merge his soul (micro) with the cosmic divine soul (macro) of Almighty Lord Rama. If in a dirty gutter a small drop of holy River Ganga enters the latter shall become dirty but if in a flowing River Ganga a little bit of dirt enters the dirt’s existence dissolves to naught. Hence whatever remains is only holy River Ganga. Those who are not powerful themselves on surrendering their all at the feet of someone very powerful he too shall become powerful. When fuel latches on to fire flames its lowly nature gets destroyed and instead becomes as powerfully radiant as fire itself. Fuel becomes one with fire.

The focus of our deep faith is Almighty Lord and we must attain him. But in order to build a close bond with this invisible entity some visible symbol’s help has to be taken compulsorily. This task can be accomplished via images of God and if a humanly embodied Guru is of this stature this requirement can definitely be fulfilled.

These sacred wishes of mine got fulfilled easily and unasked. Unasked because for this end right since many previous births a separate spiritual practice had been commenced for imbibing Paatrata or sacred inner powerful personality based credentials. Kundalini awakening, attaining Darshan or vision of God, liberation or Moksha come much later. First and foremost we must gather potential to imbibe divine boons and gifts else if this weight cannot be borne properly, those who cannot digest food aptly shall have to endure major hardships.

On the 1st day of meeting my surrender was complete and immediately its authenticity was tested. Two special things were told to me: After turning yourself totally away from what mundane people say and do, you must bravely march towards the decided goal in a lone manner. The 2nd point to note is that you must perform spiritual austerities to render your soul more pure and piously radiant. You must follow a disciplined daily diet of eating only barley flour bread and buttermilk for 24 years while you execute the 24 Gayatri Mahapurashcharanas as directed by me. The more your inner potential advances greatly you shall start getting everything attained by a devotee treading the spiritual path. But this shall be given only for using it for tasks of selfless world well being. You can never use divine gifts for lowly selfish gains. This day of Vasant Parva became a new birth for me since I would now live in a disciplined manner under the watchful divine eye of my God Realized Guru.

Although there is no dearth of people asking for various things know for sure there is no dearth even of sacred hearted people who shower their all on people imbued with a great glorious inner personality. Lord Krishna had given his all to his childhood poor Brahmin friend Sudama. Attaining such a great God Realized Guru was an imperishable and supreme great fortune of my life.






Amongst the 3 previous lifetimes that my Revered Gurudeva in his divine aura form had shown me the 1st was that of Saint Kabir, 2nd was Samarth Ramdas and 3rd was Ramkrishna Paramhans. Their time of manifestion was year 1398 to 1518–Saint Kabir, year 1608-1681- Samarth Ramdas and year 1836-1887- Ramkrishna Paramhans. All these 3 were bright stars in the saint-reformers tradition of India. Via their bodies such tasks were executed that great well being poured on India, its religion, society and culture.

All the above 3 were great devotees of Almighty God. Without it potency of will power/soul force and removal of inner taints is difficult. Know for sure that along with devotion to God it is imperative that the activity of watering this garden called world of God and rendering it well advanced too must go on simultaneously. In the lives of the above 3 great saints this tradition was followed to the last letter.

A Muslim weaver had seen Saint Kabir in his baby form on the edge of a lake. A female Brahmin had left her baby son thus since he was born out of wedlock. This Muslim weaver started looking after this baby boy. He remained a saint for his entire lifetime but for looking after his family Saint Kabir too eked out an income as a weaver like his father.

Regarding himself Saint Kabir writes:

Kashi ka main vasi Brahman, nam mera parbina.

Ek nam har baar bisara, pakri julaha kinha.

Bhai mera kaun banega tana.

Saint Kabir, in order to uproot contemporary hypocritic divisive beliefs and vile traditions of Hindu society made efforts tooth and nail. Allegations were made against him as being anti Islam and after tying his hand and feet with iron chains Saint Kabir was thrown into river water. But due to God’s grace these chains broke apart and he escaped death. He had to face agitations of society regarding his clan but in a lone manner he stuck to his firm belief. In those days in Kashi City a belief was in vogue that if anyone died here he entered heaven and if one died in Maghar region one entered hell. Hence in order to attack this belief Saint Kabir resided in Maghar right till death. He was married. His wife’s name was Loi. All his life Loi helped him in every task. Not one day in Saint Kabir’s life passed by without making tireless efforts to ward off illusory deluded beliefs and reinstating traditions that ushered in world well being. Not even one opponent of his could force Saint Kabir to retract his great ideology and accept defeat.

After he died Hindus wanted to cremate his corpse and Muslims wished to bury it. With reference to this in fighting commenced. But a miracle occurred wherein the deady body below the cloth covering it disappeared. In place of the corpse were a bed of flowers. Hence half the flowers were buried by Muslims and the other half were burnt by Hindus. Both religious sects built grand memorials for him. There are thousands of followers of Saint Kabir in India today.

The 2nd was Samarth Ramdas, a high stature great saint of Maharshtra in India. He got Chatrapati Shivaji prepared to fight for poltical freedom. He aided Shivaji in attaining an imperishable sword from Goddess Bhavani that could execute miraculous feats. Samarth Ramdas journeyed in many villages to construct 700 Mahavir temples. In it along with the image of Lord Hanuman a gymnasium and spiritual programs like discourses were conducted regularly. Via these temples Shivaji would get soldiers, weapons and wealth in order to succeed in the fight for poltical freedom. Chatrapati Shivaji established an independent kingdom. On its throne he placed his Revered Gurudeva Samarth Ramdas’ sandals and himself remained merely a minister. The movement set rolling by Chatrapati Shivaji kept increasing even after his sad demise. Finally under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi India attained poltical freedom from alien rulers.

The 3rd was Ramkrishna Paramhans. He was born in a village near Kolkata City-India. In the Dakshineshwar Temple nearby he worshiped the Goddess’ image placed there. Thousands of devotees yearning spiritual wisdom would come to him there and due to his powerful divine blessings their thirst for divine wisdom would get satiated. His holy consort was Mother Saradamani.

In the form of a young college lad called Narendra he found a person imbued with apt spiritual potential and after initiating him into Sanyas or asceticism he got the name Swami Vivekananda. He was sent by Gurudeva Ramkrishna Paramhans to so many places both within India and abroad for teaching everyone the glory of Indian Culture. In India educated people were either becoming Christians or atheists. But stupendous discourses by Swami Vivekananda aided in the glorious transformation of intellects of thousands of people. In the entire world he established centers of Ramkrishna Mission that serves to ward off pain, poverty etc of all. In Kanyakumari region-India a Swami Vivekananda Rock Memorial has been built since over here he had subtly heard the divine message of his Guru regarding neo awakening. It is worth going there and having a close look at it.

This is but the description of one soul taking up different bodies. Apart from this by imbuing inspiration in other souls this divine existence got many tasks executed at appointed hours. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu of Bengal-India and Jalaram Bapa in Gujarat-India attained a high divine stature under its guidance. It executed the act of a new sunrise in that dark era by helping reach the true nature of Bhakti or devotion to God in the psyche of lay devotees.

These 3 were the main incarnations and its information was given to me. In between in the middle era phase I had to take more important births but they were not as well known as the 3 incarnations mentioned above. I was given the outline of my entire life from these 3 births and was told how Revered Gurudeva would help me, uplift me and bestow success in my mission in these incarnations.

I did not wish to learn more. When I truly understood that such a great divine personality himself searches for people full of inner glorious credentials and via them get gigantic world well being tasks executed, it was apt on my part that in this present birth of mine I latch on to him only. I must sit only in one boat and obstruct my deep faith from swerving even a wee bit. From the medium of these 3 births asking as to where, in what form and how did I use the time that remained meant showing lack of faith in Revered Gurudeva. It was like asking proof from him. For my satisfaction the details of the above 3 births were quite sufficient.

A person who has to shoulder the heavy burden of great tasks time and again has to showcase extraordinary feats. This occurred in my case too. Time and again Revered Gurudeva would subtly rush to me and help me in an unseen manner. In my minuscule capacity he would merge his unilimited power and steady my faltering feet. He helped me overcome so many perilous situations. Hence on that very day I firmly resolved to surrender my life and being at his hallowed lotus feet. My life shall run as per his divine sage counsel and commands.

In this present birth he found me as a married person and he said: In these dire times life becomes easy to live in a married state. Especially when in future you shall have to build a hermitage and design an educative training system. In Rishi like management mother gives food, boarding, affection etc to children and the father gives education, discipline, guidance etc



























It has been my experience that to the extent a devotee deeply yearns to meet a great God Realized saint-Guru it is great Sidha-saints who yearn manifold more to find a true devotee imbued with a powerful sacred inner personality. The devotee must be oozing with great sacred qualities and potent soul force. A devotee who has sanctified his thinking trend, character and behavior is a true devotee and disciple. Such true devotees need not search for great God Realized saint-Gurus because it is such Gurus who come running to true devotees. These great Gurus catch hold of the finger of such true disciples and show the path for marching ahead on the path of truth and well being. Wherever the disciple falters the great Guru lifts him lovingly, makes him sit on his powerful divine shoulders and helps him attain both material and spiritual well being. The same happened with me. By arriving at my house in order to render me more powerful he commanded me to execute Gayatri Purashcharanas for 24 years at a stretch. In its Purnahuti or closing ceremony I was asked to execute a Sahasra Kundi or 1000 pyre Super Power Yajna. About 0.1 million unknown people were rendered not only known but close ties were established with them for public education via the religious institution and they became capable of unitedly working selflessly for era neo creation and world welfare tasks.

My Revered Gurudeva told me in the very 1st Darshan or hallowed vision that he ordered me to execute Gayatri Purashcharanas for 24 years at a stretch and for 4 times I must visit him in the Himalaya Mountains for a time span of about 1 year each.

There were many reasons why I was called to Himalaya Mountains by Revered Gurudeva. The first was to test whether my soul was experiencing loneliness and restlessness within by living in solitiude devoid of humans, dwelling with other creatures and without proper facilities etc. the second reason was to examine whether I could develop a bond of soul oneness via friendship with violent beasts dwelling in these lonely Himalaya Mountain regions. The third was to test whether I realized deeply that this entire mountain region oozed with divinity and sacredness. In these hallowed rehions resided Rishis that manifested divinity while donning a human body and in the form of divine humans played such a role that is not possible to execute by ordinary people lacking means and other type of help. Revered Gurudeva wished that I meet these great Rishis in person by travelling to Himalaya Mountains.

His silent divine command was that in future days to come I must use soul force within me for such purposes that had been fulfilled by great Rishis time and again in order to solve contemporary problems via their powerful divine endeavors. These times are such that simultaneously many types of lack have to be fulfilled. Alongwith this so many difficulties attacking thw world at one go have to be valiantly combated. Both these tasks were fulfilled recently in this Uttarakhand-Kurukshetra (where the bloody Mahabharat War was fought in Dwaparyuga) region. Amongst ancient era rishis and demigods some succeeded partially and some failed too. This time in a lone manner all such efforts have to be made and thus fufill these present times’ requirements. For this a glimpse of a worldwide campaign that shall have to be executed must be seen beforehand so that advance information is got regarding responsibilities that have to be shouldered. Further you must understand how our ancestors shrewdly executed such tasks so as to gain victory. Via this experience straightforwardness shall be felt. My future Himalaya Mountain journeys (thrice) were meant for understanding, imbibing and passing its test. This was Revered Gurudeva’s divine direction. He continued by saying: Akin to us you too shall have to carry out important tasks via a subtle body. In order to get a premonition of it we must learn that via a gross body in which region of Himalaya Mountains, for how long could one stay in what manner. For how long can one stay there for fulfilling Revered Gurudeva’s divine commands?

In natural cold-hot weather when all life’s requirements are at hand and there is no unendurable pressure of harsh seasons on the body living a normal life is not difficult at all. Hence it is definitely an art how to live in harsh weather and seasons of Himalaya Mountains where means available are miniscule. Hence it is here that our stature of spiritual penance is tested. Just as in a circus there are trapeze artists, those who walk on thin ropes at a height etc train themselves for a long time span to achieve this artistic talent similarly we devotees have to train ourselves to dwell in harsh conditions, difficulties and using miniscule material means for attaining high stature spiritual goals. In it one has to live in utter solitude and in a lone manner. In such harsh mountainous terrain our diet is roots, leaves etc that are edible and while dwelling in the midst of violent beasts one has to protect one’s life force.

As long as we are in our gross physical body we have to endure many problems. But when we take up a spiritual body all such requirements conjoined to the gross physical body are not needed at all.  In our subtly embodied state no problems like protection from heat-cold, appeasing hunger-thirst, sleep, tiredness etc have to be faced as is seen in our physically embodied state. With our physical legs we can walk for a certain distance but for our subtle body in 1 day we can travel hundreds of miles. At one shot with one subtle mouth divine messages can be uttered subtly in the psyche of thousands of lay people. Only a subtly embodied person can give so much help to others and it is not possible to do so in one’s gross physical body. Hence great God Realized Sidha Saints execute tasks via their subtle astral body. Their spiritual penance in comparison to those of people with a gross physical body is very different.

People with a gross physical body live in a limited periphery. A major portion of their life force/energy has to be used for fulfilling bodily needs and warding off weakness, illnesses, old age problems etc. But the benefit of a gross physical body is that all visible tasks seen in the world can be executed by this gross physical body only. It is with its help that we can meet, conduct give and take acts etc with other people donning a gross physical body. Hence in order to contact and build a bond with ordinary lay public a donning a gross physical body is mandatory. After this gross body becomes old and withered it has to be shed in the form of death. Under such conditions tasks commenced by them previously may remain incomplete. Hence those who have to live a long time span in this world and by giving sacred inspirations and potentials in the deep recesses of the psyche of important people great humungous tasks have to be executed by making them a medium they have to enter in the subtle body.

As long as your gross physical body is useful, it shall give work output. After this by giving up the gross physical body you shall have to enter your subtly embodied state. At that time your spiritual penance/Sadhana shall be of a different type and your potential shall increase in manifold measure. You shall remain contact with special personalities. Great humungous tasks shall succeed only in this manner.

Revered Gurudeva’s said: At an apt hour I shall introduce you to the sacred Himalaya Mountain region. Before the Gomukh glacier region there great saints dwell in their gross physical body. In this region too many types of difficulties have to be endured. Hence I have made a program for you to live here for about 1 year in order to get used to such tough conditions. Apart from this you shall have to reside in the heart of the Himalaya Mountain region called its heart center. Over there I shall be by your side. You shall render your subtle body akin to your gross physical body. Who stays there? In what state does he stay? How must you stay there? All this shall become known to you. Since the experience of both bodies and regions shall increase sequentially you shall reach that inner/outer state for which great Rishis are immersed in fulfilling their well planned Sankalpas or mental resolves. In a gist we can only say that the above is the reason why you shall be called to the lofty divine Himalaya Mountain region. The reason for calling you there also is to get trained and pass a test. Due to this special application no obstacle shall come in the way of your Gayatri Purashcharanas for 24 years at a stretch.

Subtly embodied divine beings these days are residing in this Himalaya Mountain region. After the previous Ice Age circumstances have changed drastically. Once there was heaven on earth there but today that environment is just not apt for divine souls to dwell in. hence they dwell in interstellar space.

In ancient eras Rishi fraternity as per their interests and facilities resided between Gomukh glacier and Rishikesh in Himalaya Mountain region (Uttarakhand). But today this region is full of travelers, pilgrims and businessmen. Hence the Rishi fraternity no longer resides here. So many temples of various gods have been built there so that the curiosity of travelers, ancient history and the day to day life’s requirements of people dwelling there can go on.

I was told that that the founder of Theosophical Society-Madam Blavatsky was a great God Realized Sidha Saint. It is believed that despite donning a gross physical body Madam Blavatsky was in subtle contact with subtly embodied divine beings. In her books she has written that in the inaccessible Himalaya Mountain regions there is a ‘Parliament of invisible great God Realized Sidha Saints. In the same way the divine indwellers of that region are called ‘invisible helpers’ too. My Revered Gurudeva’s said: All this is absolutely true. With your subtle divine eyes you shall actually witness all the above in that very inaccessible Himalaya Mountain region where I reside. In those days Tibet came within the boundary of Himalaya Mountain region. Today this periphery has decreased but even so what Madam Blavatsky has said is 100% true. People with ordinary gross physical bodies cannot see all this. But my Revered Gurudeva’s promised me that with the help of his divine guidance I shall definitely be able to see all the above.

Revered Gurudeva said: You must patiently wait for my call. When it shall be felt that your inner state is ready and required to be examined thoroughly only then shall you be called to the Himalaya Mountain region. From your end do not desire it nor wait for the call. Do not come there due to curiosity on your part because it shall be mere vain efforts. After you surrender completely that responsibility becomes mine. Saying this much Revered Gurudeva disappeared from my midst.























My Revered Gurudeva (a Sidha Yogi God Realized Saint) had given me Darshan or hallowed vision for the 1st time in my worship room in his subtle astral form oozing with divine aura. At that time he had given me 3 programs to follow religiously. Along with many rules and sub rules I was supposed to execute 24 Gayatri Purashcharanas for 24 years at a stretch. I was asked to light an Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp that had to remain lit ceaselessly day and night. In it I was to use Ghee or clarified butter. Along with warding off lack in my Paatrata or inner spiritual personality in a stepwise manner, in order to play the role of harbingering in world welfare a 2nd important responsibility given to me was to author literature. For this end I was to do a lot of self introspection and scriptural studies in a profound manner. This was a spiritual practice that would focus my mind and render it piously sanctified. Along with this I was to personally contact lay public so that keeping in mind future programs that were to be executed our potential of congregating would be rendered highly advanced. The 3rd important responsibility given to me was to play a voluntary role of a soldier in India’s freedom fight against foreign political rule. On the face of it the above duties handed over to me seemed opposing from the standpoint of mode of action and its inner nature but I found out that in the progress of my spiritual practice and self study none of these were causes of obstruction. In between I had to go to the Himalaya Mountain region twice. All these tasks got fulfilled side by side so wonderfully that I myself was mind boggled as to how all these activities succeed so stupendously. The credit of it goes totally to that divine existence (my Revered Gurudeva-a Sidha Yogi God Realized Saint) who had taken up the reins of my life subtly in his hands right since I met him for the 1st time and he protected me at every step in my life.

The day I got initiated into the Rishi standpoint on that very day I was told that although you may live a family life yet like a foreign agent you must protect yourself from it too. It is best to shut your ears when its dry logical arguments and proof are given. Hence you may hear what everyone tells you but do exactly as your sacred psyche tells you. If you listen to mundane advice only and give undue importance to their insistence so as to accept it inwardly it shall be difficult to reach the goal. The directions of Preya (sense merriment) and Shreya (spiritual bliss) are opposite. One can choose only one of these. If the mundane world is pleased your soul shall become wrathful. If you set off to satiate your soul you shall perforce have to endure the anger of the material world and near-dear ones. Ordinarily this is seen to take place and shall happen in future too. Very rarely maybe that good fortune manifests wherein family members encourage you to imbibe sacrd ideals, ethics etc. The soul has had to bow down to the mundane world so many times. High stature decisions have had to be changed and one is forced to adhere to old tattered beliefs.

This difficulty came in my life on the very first day itself. On that day of Vasant or spring festival I was ‘born’ anew I was given a new program of life to follow diligently. Along with executing 24 Gayatri Purashcharanas for 24 years at a stretch I was to adhere to eating, resting etc habits that were of the stature of a man of austerities i.e. ascetic like. There was a hullaballoo in my home and all and sundry tried to wean me away from this strict daily schedule. There was a downpour of sweet-bitter words. But the essence of it was that I must live a life led my any ordinary lay person i.e. earn money and eat, sleep etc like they do. I must not step in a direction that opposes an ordinary human way of living. Although there was enough ancestral wealth, property etc that could feed 3 generations of our family comfortably but none of my kith, kin, friends etc were ready to listen to that sane argument of mine. They insisted that I must earn more wealth, eat food from it etc and what was old in the form of ancestral wealth, property etc must be kept for a rainy day and hoarded for the use of family members. Each one would ‘advise’ me in the same vein but by using different words and reasons. I had one mouth and others opposing me had 100. To what extent could I justify my actions and to how many people? Finally accepting defeat I mentally looked upon one amongst Mahatma Gandhi’s Guru as my own. I kept silent and refused to argue with them. A little bit relief was got by saying it is God’s inspiration because none of these opponents had any satisfactory counter argument towards it. None of them including atheists had learnt or understood how to logically disprove God’s inspiration manifesting in the soul of a devotee. Hence later this hot topic cooled down. I commenced my spiritual vow with such a powerful mental resolve as though I had no wish to give any answer to anyone. I refused to take anyone’s ‘advice’. Today I feel that ere I had not imbibed such inner firmness my boat of spiritual well being would have submerged on merely being hit a couple of times. Lest I was not hard nosed in executing my spiritual vow no good fortune would have come my way of ushering my own and others’ well being with the help of power of austerities I had undergone. I would have been unable to create a bond with Almighty God since its condition is that I must ooze with inner and outer purity and radiant life force.

After this in youth itself a 2nd test faced me when the Congress Party commenced the Non Cooperation Movement while fighting for freedom. Mahatma Gandhi blew the bugle of Satyagraha Movement. He called upon true patriots and urged them to leave home and hearth to enter prison and face bullets of brute alien govt. officers.

I heard the inner call of my soul and deeply realized that this was a historical opportunity. It must not be ignored for any reason. I must join the army of the Satyagraha Movement. Voluntarily I enlisted myself at a center nearby. Leaving a prosperous family I was to set off for a mission that was part of the Dandi March or Salt Satyagraha Movement. In those days everywhere people spoke of bullets being aimed at Indians. Govt. officers appointed people whose palms were heavily greased by them to spread rumours of long term imprisonment, life imprisonment etc in order that none would join this Satyagraha Movement. Anyone daring to join it would be obstructed by their family members. This did happen in my case. When my friends, neighbors, kin, relatives etc came to know of my intention to join this freedom movement they pressurized me not to go as it was in the interest of my ‘well being’. In their eyes my leaving home thus was nothing less than going to commit suicide.

This matter became so hot that a few threatened to attack me, someone vowed to fast to death and another said he would commit suicide. My mother was my loving parent. She was brainwashed to delete my name from her legal will so that inheritance in my name amounting to millions of cash would be handed over to my other brothers. It meant I would lose all my rightful share of cash, property etc. My brothers said: If you join this movement we shall cut off all relationship with you and in future you shall not be allowed to enter our house. Apart from this many other types of threats were thrown at my face. They told me that I would be kidnapped and forced to live in areas bossed over by dacoits.

I continued to hear all these sugary-bitter threats calmly. My soul asked only one question: Is the call of today’s time more important or pressure of family members? Is the inspiration of the soul greater or that mental state which gives only restlessness and agitation? Whom should I take help for making the final decision? By making the soul and Almighty God a witness I decided that what they say shall become my final decision.

With reference to this, child-devotee Prahlad’s ‘video clip’ passed by on my mental screen. The moment it ended child-devotee Dhruva’s story came to mind. The moment it ended, Goddess Parvati’s firm resolve swam in my mind. In this manner my mind started deeply pondering over innumerable stories of self sacrifice, valor, indomitable faith in God etc of great saintly people, social reformers, great visionaries etc. Amongst all these not one of their family members, friends etc had agreed when they took up great selfless world welfare tasks. They with their lone soul power heard the call of their glorious righteous duty and against all odds and opposition firmly went on to execute it. Hence it was vain to think on my part as to what people are opining and what ‘advice’ are they giving me. If I listen to them I would stray away from high stature sacred ideals and usher in my inner and outer downfall. If we wish to practice sacred ideals in day to day transactions we have to combat our selfish desires, greed etc tooth and nail. Not only this but that we have to ignore people nearby us known to live just for a ‘eat, drink and be merry’ life and force people like ourselves yearning to go beyond it, to live such a mediocre mundane life.

My decision favored my soul. I tore apart all their threats, opposition etc and hiding I reached my destination away from home. I took up the role of a Satyagrahi and went to jail. Out of fear instilled in me, my mind had previously woven a terror like situation but later none of this materialized at all.

One incident in my childhood dys came to mind that gave me a lot of strength for the above 2 goals. In my village an old lady sweeper had got wounded badly. She was passing watery stools too. Worms were moving in her wound. She shouted out in agony but none would help her because she was from a backward caste. I asked a doctor as to how to cure her. In a lone manner I arranged for her medicines and daily I would go to her hut. I would administer medicines, talk to her and make arrangements for her meals. I took up this responsibility all alone. In those times (around 1928 AD) entering a backward caste sweeper’s house, washing her clothes reeking with foul smell of feces/urine etc was considered a crime. I was thrown away from my high caste status of a Brahmin. In fact my own family members stopped me from entering our house. Hence I would pass my days in the nearby alley and whatever my family sent me I would eat. Despite all this I refused to give up helping this old lady sweeper. All this lasted for 15 days and she regained good health. I was about 13 years of age and all alone. My entire family and villagers fought with me but I refused to accept defeat. Today I was much more mature age wise. Hence why would I even dream of accepting defeat?

At a very tender age I had to pass 3 fiery tests of:




I fought a 2 fold battle involving my inner mental weaknesses and family members of my mundane world. It is the victory of my soul that I availed the great opportunity to render my inner self sacredly energized. The above trying incidences rendered my soul extremely powerful and all those programs succeeded in a grand manner for which I had to take an oath as per my Revered Gurudeva’s divine guidance.

The chain of 24 Gayatri Purashcharanas for 24 years at a stretch continued unabated. On that very day when as per my Revered Gurudeva’s divine command I had commenced these austerities auspiciously I had also lit the Akhand Deep (ceaselessly lit flame lamp) that should not douse even for a moment. Its responsibility was taken up by my pious wife whom today we call Vandaniya Mataji (HH Bhagwati Devi Sharma). Like we look after our babies each moment we had to keep a watchful eye on this Akhand Deep (ceaselessly lit flame lamp). Else like an irritated child it could get doused. Till date (about 80 odd years) this Akhand Deep (ceaselessly lit flame lamp) is shining brightly without any obstruction. Whenever we sit in its light to carry out spiritual practices divine sentiments emerge in the psyche quite naturally. When my ordinary intellect cannot solve some complex problem this aura of Akhand Deep (ceaselessly lit flame lamp) easily evokes a solution in my mind.

I took up a small daily ritual to perform involving:





I did not conjoin any Tantra rites like Beej Mantra Samput etc but even so my faith remained unswerving. Deep faith gushed forth towards Goddess Mother Gayatri’s photo placed in front of me. I always felt she was sitting in front of me in a live manner. Sometimes my mind yearned to shed tears of loving devotion in her divine lap. Never did I feel that my mind lacked devotion and focus. Never did it stray in unwanted directions. My inner zeal and devotion would increase as each moment passed by. When my daily schedule finished an alarm bell rang because otherwise my mind would refuse to budge from this daily worship program. Not even for 1 day did I face any obstacle in my daily worship program.

The same was true for my study program. I did not have to spare extra time for it. For Congress Party’s tasks I had to go to very far off regions. When the time of program or guidance arrived my studies would stop. When I started traveling my studies too commenced. My speed of reading books was 40 pages per hour. I got at least 2 hours to read daily. Sometimes I got a bit more than this too. In this manner in 2 hours I read 80 pages, in 1 month-4800 pages, in 1 year- 58,000 pages and in 66 years of life span of mine I read 3.5 million pages. These were those books that were of interest only. Daily I would read 3000 pages in a gist form which was as easy as eating food and bathing daily. This schedule is going on unabated for the past 60 odd years and in these days I read innumerable pages of those books that were most required topics for me to study. After completing the 24 Gayatri Purashcharanas for 24 years at a stretch I got much more time for all this. At that time I visited leading libraries in India for studying texts, manuscripts etc and it became priceless wealth for me.

I have never read even 1 page of a book for entertainment. I would read books with such focus as though I yearned to become an expert in those topics. Hence whatever I read got carved indelibly in my brain. If I started writing literature or that I had conversed with someone on a very serious subject I would easily recall those topics read previously. Behind my back people said: This person is a walking-talking encyclopedia. Readers of Akhand Jyoti Magazine articles would find such references in them that they would get amazed and would think that for 1 single article how many books and magazines I must have read. But the fact of the matter is that whatever I read throughout my life was very useful and I did so with total one pointed mental focus. Hence when I started writing or speaking instantly required reference would gush forth in my mind. In reality this is but the miracle of spiritual practices executed by me with total zeal and concentration.

In my village of birth there was a primary school. From the standpoint of govt. education this was about all that I had studied. Sanskrit language has been a part of my clan and lineage tradition. My revered father and brother were great scholars of Sanskrit language. All my relatives were very interested in it. My paternal family profession was to read out Puranas or Indian Mythology based stories and we were priests too. Hence I mastered all this along with Sanskrit language. I have taught students right till they graduated as ‘Acharyas’ whereas from attaining degrees my capability was not so much.

After this the story of how I learnt other languages is humorous. In jail I used a plate of iron and a pebble as my pen. In this way I started learning how to write in English language. I found an English newspaper called ‘Leader’ in jail. I started reading it. I would get doubts cleared by other comrades in jail and after 1 year when I got released from prison I mastered English in a fair manner. Due to conversing in English language in every jail entry of mine my vocabulary kept increasing. Slowly I started mastering English grammar too. In return I would teach others Sanskrit language and Hindi language full of various quotes. Magazines of other languages and dictionaries have been the basis of my reading/writing and in the above manner I studied other languages. Super Power Gayatri is called the presiding deity of our intellect. I do not know whether others benefitted thus but for me this miraculous benefit is visible. The Sanskrit language based Hindi language used in our Akhand Jyoti Magazine articles has guided teachers and professors of Hindi language also. When I see all this I humbly give total creadit to Super Power Gayatri who is called the presiding deity of our intellect. Despite remaining very busy I grasped so much skill regarding science and knowledge of all types that it gives satiation to me but amazement to others.

In order to follow the sacrosanct commands of Revered Gurudeva to the last letter no doubt I took part in Congress Party’s Satyagraha Movement but in the preliminary stage doubts swelled in my mind that since I was to take up a resolve spanning 24 years at a stretch why was it partitioned into 2 parts of 5 and 19 years? Further since thousands of volunteers were participating in this freedom movement what difference would it make whether I joined in it or not?

At the time of meeting my Revered Gurudeva on the 1st day itself he knew of my doubt. When it was his turn to speak, he subtly spoke in my soul: Yuga Dharma or righteous duty of all eras also is important to execute. Looking upon it as call of contemporary times, other required tasks must be overlooked temporarily we must rush in that very manner as when we do to douse a blazing inferno carrying a cold water filled bucket. Hence other required tasks must be kept pending. Further guidance given by my Revered Gurudeva was: In future you have to perform many actions pertaining to contacting the lay public. For that, you have to visit various types of people because this golden chance shall not come your way again. This is one leg of fulfilling that invisible task wherein in future times you shall have to put in immense hard work and precious time. In early days you had learnt many things and it was practiced by you in previous incarnations also by you. Hence by joining this freedom struggle you shall get a chance to do its rehearsal. All these tasks are not important at all from personal benefit standpoint. The demand of time gets fulfilled via it.

In social life you shall be taught 4 principles:





It is via imbibing the above 4 that the inner personality and character attains a great high stature and one’s skills radiate powerfully. We have to check again and again whether our weapons have turned rusty or not or that precepts memorized previously have been forgotten or not. From this viewpoint and in order to understand the rules of your future mode of actions it is best and required that you take part in Congress Party’s Satyagraha Movement.

What have I done for my country? How many difficulties have I endured? How well did I execute tasks handed over to me? Discussing all this is quite irrelevant over here. If respected readers wish to know about it they can read a book titled ‘Agra Sambhag ke swatantrata sangram senani’ published by the media department of UP Govt.-India. In it my name is mentioned with reference to many important tasks executed. I was well known as ‘Shriram Matta’ in those days. Over here only this must be noted as to what great well being was to be accrued by me that led to my Revered Gurudeva divinely commanding me to take part in Congress Party’s Satyagraha Movement.

In these 10 years in jail and outside it I met people of various character and nature. At the time of freedom struggle public awakening was at its peak. I met so many people blooming with valor, daring, potent will power etc and hence I learnt a lot from them. Within 2 years itself I learnt the art of using those methodologies and mode of action in order to render people helpers, followers etc for carrying out huge revolutionary campaigns (ethical, thought based etc) so that people would benefit in an all round manner. By itself ere I had used up my entire lifespan I would not have landed with such good destiny. I got such superb opportunities to study various types of people with strange types of character/inner personalities that I would have only got it had I journeyed to every nook and corner of India. My mind renounced deluded attachments of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ and I lived so joyously even in those situations reeking with hardships that I started harboring faith in my inner strength and steadfastness. What was most important is that my inner nature got molded into a volunteering selfless worker. In fact even till today wherein although I have reached the peak state of life it has kept me humble. My initial doubt (of why my 24 years’ spiritual program had to be partitioned into 2 parts of 5 and 19 years each) got aptly resolved via incidences experienced when I took part in Congress Party’s Satyagraha Movement.

Although today the Congress Party has touched 100 years of its inception yet today’s Congress Party is vastly different from the one operating during the freedom struggle. Working for the old party gave me extraordinary experiences. I could easily come in contact with great intellectual people. I always put into practice humility and strict disciplined behavior. Hence whenever a soft spoken humble volunteer was required to help some great leader I was sent to him. My age too was apt for it. Due to such contacts I learnt so many specialties of life. I many times lived with them. At Sabarmati Ashram I was blessed to reside with Mahatma Gandhi and in Paunar Ashram I dwelled with the great leader Acharya Vinoba Bhave. Quite a few other people would either just have their Darshan or stay for a few days and return. But I for one learnt and understood a lot by living under their great guidance. It shall not be relevant over here to give details of my memories of such great sacred meetings yet some episodes are such that have proved to be important Kalpavrikshas or wish fulfilling trees.

This incident took place in the year 1933 AD. There was a conference of Indian National Congress in Kolkata City. In those days Congress was termed illegal. Hence whoever went there would get caught. In it bullets too were showered. Those people thought to be important were caught at Burdwan railway station and were sent to Asansole Jail made especially for white skinned aliens in the era of East India Company. I too along with 3 comrades of mine of Agra Jail was caught. At that time along with us resided in this jail great glorious leaders of India like Madan Mohan Malviyaji, Gandhiji’s son Devdas Gndhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s mother named Swarup Rani Nehru, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai, Chandrabhan Gupt, Kanhaiyalal Khadiwalla, Jagan Prasad Rawat etc. As long as we stayed in this prison each day in the evening Madan Mohan Malviyaji would give a powerful speech. He along with Swarup Rani Nehru would behave like real loving parents to us inmates. One day Madan Mohan Malviyaji stressed a lot on in one of his speeches that in order that lay public look upon Congress Party as their own we must ask for 1 cent from every male and 1 fistful of wheat flour from females as donation. In this manner our freedom struggle movement shall march ahead more powerfully. They shall feel that this party has been founded via their hard earned money. Everyone shall feel that this is my party and this 1 fistful fund shall become the foundation of our finances. For others this suggestion was not very important but I immediately etched it firmly in my heart. It was this ‘Bhiksha’ (begging alms by ascetics) that was the basis of Rishi tradition. It was with its help that they ran huge Gurukulas especially in forest areas. Revered Gurudeva had given me directions of my having to execute huge tasks. Where would I get finances for them? This worried me a lot. This time in jail I got an apt answer that warded off my worry. After release from jail I got the responsibility to carry out gigantic tasks I used the above formula of ‘either 1 cent donation daily or 1 fistful of wheat flour’ and till date we have used not thousands but millions of such cash and are doing so at present too.

The Congress Party akin to our Gayatri-Gangotri became my life’s flow. When we attained political independence from foreign rule I paid attention to only those activities that would fulfill independent rule in a complete manner. Political leaders must shoulder duties of the political and economic state of the country. But revolutions at the ethical, intellectual and social life level are even more required and it can be executed only by people like us. This is the sole responsibility of the religious system.

For this new program I took the sacred command of all my revered Gurus and I took up only 1 duty of the Congress Party viz. wearing clothes made of Khadi cloth only. Apart from this on the very day India attained political independence from foreign rule I stayed away from all its activities. Behind this action was Bapu Mahatma Gandhi’s blessings and also the divine command given to me by my Revered Gurudeva of Himalayas. Since I had ceaselessly worked for 20 years my comrades of freedom struggle sent me a form to fill up in order to get a pension for working as a freedom fighting soldier I smilingly rejected it. In politics I was well known as ‘Shriram Matta or Mattaji’. There are people who know well as also great leaders of those times that Shriram Matta was a foundation pillar of Congress Party and stood in the 1st row while executing the most difficult perilous tasks. But when it came to taking credit for it, he firmly kept himself behind the curtain.

All 3 tasks were executed as much focus and zeal as possible and whenever my Revered Gurudeva called me to the Himalaya Mountains I did so immediately. In between when I was called there twice he asked me to stay only for 6 months span each. Revered Gurudeva said: From the standpoint of attaining political freedom Congress Party activities are much needed these days hence it is best that you stay here in Himalaya Mountains only for 6 months. In these 6 months what was I made to do and what was told to me? This is not required to be known by ordinary lay public. There are so many episodes in my visible life looked upon by me as divine blessings of an extraordinary divine power. I keep remembering this divine boon and experience self fulfilling ecstasy.



This matter pertains to the preliminary days of freedom fighting. Till that time I had not met my Revered Gurudeva dwelling in Himalaya Mountains. In the form of an enthusiastic volunteer I worked for the Congress Party in my village. In those days Mahatma Gandhi was called Karamati Baba (miraculous saint) in rural areas. They would say that British officers would put Mahatma Gandhi into prison and the latter with miraculous powers would come out of it. On my part I felt he was a Messenger of God who had incarnated for ushering in political freedom from alien rule in India.

I had heard many other legends and stories regarding great Yogis. I inwardly desired to visit Mahatma Gandhi and learn Yoga spiritual practices from him. At his Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad I wrote a letter humbly requesting permission to reside in his hallowed presence for a few days. It was my good fortune that I was granted permission and carrying along with me clothes, bedding etc I reached Ahmedabad. I registered my name in his Sabarmati Ashram.

Next day I humbly requested as to what duties should I execute and hence was told to clean feces, urine etc and sweep the huge garden there. Generally a new entrant there is given this lesson wherein dirt should be removed and usher in cleanliness there.

As per my knowledge I cleaned feces, urine etc but when the supervisor came he did not like the way I worked. He detailed my errors and told me that cleanliness must be such as one keeps one’s kitchen clean. The following day I carried out my cleaning duty exactly as guided by the supervisor. This then became my routine daily. I started working there as was desired by the supervisor there. During other hours of the day we were taught how to weave cloth etc.

One day I was given the duty of slicing wood. I did exactly that. The supervisor came. He saw small pieces of wood scattered here and there and immediately he told me that these wooden pieces could pierce anyone’s body when they walked there. He asked me to pick up all of them and use thin pieces for fuel purposes. I acted as per his sage advice. For many days I was asked to execute this task.

After this I was given work related to cloth weaving, prayers, cleanliness, managing the Ashram etc I always participated in the congregational prayer at dusk.

One day I a cut up a big stem of from a tree for brushing my teeth. I started brushing my teeth. At that time my supervisor was Sister Mira. She saw me doing all this from a distance. She came near me and said: You must not chop off such a big twig from the tree. But if you had to take a big twig you should not have thrown the remaining twig after using the measure you wanted into the garden. You could have given it to someone else for brushing his teeth. You must throw the leaves into the dust bin and while brushing your teeth water coming out from your mouth must not be thrown on the ground but in the gutter nearby because if your mouth has any type of infection it can spread to other residents here too. You must not use water so wastefully. I accepted my mistakes and immediately corrected them. I promised not to err thus in future. In this manner I truly learnt a big lesson of day to day living. I would daily write a diary and it would reach Mahatma Gandhi.

In this manner this sort of a schedule went on for 3 months. I had come here to become a Karamati Baba or miraculous saint. I desired to become a 2nd Mahatma Gandhi but I did not get a chance to lean its method. When the day of my departure drew closer I felt restless inwardly. One day mustering some valor I entered the office of Mahatma Gandhi’s secretary Mr Mahadevbhai Desai. Controlling my inferiority complex I explained to him the reason for my arriving there. Mr Mahadevbhai Desai laughingly said: Brother! I certainly am not a Karamati Yogi or miraculous saint. Mahatma Gandhi is one. Hence tomorrow morning accompany him in his morning walk and by asking him the secret of becoming a Yogi you can solve your problem. I was satisfied with this answer.

Everyday early morning, Mahatma Gandhi would take someone with him for a walk. That person’s doubts would get resolved and Mahatma Gandhi would finish his walk too. At 5 am next morning I stood at his door and the moment he came, I started walking behind him. Mr Mahadevbhai Desai had told Mahatma Gandhi all that I had said. Mahatma Gandhi turned around and started walking. On the way he asked me: Was it you who has come here to learn the Yoga practice of becoming Mahatma Gandhi? I replied in the affirmative. He asked me another question: Were you taught this or not? In a gist I recounted to him the daily schedule I followed in the Ashram. He said: What you are being taught here is exactly the science that can make you Mahatma Gandhi.

On noting that my doubt had not been dispelled, while walking itself, Mahatma Gandhi related to me a historical episode. It was pertaining to the great scientist Thomas Davie. He was born in a very poor family. He desired to become a great scientist. His family could not afford to get him trained formally for becoming a great scientist. Thomas Davie suggested that he be sent to the house of a scientist. He said that he would execute household chores there and in return whatever that scientist would teach him he would learn diligently.

In order to search for such a golden chance Thomas Davie’s mother went to so many scientists’ but everyone clearly said no because they did not want any ‘headache’ like burden. Only one such scientist said: Get your son tomorrow, if I feel he is useful I will keep him with me.

Next day Thomas Davie’s mother took him to that scientist’s house. That scientist told Thomas to sweep the house and clean up the house. Thomas swept the house so meticulously that not one corner, roof, furniture, materials etc remained dusty or dirty. After cleaning all materials were placed by him so neatly that the house seemed newly decorated. The scientist realized immediately that Davie is full of zeal and zest for all tasks and that he works in a well managed manner. He felt that it was worth teaching Davie. It is this zeal etc that he can become useful and become a great scientist in future. He kept Davie in his house. Davie would carry out household chores and side by side started reading a lot. Slowly but surely his original intellect full of scientific questioning started advancing and finally he became a high stature great scientist. He later made very important discoveries and inventions.

After recounting this great real life story Mahatma Gandhi said: All the tasks that you were asked to carry out here were such that your responsibility and interest in it advances greatly. Within me dwells this specialty. With its help only my sacred ideal based thinking and living have led me to my present state. This is the mystery of my success. If you tread this path whatever task you take up shall render you an expert and bestow untold success. Whether it is religion, politics or family life, this is the only royal path that reaps true success.

Our conversation ended at this juncture. I grasped the true secret of Yoga practices wherein I learnt that I must take up tasks that have high stature sacred ideals as their firm foundation. Whatever I do must be done with full interest and responsibility. After staying for 3 months in the Sabarmati Ashram I practiced this very method assiduously. My supervisors would analyze it minutely and wherever I erred I was guided in order to correct myself.

I had come here to become a Karamati Yogi or miraculous saint. That childish enthusiasm petered away to naught. There is no true Yogi who showcases feats akin to a magician. Mahatma Gandhi too was not of that sort because he was a true great God Realized saint.

My schedule of 3 months ended and after humbly prostrating at everyone’s feet I bid them farewell and returned home. I firmly etched the sacred precepts and hallowed teachings of Mahatma Gandhi in my mind. I steadfastly imbibed high stature ideals in my life. Whatever task I took up I would work with full zeal imbued with all my life force in it. At the root of success attained by me divine gifts along with honest hard labor were responsible. It is this that is called the secret of various types of success attained in life.






Akin to Matsya Avatar (Fish Incarnation) of Almighty God the matter realted to my 1st call to journey to Himalaya Mountains as per Revered Gurudeva’s divine command kept increasing. As per Indian Mythology or Puranas a baby fish from somewhere entered the water pot of Brahmaji (creator of this world). When he took the water pot to do Achman (ritual of sipping little water) this baby fish became as big as his palm. Hence he transferred the fish into a bigger sized pot. In a moment this fish increased twice in size. Hence Brahmaji placed it in a lake nearby. Since it grew further the fish was released in the sea. In a jiffy the fish took the size of the vast sea. At that time Brahmaji deeply realized that this fish was none other than the Avatar of Almighty God. Hence he sang eulogies to this Fish Incarnation and humbly prayed for commands. After this the Matsya Avatar (Fish Incarnation) disappeared from sight. The task for which God had manifested got fulfilled very well.

With me too incidences occurred in the above manner. My spiritual life had commenced on the day my Revered Gurudeva dwelling in Himalaya Mountains had subtly helped me get initiated into the Gayatri Mantra/Yajnopaveet or sacred thread by Pandit Madan Mohan Malviyaji. The latter had given me a methodical procedure to perform worship etc. I was young in age but I looked upon it as my steadfast duty and observed it ceaselessly. Not one day passed by without me executing these worship rites. I told my mind firmly that the day I did not perform spiritual practices that day I would fast. I would not eat food and drink water. I imbibed this principle in a die hard manner. It has continued till date. I have full faith that till I breathe my last I shall follow this principle tooth and nail.

After this I had Darshan or hallowed vision of Revered Gurudeva dwelling in Himalaya Mountains for the 1st time in my worship room in his subtle astral form oozing with divine aura. In order to render my soul a true Brahmin he asked me to execute 24 Gayatri Purashcharanas for 24 years at a stretch. This got completed at the appointed hour. In between I got a divine command to travel again and again to the Himalaya Mountains to recharge my soul’s battery and pass various tests. Along with this in each journey either for 1 year or a bit less I was ordered to dwell in those tough terrain inaccessible regions of Himalaya Mountains. This program too went off quite well and on passing various exams new responsibilities were placed on my shoulders. Not only this in order to execute this I attained divine blessings too so that a weak child like me does not falter and fall down midway. Wherever there was a chance of me falling down my Revered Gurudeva would subtly carry me on his powerful shoulders.

In this manner when 1 year was yet not completed a ‘wireless’ call of my Revered Gurudeva dwelling in Himalaya Mountains was heard by me in my soul. I was asked to journey to the Himalaya Mountains. Although my yearning was deep I was not hasty. My aspiration was to see what I had not and I wished to experience that which I had not. In such weather people do not go there because very harsh situations regarding freezing cold, food, loneliness, violent creatures etc have to be faced. Hence no doubt fear hissed about in my mind but ultimately soul uplifting and valor won. Amongst my past lifetimes collected Sanskars (psychic imprints) an unknown fear too resided. I wanted security and facilities as I attained in my house. Thus both fought like Kauravas-Pandavas as noted in the epic Mahabharat. But it did not last more than 24 hours. The very next day I set off for my journey. I informed my family the reason for my journey. Those giving me wrong advice kept silent. They knew quite well that I shall not change my decision under any circumstances.

My life has always oriented around passing the toughest test and attaining high stature great prizes. Along with this prize I would get due encouragement to take up the next great step. My Matsya Avatar (Fish Incarnation) worked thus.

When I traveled for the 1st time to the Himalaya Mountains it was my first holy association with Revered Gurudeva dwelling in Himalaya Mountains. From afar I had seen Himalaya Mountains previously but on actually staying there this time what situations shall I face was not known beforehand to me. Its firsthand experience was got by me for the 1st time. On getting Revered Gurudeva’s subtle message I started making preparations for my impending journey. In those days (early 1930’s) a roadway and motor travel existed only from Devprayag to Uttarkashi. After that one had to walk all the way. From Rishikesh to Devprayag too one had to walk all the way. I had no experience of how much luggage to carry that could be borne on my shoulders. Hence unknowingly I took more than I could carry. When I started walking with it on my shoulders I realized it was very heavy. A person like me traveling on foot could not bear this luggage weight. Hence that luggage which I could not carry I gave away to other people on the way and kept with me only that much which I could carry and was very useful in my journey.

In this journey of mine Revered Gurudeva wanted to take only one test of mine as to whether my mind was mature enough to combat dire complex situations or not. Hence my journey became tougher and tougher. Any other person would have got scared and either would have returned home or out of sheer stress would have become ill. But my Revered Gurudeva wished to teach me this life’s teaching in actual day to day living wherein if my mind is strong any good-bad situation can be dealt with properly. These dire situations can be rendered conducive or endured with a calm powerful psyche. For important success man must be mentally fit and strong.

It is said that when the portion of earth called heaven or heart center was inhabited by gods-goddesses, Rishis resided below Gomukh glacier and above Rishikesh in Himalaya Mountains (Uttarakhand). But after the Ice Age situations there changed from their very foundation. Gods-goddesses there donned the causal body or Karana Sharira and started traveling in interstellar space. In ancient times Rishis went away to dwell above the Gomukh glacier region. The lower region of Himalaya Mountains is now meant for lay travelers etc. No doubt here and there we do find some ascetic’s hut but it is difficult to find a true Rishi there.

I had also heard previously that in caves on the way to the innermost region of Himalaya Mountains dwell Sidha Yogis. But I did not find even one Yogi. I found that from the standpoint of sustenance and income this area is full of difficulties. Hence although people interested in merriment do come and go but they do not reside there for much time. All saints-ascetics that I met on conversing with them I realized that they had come here out of some curiosity or finding something a bit extraordinary. Their spiritual wisdom was miniscule and their daily routine too was not like a true ascetic at all. After sitting with them for sometime they would tell me about their needs. Hence how can they give anything to others? Hence I walked further realizing that others like me too would have found only so called ‘Yogis’ here and hence their journey was rendered mere fun and frolic. Definitely no traveler here must have had any spiritual satisfaction. On noting this I felt quite sad.

In comparison to the above mentioned so called ‘Yogis’ I felt shopkeepers here at various Chattis were much better mountain people. They were quite innocent minded and full of goodwill. When we bought flour, rice grains etc from them to cook our food without any rental or without counting they would give us vessels too cook. They never examined or asked for these back. They would sell tea, cigarettes, match boxes, gram, jagery, Sattu flour, potatoes etc to travelers. Although many devotees were full of faith yet they were very poor too. These shops sold things useful for poor people. In that area one could get blankets for 1 night after paying a small rent.

Cold winter and walking on foot were 2 tests that were very difficult. Further ascetics, sages etc dwelling those regions would go down towards the plains where cold was much less. Wherever cold was much more mountain folks there too would climb downwards to graze their animals. In villages and huts pregnant silent could be perceived. Under these difficult situations I had to travel from Uttarkashi to Nandanvan (beyond Gomukh) on foot. From all angles this journey of mine was fraught with untold hardships.

The place was lonely and in stark solitude. There was no place for lodging, forest beasts roamed around freely and hence such matters posed fair bit of difficulties. In those days winds passed quite freezingly. Since the sun hid behind high rise mountains it could only be seen at around 10 am and at around 2 pm it would dive below the mountain peaks. On mountain tops sunlight could be seen but on the ground there was medium stature darkness. If only there were some urgent important tasks or that someone died only then did people travel. From all angles that area was lonely. In the form of my companions were my loud heart beats and my mind that dripped with thoughts coming and going. I was being tested as to whether under such circumstances traveling was possible or not for me. My heart decided that as long as my body’s breathing was destined to do so it would definitely do so. Till then none or nothing can kill me. My brain told me that even plants, trees etc have life. On them reside birds. In water areas dwell marine creatures. In jungles beasts are seen to roam around. All are naked and move about all alone. When so many creatures dwell here how could it be lonely for me? I must not call myself small. If I believe in the tenet and ideology of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (world united peacefully as one happy family) how could I say I was alone in the midst of so many living beings? Why do I look upon humans only as living beings? Are not other creatures here my own dear ones? Hence where is the question of loneliness?

My travel continued thus. Along with this mental cogitation too went on. When we live alone the mind becomes pressurized because it is always used to residing with many people. In loneliness the mind becomes fearful. Darkness too is a big cause for harboring fear in the psyche. All day long man lives in light. At night he lights up electric bulbs etc. When sleep takes over it becomes sheer darkness. In it too there is not so much reason to get scared as is felt in darkness of lone areas of solitude in the outside world.

In loneliness man’s intellect especially becomes fearful. A true Yogi must ward off this type of fear. ‘Fearlessness’ is said to be the most important quality of spirituality. If this quality is lacking such people have to eke out facilities like householders and make arrangements for security. In this manner the psyche remains immature and half baked.

Another danger while residing in lonely Himalaya Mountains is fear related to violent carnivorous beasts roaming around freely there. They roam around much more in noise free areas. They search for food at night time only. During daytime they too harbor fear regarding any obstruction or attack of some sort.

Facing violent carnivorous beasts at night in lonely dark areas is very dangerous. Forget danger it is but a battle to be waged with death. When there is no noise or crowd violent carnivorous beasts are seen moving in order to drink water or look out for their prey. All these situations had to be faced by me time and again during my journey into these lonely Himalaya Mountains.

In my travel wherever I had to pass night time there black cobras would hiss aloud and huge crocodiles would make noises eerily. In such areas low stature lions are more in number. Their strength is much more than tigers. These tigers due to their girth have less strength and hence they prey upon smaller sized creatures. Mountain bears amongst herbivores are more ferocious while attacking others. In areas like mountains of Shivalik and lower regions of Himalaya Mountains wild elephants roam around. Their inner nature is such that if we do not stare in their eyes and that they harbor no fear of being attacked by us they pass by silently on their way. But if even minor fear is there or some anger erupts within them they attack others tooth and nail.

Day in and day out travelers here have to combat crocodiles, snakes, huge lizards, bears, chhetahs, pumas, elephants etc. On seeing huge groups they go away to save themselves but when a human being or animal face them alone the latter perforce have to stare at death. Hence when they walk ahead straight it is human beings who have to veer far away else on challenging them definitely a ferocious attack is in the pipeline.

Such face offs and combating both night and day took place about 10-20 times. When they saw me alone they would fearlessly march towards me and refused to go away. Hence it was I who had to make way for them and save my very life. Such episodes are easy to read and write about but when practically you have to face these ferocious beasts it is very difficult. This is because in the form of death they would stare at me. Sometimes they would walk nearby along with me or else would walk behind me at a distance. The human body fears death the most. Violent beasts or those who possess an attacking nature such forest dwelling humans, antelopes etc too can be attacking in nature. Even if they do not actually attack yet so much fear gets instilled in the psyche as though the hour of death has actually arrived. If one faces them certain occasions only it is a different issue but here each hour at least once one meets death. Each time fear of dying looms large because it was a matter of enduring much more harsh situations. The heart would beat fast and loudly. The moment these beats calmed down a new difficulty would crop up and once again my heart would beat fast and loudly. These beasts generally did not move about alone because they prefer to do so in huge groups. Lest they commenced attacking, they would pluck off each and every finger of yours and in a few moments our life’s existence would fade away to naught.

But over here too I had to focus on my Viveka or farsighted discrimination and brave hearted nature. Death is very gigantic but not bigger than life. If fearlessness and camaraderie reside within us the violent nature of those who are violent cools down and change their attacking nature. In my entire travel about 300-400 times I had to face such fearful face offs and I had to muster up a lot of courage at that time. I had to showcase my friendly and calm face all the while. Regarding death I had to think it too has a time to manifest. Lest over here itself, in this manner life has to end why should I fear death? Why not face it with a serene smile? Although such thoughts did not arise on their own I harbored them with due inner effort. The entire road of my journey reeked with eerie fear. Loneliness, darkness and aides of death united tried to scare me and would advise me to retrace my steps. But my mental resolve never left my side and thus my travel continued ahead.

One question of my test was as to why fear emerges in the midst of solitude and loneliness? In a few days my heart became very strong and creatures dwelling in those areas became my very soul. I did not realize when fear petered away to naught. In fact I started liking loneliness. My mind said: You have started passing your 1st test quite well. Those doubts about marching further ahead too shall get resolved duly.

The 2nd question was regarding icy cold winter season. I told myself that when my face, nose, hands, ears etc on remaining uncovered get trained to endure biting cold why should it affect me? In countries like Finland, Norway, North and South Pole the temperature is always below zero. There Eskimos and other type of people reside. In comparison over here the height is only 10-12 feet. Over here we can hence find a solution to overcome effects of icy cold temperatures. I got the information from a mountain folk there. Although mountains are very cold yet caves in them are much warmer in comparison. There are certain varieties of bushy areas that burn even though they are green. Leaves of vegetables like Langda, Marcha etc grow in forests and can be eaten without cooking it. If nodules growing on the tree of Bhoj leaves are boiled, such tea can be made that it wards off shivering cold felt by the body. If we dig our kees into our stomach while lying down we shall feel less cold. If our mind tells us it is cold we feel it much more. Children despite wearing lesser clothes run around anywhere. They do not get agitated. Hence it is our mind that makes us feel very cold or hot. If a young person with a strong mind can never die of cold. Yes! One cannot say this for those not used to freezing cold, old people, sick ones etc I realized this quite well and after imbibing all these solutions I could endure biting cold quite well. One more thing is that instead of going on saying ‘cold-cold’ the mind is made to think about some positive zestful thinking we feel less cold. I learnt all these important lessons while facing problems in this tough mountain terrain.

Forest beasts, violent creatures etc generally roam around at night. Their eyes are shiny and they get scared of humans. Even the tiger fears man. If man harbors no ill feeling towards them and maintains inner and outward calm, they never attack humans. They may even harbor sense of friendship.

Initially I harbored a lot of fear but then I remembered how circus artists tame such ferocious wild beasts and execute great feats. I had previously read about a lady living in Tanzania (it was made into a movie called ‘Born Free’). Her husband was a forest officer and she had nurtured 2 babies of a lioness separated from their parents. Even after these baby cubs grew up into youth they would sit on the lap of this lady. Hence it is clear that if we possess potent fearlessness and true love oozes within our bosom for all creatures we can live joyously in thick forests too. Forest tribal people are known to dwell in such areas. They are fearless and find no risk in staying there. Keeping such examples in my mind constantly fearlessness emerged in full flow and I told myself that a day shall dawn when I shall dwell in a hut in this forest. Cows, tigers, deer, rhinos etc shall drink water side by side from rivers without harboring hatred or enmity towards each other.

The mind no doubt can be weak but if it is cajoled it can become very powerful. After reaching that area I continued my journey forward and removed all fear from my psyche. Instead of waiting for situations that are conducive, I thought of rendering my mind strong and potent. In this direction I started molding mind for rendering it fear free and as a result those obstacles that instilled fear initially in my mind now became straightforward and natural to face.

After continuing to lambast, cajole and mold my psyche it came under my mastery within 20 days of my journey. I now felt that region to be by birth place and I yearned to die here only.

Till Gangotri glacier a road etched by travelers is terrible. In those days till Gomukh there was a narrow footpath. After this a lot of difficulties had to be endured. Tapovan region dwells at a huge height. There is no proper path to reach it. One has to travel there based on inner inspiration and with faith in our good fate. Tapovan region is rocky and square. There is a high rise chain of mountains too. After this comes the Nandanvan region. I was asked to come here. I reached there in time. I saw Revered Gurudeva standing there. I was so overjoyed to see him. He too seemed happy. For the 1st time he had come to my home and this time I was visiting his abode. If only this continues in my entire life it can attain true self fulfillment.

I was to pass 3 tests:




I felt I had passed all these tests and my Revered Gurudeva silently agreed with this.

Our conversation ended very quickly. He had told me: Advanced soul personalities, in order to attain potent soul power it is mandatory that their will power is rendered extremely strong, by suppressing all obstacles situations must be made conducive and forget violent beasts like tigers, lions etc they must not fear even death. You shall have to dwell in the midst of such difficult situations for a major portion of your life.

Our short conversation ended. Revered Gurudeva led me to a cave where I was supposed to reside. In sign language he told me where to sleep etc and I did exactly that. I fell asleep so deeply that my sleep lasted 2-3 times more than my normal sleeping hours. It is not amazing at all because on doing so all my tiredness of traveling got warded off. I felt so refreshed that it seemed to me as though I had not walked so many miles at all.

There was a spring there where I bathed. I did Sandhyavandan Gayatri rites there. In my life I saw the Brahmakamal and Devkand for the first time. This Brahmakamal was such that its fragrance would induce us into a Yoganidra (half sleep-half trance) state in a short while. Devkand is a tuber root that grows underground and it tastes like Singhada or water chestnut. When cooked it has a weight of 5 Seers (4.6 kgs) and it can appease your hunger for about 1 week. These were the first 2 visible gifts from Revered Gurudeva. One was for removing bodily tiredness and the 2nd was to manifest zest in my psyche.

After this I glanced in the direction of Tapovan region. On the entire plateu was a sheet of flowers. Till then there was not much heavy snowfall. When it snows, these flowers on maturing fall down on the ground so that grow again the following year.









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