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Almighty God’s most beloved child viz. mankind can no longer continue to remain in a downfallen state as is seen today. God’s supreme artistic creation that is planet earth can no longer remain in the pit of downfall. God has created earth with a lot of soul power and divine hope. He cannot allow it to remain demeaned anymore. Although a gardener is handed over a garden to look after it the garden can never be sold to him. This world’s management no doubt has been handed over to mankind. He was asked to see to it that planet earth was managed well, maintained beautifully, secure and rendered highly advanced. Yet if he fails to do this and becomes unruly instead man’s whims and fancy attitude cannot be allowed to rule earth. The one who has planted this garden called earth with such zeal, zest and grand materials shall henceforth make new arrangements to look after earth in a well managed way. He shall change the gardener, he shall reform the mode of looking after this garden or else whatever he does shall be such that no longer shall planet earth be to remain in a downfallen state as is seen today.

God these days is immersed in rendering this beautiful garden called earth well managed. He is about to make sweeping changes in the present day haywire management witnessed. The reason is that today’s downfallen state is bang opposite to the divine imagination of Almighty God. It just does not fit into God’s divine plans for planet earth. The way in which the world is being looked after today that if it continues thus for more time it shall definitely lead to world humanity committing mass suicide. In this manner our earth’s pride and glory shall get pounded to naught.

Since man is God’s eldest son and the prince amongst all creatures no doubt he has been handed over the task of managing this world. Man has been given this golden chance by Almighty God to do something great and in it God does not intervene. Yet when this world management goes haywire God cannot remain a silent witness to it. No doubt children are given freedom to play in the garden outside one’s home yet when the child tries to play with broken glass pieces or play with fire his mother comes running to him. Not only does she obstruct the child from misbehaving but scolds him also, so that in future, he refrains from harming himself. This sort of fear has to be instilled during such dangerous situations. This is also taking place in our world these days.

Man immersed himself in playing with toys and forgot to attain the true goal of human life. A child is sent to school to study but many times he midway starts playing and roaming about here and there. He hence fails to reach his school. At that time he is pulled up by his teachers and parents. The teacher knows that only if the child studies properly that he shall rise higher up the ladder of life. If instead of studying the child just keeps playing and fooling around he shall only repent at leisure. This same message is being given to world humans by Almighty Lord our divine father.

Man has been given extra facilities that with its apt usage he can carry out appointed tasks smoothly. The responsibility given to him can be shouldered optimally and with ease. Yet if on getting immersed in these facilities man forgets to carry out his duties only harm can accrue. If a govt. official is given a jeep to transport important materials and instead of this he sets off to watch dance shows etc then the govt. duties shall remain unfulfilled. Hence since this official has failed in his duties he shall be meted out due punishment by the govt.

These days something of the above is taking place. Mankind was given extraordinary facilities by Almighty God. His body was given much more expertise not seen in the bodies of other creatures numbering to 8.4 million species. Which other creature knows how to talk? Which other creature possesses such a fantastic machine called the mind and brain in order to think? Which other creature has such highly advanced sense organs? This extra boon from God to man is not bias on his part and that no injustice has been meted out to other creatures. This boon is given to carry out extraordinary tasks that predominate with rendering this beautiful world creation of Almighty God well managed. Yet if man misuses this boon for sense titillation, appeasing his lowly ego, fulfilling selfish desires etc and that he limits his actions to just satisfying his selfish greed it can only be called misfortune.

Man has also been given other material grandeur. A happy family, means for entertainment etc are there for all to see. Do other creatures possess such a well organized society and family lifestyle as man possesses? Say which other creature owns so many material pleasures and facilities? Which other creature has got facilities like education, medical aid, decoration, art, vehicles, houses, income, entertainment etc? Why has only man been given such extra facilities? The most straightforward easy answer is that with the help of these facilities akin to collector, minister etc man can execute his social responsibilities easily and optimally. A minister is given a car for touring places and carrying out govt. tasks. Yet if this minister instead gives it away for hire to earn a personal income from it then since this is illegal and unethical he shall duly get punished. Today mankind is doing exactly this because all comforts facilities given to him by God is hoarded by him as his personal wealth. He failed to use it to carry out righteous duties towards society. Instead of using these gifts of God for carrying out divine world welfare tasks he has misused them for his own greed, deluded attachment to wife etc and egoistic selfish endeavors. He looks upon this attitude of his as his ‘shrewdness’, ‘birthright’ and ‘good deed’. Whatever he possesses is misused so much by him that he has no time to spare for attaining the true goal of human life that chiefly involves righteous duties for world well being.

Today human activities are taking the form of an unfortunate accident. Thus only dire results of it are being faced by us all today. If due to alcohol intake the brain goes awry all bodily activities like walking, talking etc become unruly. How can our earth remain well balanced if the manager of this world i.e. mankind goes around behaving lowly and looses all forms of self control? How can the world remain normal? Only blindness and lopsided situations can rule the world. And this is what we are witnessing today. Wherever one glances only dark gloom prevails. Discipline and self control are evaporating to naught. Unruliness is waving its flag. Righteous duties have been thrown away and people selfishly demand their rights only. Anyone possessing wealth uses it only for selfish ends. No one pays heed to justice and ethics. Crime and tainted activities are ruling the roost, the world over. Everyone complains about others and none experience self contentment. Externally man puts on the garb of civility and culture but within only taints and wickedness reek.

The above emits dire results in the external world which is there for all to see today. No aspect of life is devoid of taints and distortions. Whether it is the body, brain, soul, wealth, society etc the situation is but hopeless. Whether it is the field of religion, spirituality, intellectualism, economics, social etc man by imbibing hypocrisy and hazards is rushing towards total world annihilation and destruction. Under such circumstances everywhere only sorrow, poverty, anguish, fights etc are on the rise.

But such a despicable situation cannot last for long. If it does continue man shall appear nothing short of a beast and ghost. Thus each one drinking the other’s blood shall see to it that human existence becomes totally extinct. Nuclear bombs, missiles etc shall uproot the very existence of human beings in this world. All this shall now no longer be allowed to happen. Almighty God cannot accept such hazards to destroy his creation. Lord Mahakal is now carrying with him his weapon to mete out punishment. Human viewpoint of life and behavior shall perforce have to transform positively. Whether man likes it or not he shall have to change for the better. Lord Mahakal as per his promise in the Bhagwad Geeta scripture (‘Tadatmanam srijamyaham’) shall convert world imbalance of today into optimal balance. This time instead of incarnating as a human being (Avatar) he shall use the process akin to cyclonic storms. This is called Era Transformation wherein world human psyche shall be transformed into a wholesome pious one.





Everyone has in unison accepted the great import of the immortal nectar of divine discourses along with its glory. As per Puranas or Indian Mythology the Knower of Vedas viz. Maharshi Vyasji although having compiled and edited the 4 Vedas did not attain the pinnacle of soul peace and spiritual advancement. At that time he placed forth this inner anguish at the feet of HH Devarshi Naradji. Naradji, a master of the art of living while solving Vyasji’s problem said: Life is synonymous with sensitivity. Life advances in tandem with the sprouting, blooming and growth of sensitive emotions. There is no difference between a corpse and a person lacking sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana. Even though both augment their external form n fold yet wherever they reside they spread the foul odor tainted unethical activities all around them. Hence the fount that transforms this foul odor into nectarine fragrance, giving vile tainted unethical activities the form of true great glorious activities and rejuvenating that which is dead is called Bhagwatkatha or immortal nectar of divine discourses. Bhagwatkatha or immortal nectar of divine discourses is such a Paras or touchstone that on merely touching it desires, spiritual practices, dry arguments, atheism and doubts-suspicions get positively transformed from their very roots. Due to the irrigated immortal nectar of Bhagwatkatha or immortal nectar of divine discourses a life reeking with restlessness and agony is replaced with brim full measure of sweet peace and unlimited ecstatic bliss.

This great glory of Bhagwatkatha or immortal nectar of divine discourses is now being eulogized not only by devotees but great leading thinkers of the world a psychologists/psychiatrists/parapsychology experts too. The author of the book ‘Psychology with a soul’ Jean Hardy says: The principles that induce crime and sins in a person’s life are man’s thoughts and Sanskars or psychic imprints of past and present lifetimes. No doubt thoughts transform for the better on reading great glorious literature and self introspection via scriptural studies yet these Sanskars or psychic imprints are so tough and complex that transforming them from their very roots is not easily possible. Hence when we read and hear about the great magnanimous lives of great saintly people and inspiring incidences in their lives oozing with sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana our psychic imprints that are so tough and complex start melting away to naught fairly easily and they yearn to mold themselves as per the great life of such divine saints. Stupendous positive transformations can hence be perceived both at the surface level and in the inner core personality of human life.

Possibly it is the above that is termed Buddhi Yoga or Yoga of Divine Intellect by Lord Shri Krishna in the Bhagwad Geeta. He while discussing the nature of his beloved devotees and boons that he bestows on them says:

Macchitta madgataprana bodhayantaha parasparam.

Kathayantashcha mam nityam tushyanti cha ramanti cha.


Tesham satatayuktanam bhajatam pritipurvakam.

Dadami buddhiyogam tama yena mamupayanti te.


MEANING: Devotees known to ceaselessly immerse their minds in me (God) and those who surrender their very lives for me discuss only my Lilas or divine sports and Bhagwatkatha or immortal nectar of divine discourses amongst themselves. It is such sacred discussion that satiates their soul and thus they sport in it each moment. It is to such unswerving steadfast devotees that I bestow Buddhi Yoga or Yoga of Divine Intellect via which they attain me (Self-God Realization).

The allegories of Bhagwatkatha or immortal nectar of divine discourses are varied and its spiritual benefit is boundless. No doubt in various countries, religions, sects etc they are different in form yet its presence is perceived everywhere equally. The Lilas or divine sports of God, Avatars, Prophets etc maybe sung and heard anywhere in any form yet it can only aid the soul of devotees ooze with divine ecstatic bliss. Every form of it is divinely endearing and every hue is radiant. Yes! They are so much more in measure that they cannot be totally counted. It is hence that Goswami Tulsidasji perforce said:

‘Hari anant hari katha ananta’

Almighty God with his infinite forms manifests one particular one as per the contemporary era prevalent at that time. These are discussed in detail as Dashavatar (10 Avatars) in Puranas or Indian Mythology. Yes! The aim of each Avatar of his is one only and that is Era Transformation or Yuga Parivartan. Taking up this mission of Era Transformation or Yuga Parivartan in order to fufill his eternal Sankalpa or mental resolve of ‘Sambhavami yugey yugey’ divine consciousness incarnated in the form of ‘Shriram Sharma Acharyaji’.

Our Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji in the form of a representative of eternal divine existence or Almighty God had appeared in the midst of us all. Each one of us adores discussing his Lilas or divine sports of God and his Bhagwatkatha or immortal nectar of divine discourses. On merely remembering him, it helps in submerging our sacred sentiments and thoughts in the sanctified lake of faith and trust in God. This discussion has been taken from the books ‘Companion in Solitude’ and ‘Hamari Vasiyat evam virasat’ penned by Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji himself. In the form of 1990 AD Akhand Jyoti Magazine write-up and special series of articles in year following thereafter these very pious memories have been re invoked. The meritorious incidences in the life of his holy consort HH Vandaniya Mataji Bhagwati Devi Sharma had been published after the divine departure of Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji from this mortal world in Akhand Jyoti Magazine as ‘Divine Mother’s volume’. Round about that time from the Gayatri Tapobhumi in Mathura-India a book called ‘Prajnavatar Hamarey Gurudeva’ was published wherein many aspects of the life of our beloved icon Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji has been detailed.

Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji maybe one, even his inseparable Divine Energy in the form of HH Vandaniya Bhagwati Devi Sharma Mataji maybe one yet the episodes of the life of this Divine Rishi Couple are infinite in number, ooze with divine immortal nectar and are beyond measure. Each moment a new form of it unfolds. No doubt Maryada Purshottam Lord Shri Ram and his consort Mother Seetaji were complete (Purna) and one without a second yet we can never fully describe their Lilas or divine sports since these are endless. This river of divine discourse commenced by Maharshi Valmikiji has passed on from one Ghat (jetty) to another in the form of it written by great seers like Kamban, Tulsidas, Krutivas etc and even today it is flowing in newer forms. The same holds true for the Bhagwatkatha or immortal nectar of divine discourses regarding Prajnavatar. Whatever has been talked about it so far is just miniscule in measure and what is being said regarding it as of now too is miniscule. In future whatever shall be spoken too shall be miniscule and hence incomplete or Apurna. This then is its specialty. Yet even a speck of it touches the bosom and soul of a devotee can render him super great from a low stature person and complete from his previous incomplete nature. It is with this very experience of sacred sentiments of devotion that we are placing before the beloved children of Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji and HH Vandaniya Bhagwati Devi Sharma Mataji their life story Lilas or divine sports. We are praying that by remembering all this it shall unfold the mystery of the Guru principle in our lives and that the lotus of divine love shall bloom open in the lake of our inner consciousness.




Yuga Drishta Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji despite the plea of his followers refrained from allowing the unfolding of the inner core aspects of his life right up till the year 1970-71 AD. His life was so straightforward and transparent that each one of us would look upon him as an inseparable kin of ours and that we felt our soul was one with his divine cosmic soul. Who exactly was he? What exactly is he? With what huge measure of a Sankalpa or mental resolve did he appear in our midst? All this was understood only by those who had deeply mentally reflected over literature penned by him. This included deep self study or Swadhyaya of the ‘Akhand Jyoti Magazine’ which was Yuga Drishta Revered Gurudeva Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji’s very life force or Prana. He casted his holy consort HH Vandaniya Bhagwati Devi Sharma Mataji in his own divine mold and hence each sacred breath of this divine couple was surrendered only for world welfare and well being. Both united reinstated a divine mission akin to sowing seeds of the huge banyan tree that today has grown in a huge form that is there for entire world human society to see. By living a true Brahminhood way of life and spiritual penance revolving around the axis of Super Energy Gayatri and Yajnas he showcased how to transform the present day withered demeaned state of world society into a new refreshing form. Its example shall be easily understood when respected readers read the following pages of this e book. At each place via incidences of his life detailed here one gets a glimpse of his sacred psyche oozing with compassion for the entire world. At certain places we get a glimpse of his warrior like nature to manfully and valiantly combat vile activities and indolent blind beliefs prevalent the world over. We have classified his entire life sketch in various chapters. Amongst these many episodes at many places can be found described as words used varied ways. This does not mean that this is but ‘boring’ and ‘useless’ repetition. The reason is that we are forced to do this because otherwise incidences detailed cannot be deeply understood clearly by readers. For example description of the Sahasra Kundi or 1000 pyre Gayatri Yajna held in Mathura city (1958), meeting his Revered Gurudeva Swami Sarveshwaranandji, proclamations regarding Era Transformation, our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Drishta Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji’s 3 journeys to the lofty Himalaya Mountains, mysterious episodes with reference to his Sookshmikaran Sadhana (rendering the psyche divine subtle) etc have been detailed in many places using varied terminology. We request that these incidences be read and deeply understood by respected readers with reference to the context. Biography of only those people can be written in chronological form whose lives are not conjoined to so many multifaceted specialties. Over here when a person has lived 5 lives one at a time, in 80 years carried out tasks that generally take 800 years to execute, subtly made his holy consort HH Vandaniya Mataji Bhagwati Devi Sharma execute those tasks successfully that are otherwise impossible to carry out, both despite being 2 bodies yet akin to one soul after giving birth to ‘psyche children’ (Manasputras) that can be called a huge organization of creative sculptors induce them to carry out extraordinary tasks wherein it is going on today also despite both great divine personages have shed their mortal coils, their group of disciples is just increasing day after day into a gigantic world organization etc at such times it is just not possible to sketch their biography and relate incidences of their divine lives in chronological order. Hence if respected readers read this life sketch as a nectarine story by breaking sunder the bondage of time limitation at various places they in reality shall only benefit a lot. This shall be that very benefit attained on sincerely and devotedly listening to Bhagwatkatha or immortal nectar of divine discourses.

At the hour of bidding adieu in the years 1970-71 our Revered Gurudeva Yuga Drishta Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji (when he left Gayatri Tapobhumi in Mathura to head towards the lofty Himalaya Mountains) he had manifested his inner anguish in his editorial (in Akhand Jyoti Magazine) under the title ‘Apno se apni baat’. For the very first time in his life he started a series of articles under the title ‘Hamari jeevan sadhana ke antarang paksha-pehlu’ that predominated with his autobiography in the Akhand Jyoti Magazine (January 1971 AD). With this title he wrote ‘Apno se apni baat’ and in the Akhand Jyoti Magazine (February 1971 AD) he wrote its epilogue under the title ‘Hamare drishya jivan ki adrishya anoobhutiyan’. We are compiling both these articles and after due editing we are placing it in front of respected readers in the form of this book. Hence anyone reading it can deeply realize the inner anguish and agony of this great saint, God Realized Guru and Siddha Purusha. During his Sookshmikaran Sadhana (rendering the psyche divine subtle) he wrote about his entire life in a philosophic manner in the Akhand Jyoti Magazine (first in June 1984 AD and then April 1985 AD) as a special volume. All this was then compiled and edited and placed before respected readers in the form of a book titled ‘Hamari vasiyat aur virasat’. But we found an article written by him much before the above titled ‘Chamatkaro bhara jivankram evam uska marma’ it was written in the time span of February and March 1985 AD. Respected devotees and readers were insisting that Revered Gurudeva Yuga Drishta Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji’s childhood and life after that spanning till today be penned. Hence he wrote it in the Akhand Jyoti Magazine (April 1985 AD).

Before we understand the life of Revered Gurudeva Yuga Drishta Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji in totality it is best that we first read the above mentioned 4 articles so that it’s all round form can be truly understood by us all. Before commencing his life sketch in a proper sequence we are purposely first quoting his articles regarding his life in that very form so that we can place before everyone the directions given by that divine existence (Almighty God) hidden in the deep core of his inner cosmic personality. Via this we can also deeply understand his inner sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana and his deep rooted divine thinking which is the very foundation of our mission called All World Gayatri Family.










So many members of our All World Gayatri Family yearn to know more about my spiritual practices and attainments accrued from them. This is quite natural. In the eyes of people all those aspects of my gross visible life are stupendous. In it one gets visions of Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers, miracles and extraordinary feats enacted. It is natural hence that behind this curiosity of theirs lies hidden a yearning to know the mystery behind all this. Hence if people wish to know my life sketch and biography these days spent by me in lone solitude far away in mountains tough terrain are much more important for knowing their details. This cannot be without reason.

On its own I have never wished to veil anything and never have my habits strayed in the direction of fraud, wiliness, hypocrisy etc. But as far as these days are concerned I am helpless in not giving much details because if as long as I am yet alive in my physical mortal body I reveal the truth the attention of the devotees shall veer away in another direction and thus my mission of awakening a sense of righteous duty in the hearts of my followers shall remain undone and incomplete. People shall vainly get lost in the forest of mystery and my personality too shall become a matter of debate. Hence obstacles shall definitely come in the way of all that I was to do and make others do which is my Revered Gurudeva’s divine command. Without doubt my life’s trend is filled with extraordinary incidences. The veils of mystery are so great in number that if I open them when the time and place is not conducive to do so it shall inflict only harm on one and all. Hence I leave it to those remaining behind post my bidding adieu to this mortal world that they examine this reality with the test of integrity and authenticity and whatever comes true after being examined minutely from all angles make inferences from them as to how Soul Sciences or Science of Spirituality oozes with power and profound absolute truth. By touching this Paras or touchstone a very ordinary person like me attained the capacity of transforming his mediocre iron like body into priceless 24 carat gold. From this standpoint at the right hour research can be conducted on innumerable mysterious facts showcased in my life while I was in my mortal physical coil. At that time in future very close aides and followers of mine can help contribute in this task. But today while I am alive this endeavor cannot be taken up and hence shall remain veiled. Hence that very curtain shall be drawn on it as it has been done till today.

The request of people that I write my autobiography can be fulfilled only to this extent as to how I conducted my spiritual practices. In reality all my attainments have been based on a spiritual practice oriented lifestyle that has been surrendered fully at the hallowed divine feet of Almighty God. By knowing it every person interested in this subject can find that pathway which when walked on the nectarine bliss of soul advancement and divine glories attached to them can be fully attained. Respected readers shall get only this much information given so far with my pen and hence they must rest content with that much.

Till today in my life span of 60 years 16 years of my preliminary childhood days is not of much special importance. The remaining 5 years I have exhibited how to conjoin spirituality to daily mundane routine. In this application following of worship-meditation methods has been less. That much importance should not be given to 6 hours of daily Super Power Gayatri worship-meditation executed for 24 years at a stretch as should be given to sanctifying the psyche and attaining high stature sacred sentiments (Bhavasamvedana). This should be accepted that lest the thought process and mode of working had not been sanctified in a sacred manner then that Karmakanda or rites of worship would gone as vain as those people who remain hollow within and without despite chanting a few Mantras and using ritual materials on a regular basis. Ere my life’s endeavor is considered successful and lest the extraordinary nature in it is searched out its chief reason must be looked upon as both my inner and outer nature, life etc being rendered pure and sanctified. Worship and rituals must be looked upon as secondary in importance. While bravely trying to pen down one portion of my autobiography I shall place forth only one fact that my entire will and mental power and honest hard labor has been directed towards soul purification. Whatever I could do as far as worship and rituals are concerned I have fully conjoined it to efforts for sanctifying my inner sacred sentiments (Bhavasamvedana). Now a few comments that throw light on the spiritual practices leading to Self/God Realization are being penned here for information of my beloved readers:

Spiritual practices have 2 steps of a ladder:

1)      Matruvat pardareshu (all women are mother in form for me)

2)      Pardravyeshu loshthavat (others’ wealth is but useless stones for me)

By climbing this ladder a very long road had been traversed. The road of ‘others’ wealth is but stones for me’ was quite easy to imbibe because it was related to me at the individual level. I had to fight with myself. I had to gather my wits myself. The combination of good psychic imprints or Sanskars of past lifetimes and the help of my divinely powerful Gurudeva helped me achieve all this quite easily. No doubt that my mind was not so biased and wicked that it would dare drag me towards the path of vileness. In a few stray incidences it tried to veer me away from truth but only in its wild figment of imagination. But when the stick of self control fell on its head heavily it stopped this nonsensical imagination and very quietly started walking on the correct path of truth. Thus by fighting and lambasting my mind I saved myself from sins and a downfall. Now since major perilous situations have been warded off I can breathe easily with contentment. Saint Kabirdas had worn a shawl (representing his mind) woven with utmost caution and thus without even an iota of dirt or taint on it had returned it to Almighty God. I am eternall grateful to Almighty God that he led me on this very path of truth and while trying to find these very great illustrious footprints I caught hold of this truth based foundation very firmly. Thus I reached that destination where never again can one fall down in life.

The ritual based process of spirituality is never much difficult to follow. If one’s power of resolve (Sankalpa) is very strong and our faith and steadfastness for truth is unswerving our mind does not get agitated. Thus our mind peacefully goes about its spiritual practices and our rites/ritual practices without going haywire go on smoothly. An ordinary shopkeeper with great interest for his business sits in his shop daily for virtually his entire life. His mind never despairs and no dislike enters his mind. Shopkeepers that sell cigarettes, betel leaves etc for their entire life work daily at their shops for 14 hours at a stretch that too with zest and serenity. Hence there was no need for me to break my daily vow of doing Super Power Gayatri worship-meditation executed daily for 6 hours for 24 years ceaselessly. While doing spiritual practices only those people get bored who look upon spirituality as less important and less required than business of cigarettes, growing crops like farmers, shops of sweet meats etc. In tasks that are useless and not liked by the mind, no mental focus is achieved.

Only those people get bored in worship-meditation and experience restlessness if their inner desires run madly after material comforts since they think that it is the be all and end all of life. Those who feel that rites-rituals are but means to fulfill material selfish desires, due to lack of much effort and destiny not being conducive they get angry when their desire does not get fulfilled. In the preliminary stage itself they are not keen on making due efforts. Hence they complain that their mind is not interested and lacks focus. But my inner state was different. I believed the body to be an instrument wherein materials were but fuel like that helped run this engine called the physical body. My yearning never harbored any desire to make it big in life, earn name-fame and never did I run after hypocrisy based praise from others. Since I always told myself I am the soul why not live only for soul uplifting, soul peace, soul welfare and merging my micro soul with the divine cosmic soul of Almighty God? I separated myself and my body into 2 portions. My needs and those of the body were separated. Hence that heavy wall dissuading me from entering the sacrosanct portals of the unknown subtle world fell down and thus I entered brilliant light from dark gloom.

Those who think themselves to be the body, limit their joy to satiating their sense tillating pleasures, whose life’s goal is only to fulfill selfish desires and goals, for them the be all and end all of life is to attain a fat bank balance, richness, wealth, big status, eulogies and titles. They fail to even think about soul well being and get attracted to wearing the golden chains of greed and deluded inner attachment to wealth, family etc. For them, the excuse of not getting a proper opportunity for walking on the path of Shreya or soul well being could be true. It is the psyche’s aspirations that amass various material means if the goal of life is to only attain sense tillating pleasures. Hence their consciousness makes efforts only in this direction. Thus for them worship-meditation, rites etc are mere superficial games to play around with. Whether they are performed or not is not a concern at all for them. From a curiosity standpoint people do all this so that others may look at them in appreciation and awe. Their aim in doing these rituals etc in a wayward haphazard manner is to find out if some miracles manifest and if they do not manifest then faith disappears and these worship etc methods are given up once and for all. This had to be their lot. Due to lack of faith and trust, in the absence of deep yearning to attain life’s true goal none can progress on the spiritual path. All these facts were known to me well before hand. Hence I focused the bare minimum attention to my bodily needs and maintaining my family. This I did akin to paying rent for using this machine called the body. I always focused chiefly on sanctifying my psyche and hence never felt the need to veer away towards material enticements and allurements.

When I started experiencing that I am the soul and not this gross body made of flesh, blood etc. and that it appeared to be the supremely hallowed residence of Almighty God my psyche got introverted. My thinking process got limited as to what my soul being the prince of Almighty God should do and walk in which apt direction? The questions were easy and answers followed suit. We must live only a great high stature life and act with high sacred ideals as their foundation. Those who do not tread this path fear that is they imbibe high sacred ideals in life many dangers shall have to be endured and face a fair measure of poverty, lack, censure from others and difficulties. Friends shall become foes and family members shall oppose tooth and nail. Initially I too felt the same and got such experiences. Preliminarily I had to endure mockery and scoldings showered on me by others. In fact my own family members opposed me the most. Their thinking was that a lot of material benefits that could be accrued via me and those benefits to be got in future too shall diminish a lot. Hence whatever was a loss for them was labeled as my foolishness yet this situation did not last long. If our faith heads high with firmness then falsehood and opposition cannot last long. It is only insults and censure showered on those walking the path of vileness that lasts for very long. Honesty and integrity is a glory on its own and it not only benefits us but others too. Hence it always remains unswervingly steadfast. Those who oppose us and insult us realize their error quite fast and instead of placing more obstacles on the path of truth become our aides. The more our faith is high stature and strong opposition gets converted into conduciveness much faster. I did not face family opposition for much long and their doubts dissolved on understanding reality. In actuality a life of true spirituality never inflicts losses. A person appearing poor from a superficial external standpoint remains joyous because of inner soul peace and contentment. This contentment and joy positively influences so many others and proves very useful in converting opposing people into comrades on the path of truth. It was in this very manner that my problem got solved.

When the golden chain of greed for becoming wealthy and a big shot, yearning for others’ hypocrite praises etc got cut asunder I felt I got liberated from the noose of this material world reeking with pain and sorrow. Creatures noosed in these meshes rushes insanely into this material world reeking with pain and sorrow and wails aloud while enduring stress, restlessness and discontent. If the lowly nature of all these 3 is understood and greed for sense pleasures is converted to deep faith know that the bondage of Maya or power of illusion has been overcome. Thus the goal of attaining salvation, while yet alive (Jeevan Mukti) can be achieved. As per the quote of ‘Nazaren teri badly to nazara badal gaya’ our undesirable sentiments get warded off the moment Self Realization is attained. Thus the goal on being reached, wards off all lack and dissatisfaction in life. By teaching myself that just sustain the body with minimal needs and keep your family happy too with this very attitude the desire for wealth, sense pleasures etc dissipated to naught. The mind then stops veering in that direction and as a result so much energy becomes available that our life oozes with untold zest. This fact can be experienced by anyone by living as detailed above. But people are people and hence set about to douse fire by pouring oil in it. They want to satiate desires with wealth and sense titillating material pleasures. Who can teach them that this sort of an effort can only help blaze forth a forest fire? Anyone walking this path can only keep running after an illusory mirage in a dessert for appeasing their thirst for water. Akin to ghosts of a graveyard they can only remain agitated and stressed. They can carry out only vile deeds. Thus who can make understand whom? This is because the one explaining and the one listening both are but immersed in mockery. They have heard many spiritual discourses and associated with many saints yet they did not find a God Realized Guru who could dive deep into their psyche so as to inspire them to walk the path of spirituality in true earnestness. If on an average one opens the book of the life of religious preachers it is filled with much more dirt and taint than those listening to them. Hence one harbors aversion for religion and spirituality.

Big programs for religious discourses were no doubt arranged yet my mind did not do it to boast off my knowledge. In fact whatever knowledge I got was from within my soul only. It is only my soul that became valiant and bravely started cutting asunder the bondage all around me within. It is only then that I tasted success. If I had merely depended on others then maybe other so called wise people would have rendered me ignorant only. It seems that if anyone gets divine light of wisdom it shall manifest from deep within one’s soul only. At least as far as I was concerned this fact proved to be very true in my life. Huge mountains of obstacles are known to stand in the way of spiritual practices. These can only be shattered to naught if we have unswerving faith to our spiritual goal and valiantly taking up the path of Shreya or soul upliftment instead of Preya that gives only transient sense pleasures. Hence it is my brave hearted nature that helped me succeed. Now that I am totally on the spiritual path there is no dearth of people helping me. My Revered Gurudeva and Almighty God ceaselessly were by my side to see to it that I reached my spiritual goal with relative ease. Thus my steps on this path marched ahead slowly yet very surely. The destination till now was reached as per this method.

People keep saying that the path of true religion and spirituality is very tough to tread on yet my own experience has been bang opposite to this. It is only a life surrounded by selfish desires that becomes complex and tortuous. A person who imbibes such a lifestyle reeks with stress, tension, anguish, problems etc despite putting in so much hard work. Hence if you compare this with a life of true spirituality then the hardships faced in it are much less in measure than a life of selfish materialism. A materialist amassing so much wealth by putting in immense labor ultimately reaps only worries in life without breathing easy even for a few moments. If you harbor one selfish desire it multiplies into many more. And hence even if a lot of success accrues while pursuing selfish ends man remains dissatisfied and insatiated. For reaping even minor success so much effort had to be made resulting in tiredness only. Despite knowing this man tries to make n fold more efforts for amassing material wealth by hook or by crook. The more one’s efforts intensify the more problems crop up and become more and more complex to solve. In order to solve them the body, soul and mind get pounded to pulp. Ordinary stature bodily and mental labor is not capable of fulfilling desires of the gigantic size of that mythological ogress Sursa. Hence the only recourse is the path of illegal and unethical activities. Yet even if you carry out untold sins yet your selfish desires shall never get fulfilled. The amount of harm and loss faced while harboring an agitated mind and facing a dark gloomy future on noting it attainments of such type can be called lowly and tainted only.

On an average people bear the burden of life akin to a living corpse crying, complaining and in some wayward manner or the other. In reality they should be called ‘ascetics’. Lest instead of selfish material gains hardships are endured, self sacrifice is imbibed and restlessness to attain the goal enters the psyche while treading the path of soul progress man could have become a Yogi, Sidha saint, superman, deity and Almighty God himself. But material pursuits for selfish end, gives man nothing and instead takes away everything. Hence these are true Yogis, renunciates, philanthropists, self sacrificing people etc who made such daring efforts to shoulder the burden of untold sins. Hence whatever was earned was left behind posthumously for in laws, children, nieces, nephews etc and in this manner went away from this world empty handed. These are ‘saints’ and of ‘charitable’ disposition who endured such hardships of sinning for ‘benefitting’ others. If they call themselves deluded by Maya or downfallen it is their opinion.

When I witness first hand the reactions and results of the inner and external life of so many people in contact with me I feel I have lived a much more joyous life full of comforts. The only harm at the most I endured was less material facilities and less material wealth to boast of. I got very little honor and lived a poor life and hence seeing lack of material prosperity in my life people felt I was of low status. Hence they ignored me a lot. But not much more harm or loss than this can be faced by a spiritual person like me. This is because despite material lack I remained contented and all tasks taken up by me like public welfare and well being went on uninterrupted and smoothly. No doubt others ate tasty expensive food and I merely ate saltless barley grain bread, gram etc. Those who ate exotic sumptuous meals later faced diseases of various types and since my diet was very light it got digested well and thus no major illness was faced by me. Hence say! Did I face any harm or loss in the final analysis? Since I had given up the desire to eat food known to titillate taste buds only although in a temporary manner I remained satiated even with food that was tasteless. In fact there were times when I went hungry too when even this minimal food was unavailable. As far as the question of taste is concerned even though I ate only barley bread without salt it was much more tasty than those people immersed in eating exotic food items to titillate their taste buds. People amassing wealth by wearing gorgeous clothes, living in expensive houses and decorating their faces and bodies are actually immersed only to boss over others with their superficial ‘superority’ and thus just fanning their arrogant ego. No doubt with limted means I could not amass such material grandeur yet simplicity of living and high stature thinking gave me so much self contentment and joy that no doubt superficial vain people mocked my very simple lifestyle but those whose thinking was profound and high stature could easily perceive greatness behind this kind of simplicity. Hence not only did they eulogize it but that they bowed down their heads in reverence too. Now say! Who reaped profits and who became targets of mockery?

After testing myself very thoroughly I can only say this that from the standpoint of the body for which I used only minimum labor, risk and responsibility I remained very happy mentally. I received no lesser honor too from society. I have no issue if lunatic people do not praise me and I have no complaints towards my own self. Right from the soul to Almighty God and right from true gentlemanly and farsighted thinkers I reaceived only eulogies for my way of living and thinking. I had taken much lesser risk and more profits were accrued in comparison. A life based on untold expenditure, full of vain external glitter and pomp, hypocrisy etc can only be shouldered on wheels of sins and a huge downfall. But my life was very lightweight and by taking my mattress under my armpit I set off happily. I faced no tiredness, no worries and hence my experience is that a life based on high sacred ideals is easier to live and reap untold benefits in the ultimately analysis. In it oozes light of wisdom, self contentment, zest for life etc. No doubt wicked people after attacking others seen to live a simple life of truth can harm them a bit yet this sort of heinous attack is faced much more by those who sin a lot and lead despicable tainted lives. No doubt true great saints and honest people working for social well being are seen to get harassed yet know for sure that others who live a life of arch rivalry, hatred, envy and take revenge every now and then on innocent people face a life of much more peril and danger. Day in and day out we hear of incidences related to dacoity, frauds, scams, murders, terror etc. In such episodes it is those who lead greedy selfish material lives who get killed and harmed much more. Lest so many people voluntarily give up their lives for establishing truth and righteousness they would have been called gods and world history would have reached pinnacles of true glory.

Amongst the class of true great divine personalities like Lord Jesus Christ, Socrates, Mahatma Gandhi etc very few have died while treading the path of truth. Yet know that a 1000 fold more have died when their vile lives were veering towards a devastating downfall. The great philanthropist of India called Bhamashah became poor after donated all his riches and wealth. Yet such examples are very few in number. But hordes of people who led lives reeking with fraud, scams, addictions, adultery, attacking innocents etc faced so many court cases, illnesses etc that ultimately they lost all their ill earned tainted wealth and became roadside beggars. In the true spiritual arena loss, attacks, court cases are fewer in number but in selfish materialism these cases run in hordes. Lest this fact had been understood deeply people would not have foolishly given up a spiritual way of living and instead insanely rushed after material wealth in a greedy manner. My individual experience has been that while trying to satiate material greed profits are miniscule and loss faced is tremendous in the final run. What I had to give up was very little yet what I attained as a result was so much in measure that again and again I ponder deep within to encourage as many people as possible to lead lives of true spirituality and imbibe the tradition of glorious high stature ideals. Yet this indeed is a difficult task. For years together I have lived such a lifestyle of glorious high stature ideals, simplicity and great thinking in order to set an example to others. But alas! How many heard what I said and how many actually imbibed this great glorious thinking?

It would have been difficult for me to climb the ladder of “Matruvat pardareshu (all women are mother in form for me)” and “Pardravyeshu loshthavat (others’ wealth is but stones for me)” lest I had not harbored valor and bravery to walk on that path which ushers in true overall well being and had failed to truly realize the nature of life, its correct goal and optimal usage. Those who think themselves to be the physical body merely and aspired only to fulfill selfish greed and desires never attain the untold benefits of true spiritual living. If the boat of life merely uses the oars of superficial worship rites done daily it can never reach the other shore of safety. For 24 years continuously I carried out Gayatri Purashcharans so as to complete an important chapter of worship, meditation etc. In it total success in worship rites called Karmakand only accrued after I fully conjoined my sacred sensitive sentiments (Bhavasamvedana) to it. Lest akin to innumerable other people in order to ‘boss’ over demigods or else cunningly fool them I had executed worship rites called Karmakand based on Tantra-Mentra etc for fulfilling selfish desires only I would have accrued nothing from that which is called eternal divine wealth. I know many people immersed in spiritual practices and executing worship rites called Karmakand for decades together. When I myself analyzed these worship rites called Karmakand minutely I found out that only superficial fleeting gains can be availed. No doubt false praise is got from it and a false promise is given to such people that although not in this birth at least post death they shall certainly enter heaven. Hence my conclusion and prophecy is this that not even one of such people shall enter heaven and that no Sidhi or miracle shall be witnessed by them.

Life force or Prana Energy enters worship rites called Karmakand only when when the daily routine of a devotee marches ahead with sureity towards true human glory and greatness. Such a one’s vision of life must reform day after day positively and in his activities, such methods get included that are availed by true spiritual aspirants. People who are wicked, selfish to the core, stingy and live only to aggrandize the lives of their children by hook or by crook fail to reform their actions and thinking process for the better they shall avail no benefits pertaining to pilgrimages, religious vows, fasting, listening to religious discourses, singing hymns, bathing in holy rivers, meditating etc. I strongly believe in this fact. No doubt all this is useful yet its utility value is as important as a pen required to write a great essay etc. How can you write anything on a paper if you do not have a pen? How can soul progress be attained without worship rites called Karmakand, meditation etc? Yet along with this you must also know that without fulfilling the requirement of maintaining good bodily mental health, deep study of spiritual tenets, imbibing true greatness in thinking and brain skills merely using a pen cannot reap great writing on paper. How can lovely soulful poems be written? Inner greatness is akin to intellectual development and worship rites called Karmakand, meditation etc are like a good pen to write with. Only when both combine can true benefits and success accrue. If one is removed the task remains incomplete. I paid due attention to the fact that the cart of spiritual practices cannot function on one wheel only. Hence arrangements must be made for both wheels that function smoothly. There is no hidden in secret as to how I carried out my worship, meditation etc. As per injunctions of Super Science of Gayatri I did Gayatri Mantra chanting in an ordinary manner. Yes! As long as I was doing my spiritual practices I definitely harbored sacred thoughts that the divine aura of the supreme divine authority i.e. Goddess Mother Gayatri is oozing in every pore of my being and akin to becoming red hot iron that falls into terrific fire my inner and outer existence became of that very high in stature as was that of my chosen deity (Ishtadevata). Since the divine light of Goddess Mother Gayatri entered every atom of my body and soul every iota of my body dripped forth with radiant divinity and the fire of this divine light burnt to ashes my desire for sense pleasures and other taints like lethargy, indolence etc got destroyed to naught. This divine fire also burnt to naught all my bodily and mental illnesses.

Although the body is mine yet deep within it terrific divine aura sways about and in my speech now resides only Goddess Saraswati. The demons of desire for eating exotic food in order to please the taste buds, leanings towards falsehood and behaving and acting fraudulently left that divine temple and ran away. Now I visualize only great qualities everywhere and beauty of Almighty God in all animate-inanimate beings of the world. Now my eyes are totally devoid of just finding falts of others in an egoistic fashion and no sexual lust dwells in my mind. My ears hear only that which is auspicious and full of good merits. The rest is mere noise which after banging into my eardrums returns empty handed.

I saw the supremely bright divine aura of Goddess Mother Gayatri enter my body, psyche, mind, intellect, ego called Antahkaran Chatushtaya and thus they got divinely illumined. I further experienced that Brahmavarchas or supremely bright divine aura is perforce taking me in that direction where beastly instincts and selfish desires turn into naught. It is that realm where divinity amplifies manifold. The brain decides that the precious human body must not get wasted in vain pursuits of fleeting pleasures and lowly allurements. In fact each moment of human life must imbibe sacred high stature ideals so that they get reinstated in our inner being forever. A zest must be harbored to reinstate steadfast faith in our psyche and march ahead towards Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram or Divine Truth-Wellbeing-Beauty. By inducing the entry of Savita deity (solar) in the inner being the ego can be fully sanctified. The aura of Savita deity (solar) leads us far away from the world of mortality and takes us instead to Almighty God who is omniscient-omnipotent-omnipresent. He is also Sat-Chit-Anand or Existence-Consciousness-Bliss.

At the time of my executing the Gayatri Purashcharans I did not merely chant Mantras or do Japa but that my mind also imbibed untold measure of sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana. In the form of an inner divine aura I experienced self knowledge in the sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana arena of the causal body, soul vision, soul experience and my individual soul merging into the cosmic divine soul called Almighty God by us. It seemed as though my soul akin to a moth yearning to surrender itself to a flame lamp merged into the divine light of Savita deity (solar). My individual ego existence ended and now I was that supreme divine cosmic light. ‘I’ ended and Sat or divine cosmic existence took over. In the experience of Advaita/non duality where the individual soul merges into the cosmic divine soul called Almighty God such a divinely ecstatic bliss was experienced each moment called Brahmanand that all the fleeting sense pleasures of the world put together pales miserably in its presence. Along with chanting Mantras or doing Japa reinstating divine light in the gross, subtle and causal body was commenced with due efforts. Later this became very natural to imbibe i.e. effortlessly and ultimately it became an inner tangible divine experience. To the extent I sat down for worship etc within my soul existence the ocean of the divine light of supremely radiant Savita deity (solar) bloomed forth. Apart from this divine light nothing else exists both within and without me. In every onrush of Prana Energy apart from the flame of divine light nothing else remains. This experience at least has rendered the divine vision during the daily time span of spiritual practice as it is. On an average, the entire time of Sadhana or spiritual practice passed by, in this divine experience.

The 6 hours of my daily worship-Puja etc routine would lend lots of sacred inspiration to the rest of my 18 hours. During hours of my work schedule it seemed as though it is the Tejas or divine aura of the deity is my spiritual guide. Every act of mine was based as per its directions and is going on even now. Never have I felt that any of my tasks have been done in tandem with my selfish desires, greed etc. Just as a mother catches hold of its small child while walking similarly that divine power or God catching hold of my intellect forced me to think in a high stature great manner and make my body act in a high stature fashion accordingly. Apart from daily worship-Puja etc routine all those hours remaining in my waking state in them right from executing ablution chores to eking out an income and making arrangements for self study, deep reflection over great scriptures and family upkeep ran with the experience within as though not me but Almighty God was subtly and behind the scenes doing all this. At night I slept deeply for 6 hours as though I was in Nirvikalpa Samadhi or thought free trance. It was a feeling like me sleeping in the affectionate lap of my divine mother and that I hence was supremely at peace. The feeling of merging into the divine soul existence gave me untold self contentment. When I would wake up from sleep it seemed that a new life, zest, light etc was standing before me much beforehand in order to guide me.

During my 24 years of doing 24 Gayatri Purashcharans I did not have any social of family duties to fulfill hence this spiritual penance of mine conjoined to Japa and meditation went on with more zeal and alertness. My steadfast faith towards the sacred tenets of “Matruvat pardareshu (all women are mother in form for me)” and “Pardravyeshu loshthavat (others’ wealth is but stones for me)” my body obstructed me to execute sinful acts, the fact that I ate healthy sacred food it stopped my mind from any kind of downfall. My daily meals of jowar Roti (Indian bread) and plain buttermilk made from cow’s milk not only pleased my taste buds but it was digested by my tummy very easily. There is a saying: What you eat your mind imbibes qualities accordingly. This was experienced by me in my entire life at every step. Lest I had not been strict in controlling my bodily and mental activities to the point of harshness I would have progressed on the spiritual path in only a miniscule measure.













The 2 goals of my spiritual practices were completed in 24 years. It is chiefly in youth that we fail to imbibe the sacred ideals of “Matruvat pardareshu (all women are mother in form for me)” and “Pardravyeshu loshthavat (others’ wealth is but stones for me)”. It is prime youth that we get allured towards sexual passion and greed for wealth etc. Hence right from the age of 15 years to 40 years i.e. for 24 years I labored hard to overcome sexual passion and greed for wealth. It is in youth that we get trapped in the mesh of desires, sexual passion, aspirations etc. But my youth got involved in self and scriptural studies, mental reflection on great truths, self instrospection, self control, Japa and meditation. In youth mental distortions raise their hood alarmingly hence on an average for spiritual goals people advancing in age go in for spirituality.

During youth people get immersed in amassing wealth, education, health management etc and no doubt all this must be done. For fulfilling material life aspirations many opportunities can be availed in these arenas. The youth class of the world can contribute a lot in world welfare tasks yet it is not in youth stage that leaders are found for this end. There are only a few exceptions like Adi Guru Shankaracharya, Swami Dayanandji, Swami Vivekanand, Swami Ramdas, Saint Mirabai, Sister Nivedita etc that in prime youth executed the role of leaders for world welfare tasks successfully. On an average it is in youth especially when it manifests immaturity that spreads unruliness and problems. Since there is lure for name-fame-status in society and sexual desire enticement those who enter the public arena produce only distortion and haywire situations there. Great institutions are known to get destroyed because of such immature unruly youths. Of course bad habits etc do not get limited to any particular age class yet the tradition of nature is such that youth is said to be the peak of aspirations manifesting for fulfillment. When man starts aging his inner nature becomes more docile and at that time his material desires and greed too diminish to a certain extent. In old age one is constantly fearing death much more and thus people start treading the path of spirituality, world well being tasks etc. Hence spiritual seers have opined that the latter half of life must be lived as a Vanaprastha (post retirement) and as a Sanyasi.

I do not know the hidden mystery as to why my Revered Gurudeva (preceptor) asked me to perform harsh austerities in prime youth itself and bye and bye I turned 40 years in age. It could be that my Revered Gurudeva was well versed with the fact that in youth I would get enmeshed by the ego of becoming a leader and other alluring desires. He must have felt that in order to carry out great tasks on a gigantic scale without becoming mature within and attaining potent soul power success in them would never be accrued. For great tasks it is mandatory that we possess a strong will power or Sankalpa, steadfast patience, valor and inner mental balance. Hence my youth was immersed in attaining these great qualities and I have already discussed all this quite in detail.

In that youth phase everything was ordinary and what only was extraordinary is that the flame lamp I lit using Ghee or clarified butter made from cow’s milk never got doused. In my worship room it remained ever lit. What was its scientific and spiritual meaning? One cannot answer this question very clearly. Since he was my Guru and he had commanded me I surrendered to him in a well disciplined manner. When after examining thoroughly and understood that sitting in the boat of my Revered Gurudeva was not perilous at all and never would I drown. Hence I sat in it eyes closed. A soldier of any army loves discipline much more than his life. Call it blind faith, love for discipline or that the direction of my life had been decided whatever method of task execution was explained to me I took it up with full faith and zeal. The fact that the imperishable flame lamp was lit in my worship room was a part of this procedure. I put full faith in my Revered Guru, I surrendered my entire being at his hallowed feet and hence there was no room for any doubt like facing a downfall and no arguments were placed before him. I just could not go against his holy wishes. Within the spiritual practice ordained for me in it this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp has immense importance. Since I was told all this I reinstated it in my worship room and for the entire time frame of my spiritual practice I kept it lit ceaselessly day and night. Later it became as dear to me as my life force. After 24 years lapsed by I could have doused it but even imagining doing so appeared as though my life shall get doused. Hence I resolved firmly to keep this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp lit for my entire lifetime. I had left for sometime to reside in lone solitude and again I am about to repeat this. Hence my respected wife (HH MATA BHAGWATI DEVI SHARMAJI) shall keep it lit ceaselessly. Lest I had not married, lest my wife was not by my side no spiritual practice could have been performed by me. It was a difficult task to render this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp lit ceaselessly day and night. Paid workers, disciples, other devotees or people weak within would not have been capable of keeping this divine Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp lit ceaselessly day and night. There are so many who resolve to maintain such an Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp yet it is seen to get doused many times and again it is re lit. Hence such Akhand Deepaks are in name only. Yet my Akhand Deepak remained lit ceaselessly day and night. The reason for this was not external alertness but it was a lot to do with inner steadfast faith and strong resolve or Sankalpa. In this task my respected wife (HH MATA BHAGWATI DEVI SHARMAJI) has contributed in an extraordinarily devoted manner.

It could be that this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp is an Akhand Yajna. It could be fulfilling the need of lighting incense, agar etc, burning Havan or fire ritual materials, doing Mantra Japa or putting Ghee or clarified butter in a Deepak or flame lamp. In this manner maybe a self executed process of doing Akhand Yajna or Havan gets ushered in. It could be that a Kalash (water pot) filled with water and its union with fire-water placed during reinstating of it fulfills the subtle task of steam energy akin to that of a rail engine. It could be that in lighting the inner aura this external Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp is a good helper. Whatever maybe the case I attained the light of sacred sentiments, untold ecstatic bliss and zest while maintaining this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp. The Akhand Deepak kept on a dais outside was seen there externally for a few days. Later this experience of mine changed and I felt that in my own inner core psyche this very light is burning brightly. Just as the temple room of mine gets illumined by a bulb placed there similarly similarly my entire inner personality is getting illumined by this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp placed in my worship room. In my body/mind/soul or gross/subtle/causal body that illumination on which I meditated regularly possibly was but the reactionary reflection of this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp. During the entire phase of my worship, meditation etc my arena of sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana spread hallowed light everywhere. Everything in me is light aura manifest since the veil of dark spiritual ignorance has been rent asunder. The deluded attachment represented by night of inertia got destroyed. My sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana and thinking process emitted untold hallowed light and it pours down in both my bodily and mental activities. Everywhere sways the ocean of divine light and I like a fish in a lake sporting in this lake of brilliant divine aura and roaming around blissfully. These sacred experiences helped so much in augmenting soul power infinitely, in attaining vision of divinity and advancement of zest that my pen fails miserably in describing it completely. It could be that this is but imagination yet I definitely think that lest I had not lit this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp then akin to the dark gloom of my worship room maybe my inner personality too would have remained dark. Today this Akhand Deepak or imperishable flame lamp akin to the festival of lights called Deepavali in India is illumining every nerve and pore of my body brightly. In the flow of my sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana when 33 years previously I had commenced publishing the Akhand Jyoti Magazine it was named thus because it was the name most dear to me in the entire world. It maybe that a small image of this Akhand Jyoti Magazine established by me in a fervor of sacred emotions has been successfully capable of spreading auspicious material-spiritual progress and rays of sacred aura everywhere.

In the 3rd leg of Sadhana or spiritual austerities the rays of the tenet “Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu” spread forth all around. The Sadhana or spiritual austerities of imbibing the sacred ideals of “Matruvat pardareshu (all women are mother in form for me)” and “Pardravyeshu loshthavat (others’ wealth is but stones for me)” was limited to my gross visible body. If sin entered both my eyes then on opening the 3rd eye of Viveka or farsighted discrimination it was terrorized and chased away from my psyche. I put strict disciplinary tabs on my bodily activities and cut off all roots that create dire situations. Hence it became impossible for me to enact demonic vile behavior. The Sadhana or spiritual austerities of “Matruvat pardareshu (all women are mother in form for me)” succeeded without hindrance. My mind harassed me regarding this only in the preliminary stage. My body always helped me. When my mind accepted defeat out of despair it stopped acting tainted. Later in fact my mind became my best friend and aide. I voluntarily led a poverty based lifestyle because I decreased all my needs to a bare minimum. I gave up the attitude of amassing and hoarding wealth, materials etc and hence mastered the spiritual tenet of “Pardravyeshu loshthavat (others’ wealth is but stones for me)”. When for filling my tummy and covering my body with clothes my own income was enough why would I dream of pocketing others’ wealth? Whatever I got was used for my basic bare needs and the remaining would be shared with society. Those who get ‘addicted’ to sharing and giving things away to others egolessly, those who taste its ecstatic joy never harbor any attraction to hoard or amass wealth. Hence for what reason should one sin by trying to fraudulently pocket others’ wealth? That lifestyle imbibed by me of poverty, simplicity and a true Brahmin who never hoards anything elicited extraordinary bliss, self fulfillment and zest within my inner being. Lest such experiences were tasted by others, very rarely would anyone sin by fraudulently pocketing others’ wealth. The attitude of non hoarding must not be a superficial one. It is only when after not hoarding you give away all excess wealth, food etc to others humbly that in turn elicits untold bliss in your soul that you have imbibed the right attitude of non hoarding. Yet alas! How many people are truly aware of this extraordinary joyful experience? Of course! I was very fortunate to attain the vault of this divine glory very naturally.

When the next step is taken the 3rd destination arrives. It is called the tenet “Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu” (all beings are a part of my very soul and hence I experience soul oneness with the entire cosmos). These words seem ordinary to hear and speak and generally this attitude is limited to carrying out duties of any citizen of a country, discipline, etiquette and good polite behavior. Yet the spiritual philosophy of experiencing soul oneness with the entire cosmos although includes all this yet it goes much deep beyond it. Its periphery reaches there where the state of union with the cosmic divine soul or God is attained. For spiritual practices one has to conjoin one’s inner personality with that of another’s. Thus that person’s sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana must be looked upon as one’s own too. The manifest form of the ideal of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (world united peacefully as one happy family) is that we look upon all animate-inanimate beings as our very own beloved soul and thus we must experience that at the soul level all of us have merged and united with each other without exception. The reaction of such an experience is that we look upon others joy as our own joy and feel others sorrow as our own. Thus such a person cannot remain limited in existence as ‘I’ the ego. Such a truly large hearted person finds it impossible to get caged in this limited periphery of the selfish ego called ‘I’ by us. The efforts to ward off others’ sorrow and augment others’ joy for such great personalities are such as though they are in effect warding off their own sorrow and augmenting their own joy.

In this world, there are innumerable people who are pious and hence are seen to remain happy. They walk on the path of truth and human glory and are immersed in not only attaining their own well being but usher in that of others too. Seeing all this elicits untold joy within and one gets the feeling that truly Almighty God has created this world with very sacred intentions in mind. Over here both good merits and sacred wisdom exist. With its help anyone can attain in great measure bliss, joy, peace, contentment and other divine attainments. Over here there is no dearth of meritorious men, true philanthropists and self dependent people. Maybe their numbers are less yet they keep spreading their pious aura everywhere and their existence definitely proves that divinity does exist in mankind. Hence even with little effort divinity can be awakened within and rendered active. Our planet earth does not lack valor at all because over here Nara-Narayan or human gods reside. How great, generous and divine is Almighty God? This answer can be tangibly got in such souls (that are his very image) that tread the path of spiritual well being and by crushing thorns on the way with the sole of their feet marched ahead towards the goal with total peace, faith and bravery. In rendering humanity highly glorified it is the very sacred existence of these super great men that has rendered our world so capable that lures Almighty God to incarnate as an Avatar in a human garb time and again. Those dwelling in the world of sacred ideals and those super glorious people who imbibe greatness in their daily activities externally appearing lacking as far as materialism is concerned yet inwardly they are so prosperous and blissful that on noting it the heart overflows with hair raising joy. Their inner peace touches the very core of our inner being. Again and again that legend of epic Mahabharat comes to mind when the great pious King Yudhishthira had to reside in hell for sometime creatures dwelling there became so happy when just prior to his arrival they were immersed in painful agony. It seemed that when mere remembrance of such great pious humans we get such contentment and light of wisdom how many more innumerous divine experiences they themselves must be getting.

In this ugly world whatever appears beautiful is but the boon showered on us by such great saintly personages. In this world made from atoms-molecules dancing the dance of agony akin to ghosts and evil spirits for such a long time whatever balance and energy is noted in this world is but the creation of these meritorious divine men. Everywhere in the inert 5 elements scattered the world over uniformity and decorative grandeur can be seen. Behind it is the effort of these great men treading the path of truth only. By cutting asunder the bondage of the mesh and net of vain enticements and attractions those who vowed to render this world well secure and beautiful it is their profound faith that has glorified planet earth. Those whose efforts have been for world well being, their wish has always been this only, Darshan or vision and remembrance of such human gods (Nara-Narayana) one attains good merits or Punya. I always yearned to raise the dust of their feet reverently to my head and thus attain glorious self fulfillment. Those who rendered their individual soul, cosmic divine soul or God by getting a sacred glimpse of them as Almighty God incarnate it seemed that even today in our modern era Almighty God takes a human form and moves about in it to bless one and all. I got a lot of satisfaction on noting such great meritorious deeds all around in these lofty Himalaya Mountains and thus my mind yearned to dwell here eternally. Due to close proximity with such glorious saints I found the greatest joy of heaven, Moksha or salvation etc. This fact was properly proved by the tangible blissful experiences I got here. Hence amidst this life full of difficulties I remained zestful simply by remembering this most beautiful place.

The joyous attainment of “Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu” (all beings are a part of my very soul and hence I experience soul oneness with the entire cosmos) did not remain one sided. Its other aspect appeared before me. This world is no lesser sorrowful. Innumerable people the world over attacked with strife hardships agony pain lack and poverty both external and internal are living hellish lives. Problems, worries and complexities of life are eating up everyone like termites. In the vicious cycle of injustice and atrocity based oppression people are being pounded to pulp. The vile human brain has rendered the world environment hellish to dwell in. The strife of people wailing aloud in anguish due to the forest fire of sins and criminal behavior is such that those seeing it are aghast. Hence if the state of the onlookers is this say how n fold more harassing is the plight of people actually enduring this agony? This world lacks nothing as far as material comforts and sense pleasures are concerned. Despite this everywhere one witnesses sorrow and strife only. Each one could have consoled the other and affectionately helped others to ward off this sorrow and they could have spoken about future possibilities of progress yet none of this has happened. Since the mental arena is distorted, people insist on thinking lopsided and act in a most unwholesome manner then if you sow seeds of the poisonous ivy plant how can you hope to attain the nectarine fruit of immortality?

Sorrow, poverty, anguish and stress spread out everywhere are giving such agony to all humans. With such ‘grandness’ and speed, people are entering and then dying in the deep crater of sins and a massive downfall. When I saw this demeaned painful situation my heart cried out in pain. Why did man forget his divinity hidden in the deep cave of his inner personality? Why has he rendered his inner human nature and existence so lowly and fallen? This question arose time and again in my mind. Yet no answer came forth. There is just no dearth of brain skills, shrewdness and time at hand. People showcase one great skill after another. They exhibit the miracle of their shrewdness too. Yet why do humans fail to realize that by latching on to wily wickedness what they aspire to attain via it is but akin to appeasing thirst by running after a mirage in a desert? They don’t understand that only a painful downfall in life and anguish shall come their way. Lest to human brain skills was conjoined firmly based on his correct understanding that he must showcase integrity and advance his magnanimity that is most required for human development in tandem with human glory. If mankind had done this sincerely the downfallen state of the world seen today would have been bang opposite to it. Everyone without exception would have lived life of joy and peace. None would distrust or doubt another and none would get harassed or cheated by anyone. At such times not a speck of sorrow, poverty etc would have been allowed to crop up like weeds. In fact all around the world would rule nothing but bliss and peace that is for keepsake.

Why is an otherwise truly understanding human, so foolish today? He is not even to accept such a gross fact that sins reap sorrow and that good meritorious deeds spread nothing but joy both within and without? Every chapter of world history and experience hides within it the fact that anyone following unethical thinking/activities and remaining bound like a slave to selfishness reaps nothing but a downfall and anguish. Without harboring magnanimity and purity of mind none has till date attained true peace. Without imbibing sacred ideals in both thinking and day to day living none has attained honor and soul uplifting. Wily fox like people carry out heinous demonic acts in a veiled manner. They must realize that even if they veil these criminal unethical acts using 7 veils yet at the appropriate hour these veils shall reveal their dastardly acts on their own. We all are witness to such incidences day after day yet one fails to understand why such people believe that they shall hoodwink others with their fraudulent activities in such a manner that none shall ever know about them? They foolishly think their veiled heinous acts shall remain hidden forever and that they shall play this wily cunning game of hide n seek for eternity. Why do such vile people forget that there exists an eternal cosmic divine soul (called Almighty God in layman’s parlance) and it possesses infinite subtle eyes to see both externally and internally, it has infinite subtle ears to hear both externally and internally and infinite hands to catch hold of such vile scheming people? God never allows the veil of wily fraud however well hidden to remain covered for long. Wiliness and fraud however veiled always has its way to come out in the open for all to see. Wickedness ultimately has to accept its foul nature. Lest people especially today had deeply understood this eternal divine truth and ancient fact and hence also is they had deeply understood that latching on to tainted thinking and actions reaps only a downfall from all front why would they give up the royal path of human glory and foolishly stray away towards the thorny road of wily wickedness? Why would they wail aloud in anguish while dragging this precious human life akin to a rotting corpse?

The complex net of a vile tainted intellect has spread out in such a way that so many creatures are trapped in it, while enduring hellish agony. When I noted this terribly demeaned state of all I experienced sharp pains in my sensitive heart. The Sadhana or spiritual practice of “Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu” (all beings are a part of my very soul and hence I experience soul oneness with the entire cosmos) rendered the pain and sorrow of all creatures of the world as my very own. I felt as though someone is chopping off my legs and pounded them to pulp. My soul dwells in all creatures. This verse of the Bhagwad Geeta is not difficult to understand merely at the level of reciting it and hearing it. Yet, when it becomes a tangible experience within the soul and psyche, the situation is stark different. Just as when our bodily organs like eyes, stomach etc on getting hurt or diseased gives us a lot of pain, just as the sorrow or pain of our beloved wife, children etc gives us also a lot of anguish very similarly when our soul starts experiencing oneness with the soul of all animate-inanimate creatures of the world then sorrow anywhere in the world along with its pain becomes our very own. We too start experiencing this intensely.

The pain and agony of strife facing world humanity, of the soul of the world and society’s anguish gushed forth in my psyche and made me restless. When a person is facing pain because of eye, ear, stomach etc illness he yearns to find a way to ward off this hardship. What exactly needs to be done? Where should one go? These questions bother such people a lot and they yearn not to waste even a moment so as to help ward off their pain swiftly. My mind too was experiencing this inner state. A mother forgets her own feverish state, headache etc when she takes her child quickly to a nearby hospital to take medical help for her child whose leg has got fractured in a car accident. She is restless to get her child cured at any cost. My mental state too has been quite like this for so many years. Where do I have anytime to amass joyous comforts and luxuries for myself? I find such sense pleasures very poisonous. If on those rare occasions a thought crossed my mind to procure means for entertainment and rest my conscience censured my lowly desire. It was like using a glass of water to wash someone’s feet for worship when the same could be used to save the life of a person thirsting for water for many days. How can a mother snatch a spoonful of food to eat it herself when it could save her child from dying if it was given to him? How can a father go away to play tennis with his friends when his sick child is wailing aloud in pain? This could be done only by a hard hearted person. The more the tenet of “Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu” (all beings are a part of my very soul and hence I experience soul oneness with the entire cosmos) became firmly steadfast, my hard hearted nature melted away to naught forever. Now only compassion brimmed forth in my entire being. It is as steadfast as it was previously even though I am in the final years of my journey into this mortal world. In it there is no diminishing at all but instead day by day it is intensifying more and more.

I have heard that Self-God Realized saints sleep with total peace and rest. But for me such Self-God Realization has been rare to attain. I am doubtful whether I shall ever attain such a serenely peaceful Self-God Realized state. As long as anguish, strife, stress etc continue to exist in this world, as long as creatures are forced to burn in fire of hardships and worries, till then I have no wish at all to live peacefully. Whenever it was my time to offer prayers to Almighty God I humbly prayed: O Lord! I do not want inner peace. Instead I want that compassion within that helps me experience the strife and pain of all creatures of the world. Instead of prosperity I want that spiritual power that can wipe away the tears of agony faced by all creatures of the world. I asked only this boon from God and I felt that by giving clothes to Draupadi who was being rendered naked God who was thus saving her dignity is also pouring infinite compassion on my by eliciting sensitive sacred emotions in me in every pore of my being. When I have ever paid attention to what means of material joy I require? In every pore of my being dripped forth agony and anguish for world humanity undergoing so many hardships both physical and mental in nature. I kept thinking this only as to what needs to be done to keep our worldwide family happy and contented forver? Whatever I possessed was used only for this goal. Thus I got an opportunity to ward off widespread pain and strife and created a situation where atleast one could breathe easy with self contentment.

So many nights have I passed by crying all alone, so many times I have wailed aloud like a little child in pain. Does anyone know about this? People call me a Self-God Realized saint, Sidha possessing Divine Powers, a great writer, scholar etc. Yet none has opened the deep recesses of my psyche to read this agony spelt there in bold letters. Lest anyone had actually done this they would have seen that within this body made of bones, flesh, blood etc dwells a soul wailing aloud incessantly on noting world humanity’s demeaned state and the dire sorrow faced by it. On the one hand it is said that a Self-God Realized saint overflows with peace, contentment, ecstatic bliss etc in a carefree manner yet here I am whose soul is crying out in agony while perceiving others’ painful hardships. Whenever I thought to myself it was this only that divine wisdom that bestows a carefree life, that is immersed in trance and ecstatic bliss etc is much beyond my reach as of now. Maybe I shall never ever attain it because in this pain we get a glimpse of Almighty God clearly when we wipe the tears of others’ painful sorrow we experience a lot of soul satisfaction. Hence I say that my mind may never go after that Moksha/salvation or Samadhi or trance that renders us inactive. Hence when I just do not wish for such Moksha/salvation or Samadhi or trance how shall I ever get it?

I do not remember if I have done something good from the standpoint of Punya or working for others’ welfare. I do not know whether I have done any spiritual practice to please Almighty God. My soul amplification in the form of “Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu” (all beings are a part of my very soul and hence I experience soul oneness with the entire cosmos) made me see my soul in all animate-inanimate creatures of the world and this was not just superficial but that it had entered the very deep core of my psyche and soul. When I saw others’ painful agony it induced such loud cries of pain within me that I could think nothing apart from helping them ward off their pain and anguish. Say who executes Punya or meritorious acts? I did not have time to spare for charity etc. I just do not know how to please God so as to attain bliss pertaining to heaven, Moksha/salvation or Samadhi or trance. The world’s anguish was now my own agony and hence I had to first combat that. Other matters were such that for them I had to wait till I could spare sometime. If anyone yearns to find out the reason why I have executed the type of actions seen by all on a day to day basis it is enough to know that I breathed easy only to the extent I remembered or actually visualized the great goodwill based emotions and glorious world well being tasks carried out by great saints, visionaries, seers and men of high grade pious character. Thus when I started perceiving others’ agony it gave me much more pain that hardships I myself had to face in life. If at all I have been able to carry out tasks of world well being, welfare, social reforms, selfless service to society etc I can only say it was my inner being perforce making me do it. Others’ pain and heart burns refused to allow me to sit silently and since I was quite restless what else could I do but try my best to ward off their pain? If the pain is intense we perforce try to do something about it. People may label all my efforts seen so far in any way, they may paint it in any color, yet the bare reality is that the world’s painful psyche perforce aided the gushing forth of compassion and sensitive sympathy within me. Thus looking upon the world’s pain and heart burns as my own, I akin to a wounded person tried my best to put balm on it and lessen it as much as possible. My inner sentiments were so terrific that I forgot myself totally. If from the viewpoint of renunciation, self control, simplicity, non hoarding etc someone gauges my activities he must at least realize that in the mold in which my psyche got cast, all this was mandatory to imbibe. I cannot definitely say that I shunned and was averse to prosperity, progress, material comforts eulogies from others etc and that I with effort renounced all this is just not correct. In actuality since the world’s pain and heart burns became my own they clouded my mind so badly that I had just no time to think about my personal needs and comforts. In fact all this was nothing but loss of memory. If someone calls this forgetful nature austerities or self control it is their wish but when I am making my near-dear ones read the most useful pages of the book of my life it is best and apt that I explain the bare reality.

My devotional practices and spiritual practices went on side by side. I called out to Almighty God so that in the form of divine light he would compassionately enter my soul. Thus my lowly nature would transform into greatness and glory. I surrendered at God’s holy feet so that in his infinite divine glory my lowliness gets merged for eternity. The only boon I asked him was that I experience oneness of heart with every atom of the world and thus my tiny soul becomes cosmic in nature. Thus I could experience my soul in others’ and their soul in me. The penance, meditation, self control and other spiritual practices mainly based on the 14 Gayatri Mahapurashcharanas revolved around imbibing this sense of soul oneness with the entire world.

I am discussing all this with reference to my spiritual experiences and all rise-fall situations faced therein so that lest anyone yearns to walk in the direction of soul progress how shall it be possible for those dwelling in the present type situations? If a visible example of this is to be searched for my life’s journey can become a good guide. In reality I have lived an experimental life. While trying to live my mundane material life in tandem with spiritual ideals how could one walk on the path of inner advancement? Without veering away from it how could success be tasted? I am trying to find such a precept and in its application I am focusing both my mental thought process and bodily activities. In this direction my Revered Gurudeva helped me immensely. Hence without getting entwined in undesirable complexities I attained the correct path to tread on. This has been discussed in these lines with the aim that those who feel the need for finding a tangible example of attaining definite success while walking on this path they shall find a well proven path to follow.

On the path of soul process while walking in a definite and well planned manner I have attained the goal to a great extent and have attained that basis on which one can experience that no effort has gone in vain and that my experimentation has not failed at all. I feel it does not suit me at all to talk of what Sidhis/Divine Powers or other spiritual attainments accrued by me. The chance to talk, hear and search them out must be got only after I depart from this mortal world. At that time such excess proof of it shall be found everywhere that even a very distrusting person perforce can be convinced that neither the Science of Spirituality/Soul is erroneous and that anyone walking this path in a proper and correct manner finds no difficulty in attaining success. Those who tread this path accrue soul peace, inner and divine experiences. How can they benefit from all this? In order to find tangible proof of this, future researchers shall find my life’s activities very helpful. As per contemporary times such deep researchers shall themselves unearth innumerable proof of divine glories and those specialties that shall be possible to attain by anyone who leads a life devoted to Almighty God.






In this laboratory of mine made from bricks and cements that represent my body and inner consciousness I have labored hard unswervingly to find out the actual reality behind the authenticity of spiritual philosophy and its science. In the eyes of advanced intellectualism of today’s modern computer era it is but blind faith and a conman type business of crooks. They say it is their self created net of delusion. If their opinion was limited to this much it would not have given me much pain as when this intellectual class of today challenges spiritual philosophy and its science even though it has been proven by great Rishis of yore, scriptural proof also has been given and great self realized saints have followed it only after testing it thoroughly. In fact even after scientifically testing spirituality if it is falsified then definitely one gets dumbfounded. On the one hand it is called the pinnacle of truth and at the other end by calling it hypocrisy it is left hanging in air. Thus one’s mind becomes restless and it says that some definite conclusion with apt proof either way must be drawn.

Today it is not only atheism that scoffs at spiritual philosophy and its science but that theism too says that despite following the tenets and procedures advised in spirituality not much benefit has come their way. Hence they are left dissatisfied and morose. Under such conditions it is obvious that somewhere down the line spiritual principles and its scientific testing has committed some gaping errors. Hence we firmly believe that some honest efforts must be made to bring to light the authentic nature of spiritual philosophy and its science and any error creeping up in its scientific examination must be overcome. The question is who shall do all this? I thought to myself that since this topic is of great interest to me I should shoulder this task myself. Lest spirituality truly is scientific its truth must be conjoined to its facts in an authentic manner. Further the result should be such that it can be compared to modern day material scientific research using varied type of technology, apparatus etc places them immediately before us all to see. When what is proclaimed in spirituality and results accruing from its practice does not fulfill promises given therein people call it hypocrisy. Hence the question is how to prove the authentic nature of spiritual philosophy and its science? Lest what is written in spirituality is actually true how can we see to it that innumerable people the world over benefit from it?

On an average my 75 years of life span has passed by in this manner only. It certainly shall not be an overstatement if we call my life an experiment executed by a Sadhak or spiritual aspirant.

The incidences commence from when I was 15 years of age and the time span after that is now more than 60 years. Before this my immature brain capacity was not in a state to imbibe strict steadfastness and my mind also did not ooze with yearning for spirituality. In the preliminary days spiritual curiosity arising in my mind induced me to read many books regarding spirituality and since I did not have any interest in just gaining name and fame I concentrated bravely in trying to actually gain these spiritual experience by undergoing very difficult spiritual procedures. When I felt my doubts were not resolved by talking to people and studies of spiritual literature my inner deep yearning started foraying into interstellar space. As a result it aided in me coming in contact with a great self realized master who was an expert of spirituality having actually experienced all its tenets.

Since I was born in a Brahmin clan and had a close bond with the tradition of Purohit (priest) based Karmakanda or Hindu rites/rituals at the tender age of 10 years my respected father after praying to Pandit Madan Mohan Malviyaji got my Yajnopaveet (sacred thread) ceremony done by him. In this manner Pandit Madan Mohan Malviyaji taught me the straightforward Karmakanda or Hindu rites/ritual regarding Gayatri Meditation and Worship. The other aspects of this hidden mysterious science became known to me much later in life. The routine went on as before and the yearning to know its deep import intensified daily. Due to this inner spiritual turmoil I spent so many sleepless nights.

My worship room was in a separate lone area in my house. On that auspicious day at Brahmamuhurat (4 am to 6 am) my worship room suddenly started oozing with divine sweet fragrance and divine light spread all around too. I could no longer continue chanting my Mantra and my mind entered a state of Tandra (half awake half asleep). It seemed to me as though a Rishi like figure mentioned in age old scriptures was standing in front of me. This Rishi form was a mass of divine aura. This divine vision did not elicit any fear in me and instead my state of Tandra (half awake half asleep) started deepening further. My body consciousness virtually disappeared and my consciousness too manifested more and more. The Rishi existence that had appeared before me said this in a gist: I am aware of your Paatrata (spiritual credentials) and your yearning for spirituality. Hence just like that I had to come running to you suddenly thus. In order to further advance your Paatrata (spiritual credentials) you must execute an all round Tapas based spiritual penance of Mahaprajna or Super Divine Intellect. The essence of what he meant was that by executing 1 Mahapurashcharan of Super Mantra Gayatri in 1 year I must continue thus so as to complete 24 such Mahapurashcharans in 24 years. He then gave me the exact methodology in a nutshell. He divinely commanded me to eat only barley flour Roti (Indian bread) and butter milk for 24 years at a stretch. The reason was that on doing this, I would become a master self control that included sense organ/wealth/time/thought control. In this manner my Paatrata (spiritual credentials) would become mature enough to attain God Realization. His directive was that if I was able to do this much Revered Gurudeva would himself appear again thus in his Rishi like astral form to guide me further on the spiritual path. After saying this much he suddenly disappeared from my midst.

It is Almighty God who has given the brain of a devotee and in it there is no dearth of argumentative talk. But what was amazing is that along with thinking of this stature how did the vault of terrific faith and Sankalpa or mental resolve get filled to the brim and from where did it appear? Both directions are bang opposite to each other yet in my mental designing both these competitors resided in tandem with each other. From the very next day I commenced this 24 year time span of spiritual penance with firm steadfastness. When my family members, relatives etc heard about my using 7 hours daily for this spiritual program for 24 years in succession they all became very upset. In their own way they tried to dissuade me from performing this spiritual penance. They said if you live merely on barley flour bread for 24 years your health shall deteriorate. If I stopped studying scriptures and continue my education how could I become something ‘worthwhile’ in life? Many more such arguments were placed before me. The gist of it was that I must refrain from doing such a long term harsh mode of austerities. Yet my yearning for divine wisdom was so intense that that forget one I due to my strong mental resolve was ready to give up 100 more such bodies in order to attain God Realization. In this manner I clearly told all of them my firm decision and opinion. Since for our family upkeep enough means were available this issue did not bother me at all.

In this manner one after another year passed by. Anyone who asked me was given one common reply: I am ‘gambling’ at the moment. And further I had vowed to follow my Revered Gurudeva’s divine command to the last letter. In this manner 24 years passed by. Even though I spent 7 hours daily in my spiritual practice my mind never experienced boredom or lethargy. Although from the health standpoint I was told time again by many that my daily diet of barley flour Roti (Indian bread) and butter milk for 24 years at a stretch shall prove to be harmful yet in actuality nothing of this sort happened. For a long time this routine went on with its long term procedure in a ceaseless manner. Again I never got bored and that my interest remained zestful throughout. The days leading to completion of 24 years started drawing closer and hence I thought to myself that lest Revered Gurudeva again divinely commands me to execute one more such 24 year time span of spiritual penance I shall execute it with similar joy as I was doing thus far. No doubt I was ready to wait for the great results for a few more births to fructify.

These lines are not being written by me as an autobiography and that in it I am avoiding all topics that have no relevance over here. Is spirituality also a science on its own? Regarding research and scientific testing of this I have tried to do as much as was possible. Hence what I am discussing is related to my efforts in this direction only. In this manner other devotees trying to pursue this path may get some light of wisdom and maybe their doubts also could get resolved reading all this.

In these 24 years I did not study any scripture and even though I did come in contact with scholars and scriptural experts I refrained from discussing scriptures. The reason was that possibly obstacles could come in the way of the direction of life I had taken up and that my faith in it too could get toppled. Further it is a fact that the foundation of spirituality encompasses terrific desire to attain the goal and profound faith in it. Lest I veer away from the directions given my inner faith could go haywire. Hence it was mandatory that I walk in this direction of scientific testing of spirituality in a steadfast unswerving manner and I actually adhered to it studiously. My mind walked this chosen path not only in my waking state but at night in dreams too it would get immersed in it only.

Not only were these 24 years not burdensome for me but that as the days passed by things started going on more smoothly with zest. The time span of 24 years finally ended. Just as before, my Revered Gurudeva himself appeared again thus in his Rishi like astral form to guide me further on the spiritual path. Again the auspicious hour was Brahmamuhurat (4 am to 6 am) when I had his sacred vision or Darshan. Very much like previously I went into a state of Tandra (half awake half asleep) that deepened further. In silent speech I was asked: In these 24 years did you get some strange mysterious experiences? If so, describe them. My answer was only one: My steadfast faith has kept on increasing and a desire manifests within me that I get the next divine command from you. I also pray to you that it gets fulfilled with greater zeal and focus. My aspiration is only one and that is to get firsthand knowledge of whether spirituality is but hypocrisy or that it is a well tested and proven science. I aspire to experience this myself so that I can assert its authenticity to one and all in a vociferous manner.

After speaking thus I kept quiet. My Revered Gurudeva said: Your faith needs one more layer of ‘coating’ so that it matures fully in a multifaceted manner. Hence I command you to perform a Super Power Gayatri Yajna in which 2.4 million Ahutis are offered to the Yajna fire while chanting the Super Mantra Gayatri each time. I only said this much: No doubt I can perform the bodily actions required for it yet for such a gigantic program so much wealth shall be required and that making arrangements for its proper execution shall be very tedious. Hence will all this be possible? My experience and wealth that I possess are not that much and hence how shall I carry out your divine command?

After smiling slightly this mass of divine aura appearing as Revered Gurudeva said: Isn’t your faith found lacking? Say! What cannot be achieved in this world as a result of my divine command and Goddess Gayatri’s divine blessings? Hence why are you harboring such doubts? It is this very unripe nature of yours that has to be uprooted. It is only when our faith is 100% true that fully maturity blooms forth in spirituality.

I bowed down respectfully and said: Please do give me the guidelines for it. This is because I am quite stupid regarding such tasks. He hence said thus in a nutshell but in a complete manner: How should 2.4 million Ahutis be offered to the Yajna fire blazing in 1000 Kundis or pyres? How can the chief Gayatri devotee of contemporary times be invited in a total number spanning 0.1 million? He also said that obstacles coming my way while doing all this shall keep getting solved as time lapses.

From the very next day this task given to me was commenced. It was the Muhurat or auspicious hour of Kartik Sud Poornima Vikram Samvat 2015. The program was to be commenced 4 days previously. Arrangements like sitting, residing, eating, sleeping, wood, cleaning, light, water etc for 0.1 million guests and about 3 fold more viewers were such that each were conjoined to the other. In whatever way I thought the arrangements went on. My pen on its own started writing addresses of guests that were to arrive here. For this entire program an area of at least 6-7 miles was required. At certain places I got them because they were not being used and at other areas farmers gave it to me. Those people who owned tents, food materials, wood, pumps/generators to draw well water etc agreed to give them for this program. For such gigantic tasks people demand advance cash for such materials yet I do not know how or why people had firm faith that they would get their cash later in time. None asked me to give advance payment and none were given it to. All these arrangements were completed well within 1 month’s time. When a request was published for volunteers to come and help us in a short time 500 volunteers willingly joined us. All of them worked in a cooperative manner.

At the hour of commencement of this gigantic program a huge crowd of 0.1 million leading Gayatri devotees of contemporary times gathered there. Along with them were hordes of viewers. We had expected 1 million visitors for this function. At the railway station a huge teeming crowd was noted and the same was true at various bus stands. Good hearted govt. officers commenced running special trains and bus services. The Yajna arena was at a distance of 4 miles from Mathura city. Huge crowds were arriving with their own bedding on their heads. We had made arrangements for 0.1 million visitors yet in it about 0.4 million guests stayed there. The kitchen area where food was served was kept open all 24 hours. Not one person complained about not getting food or not getting a place to sit and sleep at night. Those possessing pumps placed them at various wells for drawing water. When electricity was less from very far off villages gas lanterns arrived unasked. The problem of passing stools, urine and bathing is most complex when such programs are commenced. Yet even this arrangement was so well managed that those noting all this were wonderstruck.

Announcements were made to all visitors not keep cash in the jungle area if they went there and that instead they must hand it over to our offices set up there. As a result visitors’ cash, jewelry etc got deposited there. Everything went on well. Not one person complained that their precious materials were lost etc. Those who saw this program compared it to arrangements seen during huge Kumbh Melas held in India. But in our program not one police or govt. officer was kept on duty. People on their own had set up dispensaries, centers where drinking water was given to all and stalls where snacks were given freely to all. For miles and miles huge crowds were seen thronging every inch of it. Yajnas went on at the fixed time in a well managed way. In order to circumambulate the Yajna arena so many buses filled with devotees had arrived from distances of about 50 miles. At the closing ceremony called Purnahuti, I and my holy consort stood there, with hands joined respectfully. We prayerfully requested each and everyone to leave only after par taking Prasad (a sumptuous meal). We just do not know from where so much food material arrived to feed thousands of people gathered there. We do not know who paid the expenses accrued for buying these food materials. We do not know how many ate such huge mountains of food, cold and hot drinks etc. But the most astounding thing was that not one person lost even one cent of his, not one got hurt even a wee bit and that no one got lost in this sea of people coming and going. Money would come from somewhere and go away somewhere. From it some bags of money got as charity remained behind and it was used for cleaning up the entire area of this humungous program. Volunteers were given return tickets to leave for their homes. Nothing remained behind and not even 1 cent was lost. Previously I had heard people would say that bags of sand would become that of flour, water would become Ghee or clarified butter etc. In this program we saw this hearsay actually showcasing itself. Unlike seen in Kumbh Melas over here there was no arrangement for security guards, budgeting, taxation etc yet everything went on smoothly. It appeared as though on some subtle machine this whole program was being conducted.

100 miles all around Mathura city this discussion spread out that after the Ashwamedha Yajna mentioned in the epic Mahabharat this is the first such super gigantic Yajna program witnessed. Those who did not see it shall never again get such a chance to witness it. Because of such talk right from the beginning to completion of this function about 1 million people had come to see it. Even after this program ended officially for 3 days people came to circumambulate this sacred Yajna arena. People took away every particle of ash remaining in the 1000 Kundis or pyres in which the Yajna was performed. This ash they looked upon as Prasad or consecrated material blessed by Almighty God.

In reality this program from every standpoint was extraordinary and grand to watch. This grand Yajnashala had 1000 Kundis or pyres. A huge dais was built that seated 0.1 million representatives, a 24 hour kitchen to serve food etc was set up and arrangements for light, water, huge carpets to sit on etc appeared mind boggling. The entire area covering 7 miles was teeming with crowds virtually without any empty space. Even after Purnahuti (closing ceremony) for 3 days all guests were served meals. This vault of food never got emptied even for a moment. Those who had come at the very beginning on returning discussed what they saw and hence more and more people arrived each day in packed buses, bullock carts etc. On seeing this packed thronging crowd along with its grand nature every visitor was dumbstruck. In reality amongst the thousands of people who had arrived here had never ever witnessed such a grand mind boggling scene.

This then so far was a discussion about the Japa-Tapas, spiritual practices or Sadhana and Yajna’s Purnahuti. The biggest achievement of this Yajna program was that virtually all amongst the 0.1 million invited Gayatri devotees but not known to me became my friends, aides and close contacts. We all walked together ahead on this path in compact unison. In this manner quite swiftly a huge Gayatri Parivar (family) based organization took birth and the actual execution pertaining to the harbingering in of a New Era went ahead in such a way that it seemed to us that its well defined designing had been executed much beforehand by someone.





(MARCH 1985 AD)


In my daily life spanning past 60 years, extraordinary incidences akin to miracles have been noted. There are such aspects of episodes in my life guided by that divine existence (Almighty God as my Revered Gurudeva) that cannot be unveiled in front of laymen. Yet for the first time I have decided as per the divine directions given to me by my Revered Gurudeva to unfold those secretive aspects of my spiritual journey so that the lay public gets an apt direction of life. A few such incidences have already been read by respected readers in previous pages of this book.

Regarding Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers lay devotees and public are quite more curious and interested to gain more knowledge. Regarding myself, lay public look upon me as a Sidha Purusha or God Realized Saint. Even though I have placed arguments in front of them that oppose this belief of theirs, they yet label me as a saint performing many miracles.  In this present Vasant or spring festival I was divinely commanded by me Revered Gurudeva to place before one and all my life’s story in an open book manner. In this manner everyone shall become well versed with the great capacity of the power of spiritual austerities that give birth to miracles.

What exactly are Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers? Regarding this my opinion is very clear. Not only are they endorsed by great scriptures but that when tested scientifically they come true cent percent. As per my humble opinion spiritual practices can be classified thus into 2 categories:

1)      Yoga based spiritual practices

2)      Spiritual austerities called Tapas

Amongst these Spiritual austerities called Tapas is directly visible and Yoga based spiritual practices are subtle and unseen. Spiritual austerities called Tapas predominating involve the use of our physical body and Yoga based spiritual practices mainly involve our mind and psyche. Their results are of 2 types. One is Sidhi and the other is Ridhi. Sidhis are those powers that are executed by the body and these feats are such that without attaining this power an ordinary lay person can never succeed in executing it. In ancient eras it used to rain much more than expected. Rivers, lakes etc would overflow with water and rush forward swiftly in the 4 months of the monsoon season. There were no bridges in those times across rivers. People would hence travel by boat. But when the water flow became extremely speedy with eddy currents midway using boats too had to be stopped. When a very important task had to be done that required traveling from one shore of the river to the other side men of penance would walk on this river water surface. They could even travel by air like birds fly in air. An example of a Sidhi in the epic Ramayan has been described that Angad rendered his leg so heavy in weight that none in the court of the mighty ferocious demon Ravan could even push his leg a wee bit. It remained steady rock hard and unmoving. Sursa ogress again in the epic Ramayan opened her mouth widely so as to engulf the mighty Lord Hanuman. The more Sursa widened her mouth the more Lord Hanuman increased his bodily girth and size. Finally Lord Hanuman became as tiny as a mosquito and escaped from her clutches. This also is called Sidhi.

Ridhi on the other hand is internal. It is spiritual in nature. An ordinary person can control and focus his mind to a certain extent only. But in Ridhi the will power and soul energy is infinitely more potent. Boons and curses are showered using this Ridhi Divine Power. Sidhis also help you to live in extreme cold areas, you can live without food and water for days together and you can live a very long life without being attacked by diseases. The more one’s mental energy is powerful the more he can influence others’ with this skill of his. A man of austerities with power accrued can go from one place to another without physically traveling. Parkaya Pravesh (subtly entering someone’s body and Shaktipaat (transmitting one’s spiritual energy into others) is executed via Sidhis. Boons of Ridhis can raise the stature of anyone’s personality, character etc. If anyone possesses something in untold measure it is possible only for him to give others this specialty even while keeping it in apt measure for him. It is the task of a Sidha Purusha to transform the very nature of materials, increasing its measure etc. Via Sadhana or spiritual practices all this is not impossible to attain at all.

Of how many types are these Ridhi-Sidhis? In what way can they be attained? How can it be used and applied? I came to know about all this after studying literature pertaining to Yoga, Tantras and taking guidance from masters in this field. No doubt I experienced these yet never did I apply it in a tangible manner. In reality I never felt the need to do so. That very day all my desires ended when I met my great Revered Gurudeva. After that day only one desire lurked in my mind as to when I would get directions from him for carrying out what mission and that I leave no stone unturned while religiously carrying out his divine orders.

Whenever I got a divine command from Revered Gurudeva volunteers, various means, knowledge etc to carry out the task came my way unasked. Ridhi-Sidhis too may have been required for some tasks. If I had run after them without any reason they would have been akin to a burden on a donkey’s back and would have inflated my ego in a demonic manner. In this manner my inner personality could have fallen deep down in the crater of lowliness. Hence it is best that despite knowing how to attain and make use of Ridhi-Sidhis I never felt the need to apply them in my tasks. All those tasks that were very complex and difficult ultimately did succeed and by looking upon them as Almighty God’s divine blessings no need was there for me to become egoistic on getting eulogized for all this. All that happened was for the best. For future I had no personal goal to attain and hence no need was felt by me to amass Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies. Whenever anyone gets a divine command whatever is required to execute it, in whatever measure is attained well in time for the task to get fulfilled successfully. Hence why vainly run after these Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies?

Ridhis are purely spiritual in nature. There is no need to exhibit them to others or give them a proof of their existence. None can see them, understand or examine them. I did attain them and akin to a dumb person eating sugar despite experiencing such Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies I silently immersed myself in its divine ecstatic bliss.

Siddha Purushas get the divine boon of heaven and Moksha/salvation. I have never believed heaven to be a special place or world. Heaven for me is but a great glorious standpoint of life. Whatever actions we execute must be conjoined to greatness and sacred ideals in an inseparable manner. They definitely are of such high stature. Everywhere we can then visualize only Almighty God. It is this divine ecstatic bliss that is called heaven. I have it with me for keepsake in a ceaseless eternal manner. It never ever touches vile thinking or tainted actions. Hence how can I ever face hellish situations?

Liberation is attained from overcoming bondage to this painful vicious cycle of birth and death. Bhavasagar is nothing but our desires, yearnings, egoistic thinking and actions. Greed is called a handcuff, deluded attachment to wife, wealth etc is called a chain of iron and egoistic pride is called a noose. A creature gets bound to all this. The divine directions of Revered Gurudeva and its mode of execution takes over my mind and intellect in such a manner that there is no place for attracting the above mental foes and allow them to act tainted using my body as their medium. Others have to wait for death to attain liberation yet for me life and death are synonymous. Those reasons that make us love life and abhor death disappear to naught once we master the art of living technique via spiritual methods.

Ridhis are internal and it is limited to individual experience only. Divine experiences encompass self contentment, public honor and divine grace. This is experienced by me each moment. When lack is felt in any form it leads to dissatisfaction. Vile actions on our part create anguish within. In my case not even one of these causes dwell in me and hence there is no reason for me to become discontented. After carrying out one’s righteous duties optimally and surrendering fully to that which is supremely great none can ever face inner agitation taking birth due to dissatisfaction. I too have never faced it. Now in this ripe old age of mine, desires are warded off easily by Viveka or farsighted discrimination that is dwelling in my mind and intellect. Hence I experience no lack and no discontentment in life.

The 2nd Ridhi is getting honor from the public in every nook and corner of the world. For this I have never had to do anything special. With a true mind and good hearted intentions I have always respected everyone and cooperated with them fully. I have given as much love and goodwill to all and sundry as much as was possible. With whomsoever I came in contact I bound them to me with the silken thread of soul oneness and equality. Its result should be as clear as the reflection seen in a mirror. It could be like an echo of any sound made. If you hit a rubber ball with force and in a particular angle it returns with that same force and in that same angle. The love and honor that I showered on others returned in same measure to me after entering their inner nature. I never looked upon anyone as my foe. Never did I think vilely about anyone and regardless of whether someone’s mind was good or vile I felt they possessed nothing but goodwill. Life is now drawing to an end. I can never name even one person whom I can call my opponent, enemy or one who aspired to harm me. Those who harmed me due to lack of proper understanding I felt they were but people who had strayed away from the true goal of human living. I felt them to be childish in their undesirable behavior. I have respected all and sundry and this respect returned to me in the form of public honor. Even if someone did not respect me I have felt they have ushered in my well being by making me self introspective so as to correct myself when the error was found in my inner personality.

The 3rd Ridhi is divine grace and blessings. This can be attained via high stature activities and its success. Apart from this we also get a pious experience as though stars in the sky, flowers on trees, water drops pouring from rain clouds, leaves shaking due to the wind, river water waves and chatter of birds are showering their love and affection on us. We can feel flowers are raining on us as blessings. Why would demigods take pains to pluck flowers, bear the burden of flowers while carrying them and painstakingly shower them on us? In the movements of Mother Nature or Prakriti, in the chattering of various creatures and the beauty noted in plants, trees etc fills up the other world with flowers.

From within and without I perceive only zest and joy gushing forth everywhere. On noting life inside out I feel only the sweet nectarine fragrance of sandalwood is being emitted. If I turn my head towards my past life it appears grand. If I study my present day life only zest brims forth from it. If I visualize my future I feel I shall not enter God’s divine court as a criminal. I feel I shall get accolades and gifts from Almighty God akin to a student passing with top grades in school exams and an athlete beating others in a running race.

Since my soul conscience has never termed me vile why would others call me the same? Those who say anything shall be as per their own opinion. I feel like only praising myself and give myself a high spot on the ladder of a great life. Under such situations in this world and in the next one I shall only be respected as a good person. Hence say! What more success can anyone gain apart from this in life?

Those who perform soul practices gauge their success-failure based on the measure of Ridhi-Sidhis attained. For this end I did not have to make any extra efforts yet I have attained everything in manifold measure.

I attained God vision in the form of divine cosmic consciousness or Virat Brahman. In the form of world humanity I did not give up this divine vision even for a wee bit of a moment and God too never harbored such hard heartedness so as to move about without taking him with me everywhere. Whenever I conversed with him only I argument would take place. Lord Rama and his younger brother Shri Bharatji rendering the program of royal coronation a football kept arguing. Both would say to each other ‘I shall not become king and that instead you must rule the kingdom’. I too argued with Almighty God thus when he asked me: What do you want from me? Akin to the echoing sound of a dome my answer was one: O Lord! Please tell me what you wish so that by fulfilling it I can attain glorious self fulfillment.

Almighty God has always walked behind me subtly akin to a divine security guard and thus always protected me. He has walked ahead like a pilot of an aircraft all the while cleaning the road and giving me the correct direction for walking ahead in life. My minuscule body akin to that proverbial squirrel in epic Ramayan, an unswerving humble devotee of Lord Rama has surrendered it to Almighty God and executing his divine tasks in this world.


















We have to think only about putting into practice sacred high stature ideals in our day to day life. For actions energy is required. In order to positively transform public psyche energy is most required. Even small time daily chores require both bodily and mental powers. Without energy even a leaf on a tree cannot move.

It is 2 types of powers that help influence public psyche and give it a particular direction to walk on. One power is political and the other is religious or spiritual. They possess both financial power and power to punish. They attract people and then terrorize them also using it. With these means at hand they force people to walk in the direction they wish. Due to fear of law, police, jail etc people are forced to walk in the direction given. The magnetic pull of material wealth and terror of being punished has given political rulers that power that by using it, these rulers can force the lay public to walk in any direction they (rulers) desire. In order to obstruct vile activities political rulers have got immense power and authority. If these are used in a correct manner in the correct direction a great positive change could be seen in individuals and entire society at large.

The other authority that is as influential and is in fact much more powerful than political authority pertains to religion and spirituality. In our contemporary times the image of religion and spirituality has been tarnished a lot. This royal palace of religion and spirituality has been usurped by owls, bats, worms, scorpions etc and people aware of their foul odor spew anger on even hearing the term religion and spirituality. They feel that religion and spirituality are but blind beliefs and a mesh of the ‘science’ of looting innocent devotees. If in today’s demeaned state if such a belief prevails in the minds of leading thinkers of the world it cannot be called inapt. Yet what needs to be kept in mind is that this anger and censure can only be towards hypocrisy in religion and spirituality seen today. It is just not possible to deny the root existence of religion and spirituality. We just cannot say that it is totally useless and not required at all. One meaning of religion and spirituality is the root nature of human inner soul. How can it be separated from us? How can fire and heat be separated? The soul and its root nature which is nothing but religious and spiritual sacred sentiments shall eternally remain conjoined to each other.

Religion and Spirituality influences and rules over our psyche and by imbibing greatness in it creates the zest to put into practice high stature sacred ideals in day to day living. In this manner the rule of religion and spirituality by heading towards the profound cave of man’s inner soul gets established there firmly. On the other hand political authority can merely affect our material life, attract it and also instill fear in it. Religion and spirituality manifest zest for life and political authority terrorizes man. Over here we are not comparing these 2 merely to find out which is weak and which is powerful? Which one is important and which is useless? In fact both complement each other. Despite both arenas appearing separate yet one helps the other to reap true success in human life. Lest both walk in opposing directions only harm befalls on the lay public.

Political authority is not in our hands and that it is in other peoples’ hands. Lest both Religion and Spirituality and politics had joined hands in a cooperating manner the results would have been very joyous for all. But in today’s world circumstances this seems very difficult. Hence for sacred sentiment based neo creation instead of looking out for political help we must take recourse to Religion and Spirituality only. Let us leave the govt. to shoulder other mundane responsibilities. In order to contact the psyche of lay public we must make special use of religious and spiritual authority. Via it peoples’ sacred sentiments can be awakened, molded, reformed and raised to a higher great stature. Great saintly personalities who can transform the world from their very fount have emerged from the religious and spiritual arena only. Avatars, Prophets, Rishis, Manishis, saints, Brahmins etc have always helped the human race to rise to high pinnacles of glory and have also played a great role in egging world humanity to walk ahead on the path of all round development and progress. It is from the realm of Religion and Spirituality that great erstwhile saintly people like Buddha, Gandhi, Dayanand, Vivekananda, Tilak, Malviyaji etc have emerged. Political rulers can influence the brain of the lay public yet they can never touch the sensitive core of their hearts. This aim can be fulfilled only by Religion and Spirituality.

By inciting someone’s anger, wrath, hatred, enmity etc an onrush of such hateful emotions gush forth albeit temporarily. This onrush can make them do some daring tasks. But to light up human life positively, to light up the light of self control and spirituality steadfast faith in Religion and Spirituality is mandatory. A temporary onrush of emotions may appease one’s lowly ego, it may give one name and fame too yet, as time lapses by this zest fritters away to naught. As against this if via deep mental pondering the soul is churned such a person treading the path of Shreya or spirituality keeps marching ahead without stopping midway. In fact even if he gets no visible benefits yet his zest and zeal remain steadfast right till death. It is true deep faith towards Religion and Spirituality that helps us stick to our resolve of fulfilling varied world well being tasks. It is this faith towards Religion and Spirituality that is used to put into action the 4 pillars of Era Neo Creation.

Lest we measure and gauge the present day attainments of blind belief devoid of Viveka or farsighted discrimination towards Religion and Spirituality it shall only astound us that on its basis how much sacrifice is man ready to execute. Our country India has 8.4 million ascetics, Sanyasis, mendicants etc and their daily expenditure is more than that of an average householder. These ascetics etc based on their whims and fancies make faithful householder devotees pay for the various religious programs etc conducted by them (ascetics). In this manner each year 100,000,000,000 Rupees (Indian currency) have to be coughed up by faithful householder devotees to pander to the whims and fancies of ascetics, Sanyasis, mendicants etc It must be noted that these expenses are shouldered not due to any pressure or under duress but that it is done with zest and fervor.

We just do not know what is the exorbitant figure of expenses when devotees set off for pilgrimages? Take the example of bathing in River Ganga on Somvati Amavasya night (moonless night that falls on any Monday). On every Somvati Amavasya right from Gangotri glacier to Gangasagar in Kolkata city (India) about 2 million people take a holy dip in River Ganga. Expenses incurred include travel, paying rent for accommodation and charity/rites rituals performed. For 1 person the average expenditure if we say it is Rupees 100 even so for 2 million people it amounts to Rupees 20 million. In each year one witnesses about 5 Somvati Amavasya nights and hence the expenses mount up to Rupees 1000 million. Further this bath is taken not merely in River Ganga because in each region people take holy baths in other rivers like Narmada, Cauvery, Godavari etc. The expenses for each of these too are as given above.

The above is but expenditure for Somvati Amavasya pilgrimage. If we take into account 4 Dham pilgrimage, Melas in certain pilgrim spots, circumambulations, Ram Lilas, Raas Lilas etc untold wealth is used up. Wealth possessed by temples all over India amounts to about Rupees 6,000,000,000,000. The other temple expenses for yearly worship rites, reading scriptures, offering food to God and serving meals to devotees along with overall upkeep of temples amounts to Rupees 1,000,000,000. If a total calculation of expenses and human resources used up for arranging religious discourses, Yajnas, worship rites, feeding Brahmins, Shradha or post death rites, Pinda Daan rites etc is carried out it is much more than what the govt. uses for managing our country. People complain and argue a lot when asked to pay taxes by the ruling govt. and they are known to vehemently oppose various forms of taxation also. But when their father passes away they take loan to feed a sumptuous meal to guests at their father’s post death rites. They are known to even sell of their agricultural land, jewelry, etc for this end. In today’s times too public of a poor country like India uses up so much time, labor and wealth for religious tasks that it is easy to conclude that for religion our public is ready to sacrifice just about anything. No doubt it is a huge power yet if we overlook the superficial nature of religion and instead dive deep within it is clear that religion can help in rendering great tasks so successful that it can only mind boggle onlookers.

It can be said that this is blind belief. People use up so much cash under the spell of this blind belief because they feel they shall get God’s grace, heavenly joys etc. Lest this blind belief is uprooted people shall not use much money for high stature ethics and ideals. But this doubt is devoid of truth. If we minutely study the activities of Christian Missionaries of Western nations it is clear that how widespread and expensive it is. All this is accomplished via the religious faith of educated and intellectual class dwelling there.

The world over about 0.1 million educated Christian priests are involved in propagating Christianity. The expenses used for schools, hospitals etc run by them is gigantic. The Holy Bible is published by them in about 600 languages numbering millions of copies. These are either sold very cheap or given away free of cost. Similarly the aim of Christianity is printed in book form in about 600 languages again numbering millions of copies. So much expenditure is involved in training Christian priests, paying them for their daily expenses and carrying out missionary tasks that in comparison to expenses borne by India out of blind belief it is manifold more. Lest so much wealth and human resources power had not been used for propagating Christianity the world over then in these very 100 years how could the Christian population have increased to 1,200,000,000 from 200,000,000 previously? In the world’s population of 6,000,000,000 since 2,000,000,000 are Christians it is clear that these numbers are because of Christian Religion being preached everywhere the world over with zeal. These priests and preachers have sacrificed a lot for this mission to succeed. These attainments have come from the highly educated class chiefly.

Wealth has been discussed here because it is grossest and on its basis something can be explained well. If we gauge tasks involving sacred sensitive sentiments, that take up a lot of time, that involve enduring difficulties etc it seems that people inspired by religious and spiritual sentiments renounce so much and gladly endure so many hardships faced while executing them. If we try and calculate how much bodily hardships are endured while doing Japa, Tapas, Vrata, fasting, Brahmacharya or celibacy, charity, doing meritorious deeds, pilgrimage etc and the process to render the mind zealous it can be understood that man being influenced by such inspirations is ready to do just about anything. Women in India are ready to jump on the funeral pyre of their husband’s dead body (Sati tradition), people offer their children as sacrificial offering (Bali) to deities and sometimes chop off their own bodily parts for such sacrificial offerings (Bali). This is the miracle of blind trust. We must not think that man executes huge sacrifices when inspired by blind belief only. The fact is that if reality, Viveka or farsighted discrimination, logic and proof are understood properly and then after explaining to others they are made to perform various important tasks then that contribution shall not be less but shall be much more. Religious faith can give n fold more inspiration for great glorious tasks, soul welfare and world welfare tasks. Hence for neo creation those materials that seem difficult to attain can be collected with greater ease.

Public is a demon. Its fount of collecting means is limitless. The entire expenditure of any govt. is taken care of by a miniscule contribution of tax by the public. In comparison to this tax the public is seen to use up much more wealth, time etc for other tasks. From amongst these means the public can be inspired to give away a portion of it for world society neo creation, meritorious deeds etc with a joyous bent of mind. The only condition is that the lay public must be explained the results of such a great worldwide campaign, they must accept it from deep within and imbibe it in day to day living. This then is the one and only chief difficulty. Lest the public had realized its utility value and requirement they would donate a lot of their time, wealth etc for such a great task as era neo creation. If this is achieved today’s task that seems impossible to fulfill tomorrow can become easy to succeed in.

It is beyond doubt that today the realm of Religion and Spirituality has become predominantly a business house. This very important technique has got vilified a lot and has gone into the hands of unwholesome elements. But this does not mean that by totally ignoring Religion and Spirituality it must be rendered extinct eternally. The topic of faith is quite delicate. If even once it is uprooted, it can be re grown again, only after long term laborious effort. A Kalpavriksha (wish fulfilling tree) grown after dint of hard work for so many years if uprooted becomes very difficult to grow again. Hence it is best that it be snatched away from the tight grasp of unwholesome elements and that blind faith be rendered Viveka or farsighted discrimination. In this manner human society can avail great benefits of true faith in Religion and Spirituality and since it shall get snatched away from the tight grasp of unwholesome elements taints therein can be washed off. And then this great power can be used in the direction of both material and spiritual advancement the world over.

In the present state of our country India religious foundation prevalent only is such that standing on it one can explain certain important facts to the lay public. About 80% of India’s population resides in villages/rural areas. Those who have heard only religious discussions their preliminary role is of this stature. Whatever is said while joining various links to it shall be easily heard and understood, by them. The basis of a New Era is neo creation conjoined to sacred sensitive sentiments. Very clearly it comes within the periphery of religion, philosophy and spirituality. Hence it must be reinstated and rendered a leader on this very foundation. Lest political authorities had cooperated in this direction the task could have been fulfilled with greater speed. But since this help is lacking religion itself is not so weak that it can render straightforward the task of positively transforming public psyche that today looks very difficult to succeed in.

The institution of Religion and Spirituality has its own potent energy. It has been established right since primordial times and enjoys a high stature. By tuning up the strings of this musical instrument the tune of era transformation can be rendered echoing in space the world over. The Yug Nirman Yojana (Era Transformation) in order to fulfill its goal is carrying along with it the energy of the institution of Religion and Spirituality.

These days, by placing India’s Religion ahead and while giving predominance to situations pertaining to Indian conditions, public education is being executed. This predominance has been given so that in future the role of a World Religion shall be set rolling in by India’s Religion only. By ushering in a few reforms so as to sanctify it all requirements of a World Religion can be fulfilled. These specialties do not exist in any other religion of the world. The Hindu Religion of India is not any particular sect or any community. Spiritual seers who had risen infinite mile above communalism had created this Hindu Religion so as to fulfill the worldwide needs of all mankind without exception. After removing contemporary distortions in it shall prove to be 24 carat gold. In every fiery test Hindu Religion shall pass with flying colors.

In future days to come it is this thought flow that shall lead the world. Hence if at first we take up the task of reforming and sanctifying it can only be called apt.

Using a certain procedure workers following Hindu Religion via scriptures of Indian Religion and taking help of sacred messages given by great God Realized Saints, have always shown the path of unity, equality, purity, divine love etc to one and all. In this manner they are trying to uproot vile traditions and distortions ruling Indian society. Very similar to this volunteers of other religions are given the method of assenting to apt basis with the aid of their religious scriptures. Just as in Hindu Religion so many blind and indolent beliefs have crept in, in other religions too this problem exists. In order to uproot these devotees of those very religions have been gathered. This is no doubt an apt approach. In today’s biased psyche if a devotee of one religion speaks to a devotee of another religion regarding reforming that religion the question of dignity and status crops up. Thus without reason communal clashes can occur.

We can bitterly criticize our own society. In the recent past we have commenced bitterly opposing and criticizing distortions prevalent in our Hindu Religion. The sentiments of none have been hurt due to this. As against this once, USA’s Miss Kathryn had written a book called ‘Mother India’ wherein she pointed towards the blind vile traditions in Indian society. As a result a hue and cry set in our country and as an answer to this book Indians by publishing a book wrote in detail about American vile traditions. This can take place again even today. People just do not like people belonging to other sects criticizing their society’s distortions and taints. Hence by understanding the mental condition of the public today our mode of action is to encourage units of each religion to work for a common goal within the periphery of each one’s arena. Thus Muslims must work in the realm of Islam Religion, Buddhists in Buddhism, Jews in Jewish Religion, Parsis in Parsi Religion, and other small sect people must work in their own sects but for a common goal that benefits entire mankind. Thus as an example a Hindu worker shall set rolling in reforms wherever in Hindu Religion and this is true for all workers coming from various religions of the world. Thus they must render their own religion forward thinking in tandem with today’s modern era by bringing in changes in their own religion wherever necessary. This is what our organization is doing and instilling zest in all volunteers of each and every religion the world over.

Ethical and humane values are the same in all religions. In them the type of reforms required are same also. Every religion without exception opposes robbery, crime fraud lethargy addiction to alcohol/drugs, eating flesh, wickedness, hard hearted attitude and ethical vices. Every religion without exception fully encourages unity, equality, love, compassion, kindness, justice, farsighted thinking and other such great qualities of goodwill. In this manner while rendering widespread the thought flow of world neo creation in a style similar to one’s own religion people scattered in various directions the world over can be brought under one flag in a single focused way. This method is both correct and straightforward to enact.

In previous years devotees virtually of every religion have tried to bring world humans under the flag of a single world religion and in this tussle one religion tried to indict other religion devotees into their own fold. Thus instead of bringing in world religious unity bitterness and enmity took over. One such experiment also involved taking a bit of the essence of every world religion and then ushering a new world religion based on it. Such efforts were made by the Theosophy Society and others yet not much success was reaped. On noting the stature of present day world public psyche the method that can prove to be practical and straightforward is that workers of Era Neo Creation belonging to each and every world religion look out for undesirable thinking, vile traditions etc prevalent in their respective religions and uproot them. They must then unearth apt foundations suitable for their religion and thus fulfill the common goal of all religions that is World or Era Neo Creation. In this manner even though the mode of action from a superficial standpoint remain separate for each religion yet within one common fact stands out wherein ultimately unity and brotherhood shall harbinger in amongst all world religions finally leading to Era Neo Creation



















Night does not last forever. Where does darkness prevail eternally? Can episodes of sorrow and pain continue forever? Can an eclipse remain manifest forever? No doubt hours of inauspiciousness do arrive but they do not remain in an everlasting manner. While excreting feces/urine man does become filthy yet he washes himself immediately to become clean. No doubt moments of sorrow, insult, danger, loss, ill fate, agitation etc do come yet they also are known to go away with time lapsing by. These days demonic nature has attacked world humanity and akin to Rahu-Ketu casting their shadow on the sun-moon an eclipse like situation is being faced by mankind. But this dire state shall not last longer. After darkness, light does always appear. In a short while dawn before actual sunrise is about to usher in. The pale red hue of dawn has started manifesting in the sky.

It goes without saying that the cause of so many hardships witnessed the world over in its innumerable varied forms is lowliness taking over when man performs his duties and this lowliness results due to his impure distorted thinking. The number of world problems run into thousands. When we get skin allergy the number of pustules on it can be many but we cannot treat each one individually. The solution is that if blood is purified these pustules disappear in a few days. Although the number of world problems run into thousands in the form of dark gloom everywhere, unethical behavior, illegal activities etc yet these are but waves that rise high above due to storm attacking the ocean. It is difficult to catch hold of every wave and destroy it. But if you obstruct the storm from manifesting these waves die down on their own.

If we try and solve so many world problems individually and other distortions noted we can only become dizzy and helpless. It is even more difficult to find separate solutions for each of these innumerable problems. Further if we try to amass means for executing solutions for all these problems it shall be nothing but impossible to succeed. If one by one problems are taken up for troubleshooting not much success shall come our way because the moment we solve one problem a hundred other problems shall raise their venomous hood. UN officials today are enmeshed in this problem as witnessed by us all. Hardly is the problem of one realm solved a new problem crops up like undesirable weeds in a garden. Of course! It is but natural that this happens.

In a foul smelling lake thousands of mosquitoes are seen swarming around it. It is impossible to catch hold of every mosquito in order to kill it. But if the lake is cleaned properly this problem can no doubt be solved. No doubt strife and distortions are mundane in nature yet its permanent solution dwells in the realm of philosophy only. The root fount of Era Transformation is centered in it. Almighty Lord is about to usher in that procedure wherein man shall realize the dire results of impure tainted thinking. Man shall realize his mistake and then shall zealously try and reform it. To the extent this procedure shall be executed properly in tandem with it solutions to ward off distortions shall succeed with greater ease.

One cannot pull another and cannot put pressure too. External pressures are transient. Man has to change himself because despite listening to religious discourses, self improvement talks etc it enters one ear and comes out of the other ear. If he is pressurized to see something outside a bit of it sticks within him. But say what benefits accrue from such mockery? It is only when our psyche reforms from the roots that success is reaped and for it soul inspiration is compulsory. This is what is about to take place at present. First and foremost deep with awakened souls of the world a yearning for self transformation shall arise. They shall self introspect deep within in a profound manner. They shall at first get out of the group of blind sheep and shall then think deeply in an independent manner. The slogan of ‘we will act as others do’ shall be uprooted. Especially when in the public psyche total lack of farsighted discrimination and deep rooted unruly activities rule the roost. At such times if we blindly follow such people, get influenced by them, ape them like chimpanzees etc we shall perforce enter the crater of painful downfall as they do. It is at this point that any revolution commences. The first focus of transformation rests here.

Era Transformation shall commence when the terrific process of individual psyche transformation commences in a positive manner. For achieving this Almighty God is creating such a subtle divine flow of inspiration that shall render every human especially awakened ones restless and agitated. This shall make them rethink again and again regarding their present state and after dragging them they shall be taken to that spot wherein thinking deeply in an independent manner shall become compulsory. When the light of Viveka or farsighted discrimination is imbibed the doubt of darkness and fear disappear to naught. The divine light of God manifests as Viveka or farsighted discrimination and wherever these divine rays land there blind following and aping of all types get destroyed. Man now experiences such valor that he starts treading the path of aptness and wholesomeness all alone. This he does even though his so called well wishers try and obstruct his path or taunt him.

Along with self transformation it is these awakened souls that play a big role in ushering in Era Transformation. It is those who are illumined within that can illumine others. Only from fire that another fire is lit. Only awakened souls can awaken others. The act of awakening others can be done by awakened souls. It is the spark of soul or self transformation that can further take the form of a terrific forest fire of Era Transformation. All this is seen taking place today. Within awakened souls an extraordinary upheaval is manifesting. Their inner soul is rendering them restless at every step of life. They shall no longer live a commonplace beastly life. They shall not waste their precious human life merely for filling their tummy with exotic food, procreating babies and satisfying selfish desires. They refuse to stand in the queue of human ants because they shall never render Almighty God’s divine wish and mission turn useless and an utter failure. They shall not ape others blindly and instead themselves shall lead such great high stature lives that others the world over shall follow in their footsteps. This inner churning in every living and awakened soul is going on these days with such cyclonic speed that they cannot realize why is this taking place at all. Although they feel that they are their old selves yet ‘who’ has entered deep within their soul forcing them not only to think greatly and gloriously but are making them restless to actually live such a great high stature human life. Most definitely this is the manifestation of God’s divine inspiration.

If that sacred sentiment consciousness at first manifests in the psyche of awakened souls oozing with great psychic imprints (Susanskars), it is perfectly apt and useful. Lord Rama took birth from the womb of Queen Kaushalya and Lord Shri Krishna took birth from the womb of Devaki. They were great souls. Living beings possessing an inner stature that is despicable and hollow cannot imbibe divine light of God. Most definitely first credit shall be handed over to awakened souls oozing with great psychic imprints (Susanskars). It is they who shall come forward, burn themselves like a flame torch that shows the way and shall create light everywhere. They shall themselves get liberated from the bondage of lack of Viveka or farsighted discrimination and inaptness and via sacred high ideals imbibed within shall perforce induce so many others to walk in their footsteps of human glory.

The Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) is an organization of such awakened souls oozing with great psychic imprints (Susanskars). It can only be said to be its good fate that it has attained the golden chance of joining these scattered precious pearls into one super precious necklace. In the very near future every member of the worldwide Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) shall showcase that role of theirs doubtlessly getting converted to Era Transformation. And this shall definitely be witnessed by entire world humanity.




Our soul possesses founts of terrific energy albeit latently. In order to awaken and activate them, Tapas or spiritual austerities for soul awakening has to be executed. Our soul oozes with energy of all deities and demigods. But taints and mental dirt has blocked this energy from getting activated and hence forces man to live a life of sin and anguish. It is the effort of removing these mental taints that fulfills the need of attaining a great character (Paatrata) and its advancement. The more greatness enhances in our inner personality the more divine boons and grace shower on us unasked. Due to divine specialties our inner personality becomes glorious and advanced. As a result no more shall we have to bow down to other demigods/goddesses, appease them, superficially laud them, ‘bribe’ them and drool at their feet. Our soul deity is supremely great. All other divine energies are but its servants. In a certain sense worship of other demigods/goddesses is nothing but worship of our soul deity. We may use any method to raise our inner personality’s stature higher up and sure in turn they can give a miracle like boon. Else only after executing so many Japas of Mantras, singing eulogies etc to appease other demigods/goddesses for a long time period that some minor boon maybe attained.

Via our soul force only does human importance and potential increase a lot and with its help, many huge tasks get fulfilled. Yoga practices have to be performed in order to render our soul power extremely potent and it can be called life’s Sadhana or penance. This penance involves aptly disciplining and sanctifying our bodily and mental activities. Within it is conjoined a small chapter of worship. For offering worship we must set up a well defined hour in our daily routine and if daily at this hour itself Japa, meditation, worship rites etc are carried out in a sacred sentimental manner only then true success can be achieved.

We must totally remove the illusion that by doing a bit of worship, ritual etc here and there some deity on getting pleased shall fulfill our good or bad desires. The more quickly this ignorance based belief is removed the more we can ward off wastage of our precious time and energy. We must think instead that the seed of divine energy and our icon is none other than our soul deity. Whatever we are to attain shall be from this soul deity only. Hence by renouncing efforts to please others via superficial praises, bribery etc we must knock at the door of our soul deity. We must also harbor deep faith that by merely worshiping it through rituals or Karmakandas, it cannot be appeased. In order to attain the grace of our soul deity, in order to render potent our soul power we must execute life’s Sadhana or spiritual penance. Along with this within the realm of human living a small chapter in the form of worship too must be added in an inseparable manner to our daily routine.

The worship/meditation methods of Super Mantra Gayatri has been proclaimed as universal from the standpoint that its’ sacred sentiment based meaning, mode of worship and Anushthan is centered on sanctifying our soul deity. On this basis we must make due efforts to conjoin our inner consciousness with the highest divine authority or God and rendering our Prana or vital force process very radiant. The more anyone succeeds in this task the more he attains spiritual glories. Who attains Sidhis in what measure? Its basis rests in how much a devotee purifies his psyche and soul. The fact is that we are showered with boons only if our soul deity (Atmadeva) blesses us. In Super Mantra Gayatri Savita deity oozing with energy (Varenya Bhargo) is showcased as a symbol of our soul deity (Atmadeva).
















The meaning of life’s Sadhana or spiritual penance is to use every iota of our precious time, efforts and means in a useful wholesome direction. The meaning of Bhava Sadhana is to conjoin the supreme sacred sentiment of our inner soul to the highest divine authority or God. Both are inseparably bound to each other. One without the other is incomplete. A chariot with 2 wheels only can march ahead smoothly on the road of soul development. None of these can be ignored by us. We can nourish the wish fulfilling tree or Kalpavriksha of steadfast faith only if we water it with worship-meditation and render its soil fertile with the fertilizer of spiritual austerities.

Life’s Sadhana or spiritual penance has 2 aspects viz. Manan and Chintan. Manan means to make various imaginary images in order to see, understand and experience the form of our soul, thinking deeply about the goal of human life, measuring the soul glories received by us as against those attained by other creatures, analyzing as to for what aim have we attained these soul glories, cogitating over the good-bad results when weighed on the pan of justice post death in the court of Almighty God, searching for undesirable elements/taints that have entered our brains and calculating the harm and loss we shall have to endure because of this. Lest these errors are rectified the chief aim and nature of Manan can emerge in the form of self introspection that readies the form of progress and the throwing of detailed light on the various aspects of self introspection. Just as with reference to gigantic industries and factories its director thinks deeply over every aspect of it minutely in the same way we must deeply cogitate over the present state of our life. This then is the goal and nature of Manan.

Chintan is designing a well defined agenda in order to rectify errors manifesting as per mental analysis. It encompasses the valor to execute this task of reformation of the psyche. Such examples must be searched for wherein other people have valiantly changed a similar inner state into a great one. Such people must be those who designed a program for such rectification of the mind and then assiduously followed it. On its basis in order to bring in required changes what all should be done in the thought and action realm and how should it exactly be executed? How should one combat all obstacles that come in the way of this reformation process? This all round plan of soul advancement and its mode of action is called Chintan. Both Chintan and Manan must be included strictly in our daily routine.

Life has so many aspects. From amongst these, each one must be dealt with each day. A detailed imaginary picture must be painted on our mental screen as follows: On the first day bodily, second day mental, third day married life, fourth day the problem of children, fifth day financial, sixth day related to religious ones, seventh day our spiritual endeavor. These must be analyzed in detail and they must be examined thoroughly. Only then can a sanctified method and procedure get created. If via our powerful mental resolve (Sankalpa) and brave mind we march ahead on this path then today’s life appearing lowly and mediocre can tomorrow rush towards glory and greatness. 

By thinking thus that each day is a new birth and each day is a new death it renders the practical form of the practice of Chintan and Manan very successful. During the time period between opening our eyes at morning after a good night’s sleep and going to sleep at night generally a semi rest kind of time exists. At that time we must think that today we have been born and that its life span is only 1 day. When you are about to fall asleep at night think thus that 1 day’s life span has ended. Hence when you get up in the morning, resolve to pass the day in a supremely great manner. The mind must be obstructed from thinking vilely, the body must not act tainted and that our precious time, effort and energy must be used for useful tasks that benefit us and others too. By looking upon wealth, property etc as a gift from Almighty God we must use it only for our basic needs of day to day living. We must live a life of sense control and simplicity (simple living, high thinking). At least a small portion of wealth we own must be used to serve society selflessly. We must not behave abominably with anyone and carry out our righteous duties with a steadfast mind because only then that they shall pass by in glory.

Along with such deep thinking for each day every hair raising, sequential, multifaceted etc plan must designed that encompasses the daily routine, the direction of our thinking, a more reformed plan of our routine, being ready beforehand for possible mistakes that may occur, daily executing selfless tasks for social well being and trying and cutting our daily expenditure wherever it is possible. After this one must finish one’s daily ablutions and start other tasks.

After noting the mode of actions designed in the morning along with its gist every hour one must gauge what could be executed successfully and what could not. Thus due to such alertness definitely one can lead a much greater human life than before. If this trend goes on ceaselessly this procedure becomes a very part of our inner nature and this sequence shall go on in a well managed way. Any reformation task taken up by us at first appears quite burdensome yet after a few days of disciplined execution it becomes easier to carry out and finally it becomes a very part of our inner nature. Henceforth while executing this reformation task no problem shall be faced and no longer shall it seem impossible to succeed in.

After passing the day in such a well planned and well managed way when you go to sleep at night enter the lap of Goddess ‘Sleep’ with the thought that the life of today is about to end and that with joy you are sleeping in the lap of ‘Death’ as a long rest. At that time think that you are leaving all alone and imagine that you are throwing away the painful burden of the noose of greed and deluded attachment to wife, wealth etc. Wealth and family were given to us only for learning the art of serving others selflessly and that they belong to Almighty God. By handing them over to him with a light mind we are bidding farewell peacefully and happily. This thinking of farewell help us is enduring the mental net of greed, deluded attachment, ego, selfish desires etc. Every member of the Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) must give a prime spot in our day to day life to this deep thinking of daily birth and daily death as part of our Chintan and Manan program.
















‘Upasana’ means to sit in close proximity. Upasana of God means to sit in close proximity to him. This is the hunger of our soul and it must be appeased. If a calf does not reach by its mother’s side (cow) how can it drink milk from her udders? If a baby does not latch on to its mother’s chest how shall it get cuddled lovingly by her? Without touching Paras (touchstone) how can a piece of iron get converted into gold? Without getting exposed to fire how can ordinary ores get converted to precious refined chemicals? Without coming close to Almighty God the thirst of our soul can never get satiated. If River Ganga were not conjoined to the Himalaya Mountains it would not be flowing unobstructed as it is seen today. Without joining to the main power station electric wires in our house cannot light bulbs etc. Without the touch of the fingers of a musician a musical instrument cannot emit sweet soulful tunes.

Worship of God is that very requirement of our soul as is life force required by our body. Of what use is our body if it has no life force? If God’s divine light does not enter our soul it shall remain an orphan and handicapped only. The shiny luster of moon is but a reflection of sunlight because moon by itself does not possess any light of its own. Our soul devoid of God’s subtle presence in it strays aimlessly akin to a human beast in a demeaned, downfallen, helpless and lowly state. A living being’s supreme good fortune is that God and his soul live in close proximity. Separation from Almighty God is considered more down fallen, demeaned and rotting state than a wife who has lost her husband due to death.

By itself Almighty God is closest to us. In every pore and in every breath of ours he vibrates divinely yet our ill fate is that we have turned our face away from him. God is near us but we are running far away from him. This is the only cause of all our lack and pain bestowing sorrow. The process of worship, meditation etc gives us a golden opportunity to sit close to God and by opening our heart wide we can converse with him subtly. This then is the goal of worship, meditation etc called Upasana.

Many people are seen to complete the Karmakand or ritual aspect of worship yet sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana that must mandatorily conjoin to it is not seen at all. Such acts can only be called Puja or worship rite but not Upasana at all. Without Puja we can succeed in Upasana yet without the latter we can never succeed in Puja. The shadow of Upasana is Puja. Without Puja we can succeed in Upasana yet without the latter, if we do Puja it becomes only a dry routine daily act. Hence no spiritual goal can be attained from it. It is for this reason that people carrying out actions devoid of sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana can only become Pujaris or priests. Devotion to God is very much conjoined to sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana. Where deep rooted Bhavasamvedana is lacking it can be compared to our body devoid of Prana or life force.

Every member of our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) must compulsorily give a prime spot in their day to day life to Upasana oozing with sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana on a daily basis. If you place an image of God in front of you to feel his divine presence there it aids our Upasana a lot. We must reinstate a photo of Goddess Gayatri or Super Mantra Gayatri. Fire and water that symbolize energy and peace must be made witnesses to our Upasana. Fire represents energy and hence you must place a Deepak (flame wick lamp) or incense stick on the worship altar. Water that represents inner peace must be placed in a small Kalash (metal pot) on the worship altar. For Puja or worship rites rice, flowers, sandalwood paste etc too must be offered to God’s holy image. Kalash (metal pot) and Deepak (flame wick lamp) or incense stick are already there on the altar. In this manner we can carry out Panchopchar Puja (5 fold procedure). While offering all these to the holy image of Almighty God we must do at least 1 rosary or Mala of chanting Super Mantra Gayatri.

For soul purification, before commencing Upasana the following have to be carried out viz.:






Our pigtail (Shikha) and Yajnopaveet (sacred thread) must be sprinkled with a little water. After purifying the body via Super Mantra Gayatri we must invoke Almighty God (Ahvahan). This Panchopchar Pujan as given in the Purusha Sukta for this goal can be done chanting 5 Mantras or via Super Mantra Gayatri. After this either while chanting Super Mantra Gayatri once or via the Mantra ‘Stuta maya varada……’ invoking Almighty God (Ahvahan) can be executed and after this Puja is completed via Super Mantra Gayatri Visarjan (bidding adieu) must be done. The water of the Kalash must be offered to the sun as Arghya by facing it. This is the Science of Duality getting transformed into Non Duality or Advaita.

Everything used for carrying out Upasana like the place where you do it, paraphernalia used and clothes you wear must be kept clean. In reality this is the hour to meet Almighty God and hence one must be as zestful and alert as we are when a great God Realized Saint comes to your house in order to bless you. Whatever is used for Puja it must be the best and that very type of zest and sacred sentiments must bloom on the mental plane. From the material standpoint this meritorious hour and hour of the soul meeting the cosmic divine soul or Almighty God must be looked upon as the supremely great divinely sentimental one. And it must actually be experienced by us. When a mother-child or husband-wife, after a long period of separation unites with each other one fine day, their mental state at that time is full of restless yearning. The same inner feeling must be experienced by a devotee after making due efforts zealously. Based on the intensity of these sacred sentiments one’s stature of Upasana can be inferred as higher or lower.

At this hour there is no need to meditate. The Yoga practice of concentration and meditation is a separate issue altogether. In Upasana one bares one’s heart and places it in front of Almighty God. When he sits in our inner soul it is the apt time to silently hear what God tells us via his subtle divine speech. We must attentively hear from him the goal of human life which is a God given gift and further we must find out what are his divine commands and wishes that we are supposed to execute. Seated in our inner soul he ceaselessly guides us and directs us to steadfastly first sanctify our psyche that in turn helps us succeed in world welfare and well being tasks. This much only is his divine message and request. Lest we can properly hear it and mold our inner-outer personality in tandem with it, know for sure that we have won the unconditional divine love of Almighty God. In a certain sense we also make him our very own beloved ‘kin’. Lest regarding this we pay just no heed know that we have no knowledge with reference to the root attitude to be harbored while carrying out Mantra chanting, Tapas or spiritual austerities etc. Under such circumstances this Puja becomes but a superficial rite or Karmakanda executed in a robot mechanical like manner. In it power of the soul is virtually naught in measure.

We must hear what Almighty God says and then tell him our problems, attainments etc gauged via deep self introspection. We must accept our mistakes that have occurred so far with full integrity we must truly repent and atone for them sincerely. In order to render our future life supremely glorious we must analyze our psyche minutely and for this we must seek the ability and energy from Almighty God. This has to be done when we do Puja or worship of Almighty God.

If we talk to God regarding attaining mundane benefits and overcoming various difficulties in life it is but showcasing our hollow nature. These instead must be asked to our balanced talented brain and our hands oozing with intense efforts. We possess this Paras (touchstone) and Kalpavriksha (wish fulfilling tree) and with its help we can ward off the direst difficulty. It also aids us in climbing the highest peak of progress and advancement. These two are God’s material forms that dwell by our side forever. For attaining mundane benefits and overcoming various difficulties in life the acts of immersing oneself in bodily efforts and harboring mental Viveka or farsighted discrimination appear in front of us as Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Powers. If ever we wish to attain worldly joy and material comforts we must ask for it from these two only. Our arms in the form of Goddess Lakshmi and our talented brain in the form of Lord Narayan are always with us. Our schedule of daily Upasana must only be for the sacred sentimental union of our soul with Almighty God. In it no mundane topics must enter.

This sacred sentimental daily Upasana must be done for as much time you can spare and as long as your mind can get immersed in it with devotion. Along with Puja, Japa etc these sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana must bloom forth in our psyche. At least half an hour daily must be allotted for it. When 1 round of rosary (Japa) is completed the remaining time must be utilized for experiencing divine union with God, the silent subtle conversation of our soul with God and the give and take of love and devotion with him. If our daily spiritual practice of Chintan and Manan is joined to this it is all the better. Else we must appoint another time period for it.

The tree of Upasana gets nourished, watered with the fertilizer and water of Chintan and Manan. Hence very much like Upasana, Chintan and Manan also must be looked upon as very important. Upasana must become a compulsory required daily act. When both these conjoin our life swiftly starts oozing with divinity.








It is not ordinary but an extraordinary task to urge man not to cross limits of self discipline (Maryada), egg him on to execute his righteous duties and showcase his goodwill/generous nature in day to day living. No doubt this task is executed by political rulers yet it does not get properly fulfilled. The weapon of any govt. is punishment. Their functions are limited to law, police, prison etc. In order to escape all this man tries to find out many loopholes. Amongst so many criminals very few actually get caught and from amongst those who get caught very few actually get penal punishment. Amongst those who get punished very few reform for the better. Majority of these are ‘experts’ in crime, well trained in it and are basically hard core shameless people. Our democratic laws designed for reforming society actually fail in controlling rampant crime in society. If ever any govt. has put a full stop to wickedness, vile brain based activities etc then for it only terror like punishment where people even get killed has been put at work.

In order to render our inner personality of a great and advanced stature only philosophy based theism works. This aim can succeed via religion, spirituality and theism. Lest this philosophy is of an apt stature doubtlessly it renders the importance of a person imperishable and that it also becomes highly advanced. The ill fortune over here is that in past times this great recourse has been rendered distorted and tainted. Today God’s form is depicted as that on getting easily pleased when devotees offer a few items of tasty food and perform a few rites he fulfills their desires. It is heard everywhere that if you do Karmakand or worship rites you get liberated from the punishment of sins you have performed. Under such situations the main aim of theism gets destroyed. Via taking recourse to fatalism and fearlessness of getting protected from punishment accrued due to sinning both the individual and society can experience only a downfall and never can it be uplifted. The distorted beliefs of spirituality have destroyed all its great utility value.

The other option placed before us includes patriotism, performing social welfare duties and imbibing ethics in our dealings. Yet they could not be placed at the philosophic level and were proclaimed on the basis of mundane usefulness. As a result in the form of ethics it got accepted. It could not enter the sensitive spot of faith and hence even people who swear by working for society uplifting inwardly and on the sly execute such vile activities that the huge difference in what they think and actually execute astounds one.

Under such situations a requirement emerges wherein we must sanctify our life’s philosophy. For this it is only Spiritual Vedanta Philosophy that looks apt. In reality we are the son and prince of God and that we ooze with divine potentials. In front of us rests the divine command of Almighty God wherein we must under soul purification and execute world well being tasks in a selfless manner. A taint is sticking on our personality wherein due to lowly thinking and hateful actions our human pride and glory have been thrown out of the window of life. This taint must be washed off forever as quickly as possible. This world is God’s form that has a shape and name too. We must all religiously make efforts to render it beautiful, well managed and highly advanced. We must act with goodwill and magnanimity with every creature of the world. This is Spiritual Philosophy which in order to etch in world public psyche it is being used with total zeal by Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation). Lest we can transform this Spiritual Philosophy of Life into public faith we must strongly believe that it shall definitely become possible to visualize Satyuga or Golden Era and divine light in the human body.

Man by himself indeed is great. In him oozes all divine authority and the supreme most glory. This soul is Almighty God’s form. Maya or God’s power of illusion, mental dirt and delusion is the chief cause of sorrow and pain. In this belief all attention has been focused on that self and soul experience which tells us that the more we progress on this path the more we tread higher towards peaks of glorious greatness. This then is true spiritual philosophy. In it there is no bias like devotion to God. There is also no place for making lopsided unethical management for social service based on one’s brain capacity. The basis of Era Transformation and sacred sentimental neo creation can only be spiritualism. Members of the Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) must create and render highly advanced their faith on the basis of spiritualism.

Almighty God is nothing but the fully sanctified form of our soul. Our supreme goal of all human lives must be to remove all taints within and without so as to render it pristine pure, it must be rendered high in stature and by warding off incompleteness in our inner nature avail benefits of supreme divine bliss. Over here there is just no need to please and appease any other god or any other basis. Instead our total focus must be on self introspection and soul purification. Soul advancement is tested by noting how much our psyche and soul has been rendered great and magnanimous. 

We must look upon our self pride as protecting Almighty God’s honor and by disallowing any taint entering our inner glory we must focus on it only. In order to rise higher in life high sacred ideals have to be imbibed. Our pious sentiments must vow to do something for rendering our soul and Almighty God well protected and highly advanced.

We must not carry out any such task wherein our own conscience reprimands us. This fact must be paid total attention. We may hide our lowliness and wicked inner nature from the eyes of others but it cannot remain hidden from our own self. We may pull the wool over other peoples’ eyes and delude them regarding our inner taints yet we cannot hide them from our conscience. Others may endure our taints and wickedness out of fear or due to some enticement given but our soul cannot fall prey to such wiliness. Self rejection, our conscience hitting out hard at us, inner restlessness and dissatisfaction are the direst punishment handed over to us by our human consciousness. Our body experiences agony when faced with pain, wounds, fever etc Our mind gets pained on enduring sorrow, insults loss, separation from dear ones etc. But pain that shatters our soul has to be endured as our conscience censuring us and self disgust.

Our righteous duty, our thinking trend and our stature can never remain hidden from our soul. This also is clear that since the soul is a pristine pure, wise and fully illumined representative of Almighty God it can only mete out justice in a total unbiased manner. By not enduring unruliness, unethical thinking etc even a wee bit and when our conscience reprimands us our entire inner personality gets shaken up. Thus each moment man shivers in fear and agony. This inner upheaval’s reaction can be seen in the form of bodily, mental, family, social and other based strife. Man hence attains no peace or joy. Every moment of man passes by in sheer restlessness, discontentment and gloomy despair. Even though such a person brims with untold wealth, material comforts etc yet he feels something important has been snatched away from him. He feels he has strayed far away and that he has got entangled in a major perilous situation.

Externally one cannot find a cause for this restlessness and inner agitation yet within such anguish is experienced as though someone has forcefully made you run afar and that you were not allowed to sleep peacefully for years together. So many bodily and mental diseases are the result of such self disgust and our conscience censuring us. A person pained due to this self punishment despite possessing a lot of material means remains inwardly agitated and gloomy.

We can pose doubts when someone talks of entering heaven or hell post death yet we can visibly witness the self disgust of a person leading a lowly despicable life. Its reaction can be seen anywhere and at anytime in the form of inner agitation and so many obstacles coming in the way of trying to live happily. This hellish state has to be experienced by such a one while yet alive in this human body. Our soul in this state instills so much fear in us that it seems that by becoming symbols of 1000 aides of Yama (Lord of Death) it is impatiently waiting to rake up many more such hells within us.

Spiritual Philosophy helps focus the attention of each one of us on the above precepts and tells us to stay away from vile activities incited by our sense titillation inclinations, greed, deluded attachment to wife, wealth etc. Envy and material desires that are creations of our limited ego ‘I’ must be renounced at all cost. We must carry out only those activities that help us raise our respectful stature in our own eyes, that satiates Almighty God seated in our innermost psyche and that pleases him too. It is such a viewpoint that must be intensified and developed further. If we have truly imbibed spiritual philosophy in life a deep yearning of soul purification and sanctification shall arise in the psyche. In no way can it be obstructed once it manifests.

The demand of self glory is that we live a very grand life. We must think grandly and act grandly. A person following spiritualism profoundly is much ahead in life than even those great patriots akin to soldiers giving up their all to keep the flag of honor of their country flying high. Such a one is always alert that no distortion enters in the glory of their soul and Almighty God. In order that the high stature reputation of their soul and Almighty God.

A person following true spiritualism can never be wicked or act tainted. He can never carry out frauds, scams and sleazy activities. He detests lowly vile thinking. His brain is like Ksheer Sagar of Lord Vishnu, Kailash of Lord Shiva and Brahma’s Brahmaloka. If his brain is as sacred as these regions how can he behave wickedly and act like a hard hearted demon? How can he give an opportunity to thoughts reeking with the foul odor of a downfall and dishonesty to dwell in such divine areas? When a person is living a life identified with his soul he is always alert and awake with reference to this direction.

The reinstating, nourishment and maturity of high stature ‘purity’ in an individual life that is predominantly added to sacred sentiment based neo creation is conjoined to maturing of Spiritual Philosophy. Each one of us must make honest efforts regarding self glory self respect soul purification and finally attaining God or Self Realization. Many a times in the name of self respect a very low stature ego appears in our midst akin to a clown’s garb. We must therefore understand the difference between our ego and self respect. Our ego searches for objects and situations and on its basis gets angry or satiated. But self respect and glory is associated at the internal level with our inner qualities, activities, nature, aspirations and thinking trend. Those whose inner nature is radiant shall have nothing to do with external worldly circumstances. He never gets affected by his mundane life’s success, failure etc.

His center of satiation is inner glories and not material wealth, comforts etc. An egoistic person’s mind becomes imbalanced, wrathful and discontented while facing external worldly obstacles but a man who has imbibed true spirituality deep within gets satisfied only if his inner soul personality reaches great heights of glory.

A true spiritual person is so zealously immersed in rendering his body, mind and behavior in society radiant and supremely great in order that the soul dwelling in his body experiences its glory reaching great peaks. He is hell bent on keeping his body, clothes, worship materials, house, his influence on others etc absolutely clean. Wherever inner cleanliness and purity reign there external cleanliness akin to a shadow follows suit. If we conjoin to dirt we are tarnishing the image of a true human being. Hence which person of dignity shall endure such allegations?

Every act of creation goes on with proper management and sequence. The sun rises and sets at the appointed hour daily. Man’s daily routine must be regular and well controlled. Not one moment of his must pass by wastefully. Since the supreme gift of Almighty God to man is this life force given to him hence not one moment of his life must go in vain. Each moment of our life must be used wholesomely. No time must be wasted in lethargy, indolence, ‘time pass’ etc. Each task must be carried out by us in a sequence, proper plan, well managed, artistic and with proper mental focus. How well has someone imbibed true spiritualism in life? This can be gauged from how alert and cautious he is while executing various chores. In this not even a moment of lethargy, indolence, mistakes etc must be noted.

What measure of spiritual tenets and values has truly been imbibed by a person? This can be inferred on noting his sweet polite behavior with others, humble behavior with all, discipline, goodwill, showering respect on all, facing oozing with true contentment and zest for life and a little smile always radiating on his face. We can gauge the spiritual stature of a person depending on how much gentlemanliness, simplicity and zest bloom in it. When faced with things that are inapt and unethical he limits his fighting spirit to this much only. Hence one has truly learnt the art of honoring everyone since he knows Almighty God dwells everywhere. He knows that his soul and the soul of all other beings are inseparably one.

Self glory and steadfastness towards righteous duties are conjoined to each other inseparably. On mankind’s shoulders rests innumerable duties and responsibilities. It is mandatory and very important that each one of us religious carry out duties of a citizen of our country. We have our responsibilities towards our wife, children, parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, servants, boss etc. We have duties towards society too. It is only when we execute these duties aptly that our soul glory gets protection. We must follow all discipline and rules. We must put tabs on our beastly activities and vile psychic imprints. Instead of becoming restless for our rights we must be excessively alert that not even one duty is executed erroneously. We must pay no heed to what others do and that when we helped them did they reciprocate or at least showered gratefulness on us. Instead of calculating all this we must focus on whether we have executed our duties optimally or not. There is no need to think that you are great when someone else commits an error. A true spiritualist has to become an ideal icon of society so that on following him people march ahead on the path of true human glory and greatness.

A true man of spirituality can never earn money unethically/illegally and that eked out by harassing and oppressing others. They feel that it is better to remain hungry than eat food bought from money earned by sinning. Anyone fully imbibing this principle shall make arrangements for his upkeep only from money earned in an ethical and legal manner. There are many poverty stricken people the world over. A true man of spirituality feels he is indeed living a grand life even if it means wearing torn old clothes and eating dry bread and water got via ethical honest means. He does not even glance at wealth eked out via frauds, scam, devoid of ethics, reeking with falsehood and sinful acts. He does not know how to gamble and never buys lottery tickets or any other form of speculation. He no doubt works hard to earn money for his upkeep yet it shall only be in an honest and ethical manner. Hence if the income earned is less he yet harbors a royal attitude within despite possessing meager clothes, food to eat etc. When he sees people amassing wealth fraudulently and living lives of external pomp/glitter a true spiritualist does not get jealous even a wee bit and harbors no desire to follow in their criminal footsteps. Income earned by ethical honest means is so great and grand that if it means eating only grams and using a gunny bag as a blanket to ward off cold he feels it is a great gift of god adding to his grandeur.

Living a life of steadfast spirituality tells us the deep faith of a person towards it. When people after earning wealth fraudulently live lives of external pomp/glitter it but is a public exhibition of their inner criminal and dishonest thinking. It is only a person not awakened within that feels joyous in exhibiting his criminal fraudulent inner nature. But a man of spirituality not only fails to get lured by this instead despises even glancing in such tainted directions. He is just immersed in only those activities that raise the radiant stature of his soul to peaks of divine glory. He neither aspires for material goals at a personal level and he does not get influenced by it too. Even if he attains a lot of material wealth etc he shall share it with society for public good and welfare.

The sacred inspiration of spiritualism is to protect soul glory. It goes without saying that soul glory is inseparably conjoined to a lifestyle oozing with honesty, performance of righteous duties in a steadfast manner, gentlemanly nature and proper management. We must first ourselves imbibe such a spiritual lifestyle so that it positively influences others in our worldwide mission to practice it in their own day to day living.





















The best laboratory for molding, transforming positively and neo creating our inner personality is our family way of living. After ourselves the biggest influence on us is our family. Our duties and responsibilities are conjoined to our family. Hence soul neo creation and family neo creation can certainly walk hand in hand.

In order to learn swimming we need a pool, lake etc. In order to learn the art of piercing a target a rifle is required, for studying books are required and to carry out scientific research experiments a laboratory is mandatory. No doubt we can positive change our aspirations and beliefs in a single handed lone manner. But whether we have actually succeeded in it or not and that has it properly matured or not, must be minutely examined. For this testing the best test is family way of life. Also it is a garden watered by Almighty God. It must hence be looked after akin to a zealous, skillful and hard working gardener. Man offers his sacred devotion at the feet of world humanity in the form of a well cultured family. On the one hand the process of family creation helps execute sacred responsibilities it also aids us to tread the path of soul neo creation in an extraordinary manner.

The habit of ‘early to bed early to rise’ is great not only for keeping good health but that it is also that auspicious hour (Brahmamuhurat) in order to execute the most important task of human life. 70% of vile unethical activities that go on the world over are done between 12 pm-3 am in the morning. That time is not meant to remain awake. It is in this time that people watch blue films, drink alcohol, execute lewd sexual activities, gamble, gossip etc. If people make it a habit to sleep at this hour they can get liberated from major vile habits and tainted actions. We must use the time period of 3 am-6 am called Brahmamuhurat for immersing ourselves in spiritual activities like worship, meditation, prayer etc. It is also excellent for students in school, college etc to study at this auspicious sacred hour because our brain functions at its best at such times. It can also be used to carry out bodily exercises and go to the gym. Regarding all this one tradition of Jain Religion is worth praising because they advise devotees to finish meals before sunset. To this we must add the fact that as much as is possible we must go to sleep as early as possible at night (early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise).

After finishing dinner at night we must spend some time in Sattvik (pious) entertainment that also increases our wholesome knowledge. The entire family must get together and carry out conversations on important topics. Those who are educated in the family must read out good wholesome literature for about half or one hour and the rest of the family members must listen avidly. In literature penned by Yug Nirman Family so many books are of great importance. In magazines generally news incidences, life episodes etc are printed. There are many other topics important and useful for our day to day living. If daily these are read aloud and heard by others in a certain sense the process of Swadhyaya (self study) and Satsang (religious discourses) gets fulfilled. In a few weeks itself a positive effect shall be perceived and it shall be felt that by imbibing this food of sacred sentiments the psyche of each one is advancing towards human glory. Our daily Swadhyaya (self study) can be conjoined to this daily program. After reading and hearing a session of question-answers can be commenced.

In order to render one’s family beautiful and well managed every family member must be given an opportunity on a regular basis. Each member must contribute towards all small-big tasks like cleaning the house, furniture, decorating the home, painting it, washing clothes, repairing broken materials, binding and covering books, keeping household objects in their appointed places etc. If in one’s home tasks of agriculture, animal breeding, cottage industries etc are being carried out each member must put in a helping hand including senior citizens, young family members etc. It is not good at all that any family member just sleeps in lethargy or just fools around the whole day. Every capable family member must feel that he has certain duties to his family to shoulder with sincerity. The family’s advancement requires his contribution too. From this standpoint a well sequenced program of donating honest labor must be planned on a daily basis.

A truly happy pious family possesses the grandeur of cleanliness, beauty, apt decoration and proper household management. We must minutely focus on small weaknesses of dirt both physical and mental and wherever lethargy, indolence household fights etc ensue they must be dealt with in a serene and cooperative manner. In no pious family can a place be given to behavior reeking with insults, harsh words, hitting anyone and any such wrathful action. Just as it is called utter indiscipline for youngsters to behave and talk insultingly with elders so too similarly in any civilized family elders must behave in a civilized manner with its younger generation. For mistakes or behavior that is incorrect it must certainly be stopped with proper understanding but in it gentlemanliness and softness must be included. None should be insulted and no one’s dignity must be attacked even if it means the one committing an error is a child and much younger in age than you. The term ‘you’ should be used respectfully while speaking to anyone whether it is someone elder to you or younger in age than you. No inequality must be harbored between a son and daughter, daughter and daughter in law etc.

Each family member must follow a disciplined daily routine. Time management is very important and you must demarcate time for entertainment and proper rest too. In those homes where the daily routine is haywire and devoid of discipline and that no proper time is observed for sleeping, eating, resting etc there even if the work is miniscule the entire day gets wasted and none hence has any time to spare for other things.

Collective family prayers must be executed daily either at dawn and dusk or at least once. The family can also chant Super Mantra Gayatri together or sing some prayer full of devotion to God. Daily the oath or Satsankalpa of Yug Nirman Mission must be read out.

Everyone in the family must be taught to lead simple lives and incur as less expenses as possible. Bad habits like eating like gluttons, wasteful expenditure, beautifying and adorning the body in a titillating manner, using foul language etc must be overcome even in children. Proper budgeting must be done as to what is the family income and what expenses are most required. We must try and never use that much cash that it transgresses the limit of our income. Try and save at least a bit of money from your income.

Everyone must learn how to respect elders. The younger members of the family must daily touch the feet of their elders respectfully. We must not desire family wealth in excess than what is rightfully ours. We must eat and live in unison and brotherhood. These small facts must be focused on minutely by each family member. The elder children must help their younger siblings in their studies, in protecting them, reforming them, playing with them, taking them out etc. The household routine and management must be so wonderful that the moment you enter your house all tiredness evaporates to naught. Thus no need arises to run away to movie theatres etc for avoiding family conflicts etc.

If along with a little bit of games etc training in music becomes a part of one’s family routine and that one gets attracted towards musical instruments and singing know for sure that the family indeed is a truly joyful one. The household atmosphere becomes very zestful if we can regularly take children to parks, festival outings, take them for picnics etc.

Each and every family member must imbibe self dependence and sacred culture. Out of deluded attachment to anyone he should not be allowed to use family wealth wastefully. Each child of the family must be made to realize deeply that wealth shall not be given them for life by others in the family in order for them to just fool around, use for sense titillating pleasures etc. If we actually feed our children even when they mature as adults and further leave behind so much wealth that they indolently use it wastefully know that you are ethically murdering your child. No doubt children must be showered with love and care yet it is compulsory that they be led towards self dependence as they start growing towards maturity. We have to discipline and reform ourselves intensely since it aids in soul advancement in a major way. Along with this family creation in an optimal way too succeeds.





















People are seen to enter public life with so many goals in mind. A few of them are known to enter it with true intentions of working selflessly for public welfare and in the process advancing the great stature of their soul too. A few enter public life in order to amass wealth and attain name and fame. Such people donning the garb of ‘selfless social service’ make a show of being selfless servers of the world akin to hypocrites. Our worldwide Yug Nirman Family members shall not be allowed to enter public service with such hollow hypocrite like intentions.

We must understand that our Yug Nirman Family is not working for any material goals and attainments. Our sole aim is to raise the stature of sacred sentiments in the psyche of world public. This task can commence only with soul purification and advancement of members themselves. If our inner stature is high only then we can help others raise their soul glory to higher peaks. It is only a lit flame lamp that can light other wick lamps. If a lamp itself is doused how can it light other wick lamps?

We can only fulfill the goal of society neo creation if we work towards our own soul purification and advancement. Every worldwide Yug Nirman Family member must cogitate over his inner soul state. He must deeply realize that he has taken birth only for fulfilling divine tasks. He has been sent by God in this hour of Era Junction (Yug Sandhi) for a special mission. They must not sit in the endless queue of ordinary people just immersed in procreating children, eating tasty food, hoarding excess wealth etc. He must not rot his inner personality by insanely running after selfish greed, deluded mental attachment to wife, property etc.

At first we are offering the garland of sacred sensitive emotions at the divine feet of Yuga Purusha Shriram Sharma Acharya who was the founder of our worldwide family. This is the crest jewel amongst all offered and is very important. We have got a historical opportunity to play this great role. The directors of this worldwide campaign with immense efforts searched it, took care of it and watered it with sacred sensitive emotions or Bhavasamvedana. It has to be raised from lowliness to a stature of super glory and greatness. For this a golden opportunity stares at them. First via soul wisdom we must render ourselves divinely illumined. World history is searching these era’s creators and we must bravely go and sit in that row.

Every member of our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) must mentally reflect on one’s soul and via the divine light of Self Realization one must radiantly illumine one’s psyche. Only after understanding deeply the honor of shouldering responsibilities conjoined to being a member of our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) that one can honestly enact the role given to us. Regarding ourselves we must think that the high inner stature gathered by us after dint of intense efforts since past many births is today being tested in fire. Lord Mahakal is again and again calling us all to act as per his divine directions and that we must walk the path on which monkeys, bears etc had trodden in order to aid the divine mission of Lord Rama in Tretayuga. The directors of this worldwide campaign are harboring great hope in all of us and we must not douse this divine hope of theirs. This era is calling upon all alive and awakened souls imbued with great sacred psychic imprints. We must not ignore it even a wee bit. This hour is such that it manifests only in the life of very fortunate human beings. There are many people waiting for important opportunities. They yearn to play an extraordinary important role and thus glorify their life. This golden opportunity stares at members of our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) and they must use it wholesomely. If this golden hour is ignored one shall only repent in anguish for the rest of their life. They shall burn in the fire of repentance.

Every member of our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) must realize his high inner stature, his great responsibility and righteous duties that have to be executed. All that he is supposed to do in the form of an auspicious beginning he must march ahead towards soul purification and advancement. The more each one of us renders the soul great and sanctified the more one can succeed in carry out responsibilities assigned. Society neo creation and Era Transformation is inseparably conjoined to our own neo creation and transformation. Lest akin to other so called social workers we run about everywhere in a superficial manner but fail to fulfill the requirement of self reflection, self reformation, self neo creation and soul progress our capacity shall remain miniscule and not much benefit shall accrue. Society neo creation is dependent on people and a person’s neo creation depends on sanctification and advancement of one’s soul.

Whosoever accepts himself to be a unit-member of our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) must look upon, understand and accept his bare reality in this form only. Almighty God is about to do something and the direction of the world shall reverse. By obstructing the world entering the crater of a massive downfall a lot of repair work (breaking, fixing etc) shall be taken up to render world’s future direction radiant.

These days in the subtle world divine upheavals of this sort are going on and its nature is intensifying in speed more and more. In the near future it shall become most intense. This campaign is not authored by humans wherein it commences today and disappears to naught tomorrow.

Those who have intensely yearned to participate in this super effort must realize that this is not a mere fleeting onrush of emotions or some transient inciting. This is the direction of the soul and hint given by Almighty God and it has been attained by him as an extraordinary good fortune. On such great occasions not everyone gets the golden opportunity of becoming a leader. During Lord Rama’s Avatar in Tretayuga credit was given to Angad, Lord Hanuman and Nal-Neel and others failed to get it. Anyone pushed into the 1st row of Era Transformation must believe himself to be the beloved devotee of Almighty God and with a calm steadfast mind must make definite plans to march ahead on this path. One must not waste time in useless ‘pull and push’ attitude.

By ignoring the call of the soul if we continue walking on the old trend of greed, deluded attachment to family, wealth etc such a huge blow of self disgust shall have to be endured that the wiliness of not renouncing greedy selfishness shall prove to be very costly. This inner duel and restlessness shall render him totally useless. The joy of sense objects shall not allow one to listen to the call of the soul and due to dearth of valor the golden chance of rendering one’s life glorious while walking on the path of Almighty God’s divine directions shall go in vain. We must save ourselves from this 2 fold downfall. In this hour of strife God has given us other tasks and duties to perform and hence without harboring any doubt we must accept it with sincerity. In tandem with this we must plan all our activities.

Every member of our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) must imbibe a definite standpoint regarding his future life’s trend and must imbibe a well defined program. Only then they shall attain mental peace and eternal contentment.

Certain aspirations and faith of those following the path of spiritual glory must be firm and steadfast. The belief of every member of our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) must be that his soul oozes with great culture and is of high stature beyond all doubt. Due to soul progress attained from innumerous previous births he has got a psyche blooming with life force, proper inner awakening, sacred sensitive sentiments, Viveka or farsighted discrimination and generosity. Even the very act of conjoining to our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) is an important chain in this sequence. It is such powerfully capable souls that are being chosen for our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) that shall be the leader of all divine efforts made so far right since primordial times.

This faith of ours must be as immovable as a huge rocky mountain. This faith encompasses the attitude that this era is changing and that age old rotting values are about to get destroyed. Today the world is rushing on the all destructive path of selfish greed, deluded attachment to family, wealth and other selfish unethical acts. But henceforth this trend has to be fully reversed. Blind traditions and indolent beliefs shall have to come to a grinding halt once and for all. In future days it is the flag of justice, truth and Viveka or farsighted discrimination that shall flutter high. We must not get affected even a wee bit by blind traditions and vile people advocating the path of wickedness. We must harbor total faith that they too shall have to transform wholesomely. The divine hand of Lord Mahakal has been raised to give them tight hard hitting slaps. We must not think even for a moment that we are alone, weak or devoid of any means. Instead we must walk ahead with this understanding that behind us are invincible divine energies at work and that it shall render our efforts in this superb worldwide campaign fully successful.

Our firm steadfast belief must be that this world is God’s true form. The supreme Puja or worship of Almighty is working for world welfare and well being in a selfless devoted manner. In order to attain God’s love the supreme form of Tapas or spiritual austerities is to sanctify our inner personality with its aid. These days this itself is Yuga Sadhana or this era’s Tapas or spiritual austerities. A very powerful system is at work to amass special Tapas based divine energy via the path of Yoga practices. Its divine energy is meant for all of us. From it how much ever energy is required for any type of goal shall be handed over that that person unasked. This present time is not meant for doing separate spiritual practices and Yoga in a scattered manner. On a huge pyre food is being cooked for all hence what need is there for lighting many small cooking ranges? These days the supreme medium of soul welfare is treading the path of self transformation and becoming a part of our great worldwide campaign.

We must go beyond the undesirable dark gloom of selfish greed and deluded attachment to family, property etc. For nurturing the family and earning wealth for bodily upkeep we must set up apt limits. We must rise above the narrow minded desire to amass wealth of the measure possessed by God Kubera (wealth deity) and rendering our children kings, queens etc. Our duty also involves soul welfare and that we have to repay the debt we owe to world society. By ignoring society and our soul welfare our consciousness shall then get immersed only in selfish greed and deluded mental attachment to family, property etc. This can only harm us both materially and spiritually. In tasks pertaining to world welfare our time, labor, mental focus etc is used in very minuscule measure. We do not pursue it valiantly and instead become very miserly. If this is the case we are merely bloating about working for social causes and are progressing only on the path of hypocrisy. Hence our soul stature falls in the pit of a massive downfall. None of us must remain in such a despicable state anymore. Half our wealth, talent etc must be used for bodily upkeep and nurturing our family and the rest must be generously used up for soul purification, imbibing great psychic imprints and for tasks pertaining to world welfare and wellness. This demarcation must be just and apt. If we shower all our life’s attainments towards materialism only and render our soul thirsty know that it shall become a huge misfortune and a painful accident. We must regularly gauge both our inner and external state and must see to it that we do not use more than half of our wealth, talent, time, labor, mental focus etc for material pursuits. We must check as to whether we are being unfair and unjust to the spiritual aspect of our life?

We must walk alone in life. We must not dither even a wee bit in walking alone very much like the sun, moon etc. We must advance our faith and aspiration not based on what ordinary lay people think but that we must do it on the basis of our deep spiritual thinking. We must renounce the attitude of ‘blind following the blind’. We must design our path like the lion on the basis of our consciousness that imbibes Viveka or farsighted discrimination. The members of our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) possess that wealth of renouncing that is wrong and imbibing what is correct on the basis of which at the hour of this era’s great mission they can optimally and aptly execute responsibilities handed over to them by Almighty God. Creating such potential and capability in us is not only apt but mandatory too.

We must understand deeply that a group of bricks become a house, many drops become the ocean and many thin fibers become a rope. When human beings congregate it is called society. Those qualities found in humans of a particular time and society renders society, nation and world of that type. The meaning of Era Transformation is to positively transform the present dire inner and outer stature of world humanity.

Lest people start thinking in a highly great stature manner tomorrow itself its result in the form of heavenly world situations can be witnessed by us all. The basis of Era Transformation is to raise the stature of world human psyche to peaks of glory. The meaning of Era Neo Creation and Transformation is neo creation of sacred sensitive emotions or Bhavasamvedana. The central focus of our great worldwide movement is this. In order to attain the goal of Era Transformation we must commence individual neo creation and transformation. Its first task is soul neo creation and uplifting. To neo create others is well nigh difficult. It is quite possible that others will not listen to us but it is not difficult to advise ourselves to do something. The closest to each one of us that can be influenced is our soul within. From here itself we must commence our neo creation task. By changing our individual selves in a positive manner we can auspiciously commence the onerous task of Era Transformation.

If we wish to give some information to someone, we wish to give news, if we wish to hear etc this task can be done via gross speech. We can also write it on a piece of paper and pass on information to others. As against this if we wish to develop our inner personality, our character and transform it gloriously the only solution is to set before it great ideals of high stature. Very influential personalities first imbue terrific life force in their mode of activities and thus draw others in order that the latter follow in their glorious footsteps. This then is the history of all great world leaders since eons together. If they wished to convey or make others hear what they had to say these great personalities and visionaries would first imbibe it in their character and day to day transactions.

Lord Buddha himself first renounced home and hearth and thus the result of setting this example was that about 0.25 million young men and women followers got ready to work for his divine mission. Whenever Mahatma Gandhi (Father of our Nation-India) wanted to advise someone he would first practice it himself. Lest he got into the habit of merely teaching others and act bang opposite to what he taught his teachings may have been imbibed intellectually yet it would have been virtually impossible to imbibe deep within and externally in one’s day to day living too. As far as it is the question of transformation of individuals it is possible only when another great personality is placed before them as ideal examples to follow. Only after Buddha, Gandhi, Harishchandra etc molded their personality in a glorious manner that became an inspiration for others to mold themselves accordingly.

Every member of the Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) must see to it that they decide what they desire others to become and what tasks must be given to them. This mode of action must be fully imbibed by our members, they must imbibe great thinking and put it into practice themselves first and only then can this combination of action and thinking become a very highly influencing power. Via it innumerable people shall get positively influenced and get molded greatly both within and without. We must test our firm faith on ourselves initially. If our soul has imbibed firm steadfast faith know for sure that so many others shall become your aides, followers and fellowmen. Thus no obstacle can then come in the way of our Era Neo Creation and Transformation task succeeding. The only obstacle as of today is that the thinking we wish others to imbibe is not at first imbibed by us deep within. If this problem gets solved know well that 3/4th of total success has already come our way.

In one’s personal life each one of us must fully practice both inwardly and outwardly proper management, great character, great qualities and sacred activities for public well bell being. Time management, regularity, honest hard work, cleanliness both mentally and physically and other such small good habits radiates our inner personality. A tailor bird builds its beautiful nest with tiny ordinary blades of grass yet it oozes with skill, zeal and alertness. If our small habits are sanctified it can influence our family, neighbors and far off regions too in a positive manner.

Our speech must drip with humility, discipline, sweetness and politeness. In it respect must be given to all. Honesty and ethics increase the weight age of anyone imbibing it. A person with a criminal, fraudulent, wily and tainted mind loses all self respect and then no one believes in anything ordinary also that he utters. People err a lot by trying to hide and put a curtain on their inner taints and vile qualities. It is impossible to hide one’s taints forever. Mercury devoured by anyone cannot be digested and when the tummy is ripped open it jumps out. All tainted elements like vile activities and sentiments, sinful acts and thinking, lowliness and wickedness cannot remain hidden for long. The quote that ‘sins shout aloud from rooftops’ is true 100%. It is impossible that even after drinking a lot of alcohol your breath does not let out its bad odor and that you do not get inebriated at all. If by chance you eat a dead fly you are bound to get loose motions and your tummy shall become empty. It is impossible that despite man acting vilely no dire results ensue. It is in our best interest that we do not try and falsify eternal truths. The only solution for overcoming taints is soul purification and uplifting.

The meaning of Era Transformation is individual reformation and by commencing this process within our inner psyche it must reverberate in other people too. This fact must be trusted by us a thousand times and hammer it in our psyche in such a way that this sanctified personality shall usher in our goal of Era Transformation. It is alright if our speeches are not very effective, we may not be experts in preaching and giving flowery talks yet if we succeed in molding our inner personality into glory and greatness we shall positively influence innumerable others in society. If we set off to render our inner personality ideal, great and transformed from all viewpoints definitely not much difficulty shall be faced by us to reach the goal set by us.









To build a small building bricks, white wash, iron and wooden rods, wealth, hard labor and talent is required. Hence if we wish to fulfill a gigantic task like world neo creation much more means are required. From where can they be attained? How can they be attained? The directors of this huge plan have beforehand thought about it.

Via our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) members this campaign has been commenced and is now being rendered a leader leading the world from the fore front. Hence to it this responsibility has been handed over that they advance their faith, goodwill, sympathy etc in day to day transactions. A portion of their honest efforts and that of their income must be contributed by them regularly to our sacred mission. This pious contribution of theirs shall be joyfully accepted by our worldwide family.  The result of this contribution is that it has become possible to execute such a hopeful and zest increasing creative task.

The 2nd doorway of brilliantly talented and pious people is being knocked. People imbued with sacred sensitive emotions or Bhavasamvedana are being told that if in the core of their soul aspirations are awakening with reference to carrying out high stature tasks that are in tandem with importance to human life, if their soul is restlessly aspiring divine proximity and attaining God Realization then by looking upon this gigantic world as God’s visible divine form he must immerse himself in serving it devotedly and worship this visible divine image of God with drops of perspiration appearing while laboring hard. Our land India does not lack sacred sensitive emotions or Bhavasamvedana. Right from selfless sacrifice for meritorious tasks called Punya a lot is being done. But our ill fate is that this glory of sacred sensitive emotions or Bhavasamvedana has not got a proper direction. Our country India has 8.4 million Sadhus-ascetics-Sanyasis. There are 0.7 million villages. Thus each village can have 12 ascetics. If they spread themselves in this ratio in all villages and in a well planned manner work there selflessly then lethargy, indolence, bad habits, crime, unethical acts, blind beliefs and traditions can easily get uprooted. With the help of so many selfless public volunteers India can get transformed positively from the very roots.

The Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) has awakened many people whether they are householders, ascetics, generous hearted etc oozing with sacred sensitive emotions or Bhavasamvedana. They are being urged to make proper use of these great sentiments of theirs. They must help benefit human gods with this sense of goodwill and oneness of soul sentiments. They must make due efforts to give help to the poor by showering on them this goodwill on them. In this manner they can worship God appearing before them in the form of poverty stricken people.

In this manner people oozing with brilliant talent and knowledge of varied sorts have been told that their brain skills must not get limited to attaining personal benefits only but that it must be used in a major way for uplifting our backward society and stopping people from entering the pit of a massive material-spiritual downfall. These brilliant talented people have been posed a challenge wherein they must exhibit their expertise and shrewdness in the realm of world neo creation. Their patience, bravery, enterprise etc dripping as specialties of their inner personality must be examined based on how much have they contributed on their own for this world neo creation campaign and via their positive influence how many others have joined this stupendous mission? We have requested the rich class to stop making plans of leaving behind so much wealth for their children, grand children etc spanning at least 7 generations. Their future generations must not be given any opportunity to lead vagabond and sense titillating lives wherein expenses are paid from interest accrued when this inheritance left by you post your death is put into banks etc as fixed deposit. The affluent class must stop hoarding wealth in such a lunatic manner. They must put a full stop to a vagabond and sense titillating lifestyle. A good portion of their huge income must be put to use for the biggest need of this era and that is sacred sensitive emotions or Bhavasamvedana based neo creation. They must not donate and give charity merely for attaining heaven post death, not for attaining fleeting fame but that it must be used for uplifting humanity to heights of greatness and glory. In this too not an iota of a desire for praise must enter their minds.

Artists, actors, musicians etc have been told that since they bloom with talent of writing literature, poems, sweet musical tunes, singing, sculpting and painting it must be used for awakening and advancing the sacred sensitive emotions or Bhavasamvedana of public human psyche.

It is a joy to say that this request has not gone in vain. The brilliantly talented and pious class has got an opportunity to experience that those inner specialties given to them by Almighty God must be used in a supremely wholesome manner. It means they must participate in our worldwide campaign to rejuvenate and reinstate religion, righteous duties, society and culture. We can hope that the utility value of aptness shall be understood in future and this class of brilliantly talented and pious people by coming forward shall fulfill the goal of this mission.

The member class of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) has already commenced working. The brilliantly talented and pious class is being awakened. Apart from requests and firm pleas they are also being told that sacred sensitive emotions or Bhavasamvedana, knowledge, talent, wealth and art are glories of God’s special divine wealth. Lest such skillful experts harbor miserliness in tasks of selfless world welfare and that they misuse it merely for appeasing their selfish greed and desires then in a certain way this shall become such a crime on their part that shall be punished severely by the lay public and court of divine justice belonging to Almighty God. If request shall go unheeded then in the very near future itself it shall also be proclaimed that they search for optimal solutions in order to reform this criminal bent of mind. No doubt as of now this realm has hitches yet we have faith that sooner or later the brilliantly talented and pious class shall definitely join in this campaign of world neo creation. Fair bit of progress is being noted in this direction.

The 3rd class is that of the lay public. They too have been asked to contribute for this world neo creation mission. In the preliminary stage only members of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) are giving minimum contribution of 1 hour of hard labor and 10 paisa daily. The ordinary class of people has been advised to commence taking this step.  Every individual positively influenced by this mission must contribute their time, labor etc in some way or the other. Henceforth Almighty God shall not longer get appeased by mere offering of River Ganga waters, rose water or Panchamrit. He yearns that we devotedly offer our drops of perspiration emerging while selflessly working for world neo creation. In future God’s only true devotee shall be one who bathes him with drops of perspiration emerging while he works hard for world neo creation. We must hence resolve and take up the Vrata to physically labor for world neo creation tasks.

Similarly the lay public is being told that one member of their family should be looked upon as the ‘worship program of ushering in of a new era’. Suppose a family consists of 5 members and the 6th is said to be ‘new era’ then the expenses for upkeep of this 6th member must be donated for world neo creation tasks. This activity shall heighten only when each person experiences that conjoined to his bodily and family responsibilities is society’s neo creation tasks. At that time this shall not be superficial chattering (lip service) but that actual action shall be seen in this direction. The task to be enacted is that each sacredly sentimental person must donate a portion of labor and income regularly for this worldwide mission.

It has been hoped that this activity shall definitely proliferate amongst lay public and when it does so materials and other means required for this humungous world neo creation task shall be attained with greater ease. Even the biggest contribution of any particular person is miniscule. When 1 drop of contribution from innumerable lay people is collected it becomes an infinite ocean. The dust particle of innumerable lay people can go on to become a huge mountain. Public power can be called the greatest power of the world and wherever it exists no material or any other lack is experienced. Where this world power is absent there even if a lot occurs yet nothing in the final analysis is happening. This should be accepted by us all implicitly.

For the designing of this Era Transformation Mission required means have to be collected. The basis thought out for this goal, those that have been used and on whom our hope center rests are:




It has been hoped that on the basis of the above 3 foundations all those means shall be gathered required for executing Era Transformation tasks.















In the Bhagwad Geeta Almighty Lord Shri Krishna while describing ‘Vibhooti Yoga’ says that wherever special qualities are witnessed and perceived there my special divine aspect must be seen and deeply realized. If not every ordinary lay person is given these Vibhootis or special glories but are given only to a limited set of people it must be understood that it is a precious treasure and it has been gifted by God so that his beloved garden called planet earth is rendered beautiful and well advanced. If these special gifts of God are believed to be the result of good deeds (Punya) done in past births even so its aim is to render this process of doing good deeds (Punya) again and again in each lifetime. Thus by amassing more Punya each birth one attains more supremely great fruits and thus the wheel of progress can be rendered speedier. Thus one can reach our life’s goal quickly.

An important program of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) is to carry this message to every brilliantly talented person of the world. When fire erupts anywhere a fire brigade unit is expected to work with more zeal and alertness. If they refuse to do this they shall be censured severely. Wherever brilliant talent is more focused there the call of this era is being conveyed. They are being told to use this talent more and more for world welfare tasks since these present times require it the most. It goes without saying that there is no task greater and more glorious than the sacred sentiment based neo creation of this world. In ordinary times no doubt other types of charity, good deeds, Punya, campaigns etc have their place but in today’s era of dire strife it is sacred sentiment based neo creation that must be given supreme weight age and importance.

God has given us 5 Vibhootis or glories:

…..Sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana

…..Knowledge and Wisdom

…..Talent and skill


…..Artistic skills of various types

Wherever this exists and whoever oozes with it must experience that God’s extra artistic skills and divine grace are being showered on him. In it he must feel himself fortunate and that he should realize that God has showered blessings on him that tad bit more. It has not been given to ordinary lay folks and that he has been given these extra skills as a boon from Almighty God. God has thought him to be an apt instrument and hence instead of giving these extra skills to ordinary people he has been especially chosen. This good fortune not because he owns a lot of materials but that God has blessed him seeing his inner personality credentials of a high stature. Perceiving this he must feel overjoyed on receiving these added skills.

Objects do not have much importance because many others also own them. On the head of a serpent rests a crest jewel, in an oyster lies a precious pearl and in the womb of earth gold can be found. If someone owns untold wealth it is not necessary that he is a glorious personality. Libraries ooze with books, presses keep printing hordes of books and hence knowledge merely printed on paper has not much value. Talent can be found in a lion and tiger also. Trees and clouds too are generous hearted. From the standpoint of artistic skills the peacock’s body oozes with artistic beauty and how beautifully and gracefully it dances. The buzzing of bees and sweet singing of cuckoos enchants the mind of poets. It is hence not enough that you are an artist. If someone possesses talent he may pride in it and may benefit in a useful manner with its help yet if we delve deeper he shall experience greater good fortune while comparing it with amassing things wherein God has chosen him for showering glorious skills on him whereas so many people the world over lack it and are thirsting for it. Over here we must not err that we have got facilities just like that we can use it as per our wild whims and fancies. Instead we must realize that whatever has come our way is akin to a treasurer or a bank manager being given charge of a vault of cash etc. It hence cannot be misused for personal gains. For personal expenses he has been given a monthly income to make use of. The cash in the vault or arms and ammunition in an army storehouse are meant only for govt. tasks. A bank manager, army officer etc must realize that their good fortune is the fact that since they were thought to be honest and trustworthy these materials of the govt. were given to them to look after properly. In comparison to others they can take pride in this great strength of character of theirs and thus experience inner contentment. Yet not for a moment also should he think this special status and materials have been given to him for personal enjoyment, amassing for personal benefit or use it merely for kith and kin of his limited family. Lest this is done and believed in erroneously know for sure that he shall have to pay dearly by staying in a situation of lack in future times to come.

If a govt. officer uses govt. funds for personal expenses he shall be handed over to the police. He shall get defamed and shall have to face harsh imprisonment. The wealth misused by him shall have to be repaid in double measure and all his remaining wealth too shall be taken over by the court of law. Compared to this vile minded govt. officer that ordinary clerk is much better since he gets very ordinary pay, works on such an ordinary job status and lives a simple ordinary life. No doubt he did not get a high rise job status but at least he did not face censure and public defamation. That senior army officer who sells govt. arms and ammunition to criminals etc or misuses them for looting others so as to fill up his personal coffers his ill fate is round the corner.

To the good fortune of those who get a lot of wealth, skills, high job status etc ill fate too is conjoined. Wealth brings along with it a sense of demonic pride that makes one heady. Hence wealth has been compared to wine, alcohol etc. On drinking it man gets inebriated, he loses all sense of civility and dignity and forgets what should be done and what should be avoided. He moves around shakily and falls down here and there. The same situation is faced by those who do not understand why Almighty God has blessed them and hence refuse to pay heed to responsibility that has been given to them by God. They feel that wealth, talent etc attained by them is meant to lead a sense titillating and vagabond like lifestyle. If this were the case, God would never become biased and give some a lot of wealth, talent etc and give others much in comparison. For Almighty God all humans are his beloved children. If God so desired he would give it equally to all world humans. But the thing is if he does give some people much more gifts the reason is not bias on Almighty God’s part. There is no darkness of injustice in the divine court of God. In God’s world each task goes on very well managed. Every creature gets an opportunity to nurture and nourish itself. Those who get much more must realize that it is a divine treasure of God and that it must be used only for that purpose demarcated by God.

All skillful and talented people the world over must deeply understand that these glories must be used minimally for personal and family upkeep and not an iota more than that. Even if they try to use much more than necessary Prakriti or nature shall pose obstacles in their way. No one can eat 100 loaves of bread at one shot, none can wear clothes made of 100 meters at one go and none requires a bed measuring 100 feet. Prakriti or nature allows us to use things in only the required measure. Excess expenditure and hoarding is but the result of man immersed in sense gratification and deluded mental attachment to family, property etc. By wholesomely using wealth, skills etc oozing in us man can attain both true fame/glory and inner satiation. He must understand this righteous duty of his a thousand times at least and must refuse to get vainly immersed in increasing wealth, skills etc merely for hoarding and using it to foot huge bills of his family members for sense titillating and vagabond like living.

A father hands over his wealth to his eldest child for looking after it so that the latter can take care of the joy-sorrowful situation faced by his younger siblings. The wealth given to him by his father must be used also for the upkeep of his younger brothers and sisters. But if the elder son thinks that his father’s wealth etc is meant just for his own expenses, that he has full right to lead a vagabond lifestyle using this wealth and that his younger siblings have no right over their father’s wealth etc he in an onrush of youthful vigor may do this but in reality it is totally unjust on his part. Hence his departed father’s soul shall burn in agony because he has behaved unjustly with his younger brothers and sisters. He has actually cheated them. The same holds true for wealth, talent etc given by Almighty Lord to some people in excess. They must deeply understand that this excess gift is a divine gift of an invisible divine power and is not the result of his limited mundane efforts.

Who can create a sharp intellect on his own? Talent and skills come with us from birth itself and are good health and physical beauty in our own jurisdiction? Can we create a sweet musical voice? If these skills cannot be created by us from birth itself, how can anyone attain any success? No doubt efforts have their importance in human life yet its importance is limited to akin rubbing off dust on diamond ore. Lest this was not the case a clerk despite being intelligent and hardworking would have remained an ordinary worker and why would his boss quickly become the owner of huge coffers of wealth? It is beyond doubt that all special skills and expertise dripping in people are but divine boons from Almighty God.

If the elder family member singularly makes use of family wealth and income for himself and that others in the family remain hungry, wear tattered clothes etc and that not even a small portion of wealth is given to the younger members then this hard hearted behavior of the elderly person shall have to be censured and opposed. Such wickedness can be carried out only by a heartless person. Those possessing glories like skill, wealth etc are generally seen to enjoying their benefits in a lone selfish manner. They pay no heed at all to others hardships, sorrow and backward condition. Thus despite such a vile person possessing gross eyes in the world of sensitive humane sentiments he shall be termed blind only.

From the standpoint of govt. laws income earned by a person or has been attained from somewhere can be used by him as and how it pleases him. He can use it for sense merriment, remaining a vagabond etc. None can obstruct him from using his income in the way he desires to. But divine laws of Almighty God are quite different. Divine laws proclaim that man has been given a body, brain power, sense organs, wife, children and other joyous comforts free of cost. Hence God’s generosity must always be kept in mind and in order to showcase one’s gratefulness a portion of this infinite godly gift must be returned to world society for everyone’s peace and happiness. This then is the divine law of Almighty God. We can never break these divine laws. People are seen breaking mundane govt. laws yet we must note that maybe we can save ourselves from worldly mundane punishment by law but no amount of wiliness on our part can aid us in staving off godly punishment since no of our mistakes remain hidden from God’s divine subtle eyes. Although in God’s divine rule infinite love and boons are seen showered on us yet he can also be very tough and heartless while meting out punishment to wicked selfish people.

Almighty God is not merely kind and compassionate and neither only hard hearted and harsh in nature. His divine love is conjoined to oneness of heart. But if people imbibe thinking and actions based on shamelessness, wickedness etc they must remember always that mere ringing a bell, lighting incense sticks and chanting a few eulogies to Almighty God is not enough to appease him. He is to be satiated and not appeased. Superficial prostrations and singing a few praises to God cannot fulfill the goal. We can divinely satisfy him only via our great thinking and actions in tandem with it. This divine behavior can be exhibited by us only through compassion, generosity, selfless world service and spiritual penance in day to day transactions.

These 5 glorious qualities in a certain way is a running shield/trophy won by an entire team. Those who in previous lifetimes have shown their generous nature is attained in the form of a gift. But a condition conjoined to it is that this running trophy has to be returned the following year since it has to be given to other victorious teams. For 1 year this trophy has to be kept with us safely. It cannot be broken or harmed in any way because in the following year it has to be returned as it was given to us. As a result of exhibiting generosity in previous times this gift, shield, divine glories, skills etc has been given to us. These gifts are given to us temporarily and not permanently. The reason for this is that we can exhibit much more generosity with much more zeal than we did previously and on this basis while advancing our soul glory we can attain much more of God’s grace and divine gifts. But those who forget this fact and on becoming blind under the influence of demonic pride with reference to wealth, skills etc they possess use it futilely for sense titillation etc are in a certain manner bent on executing vile unwholesome activities.

Wealth is our mother. When she arrives we must remember only our righteous duties towards it. We must not lewdly enjoy wealth akin to our wife. Only a child can drink its mother’s milk. The child cannot demand rights like his father does towards his (child’s) mother. Wealth is God’s divine wife and hence it is mankind’s divine mother. From our mother we can ask only for our basic nourishment and the rest must be used for taking care of her other children. It is alright that our mother resides with us yet we must not expect her to help us only and ignore other beloved children of hers.

It is a demonic attitude on our part if we believe that whatever we own is meant only for our use and enjoyment. Those harboring such a selfish mentality are demons only. Gods and demons are separated not based on their external physical appearance but what type of inner nature they harbor. Physically generally everyone look similar. Those who have huge canine teeth of wickedness, those who bang their horns of hard heartedness on people immersed in anguish instead of assuaging their pain, those who paint their faces black with greediness etc are definitely demons. This is but a symbolic picture because as far as color, form etc is concerned someone could be white and their teeth could be as small as mice. Hence such people too can be demons. We must become divine and magnanimous like gods and we must never become demons.

Generosity must be exhibited in day to day living. Those possessing kindness and compassion cannot stop themselves from showcasing it in society welfare tasks. If the inner psyche is soft hearted one melts oneself akin to an icy mountain in order to destroy the demeaned condition of the world. The moment the sun arises, frozen ice starts melting. When in anyone’s psyche light rays of sacred wisdom radiate at that very moment one’s energy of sacred sentiments and hence the soul starts awakening and it shall in turn be seen manifesting in full zest in world well being tasks. Sacred wisdom manifests in the psyche and not in the brain and whenever it shines forth man akin to a wick flame lamp burning himself lends light to nearby and far off places. This then is true religious tradition and divine inspiration of Almighty God. Every talented person the world over must seriously cogitate over this each moment in life. They must come to a conclusion that whether all gifts attained by them should used up only for their selfish benefits, whether they are to be hoarded and increased only for personal selfish desires or that they must focus their attention on those sacred tasks for which this talent was handed over to them by Almighty God.

Every member of our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) must ceaselessly do self introspection and check whether he is or he is not using more wealth for his upkeep than an average Indian citizen uses it. Lest he is using more wealth he must hear the call of his soul, conscience, justice, righteous duty etc and immediately decrease this extra expenditure. We must renounce the lure of earning much more, hoarding more and more and buying more and more things. Instead we must see to it that whatever extra we possess how best we can use it for selfless world service. When it is not possible to use aptly what is in our personal possession how shall be benefit by hoarding and earning much more wealth? In fact it shall lead us to the state of a snake drinking more milk that produces more poison in its fangs. This poison symbolizes our selfish desires that finally lead us to a massive downfall in life both materially and spiritually.

We must focus n times more on wholesome usage than amassing more and more wealth, materials etc in a lunatic manner. We must see to it that we do not use even an iota more of all the 5 glories/skills we possess than that used by an ordinary person. If in comparison to lay people we possess much more brain power, great character, skill, knowledge, sacred sentiments and other capabilities it is best that by looking upon it as a treasure belonging to entire world humanity make use of it for world welfare in a selfless humble manner. In this decision no loss accrues and in return for selling our ‘high handedness’ we buy true greatness. This is but selling an ass and intelligently buying a cow. By daring thus nothing is lost and akin to depositing wealth in a trustworthy bank we wisely and farsightedly get benefits of cumulative interest credited in our account.

We must reach every doorstep and wherever skills, talent etc ooze there we must tell them it must be used for divine purposes since these glories are a special gift to them from Almighty God. In these dire times of today we must not hide our skills and glories but instead make ample use of it for world well being activities.

This is required also because the divine govt. of Lord Mahakal is going to ‘nationalize’ all these glories. Such a social arrangement is about to be designed wherein these 5 glories shall no longer be allowed for personal usage and enjoyment in a selfish greedy manner. If this continues we shall have to face an explosive situation akin to an explosion occurring in a nuclear reactor. World development and destruction are heavily dependent on whether glories/skills are being used wholesomely or in a tainted undesirable way. It is best that being inspired by Viveka or farsighted discrimination and justice we change our direction of action for the better else transformation is definitely round the corner and this talent shall be used only for world society neo creation. Hence we must not be forced to use it aptly after tough punishment is meted out and in its place voluntarily on hearing the call of this era use it immediately for world well being activities. For such apt optimal tasks we must awaken our other talented brethren the world over and urge them also to follow this great glorious direction. In this manner intense efforts must be made to transform wickedness to generosity and magnanimity.








The biggest gift of God is generosity, magnanimity, goodwill towards all etc given to any person the world over. It is only high stature sacred sentiments within us that help us go beyond animal like thinking and beastly behavior so as to imbibe divinity within our soul. The capacity to transform humans into divine personalities rests in our highly advanced pious sentiments of our psyche. The biggest joy of our world called Ananda or divine ecstatic bliss heavily depends on these highly advanced pious sentiments blooming forth from within our soul. Love that can be termed God’s tangible experience gushes forth only in a psyche dripping with highly advanced pious sentiments. Any human or material touched by this Paras (touchstone) of highly advanced pious sentiments becomes our very beloved soul and his close proximity aids in divine bliss dancing forth from every pore of our being. All this is but the miracle of generosity, magnanimity, goodwill towards all and other such sacred sensitive sentiments.

Those who possess this divine boon do not think like greedy hollow minded people. Sense titillation and avarice do not touch them even a wee bit. No amount of wealth can tie his feet to it in slave like bondage. By rising way above egoistic greed and selfish desires he truly experiences deep within that he is the soul and not this mortal body. Goals of true human living like human glory, high stature goal of the soul to be attained, righteous duties, call of Almighty God and buzz around his brain ceaselessly. Only one aspiration gushes forth wherein what step must he take in order to attain God’s divine love and his soul’s blessings? By going beyond enticements of fearful selfish greed imbibe great sacred ideals so as to then illumine the psyche of other humans with sacred inspirations? Anyone possessing a psyche deeply yearning to transform inner incompleteness to total satiation can never die an ignominious death like ants, worms etc. Via his divine light of wisdom he illumines every particle of this world.

We must find all possible solutions to awaken the latent pious sentiments of all world humans and augment them in manifold measure. Along with this wherever such seeds have sprouted no stone must be left unturned to water them. Our earth does not lack great people brimming with high stature pious sentiments but the only ill fortune is that they have been led on an illusory deluded path of life and after straying thus they are throwing it away as we do rubbish in a garbage bin.

In great saints, ascetics, philanthropists, people immersed in world well being activities etc we can visualize seeds of such high stature pious sentiments. Lest this seed was absent why would they renounce joyous comforts and lead lives of hardship? Why would they use their hard earned money for tasks where on an immediate basis they accrue no personal benefits? Amongst those who renounce hearth and home there could be people who remain idle and eat free food yet not all of them are this type. It has been seen that those who had renounced the comfort of their hearth and home for the sake of truly uplifting their soul and attain God Realization did not get a true guide and correct direction and instead got entangled in such a complex mesh that neither do they benefit materially nor do they reach anywhere near the true spiritual goal.

One does not attain the spiritual goal because he just acted akin to an ass shouldering burden on its back. Augmenting of high stature pious sentiments required watering of selfless humble service but not one drop of it was seen. If we regularly worship and read scriptures it is alright but we cannot truly understand God’s inner divine nature. Further, we have failed to realize the true manner in which to attain God. God dwells in every pore of humans. God hides behind the wall of selfishness and narrow mindedness. If this wall is broken apart in a flash we can get the bliss of embracing God. Lest this was told to people executing spiritual penance after renouncing their home doubtlessly they would have attained Almighty God. Hence in the true sense of the term they would have become glorious Rishis.

It is such a humungous task to raise our country India lagging far behind as far as high stature pious sentiments is concerned towards higher peaks of glory since it is totally in a deluded state of mind. Along with this India faces financial problems, health and education problems etc. Today we are facing a famine not of food grains but of high stature pious sentiments. To fulfill this lack we must give up selfish desires and aspire to work for public well being in a selfless manner. Only one sacred aspiration must burn brightly in our psyche and that is we contribute more and more towards neo creation of the human race.

It is such a huge meritorious task to sow seeds of great activities the world over, goodwill, glorious thinking and sacred ideals based aspirations by nourishing, watering and helping it grow to maturity that if we so wish we can joyfully call it an image of righteousness. Our and others’ augmenting of high stature pious sentiments is possible only by acting as mentioned above while contributing enough time, honest hard work, zeal and various required means. Only then shall our inner greatness advance manifold and that contentment shall be experienced attained since time immemorial by those wholesomely using their high stature pious sentiments.

In those people possessing seeds of these glorious sentiments are looked upon as very important they must be approached by us all and efforts should be made that by renouncing escapism they must enter the realm of sheer honest hard work and by serving and worshiping God’s live image and divine soul in the form of world humanity they can prosper both materially and spiritually. They must be told and explained the best deep import of selfless service, meditation, worship and spiritual austerities and by placing before them innumerable examples of great glorious personalities they themselves can attain the eternal goal of human life and help others also attain it.

Dispassionate people renouncing home are called Sadhus/ascetics and those dwelling in their homes are called Brahmins. A small difference between these two is based on procedures and arrangements and not regarding their mental attitude and responsibilities. One class due to being immersed in traveling a lot does not get bound to a householder way of life and the other staying in his house gets married to maintain the laws of Grihasthashram or householder way of life. The mode of action is same for both classes. Hence Sadhu-Brahmin is spoken of virtually synonymously and the stature of both is equal. A true Brahmin is one who while remaining contented with the income he ekes out uses all his remnant great inner qualities for soul purification/advancement and world neo creation tasks. In reality if a person’s psyche overflows with greatness and glory his mode of thinking and performing actions will be exactly as true Sadhu-Brahmins of yester eras had imbibed.

We must minutely examine our inner nature and psyche and lest we find even a few particles of great inner qualities water and grow them to maturity. Further as much as possible for helping the true Sadhu-Brahmin tradition remain rejuvenated one must do what is necessary for us to enact.










Amongst brilliantly talented people those brimming with high stature pious sentiments shall be termed leaders of this category. Those who possess the viewpoint of giving more and more to society rather than taking things all the while, those who adore working selflessly for others instead of fulfilling selfish greed they must be called God moving around in a human garb. Mother Earth is extremely proud of such great sons of hers. Those who all their life have shown the right path to people having gone astray remain alive even though they shed their mortal body post death. They do not have to wait for death so as to enter heaven since their great glorious thinking renders their psyche heavenly blissful. Despite lack of wealth and joyous comforts they ooze with much more joy and contentment than affluent and rich people. While treading the path of ethics and integrity remaining content with a minimal income manifests more light of wisdom in their soul than people dwelling in forests known to execute Yoga, Tapas etc.

If our life surrendered at the feet of God works as per the divine inspiration and discipline designed by him know that we have merged with God. How can a person deeply understanding the principle of Bhakti (devotion to God) remain far away from Almighty God? Those who have uplifted themselves from the quagmire of selfish desires, greed etc and those who have vowed to lead a life oozing with sacred high stature ideals only must be called Jivanmukta (liberated while yet alive) only. Every moment of his deep pious thinking and every iota of his honest efforts are immersed in protection of his inner greatness and showing and encouraging others to tread this path of greatness. Know well that such an inner high stature person has rendered his life self fulfilled and that he has amply showcased human glory. Self sacrificing people, selfless workers for world welfare, Sadhus, Brahmins, reformers and patriots are of this class. It is such set of great visionaries that transform the destiny of the human race and trend of the world in a positive manner. It definitely is apt to call them Messengers of God imbued with divine glories.

After this comes the class of scholars. Knowledge and wisdom is attained only by men of penance after they renounce sense merriment, hollow entertainment, lethargy and indolence. After renouncing material attractions those who are mentally attached to studies can definitely become great scholars. This is a visible form of austerities. The practice of Yoga of Knowledge (Jnana Yoga) is counted as an important Yoga practice. Honest efforts made for attaining knowledge and wisdom has always been placed in the category of Tapas or spiritual austerities.

In comparison to Paras (touchstone) knowledge and wisdom have been given much more importance. Paras (touchstone) can only convert iron into 24 carat gold but when true knowledge and wisdom touch man’s inner personality he becomes supremely great. But this only happens when we make plans of its wholesome and truly beneficial usage.

This brain brilliance has been given to lay people in small measure only. Hence with such small amounts they can do good or bad deeds for benefitting or harming others also in small measure but those imbued with a lot of it can do lots of good or bad for themselves or others also. Hence those possessing a lot of knowledge expertise must shoulder the responsibility of using it wholesomely for their own and society’s true benefit.

Those imbued with untold measure of brain brilliance and knowledge expertise may akin to a brilliant lawyer use their shrewdness to save an underworld don from getting convicted by law. Further by giving such a thug more facilities to carry out vile acts with more demonic arrogance and fervor can become a medium of harassing and exploiting innumerable ordinary people. It is mere child’s play for a wily cunning lawyer to accept bribes of huge cash, wealth etc on the sly and indirectly aid such criminals, goons etc in their tainted atrocities on society. Bang against this another ethical lawyer who on realizing that he shall have to act against the law of the country immediately washes his hands off such fraudulent clients. If there is an ordinary commonplace fight between 2 parties he does try to troubleshoot it so that both parties get saved from court cases that may give a ruling after many years pass by. No doubt the lawyer may get very less fees yet via his positive influence and powerful expertise he thinks only of showing others the correct honest path.

There was no reason or basis for the partitioning of India and Pakistan. It was but the brain power of a few people wherein by making a mountain out of a mole hill the land of India was broken into pieces. It hence played the role of killing hordes of innocent people, untold wealth-property getting destroyed and those who were very close affectionate brothers just yesterday became arch enemies forever. It is wily scholars responsible for spreading the net of communalism. In ancient eras India had one Vedic Religion and one Hindu community. Its lone deity of worship was Gayatri, there was one single philosophy and one united society. Yet since from the brains of some of these so called scholars, worms of wiliness started proliferating, one separate sect after another started cropping up like undesirable weeds in a garden. No doubt they got ‘credit’ for being directors of these new sects but since delusion of inequality and brain illusion started spreading like wild fire the Hindu community battered into smaller sects weakened a lot. The result was that Hindus faced so many hardships and atrocities inflicted on them.

In the colonial era this knowledge was bought by paying wealth. The nourishing of its vile activities and sense titillation reflected in so many types of poems, literature, songs, lyrics, dramas etc created by authors, poets etc. To the extent that in images carved in temples animalistic activities buzz around. Such types of images, photos, paintings etc got created. All this knowledge is but misuse of brain skills. Our stepwise demeaned downfall can be correlated to such vile activities predominating then. Infiltrators and extremists from outside no doubt harmed us yet this intellect based harm broke the very backbone of a united India.

Today our wounded society requires literature that can heal its scars, it requires speeches that can assuage pain and strife yet our past undesirable trend is continuing merrily. In fact after Indian attained political freedom in 1947 AD untold usage of ‘freedom to destroy’ is being witnessed. On a war footing discourses are given from religious daises yet apart from digging out undesirable skeletons no direction is given in it for augmenting life force in people that leads to glorious material and spiritual advancement. We do not hear any discussion on principles of Era Neo Creation and neo creation of world humanity by positively transforming their psyche. Via speech adorned with knowledge-wisdom public psyche should have been given proper guidance but alas! In a certain manner it has become studiously silent. The direction of literature penned today is that much more demeaned and pitiable. Literature that incites beastly thinking and activities is being written in tons and it is being sold like hot cakes. It seems that we are over flooded by such lowly tainted literature in all directions. It is unbearable to not that whatever little great literature exists today shall get washed away to naught in this flood of mediocre lowly writings.

Poachers are seen accompanied by hunting dogs. These dogs are made to run after rabbits, hare, squirrel, deer and other animals. These dogs after running for a few miles return with the prey clutched between their teeth. The poacher fills up his bag with these preys and appeases the dog’s hunger by giving it one piece of flesh of these animals preyed. The same type of process can be seen in the realm of knowledgeable brains. Poachers represented by book publishers make so called authors write spicy sense titillating literature. If we collect literature reeking with dirty, lewd, sexual and beastly activities and that teach the ‘art of crime, looting and scamming’ it can become the height of Mount Everest. Readers losing all sense of true direction of human life keep gulping such tablets mixed with poison. To kill rats poison is mixed in leaven flour and then placed in various corners of the room. On eating it the rat dies in sheer agony. Our literature today is exactly of this type. After reading it readers with an immature brain perforce start aping all that is written in it. So many authors are playing the role of a poacher’s tame dog. Thus so many publishers and book sellers are minting vaults of cash. These so called writers eating small pieces of flesh (cash) are exhibiting their ‘brain skills’ and ‘knowledge power’ in helping reach the flesh of readers to the tummies (bank accounts) of these terrorist like publishers. The way in which Mother of Wisdom is being exhibited as an immoral prostitute on seeing it we cannot but stop ourselves from exclaiming: O Lord! Please destroy the very existence of knowledge because our illiteracy is much better than its sordid tainted state.

These days every ray of light is important and each word of true guidance is priceless. At the hour of dawn of a new era wherever true knowledge is yet alive its thinking trend must see to it that the direction of downfall taken by various fields of knowledge is reversed perforce to walk in the direction of greatness and glory. It must find a solution for converting beastliness into true humanness and finally attain the inner state of eternal divinity. At least the truly knowledgeable class of the world in order to render the glory of wisdom imperishable must not dither and stop walking on this path of glory. From whatever we earn in an honest ethical manner first we must put aside cash for upkeep of our simple lifestyle and then whatever can be spared by us must be selflessly contributed towards rejuvenating the living corpses of world humanity. Poets must pen only those poems guiding mankind towards true greatness. Lest writers pick up their pens they must highlight ways to burn unethical thinking and actions to ashes and thus aid imbuing humanity with positive life force. Such inspiring literature and poetry must be translated into local languages and also be penned independently. This must become popular amongst masses since it shall raise hopes of attaining both material and spiritual prosperity in a wholesome manner. The topic that must be emphasized by scholars should be justice and Viveka or farsighted discrimination only. Today such vaults of neo creation have to be filled that first destroys all rubbish and dirt reeking in it and then while appeasing the intellectual hunger of an awakened public give it a great positive direction with this light of wisdom. For this end we must examine our own knowledge and brains and knock the doors of other highly educated, scholars, writers, orators and deep thinkers. They must be requested not to merely misuse their expertise for sense merriment and building huge bank balances for selfish pursuits and instead use it in a major way for Era Neo Creation and uplifting world human thinking to heights of glory. How can this be done? Those who wish can find thousands of ways in their own realm of expertise.







Talent is the name of that special quality in our inner personality wherein thinking gets translated into action and proper knowledge emerges from within to execute various plans designed. Brilliantly talented people are wealthy from the self faith and confidence standpoint. They adore taking up perilous challenges and are imbued with such bravery that based on contemporary times they gather means required. People oozing with richness of knowledge, expertise and valor after deciding to do something act in such a way while combining both energy and alertness that no amount of lack of any sort or obstacles coming their way can harm them or the task taken up by them. When difficulties appear they minutely study them, in a balanced manner they are analyzed with a calm psyche, they unearth solutions keeping their minds cool and once a solution is found they execute it with zeal and enterprise. They never become hasty to taste success. In fact they are so immersed in making honest efforts that it does not matter if success regarding the task at hand is reaped in this birth or the following one. Those who are accompanied by patience, steadfastness, Viveka or farsighted discrimination and bravery walk past even the toughest path coming their way and via their mind boggling valor render others dumbstruck.

Those possessing such specialties important tasks are placed on their shoulders only or they themselves rush forth and take up such onerous responsibilities. Not only are they fearless while doing this but that they adore taking up dire challenges. Only the true brave hearted ones do this whereas others akin to rank cowards fear even thinking about taking up such challenges.

This mode of action of talent can be called the soldier class or Kshatriya mentality. A valiant soldier knowing quite well that death stares at him while waging war continues fighting for his country as though challenging death itself. Life, death, success, failure etc does not influence truly great people at all. This is because they experience that rare joy in exhibiting their valor and enterprise. Such talented personalities always are given important posts in worldly pursuits, world welfare tasks, various revolutionary movements, creative and organizations. Majority of the times they shine like the sun, moon etc in a lone manner. They shall not pay any heed to whether circumstances are conducive or otherwise. They instead feel that once they start acting situations and activities start working in a balanced manner. Some sort of arrangements definitely emerge on the basis of which materials and means required for one’s upkeep, long journeys etc come their way unasked and in a timely fashion. 

Such brilliantly talented people can be called radiant and visionaries and whether they take up a good or bad task some miracle always is witnessed. If they take up fraudulent criminal activities even so that lead all vile demonic people and if they head in the direction of world welfare and spiritual uplifting they create a record of sorts in the annals of world history. Amongst all great saintly people each one’s capability and interest could be different yet each one possesses the wealth of brilliant talent. Without it akin to a doused flame lamp even a capable wealthy person languishes in a corner listlessly.

When milk starts boiling in a vessel put on fire it starts separating wherein the butter portion emerges on top as a thin layer of cream. The part that has minerals etc starts gathering at the bottom of the vessel. When contemporary times pose challenges talent jumps upwards and the dirt of lowliness settles below fearfully in a hidden manner. It is another matter that Lord Mahakal may induce its downfall yet these taints on its own hide securely at the base.

The world’s history oozes with that of brilliantly talented people. The history of Era Transformation shall leave way behind memories of past incidences and shall instead leave behind rare indelible signs of neo creation of the world and human race. Cowards are wealthy regarding figment of imaginations and manly as far as lip service and bombastic talk is concerned. Their contribution is limited to mere crowded preliminary propagation tasks. Only valiant people carry out important role. Anyone possessing talent which is a gift of Almighty God whether in small or great measure must not let it remain idle. The call of this era is that talent immediately be humbly placed in selfless service to world humanity.

Amongst hordes of political leaders, wherever we see this principle shining, no doubt it brims with power, life force and daring. When we test ‘wrestlers’ amongst hordes of politicians, majority possess talent in apt measure.

We must advise these talented people with a sense of camaraderie and farsighted vision to latch on to the roots and then stepwise start climbing the bark of the tree towards the top. In order to carve a place in the heart of the lay public we must exhibit our radiant ethical character and selfless service to society.

India’s problem is more intellectual, citizen oriented and social in nature than political. Any selflessly serving patriot must deeply realize that until our country has not been uplifted from its very core foundation till then superficial decoration at the top akin to just watering leaves of a plant and not its roots, shall usher in only zero benefits. No plans placed in assemblies or laws designed by members of parliament can usher in well being of a country unless and until the psyche of the backward lay public is not advanced to that level wherein the public properly understands it and accepts it wholeheartedly. The demon of public is more powerful than a million Kumbhkaranas (demon depicted in epic Ramayan) put together. The day they awaken after just working for 1 hour they shall execute 1000 fold more govt. tasks in a jiffy. When this demon insists on giving up 1 cent daily then a country like India where 9 million citizens reside can contribute Rupees 9 million each day for development and progressive activities. Of course it takes time for a mango seed sown today to grow into a huge tree blooming with sweet juicy mangos in dozens yet its benefits are quite long term in nature. Those entering the arena of selfless public service shall have to work hard for a long time in order to win over the hearts of lay folks, they shall have to sacrifice a lot and face fair measure of difficulties on the way. But after this long wait the leadership, honor and glory showered on him shall be so steadfastly firm that forget uprooting it no one shall even be able to move it a wee bit. My honest, practical and farsighted advice to talented people wishing to lead the ordinary public is that instead of straying aimlessly here and there, instead of getting pulverized in huge mobs they must directly enter the work arena or Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) and hence see how they actually satiate their own and others’ yearning for self glory and contribute towards the multifaceted progress of their country.

If we truly desire our country’s steadfast multifaceted progress and development and that we sincerely wish to work for it we must gird up our loins and execute a complete program of an intellectual, ethical and social revolution. This very process is termed Yug Nirman Yojana or Era Neo Creation Plan. Every talented person can experience facilities in every walk of life on its basis.

In the line of bogies in a train which one is the engine? This can be inferred easily. Talent leads in all fields of life and on it rests the burden of greatly important responsibilities. Lest such people despite being busy in their own responsibilities turn their attention a bit then in that new direction they can execute so much which is not possible for so many ordinary people to do even if they endeavor for a very long time period. This is the very reason why talent amongst 5 potent energies is said to be God’s most important Vibhooti or divine glory. We must catch hold of brilliantly talented people. They must be cordially invited and along with their brilliant talent their personality also must be honored. Amongst all dire problems the chief question is regarding man’s sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana based neo creation. Intense campaigns taking place for this end must be contributed towards by brilliantly talented people.

We must focus our attention on talent dwelling in all material and spiritual realms of life. It is alright if their topic of interest today is different, maybe today itself they may not take interest in our era transformation goal, but tomorrow even if a little interest gets activated in them extraordinary feats of theirs can be witnessed by us all. Devarshi Narad would give spiritual teachings to so many yet on noting extraordinary talent lying latently hidden in Valmiki, Naradji pursued him diligently. Valmiki at that time was a gory dacoit yet Naradji despite it being risky saw to it that the dacoit was reformed and became the revered Maharshi Valmikiji. When the energy in the dacoit reversed into a new creative direction a miraculous scene emerged. Previously he was a No. 1 dacoit but now he got reformed into a No. 1 true saint. Talent always leads at the top. Saint Surdasji and Tulsidasji were previously known to pursue sexual passion a lot. Angulimal dacoit and the prostitute Ambapali were leaders in their tainted endeavors. But when they reformed for the better they became revered leaders of Lord Buddha’s religious mission.

We must help reach the basic format, mode of activity and potentials of our Yug Nirman Yojana or Era Neo Creation Plan to brilliantly talented people the world over. We must contact them just to explain our worldwide mission’s goal and its form instead of urging them to contribute in some way. Lest their interest can be turned in this direction their advice based on their deep thinking can prove very helpful in our attaining the goal of our mission.

Brilliantly talented people can be found in all material and spiritual realms of life. Due to their zealous activities they must be doing a lot in the arenas of literature, art, business, medicinal therapy, science, education, organizations and other creative tasks. Many a times selfless humble people wishing to avoid the problem dissipation of their sacred energy resulting due to attaining name and fame prefer to work behind the scene and keep others as leaders in front of them. Mahatma Gandhi no doubt managed the Congress party but he never took up any official position in it. In order realms too such people do exist. We must yearn for great character and not any position or status. Hence wherever talent can be found from there their interest should be turned in our mission’s goal and if they take even a minor interest in it they must be convinced to take up any of the 100 point program set up by our mission to any extent they wish to contribute their expertise.

No one in this world lacks talent and skills because these are present in each one of us in more or less measure. We must check it and try and increase our talent as much as is possible both quality and quantity wise. We must make efforts to use a major chunk of it for our worldwide mission of Era Transformation. Just as we carry out our personal tasks with zeal, wisdom and enterprise to attain benefits so too we must use our talent in a selfless, well managed and optimal manner for world welfare and well being tasks.






















Amongst all world glories wealth predominates but in reality it does not stand first. The chief spot belongs to generous sentiments. Those who possess it become divine in nature. Great personages, Rishis, men of austerities, those overflowing with a sense of sacrifice and renunciation can be looked upon as divine saints. Like flame lamps they burn themselves only to spread cool light everywhere. In this world all the conscious power seen can be called the grandeur of generous sentiments. The second spot belongs to knowledge and wisdom. It can be called Brahminhood. The 3rd glory is radiant talent. These are in turn called Kshatriyas. Only after this at 4th spot stands wealth.

Today wealth is given the 1st spot and respected everywhere. This is but man’s misfortune. The result of all this is that many by hoarding/amassing more and more material wealth desires to become ‘great and revered’. Truly wealth must only be used for great sacred tasks of world welfare. Water gathering in craters and food collecting in the stomach tends to rot and thus distortions manifest. Those who hoard cash etc in excess in their vaults become insane and spread the stench of disease in entire world society. Hence it is most required that along with earning of lot of wealth it must simultaneously be utilized for world well being tasks.

In Indian Culture 5 big sins are enumerated:





Hoarding of wealth


Hoarding means gathering wealth for usage on sense merriment inflating one’s ego. Today the more one hoards wealth the more one is respected in society. Yet in spiritual terms this is defined differently. Only that effort and hard work must be honored which helps one earn wealth ethically and honestly. We must praise every act of world welfare executed by wealth earned through ethical means. Only on this basis should wealth and the truly wealthy be applauded. Wealth is akin to a type of glory. In it one can experience divine blessings. Hence in India during the festival of lights called Deepawali we worship wealth world well being is misused in sense pleasures and increasing the vain ego of a few selected people is truly looked down upon.

A lot of wealth is required for neo creation. Just as sentiments, wisdom and talent are required for every program that involves broadcasting, creativity and hardships so too money is essential. For this we welcome all wealthy, rich people of the world. Rishi Vishwamitra commenced making a new world. He hence required wealth. His chief disciple King Harshchandra not only handed over his kingdom but also fulfilled his Guru’s needs by selling himself, his wife and child. Saint Sudama’s GuruKul (school) reached a stage wherein due to lack of money it had to be shut down. Lord Krishna his friend gauging the situation gave Sudamaji enough wealth. Due to strained finances King Rana Pratap was unable to continue the war of independence. At that time Bhamashah came and donated a lot of his wealth for that cause. Buddha’s Wheel of Righteousness program was all set to spread in the entire world. Yet the main obstruction faced was lack of finances to send his preachers all over the world. Hence Emperor Ashok handed over his entire kingdom for Lord Buddha’s sacred mission. As a result today Buddhist religion has spread out in the entire continent of Asia.

Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya wished to reestablish Vedic culture. For this end King Mandhata gave his army and vault of wealth. Mahatma Gandhi looked upon Jamnalal Bajaj as his son. He gave a huge chunk of his earnings to Gandhiji. Indians residing in Burma had weighed Subhashchandra Bose with gold so that the requirements of Azad Hind Army could be met. In ancient times too this tradition was seen. King Karna, by keeping with him only that much wealth required to sustain life would daily donate excess wealth in gigantic measure. Every year Vajishrava performed the Sarvamedh Yajna and would donate all extra wealth he possessed.

In those times people zestfully earned a lot of wealth, saved it too and time and again donate in huge measure their excess wealth to Brahmins and for world welfare tasks. Today what is most important? This decision can be taken only by farsighted great leaders of the world. Ordinary laymen everywhere perform such useless tasks so as to amass wealth which gives them speedy fame. Thus those tasks that are most required to be enacted remain obstructed.

Keeping this fact in mind by giving wealth to credible ethical people they were also handed   over the responsibility of using the same wholesomely. People gave up all worry by donating wealth to the Brahmin class of society. It is most required that after executing a religious ritual Brahmins are given donation and are fed sumptuously. In that era all this was done truly for world welfare. Fearless Brahmins would spend minimum cash for their food, clothing etc. They personally had hardly any requirements. Every cent given to a Brahmin would be used solely for uplifting world society in an all round manner. Even today the supreme goal of donation and philanthropy should be aimed at sensitive neo creation of the world. Today people think it to be very meritorious in giving a tiny donation for appeasing the mind, vain show for helping someone and yet if human inertia is not warded off momentary solutions will do no good to the world. Hence, while donating wealth a subtle farsighted intellect must be utilized. Those great tasks the world over must be inspired which augment goodwill amongst people everywhere.

If only a few people’s wealth augments, if disparity widens between the haves and have-nots then envy and hatred will ensue and will lead to robbery, looting, murder etc. those with a lot wealth by getting immersed in inflating the ego and sense pleasures will destroy themselves and will induce envy and criminal activities in others. Hence rich people by using minimal wealth for their own use must donate the rest to world society for its all round well being. In this manner man will benefit dually. If there is more wealth its individual gathering can maybe said to be useful but when people misuse it there is no option but to forcefully snatch it away from them. Truly the rise of communism is nothing but the result of selfish and stingy rich people’s narrow outlook. Due to communism not only will wealth dry up but along with it a very useful philosophy of divine faith too will get destroyed. This responsibility of this taint lies on the shoulders of narrow minded wealthy people rather than communists because as a result of their hoarding miserly nature they light pyres of wrath everywhere. If like in ancient times rich people turn generous mankind will attain great glory. They will get fame and honor as great philanthropists and then will also get a nod to amass wealth individually. If this trend is broken, meaning if wealth is earned solely for oneself there is no option but to forcefully snatch it away from them.

There existed a supreme trend wherein wealth was protected akin to a trust and excess earnings were utilized for world progress. Yet today’s rich class, because of lack of credibility is going against the above trend. Ere had they not destroyed their generous nature then ancient time’s spiritual communism would have been counted as the world’s supreme economic program. Even today if the rich class so wishes it can become generous to a fault. If out of generosity voluntarily donate their wealth to the world it can be of great utility value.

A message should be broadcasted to the rich class of the world that Almighty God has given them untold wealth for troubleshooting problems faced by world humanity. By tying the hands and legs of Goddess of Wealth-Lakshmi with the chains of greed and deluded attachment she should not be made to hang upside down. This God given wealth and grandeur instead of frittering it away in fleeting sense pleasures, inflating the ego and misusing it in titillation of senses of family members must be used aptly for overcoming the death like and unconscious state of the world’s soul. It is erroneous to hoard wealth due to greed for it and handing it over to a few select family members. As a result of this error great tasks are obstructed. The rich class should deeply understand just as they earn wealth using a sharp farsighted intellect they must use this wholesomely too.

Every wealthy person must understand many bitter realities. In future times non will honor the rich and since they have turned a blind eye to the world’s downfallen state they will be jeered as hard hearted ones, harsh and stingy. Such a social arrangement will be witnessed soon in the near future. In that wealth will belong not to select individuals but will be owned by world society. Every person as per their capacity will have to put in hard work and in return their needs will be looked after. None will get the chance to lazily earn wealth through interests, rent etc and not even their sons and grandsons will be allowed to do so. Slowly all governments in the name of death tax, super tax etc are slowly taking away wealth from people. In future this arrangement will become stricter and keeping as exceptions weak women unable to earn along with children no one will be able to inherit wealth, property etc of their ancestors. In ancient times in the name of post death rites people donated wealth of their ancestors to society. In turn they themselves would work hard and look after their needs. In future such arrangements will again be made use of. Under no circumstances will the new generation be allowed to live on wealth handed over free. Those who get free wealth become drug/alcohol addicts and immerse themselves in sense titillation. Thus they lose credibility and their inherent talent. No elderly person of any family should render youngsters of their homes useless and criminals.

Only if today’s rich class understands the above truths they will start thinking originally wherein it is not necessary to madly rush after earning more and more wealth. Instead make wholesome use of that wealth which has been earned so far. Wherever such rationality will dawn there the noose of avarice and deluded attachment will get cut asunder and like Lord Vaman the important task of world welfare will be executed. If the sacred sentiments of the wealthy awaken God will not go back in despair and empty handed.

For awakening world lay public education is required to train thousands of volunteers. Of course people will be ready to get trained but their family members may not easily agree to give them money for their daily needs like food, clothing etc. As a result the program of training volunteers for world welfare tasks shall get obstructed. If only arrangements can be made for their food in the form of bread and a little pickle then akin to 0.25 million disciples of Lord Buddha even more people will be ready to get trained for era transformation mission and will oppose and stand firm against the tirade of unethical activities.

Today saintly people have taken birth on the basis of selfish desire to attain heavenly liberation which is a form of escapism. They have no intention to work for world welfare mission. Since they eat free food, remain indolently inactive and shrewdly induce lay people to usurp things belonging to others they have destroyed whatever divine light they possessed. If only they had enough life force they would have worked for social well being. Such man power can not only change India but can transform the entire world and yet it is futile to rest our hopes in them. True world welfare volunteers will manifest only from cultured members of Yug Nirman Yojana. A little arrangement will be have to be made for them. Without people with a sense of service world revolution can never succeed. They definitely will need food and clothing. If only we can use money for every such volunteer thousands will participate in this sacred task and with their zeal and enterprise era transformation as a result of world revolution will truly manifest.

In today’s time there is no dire need to construct temples, rest houses, wells, ponds, gardens etc. Those so called philanthropists who yearn that others laud them may indulge in such activities but those with a sacred farsighted intellect must act like Bhamashah of yore. Instead of constructing hundreds of rest houses and temples the same cash must be used for greater tasks. There is greater need of awakening the thinking of people of every family rather than making pilgrimages. There is no need to cook mounds of sweet food and other tasty food in order to feed Brahmins in huge gatherings. Instead by giving food, clothing etc to those who give up their home and endure hardships so as to carry out God’s mission in the world, such acts would be indeed glorious.

Those wealthy people harboring farsightedness must be should be incited to give up their miserly outlook. During Lord Ram’s time for era transformation monkeys, bears despite being empty handed helped in God’s mission. Today instead of combating the 10 headed demon Ravan, 100 Kauravas or 100 handed Sahasrabahu we have to fight that intellect of world humans that has been veiled by vile activities and tainted sentiments. None should sit back merely as a spectator in today’s Mahabharat war. People must come charging forward in hordes with whatever means they possess.

For neo creation of world society a lot of wealth is needed. For programs of preaching based Wisdom Yajnas many big small activities shall have to be designed. There will be a need of means of preaching and volunteers to preach. This literature of preaching will have to be published in all major languages of the world. For Yug Nirman branches small big temple buildings will have to be built. In it one will have to keep many means of preaching. Gymnasiums will have to be built. The very foundations of religion will have to be laid anew. In the field of artistic talent changes and reforms are long overdue. A great program has been etched to transform the very cast of education. By building an army of creativity they have to be sent everywhere to usher in multifaceted world neo creation. We have to oppose vileness and indolence. Arrangements will have to be made to sooth the wounds of those who endure 80 attacks on them like hero Rana Sangama of yore. For all this a lot of cash is required. It will not be contributed by indolent section of our society. It will only be fulfilled by the generous sentiments of awakened people in every nook and corner of the world. If such generous and magnanimous human Gods ooze with wealth too then it is their sacred duty that this God given wealth be returned to society generously and honestly especially under such problematic world situations. Lord Narayan of this era has asked help from his divine consort Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth).

Every member of Yug Nirman Yojana family must prove that they verily are generous. Contributing one dollar daily and one hour of their valuable time was just initial image worship on their part. In the form of spiritual practice such a tiny Sankalpa or resolve had been taken up preliminarily. Every member each month must at least donate 1 day’s salary so that a volunteer after eating a frugal meal can combat demonic nature that has raised its hood everywhere. The question is not of scarcity of funds but is that of stinginess of our character. If only we render our heart a little generous then even a poor person will seen to harbor a great heart.

Volunteers of Yug Nirman Yojana must not gather wealth, jewelry etc but must make plans of world neo creation. This only can add to the grandeur of era transformation soldiers.











Artists encompass authors, orators, singers, painters and others. They must exhibit their sensitive emotions in such a way that those who are asleep awaken and those who have awakened get inspired to act greatly. It should be used only to lead world human psyche in the direction of true greatness and glory.

Today, it is despicable to note is that art has become a buzzing center of augmenting beastly behavior and sexual lewd thinking and behavior. Whenever one’s voice becomes tuneful along with instruments played only man’s sexual desires are incited. Today we fail to find images, photos, paintings, song etc that depicts a woman as a revered mother, sister etc. Today all around the world women are looked upon as sexually enticing damsels, mistresses, lovers etc. This satiates the lewd lustful advances of vile men and thus everywhere a foul hellish odor is smelt. Art having fallen of its pedestal of high stature goals is amassing means leading to its massive downfall. The dais of various forms of art has created such an environment as though it has no other work apart from describing the sexually titillating fleshy women’s bodily parts, Dushasan like lewd men rendering women akin to Draupadi naked in public (as mentioned in epic Mahabharat) etc.

Art has the inherent capacity to touch the deep sensitive core of humanity and render humanity divine in nature. But today it insanely insists of rushing bang in the opposite direction. The dire tainted result of this is that day after day world human psyche is getting tarnished and lowly in nature. What is required is that intense efforts be made to stop so called artists from rendering Goddess Saraswati (deity of wisdom, art and other skills) a brothel madam. If even after explaining they refuse to budge from these tainted lewd activities such an environment must be created that as a result of this vileness of theirs they only face censure and insults all around.

The power of art shall be allowed to be used only for great creative tasks by our Yug Nirman Yojana. Only a creative direction shall be encouraged to be followed. This power of art needs to be re sanctified and organized well. It has to be made use only for neo creation of sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana. Every artistic person the world over must be made to deeply understand that by attaining this glorious talent an added responsibility rests on their shoulders. In order to execute it they must make honest efforts. Art should be used to fulfill only that purpose for which it was manifested by Almighty God.























For neo creation of both individuals and society at large 4 foundations have been demarcated. Amongst these 2 are for individuals and 2 for society neo creation. The individual must render his personal life self controlled, good behavior, sanctified and illumined. His behavior towards others must be full of kindness, compassion, soul oneness, selfless service and generosity. If this is accomplished individual neo creation has been successfully fulfilled. He now attains the credentials of becoming a divine denizen of the future Satyuga or Golden Era about to usher in.

Similarly society neo creation also has 2 foundations. By warding off separatist obstacles with reference to varied types of inequalities the entire world must be united as a single peaceful family. The sacred ideal of ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ must be placed before the world, in order to neo create it. No type of alien feelings must be perceived. We must feel our world to be one single family and disallow various language religion, national, religion, culture etc based disparities from separating man and man.

No existence of disparity and inequality seen in human beings must remain behind. Just because one is a male and the other is a female neither should be called big-small. None should be termed high-low because of communal and sectarian differences. Wealth should not be distributed in such a manner that a few become stinking rich and the remaining languish in dire poverty. Every person must get an equal opportunity to progress in life. Everyone should work hard as per inherent capacity and based on requirements various means and facilities must be given to all. The aim of world neo creation is to usher in an environment of equality everywhere. The basis on which the world human psyche’s sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana are being neo created involves not experiencing any obstruction in imbibing the above mentioned 4 precepts.



The above 2 are meant for individual neo creation.




The above 2 are meant for world society neo creation.

The activities of Yug Nirman Yojana are centered on the above 4 pillars and hence with its help usher in world society neo creation.


The 1st foundation of sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana neo creation is cleanliness. It means ushering in purity and sanctity. Every person from the standpoint of body, mind and behavior must imbibe as much cleanliness and sanctity as is possible. From the external day to day living standpoint it means rendering our body, clothes, other materials, home and surroundings clean and pure. In our country India dirt and mire have become a part of our very nature. People here have forgotten the aim of cleanliness and its form. For Indians cleanliness is but blindly following the age old tradition of untouchability (do not touch this or that and this person or that person otherwise you shall incur sin) and just pouring 2 jugs of water on our body as a half hearted bath. While cooking food and eating meals westerners observe a lot of cleanliness. They pay proper heed in disallowing perspiration etc on their hands to touch their food and when they actually eat it also. They do not allow flies to buzz around their food materials and no dirt, dust, mud etc is allowed to render their food unhealthy. Thus they imbibe clean habits a great deal. In our country there were scientific reasons why we observed not touching things with our hands at meal times but people forgetting this started giving predominance to a certain class of people not allowed to touch them and their things.

Bathing increases our cleanliness and purity. Although this is correct it must not be limited to mere hurriedly pouring 2 mugs of water on our body wherein major dirt and perspiration of the body remains behind and lets off a foul odor from our body. Every part of our body must be rubbed clean and after that with a clean towel we must wipe it thoroughly and don clean washed clothes. This then is the correct way of bathing daily else if we do not rub our body to remove dirt, do not wipe it with a clean towel and fail to wear clean washed clothes the aim of bathing is not achieved. The way of bathing today termed today so as to cleanse our body is mere hypocrisy. Our cleanliness must be based on rules of good health and must cover all our bodily parts. From the body and clothes standpoint we must remain clean. Our mattress and bed sheet too must be washed and rendered clean regularly.

A person reeking with dirt externally inwardly harbors lethargy, indolence and haywire. Good management and cleanliness are synonymous. A well managed life is the chief foundation of attaining progress. In order to render this foundation firm we must focus our attention on all round cleanliness in life. In Indian rural areas and villages stools, feces, urine etc rot either in the village itself or nearby areas. As a result very precious fertilizer gets destroyed. It spreads dirt everywhere and our inner nature imbibes an attitude to accept dirty surroundings in all forms. In Era Neo creation every facet of all round cleanliness shall have to be fully focused on.

The other aspect of external cleanliness is purity of mind and our behavior. Not an iota of space must be given to fraud, cunningness, wiliness, falsehood, scams etc in our mind. It is only by imbibing innocence, straightforwardness and purity akin to a child’s mind that we can protect human greatness and glory. Whatever we are within must be expressed outwardly. No place must be given to hypocrisy and external show in our dealings with others. We must act as per our inner thoughts and thus refrain from deluding others. Whatever is in our mind must be expressed in our speech. We must not give place to distrust in the form saying one thing and acting bang opposite to it. It is this hypocrisy on our part that incites bad behavior and vile sentiments towards others. If we behave exactly the way we think within, there is no chance of us getting cheated by others. Falsehood is said to be the root of all sins because it is under its jurisdiction that vile tainted activities crop up and proliferate more and more. Truth is said to be the highest form of Punya or meritorious deeds because if mental purity exists there so many great glorious activities shall multiply. Truth is not relegated to our speech merely because it is but a tiny portion of gigantic measure of true behavior and actions by us. By commencing truthful utterance of speech we have to include in it the great viewpoint of mental sanctity of each thought and each action executed. Only then can all round complete mental purity and sanctity be attained.

Intellectual purity means accepting every belief only after testing it using one’s Viveka or farsighted discrimination and sense of apt justice. Just as it is mandatory that we filter water it is much more necessary that we test each and every age old tradition and belief passed on to us since time immemorial. This test is based on scientific logic and proof. We must test every thought with Viveka or farsighted discrimination to find out whether it is right or wrong. Whatever is apt and correct only must be imbibed by us all.

Since past times for a long period an era of darkness has spread everywhere. It has destroyed and rendered shattered our ethical, philosophical and social thinking along with its great age old traditions. The flood of selfishness and narrow minded leanings has depicted ethics and religion in such a way that it has been rendered nothing short of mockery. Blind indolent beliefs and blind traditions have donned the garb of ‘culture’. Just as to catch hold of a wild elephant trained and well controlled elephants are sent to it similarly alien invaders after training religious leaders of our country set up such a net of philosophical lowliness that on getting entangled in it we never became capable of independent thinking. Intellectual slavery is much more complex than any other type of bondage. Every good-bad task occurs as per God’s divine desire, fate is predetermined, it can never be warded off etc. So many other such deluded philosophical thoughts have taken firm roots in our Indian society. There is no end to social vile traditions. Ethical depictions too are strange. The external form of religion stands as Karmakanda or worship rites but its life force has petered away to naught much previously. Under such situations it shall be possible to usher in intellectual purity and sanctity only by washing it with the soap of Viveka or farsighted discrimination. The water of logic and sunlight of aptness must be used with this soap compulsorily. Only then can our intellectual sheet become clean and sacred. Today it has become excessively dirty.

Purity must be fully imbibed in our actions and behavior. Each person must sincerely perform his righteous duties in an honest ethical manner. We must rest content with food bought from an income of hard work and integrity. Never should we get lured by easy quick money devoid of hard work. Never accept the handcuffs of criminality and fraudulent activities. Man’s glory and humane grandeur remains imperishable only if he refuses to bow down enticements and fear of any sort. He must latch on to ethics, justice and aptness in a firm manner. Character is man’s supremely precious wealth. If while protecting it one has to face a life of poverty, simplicity and lack compared to other people he must feel it actually connotes his great inner glory. If we become wealthy by taking recourse to unethical fraudulent means or is called ‘progressive’ it is worth only denouncing and banishing it from the world. Even if while imbibing aptness and great duties we are forced to lead a difficult life of hardship it shall be called protection of humaneness on our part if we remain unswerving. In other words this is called purity and piousness of character.

These days, all round reigns, an atmosphere of lowliness and vileness. We have imbibed multi numbered undesirable activities and by following despicable unethical means, we are amassing so called prosperity and success. It truly is sheer greatness on our part if without swerving in such a flow we stand upright while imbibing sacred ideals due to the call of our soul. It is proof of our valor and brave hearted nature. In comparison to going on pilgrimages, feeding pious Brahmins, donating cows etc imbibing a great pure character is a 1000 fold more important religious task.

Neo creation has 2 social substratum viz. equality and unity. There are 2 individual substratum viz. purity and affectionate love. In the future neo creation of a world divine society every person shall be explained the importance of all encompassing and they in turn shall explain it to their other brethren. In every realm, be it bodily, material means, environmental, mental, intellectual and character, more and more sanctity and piousness must be imbibed. By imbibing the sacred ideal of purity humanity being rendered pious only shall be capable of ushering great heavenly situations on planet earth. Due to this sanctity a light shall get illumined akin to clay earthen flame lamps lit during the Deepavali Festival of Lights in India. This light of purity shall ward off all darkness that has spread like wild fire in world society today. This facile capacity dwells in every soldier working towards world neo creation. It only needs to be advanced to great pinnacles.


















The 1st foundation of sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana neo creation is cleanliness. The 2nd basis of Era Transformation is affection. It means a sense of ‘mine’. Whatever exists in this world is mine. This sort of attitude helps widen our sense of oneness of soul with the entire world. It is our selfish narrow attitude of looking upon a few people and a bit of wealth, property etc as our own that results in untold vile thoughts reeking from our psyche. These tainted thoughts then lead to tainted actions and sinning on our part. Hence this limited sense of mine attitude is looked down upon like greed and deluded mental attachment.

Only my wife and my children are my own and all others are aliens. This erroneous belief leads to grabbing other peoples’ rights for amassing material wealth etc in order to render a few kith and kin happy. We have created a small limited world of ‘I and mine’ and hence we insanely run about here and there to amass joyous comforts for it. It is from here that sins and unethical thinking-activities arise.

If we imbibe the feeling that the entire world of creatures, materials etc belong to us none shall become aliens for us. Each one of us is imbued with that same soul. Our soul dwells in every pore of this world. Everyone experiences joy and sorrow. If we feel others’ sorrow to be our own and feel happy when others are immersed in joy know for sure that affection has advanced to great heights of humaneness and glory.

Deluded mental attachment is a tiny rotting form of affection. As long as water is in flowing mode it remains clean but when it gets bound in a small puddle it starts rotting because it loses its pure clean nature. Similarly when we limit our affectionate love selfishly to our body and family the only option at hand is to live a life reeking with the foul smell of rotting dirt and downfall. It is natural that affection emerges wherever there is the feeling of mine and wherever the attitude of alien emerges (not mine) there no affectionate love is felt. If our affection is limited to our body only we do not aver or dither even a wee bit in eating flesh of innocent birds and animals even if it means killing them inhumanly while they wail aloud in agony. The reason is that we love only our body and our ego ‘I’. Hence no sympathy or compassion emerges in our inner being towards others. Their joy-sorrow is of no concern for such people. This narrow selfish feeling invites us openly to eat non vegetarian food. Apart from this it also induces such egotists to take up crime, looting, oppression, adultery and other such tainted activities. It is simple mathematics that if we truly love someone we shall try to increase their happiness and try and ward off their hardships. It is hence that man tries to amass as much of material comforts for his family. The reason is that he is mentally attached to them and harbors affection for them. Hence for such a tiny arena we get pounded in life since our affection is focused on it albeit limitedly. But if this affection starts spreading in wider arenas it shall start advancing and evolving from caste devotion, regional devotion, communal devotion, national patriotism and finally one shall truly start loving the entire world of animate and inanimate beings. Our love gets focused wherever our sense of mine dwells. The more intense is our sense of mine it shall become more profound. And then in that very ratio we shall experience comfort and discomfort. The sorrow and pain there shall become our very own and when that arena advances further we shall feel very happy. This is an eternal law and none can challenge or denounce it. It is our sense of oneness with world society that ushers in our own personal joy and peace. If we progress in life in a lone manner our neighbor’s envy, demeaned state etc shall not allow us to use and enjoy it. If our neighbor’s house is on fire our own house shall start burning in a few moments itself. Akin to cogs of a watch a person’s own security, joy and peace are inseparably conjoined to society’s all round advancement and great capability. Hence the sciences of ethics, economics, sociology, religion and spirituality in one voice advise man to serve society selflessly. Only then shall he and world society bloom with untold joy and peace.

How must this social responsibility be advanced? How can it become actually manifest? The one and only solution for this is to render the inner state and sense of soul oneness in every person widespread and universal. For this required consciousness has to be awakened in full throttle. External show and lip service shall not get us anywhere. This is not a topic of garrulous discussion but has to be experienced deep within. Many social workers are seen to superficially talk about sacred idealism, world welfare and wellness in order to ‘urge’ people to work for society uplifting but since within their selfish leanings place them in a very small periphery their actions are bang opposite to what they talk. By inflicting a lot of harm on society and others silently they keep fulfilling their selfish interests. On analyzing this mockery the conclusion drawn is that from the intellectual standpoint they may have fully accepted the tenet of working for society’s welfare but as far as the soul state is concerned it remains as underdeveloped as before. The source of inspiration is our psyche and not our brain center. Whatever the inner soul desires, whatever it believes in tandem with it our brain gathers means. The brain only possesses the power to make decisions but it can never be the fount of great inspirations. Aspirations and faith gather in our psyche and in it dwells this power. It is from here that our actions are given a particular direction. Without our affection and sense of soul oneness advancing gloriously on the basis of sacred sensitive sentiments no one can become a true selfless worker of world society.

For Era Transformation the 4th basis of sacred sensitive sentiment based neo creation is said to be most required. Its foundation can be philosophic and spiritual. Our aspiration and faith must be ready to accept that our affectionate love is not limited to our body and tiny family. Since it is closest to us it can become a part of our selfless service towards world society. For this end we must also execute related duties. But we must remember not to limit all our energies and affection for this small miniscule aspect of our life. We instead must render more and more widespread our love and affection and sense of soul oneness with the world. In fact it must not only include all humans but that all animate-inanimate beings must be encompassed. All belong to me and I belong to all. This belief is the true goal of human life and it includes self amplification, Self or God Realization, Divine Soul Wisdom and liberation from material bondage (Moksha). Our sense of inner incompleteness gets transformed into total fulfillment by imbibing the above belief.

If someone feels everyone is his own beloved soul he shall never act unethically or fraudulently with anyone. He shall never hurt anybody in anyway. He shall feel others’ sorrow to be his own and he shall try to ward it off in the same zealous manner as he would his own anguish. The fount of spiritual goal and world well being tasks is this. In order to fulfill this inner inspiration various tasks are executed and these are called Punya or meritorious deeds. Do we leave any stone unturned while trying to render our body and family happy? When this activity on becoming universal starts performing actions to render world society happy it shall become difficult to execute even one tainted unethical task. Whatever is done its inner form encompasses only world welfare and well being.

Selfless service and spiritual practices done with a psyche blooming with sacred sensitive sentiments augments our inner bliss and zest. It then leads our soul stature towards supreme peaks of glory. In its absence if tasks labeled social service in effect are done for attaining fleeting name and fame even if you keep bloating about these so called social service no happiness or peace is experienced deep within our soul. Further if we fail to attain fame and wealth in the measure desired our conscience will not bite us if we renounce these tasks or even in harming them. It becomes burdensome to complete the tasks taken up as per plans made. But if at the soul level selfless tasks done as per inspiration of devotional love zest and inner satiation are experienced. The more we execute such great actions with zeal for a long time period the more joy blooms within our soul. Based on our sacred sensitive sentiments the results of actions performed and their influence too become noteworthy.

If our affection and mental attachment get sanctified our great activities shall increase manifold. And this shall render more profound our soul oneness with all world creatures and objects. By increasing the measure of soul oneness and selfless service to society our relationship with others shall brim with friendship and brotherhood. Hence in the very near future we shall tangibly perceive how beneficial is the conjoining of sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana to our meritorious deeds.



















Unity means to put a full stop to the act of scattering and instead focus it in a centralized manner. The act of going on decreasing individual egotism and selfishness and remaining contented with the portion we get when we work with others for world advancement leads us towards world unity and brotherhood. While walking in this great direction we can reach the goal of ‘The World United Peacefully as One Family’ (Udaar Charitanam Tu Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam-Vedas). True spirituality means all belong to us and we belong to all. This encompasses the tenet of ‘Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu’ and is the supreme goal of Advaita Vedanta or Philosophy of Non Duality.

The fact is that we all are different rays of the single sun. No doubt various parts of a wrist watch are different but if we in a separated manner keep saying ‘Only I help the proper functioning of the watch’ the watch shall not work and show us the proper time. And these different separated watch parts cannot be sold even for a cent. If all the bodily parts work united it shall remain alive and kicking and each organ gets honor for functioning aptly. But if each organ selfishly tries to boss over other parts and refuse to cooperate the body shall die a supine death and no benefit shall come our way. These organs and dead body can only be buried or cremated in fire. We all know that many dry grass blades unite to form a rope. Many drops join to become the mighty ocean. If this unity breaks apart because each one wants to selfishly gain more than others then since the ocean shall dry up not one water drop shall remain in existence. The rope too shall get tattered and the separated dry grass blades shall get scattered away to naught.

A grinding halt must set in as far as all vile activities that separate man and man out of selfish greed are concerned. In this manner world humans shall develop a firm bond of soul friendship with each other. They shall come closer to each other with profundity. All acts that create communal and sectarian clashes in a separating manner must be uprooted. In recent decades such disparity has been created in the arenas of caste, creed, language, country, religion, culture etc. that not only have they created a separating wall between humans but that it has made them aliens, arch enemies etc of one another. As long as these walls are not broken down bloody fists of narrow disparity shall strike blows on man’s chest.

Take for example languages. Suppose only one language exists in the world instead of hundreds noted today? Suppose only one language is spoken and written will it not reduce so many obstacles in give and take of knowledge as is seen today due to a plethora of various languages taken recourse to? If data given by one scholar is published in one language it shall easily be read the world over by so many scholars in a short while itself. No difficulty as far as translation is concerned shall be faced. Any person from any country visiting another country can easily talk with people there and communicate all his thoughts. Due to so many languages seen today mankind has been broken into many sects, sub sects etc. In his own language he croaks like a toad in his small well. Without one world language the dream of a world united peacefully as one family cannot be realized. When the wall of varied languages is rendering even great world scholars and leaders deaf and dumb since they fail to understand what the other person is saying in the language alien to him hence how can unity and brotherhood harbinger in the world over? Lest we wish to attain the goal of human unity and that we wish to render the periphery of knowledge worldwide it shall only become possible if we usher in one single world language. Initially we can have one language for every region too yet people will yet have to learn this single world language too. Later these regional languages can be overlooked and simply this single world language must be spoken and written by all world humans.

Akin to a single world language one single universal nation should be created. Right from small pieces of land intoxicated politicians drinking the wine of patriotism, do not prevaricate even a wee bit while attacking each other and oppressing innocent civilians. Right from regional selfishness they declare their country’s citizens to be enemies of another country. Regarding national interest they spread the net of diplomatic harassment. So many wars on planet earth have occurred because of this and so many brilliantly talented people have burnt to ashes in this fire. Hence we must usher in a single universal nation. On the basis of geographical considerations nations shall be demarcated and only like regions they shall become portions of this single universal nation. These nations shall be categorized only on the basis of transport, travel by air etc Amongst these nations no arch rivalry, akin to that of ‘mine and yours’ shall be allowed to prevail. World natural resources shall be used by entire world humanity in a united friendly manner. Africa, America and Australia own a lot of unused land space. In comparison over populated nations like China, India etc have to live in overcrowded areas. A single world land and its population in a united manner can create such a situation that on the basis of world family unity each one shall get equal benefits of property, minerals, ores, animal wealth, petrol etc since it belongs to a single world nation. All differences and fights shall be decided by an international court. All problems of agitations etc shall be looked after by a single world army. Elections shall be indirect in nature. Only local police shall patrol various regions. Village councils shall choose local councils, the latter shall choose regional councils and single world government. For representatives standing for elections their choice shall be made on the basis of greatness of activities carried out by them thus far. Not anyone and everyone shall be allowed to stand for these elections. A very high level committee that itself has credentials of ethics, integrity, human values etc shall examine people’s credential of honesty etc if they wish to stand for elections. Only when these people pass the fiery test of ethical thinking/behavior, honesty etc shall they be given permission to stand for elections. In this manner a democracy that is limited but of a highly sanctified stature shall represent the high stature pious sentiments of world humanity. All laws shall be easy and straightforward in nature. Criminals shall be dealt with a lot of harshness so that no one else shall dare dream of acting and thinking tainted. The world govt. shall perforce have to see to it that each person gets proper education, health benefits and means to eke out an income for comfortable living. A person shall work based on his capacity and shall take things as per his basic requirements. All forms of wealth, property, natural resources etc shall belong to the ruling world govt.

A single world religion shall come into being. The root basis of it shall be that thinking trend blooming with ethics, goodwill, righteous duties, great qualities and actions, an inner glorious nature, a character full of high stature sacred ideals etc The chief goal of this single world religion shall be to explain these tenets in a philosophic manner to all humans and teach them how to put them into practice in day to day living.

Only those portions of ancient religious texts and religious founders shall be accepted that can fulfill the requirements of this single world religion. The more a teacher or prophet of a religion has propagated the eternal law of truth based on world unity, equality, love and sanctity of mind those aspects shall be gathered and brought under the flagship of unity of all religions. All those aspects of any religion that incites clashes and a deluded brain shall be ignored totally. In this manner this most ancient and universal religion shall become useful for all of mankind without exception. People in future shall follow only this single world religion. This can be called a human religion or religion of eternal truth also.

One meaning of culture encompasses what is its tradition, what is its lifestyle, how do its members eat/rest/wear clothes etc and the language endorsed by them. If in future we usher in a single world culture that encourages humans to wear one type of clothes, follow same traditions, eat similar type of food, play similar type of games etc a lot of time and money can be saved. If our mode of wearing clothes etc is similar disparity can be warded off. On the one hand in armies, schools etc, a common dress code or uniform is prescribed that creates beauty and it also wards off the separatist attitude of high-low.

In one place itself of what use are different types of traditions, festivals etc? The varied types of traditions, beliefs etc of different sects and communities elicit a separatist type of thinking and behavior in people. By decreasing it one can augment unity with due honest efforts on our part. The more cultural world unity is profound the more we shall feel that the world is our family and that all humans are our brothers and sisters.

One world nation, religion, language and culture must be rendered the firm foundation of ushering in all round world unity and equality. This sacred world unity and brotherhood shall become an important foundation stone of a New Era.



















Apart from other foundations another basis of ushering in a New Era shall be ‘equality’. A very miniscule difference must be allowed to exist between man and man. Everyone should get the golden opportunity of remaining in a common type of state. Thus no one’s ego shall increase and envy shall wither away to naught. Those possessing untold measure of wealth use it to augment their comforts and facilities in a huge measure. They compare their ‘high’ status with others and vainly flaunt their wealth. They increase their vanity and hence ego too. This leads to their behaving arrogantly with people less affluent than themselves. Under such situations the common man lacking riches wishes to amass such riches themselves. But this is not easy for everyone to attain. Hence envy and jealousy reek forth in society. It is human nature that if someone is enjoying much more material prosperity and grandeur envy and jealousy emerges in their mind. Due to envy a sense of enmity too manifests within. And this leads to crime, robbery, looting, frauds and scams. A common man wishing to become rich on noting that the path of honesty and ethics is obstructing his goal he takes up crime, fraudulent actions etc. Many vile activities of scams, adultery, falsehood, unethical actions and thinking crop up like undesirable weeds. Thus the birth of such taints and vileness is this financial disparity and inequality in human society. Affluent rich people get entangled in many types of unruly behavior and addiction of alcohol, narcotic drugs etc

Hence financial equality has been proclaimed as mandatory in order to maintain joy, peace and advancement in human society on a sustained basis. High walls manifest only when a huge crater is dug up there and the mud in it is raised high. This world possesses means in that measure for fulfilling the basic requirements of each one of us. If certain people selfishly amass and hoard wealth in untold measure to be called affluently rich it results in many innocent people leading lives of poverty and lack of even basis needs like food, clothing and shelter. The tradition of gentlemanliness is that if anyone has income/wealth much more than that required for his basic upkeep he must use only that much required by an ordinary lay person. The remaining wealth etc must be selflessly offered for society’s welfare and wellness. The day this tradition stopped people selfishly started amassing more than required wealth so as to misuse it for a sense titillating vagabond like lifestyle. In this manner so much strife, hatred and stress emerged in world human society.

In order that society is rendered totally free of envy and arrogant egotistic behavior financial equality must be ushered in. Man can be given leeway to keep that tad bit of extra wealth after utilizing that required for his basic life’s needs but this extra measure must not be gigantic. The huge disparity between very affluent rich people and people rotting in poverty never allows joy, peace and magnanimity to prevail in society. Mankind can be perforce made to take from society only as per his basic needs by following the procedure of working to the fullest capacity he possesses. He can also voluntarily imbibe the sacred ideal of non hoarding of wealth as mentioned in great spiritual literature. After using wealth for his basic requirements akin to a lay citizen’s needs the rest of his wealth must be offered as service to society without any aspiration of name, fame etc. This donation must be offered as a part of his righteous duty towards society in which he resides. The method could be any yet both communism and spiritualism aim only at financial equality being reinstated in society. Without this equality those agitations, strife, tension etc noted in the world day in and day out shall be impossible to uproot at the grass roots level.

The 2nd stage of equality is that of basic human rights. Men and women of this world are Almighty God’s 2 arms or 2 eyes. Their duties and rights are equal in measure and form. None of them are senior or junior, high or low etc. Both have equal responsibilities to execute and enjoy same rights. If the husband earns money by growing crops, working in an office, business etc his wife too at home executes tasks pertaining to looking after the house, helping children in their schooling, washing clothes, sewing, serving family members and so on. If we measure the financial aspect of these important duties carried out by her it is no less than what the husband earns while working outside the home. If with the bond of love both respect each other this shall be a sign of humility and greatness on their part. It is totally inapt that the husband looks upon his wife as lower in stature than him especially in a male dominated society as seen in our country India.

The Purdah system (donning a veil by women) is said to help women get protection from lewd behavior of men. If this is so then even men should veil themselves because as a husband he too should not be ogled at lewdly by other women he comes in contact with. If both men and women observe the Purdah system (donning a veil by women) at least it shall be a fair and unbiased tradition. If veiling is restricted only to the women class definitely it is sheer murder of our judicial system which advocates equality and unbiased attitude. Similarly as far as marriage is concerned both men and women must follow the same rules. If a husband enjoys the right to marry more than one lady then even a wife must be given the right to marry more than one male. If a widower can marry again why obstruct a widow from re marrying?

The disparity seen between the son and daughter of a household is bang opposite to human ethics. Why is the son of a family called the torch bearer of one’s clan and a daughter, a garbage bin in her in laws house? We must remember that it is our mother and wife who give us the chance to live life and remain prosperous. A woman hence must be given much more respect in comparison to her male counterpart.

If we walk united harboring same requirement, same goal and same basis all bondage responsible for disparity in society can be cut asunder forever. Humanity has only one creed. If horses, crows, ducks etc belong to one class why cannot mankind belong to one single class? One can understand if classification of humans is based on their professions. We can say that humans belong to various classes of labor, army, literature, science etc. Since their interests and experience are same they may gather together for special purposes. Yet it should not be allowed to become a cause of disparity like high-low, big-small etc. If a father has 4 sons and each one has a different profession no difference ensues as far as their unity and equality status is concerned.

In the western world in the name of white and black skin the belief of high-low class prevails. It is the same as Savarna and Asavarna sect difference ruling in India. In fact in India this disparity has gone beyond all limits of insanity. Between Brahmins too one is higher the other is lower. The backward class also has the attitude of touchable-untouchable. We may see big-small difference between human beings yet the basis of this disparity should only be great qualities, activities, inner nature, goodwill and selfless social service. Someone can be labeled lowly if the basis for it is his wicked actions and tainted thinking. But as far as our birth, caste, clan etc is concerned we all humans are the sons of Brahmaji the creator or this world and Manu too can be called our primordial father.

It is the duty of scriptures, society, religion and individuals that they create the institution of equality. Every person must perforce lend the benefits of his capability and capacity to society. It is alright if this sense of duty is created by spirituality at the level of sacred sentiments within or that the govt. puts strict controls on unrighteous unethical behavior and attitude. Whatever is the method employed every human must get the chance to put in full efforts and enjoy means attained.

Govt. officers, the affluent class and other authorities cannot be allowed to enjoy honor and other benefits simply out of fear of their powerful status in society. Special honor and respect must be given only to those who serve society selflessly after having fully imbibed sacred ideals both inwardly and outwardly in their day to day tasks. The creation of a mesh for handing over honor to people simply because they are materially stinking rich or that fraudulent type of people with selfish interests in mind offering such ‘honor’ must be brought to a grinding halt once and for all. Otherwise people shall become rich or take up posts of authority by hook or by crook and in the same tainted manner demand respect from others. In the process this right of people who truly are ethical and honest shall be snatched away in an unjust manner.

Extra honor should never be given to anyone simply because he belongs to some special caste, gender or that he is affluent and enjoys a high powerful status in society. We must hence create an optimal environment wherein on the above basis none gets honor and various facilities since it would totally be termed inapt.



















Members of our worldwide Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) shall be called Parijan as long as they have limited themselves to fulfilling only the 1st condition of our family’s membership. Each day these Parijans set aside 20 paisa of their income for buying (called Jnan Ghat or Pot of Wisdom) our mission’s magazine and books. In this manner their home becomes a Library and Temple of Wisdom. They read these books themselves. They read it out to their family members or ask them to read this great literature. The same they do with their neighbors, family friends and others in their contact. This is a mandatory procedure for all Parijans to imbibe. If even this much is not possible they can only be accepted as people who from outside follow our mission and help in a stray manner. But they cannot be called active members or Parijans.

We hope that every active members or Parijan instead of limiting himself to fulfilling the above condition only marches further ahead by working for era neo creation. They must participate in the creative, preaching and other activities involving opposing of undesirable trends in society. In order to render these tasks more active he must undergo much more self sacrifice in a dedicated manner. When zest manifests of such high stature and one’s activities become more prolific and intense he shall be called a leading member. He shall be called an era creator and shall be counted as a soldier of the era neo creation army.

Of course! It certainly is not our aim to set up an army like organization. Our aim is but augmenting of great goodwill and glorious deeds of world wellness. Those who include these activities as mandatory in their day to day program of life, akin to his body and family zestfully works to create an environment for ushering in a new era he shall be called a soldier of the era neo creation army due to his zeal for this great mission. As per our definition all such zealous zestful workers shall be counted as soldiers of the era neo creation army. From the standpoint of righteous duty and glory of responsibility they shall be honored with such a stupendous title.

Every member or Parijan must make efforts to become a soldier of the era neo creation army. The mission and progress of volunteers shall be termed as a very important achievement.

The mode of working of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) is categorized thus:




Our army of soldier’s of era neo creation is categorized thus:




It is these 3 together that can be called an all encompassing complete army. If a country possesses only one amongst the above three then from the army set up viewpoint it can only be called incomplete and partially handicapped.

The sanctification of world human psyche too is like the bloody Mahabharat War of yester eras. It is a war of righteousness and in the battlefield of Kurukshetra it shall be fought under the guidance of Lord Shri Krishna and efforts of Arjun the valiant warrior. Lord Shri Krishna had declared war by sounding the Panchajanya conch and for it he had generated valor and daring. Arjun had to aim his arrow and pierce the heads of the enemy soldiers. In this side efforts and self sacrifice had dawned in a big way. By ushering in Bhagwad Geeta’s Jnana Yoga (Yoga of Wisdom) and Arjun’s Karma Yoga (Yoga of Action) both were made to stand at one spot. Both were combined a superb manner. What had taken place at the end of Dwaparyuga is being repeated today in our modern era. The world human psyche is Dharmakshetra (realm of righteousness) and Kurukshetra. It is in this center that the role of wisdom and role of action are combined aptly. Over here 100 Kauravas rule. Hence innumerable bad qualities, errors, unruliness, unethical actions, vile thoughts etc rule the roost. The sole wife of humaneness, ethics, farsightedness, righteousness and hard work representing the 5 Pandava princes is Draupadi. In today’s modern era true culture is being rendered naked in public. Not one country of the world can boast of an ethical govt. working towards their citizen’s welfare and well being. No where can one see the sacred rule of Lord Rama (Ramrajya) or that of righteousness. In fact all around one can see only the vile rule of tainted actions and demonic thinking. Under such circumstances is there any other option apart from waging the bloody Mahabharat War of previous eras once again today? Not wielding weapons and using only pious humane sentiments this war that shall be fought will be but a subtle repetition of the original bloody Mahabharat War fought in previous eras?

The previously heavenly garden today brims with stones, thorns etc and in its distorted state this area of violent beasts has become an inaccessible forest full of terrorizing fear. We have to bring back the previous heavenly condition of planet earth. A skillful gardener labors very hard for tilling the soil, watering it after sowing seeds, protecting crops from deteriorating etc. Similarly we have to honestly put in efforts for converting our demeaned planet earth of today, into a beautiful heavenly garden. This then shall be our mode of functioning, our plan and our preparation for it.

The world public psyche that was previously God’s temple reeks with owls, bats etc. In this garden, weeds, thorns and barrenness have set in. We shall have to dig them out and throw them away forever. Then by tilling the soil it must be rendered such that trees and plants full of flowers, fruits etc can grow in a blooming manner. They must sprout and grow to maturity. The past era of darkness of ignorance spanning 2000 years has distorted our thinking very despicably. It is hence that our country India previously very powerful has today become so weak that merely 1500 invaders ruled over such a big country like India for 1000 years. They ruled over us fearlessly in an autocratic manner. Due to waging 2 world wars Germany had to endure foreign rule twice yet each time in a few days itself it cut asunder this bondage of foreign rule. Even Japan, Italy etc refused to endure foreign rule for a long time span. Thus they attained political freedom quite speedily. India remained a slave of foreign rule for 1000 long years and the cause was not the might of these foreign invaders but it was inherent weakness in India that was to be blamed fully. It was this weakness that disallowed India from congregating united as a powerful nation most required to uproot foreign rule.

There was a time in ancient eras wherein India followed one religion, one scripture, one icon deity for worshiping, one culture and one tradition yet communalism shattered this unity into a thousand tiny pieces. The net of varied beliefs spread out so badly that since the public psyche got dragged into opposing thinking trends it got deluded and lost all sight of the righteous duties required to be performed by humans. So many sects, castes, Mantras, scriptures, deities, thoughts, behavioral ethics, creeds etc did not spread out only in a mocking hypocritical manner but that it carried along with it blind deluded beliefs and traditions in a well spread out net manner. Hence entire Indian society got entangled in it in a deluded complex manner.


The fault lies with those people who founded various sects. In order to set up their separate group of disciples and the insane rush for establishing their lordly nature on others very much against previous well proven ideologies they put forth their own new ideologies and via their intellectual sharpness induced innocent lay devotees to accept their newly woven beliefs. If the matter was limited to Guru-disciple it was alright. But in order to render correct one’s aptness of separatism, in order to open up permanent founts of income for their descendants such indolent deluded beliefs were established that although fulfilled their goal but along with it strayed afar in undesirable and unethical beliefs. Today especially in India innumerable unethical trends and blind beliefs have become our ‘religious culture’. The result of this is that despite all of us owning all means and materials day by day we are weakening more so mentally.

One fourth of our public’s human citizen rights have been taken away and are termed ‘untouchables’ and backward. Half our population in the form of women getting entangled in the Purdah or veil tradition has been rendered lame and for these such restrictions were placed that instead of a human being women became worse in stature than tame beasts. Deities were set up that on getting bribed and praised superficially would help in any unethical activity. They were also given hope of carrying out lowly despicable Tantra acts like Maran, Mohak, Ucchatan, Vashikaran etc via these deities. Divine Powers were rendered hard hearted, wicked and blood thirsty and by offering them innocent birds/animals as sacrificial offering (Bali) the road to fulfilling any type of greed especially vile ones got opened up. There was no place for compassion or righteousness here. As per fatalism everything is predetermined and that destiny makes us do everything. This is an iron chain that chains man to intellectual slavery. So many high castes-low castes cropped up like unwanted weeds that forget sharing food or getting one’s children married (inter caste), these different castes cannot not even touch each other physically. One may sin a lot but if you bathe in River Ganga, visit temples, listen to religious discourses and other superficial Karmakandas (worship rites) all your sins get atoned. So many such deluded beliefs entered our religion and it proved ghastly as far as our ethics, thinking and social behavior is concerned. All our healthy beneficial traditions got shattered and our society became weak and down fallen in a despicable manner. Even today we are enmeshed in this mental delusion and we foolishly call this Sanatan Dharma (Eternal Religion).

When a society’s philosophy becomes lowly and tainted it becomes downfallen and slave like. These facts can be clearly seen by us all today. We shall again have to ‘till’ our mental field. All unwanted stones shall have to be uprooted. Undesirable prejudices must be bid adieu forever. Only then our mental plane shall become such that we can sow seeds of progress and Viveka or farsighted discrimination. The result of this shall be harvesting a good crop of material-spiritual prosperity and radiating the prowess of our talent and skill. This very 1st leg of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) is our Jnana or Wisdom Yajna. It can be called an intellectual revolution. From here commences neo creation of sensitive sentiments wherein the lay public gets an opportunity to thinking independently devoid of prejudices with reference to their beliefs. Such enterprise must emerge as a result of this that whatever is inapt and is useless must be bravely thrown away. Whatever is apt and truly beneficial must be imbibed and that too without prevaricating even a wee bit. In order to lead our thinking in the direction of advancement such a thought flow is being exhibited on the basis of which people can realize the dangers of undesirable elements that have entered various walks of human life. Thus they must gauge the great results of imbibing all that is apt and wholesome.  Via literature, road shows etc a campaign for sanctifying beliefs has been set rolling. This is the army of soldiers fighting on land belonging to the Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation). This is tilling the soil of human psyche. It can be called an Intellectual and Thought Revolution.

The 2nd leg of our plan is augmenting creative activities. It is just not enough just to accept things that are apt but that it must be broadcasted to others and help in increasing it. In order to put it in practice our divine qualities within must be manifested in day to day living after due diligent practice. This task can be done only via creativity and selfless social service. When sacred ideals based beliefs manifest in our day to day actions only then can it be called putting it into practice. It becomes a part of our very nature and in the form of psychic imprints/Sanskars it becomes faith that gets established in our psyche. The personal life’s sense of oneness and gentlemanliness can be rendered intense only by rubbing it on the stone of selfless world service. This is possible by rendering all creative tasks active in full throttle.

In the past vile sentiments and tainted activities have established themselves in the mind firmly and put into action on a war footing. It has virtually become a part of human nature today. Now those goodwill emotions and glorious tasks’ importance that are being explained, those that everyone is being urged to imbibe deeply, it shall not be enough merely to accept it in a lip service manner. Only if they get a chance to first accept and imbibe them mentally and then actually put them into practice in day to day transactions only then shall they become advanced, sanctified and mature. It is only when you jump into a lake that you can learn swimming and you can become a full fledged wrestler only if you go to the wrestler’s gymnasium for getting trained in a practical manner. The profound experience of our ethical and social duties can be only perceived if in the direction of soul and world neo creation some practical steps are taken, some difficulties are endured, some sacrifice is made and such daring and bravery should be exhibited that distorted beliefs can be overthrown and in its place sanctified faith and aspiration gets firmly reinstated. It is for this that creative mode of endeavor has become the 2nd leg of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation).

Forces that taint and rot human society are at work since quite some time. Hence a worldwide movement of neo creation must be harbingered in. As per our internal/external state, our capability and interest we must commence such tasks in areas nearby us that help advancement of our nation’s material and spiritual realms. By taking a bunch of laborers anything can be done. The attitude of selfless humble service dawns in us only when we work without desiring any selfish gains. This is called creative mode of endeavor. As per it varied stature people are asked to take a vow of contributing their time, efforts, intellectual skills and means for augmenting great activities. The combined form of one drop of effort executed in the direction of era neo creation can appear in front of us a Mangal Kalash (auspicious vessel) filled to the brim with the water of neo creation. If everyone resolves to contribute bit by bit and actually commence working in this direction the result of this humungous public help and cooperation shall not only instill positive hope but shall be nothing short of mind boggling.

At the moment let us not focus on the entire world and instead concentrate on our nation. If our India’s public force of 500,000,000 people are ready to donate 1 hour daily for our nation and hence era’s neo creation it shall become a permanent effort of more than 60,000,000 people. A person works on an average for 8 hours. If it is divided into 500,000,000 hours the resultant figure is 62,500,000. If people of varied capabilities and stature contribute towards neo creation daily without expecting any monetary gain and do it sacredly and zestfully in 1 year itself its results shall be so gigantic. We must gauge as to with this much so many creative tasks shall succeed. If profound sentiments of true religiosity can be awakened every person can be convinced to contribute 1 hour of their efforts daily for rendering the human race’s future radiant and bright. Hence this humungous great result can be seen with our eyes right in front of us.

If every citizen of India is prepared to donate 2 paisa daily for the country’s advancement then the total amount contributed by 900,000,000 people shall add up to 180,000,000 Rupees donation on a daily footing. Hence in 1 year this donation shall be 32,400,000,000 Rupees. This figure is bigger than the annual budget of the Indian Govt. spending. The govt. has 9,000,000 officers working under it. In 1 hour daily 100,000,000 volunteers help us in our mission. The public psyche can be awakened in order that they contribute 1 hour daily and 20 paisa daily for India’s neo creation. This would be a small act of bravery and self sacrifice on their part. If the public’s core sacred sentiments can be touched not only this tiny contribution but that much more large heartedness can be manifested in people with proper encouragement.

The icon deity of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) is the lay public. It must be called a supreme demon. If it can be awakened know that every particle of material-inert nature has got illumined. To what extent has our Jnana Yajna (wisdom manifestation), public awakening, thought revolution etc succeeded? This can be tested on an ‘as and when is’ basis. By looking upon the trend of flying in the world of wild imagination and mere lip service as nothing short of hypocrisy it must be thrown out and uprooted. Lest the true nature of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) has deeply influenced anyone they must exhibit proof of it and work hands on for creative tasks that have been commenced. On this basis itself the depth of one’s faith can be tested. The 100 point program has been designed keeping in mind that people from any walk of life can put in efforts for our country’s advancement in their area as per their inherent capacity. This creative process shall be helpful equally both in individual and society’s neo creation. Volunteers working for our worldwide campaign can immediately gauge success-failure accrued by them. In the true sense of the term a truly influenced person is he who valiantly starts working in a zealous selfless manner. Due to this test the more our Jnana Yajna (wisdom manifestation) becomes widespread immediately its great results in the form of progress of creative tasks shall manifest in front of us.

The 3rd leg of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) is enduring difficulties valiantly. This is as mandatory as is neo creation. Wherever vile unethical activities get rooted deeply they cannot be easily uprooted. When a disease attacks your body on a war footing we have to fight it with bitter medicines, injections, operation, diet control etc and only then can we cure it. If bed bugs, mosquitoes, termites etc enter our house we cannot expect them to go away on their own. In fact we have to find ways to shoo them out of our premises. If criminals, dacoits etc were easy to convince to give up crime there would have been no need of police, jails etc. As long as greedy invading mental leanings pervade our world till then armies equipped with weapons shall have to remain. If birds, beasts, locusts etc that eat up crop harvests are not obstructed a farmer who toils day after day shall get nothing in return for his hard work.

Where for augmenting divinity the world over goodwill sentiments and great tasks are most required to remain active, it is also required that creative programs are set rolling everywhere. Also it is most required that demonic behavior and vile actions get uprooted by combating them with tough iron will minds. Whenever Almighty God incarnates as an Avatar, its goal always is uprooting unrighteousness and reinstating righteousness. Both complement each other. Both are equally important. Demonic qualities reek everywhere in large measure and the pan of vile unethical activities too is quite heavy. Without uprooting it and throwing it away great glorious activities cannot amplify on a long term footing. If unwanted weeds are not removed in a garden useful plants cannot grow.

In our personal life we must uproot vileness and taints like lethargy, indolence, indiscipline, unruliness, fear, lack of self control, crime, fraud, wasteful expenditure, egoistic behavior, adultery, selfishness, greed, addiction to alcohol-drugs etc In our social life blind belief, misbehavior, bribery, adulteration, blind traditions, communal clashes, traditions of inequality etc must also be brought to a grinding halt.

Political revolution shall remain incomplete as long as its complement in the form of intellectual-ethical-social revolutions, fail to succeed. For era neo creation uprooting of all taints reeking in each realm of life and reinstating of that which is most desired must go on hand in hand. In future days to come we must intensify our campaign for ushering in an intellectual revolution. For an ethical revolution a gigantic creative program must be commenced. For a social revolution vile sentiments and tainted activities reeking everywhere must be stopped so that no one dares ape another in executing such vile acts.

As per time, place and credentials and in tandem with circumstances and means available all 3 must be executed and advanced to great heights of success.
















Regarding a thought revolution we must realize that if the stature of a person’s standpoint, faith and aspiration is lowly and despicable his thinking and actions too shall be distorted and vile. When vile sentiments and activities manifest, undesirable elements crop up like weeds everywhere in hordes. It is hence that in our personal and public life so many problems have emerged. If our individual activities head towards a downfall the congregating power, good management, capability and grandeur of society shall become haywire. These days all this can be seen tangibly. There is no need to make loud noises for every problem faced. If this one complexity gets solved all other knotty problems can be troubleshot easily. Else if the root cause continues as it is no solution for reformation and development can succeed.

Our deluded brain has trained us to work only for selfishness and greed based joyous comforts. Unruliness, lack of self control, egoistic pompous behavior, insanely hoarding material wealth and bidding adieu to Viveka or farsighted discrimination are such causes that by getting enmeshed in these man forgets he is a divine soul and instead becomes one with his demonic nature. Mental complexes and taints have placed him in a hellish situation. The preliminary effort of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) commences with warding off undesirable elements in human thinking. This is the goal of an intellectual revolution. This effort based on neo creation of sacred sensitive sentiments is being called Jnana Yajna (wisdom) by us.

For ethics we must urge the lay public to walk on the path of neo creativity. Readying the foundation of propagation itself is sowing seeds of the process of creativity. If we keep teaching each other in a lip service theoretical manner the task shall remain undone. Creation is most important for human life and it must be included in our day to day transactions. As long as this fact is not practiced by people after understanding it aptly at the intellectual level the goal cannot be reached. When we see someone working zestfully we also follow in his footsteps. By executing creative activities not only the nation gets neo created but that the individual’s human goodwill sentiments advance greatly. This is the way to manifest an individual and society’s development. In those if a little bit of zest has emerged, in those whose psyche is gushing with pious emotions must not limit themselves to merely donation 1 hour of selfless effort and 20 paisa daily for this creative task. Instead in order to carry out extra services they must labor much more. A person zealously working for such a great mission contributes at least 4 hours daily and 1 day’s salary for this mission. In this manner they participate in various tasks detailed in the 100 point program like library, school, cottage industry, education, cleanliness, gymnasium, walkathon, sowing trees, congregational labor and training camps. In accordance with this each person manifests enthusiasm wherein based on one’s capability and state he must do something or the other for neo creation. Such a friendly congregation augments zest and where no mention even had been made regarding congregationalism and selfless service there a healthy competition is noted within tasks of neo creation being carried out.

A social revolution can be fulfilled only via upheavals and struggles. When in the molar of undesirable elements blood latches on it does not easily give up its selfish greed. It gets enticed by beastly attractions and fears punishment. There is no dearth of beastliness that refuses to reform despite being explained gently. It can be put under disciplinary control only via punishment and opposition and then finally it gets overpowered. It has been said previously that along with reinstating of righteousness uprooting of unrighteousness too must be given equal importance. Along with watering plants in a garden the gardener has to dig the soil, remove pebbles-weeds and cut up old leaves-stems. Although a true mother loves her child she also slaps him if he errs in a big way.

So many vile acts in human nature, actions and qualities have made an entry in huge measure. So many elements of vileness have entered the human viewpoint. Our life is filled with dire distortions. Psychic complexes and taints have rendered mankind a beast. Criminal thinking and acts are spreading like wild fire the world over. In social traditions indolent and blind beliefs have taken roots. Oppression and harassment arrive, wearing newer garbs each day and with a façade of goodwill the seeds of poison are spread out. The quote of ‘Mukh mey ram bagal mein cchuri-vocally chant God’s name but within harbor enmity and wiliness’ is being seen and perceived at every step of our life. In the realm of politics what is promised verbally generally never translates into actuality. In the international arena humanity’s future is falling into the crater of eerie darkness. The pair of science and ignorance is forcing mankind to execute congregational suicide. Under such situations in order to transform human thinking and neo create sacred sensitive sentiments along with specialized training uprooting of undesirable principles must go on simultaneously.

Amongst individual tainted qualities we can include anger, lethargy, irregularity, lack of self control, wasteful expenses, addiction to narcotics-alcohol, eating tasty food like a glutton, miserliness, selfish greed, adultery etc. Within social taints we can include crime, fraud, bribe, robbery, gambling, harassment, earning money illegally or without working for it, adultery, unruliness, wiliness etc. Blind tainted traditions, indolent deluded beliefs etc are such that they are not only social but an intellectual distorted taint too. For its uprooting a lot has to be done. Today the world over that class of people are increasing in number alarmingly that encompasses selfish politicians, thugs, criminals, anti social elements, bribe accepting officers, businessmen in the realm of religion, fraudulent people, earning money via scams, people encouraging blind tainted traditions, artists and authors inciting unruliness-adultery, eating food for free, living on ancestral wealth without working for it at all etc. If all this remains unopposed their vile nature cannot be thrown away merely by pleading and teaching morals. As long as this unethical class of people fail to understand that by following such a tainted path benefits if at all are miniscule and harm is gigantic in measure they shall not get convinced easily.

For this end censure, lack of cooperation, opposition and agitation must be set rolling in society towards such anti social elements. These days, people acting and thinking vilely and unethically are said to be full of ‘etiquette’ and ‘good fortune’. Those who had to endure their atrocities and harassment apart from them no one censures or opposes such vile people. In fact so many times this sort of ‘success’ and ‘achievements’ are praised highly that clearly is associated with dishonesty and fraudulent means. The most effective way to put a full stop to vile tainted activities is immense hatred for it emerges in society. None should praise it and cooperate with it. With daring and valor it must be combated tooth and nail and no stone must be left unturned to oppose it. Via lawful means, individually and public opposition the path taken by anti social and undesirable elements must be closed once and for all. We must perforce do this even if it means we have to get entangled in its complexities and endure a lot of hardship.

Even if one person has to endure injustice it means the whole society has to endure it. When we see someone being harassed for no fault of his we must feel his pain as though we ourselves are being harassed. When we face a lot of problems we wish that others help us. Hence when others face problems we must stand up as though it is our own problem. Hence all of us must showcase our wrath and valor while fighting any form of tainted unethical thinking-activity. We must contribute to create such an environment wherein no form of dishonesty, fraud etc can raise its poisonous hood. Only such efforts can uproot multi faceted vile activities and thinking prevailing the world over wherein wicked demonic people face nothing but censure, anger, non cooperation and opposition from all sides.

Every member of our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) has been told to act by realizing that every task of era neo creation is but a war for reinstating righteousness in society. In these dire times it becomes compulsory for every wise awakened soul and sacredly sensitive person to fight against all sinful acts, unethical thinking and behavior, wickedness and atrocities. The demon of spiritual ignorance shall be fought via the campaign of preaching and the demon of vile behavior shall be combated via opposition and struggle against it. Only then the viewpoint of greed called demon Hiranyaksha that is ruling the brain of all can be burnt to naught forever.

Parijans/members of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) immersed in ushering in of a new era are called soldiers of the army of neo creation. They have to gird up their loins to fight unswervingly in all 3 types of war for reinstating righteousness the world over as mentioned above. In whichever situation one is in he must fight as much as is possible for him to do so. Our army of neo creation cannot be compared to organizations set up by others simply so that they can fulfill their selfish and narrow vested interests. We are soldiers known for fighting all aspects of neo creation. We are prepared to exhibit big sacrifices akin to soldiers of a country wielding weapons valiantly to ward off enemy country attacks.

Along with the ancient history of era neo creation a super war is conjoined. This time also it is repeating itself. But this present day war shall be well nigh different from the bloody war of previous eras fought with weapons. It shall not be regional and instead shall span the entire world. In it the weapons of thought shall be used in good measure and in every home it shall gain entry. Brother-brother, friend-friend and kith-kith shall fight each other. Each one shall fight with his own inner weakness and taints. In order to reform one’s family guidance, love, force and to the extent hunger strike, Mauna or silence of speech, non cooperation etc shall have to be taken recourse to. In this manner they must be forced to walk the path of truth and human glory. Non cooperation, opposition and struggle based agitation must be used to overthrow vile unethical acts prevailing in world society. Based on contemporary times and situations if non violent solutions do not work, violent means too may have to be used to destroy taints, fraud etc. in this manner a very terrific and widespread but a rare Mahabharat War shall be waged conjoined to the 3 world revolutions pertaining to ethics, intellect and world society.








Our thoughts possess untold power and energy. Energy always inspires to work and act. If it is used for great good tasks we get good results and if we misuse it for tainted actions we endure bad painful results. Thoughts have a certain type of conscious energy. When any type of thought gets focused at one point its subtle conscious energy gets intensified and dense. Every thought is created from the combined efforts of the soul and intellect. The intellect decides its form and type and our soul spews consciousness into it. In this manner thought on its own is a living subtle principle. The thoughts of human beings are a type of subtle vibrations that inspire life, our world and materials present in it. When these live thoughts get focused a terrific form of energy manifests. Swami Vivekananda while talking about thought power says: Suppose someone goes to a cave and starts thinking and while thinking thus he dies. Even so after sometime lapses by these thoughts pierce the wall of the cave come outside. They then spread out everywhere and start influencing everybody.

Thoughts have a very important place in our life. Our joy-sorrow, profit-loss, progress-regress, success-failure etc depend solely on thoughts harbored by us. Depending on the type of thoughts our life too takes up that kind of form. This world is a Kalpavriksha (wish fulfilling tree). If we sit under its shade we can get desired results just by thinking likewise. Those who fill their psyche with great glorious thoughts at every step in life they attain sacred boons in the form of success, greatness, joy, peace, self contentment etc Yet those who think themselves to be poor, unfortunate, demeaned etc actually become that in life. People harboring mediocre thinking cannot be uplifted even by Almighty God. Those who harbor negative, pessimistic and gloomy thoughts their life can never advance towards supreme glory. Man attains exactly that as per his thought process.

When you bend your head in a well and say something loudly the returning echo is exactly as per your utterance. Our world is also like this echo of a well. Depending on the type of thought harbored the reaction too is of that type. Depending on one’s thinking the type of environment created around us too is the same type. Man’s thoughts are like a powerful magnet because it attracts similar type of thoughts towards itself. When one type of thought focuses in a dense manner our actions become of that type and the visible results also are of that type.

Thought is a terrific power and it is limitless. It is more potent than untold measure of nuclear energy. When thoughts on getting focused take up the form of a Sankalpa (mental resolve) Prakriti or nature gives it a path to walk on even if it means breaking its laws. Further nature becomes conducive for such a resolve. Depending on the type thoughts that are given shelter by man his ideals, lifestyle, bodily radiance, gesticulations etc become of that type. Wherever great glorious thoughts bloom in untold measure there the environment too brims with greatness. In areas influenced by great ancient Rishis’ non violent, truthful, loving and unbiased thoughts violent beasts giving up their violent nature would mix with other non violent animals and birds.

Wherever we stay in places with thoughts related to hatred, enmity, anger etc there it is but natural that hellish situations shall appear. If thoughts enter man’s mind wherein he feels he is ill fated, unhappy, mediocre etc no power of this world can uplift him. He shall always dwell in such demeaned conditions. Bang opposite to this if man’s psyche brims with capability, zest, confidence and soul glory progress opens its doors without such a person knocking on it.

Any power or energy can be used either for creation or for destruction. Due to the power of modern science human life’s atmosphere changed. Science made impossible possible. Yet today in the destructive form of modern science humanity’s future appears dark and gloomy. Public psyche is reeking with fear. If the power of positive thinking starts leading from the front the doors of a bright world future open up. If it turns negative it becomes the cause of world annihilation. Lord Shri Krishna in the Bhagwad Geeta says exactly this:

Atmaiva hyatmano bandhuratmaiva ripuratmanaha.

MEANING: The center of thoughts called mind can be man’s friend or foe too.

What is required is that by removing thoughts from a lowly plane must be rendered uplifted. Thus man can advance in life and attain true well being. By getting liberated from a hellish life reeking with inner agitation, sorrow and strife man can live a heavenly life on planet earth itself. When our thoughts march towards peak of glory animals, birds, trees etc that we contact in day to day life start oozing with untold soul oneness, love, unity and sense of cooperation. Not even for one second man can lose alertness towards his righteous duties. When great good will thoughts bloom forth selfish interests can never get nourishment. Even after attaining a lot of wealth, property etc such a person never becomes inebriated with vain pride. Taints and vileness stay miles away. When our thoughts drip with humility and true greatness one easily attains joy, peace, self contentment etc. When our thinking gets sanctified all sorrow and pain bestowing dualities get destroyed from their very roots.





















If we seriously ponder over human existence the only specialty noted shall be its potent will power. From the bodily standpoint in comparison to other creatures he is but mediocre in stature. It is because of possessing the specialty of will power that he has attained the title of being the crest jewel amongst all creatures. The mind in reality is a super great power. The divine light of God who is the center of infinite divine consciousness by falling on inert nature becomes its reflection in the form of the human mind. Inert materials maybe very great but without consciousness, they are useless. In the womb of earth reside untold measure of ores of gold, metals, diamond etc. These precious materials can be tapped only if a person imbued with sharp insight based on conscious power present in him identifies their presence. The value of gold, precious jewels etc is high only because of consciousness present in humans. Else they would remain as mud and ordinary stones only. Take for example the human body. It appears so precious, adorable and useful yet if consciousness in it gets destroyed, if one enters the state of swoon or unconsciousness this body becomes useless. Whatever great and importance noted in human life is only because of its mental state.

The heaven and hell like disparity seen between humans in the form of lethargy-zest, coward-brave, poor-rich, bad qualities-good ones, sinful-meritorious, illiterate-scholar, lowly-great, censured-honored etc is mainly because of that person’s mental state. Circumstances aid such disparity only to a limited extent because its influence is only 5% in measure. Even if a person dwells in the most demeaned situation yet if he overcomes these obstacles using his skill and psychic expertise sooner or later he attains good circumstances. Via our good qualities, good thoughts and good honest efforts anyone can cross over a direst situation and rise high above in life towards glory. He can hence attain honor given to great humans and all other material means and facilities. But if our mental state is lowly since it has imbibed a vile brain, bad qualities and tainted actions even if we possess wealth equal to that owned by Kubera or god of wealth and facilities possessed by King Indra of heaven it shall not stay with us for long and shall definitely get destroyed in a jiffy.

The gist of all this is that based on ethics or vileness we attain honor-censure, love, enmity, peace, agitation, stress, punishment, boon, heaven or hell. But the basis of worldly success are qualities like inner soul awakening, honest efforts, valor etc. All these qualities belong to the mind and not our inert body. If only we train our mind to imbibe usefulness, good habits, great glorious thinking etc good wholesome qualities augment in huge measure. This in turn becomes a firm foundation of our mundane and spiritual success.

Imbibing ethical ideals depends on the high stature state of our mind and not bodily disciplinary controls. Sexual passion, anger, greed, mental deluded attachment, arrogance and envy that dwell in our psyche manifest externally as social taints in the form of violence, falsehood, hypocrisy, selfishness, crime, fraud, bribery, dowry, selling women, selling husbands, non vegetarian food habits, gambling etc. Various types of vile acts although appear different yet its root is one and that is our tainted mind. Just as when we have a tummy upset many types of bodily diseases manifest similarly when our mind becomes tainted our internal-external life reeks with vile actions. Just as because of diseases the body has to endure pain likewise due to a tainted mind our entire brain and psyche center goes haywire. The result being that our mode of actions becomes so despicable that at every step of life we face only failure, worry, harassment, sadness, stress and inner turmoil. So far no one with a badly managed mind has ever attained greatness in the world and never has he attained success in life. For such people only fights, enmity, hatred, poverty, sorrow and tension have to be endured painfully. The measure of all this may be more or a bit less yet only negativity are their lot.

The foundation stone of our spiritual goal can only be a pure sacred mind. No doubt Japa, Tapas or austerities, singing hymns, meditation, religious vows, fasting, pilgrimages, doing Yajnas, philanthropy, charity, listening to discourses etc are important in their own way yet its full success is attained only by those who have labored hard to sanctify and purify their minds. If our mind is tainted and it is putrefying in the quagmire of wickedness and lowliness say what benefit can be accrued from worship, singing eulogies to God etc? Purity of the soul is in itself a superb spiritual practice/penance. It is in such a pure soul that God comes running to divinely sport in it.

In Sanskrit language, ‘Sumanas’ is a symbol of glory and greatness. If our mind is clean devoid of taints we get the honorary title of ‘Sumanas’. Great Rishis of yester eras on getting pleased with someone would give blessings by calling him ‘Saumanas’. It meant his mind was serenely beautiful. In reality if such a useless creature as man has any specialty it is but his mental purity and sanctity. Those possessing this wealth succeed in life truly.

From both personal and social standpoints purity and greatness of public psyche are most required. Without this man cannot become happy individually and society too can never attain true progress. Plans that augment income and facilities cannot prove to be very useful unless the psyche of humans attain a high sacred stature.

When we face problems in the form of various types of thoughts it becomes difficult to conclude as to which shall usher in our well being and which shall not, which thought is correct and which is not. Under such situations, it is our Viveka or farsighted discrimination only that can guide us properly. If our Viveka is tiny in measure, we cannot decide the correct path when faced with tense situations. Thus they tread an erroneous path resulting in downfall and failure leading to facing barrages of insults and censure from others. Those who possess great measure of Viveka or farsighted discrimination realize the results of honest hard work. They understand the importance of thoughts and hence tread only the path of aptness. It is this power that renders an ordinary person a leader, great saint and Yuga Purusha.

Since we are human beings our first duty is to fully awaken this Viveka or farsighted discrimination and learn to listen to its subtle voice. The world’s smallest and biggest person yearns to attain its grace. From this we conclude that man must always protect this Viveka or farsighted discrimination. If for some selfish gain we crush and murder this faculty called Viveka or farsighted discrimination we perforce have to endure its dire consequences. Whether it is related to personal or social, whether the problem is political or religious we must always make decisions based on this faculty called Viveka or farsighted discrimination. Man’s intellect gets gagged if we blindly listen to others without using our faculty called Viveka or farsighted discrimination. If man does so he starts treading the path of falsehood and hence whether the topic is ancient or modern we must come to a conclusion only after deeply mulling over the fact as to whether it is correct or wrong, apt or inapt etc.











In man’s psyche 2 activities can be noted and they are called demonic and divine in nature. Both these are loggerheads with one another ceaselessly. In the Bhagwad Geeta text the bloody Mahabharat War has been spoken of and Arjun was asked to fight in it. In reality this war is spiritual in nature. Demonic actions are much more powerful. In the form of the 100 Kaurava brothers their number is big and its army too is humungous. Their cousins called the Pandavas were merely 5 brothers. Their aides and number of soldiers also were quite less. Even so Almighty Lord Shri Krishna felt that waging a war was a must. He told his disciple Arjun that there was no other option but for him to fight this bloody war. Without overpowering demonic nature reeking with dark powers the very existence of Sattvik divine nature is in peril. Hence it was mandatory for Arjun to fight. Initially Arjun was averse to fight but when Almighty Lord Shri Krishna told him that fighting was compulsory he girded up his loins for this war. This war was termed ‘Mahabharat’ by historians. In spiritual parlance it is called ‘Sadhana Samar’.

In many legends of battles between gods and demons this very ‘Sadhana Samar’ is depicted symbolically. Demons are known to be very powerful, gods get harassed by them, finally both battle it out, gods realize that they are losing, they approach Almighty God, they pray to God and he helps them. Finally demons get killed and demigods win. This is the foundation of innumerable battles between gods and demons as per legends read. Our inner personality is that land of righteousness where the Mahabharat War is fought. Demons are full of Maya or illusory powers. The demon of Tamoguna entangles us in Maya or illusory powers. By enticing us with sense titillating pleasures it spreads its net of illusion and it ties up living beings with the rope of this Maya or illusory powers. This demon has many more weapons and means. Using it demons mesmerize us so as to succeed in creating our downfall. There are 6 Astras called sexual passion, wrath, greed, mental deluded attachment, arrogance and jealousy. The creature entering a swoon because of these gets tied up and this unconscious state is such not only are we averse to coming out of this bondage but that we yearn to continue languishing in this swoon.

If the soul continues to languish in this Tamas or darkness it can never attain well being. Hence innumerable creatures in a deluded manner are tied with this noose of Maya or illusory powers. Without chopping off this bondage there is no other way to attain soul welfare. The soul calls aloud for ‘Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya’ or ‘lead me to light from darkness’. Tamas is darkness and Sattva is divine light. Imbibing light itself is Sadhana or spiritual austerities. Sadhana is most required in human life. This one and only solution can help us get liberated from Tamas’ demonic activities. This is the real path of peace and progress.

In the battle between gods and demons taking place ceaselessly in the human psyche within its Tamas nature keeps hoarding more and more mundane comforts and its Sattvik aspect tries to walk towards soul well being. When one amongst these 2 aspects becomes more potent the battle intensifies further. Lest demonic nature is leading vile activities on rising alarmingly leads us to a hellish downfall in life. But if our Sattvik sacred nature takes a lead great glorious activities brim forth. Hence man on becoming a great leader, saint, Rishi and messenger of Almighty God marches swiftly ahead to attain the goal of soul fulfillment (Poornata).

The middle state is called Rajoguna. In it both Sattva and Tamas exist. The fight between them stops and by calling for a temporary armed truce both demonic and divine principles dwell under one roof. In such a state man executes both good and bad deeds. Since there is no hatred towards sinning, not much zest is felt for soul uplifting. Hence such a person just whiles away his time frivolously. It is like a creature in a semi conscious state having drunk slow poison. Such a state definitely is worrisome since this rare precious human body goes waste.

It is apt that such a swoon like inner state be destroyed and it is in our true interest that we render our divine nature more and more powerful in this inner battle between gods and demons taking place. We must renounce Tamas’ demonic activities and imbibe the sacred light of Sattva. This shall usher in our well being and only in such spiritual endeavors lies man’s true gain.

In Indian Mythology called Puranas at every step this battle between gods and demons has been described. In every Purana with some excuse or the other events of certain demigods and demons’ battles are depicted. The fact is that this battle between gods and demons has been going on since primordial times. It shall continue for infinite eras to come. In the Bhagwad Geeta text a description of Dharmakshetra-Kurukshetra is found. In it details of the Mahabharat War have been given where Dharma or righteousness represents Pandava Army and Adharma or unrighteousness represents the Kaurava Army. This war is not limited merely to weapons being wielded but is also a picture of the inner war between gods and demons that is ceaselessly being fought in the human psyche. Man’s inner personality has 2 types of Sanskars or psychic imprints called sin and good deeds. Both are very powerful in nature and are like steadfast skillful warriors. Since both possess opposing natures they keep fighting with each other and labor hard to defeat each other. This then is the inner war between gods and demons. In every person sins and vile psychic imprints exist. These have gathered because for millions of years a creature takes birth in 8.4 million species. In these lowly species beastly tendencies maybe called apt but on noting the great glory of humans they are despicable and worth renouncing. In the rare to attain human body resides the shadow of divinity. Since the human species is closest to Almighty God for a living being entering its body only a small jump needs to be executed in order to reach Almighty God. Hence his importance and responsibilities also are much more. Divinity pulls man to help it reach higher peaks akin to itself and beastly tendencies of demonic behavior tries to attract mankind towards it. In this pull and push akin to grass blades flying about in gusty winds generally man too jumps about here and there. At one point in time if a person does something vile he can be seen doing something good at another hour. Some people give up doing good acts and get netted in tainted actions. Via such examples we get proof of man’s mental weakness and potency of his good-bad activities.

In our psyche reside both good and bad activities. Hence whichever one gets a conducive atmosphere that particular one proliferates much more than the other one. The one not getting any nourishment dries up to naught. That person who today appears very wicked on coming in close contact with great situations and glorious thinking can become of quite a high stature inner personality and that which today appears good can tomorrow get entangled in a tainted environment so as to become vile in nature.

The aim of spiritual science is to melt the inner consciousness of humans and mold it in the cast of supreme greatness. We accept that beastly thinking is potent and in it dwell immense attractions and enticements. Hence a creature whose psyche is weak gets pulled to it easily and it does not mean that great activities cannot be increased and nurtured. No doubt the task is a bit difficult but it can never be impossible to succeed in. If water is poured out of a vessel it naturally pours downwards but if you wish to raise it upwards a bit of technology and power used can do the needful. Similarly to help lowly thoughts become higher in stature a lot of efforts and time is required. Thus it is natural that as far as spiritual practices are concerned, time and effort have to be used in large measure. If water is to be raised upwards it shall do so in tandem with the amount of means and energy available. But if you wish to pour it downwards not much effort, energy or time is needed. In a flash of a moment water can be thrown down but to raise it higher the process is tedious. Hence the path of spirituality is believed to be one that gets fulfilled hard work, a lot of time and step by step success.

On an average in the battle between gods and demons, demons win the first round but when demigods give up their carelessness and lack of focus gird up their loins they win in the final analysis. Take any story given in Indian Mythology called Puranas regarding battles between gods and demons. Only one description can be found that demons were very powerful. Right till death they arrogantly execute wicked vile acts but since its root existence stands on sin and spiritual darkness hence it is this weakness that engulfs them and the moment a well managed attack by demigods commences demons start becoming haywire and scattered. It is lack of carefulness and focus on the part of demigods that make them taste defeat at the hands of demons. When they understand their mistake and they diligently give it up their victory is definite.

Divinity is present in every person in ample measure but it is in a latent scattered state. Man does not know his true inner divine nature. Before crossing over the ocean to Lanka Lord Hanuman was not convinced about his inner prowess. At that time Jambavant encouraged him egged him to jump across the ocean. In this manner Lord Hanuman succeeded in jumping over the ocean and entering Lanka. Arjun too was standing between the 2 armies in a trembling manner and the bow slipped out of his hands. He just could not think in a rational balanced. Lord Krishna gave hum required wisdom and encouragement and after that Arjun’s arms started flexing their muscles with valor. Raising his Gandiva bow he waged this war in such a manner that the army of Kauravas went haywire. Since these arrogant demons were well versed with unruly behavior they no doubt would win the 1st round and it would appear that it was difficult to overpower them. But it is definite that sins deep down are very weak. Akin to huge piles of dry grass they could very big but is it is lit aptly with merely one spark of fire that pile gets burnt to naught. Behind divinity and piousness lie truth, righteousness and eternity. Hence despite divinity possessing very miniscule means they ultimately become disarrayed and scattered like dry leaves in gusty winds. It is these 2 vile qualities that entangle them in perilous hazards. Each one has to face punishment regarding mistakes made and vile actions. How can demigods get protected from it? Wherever dwell lethargy, carelessness, indolence, not paying heed where necessary etc there sooner or later hardships and strife shall manifest. Whether it is demigods or humans if they err they shall have to face punishment. Similarly even attitudes reeking with selfishness, lack of unity, separatism and disparity pours curses on the human race. Without taking recourse to congregating power we shall not be able to protect ourselves also.

Whether the arena is individual or social this one theory works in it. Lest our beastly tendencies are intensifying potently and our divinity lies latent in a haywire manner know for sure then only a demonic intellect and vile activities shall boss over us. Thus our life shall become lowly and filled with tons of sins. Bang opposite to this if divinity awakens in a powerful manner then its actions can defeat demonic behavior hundred percent. Man’s body neither has goodness or badness. Its inner state sprouts forth as external circumstances. The task of reforming and optimally maintaining this inner stature takes place by that process called spirituality.

The aim of spirituality is to first help mankind to renounce the demonic nature of sins and vile thinking and then lead it to the lap of joy and peace. It is erroneous thinking that to imbibe righteousness and true religion gives us nothing but loss. If a person says he has faced losses know for sure that he has not followed true righteousness and true religion. Today in the name of religion such hypocrisy is worshiped that if we say we have faced losses it is true. But true righteousness and true religion definitely gives both joy of materialism and divine bliss of spiritualism for keepsake. In ancient times when religion ruled every household in India each home brimmed forth with wealth, grandeur, strength, honest efforts, knowledge, wisdom, intellect, love, cooperation, goodwill and zest. Such a great joyous atmosphere oozed in every home in them days. Today we have imbibed unrighteous thinking and tainted activities and it has led to our homes reeking with hellish hardships and anguish. Lack, poverty, diseases, sorrow, fights, agitation, spiritual darkness, lack of Viveka, envy, hatred, ego etc ruling our homes can only burn us in the fire of hellish situations.

We have not attained a true human life because by languishing in hell like painful situations in this life we are dying every moment. Further we are amassing nothing but vile psychic imprints that shall ensure we do not attain eternal spiritual joy. The biggest problems amongst all faced is the fact that is it apt to lead such a listless life devoid of any goal in mind? Is this true usage of a human life that is rare for even demigods to attain? We pay no heed to so many important problems faced by us and looking upon useless things as important we keep banging our heads futilely on the wall so to speak. If we think in a rational wise manner it seems that that the biggest problem faced by us is: The aim and scheme of life must be demarcated by us aptly. If we solve this problem all other problems shall get solved. If it remains unsolved all around us shall crop up more complex problems.

In today’s world, both within and without us, rule only vileness. In our personal life our inner consciousness is filled with demonic nature’s dark powered beastly thinking as a result of it even though we possess a human body we are leading a life that is despicable and lowly. Similarly even in social living the environment of taints and unwholesome thinking/actions is becoming very powerful. The result being that in every arena of life like health, finance, society, politics, mutual relationships, ethical living, righteous duties, production, industry etc dangers are emerging in a worrisome manner. Thus all around us dark clouds of agitation, restlessness and stress are looming large. Wherever vileness rules there hardships and strife augment in great measure. Joy-peace is conjoined to divinity in an inseparable manner. Lest we wish to see our personal and social life happy and peaceful the only solution is to defeat wickedness and augment piousness and divinity everywhere. As long as wickedness does not lose how is it possible to destroy pain and restlessness?

The battle between gods and demons took place in mythological times. At both fields of personal and social life this fight is going on in a terrific manner. This is called world peril and hazard. If we really dislike this peril, if we truly wish to get protected from this state of untold strife why would we not zealously work towards defeating beastly wicked nature that is the root cause of worldwide tensions and strife seen today?



















The way mankind appears to be and whatever is the form of society it is but the reflection of contemporary time’s thinking trend. It is our beliefs and faith that on becoming aspirations and inspirations in our psyche get advanced further and on its basis various activities are created. Whatever man does in reality are roots of those beliefs established firmly in his psyche. Between various humans and societies the stature of activities and lifestyles noted is because of separate types of faith inherent in them. Those ideals and beliefs imbibed by man create his actions in tandem with them.

Saint Emerson gave one important prophecy: In future all wars shall come to a grinding halt forever. He said: The cause of wars fought today is the thinking trend of humans encompassing enmity, attack, soldiers, wealth, struggle and mad rush for victory. This thinking has firmly established itself the world over. In future thoughts of world brotherhood, citizenship, family etc shall bloom forth and in place of victory people shall yearn to sacrifice their all in order to selflessly serve the world. At that time none shall have any enemy. Each one the world over shall think only of helping others without harboring thoughts of selfish gains. It is totally possible to bring in such a positive change in human nature. The intellectual class of the world via intense efforts can succeed in it. Along with changes in thinking trends and faith man’s inner nature shall transform for the better. As a result all wars shall come to a full stop.

This prophecy is not merely some figment of wild imagination but a definite truth. In future world human psyche shall get neo created. A storm of thought revolution shall manifest and in this whirlwind cyclone all psychic complexes of today and distorted taints akin to dry grass blades shall fly away to naught. In accordance with new refreshing thoughts a new society shall come into being, a new human personality shall get molded, newer traditions shall get reinstated and movements of newer activities shall be noted everywhere.

It is not correct on our part to think that in the present distorted beliefs man has any comfort, attraction, joy or benefit. He must not think that on imbibing future great thinking he shall face discomfort and difficulties. And hence people shall fail to give up their present day tainted living and lead a new way of life. The fact is absolutely opposite to this. Today’s beliefs and trends have rendered our lives burdensome, expensive, complex and full of hardships. Since this burden is quite heavy man’s waist is breaking apart. Externally in a superficial way someone can talk of being ‘merry’ but if you open his heart within there, apart from pain, worry, problems, stress, anger and discontentment nothing can be seen. Humans of all types of stature find the same strife filled state within in more or less measure. No one is happy with their kin, friends or anyone else. Both outwardly and inwardly man’s life reeks with only discontentment.

Since the social form of the world of great glorious thinking is not clear in front of our eyes since it is rare to find it we fail to understand it aptly. Lest such a society or atmosphere comes our way, lest we can see its great lifestyle and gauge the joyous benefits dwelling in it definitely people shall get ready to change themselves and those distorted situations for the better and shall clearly experience that instead of leading a burdensome life rotting due to tainted beliefs imbibed if they imbibe great glorious thinking their life shall become straightforward, happy, peaceful and zest bestowing. That day shall come and harbingered in when people shall realize the harm accruing from lowly thinking and vile behavior. Thus they shall renounce all taints very gladly. Then the new transformed era shall manifest for all to see. As per the prophecy of Saint Emerson not only wars shall end but diseases, sorrow, envy, restlessness, lack, discontentment etc shall get warded off. Hence all mankind shall live with a sense of soul oneness, brotherhood and friendship. In such a situation man shall not find any reason to deny that planet earth has become heavenly wherein divine humans shall dwell there for eternity.

Such a transformation is impossible via cannons, swords, guns etc. Punishment, law based control etc can only discipline the human body. If the body is stopped from going in the wrong direction but the mind freely heads towards it such a control shall not last long. Man is so wily that in order to fulfill his inner aspirations by breaking all disciplinary tabs some secret or known path is unearthed by him. If someone is killed in his new birth he starts working as per his previous lives’ psychic imprints (Sanskars). Man’s transformation is complete only if his thinking is positively changed for the better. If faith and aspiration is changed one’s viewpoint becomes positive and thus his mode of acting in the external world too becomes positive. A person living a hellish life and pulling others towards it if undergoes an inner transformation for the better all his activities in the external world also become glorious. Over there itself by creating a heavenly standpoint he can live a great life and also spread the heavenly fragrance of eternal joy all around him. True positive transformation means a positive change in our viewpoint and thinking process. On its basis not only a person but entire society, world and era can transform gloriously.

For positive transformation of public’s faith and aspiration such opportunities and scenes must be created that on seeing it directly it can be inferred as to what type of situations can be created by imbibing great thinking and aspirations. This experiment and training shall help in the public understanding the bare reality. From this standpoint such Ashramas or hermitages, families, student hostels, cooperatives etc if established can prove to be very useful wherein people oozing with viewpoints of great high stature living together live a life of glory and by giving information of available means to the ordinary public they must be inspired to follow this glorious lifestyle. If people can ape bad habits surely they can follow in the footsteps of good wholesome thinking and behavior. Goodness is much more powerful than vileness. Hence in comparison to the swiftness with which badness spreads if goodness is based on sure shot great principles it can spread n fold faster everywhere.

But this is something related to a far off future. As of now we have to commence with ‘a-b-c’. Where do we find people with high stature great psyches so as to congregate them together? Greatness does not manifest in 1 day because it is born and grows to maturity only after long term regular self study, self introspection, studying great scriptures, associating with God Realized saints and hearing their discourses, mental reflection on great eternal truths etc. Those who in a fit of onrush become good from bad it does not take long for them to slip back into old bad habits and tainted living. Hence in order to set up a new world the steps taken today must involve tireless efforts to help reach great thinking based on scientific, logical and proof based efforts to ordinary lay public the world over.

In recent decades the teachings, scripture based discourses etc are being given based on foundations not visible like pleasing demigods to attain divine powers, going to heaven after death or attaining salvation post death. Even today this is the basis on which preaching and religious discourses are given. In this era of high intellectualism these basis are looked upon as lack of proof and hence not much heed is being paid to it. Behind this lack of interest is also that nature of religion which could have been acceptable to mental states previously oozing with faith in God but today it fails to prove its utility value. Hence people today pay no heed to it saying that religious tenets are doubtful, lacking proper proof and is merely figment of wild imagination. The true nature of religion is not as hollow as is understood and taught to others today. In fact true religion has a firm foundation. On the basis of logic, proof and facts the principles of religion and spirituality are absolutely true. What is required is that based on contemporary times that great thinking trend must be showcased in a way that can be proved via logic, proof and facts. If this requirement can be fulfilled aptly there is no reason why today’s highly intellectual generation shall refuse to accept and imbibe religious/spiritual precepts. In communism a new trend of thinking was placed before all in a new refreshing and logical manner and hence within 50 years more than 50% of the world’s population became its avid followers. Not only did they accept it in principle but actually practiced those principles in day to day living. In comparison to communism, spiritualism is much more permanent, great, all inclusive and oozing with a lot more of sacred sensitive sentiments. Hence if it is placed before the intellectual class in a more scientific and logical manner there is no reason why the world public shall not accept it willingly. Thus in human lifestyle, it can become a leading light.

Within the Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) the above extremely important task has been taken up zealously. By combining great spiritual thinking with today’s modern contemporary times it is being re created anew in such a manner that each human being understands it aptly and accepts its great utility value. The way in which the task of creating an apt great thinking trend for creating a new world is being executed, it has been highly praised and eulogized by every thinking and farsighted intellectual the world over. This fact is being accepted in unison that lest the great thinking trend of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) is understood and taught properly to all definitely the viewpoint of peoples’ lives can be changed for the better. They can get a foundation of thinking in a new refreshing manner. On its basis neo creation of activities and lifestyle of individuals and society can be executed.

The task of creating such a great thinking trend is being executed by the central office of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) in the form of publishing highly inspiring literature that is very inexpensive to buy. About 3200 books, life creating tract, folders etc have already been written and published. Further ahead much more shall be written on these lines. We are preparing to translate it in many languages yet merely keeping on writing and printing it shall not completely fulfill our goal. More important than this is the process of propagating and broadcasting it so as to reach every world human psyche. Lest this is not done all these writings, publications etc shall hide under huge cakes of dust and then rot away to naught. It shall become food of rats and termites and thus get powdered to naught. Although creation is important propagation is much more important. Creation can be done by an individual or a group but for propagating and broadcasting the honest efforts and zeal of many people is required. Lest we can make proper arrangement for all this know for sure that a major milestone has been reached with reference to individual and society neo creation.

We must understand truly that an individual is nothing but a symbol of his thinking and faith. All his actions are but a reflection of his inner steadfast faith. Society is but a congregation of people and depending on the stature of these people their society too shall follow suit. Lest we wish great individuals, society and era proliferate more and more the only solution is to establish a well managed method wherein each human being can ceaselessly contact great glorious thinking. Only people influenced by great glorious thinking can imbibe a lifestyle and activities brimming with greatness. When the number of such great people augments more and more a great glorious new era can be harbingered in.






















Without transforming ourselves greatly we cannot transform others. The auspicious commencement of Era Transformation must begin with we ourselves transforming positively both inwardly and outwardly. The power of speech and writing is slowly decreasing more and more because orators and authors do not first practice what they preach and write before trying to make others do so. For character building it is compulsory that the guide first sets an example to his student with his own great character. If it is apt and required that the wealth of goodwill based sentiments are increased the first experiment must commence with ourselves. If external worldly pursuits and relationships have to be decreased do not worry even a wee bit. If the body’s importance is decreasing and that of the soul is increasing we must always side with our soul and hence spirituality.

The fount of peace lies in gentlemanliness both within and without. By imbibing high stature ideals of ethics and humane sentiments we must decide our lifestyle in accordance with it. Only then can man, living a life of peace and joy march towards the eternal goal successfully. We must deeply understand and practice this tenet. There is no other way to attain peace and grandeur apart from this. Our personal bodily, mental, financial, social and political complexities have entwined us very badly. Its knots shall not open one by one because the only solution is to cut up the entire rope of bondage that binds it. By imbibing vileness and demonic principles we have invited strife and sorrow in untold measure. By imbibing humane pious ideals we can definitely get liberated from strife.

We have attained this human body for divinely experiencing bliss and zest. In tandem with it Almighty God has created circumstances too in this world. We fail to accrue the benefits of this easy facility because of our lopsided viewpoint. By changing life’s ethics all situations here can be transformed for the better. It is our lopsided viewpoint that has rendered external situations lopsided. If we imbibe straightforward easy thinking everything can be straightened. When what is lopsided gets straightened by us it shall not take much time for era transformation to exhibit itself fully in front of our eyes. By renouncing beastliness especially inwardly when we imbibe humane tendencies this world that today is hellish shall become heavenly later. If humans burning in the inferno like fire of worries, tension, inner agitations etc reform their lifestyle after imbibing great thinking, everywhere the world over we shall see only bliss and zest blooming forth. In order to usher in such a joyous transformation, we have showcased that procedure designed by our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation). Since in it is included agitated psyches of world humanity, call of contemporary times and required light of wisdom success shall definitely come our way. None should even think theoretically about its impossibility and failure.





















The meaning of Era Transformation is sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana based sanctification of world public psyche. In the New Era to arrive trees, mountains, rivers, oceans etc shall remain as they are seen today. The eating-sleeping habits of people too shall remain as today. Transformation visible to the gross eye shall be tiny but peoples’ thinking process, aspirations, mode of working and lifestyle shall transform from their very roots. In future man shall not imbibe thinking akin to what it is today. He shall not labor for those goals as he is seen doing today. The effect of this inward change shall be directly visible on external worldly circumstances. When people shall yearn to serve each other selflessly, they shall harbor goodwill towards all and shall exhibit generosity and soul oneness then amplification of cooperation and loving brotherhood shall augment joy and peace just about everywhere. Bad vile emotions and tendencies have rendered planet earth a rotting hell. It shall be possible to reinstate heavenly situations everywhere only if man’s thinking oozes with goodwill and sense of soul ones with every pore of the world.

This transformation takes place on 2 foundations. One is apt use of religious tenets and a separate effort for sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana based neo creation of awakened soul personalities. Politics can showcase greed and fear. On this basis it is possible to influence people and change their activities. The power of righteousness and true religion imbues those divine inspirations in the human psyche that man changes himself and his actions for the better. The capacity wherein man devoid of any external pressure or effort changes himself and his actions for the better on the basis of sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana rests in righteousness and true religion only and nowhere else.

As per religious terminology all those precepts are conjoined like spiritual philosophy, ethics, social sciences, psychology etc that perforce induces mankind to imbibe great thinking and actions based on high stature sacred ideals.

For Era Transformation public literacy and training is mandatory. For this end many creative tasks shall have to be carried out that fulfill the goal of world welfare and wellness. But these tasks must be executed under the watchful eye of awakened soul personalities oozing with sacred idealism and goodwill sentiments towards entire world creation. Sculpting, industry and other mundane training can be given via skillful lectures. Via brain brilliance regarding this a lot can be done but as far as the question of transforming someone’s standpoint and psyche positively is concerned only that is of great usage wherein the person first changes himself in a glorious way and thus gets positively transformed.

Fire can light another fire. From sand you cannot create sparks of fire. Only those can neo create sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana that have first sanctified their psyche and inner personality gloriously. Hence for playing a leading role in Era Transformation a person must overflow with inner soul awakening, zestful with immense Prana Energy and steadfastness towards righteous duties of life.

Keeping the above requirement in mind in so many previous decades ceaseless efforts have been made wherein not only knower of religious principles but that awakened souls who practice these great tenets in day to day life are searched for, latched on to and humbly urged to join our organization. This then is the auspicious beginning of this great mission. In the year 1956 AD in Gayatri Tapobhumi (Mathura-India) a Sahasra Kundi Gayatri Yajna (1000 pyres) was performed. This religious program was from a chain of those Vajpeya Yajnas executed in ancient eras where true religious devotees coming from nearby and far off places would gather so as to cogitate over contemporary ethical and social world situations. They would try to find solutions to problems with reference to them. With due effort, about 0.4 million true religious devotees oozing with sacred sentiments, gathered on that occasion. Along with religious rites of chanting Mantras, offering Ahutis to the Yajna fire etc on that occasion the cast of true religious system was set up so that in contemporary problematic situations could be transformed into greatness from their very roots. Along with this on that very occasion such people were brought under one umbrella/organization who via their love and devotion towards true religiosity believed their efforts to raise the stature of individuals and society towards greatness as a part and parcel of imbibing true religious precepts both within and without. The congregation of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) and its mode of working were decided on this occasion itself.

This process continued further sequentially. By keeping in front of us the aim of propagating activities of era neo creation via the religious institution in every corner of our country India similar Vajpeya Yajnas i.e. Super Energy Gayatri Yajnas were executed. As a result for creative goals of religious tasks more and more activities started leading and volunteers liking these sorts of efforts started joining our organization in big numbers. Today the gigantic Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) can be seen in the form of hundreds of branches and thousands of members. It is but the result of that mode of activity executed.

Anyone joining this family once became a member for lifetime as a beloved brother of others. Not only was the aim of the mission high in stature but that its mode of action was doubtlessly useful. Keeping in mind the traditional mindset of the Indian public a better program than this could not have been designed. Apart from these facts more attractive is that this organization has not been molded as an institution but that it has been designed as a worldwide family full of brotherhood feelings.

Those joining the family have attained the love, goodwill, help and guidance of directors of this mission in a one to one manner. Its close bond and finally in the form of an active campaign started advancing more and more. This specialty can be seen in other campaigns only a bit here and there.

Bankim Chandraji’s famous novel ‘Anand Math’ was confiscated by the alien British Govt. in India. In it was a revolutionary plan. A few ascetics got together and took reins of this revolutionary movement. In the form of true ascetics they did propagate religious tenets but side by side they would urge people to work towards political freedom of India. For this goal they had to sacrifice a lot and endure untold difficulties. But they did taste a lot of success in attaining the goal.

If anyone wishes to see the mature form of the seed of Anand Math’s plan they must make note of extraordinary tasks executed in the direction of ethical, intellectual and social revolutions via the medium of religious daises by Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation). After this, people must gauge the value of this campaign. In reality for the Indian public only this is apt. If on the basis of politics, economics, sociology etc we say or explain to others about lack of literacy, population in small villages etc lacking transportation and proper roads, an atmosphere of backwardness etc seen in India 80% of our public cannot imbibe it. India’s intellectual roots are conjoined to religiosity and only on its basis a skillful guide can help this backward illiterate class understand the above precepts properly. By taking recourse to religious texts like Ramayan, Mahabharat, Bhagwad Geeta, Puranas or Mythology etc we can help a major portion of India’s public understand important facts deeply. Using other methods cannot give much satisfactory success with reference to this.

The father of our nation (India) Mahatma Gandhi realized this deep import very well and had examined the ‘veins’ of Indians perfectly. He hence gave India’s political freedom fight against British a religious movement based form. He himself was in the body of a great revered saint. He conjoined various religious tenets to his freedom fight like Ramrajya or Lord Rama’s Rule, rule of righteousness, protection of cows, singing hymns to God, truth, non violence etc. It is hence that in India’s entire history the most widespread and successful movement was said to be Gandhiji’s Satyagraha movement. Lest true religiosity was not conjoined to it in a major way and based purely on politics this freedom fight was fought it is doubtful that such great success would have been attained.

India’s true form must be etched before us. Over here about 77% people are illiterate and 80% of them dwell in small villages. Hence people of this stature can be influenced only via their love for religion handed down from generation to generation wherein they shall be ready to transform their inapt beliefs and undesirable activities for the better.

All these facts are such that on their basis activities pertaining to individual neo creation, family neo creation and society neo creation if we wish to render them leaders the foundation stone of a new era has been placed before us all and help was taken of the religious system. In order to help it lead in a major way, such personalities oozing with sacred sensitive sentiments or Bhavasamvedana were searched for and were congregated together. They would look upon selfless service to humanity as worship and devotion to Almighty God. In their efforts for public wellbeing they conjoin the greatness of true religion. This then is Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation), its mode of working and various means. On its basis we have harbored the dream of ushering in a New Era, divinity arising in the human personality and heavenly situations blooming on planet earth. We are happy that efforts of many past years have helped us materialize this dream.












The goal of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) is to aid divinity arising in the human personality and harbingering in heavenly situations in a blooming way on planet earth. In each one of us dwell both divine and demonic principles. In this world in comparison to light darkness and in comparison to whiteness blackness is less. In comparison to divinity demonic nature is less. Sins are less in measure than meritorious deeds called Punya. Unruliness is lesser than following of discipline. Even wicked vile people follow basic disciplines of life else their body and family life shall go haywire. Since undesirable elements have hijacked our standpoint and environment demonic principles grew up like unwanted weeds. Thus sad scenes of lowliness are seen but know for sure that this state is not natural to mankind.

The soul from its fount is not sinful at all. In it predominates, divine existence. If it gets all round nurturing, nourishment and encouragement doubtlessly man’s true greatness can remain imperishable and can ooze with divinity. Demonic tendencies are unnatural and unwanted whereas divinity is natural and most required. To the extent increasing demonic nature is difficult it is not difficult at all to augment divinity. The only thing to be done is turn the direction of flow i.e. the cast must be reset. We have to reform our nature, interests and practice of doing things. If this much is done, man can easily fulfill the aim of augmenting divinity in full throttle. In this there is nothing unnatural or difficult, it is not impossible, not amazing and is a very natural easy process.

The effort of this plan is to manifest heaven on earth. This is not some separate task. It is but the result of divinity manifesting in mankind. When supreme greatness increases in mankind and in his psyche love, goodwill, cooperation, self control, generosity, honest hard work, cleanliness, humility, steadfastness towards responsibilities etc then on the basis of this sacred sentiment the form of mutual cooperation shall create joyous results at every step of life. These days thinking heading in the direction of separatism along with all actions on immersing themselves in positive unified tasks principles of progress, joy and peace in the realms of society, nation and international arena shall march forward swiftly. Then in all directions regarding body, mind, finance, intellect, science etc positive development shall be noted. When this wastefulness of human energy in separatism and vile thinking is obstructed from their very roots and instead shall head towards creativity then akin to someone stopping digging so as to pick up a wall 2 fold progress shall occur and along with divinity manifesting in humans earth shall overflow with heavenly situations.

It is incorrect to think that due to finance joy-sorrow increase. Lest this was true dacoits, criminals etc earning millions of cash would have lived peacefully and such people full of vaults of cash, property etc would have given their family, the world etc something priceless but the fact is that if with material grandeur pure pious sentiments are lacking only hardships, stress etc come our way. In comparison to joy given by modern science and wealth hardships have been faced much more in measure. If each person amasses wealth akin to that possessed by demon Ravan in ancient eras then too not an iota of peace and joy can be our destiny. A vile brain latching on to this increased wealth akin to 6 million Yadavas of Shri Krishna’s clan shall create a path of infighting and dying like hordes of ants. Sund and Upsund were 2 demon brothers had attained the boon of immortality and demonic powers. Yet both fought with each other so heartlessly that they died ultimately. One sided wealth showers only strife on mankind. Bang opposite to this if goodwill is one sided finance comes our way easily or even if wealth is in tiny measure joy and peace are ours for keepsake.

Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) taking along with such beliefs and mode of working is marching ahead with a well managed and well planned speed. Other organizations and campaigns work on 2 points:



So called gigantic organizations do manifest their glitter and activities and on it looms large, their intellectual sharpness and untold wealth. On this basis a covering is set up. But the foundation of it is hollow and fickle. If even 1 brick is removed from the base the entire building gets razed down to powder. Huge campaigns and organizations of yester eras today have fallen in the ravine of forgotten memory.

The root basis of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) is organizing and congregating people imbued with great pious psychic imprints and active sacred sentiments. It can be said to be a wondrous attainment wherein untold efforts have been put in to search for personalities brimming forth with sacred sentiments and high stature ideals. They were woven into one necklace like those of pearls and it was handed over such a mode of action on the basis of which this organization marches ahead in their own realm, in their own way and capability with reference to propagating, creative and struggle based activities. Only if you labor hard that practice increases, one gets more experience, zest and bravery. The Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) conjoined to the 100 point program today has reached such an advanced state that the ideals with which it had commenced auspiciously can today be seen successfully.

The fulfilling of local branch needs is generally carried out by its members in a unified cooperative manner. Daily they donate some time and a few cents for era neo creation since they have resolved to do so. Hence everywhere the organization’s branches are alive and kicking. For this there is no need to knock on the doors of rich affluent people and no search is made for so called big people that are skillful or influential. In fact the number of wealthy, scholarly, political leaders etc is virtually zero. But those members despite coming from middle class backgrounds are maturing their steadfastness towards imbibing high stature sacred ideals in recent years. Today despite looking small and commonplace in stature are whizzing ahead towards the goal like a supersonic jet plane.

The task fulfilled maybe small in measure yet volunteers have exhibited extraordinary faith in their respective realms. Taking public power with them they have attained amazing success. By taking a look at attainments of past years 2 facts emerge that deepens our faith that the campaign commenced by us that was previously was mocked at by calling it a figment of wild imagination, an impetuous fleeting onrush, big talk by small fry people, impossible etc shall remain correct till future times to come. The reasons for this are two:

……Our worldwide family congregated on the basis of sacred ideals based faith

……Imbibing a methodology of action that is in tandem with the public’s aspiration and demands of this era

Mahatma Gandhi’s freedom struggle against foreign British Rule succeeded because of the above 2 reasons. The first thing is that one after another sacred sentimental and great pious character people joined him in those times and second is that Congress Party worked for filling the need of independence harbored by every citizen of this country. The same identical history is being repeated by Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) and exactly on this basis it is getting public cooperation and that aim thought impossible previously is appearing a definitely possibility.

Any tasks’ biggest success dwells in it being nourished and nurtured properly and making its foundations rock hard firm. The deep sentiments of soul oneness between our members scattered in various regions and the intense wish to contribute more and more for social well being is such a fact that on getting a mere glimpse of it peoples’ minds overflow with joy and enthusiasm. Anybody at any place can see Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) members working in a selfless manner coming from various classes of various levels in society. This they do steadfastly based on energy they have and local requirements required to be fulfilled.

The Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) is giving guidance as per aspirations harbored by the public today. Tasks like positive transformation of sentiments, zestful cooperation between members for executing creative work and exhibiting valor while fighting undesirable principles in all realms of life are such that only if it once manifests it flows on ceaselessly. It is not as though only demonic vileness amplifies power because divinity too has the energy to amplify its soul towards its true infinite cosmic form. Lest divinity gets this opportunity it’s augmenting can go on much more speedily. The idea is one great person renders another great like a candle lighting another candle.

A hollow foundation is that akin to loudspeakers shouting aloud continuously and newspapers printing long lengthy news articles. Huge attractive dais and stages are built, flowery lip service oratory is given and pamphlets are stuck in every wall on roadsides. Today a well managed ‘business’ of bringing in huge crowds for carrying out long processions by paying them bribes in cash or kind. All these ‘crackers’ are childish and fleeting and in the name of campaigns such hypocrisy like shows are going on. In this era of tom foolery our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) is marching forward on a very new footing and foundation. Our basis principle is one great person rendering another great like a candle lighting another candle. This then goes on ceaselessly like a cascading effect. We must not commence our task by asking for donations from the public but that we follow the ideology of charity begins at home. By volunteering, sparing time and giving donation from one’s own pocket we must exhibit our steadfast faith. By setting an example thus egg others to follow suit. This then is our mission’s mode of working which has attained glory for heading towards the goal swiftly.

Elsewhere we have discussed our program. Over here we shall delve on the mode of working. Every member of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) takes an oath that he shall not rest in peace till he renders at least 10 other people as honestly hard working and imbued with deep faith as he himself is imbued with. For this end by sparing about 1 hour daily he must knock the doors of all including his family neighbor friend contacts unknown people and in as many households as is possible. Those who are literate are given great literature to read and those who cannot read are made to hear it by reading it aloud to them. Based on today’s circumstances these volunteers explain to people how to solve various problems faced by them.

Each day they must contact at least 10-15 people. It must be noted that if the goal is complex in nature hardly any success shall be reaped. There are many in this world who shall lend a sympathetically listen to you, agree with you and take interest since what is spoken is profound. A chain of small programs go on via Sanskar rites and festivals. In one month at least 2 such programs are executed. In them people harboring faith are respectfully brought here. A deep bond manifests, zest sprouts forth and unknown people start joining our mission in such a manner as though for years they have been leaders, founders and directors of our mission.

In this manner, the number of our mission members increases from 1 to 10, 10 to 100, 100 to 1000 and so on. If the number 10 goes on multiplying then at the 5th round it becomes 1 million. This principle is correct not only from the mathematical standpoint but that from the authenticity standpoint too it is correct. If you want proof for this many years back one person seated in a house rented for Rupees 15 per month had commenced this campaign single handedly. Today this mission has 2.4 million active members, zealous hard working volunteers and a huge army of neo creation where retired senior citizens too are working selflessly in big numbers. Not only has this army been set up but that it fights on various fronts with reference to setting right what has become lopsided.

When mission members have taken an oath not to limit the light of wisdom attained by them to themselves but to at least render 10 more illumined, plant at least 10 Kalpavrikshas (wish fulfilling tree), encourage at least 10 new ‘soldiers’ to join our army of neo creation etc there is no reason why such a small Sankalpa or resolve cannot be fulfilled. Where 1 spark exists today there we shall see many grass blades burning brightly. If this fire advances further it shall not do doubt take the form of a huge forest fire. This is not mind boggling at all because it is a very natural and straightforward process. If grass has roots it does not take long for 10 more blades to sprout from it. Despair only sets in when from the sky above paper flowers are showered and then we foolishly try to see whether from these a garden of flowers is blooming or not.

The most precious wealth of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) is the steadfast faith oozing in its members. This faith has been sown, sprouted and matured on the basis of righteousness and true spirituality and certainly not diplomacy, policies etc Our mission members do not want to become high level authorities, not one wants to get photographed for newspapers, none is wishing to become leaders etc. Those who have come to lose something instead of profiting then if someone tries to niggle his way between them in a wily fraudulent way such black sly crows are identified immediately and asked to go his way far away from our mission activities. It is hence that people desiring to join in this movement of development on noting that their personal and vested interests were not getting fulfilled they returned to their homes. In our mission only those are given respect and honor who ooze with the wealth of sacred sensitive sentiments, love for spirituality and steadfast towards selfless activities of our mission. Those harboring fraudulent interests and personal greed satiation have to return from where they come in no nonsense like manner. Lest this special quality was lacking in our mission personal greed and aspirations would have devoured our organization to naught much previously.

Newspapers have no place or time for publishing news about us. Poor people! They have no spare time apart from printing about fake politicians and lewd movie spicy news. Many affluent people have no time apart from fulfilling their greed for more wealth and in our mission this goal of theirs cannot get fulfilled. So from this standpoint our mission can be said devoid of many means but restless psyches oozing with energy for doing as much as possible for working selflessly for world welfare. On its basis we hope to help reach this light of divine wisdom to every nook and corner, every household and every human being the world over. We mission members talking a lot about from 1 to 10, 10 to 100 etc although are less in number today shall definitely in future shall cast our positive sacred influence on entire world human psyche. None should get mind boggled when this happens. Zealous honest effort is the biggest force of this world. Lest a person yearning to imbibe sacred ideals in day to day living cannot fulfill the dream of ushering in era neo creation today say who else can shoulder this burden?

In these days of commencement if a few means had been accrued how nice it would have been. Lest newspapers, magazines etc had realized the deep import of our campaign and would have hence given place to our mission activities in their articles etc it would have been a great boost for our mission. Lest there were some affluent people who without wanting any name-fame had donated wealth, materials etc for our mission, lest we had met artists, musicians, doctors etc who instead of insanely running after greedily amassing wealth, fame and name via their skills had used it for selfless world well being tasks, lest politicians despite getting kicked away from the public insanely running after fraudulently amassing property etc had instead worked for era neo creation tasks how great it would have been.

But say has their time yet arrived for doing so? It shall take more time for the flower to grow. As of now only the seeds are being sown. No doubt many bees, butterflies etc shall come, artistic people and lovers of beauty too may come yet at this hour of sowing seeds say shall anyone come with water and fertilizers to nourish the plants about to grow. In this world a medal is placed around the neck when success is tasted. Yet those who are just making efforts just now are merely showered with mocking taunts since they lack means and many a times they face censure too.

People oozing with wealth, material comforts etc by nature desire to twirl others round their fingers in order to cater to their whims and fancies but today the new direction of the world shall not allow mankind to follow in their tainted footsteps but shall be forced to walk in the direction of reformation and positivity. Under such situations if such vagabond like rich people get angered, mock, do not cooperate and obstruct others from treading the path of reformation and imbibing human values it certainly is not amazing at all.

But there is no need to lose hope. Our icon deity is the lay public. Its power super cedes everything. It is the fount of energy dwelling in their psyche. Wherever this energy manifests there the road gets created on its own. The manifestation of River Ganga of era neo creation shall definitely carve its own path. Even though our efforts of ushering divinity in humans and heaven on earth are in its stage of infancy yet it is spreading everywhere the lush greenery of hope and deep faith. Tomorrow without doubt we shall see colorful fragrant flowers and luscious fruits growing on them. The oath taken by our mission members to become 10 from 1 shall definitely fructify. Today’s seeming impossible task tomorrow shall definitely become a certainty.















In order to render this world great in many realms many types of efforts are being made. In the political arena a United Nations has been set up and its aim is to usher in a radiant peaceful world. At its own level it is executing such type of tasks. Although there is no worldwide organization with reference to modern science yet local organizations or research scientists proclaim that via their scientific technology they shall render this world happier and peaceful. Even the economic realm proclaims thus. Behind setting up of small-big industries this is the very goal kept in place. At the social level organizations like Sarvodaya, Satya Samaj etc are making efforts wherein if their procedure is adopted by others joy and peace can get reinstated. World peace can then ensue. In the name of world peace so many other types of endeavors are noted. Russia’s Peace Council and USA’s Peace Army say that this is their goal too. In the religious arena so many such efforts are being made. Right from the Baha’i Organization to Brahmakumaris many true and other so called Avataras, people and institutions are trying to usher in world peace.

In this manner despite efforts continuing at many levels the reason via desired results are not being seen is that true spirituality based efforts have not been pursued much. Man is actually the soul and not the body. Only when the soul changes positively, man’s thinking process and mode of action can truly be reformed towards greatness. Else if merely external situations and beliefs are changed then since the soul level yet remains downfallen man cannot change from the roots. It is these vile roots that keep manifesting as tainted thinking and actions time and again. For example, we have leaders of various political parties in front of us. Their goal, program, manifesto and standpoint too appear good. Lest even 1 political party executes its great manifesto and mode of action designed doubtlessly joy and peace shall spread out in society. But what is actually noted is that forget the party workers and members even senior leaders do not practice this great manifesto in their mode of action and day to day transactions. They say one thing and act bang opposite to it. The result is that their soul does not become powerfully radiant so as to positively influence external situations and the environment. Their followers too lack steadfast faith in actually practicing the great tenets listed out by their leaders in speeches given. Thus the hypocrisy of ‘skillful in giving advice without practicing it oneself’ is seen virtually everywhere. People are just dragging their lives forward akin to a handcart. Not much work of importance hence gets fulfilled. Akin to political leaders of political parties this despicable state is seen in other walks of life too. Efforts made at the mundane level give fleeting gains only. The true level is that of the soul. As long as a glorious transformation is not ushered in one’s soul no great success shall come our way. Our efforts must be for watering the roots. We must commence our efforts with glorious transformation of our soul and then of others so that our worldly life too attains greatness and congregated maturity of greatness in all of mankind harbingers in a divine world society and Satyuga or Golden Era.

Our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) is a spiritual process. The all encompassing program of gross body, subtle body and Yoga of Devotion at the level of worship-meditation has been placed in it. Along with worship-meditation the auspicious commencement of spiritual philosophy commences. Hence within Yoga of Devotion we must pay full attention to that end also. At the root of thought transformation campaign spiritual philosophy has been added to it in an inseparable manner. Hence by rendering worship-meditation mandatory and widespread we must march ahead.

The future form of Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) shall be worldwide. It shall be assented to and imbibed zealously by people of every country, religion, society etc but today it has commenced via members of the ‘Akhand Jyoti Family’. The program designed in this 1st leg have been done so that our members execute it immediately and via their efforts this process shall increase and spread in further areas. Hence preliminary thinking and actions should be of that level that can be easily executed by members of the ‘Akhand Jyoti Family’ without any delay. Stray pious tasks in Indian Religions commence with prayers, hymns etc hence how can it be that at the root of such a gigantic mission like era neo creation the foundation of worship-meditation remains lacking? The root of Indian Religion and Culture is Super Mantra Gayatri. It has that divine teaching and energy on the basis of which the stature of people and society can be rendered supremely great. Right since primordial times our ancestors by taking recourse to this became capable of rendering their inner and mundane greatness imperishable. Today while making efforts to regain that high stature we must imbibe their mode of devotion and worship-meditation methods. It goes without saying that the eternal worship-meditation method of Indian Religion is Super Mantra Gayatri only. It is our Guru Mantra. It is the gist of our philosophy and foundation of Religion and Culture. In Super Mantra Gayatri worship-meditation dwells an extraordinary divine energy which if applied aptly worldwide environment can be transformed gloriously. In this manner a firm foundation of world peace can be ushered in.

In recent years our efforts are continuing ceaselessly. At the dawn of a new era the arising of Super Power Gayatri is akin to twilight of morning hours at Brahmamuhurat (3 am to 6 am). People have virtually forgotten this primordial or divine power. A worldwide movement has been ushered in via years of potent efforts for helping world human psyche imbibing this Super Power Gayatri. The result has been that not only in India but virtually in every nation of the world millions of humans are immersed in Super Power Gayatri worship-meditation. Establishing Gayatri Tapobhumi, Shantikunj, Brahmavarchas Research Institute etc, organizing the Gayatri Parivar or Family, creating priceless literature of Super Power Gayatri, worldwide chains of Super Power Gayatri Yajnas performed, creating so many Gayatri Shaktipithas etc are such efforts that cannot be measured in terms of greatness today because only future history shall do the needful. As of now it is enough to know that a devotion based procedure for the auspicious beginning of era neo creation was most needed and its propagation has already taken place to a satisfactory limit. Now its special application has to be made for ushering in a bright world future and it was commenced on Vasant Parva (spring festival) in the year 1968.

Gayatri Meditation is both individual and society based because it has been applied thus in a successful manner. The ‘Naha’ term of this Super Mantra Gayatri connotes the fact that its divine energy can not only gloriously transform individuals but entire world society too. This capacity is lacking in other Mantras and hence Super Mantra Gayatri is termed a Guru and National Mantra. In the procedure of era neo creation it is most required to utilize it. Keeping this in mind since many past years tireless efforts regarding it have been executed. In this manner public psyche is now well versed with its great import. Today in era neo creation tasks it is being applied in a special way. Since many small-big Deep Yajnas (lighting candles) and Super Gayatri Yajnas are being performed a 1000 Kundi (pyre) a similar Super Yajna shall continue being performed that was witnessed in Mathura-India in the year 1958. Such Yajnas are compared to Ashwamedha Yajnas of yester eras. In the Tretayuga 10 Ashwamedha Yajnas had been performed on the shores of River Ganga in the holy city of Kashi for uprooting demonic elements. Today the Dashashwamedha Ghat at Varanasi is a memorial and witness of those previous 10 Ashwamedha Yajnas of Tretayuga. Today this meritorious task is being repeated in full flow. Right from the year 1968 AD to the beginning of the 21st century this sequence shall continue unabated. Each year 1 1000 Kundi (pyre) or Ashwamedha Yajna shall be executed. For this goal all branches of our mission have been asked as to whether they are capable of adhering to this great resolve? The fact is that mere valor and enterprise shall help reap success. Success shall be got only from an unknown divine power. What can a mere human being do? Our mental resolve, daring and efforts are being tested. Wherever soul power resides there everything will be set right. It goes without saying that instead of making divided individual efforts the results of united efforts of many are manifold in measure. Pearls in an individual way cannot do much but when strung in one string together accrue glorious pride. Broomsticks in a divided manner cannot do anything but when they join together as a broom it aids in cleaning houses etc Separate drops of water are not much important but on uniting they form huge lakes, rivers etc. Via unification and congregation a united energy manifests and its huge benefits are availed by every individual. Drops join to form an ocean and after this each drop can call itself the ocean since it is conjoined to it firmly. Similarly when thousands of participants join a spiritual worldwide family shall be formed this congregated neo creation process shall taste success and only success. This united religious program shall be so potent, powerful and capable that as a result an unknown divine power in interstellar space that can change this era positively shall manifest in untold measure and for harbingering in world well being mind boggling results shall be manifested by it.


















Not for long shall this trend of present day distortions, complexities, problems etc continue in this vein. Era Transformation is a definite possibility. Today man has gone overboard regarding selfishness, narrow mindedness, sense titillation gimmicks and unruly egoistic behavior. If it is allowed to continue even a bit longer man shall start devouring man. Today in world society vile activities and tainted traditions have taken firm roots. If they continue thus the world shall perforce have to commit mass suicide by burning in the fire of nuclear bomb explosions. Almighty God has not created planet earth, his supreme most artistic creation, that it gets destroyed in such an agonizing manner and his eldest son amongst all creatures i.e. man has not been created imbued with untold talent and glories so that he merely showcases his stupidity by committing mass suicide. These days world situations no doubt have turned bad yet the trend of Avatars of Almighty God manifesting at such dire times time and again in order to rectify such distortions has certainly not come to a halt. In world history again and again such hazardous perilous situations have manifested. Such dire situations can be seen even today the world over. They shall be solved aptly. Almighty God has sent his messengers and prophets representing his special divine energy. As per contemporary world problems these messengers have solved them aptly. This tradition shall definitely repeat itself in future times to come. Keeping in mind such future possibilities the sacred light of Era Transformation is about to incarnate. If we term it Almighty God’s well balanced plan or process of incarnation it certainly is not an overstatement.

Under present day world circumstances how shall positive transformation take place what shall be its form and nature? Its premonition is being placed in these pages. It goes without saying that it is today’s mode of thinking that is the sole cause of creating complex dire world problems. Today’s thinking process, beliefs, interests, aspirations and faith are such that it perforce led to mankind’s downfall from great heights of glory. Hence humans are forced to burn in the fire of hell like infighting. This dire situation needs to be transformed positively from its very foundation. Today we are so used to thinking in a despicable lowly manner that it needs to be reformed properly. Mankind shall then have to perforce imbibe such a thought trend that shall have its firm roots in Viveka or farsighted discrimination and aptness. Along with changing times traditions too have to change positively. Suppose at a particular point in time in past times based on those contemporary situations a certain type of thinking and behavioral code was felt apt. But this does not mean that it shall definitely be useful in present day world situations. Sacred ideals are eternal. Supreme greatness is imperishable. Yet management of world situations has to change in tandem with it. Today’s mode of thinking is such that it has led to injustice and inaptness increasing worrisomely. Thus it is mandatory that on a war footing it gets transformed into true greatness. The Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) via the Jnana Yajna (divine wisdom) campaign is executing all this. We must harbor hope that in a few years mankind shall throw out all mental and intellectual taints akin to rotting garbage and in its place reinstate apt great beliefs.

The effect of positive transformation of our thinking process shall definite render our actions and day to day living transactions great and glorious. Lest thoughts get an entry into the very core of our psyche and that they get established as indelible faith this inner effect definitely changes our outer behavior and activities in a great manner. We act as per our thinking within. Inner sacred ideals and deep faith must exhibit themselves in our external behavior. Hence in future days to arrive the more today’s tainted vile thinking transforms into supreme glory the more man’s individual behavior shall turn truly great and that shall showcase as superb positive transformation in social traditions the world over. How can such transformations be brought in? How can today’s tortuous dire world situations be solved optimally? Its outline is being given in these pages. We cannot write about all world problems noted today and the mode of solving them but definitely a positive direction can be given regarding them. And we have actually done this much. During times of transformation innumerable new question marks and newer causes crop up. Keeping them in mind along with present day circumstances such tasks shall have to be executed that are different from erroneous thinking imbibed since past times. Karl Marx and contemporary philosophers had dreamt about communism in a certain manner. But it was felt that for practical purposes quite a few changes were required in its designing and hence in varied directions its application could be done along with reformative changes. A bird’s eye view type of outline of era neo creation has been given in these paragraphs. It could be that based on contemporary situations in future a few changes may be required yet its root imagination, belief and direction designed is such that from the standpoint of principles and high stature sacred ideals it can never be changed. Ideals placed here are those that have been the firm foundation of human life joy and peace. These have been tested and applied at every step. Every time on being examined minutely they have proved their authentic true nature. Know for sure that for eternity in future times too their supreme greatness, utility value etc shall prove to be imperishable. 

In future days to come regarding thinking and behavior of people a great transformation from the very roots is going to take place. As per present day trends the measure of aptness is near zero levels. In it only undesirable principles rule the roost and hence without reforming it envisioning joy and sorrow shall remain a mere figment of wild imagination. Similarly the present cast of society perceived today shall have to be transformed so much that it can be called a hell to heaven like change. The traditions, beliefs, law and activities of today’s times in future shall have to be neo created positively. Only then can a future apt world balance and a brilliant future can be witnessed.

We wish to dwell in such a society where everyone loves each other they must harbor goodwill and selflessly showcase generosity and cooperation towards one another. Each person must work hard honestly and remain self contented. While imbibing the principle of integrity and truth we must live a life of ‘simple living and high thinking’. None should desire another’s downfall, they must not hate anyone and never desire to usurp things that are the rightful share of other people.

We must share our joy-sorrow with others by looking upon our joy as that of others and others’ sorrow as one’s own. We desire that we progress in life and live it comfortably and hence we too must wish this for others too. Between men and women the river of sacred pious emotions must flow towards one another. Married people must never harbor illicit relationships with other males-females. This is true even for unmarried people. Selfish desires and lewd emotions, name and fame etc must be looked down upon by all. In the self contentment of executing righteous duties untold inner satiation must be experienced. Crime and sorrow must not be seen anywhere. None should harbor a desire that harm befalls others and none should sadistically inflict pain on others. While living a life of self control and discipline we must remain soundly healthy and live a long life full of zest and happiness.

When humans shall live such a lifestyle, nowhere shall they perceive disease, pain, fear, uneasiness, lack, wars, famine and wrath of nature in the form of various calamities. Such an era shall be called Satyuga or Golden Era. Today in all directions only hardships and hazards are being noted and untold problems faced today are not God given are but a foolish creation of world human beings. So it follows suit that if mankind disciplines itself and undergoes optimal reformation both inwardly and outwardly shall it take long for world dire situations of today to ooze with joy and peace in future? When in ancient eras ethics and true religiosity were reinstated in the human psyche firmly heavenly situations grew lushly on planet earth. Humans that had the external form of those seen today roamed in this world as divine personalities in those ancient eras because of their high stature inner soul state. If such a Golden Era did rule our planet earth then why can’t it again harbinger in if all of us make honest zealous efforts for it?

Man is an intellectual creature. On making due efforts he can think and understand as to what his true well being is. By imbibing tainted thinking and vile activities our desire to attain untold joy can never materialize. World history till date too has proved the futility of pursuing a tainted life and our tangible experiences in day to day living too tells us that the slogan of ‘execute sins and attain joy’ is totally erroneous. No good result bestowing welfare on us can be accrued from it. A life of simplicity and truth might externally appear very ordinary, it maybe devoid of glitter and pomp but in the final analysis it bestows on man true eternal peace and well being. It is full of self fulfillment and ecstatic bliss that cannot be attained via any other means.

The human community has time and again experimented things variedly, in the past it benefitted from various experiences and rectified errors cropping up. Lest all round efforts are made it can start walking on the correct road. Man yearning for peace may be ready to pay an apt price for it. It is not impossible that after witnessing the tainted reactions of materialism the inner soul of world humanity heads towards true spiritualism. If this type of a even tiny change occurs, the viewpoint reforms positively even in a small measure, if man makes even half the efforts he is making today to tread the vile path instead to walk on the path of greatness say how long shall it take for the dream of ushering in era neo creation to materialize?

The plan, preparations and success of sinful actions depends on excess wily shrewdness. It is not possible to execute sins with less efforts, daring, skill, brain capacity etc. If someone dares to do it his crime shall get exposed swiftly. To carry out sins, to hide them and save oneself from punishment is such a task that cannot be done by ordinary commonplace sharpness. If those who can do it use even half of this shrewdness for great good actions can become great saints.

The path of truth is straightforward and easy. Even a man of less brain power can act honestly. Actually it is not much difficult to walk the path of truth and glory. If we imbibe a bit of simplicity, a bit of honest efforts and increase them and stop the psyche from pursuing selfish desires even a little bit then God’s son viz. man that has incarnated on planet earth as the soul can attain the grand success of returning as Almighty God himself. Man can thus attain full benefits of life.

With efforts everything can be done. With honest efforts an entire era can be transformed greatly. For man who swiftly marches ahead on the road to development in every direction why should it be difficult for him that he designs his life’s ethics based on Viveka or farsighted discrimination and lest in the past some errors have crept in he must rectify it. Such a type of direction is about to harbinger in. The inner soul of world humanity is intensely yearning today that our times change, lopsided situations straighten positively and proper tabs are put on activities that result in anguish and worries of all sorts. From interstellar space and all 10 directions this very echo can be heard. Almighty God is promising humanity that this great change is about to take place.

A boatman of a boat may look miniscule in stature yet it is he who gets credit to change the boat’s direction to safer havens. Cogs in machines of rails, cars, ships etc might appear tiny yet these gigantic machines run smoothly only because of proper functioning of these cogs. Reins on a horse, noose around a bullock, chains on elephants etc appear small but they control these huge beasts aptly. Society too is a powerful beast and akin to a powerful machinated vehicle. To put controls on them such leaders are required that akin to a ship’s captain leads people in the right direction of life. When such strong will powered people with a sincere mind and potent efforts worked thus they definitely tasted sweet success.

Great soul personalities like Buddha, Christ, Gandhi, Dayanand, Karl Marx etc succeeded time and again in veering away public psyche from vileness towards the direction of truth and glory. For fulfilling an era’s needs such great people do manifest in this world and they straighten what is lopsided in a perfect manner. In ancient eras great Rishis and saints of terrific austerities possessed bodies performing the role of such rock hard boulders. Akin to river streams banging against them, perforce they had to change their direction. The body and brains of great soul personalities are very much like laymen but where they stand out is that the former manifest great steadfastness to sacrifice their all for preserving high stature sacred ideals in life.

When coal that is nothing but a kind of stone turns super mature it becomes diamond. Those who are steadfast towards preserving high stature sacred ideals in life in a brave manner are called great saints. Even if you possess many coal pieces yet a small piece of diamond has n fold more value. A great saint living a life of an ordinary person because of his steadfast faith and high stature sacred ideals shines akin to a brilliant galaxy in the annals of world history.

Such people full of firm faith that not only adore sacred ideals but zealously apply them in day to day living and that while walking on this path he perforce has to lead a life of difficulties and discomfort even so he does not veer away from this glorious path even a wee bit. It is hence that such people are called true great saints. It is they who are called pillars of righteousness of planet earth. Attaining fame in the world or not is dependent on destiny. Stones placed underground as a firm foundation are not seen by anyone but the dome placed on top is seen by all. Yet know for sure that credit goes to the unseen foundation stone and not the dome for standing upright. Domes and other stones in the building may break here and there but the foundation stone does not move even a bit. As long as the building stands erect, not only till then but even when it gets razed down the foundation stone remains as it is. It is such steadfast iron will people that are called Yuga Purushas or leaders of an era. It is they who successfully transform an era greatly and neo create it gloriously.

In order to build a humungous monument of world peace such iron will great people are required that instead of focusing on mere lip service and usurping honor rightfully belonging to others are full prepared to endure untold pressures of self sacrifice and renunciation of all sorts. The Taj Mahal in Agra-India, one of the 7 wonders of the world is the most beautiful and rock hard artistic construction. At its base underground thousands of tons of iron and glass have been placed so that never does it strength and firmness wither even a wee bit. Every stone of it has been used only after examining it minutely. It was then melted, molded aptly and then rubbed so well so that it shone radiantly. A stone that calmly endures the pain experienced due to hammering by a seasoned professional gets the pride of place on such beautiful constructions. Those who could not endure the pain inflicted by the artists broke apart and entered the garbage bin.

Era neo creation is today’s biggest demand. Solving worldwide hardships has no other solution apart from one type. As long as vile thinking and activities of human beings are not destroyed from their very roots and in its place great glorious thinking-actions are not firmly reinstated till then not one world problem can be troubleshot successfully.

In the direction of Era neo creation tasks, each person despite not being fully capable and comes from a mediocre stature of life yet can do something or the other. Such doer ship must be awakened in the psyche of all humans. The question only is this that who shall do it? The foundation stone, boatman of a boat, railway lines, petrol of a car etc may appear ordinary in stature yet they are mandatory for proper functioning. If this requirement is not fulfilled these powerful machines shall standstill without doing anything. Today progress in our campaign has stopped because iron willed great leaders are lacking. No doubt everywhere we find people basking on wrested laurels, people hungry for name and fame only run around here and there harping on ‘social service’ in a superficial lip service manner. But very rare is that person who akin to a tiny seed dissolving its personality grows into a gigantic tree.

The foundation of Era neo creation has been laid down and a plan to build a huge building on too has been made. What is required now are firm stones to place in the foundation dug up. When we focus on the specialty of the land of India and priceless nature of great Rishi blood we perforce imbibe faith that principles that hear the call of performing righteous duties and actually execute them have always dwelt here. Even today their seeds have not been destroyed.

How, via whom and in what manner shall all this take place? Its outline has been designed by Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation). The founder of this worldwide mission categorically states that in future days to come on this very line the train of development shall march forward speedily. We may think about other options yet they shall not reap much success. Time only shall tell us how correct, apt and successful shall be the outline designed in these paragraphs and how it has importantly contributed towards all round uplifting of world humanity? Those who see a glimpse of divine wish and inspiration in this mission shall definitely see this prophecy coming true in future.

















Lest our way of thinking was error free not one problem or pain amongst many witnessed today individually or by world society would have cropped up. As a result all of us like princely sons of Almighty God would have led lives of zest, joy and peace. There is only one inert element that forces mankind to endure hell like situations despite attaining this rare to attain precious human body. It is a distorted tainted intellect. All of us akin to ghosts and evil spirits roaming in graveyards are passing each day of our life burning so badly in the blazing inferno of sheer delusion. Lest it was possible to get protected from this ill fate today’s form and inner nature of human society and the entire world would have been totally different. At that time heaven extremely pleased with us would have deigned to manifest on earth and would have circumambulated it with devotion.

Although in forest areas birds, beasts etc roaming freely here and there live a life of fair bit of lack and difficulties. Despite this not one of them falls sick and hence the question arises as to why when hardships befall on mankind not one remains in good health? It is another matter not to call those sick who can move around but on examining minutely it seems that in more or less measure 100% humans live life facing some or the other physical and mental illness. It is a different issue that on getting used to it he does not get as much agitated as he should.

Why did this happen? The answer is one: Man molded his eating, drinking, sleeping etc habits with the cast that is undesirable and unnatural. In this manner he has invited bad health in his life and by paying a heavy price tries to regain good health. Lest some intense mode of thinking can help us accept the above fact and force us to aptly control our eating, drinking, sleeping etc habits, doubtlessly all of us akin to Mother Nature’s children shall start living free, zestful steadfast and disease free lives. At that time we shall virtually not need at all any medicine, hospital checkups, doctors etc. But if our lifestyle remains distorted as seen today, we keep eating/drinking things that are not good for us at all and that we continue to lead lives that are haywire, lack of self control and quite artificial more and more diseases shall attack us and health hazards overall shall intensify both in quality and quantity. At such times even though someone uses all his fat income for medical therapy no peace of removal of stress can be noted. Ill health shall bang him down all the time and he shall be forced to endure harsh punishment for leading a tainted life based on erroneous thinking. No doubt we are free to break nature’s laws but know for sure that there is no way to ward off punishment that shall be its painful reaction.

Lest we wish to get liberated from bodily and mental diseases then either today or 1000 years later man shall perforce have to imbibe the belief that apart from taking recourse to natural eating, resting etc methods there is no other way to ward off diseases and live a long healthy life. The day we transform the belief of looking upon lack of self control that is in fashion today as ‘civilized’ behavior, the day we reform our distorted way of thinking, that very day the eclipse of ill health overpowering man today shall disappear to naught. Apart from this other methods of improving our health although appearing very alluring shall prove to be nothing but hypocrisy that whiles away our precious time and money to naught.

That great human being who shall successfully wean away people from the present day tainted trend of eating, resting etc methods and instead inspire them to lead a life close to nature definitely shall be called the 2nd Lord Dhanvantari. His gift of Viveka or farsighted discrimination shall spray immortal nectar on all of mankind and thus render all creatures that today are like ‘living corpses’ alive and kicking. In building a hospital as charity someone may get cheap publicity and that his ego can get pandered to yet all of them shall remain mere asses carrying a cumbersome burden on their fickle backs. Due to medicinal intake one may remain well for a few days but because he does not control his sense merriment ways he again falls sick. No doubt the game of becoming ill everyday and taking medicines for it every day can be good. From the standpoint of entertainment opening a hospital is not a bad idea at all but if this is tested minutely it does not usher in well being of anyone. Mother Nature can jerk you up with a big illness. Hospitals have rendered it ‘poison’. Sikh butchers with one chop kill beasts and remove their flesh. Islam butchers slowly poke the knife in the beasts’ throat to kill it. The road of dying each day awaiting the final departure from this world can be found by opening hospitals and medical stores. But they can never give all round good health and a long disease free life. It can only be attained by imbibing self control and living a lifestyle close to Mother Nature. If via some plan this process of truly understanding it and then explaining it to others can be fulfilled know for sure that in comparison to all the social service done by the entire world’s hospitals, medical laboratories, medical colleges, research institutes, doctors etc if the process of thought sanctification and purity is undergone at the psyche level it shall prove to be a service that is thousand fold more successful without any side effects.

The entire world is pained due to poverty. About 3/4th of the world’s population faces financial lack. The cause of this is not only is lack of Viveka or farsighted discrimination on the part of world political leaders but that people being averse to pursue honest hard work, desiring to earn money without much working for it (making a quick buck at any cost), amassing more and more wealth by hook or by crook, the habit to latch on like parasites to tainted traditions and beliefs of society etc are no less responsible for the perilous lives lived by world humanity today. Lest people train themselves to honestly work hard as much as possible wherein perspiration flows freely all over his body, this land shall give 10 fold more healthy crops. Sculptors, various professions, industries etc no doubt can fatten your wallets. We have examples of 2 small countries like Japan and Israel in front of us. Citizens there looked upon honest hard labor as their beloved Goddess and zero lethargy as their beloved God. They girded up their loins to put in maximum hard work and it resulted in heavenly gods showering them with wealth, skills and all round success. Despite one’s family doing well in agriculture in villages, sons after studying a bit in school/college get enticed to find work as clerks in cities and rot in dirty houses in hell like alleyways. This is a brid’s eye view of aversion to working hard honestly and being habituated to leading lives of foolhardiness and indolence. As long as our mentality remains thus our country’s production can never increase at a fast pace. Educated males of villages akin to mad wolves rushing towards lakes to get drowned, insanely keep rushing towards cities till then 80% of Indians residing in rural areas cannot progress much both financially and socially.

Social vile traditions chew up our very backbone and akin to leeches sticking to every pore of our skin shall force us to endure painful strife of poverty. Take for example the trend of marriages taking place in India. Day in and day out marriage in any family demands so much cash, wealth etc that it cannot be shelled out by an ordinary income. Each one hence has to think about earning fraudulently, unethically etc. Not just think they actually have to commit frauds, crimes etc. No doubt more than half of India’s population earns money unethically but to an extent it is their helplessness too. This is because from where can an ordinary lay person find wealth to burn up in marriage ceremonies demanding untold glamour, pomp etc. How can it be eked out? Since honest means may not necessarily give so much wealth day by day people are immersing themselves in sinful acts like crime, looting, fraud, bribery etc. That income which could have been utilized for household progress, education, widening one’s business interests etc and could have helped in raising one’s family stature to that seen in developed nations like USA, Germany, Japan etc if it continues to get destroyed due to adhering to blind indolent beliefs and traditions our country India shall have to rot in the hell of economic hazards for at least 1000 years more.

In order to search for newer avenues for increasing production the skills of the brain of world economists and those who perforce have to do something may lay down certain ideas leading to swooning may appear good on seeing and hearing and the intellect of ordinary people get deluded that maybe in future times prosperity shall usher in. After India attained political freedom in 1947 AD so many years have passed by akin to running after mirages in desserts to appease one’s thirst. These mirages symbolize so many plans and schemes put forth for increasing production (GDP), jobs, businesses, artistic skills etc. Even henceforth at least 1000 years more shall pass by waiting for fulfilling this type of lack. Lest people are not urged and inspired to imbibe honest hard work, give up wasteful expenditure, live a life of simplicity and crush all vile tainted traditions and indolent beliefs and instead the present day tainted trend persists our country India can never ward off crime, scams and poverty reeking just about everywhere. Wealth earned unethically, illegally etc gets blown away in addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling etc and adhering to vile tainted traditions and indolent beliefs shall render us poverty stricken both inwardly and outwardly. An attitude of earning wealth without putting in honest hard work decreases production because know well that wealth does not pour down just like that from the skies above. We may no doubt merrily search for water in mirages (make so called 5 year plans etc) yet as far as true progress is concerned we shall fail miserably in advancing even 1 inch further.

Lest such a great guide appears in this world or that a thought flow spreads the world over that succeeds in weaning away people from lethargy, earning a quick buck at any cost, wasteful expenses and foolishly adhering to vile tainted traditions and indolent beliefs, in 5 years itself our country India can reach that very prosperous state of previous times that attracted the great Columbus towards it and who had hence set off in a ship to search for India since it was called ‘bird of gold’. 

Financial poverty is but a reaction and reflection of our mental lack and poverty. As long as our mode of thinking does not reform gloriously, hope of warding off financial and material lack is but a far off dream. In comparison to a messenger of God appearing with the infinite vault of wealth possessed by Kubera (god of wealth) so as to fill every human household with gold that campaign shall be termed much more glorious that brings about a super positive transformation from the very core in the distorted thinking trend of humans noted as of today. Be it individual prosperity or society’s prosperity, the only resounding solution is to positively change peoples’ viewpoint of life. Maybe this process does not succeed immediately because it may do so only after 1000 years, yet for overcoming financial poverty and lack these very many days shall have to be patiently waited for.

In order to render the mind joyous there are so many widespread basis the world over that each moment in life we can experience zest. Stars in the sky, lush greenery spread out on earth, rivers, mountains, seasonal and weather changes, beautiful birds-animals like attractive toys etc could advance based on peoples’ generosity and selfless service. Our life till today, a family akin to a bouquet of flowers, facilities to undergo self introspection by associating with great saints and attending their sacred discourses, so many facilities and comforts created by modern science and so many such streams of this world are such that they can be found all around us in untold measure. It can give us titillation each moment in life. Almighty God has rendered the environment around humans so interesting that a person with a sound brain right from birth to death can live joyously each moment.

But what can we say about our misfortune! It has mixed poison in our thought flow and we are thinking about everything in a lopsided manner. The result of this was as it should be. A person wearing colored spectacles sees everything colored. A brain eclipsed by vileness sees ugly hypocrisy all around it laughing aloud in a demonic guffaw and thus it shivers with fright. So many volcanoes of worry, fear, anguish, suspicion, despair, restlessness and inner agitation are bursting ferociously in our intellect that we perforce think of committing suicide. Due to sorrow engulfing us we think it to be real whereas in the absolute sense they are but illusory and a figment of wild imagination. There is a quote: ‘Vaham ki dava lukman ke paas nahin’ which means that a doctor does not have any cure for suspicion and doubts. Truly even if these brains reeking with doubt and delusion seated under a wish fulfilling tree called Kalpavriksha get all their desires fulfilled then too it cannot ward off its restlessness and stressful nature. In fact a lopsided thought process even under this wish fulfilling tree called Kalpavriksha shall think only tainted and in a vile manner. Hence even there only hardships and strife shall crop up around him like unwanted weeds.

Let us take a look at a small example of a lopsided distorted intellect. Many people have no children or a son. In reality such people are very happy and fortunate. After marrying off daughters passing by old age without worries, stress and full of peace one must use one’s time and wealth for selfless service to society we can render our present life and the next life heavenly. Those who are childless truly are very fortunate. With our population increasing explosively to increase it means a hazard for food availability and dependent citizens living a life below poverty line. These days whoever sires those who have been liberated from this sin in a natural manner truly is fortunate. Right from nurturing and bringing up children to rendering them self dependent the process is so expensive and full of hardships which are experienced by parents. If the amount of efforts, mental energy and expenses were used for attaining Almighty God one doubtlessly can attain his divine vision/Darshan in this birth itself. If this contribution was used for selfless service to society an institution could have been started that gave great sacred inspiration to innumerable people. Today’s children especially sons give only harassment to their parents. If parents wish to use their hard earned money for great tasks of others’ welfare their sons obstruct them because the latter want it for their sense titillation lifestyle. This they do to the extent that if their parents want to give some of their wealth to their daughters the sons oppose tooth and nail and spew ire. There are parents who harbor a dream that in old age their sons shall look after them but know for sure that this is but a hopeless never to materialize dream. A dog living in an alien home fulfills their tasks in return for some bread as food. If even a dog does not depend on his son for food it is but foolishness on our part to think that without a son our old age cannot pass by peacefully.

Everywhere in India we find people stressed and sad on not having a son. So many hence remarry and others adopt a male child. Their thinking is so narrow that we can only despise it. There are many who feel that their hard work, time and wealth based benefits must go to their own so called son. Such people have totally forgotten their country, religion, society, culture, Almighty God etc because otherwise if they had handed over their wealth, talent etc to them they would have become famous and full of soul peace. But what can we say about these most unfortunate people that are submerged in the quagmire of selfish narrow thinking from head to toe? They foolishly wail aloud of not be getting a son. Due to this so called lack they are so anguished and tensed as though all mountains of hardships have fallen on their heads.

In the above paragraphs an example has been given wherein even a person brimming with joy and prosperity harboring an imaginary lack can get so restless and worried. More than the body people are mentally sick and much more than pain faced by the body on becoming diseased is sorrow endured due to deluded thinking, illusory beliefs and thought processes resulting from mental distortions and taints. Only if Rishis, Avatars of God etc can successfully teach people to think in a correct sacred manner man can earn Punya (good merits) that helps him get liberated from envy, hatred, retaliation, worry, fear, despair, sorrow, restlessness, doubts etc akin to innumerable ghosts, evil spirits etc burning in the fire of inner stress and anguish.

Bhagirath of yore by bringing down River Ganga from heaven had liberated 60,000 ancestors of his since they were burning in the fire of hell painfully. Lest anyone can harbinger in the river of great sacred thinking and with its cool waters spray it on the scalp of all it shall definitely bloom forth like a beautiful garden growing colorful fragrant flowers, lush greenery and luscious juicy fruits.

In our society so many crimes are on an alarming rise. Looting, fraud, scams, robbery, thugs etc boss over so much that an ordinary layman fails to protect himself from their onslaughts. No doubt they can be overcome via strict punishment and army disciplinary action based on harshness but in a democracy not much can be done by police, courts, jail etc due to many loopholes in our country’s laws. For ‘professional’ criminals all this is but a mockery and hence is scoffed at. Do we ever see police etc successfully overpowering their vile unethical acts. In fact others seeing such crimes too take it up in a big way. Our civilian life due to this increased uncontrolled crime rate is becoming more and more insecure and indefinite. This fearful situation can be brought to a full stop only by changing our thinking process known to honor and give undue importance to wealth earned by tainted fraudulent ways.

Man’s true pride of place lies in imbibing righteous duties and high stature sacred ideals both mentally and in day to day living. The all round progress on oneself and society heavily depends on goodwill based behavior and cooperation. Even if we save ourselves from punishment due to sinning know for sure that post death in no way can you avoid hellish agony. God’s wrath pours down heavily on sinners. If such true beliefs take root in the psyche of all humans, crime can be uprooted totally in the same way as witnessed in Satyuga or Golden Era and Ram’s Rule or Ramrajya of yester eras. The activities of crime are very tortuous and complex and benefits are not always accrued if seen from the overall standpoint. In comparison to crime the road of integrity is straightforward and one that definitely showers benefits. Lest this fact can be explained to people using logic, proof, examples etc man realizing his true well being shall renounce all unethical and criminal acts and shall instead head towards the path of true gentlemanly thinking and behavior. In this manner a society overflowing with love, goodwill based behavior and cooperation can become the firm foundation of heavenly peace and joy on earth. It is alright that political punishment system continues for controlling crime yet chopping off the very root of crime, frauds etc can be achieved only after we fully realize the aptness of performing righteous responsibilities, soul pride and Almighty God’s impeccable system of meting out justice. Such a solution shall prove much thousand fold more effective and useful than the force of all the courts of justice, jails, attorneys, judges etc of the entire world put together. In this manner it can help draw a clear picture indelibly in the human psyche regarding the dire punishment of unethical vile actions and thinking and the heavenly joy and peace resulting from imbibing ethics, honesty, human values etc in day to day transactions.

Our homes, family etc are a reflection of a tiny society of a small area ruled politically. In this laboratory education and training regarding gentlemanliness, goodwill, cooperation, generation and optimal management commences. Innumerable families united form a country and many countries unite to form this world. The future era that shall render family life full of pious goodwill thinking and behavior shall render the entire world aptly reformed and happy. Today our family is like a dark dirty hole in which rats dwell. We live like islands wherein mutual trust, help, self sacrifice and affection towards each other is lacking. Every family member just thinks of fulfilling his own selfish desires and hence he virtually turns a blind eye to what effect of his selfish interests shall take place on his family members. It is for this reason that today families cannot become small samples of heavenly living and each member on getting a luscious opportunity thinks of running away and getting freed from the prison called family. In reality the breaking apart of the institution called family becomes the cause of society, country and the entire world getting destroyed. How can this worrisome situation get solved? The answer is one and that is every family member akin to eating food, wearing clothes etc commences each day of his with great sacred thinking and this mental ‘food’ must be available in plenty in every household. Via bread, clothes, medicines, transportation, fees etc only the body of family members can be managed properly. If situations and means pertaining to our thought process so as to render our psyche highly advanced is absent in our homes people with ‘hungry’ souls can never think greatly and then since they shall only harbor a lowly tainted standpoint they can never become anyone’s true friend. This fact has been forgotten. No procedure existed in families that helped its members think in a high stature glorious manner. The result was that our distorted tainted family life becoming a complex problem became a big headache and even today it is augmenting society’s weakness in all fronts of life.

Lest a messenger of God or a sacred worldwide movement teaches heads of families to assiduously encourage every family member to think greatly by making apt arrangements for self introspective studies, spiritual practices, hold conversations that discuss glorious thinking, listening to spiritual discourses, divine legends, solving doubts etc via which seeds of greatness are sown in their psyche the result shall be a well advanced family manifesting. It must be noted that this process of imbibing inner glory is infinitely more precious than mounds of gold, silver etc stored in family vaults. Those who are active in keeping their homes clean, maintaining both inner and outer discipline, politeness, cooperation and imbibing simplicity are the only ones that can imbibe all round benefits of family life along with untold happiness too.

How exactly do bodily, mental, financial, family based and social problems affect our individual life? How does distorted tainted thinking render a happy peaceful family life hellish and painful? How does man reeking with desires, anger, greed, arrogance, envy, demonic ego etc forces incidences of strife and hardships to pour on him like cats and dogs? This can be correctly understood by a deep thinking person. Lest man disciplines his trend of thinking optimally all his power, progress and prosperity shall remain tightly in his grasp in a well secured manner. The Thought Revolution Movement commenced by our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) is meant to fulfill a Jnana Yajna pertaining to imbibing sacred wisdom. The multifaceted joy-peace of both individuals and society depends on the success of this mission. Lest this truth is understood deeply each one shall tangibly experience that akin to watering roots of a plant there is only one path and solution for harbingering in world peace-prosperity and for fulfilling it our Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation) is doing the needful. Maybe today people cannot understand its great utility value and stupendous import but in future when human civilization’s rise and fall shall be minutely analyzed every researcher shall perforce accept in one voice that in this era reeking with the foul odor of distortions and tortuous world problems the mother of all hardships faced is but augmenting of a distorted tainted thinking process. In order to straighten this lopsided situation only one well managed task took place via application and that was the Jnana Yajna pertaining to imbibing sacred wisdom directed by the Yug Nirman Family (era neo creation).





















There are 2 ways via which distortions and taints of individuals and society can be uprooted: One is to render punishment meted out so harsh that those situations emerge wherein none gets a chance to create problems. The second option is to raise the stature of human faith and aspiration, sanctify taints that have entered our tradition etc and thus usher in a great atmosphere of true joy, peace, loving brotherhood and goodwill towards all creatures.

The principle of dictatorship and communism is that to put a full stop to human vileness the only solution is place strict disciplinary tabs on it. They feel that the individual’s freedom must be curtailed, man must be given only that measure of material means that disallow him to execute anti social and undesirable activities. This experimentation is going on in communist countries. There in a certain manner peoples’ freedom has been taken away totally and they have been rendered robots. Whatever the govt. decides, in accordance with it only, one can hear read see or understand things. There the brain is molded in a certain manner and such situations are created that apart from the direction given by their political rulers there is no way one can understand or think differently. It is only when many things are placed in front of us, does the question of making a choice arise. But if only one thing is there no choice is possible. Via means like literature, speech, education, entertainment, broadcasting, law etc individuals and society are molded as per the direction of their communist political rulers. They perforce have to think and act as per their command.

Wealth is owned by the political rulers and citizens are given only as much as their basic upkeep can be fulfilled. When extra time and wealth are not available how can any nonsense take place? If someone executes anti social acts due to his inner tainted nature he is either given a death penalty or that very harsh punishment is meted out. Thus the lay public fears this punishment so much that no one dares repeat such tainted acts. In dictatorship form of govt. this is the method employed for reforming people. This procedure is dependent on rendering actions of individuals and society limit via punishment, control, bans and restrictions.

The second mode is that of democracy wherein individual rights are kept well secured. It is accepted over here that by creating apt intellectual means individuals can be egged on to follow the path of supreme greatness. Via his voluntary goodwill based efforts great pious acts most required for society can be increased immensely. Since in countries where dictatorship prevails, all wealth rests in the hands of the govt. a lot of means are with them. Hence they can execute very gigantic schemes and no doubt this must be done. When no one has any material and other means what can he do? The utility of religion, spirituality and culture is no doubt accepted in a democratic form of rule and based on such faith people are given freedom to think and act. In this form of govt. since punishment meted out is not very harsh negativity exists wherein crime rate increases and criminals have more leeway to find loopholes in laws so as to avoid judicial punishment. But the great quality of democracy is that peoples’ consciousness gets an opportunity to think in varied ways and thus the possibility of some very important fact and thought emerging in their psyche is very high. Communism totally rejects God, religion, philosophy, spirituality, culture etc and its great usage and thus converts its citizens into die hard atheists. But in democracy no such ban or controls exist. There is a great probability of peoples’ high stature sacred sensitive sentiments reaching peaks when coming in contact with such faith and on its basis it is highly possible for man to march way ahead on the path of pious greatness.

We assume that distortions found in democracy if removed so as to then allow the above process to continue further the possibility of peoples’ original thinking and greatness advancing towards glory can remain imperishable. Hence we must imbibe that form of democracy, that helps opportunities of high stature sacred ideals pertaining to religion spirituality and culture remain alive and kicking.

When such beliefs are imbibed a heavy responsibility rests on the citizens’ shoulders and thus efforts have to be made to capably look after both individuals and society. In democracy since freedom exists regarding usage of wealth and individual rights whatever extra wealth and time can be spared by people can be used in a big way for world welfare tasks. Only then can requirements of true development and proper management get fulfilled. In democracy we cannot expect the govt. to do everything. Dictatorship govt. via bans and harsh punishment limits the capacity and power of individuals. As a result virtually none carries out hateful tasks and very great acts too. By rendering people akin to robots they perforce have to remain contented with this state but in democracy along with creation destruction and along with greatness vileness too dwell potentially. Augmenting true greatness means perforce taking to recourse to imbibing deep faith, truth, philosophy, religion and spiritual tenets. This task can be successfully executed only by a religious-spiritual platform. People oozing with Viveka or farsighted discrimination must enter this very realm. On noting the present mental state of the Indian public, this medium reigns supreme. Even today illiterate people spread out in villages of India cannot understand politics, social sciences, economics etc. If these principles are explained to village folks using a religious-spiritual basis they can understand very complex topics also more easily. In the mental state of village folks of India information regarding religion and deep faith towards it seen, to mold it in the modern direction of contemporary times shall not be difficult for this era’s great thinkers. Mahatma Gandhi (The Father of our Nation-India) knew the pulse of the Indian public very well. He conjoined religious precepts to the freedom fight against foreign British rule. Hence if we wish to design another such high stature gigantic campaign its foundation must be strongly related to true religion and spirituality. Selfless volunteers working for era neo creation must be urged to work via religious based activities and thus the religious faith of lay people must be given an optimal positive direction. Even today our religious system is very potent. So many religious organizations in India own trillions of Rupees and property and locked assets worth billions. Each year they get donations of humungous amounts and also offerings via cash, property etc.  About 8 million religious devotees get income to sustain themselves via these. Millions of hours daily are spent in religious activities. We can hence infer as to what measure of neo creation tasks can be executed using the above humungous vault of power. Christian Missionaries in comparison do not possess so much wealth or human resources power. They merely use whatever means available and thus in about 2 recent past centuries they have converted about 1/3rd of the world into Christians. Lest we can successfully use the Indian Religious System appropriately the present political system’s capacity too can get filled up with such powerful means. The human resources of 8 million religious devotees and annual income of 160 million from the standpoint of human resources power and wealth power in comparison to Religious System leaves the political system lagging way behind it.

The public even today in the name of religion is using up untold measure of wealth. Take the example of bathing in River Ganga on Somvati Amavasya night (moonless night that falls on any Monday). On every Somvati Amavasya right from Gangotri glacier to Gangasagar in Kolkata city (India) about 2 million people take a holy dip in River Ganga. Expenses incurred include travel, paying rent for accommodation and charity/rites rituals performed. For 1 person the average expenditure if we say it is Rupees 100 even so for 2 million people it amounts to Rupees 20 million. In each year one witnesses about 5 Somvati Amavasya nights and hence the expenses mount up to Rupees 1000 million. Lest this faith is given a correct direction and that 1 year of such religious expenditure is used to carry urine-feces thrown in River Ganga to agricultural fields the sanctity and sacredness of Ganga waters can remain unbroken and with this fertilizer good harvest of crops can give us millions of more cash. The public even today in the name of religious faith is using up a lot of efforts, time and wealth. But if it is used for era neo creation that can be looked upon as a great religious activity all requirements can be fulfilled to usher in a bright world future. 

The other temple expenses for yearly worship rites, reading scriptures, offering food to God and serving meals to devotees along with overall upkeep of temples amounts to Rupees 1,000,000,000. If a total calculation of expenses and human resources used up for arranging religious discourses, Yajnas, worship rites, feeding Brahmins, Shradha or post death rites, Pinda Daan rites etc is carried out it is much more than what the govt. uses for managing our country. Lest this faith in religion is used for true religious and righteous goals the result shall be that man can become a true devotee of God oozing with righteousness both inwardly and outwardly and that it shall not be difficult at all to render India a true religious and spiritual nation.

No doubt in the religious and spiritual arena undesirable people have entered. They are milking the religious faith of the public for their own selfish gains and vested interests. In order to enmesh our guileless public they weave a net of illusion and delusion. This state cannot transform merely by shouting from rooftops or putting strict bans on them. The need of the hour is to give peoples’ faith a right direction and encourage them to use various means optimally and beneficially in the true sense of the term. This can only take place when talented selfless workers enter the realm of religion and spirituality and by removing undesirable elements from this sacred platform they must use it the meritorious goal of world public service. Lest we can make use of various sacred religious daises for era neo creation without doubt the problem of lack of means shall easily get solved.












The sequence of spiritual growth involves heading towards unity from diversity. When we separate, get partitioned and break apart we become weak. But when we join, unite, come closer and become one we ooze with untold energy. This leads to joy, bliss and ecstasy blooming both within and without. This principle applies just about everywhere. It applies to human development also.

When we were tied together with the cord of unity we were powerful from all standpoints. There was no dearth of facilities, means etc and no danger or hazard ever appeared in our midst in a harassing manner. But when the acts of separating and breaking apart amplified, situations that inflicted harm, losses and harassment appeared in our midst in the form of painful misfortune. There was an era in ancient world history wherein sons of one father being children of one planet earth imbibing the great ideal of ‘Vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ or that the entire world is one peaceful family entire world humanity resided joyfully and peacefully oozing with love, unity, brotherhood and cooperation.  But when earth denizens imbibed a sense of divisiveness and disunity due to a narrow selfish attitude mankind broke apart into pieces. It is because of this that humanity is in such a pitiful downfallen state today.

We must realize that entire planet earth is one single nation. The entire human civilization is one race. All hence have equal rights over gifts given by Mother Nature. It is God’s divine command that we all perform our righteous duties equally and uniformly. Only on the basis of true love and cooperation we can progress further and hope to live happy lives. Lest we start trusting these straightforward principles and conjoin to each other with the firm cord of generosity, soul oneness and unity over here only joy and peace shall rule the roost. Nowhere then shall we witness agitations, sorrow, worries etc. It is the demonic viewpoint of life encompassing disparity, in fighting, separatism and division that has spread hell like situations on planet earth that was previously very heavenly and joyful to dwell in.

For era neo creation we shall have to head towards unity from diversity. By uniting many religious sects a single world religion shall have to be reinstated. Its laws, theology and restrictions must be such that their basis dwell in ethical and great high stature sacred ideals. Without harboring any disparity based on male-female, color-race etc differences it must apply to all equally the world over. When one God is the father of the entire cosmos and all humans are equal sons of his its arrangements and methodology must be equally one for all. In ancient eras this definitely was the case. Many people started getting portioned into various sects, they yearned for more facilities for their own sect and hence biased laws came into being. God can never create inequality akin to males dominating all, females dwelling like slaves, white skinned given preferential treatment and dark skinned imposed with fair measure of restrictions. These separatist type sects were created so that each sect selfishly fought for its benefits and putting bans on other sects.

There is no truth in the belief that Almighty God gets more pleased with a particular religious sect and gets displeased with other sects. We can understand if God gets displeased with our vile acts/thinking and is overjoyed on noting our good benevolent acts and glorious thoughts. On the basis of whether we do or do not adhere to justice, ethics, good acts, pious emotions etc God showers blessings or curses as the case may be. Only then can God be called oozing with justice and same sightedness. If without noting the qualities, actions and inner nature of a particular religion God makes their followers his beloved sons blindly and even if another sect oozes with great character etc God showers wrath on them, how can he be termed unbiased? In reality castes, creeds, sects etc are a creation of humans based on their interests. When they become old and cannot fulfill requirements of contemporary times their interests can change too. The eternal religion is only righteousness and duties related to it. Sects, creeds etc are contemporary and mere regional arrangements. The more their sub sects increase in number the more the wall that obstructs love amongst humans increasing becomes taller and tough to break down.

Akin to ancient times we shall have to accept a single world religion. It must break apart all divisive walls and reinstate unity, equality, goodwill and soul oneness with all human beings the world over. Religious duties must be those that augment greatness in our ethics and social living. Traditions and beliefs must be one type only everywhere. Due to differences as far as space, time and inner nature lifestyles of people may differ a bit but life’s true direction and social state must remain the same everywhere. Vociferously and inwardly assenting to this must be the goal of human culture. As long as one world religion does not clearly manifest in a radiant way till then devotees of various ancient world religions must respect each other. None should bitterly cast aspersion on other religions and from them only those ethics-disciplines must be imbibed that in today’s contemporary times are apt, required and useful. Such remaining traditions-trends must not be given weight age if they are not useful in today’s contemporary times. In this manner by imbibing Viveka/discrimination of ‘Neer-Ksheer’ i.e. sifting good from a mixture of good-bad, imbibe only apt useful  aspects of every world religion we can imbibe a temporary workable all encompassing principle. This must be done only till all highly intellectual people, philosophers, great thinkers and God Realized saints from all religions of the world design a single new world religion. Ultimately for a progressive human race in the entire world only one new world religion shall exist and every world human shall accept it and imbibe it in life in equal measure.

Akin to one world religion all countries till date shall get converted to one single world super nation. The entire world shall be ruled by one single world govt. The peripheries and borders of nations noted today shall change in future times. On a geographic basis akin to various states from the standpoint of political governance, facilities etc different states can be demarcated but its central govt. shall remain at one spot. In the entire world the method of meting out justice, management, taxation etc shall remain one type only. Just as in a country today a citizen can travel freely from one region to another so too when the world becomes a single world super nation world humanity shall be allowed to travel freely all over the world without any restrictions imposed on them like passport, visa etc. Anyone can settle down anywhere in the world. Keeping in mind comforts-discomforts pertaining to densely populated and low density populated areas suppose some restrictions perforce have to be imposed, even so simply because a certain person dwells in a particular region he is disallowed from entering another region shall not be assented to. Transportation of goods and travel shall be allowed to function unobstructed. Taxes shall be imposed only on goods produced. No restrictions shall be placed on selling goods in a region different from where it was produced. In this manner due to lack or a lot of excess the comfort-discomfort felt shall be faced equally by entire world humanity. Today the wealth attained from progress is attained by a few countries only and other nations due to lack have to endure sorrow. When this artificial disparity shall be destroyed the world shall face comfort-discomfort in an equal manner. The entire world shall make use of all materials, means etc in a uniform equal manner.

The entire world shall have one single army and only one Supreme Court of justice shall exist. Since there shall be no independent existence of different countries and classes hence no regional or class based problems shall crop up. When one single world religion, society and nation shall have one type of human society only then there shall be no cause for in fighting, attacks, disputes etc. But suppose some stray disputes do erupt or some rebellion occurs it shall be controlled by the army of a world govt. In this manner big sized disputes shall be properly resolved by the World Court of Justice. Local crimes and agitations shall be disciplined by the regional police. Since communal sects, different religions, various classes etc shall not exist at least 80% social upheavals, agitations etc shall end on its’ own. For individual crime, infighting etc local police shall resolve it aptly. But the world army shall only intervene when a major upheaval takes place in any region or that some natural calamity creates havoc everywhere. Know for sure that this world army set up shall not wage any war of any kind because no wars shall sprout on earth. Selfish nationalism leads to wars erupting everywhere. When the entire world shall be one family then who shall fight whom? The world army hence shall only become active to selflessly serve world hazards especially natural calamities like earthquakes, over flooding, cyclones, epidemics, famine etc.

The entire world shall use only one language. All humans of the world shall speak only one language and write only one dialect. In this manner people in one corner of the world shall easily talk, write emails, communicate etc with people from any other nook and corner of the world. The path of knowledge and information exchange shall become easy for all. A book published in any part of the world shall be available easily and since it shall get published in humungous numbers it shall be sold at cheaper prices. Important knowledge and information due to limitations pertaining to understanding so many languages are not easily shared everywhere. But in future when one world language shall come in vogue this problem shall be solved easily. Further it shall be possible to travel anywhere in the world freely and without any difficulty we shall be able to communicate without language disparity hindrance with one and all. If we Indians renounce giving undue importance to our regional and local dialect and instead use Hindi language and script for talking, reading, writing etc this process in future can help usher in a single world language.

Syllabus for education purpose shall be same for all. Useful facts shall be available everywhere. At that time that history shall be read and taught that details those political rulers and countries that have aided in raising the stature of world situations and activities towards greatness and glory. The great sacred acts of all world great visionaries shall be made known everywhere in the world. Today in schools in the name of history atrocities of tyrannical rulers are being taught to young innocent children. This shall in future get thrown into the garbage bin of eternal forgetfulness since it is nothing but utter rubbish. Amongst today’s so called historical figures only 1/100th shall be spoken about as truly great. If that world history is taught which throws important light on great efforts conjoined to world activities and progress the one learning it can get superb information regarding social sciences and political sciences. Only those portions of language, math, geography etc shall be taught in schools, colleges etc that is very important from practical knowledge standpoint. If anyone wishes to specialize in any particular subject a separate institution shall be set up for such higher education and training. Public primary education shall no doubt be compulsory but it shall be such that art of living along with information regarding maintaining an optimal balance between individuals and society shall be taught. Future world education system shall make it mandatory for all to study topics like health, mental balance and poise, marriage, family, nurturing children, financial management, mutual behavior, cooperation, law and order, justice system, political science, earning wealth wholesomely, art etc. since for an ordinary lay person’s life these hold fair measure of importance. Since everywhere the world over education methods shall be the same and so too literature used for imparting education, teachers, professors, students, book publishers etc shall no longer roam around restlessly as is seen today.

As long as one single world language does not take firm roots in the world till then for contact and communication purposes this single world language must be used and for primary education regional languages can be taken recourse to. But this must be done only for a certain limited time span only. In this time frame by getting liberated from various regional languages people must be given apt training to master this single world language. All great knowledge based literature penned in various regional languages must be slowly translated into this single world language. In this manner man can save his precious time and money from going down the drain due to wastefully printing the same literature and publishing it in various regional languages. Whatever is greatly beneficial for humanity, can be got in this single world language, whether it is new or old in nature.

When one single world language shall harbinger in the printing press business shall be fairly relieved. Everywhere only one type setting and machinery shall be used. Typewriters (and keyboards of computers) have to be used in varied ways for various languages. Hence since these typewriters get sold limitedly they become expensive to buy. If single world language and script comes into being typewriters shall be produced in huge numbers. This shall decrease their cost and selling price in fair measure. When they shall be used, the mode of writing and reading shall become that much more facile and straightforward.

The combined efforts of a single world language, single world religion and single world government can usher in the possibility of world human unity and brotherhood. Hence the sacred ideal of ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ or world united as a peaceful family shall not remain a figment of imagination but shall materialize in our midst. For this end on an immediate basis we shall have to get ready, every world human psyche. The very act of renouncing the attitude of proclaiming one’s own standpoint as supreme and rendering one’s belief greater than others shall be the 1st leg of preparing to march ahead in the above direction. The asinine bias like ‘what is ours only is true’ has spread out everywhere. On this basis people labor doggedly to prove their sect, opinion, country, language etc as a cut above others and try and force people to imbibe their biased belief. In this manner prejudice gives birth to more prejudice in a cascading effect like way. Today each community, creed, sect etc expect others to renounce their belief and accept the former’Savita belief. Such bias breeds only bitterness and enmity all around us. What actually must take place is that instead of saying whatever is ours is good we must say whatever is good is ours. Hence wherever anything good and wholesome exists it must be imbibed devoid of any prejudice within.

It is an intellect and brain devoid of any prejudice can help lay people practically imbibe a single world language, single world religion-culture and single world government after ushering it in the world successfully. If in an unbiased manner only utility value and Viveka or farsighted discrimination is given weight age as a test then what is supremely best shall be imbibed by all without averring even a wee bit. In this manner that auspicious hour of casting a mold for world human unity and brotherhood shall arrive quickly.

Acts harboring divisiveness, bias and separation has inflicted so many hardships and complex problems in the lives of world humans. It creates complexities of world wars and infighting along with artificial lack and self created hazards. Lest we march ahead on the path of world human unity and brotherhood human lifestyle shall ooze with joy and the world environment shall overflow with peace and prosperity. For era neo creation we must create an attitude of universal brotherhood immediately.















In Indian Philosophy Yajna is called divine father and Gayatri its divine mother. The essence of Indian Philosophy and its deep import rests in it. Hence right since primordial times we call Yajna our spiritual father and Gayatri our spiritual mother.

From the standpoint of devotion and worship Super Mantra Gayatri is supremely powerful. Scriptural seers say it has 5 faces and 5 names:






All benefits pertaining to the above can be accrued fully via Super Mantra Gayatri. Within man’Savita inner personality are 5 subtle sheaths or Koshas and they are:






These 5 sheaths are supremely potent in nature. They ooze with innumerous mysterious powers and in order to activate them there is no greater Sadhana or spiritual practice than Super Mantra Gayatri meditation and worship. It is only via Gayatri Super Power that can help us succeed in piercing and awakening the 6 Yogic Chakras (subtle plexuses), Kundalini Shakti or Divine Serpent Power awakening, sanctification of the 3 gross-subtle-causal bodies and 12 most important Yoga based austerities. By using Gayatri Super Power via Tantra Science methods mind boggling Sidhis or Divine Energies can be attained. In our religion the central focus of Yoga based austerities has always been Super Mantra Gayatri.

This is a universal all encompassing Mantra that helps augment our soul power and soul sanctification in manifold measure. Its meditation-worship can be done by every male, female, child, senior citizen etc. Super Mantra Gayatri’Savita supreme specialty includes rendering our brain power highly illumined and sharp and imbuing Ritambhara Prajna or Divine Intellect dwelling in our psyche’Savita core full of sacred aura. Hence every devotee of Indian Religion must compulsorily carry out Super Mantra Gayatri meditation and worship. Those who ignore it have been censured very harshly. One may worship any other god or goddess and their related Mantra but preliminarily he must first sanctify his mind-psyche-ego-intellect (Antakaran Chatushtaya) and 5 sense organs pure via Super Mantra Gayatri meditation and worship. Without this other types of spiritual practices can never succeed. A person entangled in hardships, strife, dire situations and worrisome problems can take recourse to Super Mantra Gayatri meditation and worship and thus solve various problems of life. To what extent does this Mantra possess the power to create light of hope in situations of utter despair and transforming poverty/sorrow into joy/prosperity? It can be tested minutely by any devotee via deep faith based Super Mantra Gayatri meditation and worship.

Indian Religion has been detailed in Vedas and all 4 Vedas are merely a description of the 4 legs of Super Mantra Gayatri. In seed form all that dwells in Super Mantra Gayatri spoken of and taught in our religious scriptures. If the 24 letters of Super Mantra Gayatri are analyzed in detail in it such sacred teachings regarding ethics, righteousness, pious behavior and goodwill based social relationships can be found that on practicing these in day to day living man can render his present mundane world and spiritual world joyous and peaceful. The gist of Gayatri is to give a prime spot to Viveka or farsighted discrimination and accept it as God’Savita supreme message to mankind. This Mantra directs us to imbibe Neer-Ksheer Viveka (sift out good from a mixture of good-bad) akin to a royal swan representing a deep thinking person. In this manner the apt must be imbibed fully and what is not must be renounced hook line and sinker. By painting the picture of Gayatri as Mother it connotes that a woman’Savita purity is much more in weight age than man’Savita authority. Hence in each realm she is given more credit and honor. By imbibing the spiritual philosophy of Gayatri lest we can become farsighted, think long term and become ethically principled in life and also harbor a very sacred attitude towards all women definitely heaven shall harbinger in on planet earth.

We must regularly and ceaselessly spare some time for Super Mantra Gayatri meditation and worship. In every household this trend and tradition should manifest wherein every family member executes Super Mantra Gayatri meditation and worship regularly and ceaselessly. It does not matter if only 5 minutes can be spared for this end.

By carrying out devotion to God in the form of Goddess Mother Gayatri the supreme focal point of love is attained since it is the sacred sentiment of an affectionate mother’Savita bosom. In whichever form we perform God worship he gives us those very types of divine experiences. Meditation on an affectionate divine mother’Savita evokes goose pimple like experiences of divine motherly emotions. If someone wants to avoid the conflict of God with name and form and his formless aspect which in this case means Gayatri as a divine mother, they can meditate on the early rising morning sun full of brilliant light and one that bestows life force and Prana Energy on all creatures without exception. Along with this one must meditate on Super Mantra Gayatri too. The method of Puja or worship is quite straightforward and simple. Clean the body place a seat cover in a clean serene area and sit on it. For Achman keep water and for light and energy it is best if it is possible to place a lit incense stick, flame lamp etc there. After carrying out the procedures of Pavitrikaran and Achaman while meditating on the close proximity of Almighty God we must chant (Japa) Super Mantra Gayatri. We must keep in mind the number of Mantras to be chanted as decided and the daily appointed hour at which it must be done. Finally, while offering Arghya in the direction of the sun above we must offer the fragrant flowers of our deep faith to Sun God. Although in the book called ‘Super Science of Gayatri’ great details of worship-meditation methods and application of Tantra Science have been given even so for lay devotees the above method given in a nutshell can do the needful for them.

Yajnas complement Gayatri. This is a very important science since it positively influences cosmic consciousness. There are many scientific procedures for influencing the inert material world. Heaters that convert cold to heat and coolers that convert heat to coolness are known to showcase their miracles. Everyone knows about benefits of tube lights that convert darkness to bright illumining light. But very little information today is available regarding Super Science of Yajnas that influence both human and cosmic consciousness. The spiritual science of ancient eons, imbibed important aid from Yajna based energy for its active nature. Yajna methods not only are a sure shot remedy for bodily diseases but are very effective for warding off mental diseases too. Powerful energy that overcomes individual and world dire problems can be rendered widespread in earth’Savita environment via performing Super Power Yajnas. Via it nature’Savita environment can be positively transformed. But today this Super Science of Yajnas has virtually become forgotten. Hence it must be researched anew and this easy and most important science must be used to increase joy-peace of the world public. This task belongs to research scientists of the spiritual realm. They must research into this virtually extinct science and unveil it again. Via it they can contribute importantly towards human progress. This activity shall be commenced by us in a few days and hope must be harbored that via the medium of Super Science of Yajnas human race shall attain a very new, very ancient and very important divine power. With this power we shall become capable of regaining our lost human glory.

The intense sacred inspiration of Super Power Yajna Philosophy encompasses the fact that man must lead a Yajna oriented life. Just as in a Yajna Kunda (pyre) fire flames’ tongues erupt forth so too we must pray that valor, enterprise, Viveka or farsighted discrimination, truth, righteous duties and other glorious qualities illumine our psyche brilliantly. Just as via Yajna fire fumes the environment becomes fragrant so too our duties must bloom forth with compassion, kindness, selfless service and oneness of heart. Via these duties we must make efforts to create an atmosphere of cooperation, goodwill, joy and peace in entire society. Yajna is a symbol of sanctity and radiance and the mode of action and thinking process of Yajna devotees must ooze with such beliefs. Just as for personal joy and comforts we make efforts similarly by offering Ghee (clarified butter), sugar, herbs etc to the Yajna fire we must harbor sacred sentiments of rendering the atmosphere happy and that all creatures get benefitted from it. Our entire life must become Yajna manifest and we must make honest efforts to see to it that the benefits of all religious process pertaining to Ahnihotra rites manifest in our spiritual life too. The duo of Gayatri and Yajna are parents of our culture and religion. Its’ all round influence must dwell in our life ceaselessly because this is in our best interest.







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